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UNO is violent.

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Chargeman-ken and his sister Caron was going to a UNO-tournament that was held this weekend. The Juralians had been quiet for a week or so, but Ken knew better and had been preparing for an all out attack.

Little Caron was bouncing cutely next to Ken, her blond hair blowing in the wind. Completely ignoring the fact that she had almost killed her entire family, because of a Juralian disguised as a piano teacher. Not like Izumi can play piano, not without making every musician beg for the sweet release for death.

When they arrived at the tournament, they immediately started playing UNO.
But Ken noticed that something was off.
HE CHAEGEMAN-KEN WAS LOSING THE GAME!!! Chargeman-ken has NEVER lost a game of UNO in his entire life!!!

So, Ken started thinking why this was happening. He hmm’d and huffed, for almost an entire minute. The answer was simple, Juralians.
Only Juralians would be so cruel and evil to ruing a UNO tournament!!!

This must be properly punished!! And death is the only answer.

Ken opened fire at every Juralians in disguise! Their evil screams immediately silenced by Ken’s gun, as they always are. The tables where being flipped by the evil Juralians trying and failing to escape their fitting fate. But it was a foolish endeavor. It always were.

When it finally became quiet Ken and Izumi looked around the empty tournament-hall, it was deathly quiet. UNO cards where still fluttering to the floor, impossible to tell whose game it was from. The LD-lights gave the scene an ere vibe. One can only hear the ticking clock and Izumi’s breathing. But not Ken’s, Ken doesn’t get tired. He can’t.

Then just as suddenly the towns people burst in thru the front entry, they cheered for Ken! He had once again defeated the Juralians and saved them al!! they picked up Ken and Izumi and threw them up in the air chanting their name’s.

Ken and Caron looked in each other’s eyes, they giggled.
Another day done successfully. Only many more to go.