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Overleveled, Under Control: The Hypno on Route 121

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Penni paused to suck in the cool, salty breeze. She stood at the top of a rocky shelf leading down to where water met sand. Looking around, she drank in the change of scenery. Route 121, was it? After the stickiness of Route 120, the sea breeze was just what she needed!

“Nothing against the woods,” she said to the lazily crashing waves, “but it just gets so stuffy in there! I can’t believe anyone would actually choose to live in the woods!” Penni held her arms out and let the cool air rush by. Yeah, the sea was just better. “No idea how those Fortree people don’t lose their minds,” she wondered. “Maybe they’re all just there to orbit Winona? Sure, she’s pretty; but she’s not ‘spend the rest of my life living in a literal tree house’ pretty.” Penni shuddered in horror at the thought of spending even another day in Fortree. Talk about living in the sticks. Treehouses! Honest to goodness treehouses! She didn’t even know Hoenn had such a backwater.

But Penni didn’t need to linger on Fortree. She had spent only as much time in that shambles as it took her to beat Winona and get her Feather Badge. A badge which perfectly complimented the other five, all sitting snugly in her case. She allowed herself a self-satisfied chuckle. Winona hadn’t been that tough at all. Okay, maybe her Skarmory was a bit annoying, but there was nothing that a liberal application of Muddy Water couldn’t fix! Chuckling again, Penni hefted her purse. In it were her three partners, Marshtomp, Brellom, and Dustox.

Sure, they were a little overleveled for the Fortree gym. But that was Winona’s fault for being so weak, not Penni’s fault that her buddies were all in their mid-forties. 48, 44, and 45, to be exact. Okay, sure. She had spent a bit too much time walking around in grass beating up Zigzagoons and Wurmples. But was that a bad thing?! No! Every Trainer had their own methods. Some liked to spend all their time hatching eggs and chasing a genetically superior breed. Others had sugar daddies from other regions who mailed them rare and powerful mons. Penni had neither the patience nor the connections, so she stood in tall grass and pummeled wild Pokémon until she was strong enough to steamroll the next gym.

She stared out at the sea and sighed. Nobody ever told her that being a Trainer would be so much hard work! The TV shows always made it seem like being a Trainer was one big adventure, travelling from one gorgeous vista to the next and making life-long friendships on the way. Penni’s Pokémon barely even liked her! She gave them food and made them pretty darn strong. She was there for every mind-numbing battle. She even let them out of their Pokéballs, sometimes! And how did they repay her? With half-assed performances! Level fourty-eight, and her Marshtomp couldn’t solo Winona’s team. Fourty-eight! If it wasn’t so hard to get ahold of those starter mons, she would have released that ungrateful asshole two gyms ago.

She sighed again, wondering how exactly it was that she had gotten here, with three partners who were happier when she lost and barely enough money to buy more Pokéballs. She didn’t become a Trainer because she loved Pokémon. Her mom had kicked her out of the house. “You’re already twenty-two, get on your feet and find a job!” That’s what she had said, to her only daughter. Heartless shrew. Penni figured that Pokémon Trainers had it easy: beat up other Trainers and get their cash.

But what TV programs hadn’t told her was how gross the downtime was. Most towns didn’t have hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, anything! For some reason, everyone expected Trainers to be okay with camping out every night. Fortree was the worst! She remembered asking about places to stay in the city. (“City”, she felt, was a gross overstatement of what Fortree really was. “Gathering of hovels” was by far the more accurate descriptor.)

“Just a place to stay,” she assured the nurse working the Pokémon Center. “I don’t need anything fancy, just a bed and a door.”

“Oh, you can feel free to set up camp in any of the clearings in town,” the pink nurse replied, without so much as blinking. “We don’t have Trainers come through this part of the woods too often, so there’s a lot of empty space!” She laughed, like she was telling a genuinely funny joke. Penni didn’t understand the punchline.

She tried to let the sound of waves hitting shore calm her down. Even with Fortree far behind her, she still fumed. “Was the joke supposed to be ‘Oh, our town is a trash heap, so park your ass anywhere you want’? Because that’s not funny! The only joke was you!” Penni stamped around, angry both for and about the hicks back in that hick town. Didn’t they have any higher aspirations than sitting around all day, walking on rope bridges and climbing vines? Penni had aspirations. She could care less about being the very best, but she was a girl who had goals. You don’t get six badges without some motivation, after all.

Money. She was gonna get so much money she could drown in it. She was gonna shake down every schoolboy and Trainer girl from Littleroot to Ever Grande, and with their pocket change she was going to
Buy. Everything.

Penni was a material girl. A Beauty, to be exact. She suspected that half the reason her hag of a mother kicked her out was because she was spending too much on jewelry. “Well, too bad, mom! I’m not gonna give up looking glamorous just because you’re a miser!” Penni’s boots were brand-name. Designed for Trainers who had to wade through mud (and worse!) in their travels, they were stylish and functional. Same for her purse, her clothes, and her bracelets. Okay, the bracelets had no practical use. But looking good came before anything else!

“Speaking of which, how am I doing?” Penni flipped open her Pokédex, using the device’s camera as a pocket mirror. No matter how rotten her personality, Penni had every reason to be vain. She was gorgeous, a natural looker who knew how best to make herself look even better. She was blessed with a complexion like dark chocolate and hair as rich and sleek as ink. She let her luxurious hair fall in thick straight curtains around her face, and kept her tiered blunt bangs cut straight with near-surgical precision. Her eyebrows were a mix between elegant and cute, thick black dots on her forehead that accentuated her expressions. Her eyes, which she never hid behind glasses (despite badly needing them), were gleaming emeralds, more precious than any stone. Eyes are windows to the soul, and Penni’s were no different. Just by looking at her, people could tell what kind of person she was: self-interested, arrogant, shrewd.

“Looking good, me.” She shut her Pokédex and finally started down the route. As she walked, Penni was accompanied by the quiet jangle of her many bracelets and the soft swish of her clothes. If her eyes were windows, her outfit was the curtain. Penni made a point to never look like she was roughing it, even if she often was. A crisp, clean white shirt, unbuttoned immodestly and exposing her more-than-modest chest. A skirt that was tailored with such exactness that it always almost gave her opponents a peek at what she might (or might not) be wearing underneath. Penni found that a distracted Trainer was that much easier to beat. And if anyone got the wrong idea, like one of those creepy-grabby Bug Maniacs, then they got a taste of Dustox’s poison powder. Yes, she wasn’t supposed to use a move like that outside of a Pokémon battle. No, she didn’t care.

In short Penni looked, dressed, and acted like a queen bitch. Because she was, and if anyone had a complaint about that, they could settle it with their Pokémon and their wallet. More pocket money for her! “That’s right,” she groaned, “I’m almost out of cash.” Penni’s finances were eternally in the red. She always told herself to set aside a bit of the money she made: for potions, cures, and other Trainer “necessities”; but she never did. Perfume, lipstick, earrings, bracelets, hair clips, hair ties, nail polish, nail polish remover; Penni had a lot of expenses. Why buy Great Balls when you could get a rhinestone ring or three instead? Why catch new Pokémon when you could just overlevel the ones you already had?

“More cash, more cash,” she said it again and again as she walked across the grass, like a mantra. Or a curse. Her eyes flashed left and right, looking for the telltale signs of Trainers, her primary source of income. “C’mon, c’mon, c’mon,” she muttered, “it’s a beautiful day. No rain, nice wind, good temperature. Perfect for standing around. Come on out, you walking wallets.” She grinned as she saw one: a coin purse wearing purple. A lonely, vulnerable little Hex Maniac, probably with more money than she knew what to do with. And certainly more curves than she could use. Who knew what the Hex Maniacs were drinking, but they had curves for days. This one, though, was exceptional; her tits and hips bulged out of the shapelessness of her floppy purple dress. Penni knew how to use a Hex’s money, if not her body. The Trainer system made such good sense: the weak offered all that they had to the strong, because the strong could use those same resources for a better purpose. Penni’s current purpose: the Lilycove Department Store waiting for her at the end of the route. She had suffered through Fortree and Winona for this reason alone. And in order for her to go totally wild in the region’s largest (and only) multi-level department store, she needed money. A lot more money.

