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Another time, still in love…

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Caroline POV

It was Monday morning, meaning that Lila was going to come in Caroline’s room and wake her up in maybe 10 minutes so that she could go to school. Lila was her maid and friend, always there to help her. She thought that it was pretty useless to go to a school where she had to learn things if the only thing she was to become was a good house wife. All of her 17 years on earth, she and her sister had always been told that the only thing she had to do to make her family proud was to be a good and obedient daughter… and one day a perfect wife. Marriage always seemed like a waste of time for her because what she wanted to do with her life was way more important than being a trophy wife and give maybe ,once a week, sexual relations to a man she would probably not even like. Although she would never say it out loud by fear that her father would slap her, she always wanted the liberty that Stefan and Damon had. Some minutes later, just like Caroline predicted, Lila came bursting in.

“Wake up miss Caroline, your siblings are all awake except Sir Damon”. Typical Damon.

“You don’t want to be late to your school, there as to be someone to humble the newcomers”


“I’m sure that Katherine will do excellently fine without me”


At first she and Katherine weren’t really friends because Caroline and Elena were friends but when Elena got Stefan to court her to only break his heart by getting caught in the garden alone with her other brother at a ball, she was furious. She went on to pit the brothers one against each other with schemes like that for now 2 years. After her first betrayal against her dear brother, Caroline decided that Elena was after money and power. She was officially marked as a family enemy but she did feel bad about Bonnie who was caught in the cross fire. Caroline decided to keep Bonnie as a friend because she too, suffered greatly because of Elena’s actions. All of Caroline thoughts crashed when Lila was snapping her fingers in Caroline’s face making sure she was still awake . When the blond’s eyes moved, Lila exclaimed


“thank god you’re still alive. Anywho, we have to get you dressed so get up and come here so I can tie your corset. Then we’ll have to choose you a dress”


“can I at least put a summer dress? They are much less heavier.”


After a debate on what was appropriate to wear to school Caroline came down in a beige and brownish dress, with very few layers so that she could move and dance in the debutante course. Arriving in her dining room to eat breakfast, she kissed both of her brothers and sister on the cheek before sitting down and saying good morning to her father and mother. After a silent filled breakfast, the boys went to school leaving Davina, who was in a beautiful rose dress with pearl earrings and a necklace with a single diamond, with her and her parents who were like always, silent. Then Lila appeared to announce that the carriage of the Gilberts was here with Katherine waiting for the girls. When they arrived at the school, Davina, Katherine and Caroline went in the big corridors filled with girls in dresses of all colours to find Rebekah. When Caroline stopped being friends with Elena she got to know her twin’s friends better and she loved them. Past a year of always being together, the five of them were best friends. After finding Rebekah, they went to their homeroom but the morning reunion was cut short when the headmistress said that most teachers caught the flu, so the debutante course and other normal classes were annulled for the week. It was pretty normal because every 6 months there would be an outbreak of some virus and they would not have school for a week. That was actually a good news for Caroline because that would mean that the gentlemen would also have no school this week because the 2 schools were connected but no student could go to the other side, only teachers. All this meaning she would probably spend all of the impromptu school break at the Mikaelson mansion. The Gilbert carriage was called back and the chatty girls were brought back to the Mikaelsons’ mansion as expected. Immediately when she opened the door she saw that Davina was having a flirtatious moment with Kol so she exchanged looks with Rebekah before being snapped out of it by a hand on her shoulder, scarring her of whom it may be.

Davina POV’s:

The second her twin sister opened the door, she saw Him. The boy she has been in love with since she was 12. Now being both being she thought that things would change between them and they could maybe, in secret, become more than friends but she was way to scared of rejection to do anything drastic in their relationship. She waved at Kol with a smile etched on her face only to find Caroline and Rebekah were exchanging one of their famous looks. The one that meant “they’re having a moment”. She saw Katherine aggressively put a hand on Caroline’s shoulder mostly to scare her but also to telll her to move so that she could get through the door. They all got out of the way and went to the sitting room so that they could talk about tonight’s ball. Of course the ball was going to be hosted at the Mikaelson’s as it was to celebrate the tenth year of Finn’s marriage with and Sage. Esther Mikaelson would always find a reason to throw a lavish ball. Davina thought that it was primarily because she was bored and all of her six children were busy with either school or work. They all talked about what they would do or wear tomorrow night. Everyone was too busy chatting to catch Kol whispering in Davina’s ear:


“save me a dance tomorrow night darling”


“why of course, it wouldn’t really be a ball if we didn’t dance until our feet hurt”


It then became apparent that Davina was blushing at the thought of dancing with Kol. Even though they danced together every ball they attended, it still gave her butterflies in her stomach just to think about the next dance. Caroline noticed it from her spot next to Damon. She threw an inquiring look her way wanting to know more about what had just happened. Davina brushed it off by promptly by asking


“What time should we arrive?”

“Perhaps around seven?” Stefan asked.

“Yes, that would be excellent” Klaus announced while looking at Rebekah who was looking very delighted to be seated next to Stefan who had his arm stretched around her shoulders and on the plush sofa. Davina knew Rebekah had a special place in her heart for Stefan but was too scared that his heart still beat for Elena.

Davina knew that all the brothers present were very tight knit but too much cozying up between could create a lot of problems, especially if they were in a group setting like they were in the moment. Alas, she couldn’t blame Rebekah for her happiness, because she too loved when she was in close proximity of Kol. So when she saw that Klaus giving the death stare to her dear brother, she quickly gave a a panicked look to Katherine that also noticing the building tension. It was a big enough signal that she understood it was time to leave. Katherine

“We should go if we each don’t want problems with our parents who are probably already mad at us for staying here so close to dinner. God knows our parents need us present to alleviate some of the silence.”

“We shall” Stefan added before taking his coat and going outside to go in the carriage.

Davina did a curtsy before all three 17 years-olds Mikaelsons before leaving, just like Caroline. Davina couldn’t wait for the ball tomorrow because she decided that she would take fate in her own hands and tell Kol how she had been feeling for so long about him. So she waited anxiously for the time to pass faster…

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Katherine’s POV:

There she was, in front of her mirror looking at her reflection, in a creme and white floor length dress. It was not very different from when she was 10 or 12, it made her feel nostalgic about the time where her only worry was if there was going to be chocolate macaroons. The dress was a low neck line over a tan corset, the silky fabric was falling behind her a bit with golden patterns flowers. She was also wearing her usual diamond necklace with cameos earrings gold and beige. She touched the necklace remembering who gave it to her and the lingering touch he left when he put it on her neck. The intimate moment was always a bit at the back of her mind, she remembered it took her more than a week to not blush every time his name was mentioned.

Putting an abrupt stop to her thoughts she went downstairs to see her sister Elena in a similar dress to her but the bust was higher without any patterns.

“Wearing your precious necklace again, Katherine ?”

“What are you talking about, sister ?”

“That necklace you wear a bit too much even if it doesn’t compliment your dress”

“It’s beauty has a hold on me, not that you would know anything about beauty”

“And you would?”

Katherine quickly got out of the door not wanting to engage anymore in not-so-sisterly banter and went in one of the two carriages, hopping she would get stuck with their parents. The minute she seated properly, she saw her brother Jeremy with an black haired girl. Their previously clasped hands were now back into their own respective laps. Katherine knew this meant he was going to be courting her publicly soon which could anger their parents quite fast.

“Her name is Anna and please don’t say anything to Mother and Father just yet”

“Jeremy, you must be confusing me with my evil doppelgänger because I would never betray a couple this lovely. But you shall try to at least hide it from Elena or else the whole town will know and then only option for you will be to elope”

“I mean, it doesn’t sound as bad as you say it does”

“Not for you but for me, I will be stuck all alone with Elena”

In moments like this, Katherine really missed Tatia but she was married and already had a family of her own probably rarely thinking about her siblings.

