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Nothing But Trouble

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“Is he asleep?” I raised a hand to my chest, startled by Tom’s voice when I closed the balcony door behind me. I had decided to step outside and breathe some of the cold, mountain air, but I hadn’t anticipated that the owner of the house would still be awake, and doing the exact same thing that I had planned.

I don’t know why I was surprised though. He’d always been a night owl, that much I could tell from the time I’d known him - ever since I started to date his friend, Curtis.

“Yeah,” I breathed out, chuckling at my own silliness. “You know how he is. Couple of beers and then he’s down.” He hummed, raising a bottle to his lips while I pondered over what to do. It would be weird if I didn’t sit with him at least for a little bit, right?

Besides, everyone knew Tom was all talk.

Night had fallen and so it was colder here in the woods, and we were the only two still awake from the group of friends he’d called to keep him company. I was deeply appreciative of Tom for having the idea of gathering his usual gang here instead of back home this week. I needed the change of air.

Things had been weird between my boyfriend and I, and I just didn’t know why. But the toughest thing to admit was how little I cared.

I just didn’t. There was no part of me clinging to what was left of my relationship. I knew it was only a matter of time before I ended things with Curtis, but for now, the comfort of being in something familiar was enough.

I needed to think about it, understand what I was missing by staying with someone I didn’t love. And maybe coming to this retreat and watching the stars would help me reach some sort of breakthrough that would provide me with enough confidence to do what was right.

“Have I told you how gorgeous you look?”

And then there was Tom. Ever since we were introduced to each other, he made sure to leave his interest in me as explicit as possible, regardless of the fact that I was his best mate’s girlfriend. What started as an uncomfortable joke now became one of the main reasons for my self-esteem to sustain the lack of desire in my own relationship, and I just couldn’t deny how much I wanted him.

Still, I had a boyfriend.

“Oh, thanks. It’s a new dress,” I commented, running my hands over the cotton fabric that was keeping me warm. To my surprise though, Tom just chuckled, eyes trailing down my body with unmistakable lust on them.

“Yeah, the dress’s got nothing to do with it. In fact, I think you’d look even better without it.” I had nothing to say to that, so I just looked down on my lap, trying to avoid his eyes so he wouldn’t see just how much his words affected me.

I heard a sigh and the sofa shifted as he adjusted himself, moving closer to me until he was close enough to grab my jaw. He raised my head to look him in the eye again, and I was at a loss for words once more, for a completely different reason now.

“Alright, kitten.” He sighed, pulling me closer with an arm around my back while still holding my jaw until I was almost on his lap. “I know I talk a big game even though you’re literally in a relationship with one of my best friends, but I just don’t understand your inability to take a compliment. Wanna talk about it?”

Silence fell between us as I pondered over what to say. It wasn’t uncomfortable. It hadn’t been uncomfortable between us for a long time. It was… tense. Like a knot being pulled in different directions, getting tighter and tighter under the pressure until it suddenly snapped.

This would be easier if I wasn’t hypnotized by his eyes.

“It’s just… It’s weird, you know?” And he nodded understandingly, suddenly releasing my head and pulling back a bit, like he wanted to give me the space I didn’t need. “No, not between you and me,” I whispered, pulling his hand so he’d put it back on my face, surprising even myself by doing so. I guess I really was feeling deprived of any type of loving caresses.

“He’s just… I don’t get complimented or even cherished by the person who is supposed to be doing that, so when you do it, I don’t know how to react,” I managed to admit, eyes raising to his in an effort to assess what he could be thinking about it. There was a deep frown on his forehead, and he seemed to be waiting for me to add something to my confession, but when I didn’t, he didn’t hold back.

“I can’t believe that, for even one second.” It was barely over a whisper, and I found myself leaning in, not wanting to miss a word of what he was saying. His eyes darted from my lips to my eyes, eyebrows still furrowed as his thumbs brushed over my cheekbones.

“You are so beautiful. You deserve to be reminded of that all the time.” I knew my face had gotten warmer at his words - I had no doubt he could feel it. It was hard to accept the fact that my heart had spiraled out of control because of a man that wasn’t my boyfriend, but that was the truth.

“If you were mine, I’d shower you with compliments, presents, all the things you deserve to have in this life.” My breath hitched, even though I didn’t want it to. I didn’t want him to know how affected I was.

He’d just always been like this, ever since Curtis introduced me to him, Tom had flirted and teased, sometimes even outrageously so, but I had always written it off as a part of his personality. I figured he did this to every female around him, even if I never got to witness his charm being directed to anyone other than me.

“I don’t need any presents,” I tried to brush it off, chuckling a little even though my voice denounced how sad I actually was. There was no way Tom would let anyone feel down while he was around, though. His knuckles brushed against my jaw before he gently lifted my gaze so it would meet his again.

I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding at the fire I saw there. Weirdly, it ignited something inside of me too, like my essence wanted to match his mood, burn bright side by side of the most alive man I knew.

“Maybe so,” he entertained me, a shadow of a smirk on his handsome face. “But I’d need to see you in the stuff I gave you.” His hand dropped lower, enveloping my neck with his huge palm.

“You’d look so perfect with a nice collar,” he whispered, tilting my head to the side so he’d see more of the neck he was covering. “So everyone would know that you’re mine.”

Our eyes connected again, the possessiveness in his stealing all of my breath away. I was frozen, unsure of what to do or say. I could feel my cunt throbbing against my sopped underwear, reminding me of how undeniably aroused I got by the idea of being Tom’s in such a public way.

It’s not that my boyfriend was embarrassed of me or anything. It didn’t take too long after our first date for him to ask me to be his girlfriend and introduce me to his friends and family as such. It’s just that I had never been the object of such strong, desirous feelings before.