It was weird, though. The Hex Maniac was fidgeting around in tall grass, looking every which-way in the way that route Trainers do, but when she locked eyes with Penni? Nothing happened. Penni was used to the whole “You looked at me so now we have to battle!”-schtick. She expected it, at this point. The Hex looked at her, and she looked at the Hex, so why wasn’t she rushing over to battle? If anything, the busty babe looked scared. Of Penni? Oh, but they hadn’t even been introduced, how could that cutie already be scared? Penni hadn’t even told her to empty her pockets yet. The glitzy Trainer wiped her mouth. She was practically drooling at the opportunity quivering in the grass in front of her.

“Hey,” she called, “you wanna battle? I think we’d be a good match!” Which was a lie, of course. Penni knew she was still five to ten levels too high for any of the Trainers here on Route 121 to handle. It was everything she could do not to let her grin turn predatory as she stalked through the tall grass to her target. Hex Maniacs were some of the best opponents, too. They were so shy and weak-willed that she could really wring them out for all they were worth. Oh, the Hexes would stutter and stammer and say “But I need that money!”, but Penni needed it more. Her boots were starting to get scuffed from all the walking.

“U-Um,” the purple girl stammered, “a-actually if you d-don’t want to we d-don’t have to b-battle.” Aw, she was scared. How cute! How vulnerable. “It w-would probably be good if you didn’t come any c-closer.” If she said something like that, how could Penni possibly resist?! The gaudy girl halved the distance between them with eager strides, slicing through the knee-high grass like it wasn’t even there. She’d have grass stains on her shins later. She wouldn’t care. Penni stood in front of the panicked Hex Maniac; the extra inches afforded by her boots allowing her to loom over the other girl as she smiled.

“Let’s battle.” It wasn’t an invitation. It was a command.

“I told you to stay away,” she whispered, “I told you I told you I told you I told you I warned you and you didn’t listen.” She chewed on her fingernails and Penni noticed something very strange, something that she couldn’t have seen from afar. The Hex Maniac didn’t have any Pokéballs.

“Hey, what’s the big—” Penni started, only to get cut off by a massive shadow rising out of the grass. It must have been lying on its back, to keep from being seen as she approached. A person—no, a Pokémon that looked almost like a person. Just as Penni towered above the Hex Maniac, this Pokémon towered above them both. It was at least six feet tall, maybe six and a half. Penni’s heels gave her a lift, but not that much of a lift. It rolled its muscled shoulders, each partially hidden under a thick white collar of fur. Its skin was yellow—a sickly yellow like a withered banana peel—and its face was featureless barring a hooked, birdlike nose and two calculating, narrowed eyes. It was the biggest, bulkiest Hypno Penni had ever seen. It was the only Hypno she had ever seen. They weren’t supposed to even exist outside of Kanto, let alone show up in a lazy out-of-the way Hoenn route like this one!

“This is your fault,” the Hex Maniac stuttered. “Your fault, your fault, your fault! I don’t want to battle anymore! I don’t want hurt anyone else! You should have just stayed away! You should have just—” The Hypno stepped close behind her and did something that Penni couldn’t see, and the panicking girl blinked her eyes once, twice; slowly, like someone coming out of a stupor. A creepy grin spread across her face.

You are challenged by Hex Maniac(?) Tammy!

“What?!” Penni flipped open her Pokédex to make sure she hadn’t misheard. While normally she trusted the device’s callouts, this one couldn’t be right. But the text on the screen said the exact same thing as its synthesized voice: ‘You are challenged by Hex Maniac(?) Tammy!’ A Hex Maniac with a Hypno? No, not a Hex Maniac, but a ‘Hex Maniac(?)’ What was going on? Tammy, either unaware or uncaring, didn’t pause. With her creepy smile still plastered to her face, she pointed at Penni and the Hypno stepped forward.

Hex Maniac(?) Tammy sent out Hypno!

Penni acted on reflex, crying out “Go, Marshtomp!” in a voice that was a little higher-pitched than her usual battle cry. This was all a little unusual, but at the end of the day a Pokémon battle was a Pokémon battle, and she was still grossly overleveled compared to Tammy and her Hypno. “Marshtomp, use Muddy Water!” She’d wipe the floor with Tammy and squeeze out every last Pokédollar from her for making Penni fight such a weird battle.

Marshtomp used Muddy Water!

She allowed herself a smile as a sudden tide of—what else—muddy water rose and crashed against Tammy’s Hypno. A direct hit with Marshtomp’s signature move! “Wanna give up?” Back in her rhythm, Penni taunted her opponent while the water drained away as quickly as it came. “Throw in the towel and maybe I’ll leave you a few bucks for dinner.”

It’s not very effective…

“What?!” Penni didn’t need to check her Pokédex to know that Hypno was a Psychic type and Muddy Water was a Water move. There was no reason for it to do any less than full damage!

Hypno used Psychic!
It’s super effective!

Penni’s jaw dropped as she watched her partner rise into the air, surrounded by a vortex of purple-pink energy. She winced as, with an audible crack, Marshtomp was smashed into the ground. Penni didn’t need to double-check to know that her Pokémon wasn’t going to be getting back up. Her bruised and broken Pokémon dissolved into red light and flashed back into its Pokéball. Tammy giggled.

Marshtomp fainted!

Something was wrong. Very, very wrong. A level fourty-eight Marshtomp, taken out in one move? She pointed her Pokédex at Tammy’s Hypno. Something she should have started with, really. But Penni was so used to bulldozing her way through fights that she never bothered to even check what her opponent’s level was. Winona’s Pokémon, except for her Altaria, were all level thirty-three so Tammy and her Pokémon shouldn’t be that much higher—

Hypno, the Hypnosis Pokémon. Male. Type: Psychic.
HEIGHT 6’5’’ WEIGHT 210.4 lbs.

Times encountered: 1
Level: 100

Hypno holds a pendulum in its hand. The arcing movement and glitter of the pendulum lull the foe into a deep state of hypnosis. While this Pokémon searches for prey, it polishes the pendulum.

Penni read along, not fully trusting her Pokédex after the weird class name it gave for Tammy. She sputtered: “Level one-hundred!? C’mon you piece of junk, don’t screw with me!” She rapped the screen of her Pokédex, hoping that a little impact maintenance would sort out whatever issues it obviously was having. It didn’t. She read it again, just to make sure she wasn’t adding an extra zero. She wasn’t. Level 100. A level one-hundred Hypno on Route 121. A level one-hundred Hypno staring at her with narrowed, nasty eyes.

“Hey, uh,” she tried to say to Tammy, around her Hypno, “I just remembered! I forgot something back in Fortree City so I’m just gonna go back for it real quick, okay?” Tammy’s Hypno stepped closer. “We can finish our battle when I get back, okay? Just wait for me, it’ll only take a sec!” She turned and got ready to run as fast as she could, grass stains be damned.

No! There’s no running from a Trainer battle!

Only to find herself rooted in place. She wanted to run, she was trying to run, but she couldn’t get her legs to move. She strained her muscles, but nothing happened. It was like she was glued to the ground. But she wasn’t! She could see that she wasn’t. “C’mon,” she hissed, “move! Get your ass in gear and move, damnit!”

No! There’s no running from a Trainer battle!

No! There’s no running from a Trainer battle!

No! There’s no running from a Trainer battle!

“Fuck,” she spat. “Fuckity fuck fuck. Fine.” She turned back to the creepy Hex Maniac(?) and her creepy Hypno and reached into her bag for her second fighter. “Fine, we’ll do it your way. Dustox, get out here and help m—” That was when Tammy’s Hypno did something it shouldn’t have been able to do.

Hypno used Confusion!
It’s super effective!