“I would never dare to” Jeremy said to appease her worry.

It took about 15 minutes to get to the Mikaelson’s Mansion and then servants opened the door for her, her brother and Anna revealing the ballroom in a spectacular way. Food being passed around and decorations dangling from the walls and ceiling. The dancing floor full of bustling people having a joyful time. She was immediately pulled by Rebekah who was wearing a powder blue dress with a sapphire necklace and earrings.

“My mum is driving me crazy! She insisted everyone be here. Even Freya showed up”


“Yes and Elijah had to come all the from New Orleans, he even tough he had to deal with a sale with a new important partner”

“Wait, Elijah’s here?”

“Yes, but that’s not the important part! I am alone in a ball that my family is hosting, no suitors will dance with me because they’re afraid of my brothers, fearing for their lives”

“Are they wrong?”


“Look it doesn’t matter anyway I’m sure that Stefan will be dancing with you by the end of the night, giving you heart palpitations forever.”

Before she could add anything to that Katherine left to go see someone she hadn’t talked to in a while.

“Katerina?” Elijah rolled her Bulgarian name down his tongue as if he was surprised to see her.


“Wearing this particular necklace? I thought you said you didn’t need me in your life.”

The worst error she ever did, after an argument with Elijah about whether or not they could finally publicly court and maybe even think about man engagement, she took of the necklace he gave her and said she didn’t need him in her life because loads of suitors would ask for her hand and she would never need him.

“I guess the necklace fitted with my dress and I liked the way it was on me”

Klaus’ POV:

Klaus was immensely bored, all of the girls that were here, he had already either slept with them or flirted with them. Most of the girls he slept with was because they wanted to be prepared before marriage, they wanted to have an understanding of their duties beyond the family responsibilities.There wasn’t a single person he aspired to have a conversation with here. So he just mostly walked around trying to find his loyal brother but upon finding him he saw that he was with the girl who broke his heart because she ran away from love. Even tough Katherine told Elijah not to tell anyone about their business he had told his brother because the pain of the heartbreak was to great. Klaus turned around and walked off but was brutally stopped when he bumped into someone.

“Oh god!” He saw that the champagne glass that was full his hand was now empty and the liquid all over a dress.

“My deepest apologies-“ he raised his head and saw that it was his bests friends’ sister.

“You could’ve watched where you were going you pompous ass.” Before he could respond she continued.

“You have just ruined a perfectly good dress. Even if you’re my brothers’ best friend, I loathe you more than anyone that ever walked the surface of this earth!”

“Careful, Love you’re making a scene”

“I do not care” She walked off with her wet dress cursing him.

He had never really thought about why he and Caroline hated each other. He never really cared enough to ask or to figure out why because it had been this way for the longest time he could remember. He doesn’t even remember how it started but all he knew was that he had the role of the big bad wolf in Caroline’s story. He looked back on the years and remarked that he didn’t even knew a time where they didn’t hate each other. For him, it was just the way things were and always would be. Oh well, it’s not a big deal.

Rebekah’s POV:

When Stefan and Damon came in the ballroom, she exchanged a longing look with Stefan who had a smile painted on his face when he noticed her.

“Would you care to take pity on me and allow me a dance?”

“Why of course dear gentleman”

They went in the middle of the ballroom and he grabbed her hand and waist, they were dancing in sync with the beat of the violins and the harp. They were dancing like all they had to do was float on the dance floor. His hand was on her backside but was slipping down a bit which had her blush furiously. She was scared it would destroy her friendship not only with Stefan but also with Caroline, hence why she couldn’t let herself be tempted with him. After about 20 minutes of dancing she was panting and exhausted so she asked Stefan if they could take a brake and of course he said yes and they were going to drink a glass of water on the balcony but were stopped when they heard a crash inside.

Damon’s POV:

When he came in he saw that every one was occupied and then he saw Elena eyeing him and coming up to him.

“Well hello…”

“Nope” and Damon went away to find a glass of literally anything that could get him drunk but he was stopped when he saw Elena berating Jeremy unbeknownst of the multitude of people watching the scene.

“Jeremy, what are you doing with this peasant, we are Gilberts. We cannot be associated with these kind of people. She is nothing but a whore after the family’s money”

“Elena would you stop insulting her! She is my friend, therefore you will respect her and even so, you should never speak such language!”

Kol’s POV:

Since Davina and her siblings arrived, they had been dancing near Stefan and Rebekah. Normally Kol would have been a bit overprotective about the fact that Stefan was close to Rebekah but he was close to his sister. He was literally doing the same thing as Stefan, he could not have a problem with it then. The way Davina look tonight was way more important than that. She was like a dream.

“Are you well Kol?”

“Yes, my darling Davina, I am well and very happy”

“I’ve been wanting to talked to you about something important”

“And what is it?”

“I l-“ they heard a screaming match near the cascading stairs so they hurried to see the scene between Elena, Jeremy and Damon.

“If you’re going to screw a wanton like her then we should disown you” Elena screamed

“Stop talking to your brother like that Elena, he has done nothing wrong, you are the one screaming like a complete lunatic!”

“I am doing this for the sake of my family! Either way you, Stefan and your sisters should too be disowned”

“OK THAT IS IT!” Esther Mikaelson screamed

“Everyone stop it! Mrs. et Mr.Gilbert could you, with no offense of course, escort your daughter home please because this is a celebration for my son Finn and his wife. So should you please leave so that we can get back to celebrating them?”

“Of course. My apologies Mrs.Mikaelson for my daughters poor behaviour we will take her home and send a carriage for my other children” said Samantha Gilbert clearly ashamed about the scene that was just caused.

Everyone returned to having fun while still remembering what had just happened, gossiping about what would happen to the Gilberts. Kol knew that everyone in town would be talking about it for the next week. But that didn’t matte, he remembered he had cut short his conversation with Davina which clearly seemed important to her.

“Sorry, darling you were saying?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes, can we just dance please” respecting Davina’s wish he continued dancing with her trying to remember what she said before Elena’s screaming match…

Damon’s POV:

After Elena’s antics about Anna who he found quite charming and nice he decided to go see Bonnie because he always loved hanging out or having conversations with her, even when he was with Elena. He went to her family shop where they mostly sell fruits, vegetables and meat.

“Hello Bon-Bon”

“Hi, have you come here to escape the torture of dancing with girls who step on your toes?”

“Why of course!I would’ve stayed but it was missing someone…” he said while pointing a finger at her

“Oh well thank you but I have to help my parents do all the work, preparing food for families in this town isn’t as easy as someone would think”

“I can help you then, after school”

“Are you sure your father wouldn’t mind because my parents can’t give you a salary”

“It’s alright, working a bit won’t hurt me especially if I get to chat with you about everything and nothing”

“Thank you, I didn’t know you found my chats with you so interesting.”

“No problem, everything is”

“By the way, I heard people talk about Elena making a scene. What was that all about?”

“She changed. Really changed because since neither I or Stefan is trying to court her she as been a pain in the ass”

“I know she changed. I don’t even recognize her, but we can’t do anything”

Damon then bid good night to Bonnie happy to know that tomorrow the would work together…

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Elijah’s POV:

After the fiasco that his mother called a perfectly good evening with a tad of drama, just like usual, he couldn’t stop thinking about Katherine. The way she wore her the diamond necklace with a small canary diamond in the middle with her flowing dress had his heart beating out of his chest but when she said that she wasn’t wearing it because of the history connected to it, his heart slowed dangerously to much. All he wanted was to talk to her so that they could sort out everything and maybe then he could court her. That was what he wanted but reality was more sad, he had to get up to deal with the new client, Lucien Castle.

“Get up brother, Father is asking for you in his study. He said he wants to talk about a deal with the Salvatores” Rebekah said entering his room, which was normally off limits to everyone.

