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like a sister

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Natsuki is not your little sister, but at this point, she might as well be. The young girl lives with her grandparents, so close to you that your families have spent a lot of time together. From a young age, it was obvious that she looked up to you, and at first, you were simply nice to her because you were told to be. She did not have many people her own age, so she wanted to fit in with someone older, and your parents said that you should just go easy on her, since she is only a kid.

However, it does not take long for you to warm up to her. After spending that time with her, letting her tag along with you whenever your families get together, you find yourself growing more and more attached to her. She is very smart for her age, and tries her best to be mature, to measure up to you and impress you, and that, in turn, just makes her that much cuter. In terms of young girls, you know that Natsuki is exceptionally pretty for her age as well, and at first, you do not think much of the feelings that you are developing.

However, as time goes on and as your bond continues to grow, you do notice a shift. Though there are only a few years between the two of you, at this point in your lives, that age gap makes all the difference, and you know that she is too young for you, too young for anything. Being attracted to her should be completely out of the question, but once you start to notice the crush that she has on you, it becomes very difficult for you to ignore.

It is only natural that she might develop a crush on the older guy that plays with her to be nice. Your relationship is supposed to be like that of siblings, but even with all that in mind, it still is not that strange to imagine her falling for you, since she is so young, and is so used to being around you. The only thing about this situation that makes it so unusual is the fact that you think you might be falling for her as well. Every time you are left alone with her, she feels like so much more than just a pseudo-little sister to you.

The sibling bond is definitely still there, but you can’t stop thinking about how pretty she is, or how flattered you are that she has such an obvious crush on you, and all you want to do is get closer to her, and do whatever you can to make sure that she is happy. As long as she is smiling for you, you are as happy as can be…at least at first. Slowly but surely, your feelings begin to grow all out of control, and it makes you start to wish that you could have something more.

To cross that sort of line with her would be unforgivable, and you know that. It would be betraying the trust put in you by both your parents and her grandparents. Every time you are left alone together, it is because they all believe that Natsuki will be completely safe with you. Even allowing yourself to be alone with her when you know you have these feelings for her is bad enough, but as long as you are not acting on them, you can at least try to excuse it. Once you cross that line, there will be nothing you can do to excuse it. There will be no way to forgive yourself, and Natsuki deserves better than that.

Her crush on you is completely innocent; she is completely innocent. There must be something wrong with you to see her in that light and yet…you find that you just can’t help yourself. No matter how hard you try, you are unable to shake the feelings that you have developed for her, and slowly but surely, you fall deeper into it. Fighting it becomes harder with each passing day, but you never expect your lapse in control do be a direct result of something that she does.

You never expect Natsuki to be the one to make the first move, or for her crush to grow to a point that it is not exactly innocent.


“Big brother,” she says one day, catching your attention, after you let your mind wander a bit. To be honest, your thoughts were not particularly pure, as you watched her running about and playing, and you were so caught up in those impure thoughts that you did not even notice her slow to a stop, or get lost in thoughts of her own. In fact, your thoughts are so impure that you nearly think that she was reading your mind.

“What is it?” you ask her, not sure what she will say to you. Nothing could prepare you for the question that comes out of her mouth next.

“What’s sex feel like?”

In that moment, you are certain that the little girl has turned into a mind reader, capable of peering into your deepest thoughts, and you feel absolutely terrible for her to have glimpsed anything of the sort. Of course, after a moment, you remember that such a thing is impossible, but you were definitely worried at first. Still, you have no idea where she even learned a word like that, let alone why she would want to ask you about it. It leaves you more than a little concerned, but also leaves you with a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach.

“I don’t know,” you answer honestly, rather than asking her any of the questions that are on your mind right now. Such as, how she even knows about any of this. “I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“Is it supposed to feel good?” she asks, and your chest aches. How many nights have you struggled to fall asleep, just imagining how good it could feel with her?

You nod, but add, “I really don’t know much, though. It’s just what I’ve heard.”

“But you’ve heard more than me, probably,” she says. “I don’t think anyone else would answer if I ever asked.” That makes sense, and you know that you should not answer either. The right thing to do is to stop her from thinking about this sort of thing at all, not entertain her questions, and wonder if you might be able to spin this to your favor. That is a line you are never supposed to cross, so what are you doing, considering your means of crossing it?

“I do know a little bit, that’s right.”

“So you can teach me about sex,” she says, and just hearing those words from her mouth nearly cause your heart to stop, right then and there. “Well, about the parts you know about. The other things, I guess we just won’t worry about right now!”

How can she manage to sound so smart and yet so innocent, all at once? The poor little girl really doesn’t understand what she is leaving herself open for, how she could be taken advantage of in a situation like this, how you could take advantage of her, because you are not nearly as good as she seems to think you are. Everyone thinks that you are this perfect role model for Natsuki, and that could not be further from the truth.

“I can teach you anything you need to know, all you have to do is ask me. About anything,” you find yourself telling her. This is getting really bad, to a point that you would not be able to bounce back from, if she were to repeat this conversation to anyone. Hastily, you find yourself adding, “It’s probably better if it stays a secret, though.”