The blast of mental energy hit Penni and she staggered, swaying on her feet. “But I still… had… two more Pokémon…” Her vision swam with flickering lights. She could barely see the hulking yellow body step closer to her, closer again. She was too focused on staying standing. It felt like she was drunk or drugged. When she tried to bring her hand up to her face she missed it entirely, putting too much strength into the movement. Instead of resting on her forehead her arm shot up and backwards, like she was practicing her backstroke.

Beauty Penni is confused!

“Fuuuuck,” she slurred, trying to will herself back into shape. “Gotta… snap out of it…” She screwed her eyes shut to force the lights to go away. They didn’t. They floated around under the darkness of her eyelids and refused to let the Trainer recover. “C’mon, Penni. C’mon! Get yourself together, girl!” She balled her hands into fists, shaking from effort, and found her center. She had this. Whatever this creepy girl and her Pokémon were trying to do, it wasn’t gonna work on her.

Beauty Penni snapped out of her confusion!

Determined, Penni snapped open her eyes, ready to resume the fight. Even if she was going to lose, she’d lose her way, not theirs. She opened her eyes to find that not only had Hypno closed the distance, but also held its pendulum right in front of her face, between her eyes. The first thing she saw when they opened was a coin on a string. A coin that started to sway left and right.

Left and right.

Left and right.

Hypno used Hypnosis!
It’s super effective!

She hadn’t meant to watch the coin swing. But it was the first thing she saw, and there was a weird magnetism to it. Like she couldn’t not look at it. There wasn’t anything special to it. Left and right. A normal coin on a normal string. Well, not a normal coin exactly. It had a hole in it. A void in the middle. That was what she watched. Not the coin or the string, but the hole. Left and right. Her eyes followed the hole as it swung back and forth. Left and right. Penni didn’t even care how close the Hypno was now. She didn’t care about anything as she drifted left and right… left and right…

Beauty Penni has fallen under deep hypnosis!
Beauty Penni is suggestible!

The chirping of her Pokédex was a muted irritation. It had nothing to do with watching the empty hole in the coin swing left and right, so she ignored it. Tammy had nothing to do with swinging left and right, so she ignored her, too. At least, until the other girl whispered in her ear “Do you know what you should do?” and Penni didn’t know. For some reason Tammy’s words were a lot clearer than the screeching of her Pokédex. They swung through her focused mind with the same rhythm as the empty hole in the coin. The words moved left and right just like the hole did, and so Penni listened to them.

“Don’t know what I should do,” she answered, sounding more like an echo of Tammy than anything else. The energy had been drained out of her voice, and she talked in a monotone. “Should keep staring. Left and right, left and right.” From over Penni’s shoulder, Tammy’s eyes followed the same route; she too watched the hole in the coin. Her eyes tracked it left and right, just like Penni’s.

“Yes,” Tammy agreed, “you should keep staring. We can both stare. Left and right, left and right, left and right. It feels good to stare, doesn’t it? You don’t want to look away, do you?” Tammy stifled a moan. There was a part of her that hated this. It was the part of her that had tried to scare Penni away. The part of her from before she met Hypno. The part of her that was a Hex Maniac, not a Hex Maniac(?). But that part of her was so small and distant. That part of her got sucked into the hole in the middle of the coin, and in order to find it she had to watch it swing left and right. “You can’t look away, can you?” She couldn’t, either.

“Can’t look away,” Penni echoed. “Wouldn’t want to. Feels good to stare. Feels good to go left and right.” It did feel good. Every time the hole in the coin completed a swing, she felt better. Every time she completed a swing, it got harder to look away. Left and right. Why would she want to, when it felt so good? How could she, when her eyes were swinging left and right, left and right, without her even trying?

Beauty Penni’s hypnosis deepens!
Beauty Penni is more suggestible!

Hex Maniac(?) Tammy’s hypnosis deepens!
Hex Maniac(?) Tammy is more suggestible!

“If you want to feel even better,” Tammy said, voice thick with arousal, “you have to do something more than just watch.”

“I can feel even better?” Penni’s voice was as incredulous as a tranced-out monotone could be. She already felt good, and Tammy said she could feel even better? “How? How do I feel even better?” Penni wanted to turn around, stare Tammy in the eyes, and demand an answer. The normal Penni would have taken charge like that. But she couldn’t do that. She couldn’t. Because if she turned around, she couldn’t watch the hole in the coin swing left and right. And she felt so good watching the hole swing left and right. So she couldn’t. She wouldn’t. She had to keep staring.

“You can keep looking, Penni,” Tammy said and Penni gave a relaxed sigh. She wanted to feel even better but she also wanted to keep looking. If she could do both, that was the best-case scenario! “Keep looking, keep swinging left and right, but reach into your bag.” Tammy’s hand guided her own, making it easy for Penni to keep looking and keep swinging. Left and right. Her fingers bumped against all the things she kept in her purse. But the coin and Tammy told her to keep looking, so she did. Past the lip gloss, past the stick-on nails, past the mascara and past the perfume. Looking for the small spheres she had reached for earlier. “That’s right,” Tammy urged, “take them out. You need them if you want to feel even better.”

Penni stopped. Something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong. Why did she need to take her Pokéballs out? What did that have to do with staring? Left and right. She could keep staring without her Pokéballs. Left and right. She could stare really good without her Pokéballs. She needed them. Her Pokéballs. Her Pokémon. Left and right. She was a Pokémon Trainer. She threw her Pokéballs to make her Pokémon come out and make her money. She made money so that she could spend it. Left and right. She liked to spend money. On herself. There were things she liked to buy. Left and right. She was a Pokémon Trainer who loved making money and spending it!

Beauty Penni broke out of her trance!

She came back to herself in a rush, and took in her surroundings. Tammy was clinging to her, the Hex Maniac’s(?) curvy body holding her in place. Tammy’s(?) Hypno was inches away from her, swinging that damn coin on its damn string. Left and— “Nope,” Penni spat, “not falling back under.” She had done as she was told, and she gripped her Pokéballs in-between her fingers. “C’mon, you two,” she hissed under her breath, “now’s the time to earn your keep. Get me out of here and I’ll treat you to the most lavish fucking Pokéblocks you’ve ever fuckin’ tasted. Go, Dustox! Go, Breloom!” Shrugging off Tammy enough to free an arm, Penni tossed her Pokéballs up into the air. Sure, a level forty-five and a level forty-four probably still couldn’t beat this Hypno two-on-one, but at least if they both went down she could white out and make it back to the Pokécenter in Fortree.

Her Pokéballs fell into the grass with a muffled swish. Neither Dustox nor Breloom came out. “Hey,” Penni said nervously, “you can come out now. I get it, this is for all the times I didn’t let you evolve, right? You were better off getting a bit stronger in your base forms, okay?! It was for your own good!” Panic crept into her voice. “But you’ve got your revenge now, right? I’m feeling real scared now, so we’re even! Just come out of your Pokéballs already!” Panic gave way to fear. Fear gave way to anger. “I’m your Trainer! Get the fuck out and fight already! Who got you all your levels, huh? Who fed you vitamins! Me! I did! From my own pocket! From my own fucking wallet I kept you fed and got you strong and helped you evolve!” Penni was screaming, her face twisted and her eyes wide. “You have no problem beating up Zigzagoons and Wurmples, but the second we go up against something strong you pussy out?! You fucking limp-dick, no-balls shitmons!” Penni finished her outburst, panting heavily while Tammy struggled to hold onto her. Penni’s Pokémon didn’t come out. Lazily, so very lazily, Hypno walked over and picked up the Pokéballs in its free hand. Even without a mouth, Penni could feel the thing sneering at her. She glared at the yellow goon and tried to shake Tammy off. The Hex Maniac(?) was nothing if not persistent. She stuck to Penni like gum, crushing her tits against Penni’s back as she wrapped her arms around Penni’s stomach and held on for dear life. Tammy wasn’t strong, but she was heavy. All her extra meat made it hard for Penni to do anything but stare daggers up at Hypno, even as a growing feeling of despair blossomed way down in the pit of her stomach. For a second time, and for different reasons, Penni screwed her eyes shut. If she couldn’t see the coin, she couldn’t fall under its control. All she had to do was wait for a Ranger to come by and save her.

