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Snowed In

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“Alright there…” Shuffling carefully to avoid spilling, as the white flakes pummeled the windows, Gil rounded the couch and passed Gord a mug of steaming cocoa with a smile. “There ya go.”

“Aw, thank you, darling.” Gord accepted, blowing steam off the top. “You’re so good to me.”

Nestling into his husband before the crackling fire, Gil hummed happily as he sipped the luscious drink. “You’re welcome, my love. I always want to be so good to you. Exactly what you deserve.”

Combing the rusty locks from Gil’s high forehead, Gord dipped down to kiss his pink lips, intending a peck. But as he tasted their saporous flavor, as Gil lingered, Gord set his warm cup down on the tree ring coffee table. “Mmm…” Taking the ceramic from Gil’s large hand, Gord cupped his sculpted jaw, tilting his head to better experience his mouth. 

Wind whorling outside, Gil purred appreciatively and rolled over atop Gord’s lap. Though a tall man, he adored curling his broad frame up in Gord’s arms, making himself small in his partner’s grasp. 

Hands flowed over knobbly sweaters as tongues leisurely twirled, the cabin quiet apart from the roar of a fire and their mutual noises of delight whispered against each other’s lips. As Gord’s fingers wandered, kneading Gil’s thick thighs over his green cargo pants, his cock unfurled with the promise of their union, and he tugged greedily as his beloved’s dark tresses.

“Should we go to bed then?” Gord intoned as he looked down, polishing Gil’s sharp cheekbone and smiling.

“Well…” Grinning, Gil gave Gord’s nipple a playful pinch through the knit. “Can’t go anywhere else. The road’s closed.”

Giggling, both stood and, hand in hand, moseyed to their room. Chilly, they tumbled onto the mattress together, snuggling under the afghan as their mouths met and their limbs intertwined.

With the world frozen, Gil and Gord possessed all the time in the world to relish one another’s bodies. No boiling ecstasy, no heated tearing of garments. No. Rather warmth and comfort. Blooming kisses interrupted by sunny smiles, making up for that which their environment denied.

Toss of a blue knit turtleneck, a heavy sweater puddling on the floor. Two bodies, familiar and yet novel in their touch, their love; meshed together beneath the succor of the sheets.

“Mmm… You’re so beautiful.” Gord trickled his fingertips through the black down on Gil’s firm chest, mirroring the icicles in a few month’s time. “My gorgeous man.”

“My handsome husband.” Gil’s voice lilted with a wide smile. “I love you so much.”

“I love you so much, too.” Patiently, Gord slid down over Gil’s little belly, stroking over his burgeoning erection as their hips rolled. “And I love showing you how much I do.”

Uneven eyes fluttering, Gil nodded eagerly. “Me too.” But, stilling Gord’s wrist, Gil leaned down, supple lips pressed to his ear with a seductive murmur. “Let me show you with my mouth.”

“Mmm...yes please, darling.”

Gil massaged his way over Gord’s skin, blazing with lengthy fingers until he rotated beneath his talented touch. “Mmm… Oh gosh. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the way you touch me, love.”

With a wink of his left eye before he popped his head under the blanket, Gil giggled. “Oh I certainly hope not, there.”

“Oh… Oh Gil… ” Warmth enveloped Gord. Not only from Gil’s uneven lips, but from the covers, and their idyllic life. Fondling Gord’s balls with one sizable hand, the other jerked his shaft gently toward his mouth as Gil slurped over his hypersensitive tip, rejoicing in his husband’s moans above.

Oh Gil…” Groaning, Gord undulated into the sweet heat of Gil’s throat, brushing through his brown hair. “You’re so good. I love your mouth.”

Gil popped off, continuing to pump as he observed his partner’s writhing limbs beneath the covers. “I always want to make you feel so nice, my love.” Tongue flicking his frenulum, Gil grinned. “I want to spend my life making you feel so good.”

Hastening his ministrations, Gil ensconced Gord deeper, moaning over his cock. Gord couldn’t say why, exactly, but the image of Gil’s hidden head, bobbing rapidly, paired with the unseen seductive sensations, drove him wild. “ Oh yeah! Yeah! Suck me, my love! So good! You’re gonna make me cum! Yeah!”

“Yeah…” Gil muttered quickly, tugging Gord hard and fast as he paused to suck his balls. “Cum in my mouth, dear. Cum for me. Now.”

As soon as Gil descended, ten points of pressure hit his scalp and Gord’s hips leapt, a salinic downfall blasting his tongue. Slowly rising after a greedy swallow, Gil kissed back up Gord’s recovering figure, smiling when he reached his flushed face. “Mmm… Was that good, my love?”

“With you?” Gord breathed, grinning weakly. “Always.”

After taking a minute to gather himself, Gord rolled onto his side, palm flowing over Gil’s vast shoulder. “Ya know, I don’t think I’ll ever get over how stunning you are.”

A crooked, goofy grin. Gil captured Gord’s lips and he tasted himself, salty and sweet. “I hope you never do, there.”

Painting down his long body to encircle Gil’s leaking cock, Gord kissed a path along his sturdy jaw. “Your turn…”

With enough heat burnished between them, Gord whipped back the blanket so he could absorb all of Gil. Muscular legs spread, thick cock curving over belly pudge, and lithe body splayed; Gord found him nothing short of angelic as he lay atop their plaid sheets. “Mmm…”

Gord hunkered down, licking a wide swath along Gil’s shaft from base to tip. “Do you want fingers, darling?”

“Yeah…” Lifting a knee, Gil nodded fervently. “Yeah, my love. Please…”

Though Gord’s absence to grab the lube from their carved bedside drawer provoked a mewl of disappointment, when he returned Gil beamed, wiggling his narrow hips apart. Fingertips glommed with the sticky liquid, Gord parted Gil’s tiny asscheeks and petted over the tight circle of muscle. “Mmm...dear, you’re so sexy.”

Arching his long spine in an effort to draw Gord into himself, Gil sighed needily. “You too, dear. Mmm…”

One finger, and then another; Gord wormed into Gil’s restrictive depths as his tongue wrapped around the bulbous head of his massive cock. “Mmm… I love being inside of you, darling. I just want to make you feel so good.”

“You always do. Oh!” A high cry escaped Gil as Gord hooked into his prostate and sank his lips down. “ Oh! Gord! Yeah! So good!”

Gil adored how, no matter the months, the years spent together, Gord devoured him like the rarest maple syrup, inhaling his considerable cock with abandon and ratcheting his broad body into an avalanche of ecstasy. “ Oh Gord! Yeah! Just like that! Keep going! Please! Please!”

Getting Gil begging was Gord’s favorite pastime, and he tamped feverishly into his prostate as he gobbled his huge cock. As Gord groaned around his flinching flesh, Gil squirmed, fisting in his black tendrils. “ Oh! Oh Gord! I’m gonna cum! Oh yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

Retracting within, Gil violently shuddered, hot cum spraying into Gord’s mouth as Gil’s left eye flickered and his crisp jaw dropped. “ Oh… Oh Gord… Yeah…”

Lips and mouth and tongue traced up Gil’s sweating figure as he commanded oxygen into his lungs. Gord scooped him into his arms, clearing the dewy brunette from Gil’s prominent forehead with a smile. “Mmm… I love you so much, darling. You make every storm a beautiful day.”

Cozy against the cold in Gord’s embrace, Gil’s wonky grin surfaced. “So do you, my love.”