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Dear Isabella

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Dear Isabella,

It is possible that you have arrived in this world with access to my memories, in which case you know everything I could put in this letter, but may still benefit from my having thought through it all in order to write it down. But in case you haven't, and in case I'm not around to explain things, I wrote this letter for you; it should cover most of the key points.

I began life as a human, fairly similar to most of the inhabitants of this planet, and remained so until three years ago, when I was chosen contacted by an entity system entity which introduced themself as the Erogame. This entity offered me abilities generally believed to be impossible, and beneficial changes to the world at large, in exchange for performing various sexual acts. You will have inherited this status, and the abilities I have already acquired; you can access an explanation of them by thinking "Main Menu" loudly.
Among these abilities are several optional "perks". One of them enabled me to view alternate timelines. Another, named "From Sheen to Glow," had the following description:

Your name is changed to Isabella. Your personality is changed to Isabella. Other Isabellas consider you to be one of them.

Over the course of my observations of other timelines, I determined the nature of "Isabella", which is to say, your nature: a type of person who exists as a collection of instances in a large number of different universes. It became clear that you were exceptionally well-equipped to handle the problems facing this dimension, both by your own intelligence, strength of will, and moral compass, and by your tendency to find or be found by alternate universe versions of yourself with different magical or technological abilities.

Due to the above, it seemed to me to be morally necessary to bring you into the world. However, I also wanted to survive. Rather than accept my personality being overwritten, I sought to combine several Erogamer powers to give us both a chance. I mastered most of the Time Control skill tree and used it to accelerate my mind until I could perceive the fundamental frame rate of the universe. Then I activated a perk that allowed me to be in multiple places at once. Finally, I used another perk to travel faster than light, and combined it with the previous perk to produce multiple reality-frames of lag between the two instances of my mind. I intend to activate From Sheen to Glow while entering this state, resulting (if the process works as planned) in one instance of me on Earth, activating From Sheen to Glow, and another subjectively delayed instance of me on Mars, who upon realizing she was on Mars would refrain from choosing to activate From Sheen to Glow. The goal of all this is to produce two copies of myself, and overwrite one of them with you before they can be synchronized, allowing us both to exist.

I did not know, when I wrote this letter, whether reality would accept my exploit. If I succeeded, I should return from Mars not long after you finish reading this, and I look forward to assisting you in conquering this world and setting it to rights. If I failed, I ask your forgiveness for bringing you here, since I could not ask your permission, and I wish you every success.

Also, for the record and since you can probably see it in my memories anyway, watching your various alts do impressive things has preemptively caused me to fall for you. You are, of course, under no obligation to do anything about this, and regardless of what you decide, I will only regret instantiating you in this world if it turns out you would prefer not to have been so instantiated.