Hypno jerked its head and, on command, Tammy forced Penni’s eyes open. “Get off me, you hypnoslut!” Penni lashed out with her elbow, hard, and was rewarded not with a grunt but a moan. The hardness of her elbow dug deep into Tammy’s chest, but the Hex Maniac(?) didn’t seem to mind. By the look on her face, she positively loved having her tits attacked. Unfortunately, Tammy’s masochistic pleasure wasn’t great enough to loosen her grip; Penni’s eyes stayed open. Which meant that when Hypno’s coin began swinging, she couldn’t look away.

Hypno used Hypnosis!
It’s super effective!

The fight bled back out of Penni. She still wanted to get away, and still wanted to shake off Tammy, but she wanted to watch the empty hole even more. Left and right. It was so, so empty. Left and right. She couldn’t not watch it swing. Left and right. She needed to get away, she knew that. She was being hypnotized by a Pokémon. Left and right. So easily hypnotized. Left and right. So easy to watch. Left and right. Watch the coin go left and right. Left and right. Swinging. Left and right. Swaying. Left and right.

Left and right.
Left and right.
Left and right.

Beauty Penni has fallen under deep hypnosis!
Beauty Penni’s willpower falls sharply!

Left and right.
Left and right.
Left and right.

Beauty Penni’s hypnosis deepens!
Beauty Penni’s willpower falls sharply!

Left and right.
Left and right.
Left and right.

Beauty Penni’s hypnosis deepens!
Beauty Penni’s willpower can’t fall any lower!

“Left and right,” she murmured. “left and right, left and right, left and right.” She had forgotten every other word. All she could think about was swinging left and right, left and right, left and right. Tammy, behind her, swung too. But the barrage of hypnosis attacks wasn’t aimed at Tammy, who was already well under Hypno’s control. No, this time Penni bore the brunt of the psychic assault all on her own. And she broke underneath its weight. “Left and right, left and right, left and right.”

“Are you a good girl,” Tammy prompted, “watching the hole swing left and right?” She didn’t have to hold Penni down any more. In fact, Tammy was largely holding Penni up. The gaudy gal was so far gone that she was practically limp in the Hex Maniac’s(?) arms!

“Am a good girl,” Penni replied, incorporating Tammy’s vocabulary into her own.

“A good girl,” Tammy lead, “and a good hypnoslut?” That word got a response from Penni. A bodily one as she twitched in Tammy’s arms.

“No,” she tried, “not a slut.” Tammy’s empty smile widened.

“But you are,” she urged, “you are a hypnoslut. Because you love to watch the hole swing left and right, don’t you? Left and right?”

“Left and right,” Penni agreed, “but—”

“No buts,” Tammy said, gently, coaxingly, “it’s simple: if you love to watch the coin swing left and right, you love being hypnotized.”

“Love being hypnotized.”

“You love being hypnotized more than anything else in the world.”

“More than anything else,” she struggled, “in the world.”

“More than shoes.”

“More than shoes.”

“More than all your pretty clothes.”

“More than all my pretty clothes.” The words were forced out of her mouth. Forced by the swinging. Left and right.

“More than all the money in the world.”

“Yesss,” she admitted.

“And what would you call someone who loves to be hypnotized more than anything else in the world? More than shoes, clothes, and money? What would you call a girl who is so far gone that she can’t stop staring even as she swings her way deeper and deeper? What would you call that girl?” Penni thought as long and as hard about that question as she could, searching for a different answer. Any answer, other than the one that was burned into the front of her brain. The answer that came to her lips immediately, but that she didn’t want to say.

“A hypnoslut,” she said in a quiet voice.

“Good,” Tammy praised her, “So what are you?”

“I’m a hypnoslut,” Penni said.

“Are you really? Are you really, truly, a helpless hypnoslut?”

“Yesss,” came Penni’s response, faster and more eager.

“So you love to stare?”

“I love to stare.”

“You love to go deeper?”

“I do, I love it,” this time it was Penni’s turn to bite back a moan.

“You love to swing left and right?”

“Left and right.”

“You aren’t going to resist?”

“I can’t,” Penni finally confessed. “I can’t resist any more.”

“Not a drop?” Tammy’s voice was sickly sweet.

“Not a drop,” Penni confirmed.

“That’s good, because you still have something that you need to do,” Hypno held out Penni’s Pokéballs. Somehow it had found the third, Marshtomp’s, and added it to the collection gathered in its palm. “Remember where we were before? Remember what you were asked to do?” Slowly, carefully, Penni reached out. Hypno didn’t move. It let her pick up her Pokémon. There was no need for anyone to be worried, after all. Penni’s Pokémon had already demonstrated that they weren’t on her side.

“Good,” Tammy crooned. Every time she said “good” tiny tingles of pleasure traced up and down Penni’s spine. It felt good to be good. “Good hypnoslut. You agreed that you’re a hypnoslut, remember? Hypnosluts can’t be Pokémon Trainers. Hypnosluts don’t give orders, they obey them. Isn’t that right?” Penni nodded. “Good.” More tingles. “So you don’t need these any more. Release your Pokémon.”

Release? She only had these three Pokémon. If she released them, she wouldn’t be—but she already wasn’t. She wasn’t a Pokémon Trainer. Her Pokémon didn’t listen to her. Even with six badges, they didn’t obey her. Because she wasn’t supposed to give orders. She was supposed to obey them. She wasn’t a Pokémon Trainer, she was—

Breloom was released.
Bye-bye, Breloom!

Dustox was released.
Bye-bye, Dustox!

Marshtomp was released.
Bye-bye, Marshtomp!

Breloom and Dustox sprinted back into the woods, in the direction of Route 120 and Fortree City. Marshtomp took a running jump off of the rocky bank and landed in the sea with a splash. None of them looked back. None of them spared so much as a glance at their former Trainer, held even a glimmer of comradery, or a glint of gratitude. Penni released her Pokémon and they happily vanished. And like that, her career as a Pokémon Trainer, such as it was, came to an end.


She couldn’t be a Trainer. She couldn’t give orders; she could only obey them. She was a hypnoslut. She didn’t care about gym badges, or crossing Victory Road, or battling the Elite Four, or capturing rare and powerful Pokémon. It was the other way around. She was the one captured by a rare and powerful Pokémon.

“You’re so close now,” Tammy whispered, and Penni shivered. She could feel it, too. She was close to something. A fundamental change to her very being. A revelation that threatened to completely rewrite the core of her being. Permanently.

Beauty Penni is devolving!

“You’re so close to finding out what you really are,” Tammy said. Her voice was husky, and she ground herself against Penni’s limp form. This was the best part. The part she hated, as a Hex Maniac. The part she loved, as a Hex Maniac(?). This was the part where all pretenses were destroyed, and the simple truth was laid bare. “Come on, Penni,” she urged, humping her harder, “come on, come on, come on. Say it. Say it say it say it say it.”

“PokéSlut.” She didn’t know where the words came from. She just knew that they were right. Because she wasn’t a Trainer, and she was an obedient hypnoslut. A slut for the swinging coin. A slut for Hypno. A pet, one which couldn’t fit in a pocket.

Congratulations! Your Pokémon Trainer has devolved into a PokéSlut!

Everything made sense now. Penni had been mistaken all along. She was always chasing after more money, more things, because they didn’t satisfy her. Giving commands to her Pokémon, sitting in the same patch of grass for hours forcing them to get stronger, didn’t satisfy her. All the nice clothes and pervy looks couldn’t satisfy her. Because she didn’t know her place.

Hypno used Dream Eater!
It’s super effective!
PokéSlut Penni had her dreams drained!

She felt it all leave her: her goals, her aspirations, even her greed. Everything that had driven her to this point, everything that had motivated her and given her purpose, it was all sucked out of her through the hole in the coin. And it felt incomparable. She could feel her brain fogging up, her mind slowing down, and she didn’t care. She wanted it to happen faster. She leaned back into Tammy’s perverted embrace and let her slutty senior play with her body.

