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A Dirty Day: A Swiffer Fanfic

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Our story begins as Daisy and Delilah and Daria and Diana were sitting on the edge of the floor tile chatting. Daisy was a tall blond haired who wore a shirt and pants with medium height shoes and carried her purse with her always and saw herself as the leader of the group and as a result she could be stubborn. Delilah was her second in command with short dirty blonde who wore a mini dress with a belt fastened around it along with a pair of sunglasses as well as pair of platform heels and hoop earrings that dangled from her ears as well as a short stature as that made her feel like she wasn't as cool or as important as Daisy. Daria was a medium height brunette who was the brains of the group broke up Daisy and Delilah's fights and wore a short dress with high heels and dangly circle earrings as well as a hairband. And last but not least we have Diana. A cool and composed black haired girl black girl who never seemed to lose her cool. She always wore a Jean jacket and shirt combo with pants and dangly diamond earrings as well as a pair of jeans and her phone always in her hand. Now as the four were sitting on the edge of the floor tile they heard a faint sound in the distance as you could hear a faint BZZT noise as the quartet realized what the sound was they all climbed down from the floor tile as they all began to run from the oncoming mop. As the girls were running Daisy the brunette tripped as a cloud of dust formed from her tripping and falling and as the Swiffer neared closer you could hear the thumping of footsteps as a mysterious animal and rider appeared to rope and knock the mop down. As the dust settled the rider appeared to them riding a dust bunny. "Dallas?" The four all said in unison. "That's right. I was tracking down that mop all day and when I saw that it was about to suck ya'll poor gals up I had to save ya'll." She said with a slight twang in her voice. Dallas wore a shirt and pants with a belt buckle and cowgirl hat fastened to her hair by a hair tie as well as dangly circle earrings and a pair of cowgirl boots. As she dismounted her steed she patted her. "Thanks for saving us Dallas" said Delilah. "It was no problem" Dallas said. "Since you saved us I think you deserve a reward" As they all gave Dallas a kiss on the cheek. As Dallas blushed as they all kissed her. "Ya'll...". Was all she could say. "It's the least we could do after you saved us" Daisy said. "Well shoot I didn't think I was that cool but thank ya'll"
"I think we should get out of here before the mop comes back" Daria said. "Agreed" said Diana. "Why don't y'all hop on my bunny Lola then?" "That sounds great!" The quartet said in unison as they hopped onto the dust bunny. "Giddy up Lola!" As Dallas rode them off into the sunset.