“The Salvatores? Are you sure? I thought he wanted to concentrate on the new client?”

“How am I supposed to know? You and Finn never tell me anything and Father would slap me just for asking and inciting that I have the right to know”

“Yes, my apologies” he got out of bed while Rebekah turned around and walked out of his room. He went to his wooden wardrobe to dress then came down in a hurry knowing that his father was not one for patience.

“Elijah, come in, we will discuss the plans for the dinner Friday with the Salvatores “

Kol’s POV:

“You are getting slow Mister Mikaelson”

“How dare you Davina Claire!”

He chased her around the garden of the Salvatore house which was a bit smaller than the Mikaelson manor but still majestic. Because they both had nothing to do and Kol’s father wouldn’t include him in business deals, he came over to Davina’s, the only person he knew could cheer him up, and she did. Ever since their conversation being cut during the ball, it felt to Kol like she was hiding something and the last time she had done that was when she took a beating from Gusseipe to protect Stefan. He always saw her like that, the most fearless woman he ever met. He knew if he pressed on what she was going to say at the ball, she would probably have a screaming match with him.

“Come on! Keep up or your never going to win”

“And what would be my prize darling?”

“I guess you’ll have to win to find out”

“And how do I win?”

“By catching me!”

That was all he needed to know. He ran as fast as he could and took fast turns to catch up to her. When he was right next to her, he grabbed her waist and spun her around. He loved the way they would just play and run together, she matched his crazy and wild temper. He also loved the way, she stood up for anyone but all those thoughts were pushed aside when they both fell to the ground, Davina on top of him. He pushed a strand of hair behind her ear slowly when she said

“Do you ever want to stay in one single moment?”

“Yes, of course. Numerous ones”

They both closed their eyes, leaning towards one another slowly. When suddenly, he heard a voice.

“Kol! Your carriage just got here, your parents want you home” Damon screamed.

Davina got up with red cheeks and went inside running as if she was ashamed. While Davina was escaping, Kol needed too, to go but discreetly because the bulge in his pants wasn’t going down. He went to the side of the house and got quickly in, hopping that no one saw him and Davina almost kissing because he knew they would both then take a beating from their parents. He didn’t want the girl he cared for hurting.

Caroline’s POV:

When Kol’s carriage arrived and he somehow got in and went away without being noticed, she saw Davina coming in from the back door that lead to the garden. She had red cheeks but a single tear was running on her face.

“Hey, are you ok?”

“Yeah, I am.” She sniffed.

“Well you don’t look it. Did something happen outside? Did Kol hurt you?”

“No, he didn’t hurt me. It’s just that we were about to kiss and then when Damon interrupted, he just left. Without even saying goodbye to me! I feel so stupid about this! He clearly doesn’t love me.” She said as more tears came.

“Of course he loves you! We all see the way he looks at you or the way cares for you when you’re sick or hurt! And if he doesn’t, then that’s in him because he’s the one losing a great opportunity to be happy with the most perfect person in the world!” She said. Even tough she knew that Kol love her, everyone knew it but both of them were too scared to be rejected by the other that they just hid their feelings.

“Ouch!” Damon said. “That may have hurt like hell but dear sister I am sure that Kol loves you or else if he breaks your heart, ALL OF YOUR SIBLINGS are going to go beat him up!”

When he said that Caroline, saw that it lightened the mood because they were all holding back a laugh.

“Talking about our love lives, I don’t know what do with a girl that I like. Do you have any idea on how I could please her?”

“Bonnie Bennett?” She and Davina asked.

“What no… okay yes but please don’t tell Elena! She going to kill her!”

“You do know that we know that you had a crush on her since like you were 14 years old?” Caroline said remembering every time Damon and Bonnie were talking, it was like they were soulmates because they understood each other so easily and fast.

“That I did not”

“Oh well. So what do you have as plan to court her”

“I’m going to work with her at her family shop after school”

“That’s nice but you should try talk to her about her family’s roots or anything she like or you could just do something with her alone that doesn’t involve talking to customers like taking a walk”

“Yeah that’s a good idea. Thank you sisters.” Before they could both respond he left to go work at the shop.

“That was weirdly quick” Davina added.
“Yeah I know”

Elena’s POV:

Elena was walking back home from going to Bonnie’s family shop when Damon entered and started flirting with Bonnie.

“What are you doing Bonnie?! I thought you were my friend!”

“Hey, don’t talk to her like that! She didn’t do anything”

“Damon! It’s ok I got this.” Bonnie finally said. “What do you want Elena?”

“I want to know why you are flirting with my ex?! You are my friend and you should be a bitch about it too!”

“When will you get your head out of your own ass?! We are not friends since you called Caroline a whore! She did nothing to deserve it! Even if you two weren’t friends she still was nice to you! Now get out of my family’s shop”

“Well you know what Bonnie, I tried to to be a good friend even tried to set you up with my brother but no all you care about is Damon”

“Well he is my friend and he respects and appreciate me!”

With that Elena was gone and she had left to go back to her house angrily.

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Stefan’s POV:

It was now Friday. Wednesday and Thursday there was a big storm which kept everyone from seeing anyone. Now the sun a was shining and this evening his family would have dinner with Rebekah’s family. He didn’t really know why but his father told him it was to announce something of importance that concerned everyone who was going to be there. That was weirdly cryptic and concerning for him.

“Caroline! Hurry up! Father and Mother are already in the carriage”

“Stefan, you do know that she is going to take an extra 30 minutes”

“At least I’m ready!”

“Shut up Damon and thank you Davina.”

He went up stairs to see what took her sister so much time to do. He found her trying to put earrings on. She always needed more time than everyone to be the “perfect daughter” but she was already the girl everyone wanted to be.

“Caroline, are you serious?!”

“What!? I am trying to put my earrings on but I’m struggling”

“Can’t you just hurry? Father and Mother’s carriage is already on the way to the Mikaelson’s manor”

“Fine give me 5 minutes”

With that he went downstairs to find Damon and Davina having a conversation about Bonnie. Ever since neither of them were with Elena, Damon couldn’t stop talking about Bonnie. It was clear to everyone except those two that they were in love. He interrupted their conversation and they all went out the door to enter their carriage. A minute later Caroline came rushing in saying sorry because she knew they were just as impatient as the other.

No one POV:

“Welcome, darling.”

Kol said as he opened the door to Davina who was in front of her siblings in a green dress. He took he hand and lead her to the dinning room where all of their parents were already with her siblings following from behind.

“Dear brother, you can still greet the rest of the Salvatore siblings even if you’ve invited Davina!”

Rebekah said after coming down the stairs who was in a powder blue dress. Stefan’s eyes were looking into hers until Damon pushed him from the back to make him move forward. They all went in the dining room to find Giussepe and Mikael at the two end of the table while their wives on their right side. Elijah and Klaus were already seated next to their mother talking about the supper that was laid in front of them.

“Brother, Sister… and Salvatores. Welcome to family dinner”

“Klaus, behave”Elijah said in a hushed tone but everyone still heard it.

“Our apologies for being late there was some technical problems with our carriage but it was sorted out.” Damon lied, he always lied in a calm manner, knowing that if his father ever found out he would beat him and maybe even give a beating to his siblings which he would hate because he was the older one even if it was by only 2 years, he had to protect them.

“No matter, we’re all here now.” Esther said trying to calm the tension down because she knew that if the Mikaelsons weren’t here right now Giuseppe would beat his children. She also knew that if it was her children it would be the same outcome.

Kol and Davina sat down in front of one another, Stefan and Rebekah the same did the same thing both secretly hoping that the other was looking at them. Caroline sat in front of Klaus much to her dismay while Damon and Elijah were sitting in front of each other already making small talk about the latest issue in town about money. On one side the Salvatores and the other, the Mikaelsons. Even tough everyone was making small talk about school or gossip, they were all intrigued about why they were all eating together. The Mikaelsons had done some business deal with the Salvatores but appart from that they weren’t best friends. They were founding families, they oozed money and respect, and because of that they were tight knit but not that much.