PokéSlut Tammy used Grope!
It’s super effective!

PokéSlut Penni is aroused!
PokéSlut Penni came!

As Penni surrendered herself to basic, slutty pleasure, fireworks went off in Tammy’s head. She had been waiting for this. Her true, PokéSlut self lived for this moment. Tammy the PokéSlut hated Tammy the Hex Maniac, because Tammy the Hex Maniac hated being a hypnotized PokéSlut. Tammy the Hex Maniac was always desperately searching for a way to undo their hypnosis, to break free and run away from Hypno. But that wouldn’t do! Tammy the PokéSlut wouldn’t let that happen! Even when Hex Maniac Tammy came to the surface, like earlier, PokéSlut Tammy interfered enough to make her “warnings” useless. Every time Tammy tried to scare Trainers away, Tammy made sure to wiggle her hips and squish her melons and entice them closer. Because everyone knew that Hex Maniacs were easy opponents. Everyone knew that Hex Maniacs were walking wallets. And so everyone who saw Tammy standing in the grass just had to walk up and challenge her. And everyone who did met Hypno. And everyone who met Hypno, without fail, ended up like this.

PokéSlut Tammy used Finger!
It’s super effective!

PokéSlut Penni is aroused!
PokéSlut Penni came!

“Cumming!” Penni cried. “Cumming, cumming, cumming!” She bucked her hips against Tammy’s fingers but never once in any throe of pleasure did she look away from the swinging, swinging coin. That was the trick to Tammy’s technique. She could make the other PokéSlut cum easily, because all of her movements were timed with the swinging of the coin. The deeper Penni went, the better she felt. That had never changed, but now the junior PokéSlut was experiencing exactly what that really meant. “Cumming!” Her voice came in between great gasps for breath. “Cuh-Cumming! Can’t stop cumming!” Her eyes rolled back in her head as Tammy’s fingers expertly played with her slutty Poké pussy.

PokéSlut Penni came!

PokéSlut Penni came!

PokéSlut Penni came!

After a performance that explosive, even Tammy had to take a moment to rest. But only a moment, because Penni still wasn’t broken in. This had all merely been foreplay. Tammy knew that Hypno wasn’t content simply watching his Sluts play with each other. It desired—no, required service. And through her link to Hypno, the intuitive connection between PokéSlut and PokéSlut Trainer that was strengthened by her connection to all things occult, she knew it was time for the main event. While Penni messily came again and again, Tammy maneuvered her. With a hand on her chest and in her pussy, Penni was as easy to position as a doll. In moments, the climaxing pet was on her knees, with Tammy behind her, whispering encouragement: “Next up is your first battle. You’re going to lose, but that doesn’t mean you should lose easily, okay? You have to make Hypno happy. Don’t you want to make Hypno happy?” Penni nodded. “Good! Then show him what you can do!”

Him. He. Masculine pronoun. Male sex. Penni noticed, for the first time, that Hypno was a man. Maybe she had been avoiding the sight between his legs. Maybe it was hidden by the grass until now. But there was no denying what was there. A long, thick cock, reaching to his knees. The same off-yellow as the rest of him, except for the violent red cap. It hung inches from her face, and it swung from left to right. Left and right. Penni could finally look away from the coin, because the coin was merely echoing the movement of his cock. She realized that now. And just like she loved the coin, just like how she loved to watch it swing, she loved his cock in the same way. Hypno’s hypnotic cock.

“Don’t just stare at it, slut,” Tammy urged. “Pleasure him. He’s going to train your throat first. Obey him. Obey his cock. And if you struggle, just look up. Hypno will guide you. He’ll tell you everything. He’ll be your everything.”

Penni obeyed. She reached out and took his cock in her hands. It stood out, his bright yellow against her dark brown. In almost the same way that her glittery bracelets did. She liked the way they contrasted, him and her. It felt right. As she held his cock in her hand, she felt his pulse. His heart rocketing blood through his body. She wasn’t surprised to realize that his pulse matched the swinging of the coin; it only made sense. Everything about Hypno made sense. Everything about Hypno was in sync. And everything about her was in synch with Hypno.

For example when his cock, reacting to her soft touch, started to ooze precum: Penni’s mouth flooded with drool. She let him coat her hands with his sticky clear pre, she reveled in it in fact. She used his natural lubricant to get him erect, pumping with her hand in the way he wanted her to. Tammy told her exactly how it was done. The goth slut whispered directions to Penni that came from Tammy’s mouth but Hypno’s mind. And Penni obeyed. She wrapped her delicate, manicured fingers around his monstrous girth and pumped.

PokéSlut Penni used Beat Off!

She pumped and was rewarded as she felt him stiffen in her hand. It didn’t happen all at once. It was like watching a clown blow up a modelling balloon, the way it got hard starting at the base and swelled to the tip. Except, she was a slut not a clown and this balloon would never pop. Unless she used her mouth. She pumped faster with both of her hands, sliding up and down his unreal length that was slick with his leaking precum. All this, and only precum! What was a real shot like? Could she even swallow it all? She’d have to find out.

Finally, Hypno was fully erect, and Penni couldn’t wait any longer. When she parted her lips twin streams of saliva spilled out from the corners of her mouth. She couldn’t wait any longer. She didn’t need to wait any longer. She lunged forward and—

Missed. Hypno’s cockhead escaped her greedy lips, and instead she crashed against his shaft. His smell (his smell!) flooded her nose, and she came again. Penni was confused. Not confused confused, but confused. She was supposed to suck his cock, right? That’s what she was supposed to be doing. So why had he moved? Why, instead of moaning on a mouthful of dick, was she eagerly snorting against his shaft?

“Disobedient PokéSlut,” came Tammy’s voice, cutting through some of Hypno’s musk. “You forgot to ask permission. His cock is his, as are you. Ask permission to give yourself to his cock.” Right. She was his PokéSlut, and he was her Trainer. Unless he gave her a command to obey, she needed to ask his permission. To do anything. If she was worthy, he’d say yes.

“Please,” she begged as she dragged her face against the underside of his cock, trying to inhale as much of his scent as possible. “Please train me with your cock! Please train your PokéSlut! Teach me how much better your Hypno dick is than anyone else! I want to learn! I want to be trained!” She gulped down her overflowing drool. “And most of all I want to make you feel good, like you make me feel good!” A moment of stillness as Tammy grinned. Not bad, for a first try. Penni’s answer came in the form of a strong hand against the back of her head that crushed her against his dick. Her makeup, perfectly applied and expertly maintained, smeared as Hypno marked her face with his precum. She would always smell like him, now. The thought alone made her tingle. The reality made her cum.

PokéSlut Penni came!

PokéSlut Penni came!

She came so easily now, and so strongly. Her orgasms as a Beauty, as a Pokémon Trainer, couldn’t compare. They weren’t even shadows of the orgasms Hypno could give her. Shadows of shadows, more like. He made her feel weak. Sensitive. Vulnerable. She liked being weak, sensitive, and vulnerable for Hypno. If it felt this good, she loved it. Had acting tough ever been this rewarding? Had shaking down kids for their allowances ever felt this good?

Never. Hypno was finished marking her, so she thanked him for that, too. And now that she had his permission, she could do her job. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and, with his firm grip guiding her, swallowed his cock.

She couldn’t really swallow it, of course. She was but a mere human PokéSlut, and he her PokéSlut Trainer. Hypno dick was simply too big and too perfect for a lowly slut like herself to handle alone, but she tried her best to obey. It felt so good to obey. And her Trainer, godly and gracious as he was, helped her. He gave her something to focus on, a coin on the end of a string that swung from left to right, something she could lose herself in while she struggled to fit inch after inch of his Hypno dick down her throat.

Hypno used Hypnosis!
It’s super effective!

PokéSlut Penni used Suck!

