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Mark jefferson gangsters babygirl

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Mark jefferson was in the dark room setting thgs up to take pcs of funtiemofxy n was like hey bae and took one n nwo im depressed. ‘Hello daddy” said fntime foxy to mark jefferson an then he sad andhave sex to cope with the pure angst and rtrauma he is getting from this odamn fox from fnaf DIE DIE DIE DIE all of a sudan his ex david and frank madsen show up and are like hey wtf why are you cheating we are actually not exs MARK LIED he is liar and now I willow commit 9 11 and die also the hit amoung us impostor came and said hi to the party goers in the dark room because this was a part then david waskissing frak and mark was like oh no this will not happn and then scooby doo cam e out nand kissed mark and was like hey bae come with me bvecause fraka dn devaid are GROS AND WACK so yeahoay says mark and thenthey go to the bus that hit user me rides your mom in every nght anways im sorry MARK PLEASE COME BACK ccsraemd david and the frank was like david no its too late he is now a hip gangster and is going to find a mafia baby girl in gacha life and now willdie aloof sudne then MAKI HARUKAWA came wand was like hey mark can i be your gangster baby girlplease and mark said yes of course because she so was sexyand edgy and gf so he is like why dot we take a date to the dark room n they go then mark jefferson sees frank therewith a gun WTF AE YO DOING WITH THAT GU FRANK im gonna shoot you said frank and shot but then MAKI HARUKAWA got shot because maxes rewind powers wereiven to jefferson to cope and die and then they are liike ok we are now in hit tv show HOUSE FLIPPRER b run by your mother and now jefferson and justin timer lake will fixhouses but the the zombie appolys happens and then all the polys cme abdn be gay please kiss me said none and then ou diEI DIE DIE DIE DIE DI sorry i got agressive there also i will walk now i am tnatha prescock and I will run this town w the help of you view WTF THIS IS A TV LETS MAK DEAL NO WHAT OMG it is actyuulay THE MOMENT OF TRUTH lauren the hit tv movie star of this show cheats on your mother n your father dad granma grandpa cousins brother sister nephew niec e step dad DAVID PLEASE COME TAYLOR NOOO GO AWAY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PISS DIE DIE DDI
I want to cry
Black wells
Blackwell dutu callsIn Max's photography class with Mr. Jefferson, Taylor is sitting at a table with Victoria. She throws a crumpled paper note at Kate Marsh, which reads,

Dear Kate,

We love your porn video

XOXO Blackwell Academy

As the class ends, Mr. Jefferson tells her he is still waiting for her entry for the "Everyday Heroes" contest. After the class ended, she waited in the hallway for Victoria with Courtney.


Taylor Christensen is a student at Blackwell Academy in Life is Strange. She is friends with Victoria Chase and Courtney Wagner and is a member of the Vortex Club. She and Max Caulfield can have some positive moments in the game, despite the fact that she is always waiting for Victoria.

Hello Heather i am sorry to inform you but im so sad i hate every single one of these godamn fics and I can never write anything that is good like why?? Why is it that taylor shitass has to be alive I own this shithole i could blow this whole town up whatthefuck ever DIE DIE DIE DIE DIEDIE idiot says what THOSE WERE MY BEANS im going insane I only got 2 hours of sleep yester day and have not gone to bed since that shit is gay and I want to end my fucking lif nw FUCK YOU TAYLOR now i ccant watch life is strange wthoy you ruining it for me DIE DIE DIE TAYLOR FUCKASS DIE .


Heather can you please join the blackwellys