Elijah passed the beans to Klaus when Caroline asked for them. Klaus gave them to her.

“Hopefully you won’t wet my dress this time.” Caroline said in a whisper so that only Klaus could here what she was saying.

“Well there are easier ways to do that all you have to do is ask.” He said with a smirk splattered on his face.

“God no!” She knew what he was saying and for him to just imply that was an absolutely disgusting thing to do. It was just like when they were young, he would steal her toys and call her names. She was proud of herself because she stood up to her bully, even if said bully was her brothers’ best friend. She also knew that if she was to have sexual relationships, it had to be in secret or else no one would marry and she would live for the rest of her life in shame, it was the same for Davina. But Klaus Mikaelson for her was a big fat no, every knew he had already screwed most of the girls in town and had a reputation to dump them not long after.

“Damon, I heard you are working a bit in the Bennett shop. It’s wonderful to see that you are already taking the initiative of getting a job out of the family business” Mikael said loud enough that everyone heard and stopped their conversation.

“I’m sorry?” Giuseppe said thinking that Mikael must be mistaking Damon with someone else.

“Yes, umm… Father I have been working with Bonnie Bennett for about a week at her family’s store because she needed help and as the good friend I am, I offered her help”

“What is the income?” Liz asked, she wasn’t surprised that her son had chose that place to work, she knew about his penchant for the green eyed girl. Unlike her husband she had taken the news quite good because if they were to marry, that would mean that it tied Damon down in Mystic Falls, that way he could maybe become the mayor of the town.

“There is none, I just help her. She was a friend in need and I helped her”

“That is a good deed” Esther said trying to show her friends husband that sometimes work doesn’t have to be all about the money. They were always like that, Liz and Esther, always trying to help the other, it was how they survived.

“I heard that Elena made a scene after school in her store actually” Rebekah tried to change the conversation to something more light

“Again? This girl is so inappropriate, at least her sister is a very nice girl and her brother too. The scene she caused at the ball was completely improper!” Esther was immensely mad about the way Elena stained the mood of the ball with her conundrum.

Elijah smiled at the way his mother described the girl he fancied and cherished most in this world. Even tough they weren’t anything right now, he would ask her soon to go for a walk in the garden so that they could talk about their relationship. He was really hoping she would want to be with him and let him ask her father if he could court her. He loved her for a long time and now he needed to tell her before a suitor decided he would court her and try to be her husband. He hated the way he was filled with jealousy over someone who wasn’t real.

“Yes, well Jonathan Gilbert told me that he was considering sending to a convent so that she could become a proper woman that a suitor would like to marry” Mikael said.

The dinner continued normally with Davina and Kol exchanging looks while Caroline and Damon were talking about what would happen when they would get home. Damon knew that his father was still a bit mad that he was working with Bonnie for free. Elijah was trying to convince his father to take the deal with Lucien Castle but he didn’t want to hear it, he wouldn’t budge from his decision. Klaus and Rebekah were arguing about the space between them, like it was as important as their life. All the siblings in the room were weirdly happy about the supper when all the happiness and joy crashed.

“We have an announcement to make” Giuseppe and Mikael had their serious faces on.

“It will be the beginning of a new era for the Mikaelsons and the Salvatores.” Mikael said knowing that all children were curious what they were talking about.

“And for that to work everyone will have to make sacrifices, it will not be easy but we will all make it work”

“The deal means that the older siblings of each family will have to work and understand what we decided”

“You will accept your fate and accept our decision.” Mikael knew that if he didn’t impose his rules about the deal with his iron fist, there would be a lot of problems.

“Father, what are you talking about?”

“I am talking about a marriage between our two families Caroline”

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No one POV:

Damon choked on his drink when he heard marriage. Are our parents crazy, he thought but then he remembered that he still didn’t know who in the four of them was going to get married.

“You have to be kidding?!”

“No we are not, two of the most powerful families reunited for a marriage is going to increase the income and even maybe going to give more territory to Mystic Falls, which would be in our possession, but only if we gain money.” Mikael knew he needed to explain the chain of events that was going to happen or else they would never do it. Their siblings would stand with them, but they were the best option.

“So it only to gain money?” A part of Kol wanted to be him and Davina but he knew better than to expect that. She was the youngest sibling in her family meaning it wasn’t her or Rebekah who was the twin that was born after him, which was actually very reassuring.

“Yes and no. The two families are in debt because of a deal with someone that fell apart so we need money. If we have the possibility to bring in more money than we need, we could be safe from debt for a long time and we could also rule over the town and profit from its economy.” Giuseppe had planned out every detail down to the last about the consequences of the marriage. It would be hugely profitable and powerful for both families.

“Ok well then who is it?” Stefan already had an idea of who it was going to be but he didn’t want to accept it.

“It will be Niklaus and Caroline”

Klaus chocked on his drink trying to get his breathing to slow down. He couldn’t believe it was him and the girl that hated him more than anything that was going to get married and probably have children together.

“Why me ?!” Caroline was furious, first she would have to marry the guy who had sex with almost all of the girls in Mystic Falls and second he was offended and disgusted by the thoughts of being married to her.

“Because we didn’t want to have to involve the younger siblings, Davina who was the second twin born just like Rebekah. Caroline, you were then the only option. Klaus is a year older than you and you just turned 18. You two were the only good option.” Giuseppe said, trying to explain to his daughter his decision, something he rarely done but he knew that she wouldn’t let it go because it was big and she always wanted a prince to marry her, that was her childhood dream.

“That means, this year everyone graduates from school and you can get married!” Mikael knew that Klaus wouldn’t be happy about quitting school but he didn’t give a single shit. He was not his son, he was a bastard that he was going to use to make his real family richer. When he would have all the money he wanted, he would tell Klaus about his real father and about how he wasn’t a real Mikaelson.

“I can’t do this right now” Caroline got up to leave but Giuseppe grabbed her arm. All of her siblings quickly stood up knowing that if they were all united, he wouldn’t hurt any of them.

“Father. We will go back to the house and let Caroline digest this” Stefan said in a calm yet a bit threatening tone.

“Fine, Mikael and I will get out of your way… for now, but we will have to discuss the marriage. It is not an option to not do it”
With that Caroline left the Mikaelson manor in a hurry with her siblings trailing behind her.

Klaus’ POV:

He and Elijah had gone in the garden so that he could vent about the latest discoveries.

“I cannot believe father would do this to me! I know he hates but he is going to ruin two lives just so that he can earn money?!!”

“Brother, it is not just about that. It’s about the future of an united front that will rule over the town for generations”

“Did you know about this?!”

“Yes… yesterday, Father told me and I begged him to change the deal but he wouldn’t change his decision. Even so that he lost the Lucien Castle deal.”

“You didn’t think to tell me?!! Not only will I have to get married but I also have to quit tart school which I have just started this year!”

“I am sorry that I didn’t tell you but there is something else bothering you and it is adding more rage than you stopping art school”

“She hates me”


“Caroline, she looked into my eyes and said she hates me. I am going to have an arranged marriage with a woman who hates me, how pathetic is that.”

“Why does she hate you? Have you ever tried talking to her?”

“No, but I think I will. If we are to be married I should at least make it enjoyable for her”

“You see? Just talk to her before you are going to be forced to listen about all of the rules put on by her father and our father”

“You know Elijah, I think you do the same thing with Katherine”

“ What are you talking about brother?”

“I am saying that she scares easily so maybe just try talking to her. You know I see how you look at her right?”

“Thank you for your honesty and help”

“You too”
They both went back inside with a small plan on how they would solve their situation,they didn’t know if it would work but it didn’t matter,that they both hated so much.