Inch by inch. Every centimeter was a struggle, a battle to be fought. Tammy was right: she was going to lose. A PokéSlut just couldn’t beat a Hypno dick. It was the worst matchup imaginable. She was weak to Hypno, and weak to cock. That meant she had a four-times weakness to Hypno cock! But she was Hypno’s PokéSlut, and that meant she couldn’t go down without a fight. Even at a horrible disadvantage, she needed to persevere! Even if she was going to lose, she had to struggle!

PokéSlut Penni used Suck!

PokéSlut Penni used Lick!

PokéSlut Penni used Tongue Lash!
It’s super effective!

She did everything in her power to make Hypno feel good. If she could return one-tenth—one-hundredth of the pleasure he made her feel just by existing, then she would. Her tongue went wild, dancing around the circumference of his dick. She couldn’t take him all in. She knew that. But she could make him cum. She could. Her nose flared. If she just struggled hard enough. Spots danced in her vision, entirely different from her earlier Confusion. If she just sucked hard enough. Penni’s cheeks were perverted concaves, hollowed-out indicators of just how much she loved Hypno dick and just how hard she was trying to make him cum.

Hypno is climaxing!

She was rewarded for her perverted cocklust with a torrent of thick white sperm. Hypno’s dick wasn’t just the size of a fire hose, it had the necessary specifications to put out small blazes. Rope after thick, potent rope of cum blasted into Penni’s mouth, and she knew the answer to her earlier question. There was no way she could swallow all of this. But she would try. On her pride as a lewd pet, she would try.

PokéSlut Penni used Swallow!

PokéSlut Penni used Swallow!

PokéSlut Penni used Swallow!
But it failed!

PokéSlut Penni used Spit up!
PokéSlut Penni came!

Penni had tried. Really she had. But after the second mouthful her body refused to take in any more of Hypno’s cum, and she ended up drooling away—wasting—the rest of his load. She hung there, jaw slack, an ornament for his cock, leaking white love down the length of his member, and reveled in his orgasm as much as hers. She did it! She, a mere perverted human pet, had made Hypno cum! Her! A feeling of accomplishment welled up in her chest like nothing she had ever felt before.

“It’s better than a gym battle,” Tammy said knowingly, “isn’t it? Better than a contest, or catching a rare monster, or beating your rival.” The goth pet trailed her fingers across Penni’s belly, which was ever-so-slightly plump from the cum she had so greedily sucked down. “Making him cum will become your everything,” she said with certainty. “Every thought in your head will be devoted to thinking of new ways, better ways, to make him cum. You were a Beauty, right? That’s how you’re going to do it, then. You’re going to keep shopping. You’re going to keep dressing up and accessorizing. Except, now, you won’t be doing that for yourself. You won’t dress up to look good. You’ll dress up to look sexy.” Penni’s eyes fluttered as she imagined the scenario Tammy was spelling out. “You’ll go into lewd shops to look for perverted clothes to wear for Hypno. You’ll delight in dressing just enough like your old self that it’s embarrassing. He likes that, you know. He likes his pets to remember what they used to be. That’s why he lets the other Tammy out.” She licked her lips. “He likes to watch me struggle. He likes to watch me run for help, only to turn that help into just another hypnotized slave. He likes it when I pretend to be a Hex Maniac. He likes it when I hide my big lewd boobs and big fat butt under my dress. He likes how it clings to me, and makes me look even more perverted than if I was naked.” Still supporting Penni, making sure that she didn’t actually choke on Hypno dick, Tammy slipped one hand between her legs.

PokéSlut Tammy used Work Up!
PokéSlut Tammy’s arousal rose sharply!

“And now you’re just like me. A hopeless, perverted pet,” she spat out each p with growing intensity. “Maybe you can help me. We can be bait together. He’ll hypnotize us so that we ‘return’ to our normal selves, but not enough that we can actually escape. And we’ll call out to some poor Trainer girl and she’ll think we’re strange enough to investigate. And then she’ll come closer, and she’ll be his. Just like me. Just like you. I’ll be the one that lures in the predators. I’ll be cute and scared and vulnerable, so that girls like you come running to bully me, only to get brainwashed into submission. You’ll be the one that lures in the prey. You’ll be beautiful and mean and cool, so that girls like me come running to be treated like masochistic sows. And then they will be.” Tammy’s breaths came in desperate huffs. “You and I will be the perfect combination, the perfect pair of perverted hypnosluts who get their heads messed with day in and day out, building a harem for Hypno. We don’t even have to stay on Route 121. We can go wherever we want. We could go into town. We could stand in shady alleys and call for help. We could say that he’s a Pokémon who doesn’t like to be in his Pokéball. No one will know. No one will know that he’s the Trainer and we’re the pets. It’ll be perfect.” She rocked her hips against Penni’s. “Perfect. You, me, and Hypno. Perfect. The three of us. Perfect. Him our Trainer. Perfect. We his perverted pets. Perfect. Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!”

PokéSlut Tammy came!

PokéSlut Tammy came!

“Perfect,” she sighed. “But we don’t have to wait until later to be perfect pets together. We can do that right now.” Tammy pulled Penni off of Hypno’s cock with a wet schlorp and, as the other PokéSlut gasped for air, Tammy pushed her over so that they lay on top of each other, face-to-face in the grass.

“What do we do next?” Penni asked, after she caught her breath. Her voice dripped with anticipation. She loved being told what to do. She loved not being in control. She loved obeying Hypno and, by extension, Tammy. Because Tammy was Hypno’s mouthpiece. She was his prophet, who delivered his divine commands to perverted PokéSluts like herself. “Tell me,” she whined, “tell me, tell me!”

“Such a good, eager, stupid little hypnoslut,” Tammy crooned, rubbing her stained crotch against Penni. “So dumb and obedient that you don’t even know what comes after a blowjob.” Tammy pressed herself against Penni, pinning her to the ground and threatening to smother the dark-brown girl with her hexy tits. Tammy’s eyes had a manic light to them, the look of an eager, hypnotized bitch. “After sucking,” she instructed, “comes fucking.” Tammy jolted with pleasure as she felt Hypno take a big, firm squeeze of her ass. She wiggled it for him, doing her best as a perverted pet to make her Trainer more horny. It worked; the sight of a former-Hex Maniac’s stupidly fat, globular cheeks barely hidden under a flimsy purple dress would be enough to drive any respectable person mad with lust. Hypno, who was already a monster, had no such restraint.

Hypno used Wake-Up Slap!
It’s super effective!
A critical hit!

Tammy moaned lewdly and her arms gave out. She had threatened to smother Penni before, and when Hypno gave her wiggling ass the spank it was begging for that threat proved true: Penni was forced to inhale humid tit-air through the thin cloth of Tammy’s dress. It tasted like sweat and arousal, and the heavy squishiness of her sister-slut’s perverted boobs on her face, coupled with the sudden lack of air, was enough to get Penni writhing in pleasure as well. She grabbed Tammy’s dress, dragging it up and over her thighs and her ass, so that Hypno could have a better view of his target. Tammy’s skin was so pale compared to Penni’s rich black hue. The contrast was like yin and yang, a depraved and slutty balance found in all things.

Hypno used Wake-Up Slap!
It’s super effective!

Hypno used Wake-Up Slap!
It’s super effective!

