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Pirates of the Mediterranean

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The Myrmidon is still as a statue on the glassy smooth sea, weighing anchor in a small bay next to the Chthonic and the Elysium. There’s activity on board, because a pirate ship is never still, but there’s a certain peace in the air ever since Persephone came back.

Hades’ grim nature is… different, the iron fist he uses on his crew steadied by Persephone’s presence. Fear is slowly turning to respect, anger into determination. It gives Zagreus a pep in his step and lifts a weight from his shoulders that he didn’t even know existed.

“Captain Achilles!! Patroclus!!”

They both look up and see Zagreus running over the gangplank to them, looking even wilder than usual.

“Whoa, lad, it looks like you’ve had a clap of thunder or two!” Achilles laughs, pointing out Zagreus’ flushed cheeks.

“Oh, no, I haven’t had anything to drink but I have great news!!”

Achilles didn’t know what could possibly be better than everything else that has transpired, but he wouldn’t put it past Zagreus to somehow one-up himself.

“Mother and I-” Zagreus is grinning even brighter now, “Wow, that feels nice to say. But! Mother and I convinced Father to disband his fleet!”

Achilles and Patroclus both shared shocked looks with each other.

“It was mostly Mother’s doing, she said that having a fleet of pirates is too suspicious, and she doesn’t want the Olympians to find out she’s alive until she’s ready to, so you're free to leave on the Myrmidon!!”

“Is there nothing you can’t accomplish, Zagreus?” Achilles is laughing, and Patroclus is smiling and it’s the happiest either have been in far too long.

“I’m starting to think there isn’t!” Zagreus replies, “Father asked for me to come and get you for an alliance of sorts, if that’s alright.”

“More than alright, stranger,” Patroclus nodded, “If you were to call on us, the Myrmidon will be here to aid you, it’s the least we can do.”


It’s not too long until everything is in order.

A sort of alliance is struck between the captains of the three ships. There’s no diviving of booty or building of powers, but more of a mutual understanding.

It seems like the Dread Lord has finally accepted that his son has become a formidable pirate under Achilles. Hades respected Achilles as an ally, rather than an enemy to be subjugated.

The Myrmidon, Elysium, and Chthonic will go their separate ways in peace, and if one of them needs help they are more than welcome to ask for help.

Everyone is thankful for Zagreus, even Theseus must admit he is much better off with the backing of two much larger ships thanks to Zagreus.

“Where do you think you’ll go, sirs?” Zagreus asks Achilles and Patroclus before they are going to set out.

Theseus has already taken his leave, blue sails in the distance.

“Not really sure, stranger,” Patroclus answered, “But is that not the way of pirates?”

“Aye, but we will be staying local, if you have any need for us,” Achilles claps him on the shoulder, “We are in your debt.”

Zagreus looks embarrassed at that, “Thank you too, sirs, I would never have been able to fight as well as I did without you.”

“Aye, you’ve got a good heart, Zagreus. Don’t forget that,” Patroclus nods.

“Oh! We have one last parting gift,” Achilles rifles around in his coat pocket, “Here.”

In his hand is a stuffed animal, a little brown thing in the shape of an ant. He has a tag on him.

“Oh, he’s adorable!” Zagreus can’t help but laugh.

“His name… is Antos,” Achilles seems proud of his pun, but Patroclus just rolls his eyes.

“I’ll be sure to keep him safe.” Zagreus tucks him into his pocket.

Patroclus and Achilles share a look that must have been a full conversation because in the next second they’re all hugging him, and Zagreus can’t help but laugh as he’s nearly picked up by the two of them.

“Goodbye, stranger,” Patroclus murmurs as they pull away. Zagreus just nods, not trusting himself to speak just yet.

“Goodbye, lad!” Achilles shouts as the Myrmidon starts to pull away, sails full and picking up speed.

“Goodbye!!” Zagreus watches as they speed away, his heart feeling full for the first time.