Chapter Text

Caroline’s POV:

She just came back home with her siblings. Now that she wasn’t with other people than her family she could have her proper freak out.

“I am going to marry Klaus Mikaelson?! What the actual fuck?!”

“Ok Caroline, breathe. Thank God Father isn’t here right now”

“Davina, how can I not freak out?! I was supposed to marry a rich prince instead I’m going to marry a man whore!”

“Caroline, as much as we understand your reaction and the fact that Klaus does sleep around, he is still our best friend”

“Oh yeah Stefan? Well I’m obligated to marry and probably have children with him, so you know what yes, I am going to freak out”

“Wait, Children? Caroline you’re 18 not 25”

“Damon, do you really think that Father is not going to make have a child to solidify the union?”

“ Look, Caroline if you really don’t want to get married to Klaus, I will talk to Father and tell him that I will volunteer to do the union and I could ask Klaus to back out of the plan”

“Thank you, Davina but I am your big sister and I can’t let you do something like that. You have your life ahead of you! You could go to college and meet a suitor and get married after you graduate.”

“You are the best of this family”

“Thank you. But I am still going to marry him, ugh my life wasn’t supposed to go like that.”

“Caroline, we can talk to father about not doing it if we all stand together, we can convince him not to do it”

“Stefan, it’s my duty to make my family proud even if to make them proud I have to marry someone I hate. I’m going to go vent with Katherine”

With that Caroline left in a hurry to go to the Gilbert house. She had a whole carriage ride to think about her problems. Even if she didn’t want to marry Klaus, she would because she knew it was her duty and it was because of that, that she couldn’t let Kol and Davina take their places, even tough the two were so in love. Yeah, she knew that Davina and Kol were going to stand up for their siblings sooner or later. She was going to plan the wedding and she obviously had to talk to Klaus about their relationship, rules and boundaries. They had to sort out their problems in order to get married, even tough that would be hard, they had to. She had hated him since they were kids for always picking on her, stealing her brothers, insulting her and stealing her toys. She also always held him responsible for the Tyler incident, he had slept with Hayley Marshall and told her to get lost so when she saw Tyler, she also saw her revenge on him. The thing was that Tyler was courting Caroline and she had found him having sex with her in his bed. She went blind with rage and went off on Klaus about how he was a man whore and he had just ruined her chances of getting married.

Before she could go back on their history, the carriage arrived at the Gilbert’s house. It wasn’t as big as hers or the Mikaelson’s but it was still big.

“Caroline? What are you doing here it’s eight o’clock, I thought you were at a dinner with the Mikaelsons”

“I was but something happened and I need to talk to you somewhere Elena can’t hear”

Katherine lead them to her room where no one can here them.

“So, what happened is everyone ok?”

“No really not, my father and Mikael have arranged an union between me and Klaus”


“Yeah, I’m going to marry the guy that sleeps around most in this town and probably have children with him”

“Why would they force you to do that?”

“Money and debt, do you have scotch in your room because I need to get drunk like right now”

“Yeah, here” Katherine got up to go to her desk. She took a few books that were on the shelf above her desk, she showed Caroline her secret stash of bourbon. Katherine poured them both a drink knowing that she would eventually take one her self.

“Thank god” She started drinking until there was nothing left, hoping that she would forget everything that happened this evening.

“So what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to marry Klaus Mikaelson” Shooting another drink Katherine had poured her down her throat.


“Yes and I want you and the girls to be my maids of honour” Caroline said as she poured herself a third drink and drank it all.

“You are weirdly taking this good”

“Oh, I am very, but very drunk. WoW my tolerance for alcohol is very low!”

“Caroline, yes you are drunk and that is why you are going home”

“FiNe, MoM”

“Come on, pay attention or else you’ll trip down the stairs”

“Do you think that he’s huge down there?”

“Oh god, you are drunk! Seriously, thinking about Klaus’ thing”

“What? I’m going to have to have sex with him eventually, so why not”

“Ok you know what, you’re going to hate yourself in the morning for saying that”


Katherine and Caroline went downstairs so that Caroline could go in her carriage. She said good night to her and told her to go home, but now half-drunk Caroline decided that she had to go talk to someone. She knew it wasn’t a really good idea but she still did it because she knew she had to.

Klaus’ POV:

A maid had told him to go in the garden without telling why, but he still went. Kol had just told him that if he wanted he could talk to their father and take his place in the union but Klaus had already accepted the marriage. He was walking around looking at the flowers thinking that one day he could come out here and maybe paint or draw them in their natural beauty. After five minutes of walking around Caroline approached him.


“Hello, Love”

“Look, I umm thought about it and I’m not going to fight it. It’s my duty and I’m going to fulfil it”

“Good because I am too” Klaus said leaving an awkward silence both not knowing what to say.

“You want to take a walk?”
Caroline and Klaus started to walk around in a weird silence.

“I’m sorry for ruining your dress at the ball”

“I’m sorry for getting mad at you”

They both knew that if they wanted this marriage to work they had to put every issue past them and solve most of their problems with each other.

“Do you want children?” Caroline asked quickly.

“I don’t know what about you?”

“Yes, and if we are to be married we should at least think about it”

“Of course, I’m sure our parents will make us have children”

“Yeah… I dont think im comfortable with consuming the marriage yet because I’m…I’m… ummm a virgin”

“Love I don’t ever want to make you uncomfortable”

“Thank you”

They continued to walk in the garden until it was Caroline’s time to go and she went back to her house. Klaus thought that this was a good start.

Chapter Text

Katherine’s POV:

She woke up with a throbbing headache. After finding out that Caroline was going to marry Klaus and put her in her carriage, she emptied the bottle of bourbon. She had so many things on her mind that she just needed to let go. The worst thing was that she had school tomorrow and had to go make some errands for her father. Kol and Davina offered to go and she had accepted that meant that she was going to third wheel for the day. Katherine hated looking in the future. That’s why one of the things on her mind was that she was going to be Caroline’s maid of honour and Elijah would probably be Klaus’ best man with Kol. That meant that they would eventually spend time together, whether she liked it or not. She still wanted to be with him but so many things stopped her so when he asked her if they could go on a date and if he could court her, she said no. Not wanting to think more about him, she dressed her self and went down to find everyone gone to work or with friends. Davina and Kol would come and get her soon, meaning she had to be ready.

She ate breakfast then went back upstairs to put on a bit of makeup when she heard knocks on the front doors.


She opened the door to find Kol waving and sending signs to Davina who was in the carriage doing the same thing. Sometimes she wished love could as simple as that. Even tough they weren’t together, they both had confessed their feelings to someone else making them so… lucky. She couldn’t even bring herself to say that she loved Elijah, all she knew was that she always had butterflies when she saw him.

“Finally! We thought you forgot about us”

“I would never in a million years”

The two of them walk down the steps made of concrete and stones to the carriage. They both entered it, Kol sitting next to Davina and Katherine third wheeling in front of them.

“Hey Kat, so what do you need ?”

“Food, mostly but my father gave me more money then needed so we could go to Keelin’s. I am in dire need of a new dress and earrings”

“Yeah we could do that. I need a dress too, the Christmas ball is in two months”

“Davina, darling, why are you in such a hurry to organize everything. I’m pretty sure that it’s your sister’s role to do that”

“Exactly! Caroline already has a dress and earrings and necklace and-“

“OK! God, we understand! Kol, just let her get the stupid dress and Davina it’s doesn’t matter if your sister already has one”

“Geez, someone is in a mood”

“Oh shut up Kol”

The rest of the ride to the market was just Kol and Davina bickering about whatever stupid thing they somehow found so important that they had to win the argument. Katherine could only think about one thing: Love. “Is this love?” She thought. Two idiots that can’t even see that they love each other? No. Of course not, it’s way to easy to only be that. If it were only that, right now she would be talking and bickering with someone who cared about her instead of third wheeling and wanting to scream at two of her best friends to just fucking get a room. Katherine always thought that she would end up in an arranged marriage with a guy she either hated or disliked because she could grasp the concept of love. When Elijah and her were on good terms, they were always so close yet so far. Things kept them apart but they tried anyway and it was a horrible hit to the heart. Maybe she will be happy one day but all the signs point to her being left in a life where she has to be someone she’s not.