I was surprised by how much I liked it. It made me feel warm inside. Safe. Protected. And fuck if it didn’t make me hornier than I’d ever been before.

“Yeah, you’d look good with something right here,” he continued, almost to himself, pressing his fingers on the sides of my neck as I trembled on top of him.

“Awn, are you cold?” He mocked, leaning over to brush his lips on mine, making me feel his warmth in a way I never expected to be able to witness. “Would’ve never guessed that this would affect you so much.”

Glad to know I wasn’t the only one surprised. But what he did next truly shocked me, freezing me on his lap as I buried my fingers on his shoulders, trying to stand still as his digits disappeared under my underwear and easily located my most sensitive part.

“Would you look at that?” He mocked, gathering some of the juices that had been dripping from me and raising them between our faces. “Yeah, definitely wet.”

I stopped breathing as he wrapped his lips around those fingers, humming in delight at my taste. The second he popped them off, opening his eyes once more, I knew I’d met my undoing.

“I’m going to kiss you now.” And as he took my mouth in his, I was forced to recognize that he didn’t ask for permission. No, Tom Hardy just took me. Saw something he liked and put it over his lap, mouth moving slowly but with a purpose that had me in shambles on his hands.

“I can help you with that, you know?” He whispered in my ear, and I didn’t realize what he meant until my underwear was halfway down my legs already, watching him unzip his jeans and look at me while licking his lips in a way that just screamed the deepest hunger. “Do you want my help?”

He nodded almost patronizingly, hand wrapped over his thick member that had me throbbing with need, eyelids heavy as he stared at me, waiting for my response.

“Or would you rather I call Curtis?” Tom said my boyfriend’s name in such a mocking tone, it was almost like he wasn’t talking about someone he called a friend. “Did he get you that wet, sweetheart?”

Two firm hands reached out for me, placing me over his lap again. Apparently, Tom was done waiting for my answers because in one quick gesture, he lowered me on his member, penetrating me as I threw my head back and tried to hold on for dear life.

“Are you thinking about him right now, baby? Are you thinking about your boyfriend?” I bit my lip to stop a whimper from escaping me, the onslaught of sensations too much. Tom was much bigger than I was used to, stretching me in the most delicious burning I had ever felt, and the fact that he kept reminding me of how I shouldn’t be experiencing this right now, shouldn’t be here, sat on his dick, while my boyfriend waited for me upstairs, only added to my arousal.

“Do you want me to stop, kitten?” He whispered the last question in my ear, hands holding my waist tightly, keeping me still while I adjusted to his member. “Do you want me to leave you just like this?” And that’s when I realized it.

I had been trying my best to keep quiet, but the truth was that I couldn’t care less if Curtis found me. Nothing would stop me from riding this man until he came deep inside my cunt.

Throwing my arms around his neck, I made sure to grind myself against him as best as I could, signaling just how much I wanted to start moving. “N-no, I need it,” I implored, holding onto the lapels of his jacket, gluing our foreheads together. “I need you, please.”

A slap on my ass was my indication that I could begin my work, and as I started to undulate on top of him, I was reminded of just how much I loved to be on top, relish in the rough sex I hadn’t been able to experience since Curtis and I started dating. He was just so boring in bed, I had slowly started to lose the excitement of trying something new, of knowing I was able to make men lose control with just a swirl of my hips or a twirl of my tongue.

Tom was reminding me of that. The way he held me by the ass, throwing his head back as he yelled, “Oh, fuck yes! Just like that!” He slammed my hips back down, knees jerking behind me as he continued, “Yeah, you want me just as much as I want you, huh?”

“All those times I saw you with him and dreamed of bending you over a table, taking you right in front of your boyfriend, I bet you were thinking the same too.” Once again, the intensity of his desire for me was my undoing, as was the feeling of his finger slowly running from where he stretched me until he found my other hole.

“Oh, fuck,” he groaned as he buried his thumb there, making me whine and gasp in surprise and arousal. “Such a tiny little hole.” The thumb was replaced by a single, long finger, making me cry out in blissful agony.

“Has he ever fucked you here, sweetheart?” At my shake of head, he continued, “Would you let me take you there? Make him watch as I fuck your ass?” It was all it took me to convulse over him, holding onto his shoulders for dear life.

I felt his ropes of cum filling me up as he held me still to take them. Both of us out of breath, my forehead to his shoulder as his arms embraced me, but now that the euphoria was gone, anxiety was starting to settle in.

I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, but something inside of me was screaming to get the hell out of there. What would Tom Hardy want with me now that he’d had his fill?

I awkwardly tried to push myself away from him, getting on my knees to lift my body from his lap, but his fingers held me down. “Where do you think you’re going?” I was certain I looked like a deer caught on headlights, searching his eyes for any explanation whatsoever as to why I shouldn’t leave.

“You’re just gonna leave me like this?” He rubbed me against him once more, making sure I felt his now spent cock and the mixture of our releases on his navel. My eyes automatically rose up to the balconies on the second floor, my mind instinctively going to the sleeping boyfriend that waited for me upstairs.

Tom followed my line of sight and rolled his eyes, leaning over to brush his lips against mine. “He’s going to know, so you might as well come clean and come back to me.”

My heart thumped against my chest as I considered his words, considered that he truly wanted more of me. “Why?” I had to ask, much to his amusement, if the smile that slowly spread over his lips was anything to go by.

“Sweetheart, there’s no way you’ll be able to walk normally.” Looking down at myself, I considered the light burn between my legs.  “And I don’t want to sleep without you.” It wasn’t a confession - it was more of a breathy demand I didn’t really want to ignore.

So I allowed him to keep me there, breathing in his natural scent as he laughed under his breath. “You’re so stupid to think I would ever let this be just a one time thing. You’re never leaving me.”