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OffGun Drabbles (July 2021)

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The Initiation trip is a trip for the freshmen of Bright's faculty, they usually go to a nearby beach to have fun for a while after exams and do some activities to receive the faculty badge in a rite. It was their last day there and they had permission to play on the beach for a while before leaving. Bright was playing soccer with his friends, but a hard hit to the ball caused it to fly over behind him, so he ran to pick it up. He was about to turn around to go back when he noticed a boy standing alone on the phone, who seemed a bit angry judging by the the way he was talking. "Khai didn't show up at the station, right?" He heard him say, noticing a slight sadness in his voice. "What an asshole. Who would leave to someone as cute as him?" Bright thought, willing to approach the other man without knowing the exact reason but only knowing that he wanted to erase the sadness. "Well, tell him he doesn't need to show up around here. I have everything in order." He spoke again before ending the call and letting out an exasperated sigh. "Hey, you okay?" Bright said, surprising the shorter. "Do I know you?" asked the other with a bit of suspicion. "Not really, but if you want, you can know me." Bright replied with a smirk. "I'm Bright." "Third." Third answered hesitantly. "I'm at a little party with my friends, would you like to come?" Bright asked pointing to the place where his friends were. Third hesitated a bit to accept the offer but for some crazy reason, he felt that he could trust the other so he nodded slightly, following the taller man back with the others and feeling that he could forget for a moment the stress he was experiencing because of Khai. "It'll be a trouble for later." Third thought before reaching Bright's side.