“Katherine, we’re here. Are you ok?”

Davina was shaking her hand in front of her face when she realized that she had let a tear roll down her face ruining a bit her makeup. Kol was standing outside waiting for them to get out but Davina asked him to wait for 2 minutes so that they could talk.

“What happened?”

Davina brought her hand to her friend’s face to clean off the tears that were starting to roll down her cheeks.

“Save your tears for another day”

She took a handkerchief from her purse to adjust the makeup that went away with the tears.

“Today is a good day Katherine. Tonight we will cry and let out all of the anger that we keep bottled up. I know what your are thinking about and you will be, you just have to be patient”

“Thank you Davina, for being a good friend when I need one”

They hugged like it was something that was needed to be done. Their relationship was one they both cared deeply about and they needed it because they could comfort each other in time of need and confess things they’ve never said to anyone else.

“Come on, Kol is waiting for us and he hates waiting”

They both got out and Kol hooked his arm with Davina while Katherine held her hand. They went to the fruit stand to buy strawberries so that her mother could make her famous rhubarb and strawberry pie and blueberries because all three were weirdly hungry. Kol tried to throw a blueberry in the air and catch it with his mouth and succeeded making Davina and Katherine try but fail.

“How are you so good at this?”

“Years of practice and boredom my darling Davina”

“You know you should find a hobbie”

“I have one and you should too shopping isn’t technically a hobbie Kat”

“Well, annoying your siblings isn’t one too Kol”

They were in town which was normally full but today because of the gray sky, there was fewer people. They all went to the butcher to pick a special order for the Gilbert family and then Kol got back in the carriage to go put the things they got in the Gilbert home leaving the two girls to go to Keelin’s.

“Don’t forget to say hi from me!” Kol waved as he got in the carriage.

They all knew Keelin as the woman who owned the best store with the best dresses and accessories but she was also Freya’s lover. Freya was the most loved by Mikael, everyone knew that, that’s why she was the only woman who had a say in the business. When she wasn’t away to go convince a potential client that their family was the best at trade, she was with Keelin or at home trying to protect her siblings from getting hurt by their father. Katherine had witnessed what Mikeal did to his children if they didn’t do what he said and it was horrible. She would never get the image of Klaus being beaten almost to death while she was there having tea with a crying Rebekah.

“Ok! And don’t forget to knock, my mom should be there!”

And then her and Davina were left alone in the street walking to Keelin’s. Katherine always wanted a dress, well not just her, all of her friends too. It was maybe the only good thing that was in their life, shopping.

“So, are you feeling better?”

“Yeah, a bit. Thank you Davina, seriously, I know I can get pretty dark and sometimes I need someone to pull me out of it and it’s a difficult task, so thank you”

“You’re welcome, you know that’s what we’re for, to be there in time of need. We’re friends and we will all be there for good times and bad times”

“Did you say ‘we’?”

“Yeah sorry, when we got out of the carriage, I asked Enzo to go ask Care and Rebekah to join us for shopping. I thought we could all use an afternoon break from all the drama and arrange marriage”

Davina pushed open the door showing a clearly hangover Caroline and a Rebekah who was drinking tea waiting for them.

Rebekah’s POV:

Davina and Katherine walked in the store looking a bit down. She was talking to Klaus about his future marriage to her best friend when Enzo told her that Davina requested her presence at Keelin’s in 30 minutes. She still wanted to talk to Klaus or more like warn him that if he’d ever hurt Caroline, she would kill him. She also knew that eventually she would have to tell him about her feelings about Stefan. He was his best friend and she knew that just one problem or spat between Stefan and her would probably end their friendship. So she thought carefully about everything and realized that if her brother was going to marry her best friend it maybe wouldn’t be a big deal if she crushed on his. When she was finished warning her brother and was going to tell him about her feelings, Enzo interrupted their conversation and also told them that Stefan, Damon and Caroline were here. She left in a hurry going to the Salvatore carriage to find Caroline waiting for her. The only thing was that she did look like she was dead or maybe really hangover.

“Finally! I thought my tea would be ice before you arrived!”

“Calm down Bekh, we were just walking so it was a bit longer”

“Chill, anyways come on let’s go find dresses for Christmas!”

“Davina, sister, you’re starting to keep up with my agenda”

“Oh god, we can’t have two Caroline” Katherine sighted has she went in the back of the shop to find Keelin. They all followed her and found Keelin with a pile of dresses already chosen for them to try on.

Stefan’s POV:

Stefan had just arrived to the Mikaelson mansion when Caroline pushed him and Damon out of the carriage. Rebekah ran past them to meet Caroline in the carriage.

“Hey guys, my brothers are waiting for you in the study! Byeee!”

“What are you talking about we’re the ones that want to talk to Klaus!”

“Dude, she’s already gone. You tried but you failed, you can cry if you want”

“Shut up Damon”

“You know Stef, instead of writing stupid shit in your diary, you should just tell her that you like her! It’s not that hard”

“You should do the same with Bonnie”

“Shut up”

They both went in the Mikaelson’s study to find Kol, Klaus and Elijah waiting for them with a glass of bourbon. They all knew what this was about. Everyone of them had either one or two people that they cared about, on the line. They all wanted them to be safe and happy.

“Well, this is going to be a long conversation” Elijah said before getting up from the chair he was in to go close the doors that were behind Stefan and Damon.

Chapter Text

Elijah’s POV:

Elijah had a simple life before everything, he had school, family and a crush. Then, he graduated from high school and school was replaced with work. He didn’t need to go to college to learn everything there is to know about trade and economy, all he had to do was listen to his father’s lectures. When he wasn’t working, he was at home or with Katherine. Before he would always want to be with her, talk about nothing and everything. They had kissed a few times, nothing more but still he remembered every feeling, touch, scent… but it didn’t matter now because when she had a choice between him and well not him, she chose not. He couldn’t understand. Everything was perfect in the year they were ‘dating’ but then it all crashed with one question. He was now in the family study because Klaus and Kol had requested his presence. They had told him the Salvatore brothers were coming to warn them, he knew it was about Caroline and Klaus, and maybe a little about Davina and Kol.


“Hello Elijah”

“So what do we owe this pleasure for? I thought we were going to the races this afternoon Stefan”

“Well Klaus, Damon and I wanted to talk to you and well Kol”

“And why is that?” Kol asked knowing a bit what was this conversation about.

“Because our sister is going to marry Klaus, and well Kol and Davina have been getting a bit too friendly” Damon responded

“Well, it’s not like Stefan and Bekah haven’t too”

“Klaus, this is not of your one night stands that you can just forget about! It’s our sister and she deserves to be happy and safe” Stefan said quickly and emotionally. Elijah knew that Caroline and Stefan were very close siblings and so he would try to protect her from a heartbreak that his brother could easily cause.

“You think I am going to hurt her? I’m not a monster! And we are best friends, it is deeply insulting that you would think that low of me!”

“This is Caroline, if she gets hurt in anyway, we won’t care about friendship! And we will hold you responsible”

“Stefan, you should take your own advice! You and my sister have been cozying up too much and you should remember the promise we all made that sisters are off-limits!”

“Klaus, chill. Look, we have to warn you because we love Caroline and her life plan was just changed completely” Damon said flopping on a sofa. He took the glass of bourbon that Elijah offered him.

