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I'll Marry You Because

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It was dawn.

The dawn of a splendid day.

A day full of hope.

For his life.

For the Grand Prix that was about to begin.

Although he was the youngest rider in the race, he was the favorite.

And he had had a wonderful dream.

It was not about the race.

But, in it, a beautiful girl had wished him good luck. For the race, he supposed.

He didn’t remember her face.

Maybe he hadn’t seen it.

Dreams are strange.

But he remembered her hair.

Long and soft.

And her smile.

So sweet.

As if she knew exactly what he felt and what he needed.

As if she was born to be with him forever.

Yeah, definitely his kind of girl.

"Ti sposerò perché
mi sai comprendere
e nessuno lo sa fare come te.
Ti sposerò perché
hai del carattere
quando parli della vita insieme a me"
(Trans: "I will marry you because
you can understand me
and nobody knows how to do it like you.
I will marry you because
you have determination
when you talk about life with me")

As he left his room he thought of her.

So beautiful, so sweet.

He hadn’t had a family for a long time.

He had been living alone by a long time.

That dream had reminded him of his loneliness.

And how much he wanted to interrupt it.

How he wished he too had a family like everyone else.

And someone who loved him.

He shook his head.

He should have stopped thinking about these things but he couldn’t.

He thought, amused: ‘My dear, mysterious goddess of fortune, I’ll marry you as soon as I meet you.’

"E poi mi attiri sai da far paura
fra il bianco e nero dell’abbronzatura"
(Trans: "And then you attract me, you know, to the point I’m breathless
between the black and white of your suntan")

That very day the world had changed around him.

It all started with that interruption by that madman in the spaceship during the race.

However, when he had won the race, he had forgotten about it.

But then there was the discussion in the hotel.

And the vaporized Outrider.

And the attack on the outpost.

And someone had to protect those colonists.

And he had found himself in the middle of the bullets until a blonde girl ran towards him.

She, like him, had shown no fear of the situation they were in.

And her sweet smile had led him to a new life.

"Ti sposerò perché
ti piace ridere
e sei mezza matta proprio come me"
(Trans: "I will marry you because
you like to laugh
and you’re half crazy just like me")

Now he was a Star Sheriff like her.

They had a life in common.

They talked.

Of important things.

Of nonsense.

They quarreled.

They made peace.

She and the other Ramrod pilots had become his family.

"C’è in comune fra di noi
c’è più di una cosa
Chorus: Ti sposerò perché
per esempio so che del pallone sei tifosa
Chorus: Ti sposerò perché
non mi chiedi mai il giorno che sarai mia sposa
e poi e poi perché
io so già che
se litighiamo io e te
non stiamo mai
più di un minuto
col cuore arrabbiato"
(Trans: "There is something in common between us
there is more than one thing
Chorus: I’ll marry you because
for example, I know that you are a fan of football
Chorus: I’ll marry you because
you never ask me the day you will be my bride
and then and then because
I already know that
if we fight you and me
we never stay
more than a minute
with an angry heart")

The more time passed, the more he knew her.

He protected her.

He appreciated her.

He learned to love her company.

After a long time he had believed he could be alone now he found he wanted someone’s company.

He needed her presence.

To be close to her.

"Ti sposerò perché
ami viaggiare poi
e stare in mezzo alla gente quando vuoi
e sei di compagnia
si vede subito è vero
che il mio cane ti ha già preso in simpatia"
(Trans: "I will marry you because
You love to travel then
and be around people whenever you want
and you are company
it’s immediately visible to all, it is true,
that my dog has already taken a liking to you")

And she needed him too.

In difficult times, when she was trying not to give in, she needed him.

At times she seemed to be unable to let him go.

And when she let him go she looked sad.

Even if she tried not to let him see it.

So he would go back to her as quickly as possible.

Unable to stay away from her in turn.

"Sono straconvinto che sarà una cosa giusta
Chorus: Ti sposerò perché
sei un po’ testarda sì
ma in quel che conta onesta
Chorus: Ti sposerò perché
per un tipo come me tu sembri fatta apposta
e poi e poi perché
se chiedo a te
fiducia e un po’ di libertà
non dici no
anche per questo
vorrei sposarmi presto
(Trans: "I am absolutely convinced that it will be the right thing
Chorus: I’ll marry you because
you are a bit stubborn, yes,
but in what matters honest
Chorus: I’ll marry you because
for a guy like me you seem to be made just for this purpose
and then and then because
if I ask you
trust and a bit of freedom
you don’t say no
also for this
I would like to get married soon

He had never really believed in soulmate stories and the like.

He had never thought of finding himself tied to anyone.

In his entire life, the only person he had thought of marrying had been a girl he had dreamed of.

If he ever met her.

Now, as he was preparing to run another race, he recalled her.

A hand touched his arm and soft lips touched his cheek.

"Good luck, pilot!"

April was there, close to him as always, her long, soft hair waving in the wind.

She was smiling at him, one of those sweet smiles that only she could do.

His kind of girl.

He wanted her to be with him forever.

"Ti sposerò perciò
ci puoi scommettere
quando un giorno
quando io
ti troverò"
(Trans: "I will marry you therefore
you can bet on it
when one day
when I
I will find you")

He would be with her forever, he pondered as he finished fixing his own look.

He left the room while Saber and Colt accompanied him.

She was there, beautiful as ever.

Maybe more, in her wedding dress.

He had found the girl of his dreams.

And now he wouldn’t leave her.


Author’s notes:
The most romantic fanfic you have written (yet). Maybe a little too romantic and with a happy ending. ^ _ ^
You can listen to the song "Ti Sposerò Perché" that inspired this tale here.