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Another time, still in love…

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Klaus’ POV:

“Well let’s start, Giuseppe, bourbon?” Mikael said, like he was in a hurry to be anywhere else right now.

“Yes” Both of them got into a small conversation about bourbon trying to lighten the mood meaning that this was going to be bad.

Caroline and her father came into the study. She sat next to him while both fathers stood in front of them. She looked gorgeous with her powder blue dress and beige corset.

“Ugh, can you move?!” Caroline groaned. He was taken aback by her harshness, didn’t they share a nice conversation the other day in the garden? Maybe it was just a break from their hatred. Would it always be like that? Hate then whatever it was that happened in the garden? He doesn’t want that for them because then they would probably end up like his parents.

“Sorry, Love” He scooted a bit to let her have more space while looking at her.

Caroline’s POV:

When she saw his blue ocean eyes, she almost forgot why she hated him. Then she thought back of what happened after her dress shopping.


Caroline had just finished talking with Katherine about her love life, the two of them were really close since they both understood life the same way. Davina told her that Katherine was thinking about her future again and Caroline knew that she had to comfort her best friend. She told her that her future was going to be bright because she was the baddest bitch of them all. She also let it slip that she should talk to Elijah but Katherine told her that they were kind of over, but Caroline still told her that she should talk to him. About what, she didn’t know but talking always helps, her mom always says that.

She bought her dress and told the girls she was going out for some fresh air. She was still a bit hung over from the night before. Turns out she has a very low tolerance for alcohol, maybe it’s because girls aren’t allowed to drink in public unless they’re over 20 and it’s champagne. She could remember a conversation between Klaus and her about babies and apologies but nothing beyond that.

She was walking around when some one grabbed her arm and pushed her against a brick wall in a back alley.


“Caroline, I heard that you and Klaus have been spending a little bit too much time together”


“One of the Mikaelson maid told me that, you and him were having a walk together in the garden, at night!”

“It is none of your business! Shouldn’t you be with Hayley? You looked like you were enjoying her last time I saw you”

“That was a month ago and it doesn’t mean that I’m not still interested in you”

“Well, I’m not anymore! And if you don’t get your hands off me, I’m going to…”

“To… what exactly huh? Tell your brothers? Too bad they’re not here and I am the one who decides if you’re interested in me”

Tyler put his hand around Caroline’s throat and started squeezing it. He put his knee in between her legs. She could feel the air leaving her lungs and her skin bruising already. She knew she would probably get a beating for having any bruises that could be seen in public but she didn’t care right now, all she wanted to do was to get away from him before he raped her.

She quickly used her arm that wasn’t held by him to but her fingers in his eyes. When he loosened the grip he had on her, she quickly gave him a kick in the balls so she could run. He was now on the ground with his hands covering the part where she kicked him.

“I make my own fucking decisions”

“If you think that this is the end, you’re wrong Caroline! You’re going to be mine whether you like it or not!”

She ran like hell to go back in the store. When everyone saw the purple and blue bruises on her neck, they all started to hover over her but she said that no one can tell anyone. Keelin gave her ice and told her to hold it where the bruises are for ten minutes and they should be gone, if not they could put make up.


“So, until the end of the school year, Niklaus will court Caroline publicly, and in July we will have the wedding” Her father told the both of them. It had her wondering about how long both of their fathers knew that they would force them to get married. God, she hated her father so much.

“After the wedding you will both move into the house on Deveraux street, it has already been bought and we will be making modifications until the wedding” Mikael said, like he had already practiced what he was going to say.

“Isn’t that house the only one on the street and isn’t Ms. Sophie living there?”

“Caroline! We already said everything was took care of! Women…”

Caroline dropped her head in shame, she wasn’t really but if she didn’t she would get a beating later. She was actually mad and annoyed at the fact, that only because she didn’t have a fucking dick, she was stupid. Men are so ignorant.

“Because the Salvatores will be paying for the wedding, and we bought the house and will pay for furniture and construction, you will spend your honeymoon here, in Mystic Falls”

“Caroline and her mother will be planning the wedding, while you two will be attending every social event together.”

“Now that the planning is out of the way, Niklaus, I want to talk to you”Giuseppe said walking out of the study.

Caroline sat still until her father and future husband closed the door of the study to talk.

“You are going to do everything we tell you to do”

“I’m sorry?”

“Even if you are married we own the two of you and you will put on a great smile and act as if you are in love with him”

“Look, I agreed to do the arranged marriage and to live the rest of my life with him I am not going to-“

“Yes, you will! If you don’t, I will beat you until you are dead” He slapped her, the sound that it made was echoing in the room while her cheek was stinging. There would be a red imprint there, in the morning.


Caroline sat still in silence waiting for her father to finish his conversation with Klaus so that they could go home and just for a minute forget about her reality.

Klaus’ POV:

“You will need to buy her a ring or you can take the Salvatore family ring”

“I think she would like the family ring more”

“Here, I brought it anyway”

Giuseppe handed a ring with a square diamond in the middle surrounded by other small diamonds. In the band of the ring there was written “Love”, at first Klaus would have thought that there would be “Salvatore” written on it but maybe Caroline’s family believed in love even tough most of the marriages were arranged. The ring was truly beautiful and Caroline totally deserved it if not more.

“Thank you, I will buy her a another for the wedding”

“However you see it fit”

Giuseppe and Klaus went back in the study to find Caroline looking scared and shocked with an annoyed Mikael. Mikael and Giuseppe started walking to the entry of the mansion so that they could go but Caroline sat still on the couch while both fathers were already out of the study.


“Promise me you will protect me”

“Of course, what happened”

“Promise me!”

“I-I promise!”

He was standing before her when she got up and hugged him. He could ear her cry a bit before she let go.

“Meet me in the woods were we use to play at, when we were young”


“At 10 o’clock”

“I’ll be there”