“And I understand that but I’m not a monster and I won’t hurt her, I promise but you too Stefan, don’t get too close too our sister”


“Bloody hell, when did all this because so complicated?”


“What Elijah? It’s seems that everything has become way too complicated that we are already starting to lose our friendship”

“Dude, it’s family and we all know that no one messes with family no matter who it is” Damon said, everyone in this room knew that because in a town were you grow up only to care about your family and your close friends.

Klaus’ POV
They all drank in silence before Mikeal came rushing in.

“Boy, you and I have a meeting tonight at 19:00 with Giuseppe and the girl”

“She has a name!” Klaus spat at him. They might hate each other but he would still defend her honour. Klaus thought that it was completely stupid to lower a girl like Caroline to just some random woman he was going to marry, especially in front of her brothers.

“Mr.Mikaelson could you please adresse our sister by her name if after all we are to be family?” Klaus immediately knew Stefan didn’t just say this to defend Caroline but also to defend him, which would probably earn him a beating by his father anyway. Tough it was nice to see some one sticking up for him.

“My apologies, Salvatore brothers. I didn’t see you”

“Father what is the meeting about?”

“Obligations, boy. You better be there with a good attitude”

“Yes, of course Father”

And with that Mikeal left to go do whatever he thought was important for the meeting to do. It was getting around the time of supper, that meant that Rebekah would come home soon with what she bought when she went shopping with the girls. It also meant that their weird and heated discussion about their sisters was coming to an end. As Stefan was putting in his brown long coat, Klaus pulled him aside.

“If you and my sister are going to get together, you better hide it from me and my brothers”

“What?! Well, are you ready to give Caroline what she wants and needs? To make her happy”

“In all total seriousness, mate, I don’t know what the fuck to do! She wants children and we both know that I don’t but I said that I don’t know!”

“Well starting a relationship that is going to last for a very long time whether you like it or not by telling a lie about something as important as that, is maybe not a good start”

“I am so bloody lost”

“Klaus calm down and just let flow! Take it one step at a time and be honest with her!”

“Thanks mate but FYI you sound as if you’re fucking high”

“You’re welcome and what?!!, now about Rebekah could you just not tell anyone about my feelings?”

Klaus pushed him out the door while Stefan was still rambling on and on about how he didn’t want anyone to know about his feelings including Damon because if anyone found out he would be fried and probably humiliated because he didn’t have the courage to simply ask a girl out.

Klaus went up stairs and pushed opened the door to his studio. It was full of art, and paint and ideas for new paintings or sculptures. It radiated life and this room was the only one Klaus would definitely live the rest of his life in. He sat down in a comfortable chair to read but after two pages of his book, he spaced out thinking about many things.

Damon and Stefan had gotten in the carriage, Klaus was waiting for his sister, his future wife and her father to knock on the door. He was very stressed about the meeting because they would surely tell them that they are going to have babies, but Klaus didn’t want them because he was deeply scared that all of the trauma he received as a child and adolescent was going to make him the worst father in the world. Not only that but because his father and her father technically ‘own’ them, they could take away their child and raised them, making them suffer everything they both suffered. It was no secret that Giuseppe hit his children, Stefan talked a lot about it to Klaus since Mikael did the same thing. Just like Stefan and Damon, he and his brothers always tried to protect their sisters from being the ones who receive the hits. It was horrible for everyone, even their mothers couldn’t do anything because they received the same punishment went they didn’t do what their fathers said. Klaus had once saw Caroline with a black eye and when he had asked her about it she told him to fuck off and that today was not the day to piss her off. That’s when he understood, and when that happened he had to be restrained by Kol and Damon trying to convince him that punching Giuseppe was a very bad idea but then Kol saw Davina limping, she had been kicked a lot. Stefan and Damon told them that they tried everything so that they wouldn’t get touched but it didn’t matter because it still happened, tough it did show on their whole body that they had been beaten to a pulp. His knuckles were becoming white when Kol and Rebekah interrupted his memory.

“Nik, are you alright?”

“Yes, dear sister?”

“She just asked you if you were alright. We’ve been talking to you for two minutes but you weren’t moving at all”

“I’m perfectly fine, what is it?”

“Dinner is ready”

“Ok, thank you sister, brother”

Klaus got up from the chair he had been sitting in from the moment he entered his studio and went downstairs. As he was going down the stairs he heard Kol and Rebekah talking about him.

“Is he okay?”

“I seriously don’t know, I think that he finally realized that he was getting married for real in eight months”

“It’s still a long time though, Kol”

“Maybe he’s thinking about the meeting”

“What meeting?”

“The that’s tonight. Bekah, they’re probably going to discuss pregnancies and you know how Nik gets when we talk about that”

“Yeah, come on. We don’t want to get punished by Father”

“He’s an arsehole”

“I know”

Klaus was touched by the way they knew a bit of why he spaced out a lot lately but he thought that no one noticed. Guess he was wrong.

He made his way down to find his father, his mother and Elijah already sat down at the dinner table. Not a minute later Kol and Rebekah came to sit down. Just like every family they had, it was silent except for the cutlery screeching on the plates every time someone took something from their plates. It was almost painful for him to see his family not being able to talk about anything they wanted because Mikael didn’t want too, it was completely absurd and stupid but he would never say that out loud.

After dinner, Klaus was called to his father’s study to wait for Caroline and her father to show up. After ten minutes of dead silence and a ticking sound made from the clock, a maid knocked on the study door.

“Mr.Mikaelson, Mr.Salvatore and Miss Caroline are here to see you”

“Yes, come on in”

The doors opened to see Caroline in a powder blue dress with a very light beige corset, that was pushing up her breast. Her dress was light but still big, Klaus found her stunning.

“Well, let’s start”

Chapter Text

Kol’s POV:


“Over here darling!”

When Stefan and Damon were going back to their house, Kol had asked Damon to give a piece of paper to Davina. Damon had reluctantly agreed to give it to her with the condition he read it, Kol knew he was a sucker for gossip, even tough he would never admit it. On the piece of paper he had written to meet him at the small beach, in the woods that were about five minutes from both their houses, at 19:10 while her sister and her father were at the meeting with Klaus.

Ever since what happened in the garden and the ball, he couldn’t take his mind off her. He had hid his feelings for her because of Stefan and Damon, they had asked him to never make a move on their sister. He respected that because it was the same for Rebekah. Now, everything changed his brother is marrying Caroline and Rebekah and Stefan have been getting pretty close lately. That meant that he could let all of the feelings he suppressed for years, resurface. Since the ball, every time he saw her, all he wanted to do was kiss her brainless and forget all of Mystic Falls, their families and businesses. It would only be her and him. He really wanted it to happen so, he thought if everyone was going to be occupied at that time, there would literally be no one to stop him or maybe… them.

He was a bit nervous to see her reaction about him liking her. He didn’t get nervous. All of his nerves were a wreck as he was standing there in the beach with a flower in his hand at 19:21. His sister had caught him trying to sneak out of the house and he knew that if he just didn’t tell her, she would keep him all night and he would be late for his rendez-vous.

“God, I have sand in my shoes”

“Here take them off”

He had brought a blanket for them to sit down on the sand together so he showed her and indicated her that she could sit down.

“Thank you. You know, it’s really beautiful the beach under the moonlight”

“Yes, it is but I think that I’m am looking at something way more beautiful” Kol said as he pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. She was gazing into his eyes and it made his heart beat so fast he thought it would jump out of his body but she smiled, it instantly made his heart slow down. She was stunning in her sage green dress and her toes in the sand.

“Davina, darling, I-“

She kissed him fast and hard. He brought a hand to cup her face and the other was on her waist. He pulled back to see if she had regret on her face but all there was, was fear.

“Bloody hell darling, warn me next time”

“Kol, I love you and I know that you probably don’t but please just tell me if you don’t want a relationship with me instead of joking arou-“

He took kissed hard yet tender, he just wanted to tell her how much he loved her but he much preferred showing her.