Hypno’s hand crashed against Tammy’s ass again and again, and the curvy bully-bait squealed and moaned under his blows. “More! Spank my ass more! Come on,” she cried, “look how badly I want it! I’m shaking my hips so sluttily! I can’t stop myself! My body is so perverted that I’m going to cum from being spanked by you!” She begged and wiggled her hips, and was rewarded with slap after slap. And with every cheek-wobbling impact, Hypno left his mark on her: a deep red handprint burned into her milky white skin. Marking her as a perverted, masochistic Poké Pet who got off on being spanked. A lewd pet who wiggled her hips and smothered her sister under her perverted tits. Tammy wrapped her hands around Penni’s head, forcing the black-haired Beauty deeper into the abyss of her cleavage. Penni wanted to be upset, because she couldn’t see Hypno’s swinging coin, but she really didn’t mind. She couldn’t mind anything, surrounded on all sides by sweet-smelling softness. She could feel Tammy’s heartbeat. It was the same as Hypno’s. The same as the swinging coin. And the same, she realized, as the beating of her own heart. They were all beating, pulsing, swinging to the same rhythm. When Hypno sped up, Tammy and Penni followed suit. When he slowed down, they did too. Everything, everything followed that swaying rhythm. Left and right. Penni’s panicked breathing settled down. Left and right. She took deep, slow breaths, breaths that were hot and humid and lewd. Left and right. Even if she couldn’t see Hypno, he was still in control. Left and right. He controlled everything about her. Left and right. His hypnosis had penetrated every inch of her mind. Left and right. Every inch of her body. Left and right. Just like Tammy. Left and right. Even in the purple darkness of Tammy’s tits, Penni could still see the hole in the coin, swinging left and right. She could feel it swing within her. She could feel it swing within Tammy. They were the coins, hanging from his thread. Swinging, swaying. Left and right.

PokéSlut Tammy came!

PokéSlut Penni came!

Penni’s legs twitched and she clenched her thighs while her oxygen-deprived brain fell deeper into its trance. Tammy screamed obscenities as she begged to be abused more, beaten more. The two PokéSluts came together, for different reasons, but ultimately because of Hypno. Whether it was his strong hand or his swinging coin, he dominated the two Trainers-turned-pets. And they reveled in it. But while they were hypnotized to share in his pleasure, he didn’t share in theirs. Which meant that no matter how much he smacked Tammy’s fat ass, or how deep his control wrapped around Penni’s mind, he still needed to be satisfied. His dick had already recovered from Penni’s untrained-but-eager blowjob, and he smacked brutal thing against Tammy’s reddened butt.

“It’s time!” She said it excitedly, religiously. “Penni, wake up! Wake up, you glitzy hypnoslut, it’s time!” With effort, she lifted herself off of the ground, her pendulous tits swaying left and right in the space between her chest and Penni’s. Penni blinked with unfocused eyes as she was exposed once again to the light of day. She almost missed the intimate darkness of the Hex’s boob valley. But as Tammy’s eager words filtered though the mess that was her mind, she knew that what was about to happen would be better than any amount of time spent being smothered by her submissive, slutty sister.

“Me first,” Penni begged. “You already played with Tammy, so it’s my turn now!” Tammy would have none of that.

“I’m the senior PokéSlut, and I deserve a reward for catching Hypno a new pet. Here,” Tammy said, swaying back and forth. “Forget about getting fucked. Just look at my titties. Watch them go back and forth. Left and right. You can wait, can’t you? You can stare at my titties going left and right and forget about getting fucked for a few minutes, right?” Tammy swung her huge breasts back and forth, left and right. She watched as Penni’s eyes followed along, slaves to the rhythm that permeated both of them as perverted pets. Penni and Tammy were hypnosluts, and they would always be tempted to sway back and forth. Left and right.

“No fair,” Penni complained in an absent voice. “You’re… cheating...” Tammy’s tits were so nice, and they were swaying back and forth at just the right speed. Slowly, lazily, like a coin on a string. Penni had to follow them. She watched Tammy’s swing her tits left and right, left and right. Left and right. “Left and right,” Penni droned, “left and right.”

“Good little hypnobitch, keep watching. Watch me swing my big boobies left and right. Left and right. Watch how they sway. They’re so heavy when they swing. Such heavy, distracting boobies that you just have to watch.” Tammy was in heaven. She had Hypno cockslapping her ass, grinding against her big butt while Penni drooled and watched her swing her heavy, distracting tits. Left and right. Tammy liked hypnotizing other pets, because it was the only time she got to see what she must look like, when Hypno had her under his spell. Those wide, glassy eyes. The slack, drooling jaw. The total lack of agency, and the overwhelming desire just below the surface. Tammy bit her lip. Penni would be pissed when she woke up from her trance. Tammy was counting on that. “Whenever you’re ready, Hypno,” she called back, wiggling her hips again for good measure. “You know I’m always ready for you. Whenever, wherever, however you want; your Hexy PokéSlut is always willing and eager!”

He didn’t need her permission, but Hypno enjoyed watching one of his pets hypnotize the other. He liked knowing just how easy it was to control his girls. And most of all, he loved watching them sabotage each other for a chance at his dick. Tammy had won this round, but he knew from experience that a hypnoslave like Penni would get her revenge. He suspected that Tammy was hoping for that. She was, above all else, a true masochistic submissive. Which is why he could smack his cock against her ass and watch her yelp with excitement. It’s why he could take his time lining up his brutal cock head with her drooling, eager cunt. And it’s why he paused, when his cock was only moments away from penetration. He loved to watch her squirm.

“Please,” she panted, struggling to focus on both her swinging tits and her empty lower lips. “Please don’t do this. Please! I worked so hard today, Hypno! I did such a good job. You can reward me. Please reward me! You know how much I need it. You made me need you this much! So please—,” She looked back with genuine pain in her eyes, “—please don’t tease me anymore!”

Hypno used Pound!
It’s super effective!

That was a good beg, Hypno decided. Tammy had earned her reward. With a definitive slam, he smashed his way into her. The first few times he fucked her, Tammy had been delirious with pain. By now her body was fully acclimated to his dick. He had reshaped her with his cock, and the only thing she could feel was wave after wave of pleasure crashing against her.

“Yes! Yes! Your Hypno dick is so good! It’s been too long!” Tammy’s tongue lolled out of her mouth as the bigness of Hypno’s cock drove every small concern out of her mind. “You should just fuck me every hour of every day! I hate every second that I’m not getting fucked by this godly Hypno cock!” She didn’t bother swinging her tits anymore. She couldn’t even if she wanted to. Her body was jerking forward and back now, not left and right. Forward and back as Hypno thrust into her. Forward and back as his hips crashed against her bruised ass with meaty thwaps.

Hypno used Pound!
It’s super effective!

Hypno used Pound!
It’s super effective!

Thwap, thwap, thwap! Tammy gave herself over entirely to his rhythm, and let him use her as a cocksleeve. Her brain flooded with endorphins, and her already stunted sense of shame vanished completely. “Fuck me up,” she begged. “Treat me like fuckmeat! I’m just a hole for you to use. I’m a worthless hypnoslave for you to take advantage of! Destroy me! Fuck my pussy stupid! Pump me full of your Pokémon cum! Don’t stop until I’m a drooling, stupid mess on the floor! Pound me into jelly!”

PokéSlut Tammy came!

Hypno came!

He did. Hypno continued to crash against Tammy until she was exactly what she wanted to be; an insensate blubbery mess lying face down on top of Penni with her legs splayed out to either side like a dead frog. She giggled and drooled with a big creepy grin plastered to her face. Which was well and fine for Tammy. But Penni was trapped underneath the curvy bitch’s body. Without Tammy’s tits distracting her, due to how distracted Tammy was during her slamfuck, Penni had slowly come back to her senses.

“My turn,” she mewled, “it’s my turn now! Tammy cheated! That’s an illegal move, using her big stupid tits like that. And now she’s passed out so I can’t even see her tits and I can’t get fucked!” Penni tried to twist out from under the comatose PokéSlut, but to no avail. Tammy was the shorter of the two, but by far the meatier. Penni was pinned. She looked to Hypno for help. “Could you pull her off of me? I’m just not strong enough and I know I can’t fuck you too well with her on top of me. Please?” Hypno was gracious enough to oblige. With just one arm he hefted Tammy by the scruff of her dress and tossed her aside. She tumbled into the grass, a gaggle of limbs tits and ass. Her dress was a mess, and so was she: Tammy still had a dopey smile stuck to her face, and she giggled emptily. Her arms hung limp as she slouched in place with her legs spread.

“Hehehehe,” she tittered. “Heheheeheheheheehehe.” A Hex Maniac hypnotized into becoming a PokéSlut was still a Hex Maniac at heart. No matter how slutty she was, Tammy would always be a dorky, creepy pet. Hypno didn’t mind.

