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Jurassic Park: The Mesozoic Mystery

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    There were seven of them: Clown Dodgson, Polo Dodgson, Bald Dodgson (formerly Tattoos Dodgson), Old-West Dodgson, Fitness Dodgson, and Ultimate Dodgson.  And of course, most importantly, Lewis Dodgson II. 

    The idea had originally been thought up by Lewis Dodgson (the original, obviously) and included in that stack of papers which he had given Nelson a couple years back.  Nelson was to create seven clones of Dodgson, one of which would be endowed with his essence (said essence having been previously recorded, replicated, and stored using one of BioSyn ’s cutting-edge computer units) and memories.  The other Dodgsons would act as back-ups, but had ended up being pretty useful for running errands and stuff, too.

    All six of these additional Dodgsons had developed a unique personality during the past (and only) year of their lives, as hinted to by their nicknames.  Clown Dodgson always dressed like a circus clown, Old-West Dodgson was vaguely delusional and thought he was a cowboy, and so on.  But there were other differences—for example, Clown Dodgson was way meaner than his counterparts, with a tendency towards psychopathy that rivaled that of even Dodgson I.  And Ultimate Dodgson wore a black cloak all the time and would often sit in the shadows, contemplating the ethical implications surrounding his existence. The six of them were generally confined to Biosyn’s headquarter’s basement, which probably didn’t help anyone temperament-wise.  It was all a very interesting study of the whole nature vs. nurture debate.  Would these Dodgsons have really turned out that bad if set free in the world?  Or would they be predestined to follow in the footsteps of their predecessor?  Neither Nelson nor anyone else could answer.

    While the original plans given to Nelson had only instructed him that much on the subject of human cloning Nelson and Dodgson II had, in recent months, begun to explore other applications of the technology.  After all, they were only using it to further Dodgson I’s legendary vision.  They’d tried to clone Ronald Reagan a couple of times, just for fun, but could never quite get him right.  Only one trial had proved successful—the creation of a David Miscabige* clone.  The real David Miscabige* was an influential cult leader and Dodgson II had theorized that, if realized, this would be exceedingly helpful in certain PR aspects of the plan.  For now, the Miscabige clone was kept in a locked broom closet.

    So that was it, basically.  


*FROM THE AUTHOR: Please note that the character of David Miscabige is entirely fictional.  Any similarities to a certain David Miscavige (not that there would be any) are absolutely coincidental.  That being said, this author has nothing whatsoever against either Mr. Miscavige or the religious teachings which he represents.  I hope you find your wife, sir.