He was kissing her like his life depended on it, he could feel her need for air just as he was exploring every corner of her mouth with his tongue. He slowly changed her position from sitting to lying on the blanket by giving more to the kiss. His hand trailed down her thigh as he pulled back.

“I love you Davina Salvatore”

“And I love you Kol Mikaelson”

“Darling, I don’t think that we should take that any further because we are after all on a beach”

“Yeah, but umm…”


“Tomorrow, 12 o’clock, same spot.”


“Because we’re going to have a picnic”

Kol and Davina stood up from the blanket and started to walk through the woods. He still had the blanket in his hands and he wanted to talk to Davina about their relationship, already.

“Could we tell the minimum of people about us?”

“I like this”


“Us, and as much as I want to hide this from my brothers and my parents, I don’t keep secrets from my sister”

“Yes, I know, I just don’t want the whole town to know”

“I won’t tell anyone else, except maybe Katherine and Rebekah”

“She already knows”


She stopped abruptly. He had draped his arm around her shoulder but he had now dropped it as if he was just caught in the middle of a lie.

“Well she caught me sneaking out earlier”

“Ohh, thank god! I thought that she was too on the beach earlier”

“God no, that would be extremely stupid”

They laughed for a time. Then came the two paths. Each one to a house but two separated.

“I’ll walk you home.”

“Actually, I think there may be more space in your bedroom than mine”

“Sure, let’s go”

They went home to the Mikaelson mansion, they managed to sneak back in and making it to his bedroom. Once they closed the door, the air was becoming a bit more uncomfortable.

“Come here”

Davina took off her dress and her corset with the help of Kol to wear one on his white shirt. He stripped of clothes to finally be in underwear only when he got in bed with Davina. She put her head on his shoulder and his arm on her back with both of their legs tangled.

“You know, its weird”

“What’s weird?”

“Well, Kol, we don’t even have to talk to each other to know what this relationship means to each of us”

“Well maybe, it’s because we want the same things”


Chapter Text

Klaus’ POV:

“Well let’s start, Giuseppe, bourbon?” Mikael said, like he was in a hurry to be anywhere else right now.

“Yes” Both of them got into a small conversation about bourbon trying to lighten the mood meaning that this was going to be bad.

Caroline and her father came into the study. She sat next to him while both fathers stood in front of them. She looked gorgeous with her powder blue dress and beige corset.

“Ugh, can you move?!” Caroline groaned. He was taken aback by her harshness, didn’t they share a nice conversation the other day in the garden? Maybe it was just a break from their hatred. Would it always be like that? Hate then whatever it was that happened in the garden? He doesn’t want that for them because then they would probably end up like his parents.

“Sorry, Love” He scooted a bit to let her have more space while looking at her.

Caroline’s POV:

When she saw his blue ocean eyes, she almost forgot why she hated him. Then she thought back of what happened after her dress shopping.


Caroline had just finished talking with Katherine about her love life, the two of them were really close since they both understood life the same way. Davina told her that Katherine was thinking about her future again and Caroline knew that she had to comfort her best friend. She told her that her future was going to be bright because she was the baddest bitch of them all. She also let it slip that she should talk to Elijah but Katherine told her that they were kind of over, but Caroline still told her that she should talk to him. About what, she didn’t know but talking always helps, her mom always says that.

She bought her dress and told the girls she was going out for some fresh air. She was still a bit hung over from the night before. Turns out she has a very low tolerance for alcohol, maybe it’s because girls aren’t allowed to drink in public unless they’re over 20 and it’s champagne. She could remember a conversation between Klaus and her about babies and apologies but nothing beyond that.

She was walking around when some one grabbed her arm and pushed her against a brick wall in a back alley.


“Caroline, I heard that you and Klaus have been spending a little bit too much time together”


“One of the Mikaelson maid told me that, you and him were having a walk together in the garden, at night!”

“It is none of your business! Shouldn’t you be with Hayley? You looked like you were enjoying her last time I saw you”

“That was a month ago and it doesn’t mean that I’m not still interested in you”

“Well, I’m not anymore! And if you don’t get your hands off me, I’m going to…”

“To… what exactly huh? Tell your brothers? Too bad they’re not here and I am the one who decides if you’re interested in me”

Tyler put his hand around Caroline’s throat and started squeezing it. He put his knee in between her legs. She could feel the air leaving her lungs and her skin bruising already. She knew she would probably get a beating for having any bruises that could be seen in public but she didn’t care right now, all she wanted to do was to get away from him before he raped her.

She quickly used her arm that wasn’t held by him to but her fingers in his eyes. When he loosened the grip he had on her, she quickly gave him a kick in the balls so she could run. He was now on the ground with his hands covering the part where she kicked him.

“I make my own fucking decisions”

“If you think that this is the end, you’re wrong Caroline! You’re going to be mine whether you like it or not!”

She ran like hell to go back in the store. When everyone saw the purple and blue bruises on her neck, they all started to hover over her but she said that no one can tell anyone. Keelin gave her ice and told her to hold it where the bruises are for ten minutes and they should be gone, if not they could put make up.


“So, until the end of the school year, Niklaus will court Caroline publicly, and in July we will have the wedding” Her father told the both of them. It had her wondering about how long both of their fathers knew that they would force them to get married. God, she hated her father so much.

“After the wedding you will both move into the house on Deveraux street, it has already been bought and we will be making modifications until the wedding” Mikael said, like he had already practiced what he was going to say.

“Isn’t that house the only one on the street and isn’t Ms. Sophie living there?”

“Caroline! We already said everything was took care of! Women…”

Caroline dropped her head in shame, she wasn’t really but if she didn’t she would get a beating later. She was actually mad and annoyed at the fact, that only because she didn’t have a fucking dick, she was stupid. Men are so ignorant.

“Because the Salvatores will be paying for the wedding, and we bought the house and will pay for furniture and construction, you will spend your honeymoon here, in Mystic Falls”

“Caroline and her mother will be planning the wedding, while you two will be attending every social event together.”

“Now that the planning is out of the way, Niklaus, I want to talk to you”Giuseppe said walking out of the study.

Caroline sat still until her father and future husband closed the door of the study to talk.

“You are going to do everything we tell you to do”

“I’m sorry?”

“Even if you are married we own the two of you and you will put on a great smile and act as if you are in love with him”

“Look, I agreed to do the arranged marriage and to live the rest of my life with him I am not going to-“

“Yes, you will! If you don’t, I will beat you until you are dead” He slapped her, the sound that it made was echoing in the room while her cheek was stinging. There would be a red imprint there, in the morning.


Caroline sat still in silence waiting for her father to finish his conversation with Klaus so that they could go home and just for a minute forget about her reality.

Klaus’ POV:

“You will need to buy her a ring or you can take the Salvatore family ring”

“I think she would like the family ring more”

“Here, I brought it anyway”

Giuseppe handed a ring with a square diamond in the middle surrounded by other small diamonds. In the band of the ring there was written “Love”, at first Klaus would have thought that there would be “Salvatore” written on it but maybe Caroline’s family believed in love even tough most of the marriages were arranged. The ring was truly beautiful and Caroline totally deserved it if not more.

“Thank you, I will buy her a another for the wedding”

“However you see it fit”

Giuseppe and Klaus went back in the study to find Caroline looking scared and shocked with an annoyed Mikael. Mikael and Giuseppe started walking to the entry of the mansion so that they could go but Caroline sat still on the couch while both fathers were already out of the study.


“Promise me you will protect me”

“Of course, what happened”

“Promise me!”

“I-I promise!”

He was standing before her when she got up and hugged him. He could ear her cry a bit before she let go.

“Meet me in the woods were we use to play at, when we were young”


“At 10 o’clock”

“I’ll be there”