“Thanks,” Penni said. She pressed herself up against Hypno’s chest, both to reclaim his attention and to marvel at just how muscular he was for a Psychic type. “So, how do you want me?” She stared up at him, her eyes shining green. “We can do it from the front, and I can look at you! Or from the back, like you did with that bitch,” Penni shot a dirty look at Tammy, who was still happily giggling. “However you want me,” she offered, smoothing out the creases on her shirt, “is how you can have me. You’re the Trainer, after all.”

Hypno was as mute as ever, and with Tammy out for the count Penni had no way of knowing what was going through his mind. But she didn’t need a translator. Not really. Not when she had his rhythm in her head. She didn’t need to do anything, other than obey. When he grabbed her, she let it happen. She let him pick her up with his big strong arms and place her between his cock and his belly. It was a lewd saddle, and she did her best to be a good pet by grinding against the top of his cock. “A standing fuck? You’re so strong, Hypno!” He said nothing, but grabbed her calves and hoisted them up, behind her head. “Oh my god,” Penni marveled, “I know what this is! It’s a full nelson! You’re putting me in a full nelson! We’re gonna fuck in a full nelson!” She started to grind more enthusiastically as Hypno locked her legs in place by putting his hands behind her head. Her own arms dangled uselessly at her sides. Penni practically hyperventilated in excitement. “Full nelson! I’m gonna get fucked in a full nelson! Oh,” she squirmed, grinding her teeth together madly, “it’s so embarrassing! I’m supposed to be a big bitchy Trainer but you can pick me up so easily! You can hold me like this so easily! I’m a failure! I’m a total failure!”

Penni wished she had a mirror. If she looked down she could see herself, sort of. Her tits, generous but not nearly as whorish as Tammy’s, sitting comfortably in her lacy black bra, itself sitting comfortably in her unbuttoned shirt. Her thighs, creamy and dark, to either side of her, framing her view. But a first-person view wasn’t enough. She wanted to see how small she looked. How weak and insignificant. Hypno held her like a toy, and something about that made her shiver. “Do it,” she hissed. “Do it do it do it. Do me, Hypno!”

Hypno used Pound!
It’s super effective!

He wasted no time. With the flared head of his cock, he forced aside Penni’s panties, black and lacy like her bra. And, whether out of consideration to her, or his own personal interest, his cock entered her ass. “Oh, fuck,” she swore, “that’s the wrong hole! That’s my ass! You’re fucking my ass!” She clenched her teeth to keep from biting her tongue as Hypno found his rhythm. His cock, slick with cum and Tammy’s bitch juice, slid easily in and out. Penni felt her ass stretching to accommodate Hypno’s girth, and the feeling was unreal. “Oh god! I don’t care that it’s my ass! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking my ass! Turn it into a hole made for your cock!” She bounced in his grip, jolting every time he slammed his cock home. It dragged against the inside of her colon, and the novel pleasure of a buttfuck drove home her new place.

“I’m just a toy!” Her teeth were clenched but her mouth still pulled up into a crazed smile. “I’m just an ornament for you to wear! You could walk into town like this, with a Beauty impaled on your cock, and I’d die! I’d die of embarrassment! I’d die of shame! I came here to make money but instead I’m riding your Hypno coooock!” She squealed. It was all too much. “I thought I could live easy as a Trainer! I thought I could have everything I wanted if I got strong Pokémon! I was wrong!” Her eyes crossed with pleasure. “Hypnosis sex is all I need! Hypno cock is all I need! I lost! I got defeated by Hypno dick! I got beaten by a wild Pokémon and now I’m his sex peeeeeeeeeet!” She screamed, hoping that someone would hear. She wanted someone to hear. She wanted someone to come and see her, locked in place with her legs behind her head, with a giant yellow dick pumping in and out of her PokéSlut ass. She wanted everyone to know that she, Penni, had fallen. That she had lost to hypnosis. That she was totally brainwashed into loving big Pokédicks. “Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck me stupid! Make me cum! Make me cum out all my dignity! All my pride as a Trainer! I don’t need that! I don’t need anything! All I need is Hypno dick and a coin to watch! Cumming! I’m cumming from Hypno sex! I’m cumming from being brainwashed into loving your coooooooock!”

Hypno came!

PokéSlut Penni came!

PokéSlut Penni came!

PokéSlut Penni came!

PokéSlut Penni came!

PokéSlut Penni came!

PokéSlut Penni can’t cum anymore!

PokéSlut Penni fainted!





Leah, the receptionist, watched the two girls enter the Store. She watched, transfixed, as they walked up to the counter, and she started when she realized that they were talking to her. “I’m sorry,” she fumbled, “could you repeat your question?”

“Don’t sweat it,” said the girl dressed in white with black skin. “Me and my sister were just wondering what floor the adult stores are on.” The girl dressed in black with white skin nodded happily.

“I’m sorry, did you say adult stores?” There were adult stores, but Leah wasn’t used to anyone, let alone drop-dead gorgeous girls like this, asking her about them. The sisters(?) nodded.

“Yeah, we need to pick up a few things for our trai—,” the gaudy girl started, then caught and corrected herself, “—for our partner.” She grinned, leaving the implication hanging in the air between the three of them.
“Y-Yeah. H-He told us that if we didn’t start dressing up he’d stop f-fucking us,” the gloomy girl said, tearing the implication to bits.

“You fucking—learn to carry a hint, you stupid bitch!” The brown girl grabbed the purple girl’s chest and squeezed. The Hex Maniac let out a moan so loud and perverse that Leah wanted nothing more than to disappear underneath the counter. Or maybe join in. “I swear, these lewd fucking tits sap your fucking braincells. All the nutrition goes right to these slutty udders.” She turned back to Leah, who was mortified. “Sorry about that, my sis is a little bit braindead. What floor are the shops?”

“F-Fourth,” Leah stammered. “Fourth floor against the eastern wall. Have a nice day.”

“Yeah, you too,” the glitzy Beauty said, and then made for the elevator with her busty sister in tow.

“Th-Thanks,” the Hex Maniac said, in between moans as she pawed at her sister’s hands in an obviously feigned attempt to break free. “S-Sorry for being a b-bother.” The two striking Trainers vanished as the elevator doors drew shut, and Leah heaved a sigh of relief. Working at the Department Store, she saw all sorts of Trainers. Not like those, though. Not ever like those.

“For fuck’s sake, Tammy, how hard is it to pretend to be normal for a thirty second conversation!?” Penni had the busty PokéSlut pinned against the wall of the elevator, groping and squeezing her tits in frustration. “Do you even realize how hard you made it to come back to this store? Hopefully that register girl or whatever the fuck she is keeps her mouth shut and doesn’t tell anyone about the creepy nymphomaniac who harassed her at work today!”

Tammy whimpered. “I’m s-sorry, Penni. I d-didn’t think—”

“Of course you didn’t,” Penni sneered, as she dug her fingers into Tammy’s tits through her dress. “you never do. You’re a brainless, stupid, masochistic pet, and you seem to just love making my job harder.” She pressed her knee between Tammy’s thighs, dragging it up until she had the Hexy slut pinned at three points. “You have it easy. All you have to do is stand in the grass and look helpless. Which comes naturally to you. I, on the other hand, have to do all the talking, all the shopping, and all the explaining, because the only time you can talk without stuttering is when you’ve been hypnotized!”

“I’m sorry,” Tammy offered in a small voice. “I’m sorry that I’m so much trouble. I’m sorry that I’m so useless. I’m sorry that you have to put up with me. I’m sorry that I think with my tits and my pussy and not with my head. But—”

“No buts,” Penni hissed, “not from you. Apologize to Hypno later. Now cum, so we can at least go shopping without you jumping on a salesman.” Tammy did as she was told, and the two finished their shopping without further incident. And if anyone noticed a damp patch spreading across the curvy Hex Maniac’s crotch, no one was rude enough to mention it.