“Yeah, I guess so, since no one else would answer me.”

“That’s right. They don’t want me to tell you, probably, so I don’t want to get either of us into trouble. But you can always trust me for the stuff the grown ups won’t tell you,” you reply. You are not an adult quite yet, but you are not a child like her, either. You are much closer to the “grown ups” that you act like the two of you are standing together against, in this scenario she has created. But as long as she believes she can trust you, she is going to go along with whatever you say.

You are in far too deep already, and even though you still have the chance to stop yourself from falling any further, you already know that you are not going to do that. You already know that you are going to dive head first into all of this, and take it far beyond any point that you could hope to come back from.


Natsuki is eager to learn from you. Everything that you say, she takes to heart, and it would be so easy for you to get this little girl to do anything. It has always been easy for you is what you realize now, but you never took a chance to use her, because you were always too decent. Even now, you are careful as you start things with her, taking it nice and slow as you teach her everything she wants to know.

In fact, you start with romance, instead of sex. The way you see it, she does not need to know that sex can exist without love, and you want her to understand the importance of love, when it comes to matters of sex. No matter how you look at it, she is getting a twisted education, but you at least want to make sure that you do the best you can with that, whether it matters in the long run or not.

And beyond all that, you do still have deeper motives for making her understand that little detail. The more you explain to her that love is necessary, the more she will believe that the natural outcome of love is sex. How many times has she said that she loves you? She always said she meant it like a brother, but she also has done a poor job of hiding her crush on you, and you know that she believes she is in love with you, that she is old enough to even know what it means.

Your little “lessons” are mixed in with your normal, daily activities, so that any time the two of you are together, you find little chances to teach her these things, while also trying to behave as if there is still a bit of normalcy. You are cultivating something in her, and giving her the chance to come up with the idea all on her own, so that you can lie to yourself in the end, and say that it was not your fault, that she was the one who came up with it, even knowing that the blame is always going to rest with you. Whether she comes onto you or not, you are always going to be the one to blame.

Even so, doing things like this at least makes it feel a little bit easier for you. As she learns more and more, you can practically see her dying to ask, wanting to bring it up to you, but she always hesitates, driving you mad with anticipation. All you can do is wait, because you do not want to be the one to push things too far. You do not want to be the one to scare her away, or even to ask her directly. If you play things like this, if you just pretend that this is all her idea, then you can try to ease some of the guilt that will surely come with it.

If only she would ask already.

Just when you are starting to lose hope that she will, just when you are starting to accept that it is better this way, because you really are better off never getting your hands on her, she finally brings it up. It is hesitantly, but she is still the one to ask you outright, and of course you can’t help but say yes to her.

“Big brother…I know you said you can’t teach me anything about how it really feels because you don’t know, but…” She trails off, and you feel as if you have forgotten how to breathe. You already know where this is going, what she is going to say, before it even comes out. “Well, I mean…if it’s something that two people who love each other do…well, I was just wondering…maybe we can learn together?”

“Natsuki, what are you saying?” you ask, surprised that you are able to get the question out, and even more surprised that you are able to pretend to be clueless. She blushes furiously, hesitating before she asks you a bit more directly.

“Would you please have sex with me?” she finally asks, and you could die right here and now, and still be happy. Except, no, you couldn’t, because if you were to die now, you would never be able to know her touch, but now, you are definitely going to. Now, because of all your careful work, you are finally going to have her, and the fact that you have groomed her into this is forgotten in your excitement. What does it matter how you got here? All that really matters is the fact that you are here, and that she is going to be yours.

You have explained so much about it all, so she is not going to be surprised by anything that the two of you actually do. She lets you help her out of her clothes, and you are gentle as you do so. The two of you have plenty of time alone together, since you are so trusted with her. No one would ever bat an eye over leaving Natsuki alone with you, because no one would ever suspect something like this. There is a brief pang of guilt, but you are quick to push that out of your mind.

There is no time to worry about that now. Natsuki is going to be yours! And as you work to strip her down, her perfect body is exposed to you. She is much too young for you, but that just makes her seem that much more appealing. Her flat chest and her slight build, her skinny hips…everything about her is perfect, and so pure. No one else is ever going to get to see this side of her, because you will make sure to keep her to yourself. You will make sure that no one else ever takes advantage of her like you are going to.

Natsuki is young and innocent, and her innocence is going to belong to you, and only you. Anything that might happen to her farther down the road will not change the fact that you are going to have her now, her first time, while she is still young and innocent. But if you are able to have it your way, she is never going to belong to anyone else, and no one will ever touch her. You are both still young, but seeing her like this now, you already know that you are never going to love anyone as much as you love Natsuki, and with that in mind, you can’t ever let go of her.

Maybe when the two of you are older, your families will think it is sweet for the two of you to start dating. Just as long as you never tell anyone how long you were actually seeing each other, just as long as they believe it is new when it begins, it will probably be considered sweet, and you will be able to marry her, and keep her to yourself. Your head is spinning as you get ahead of yourself, and you have to bring yourself back to the present. There is a very cute, very naked girl in front of you, blushing as you gawk at her, and you pull back so that you can strip down yourself.

Her curiosity overwhelms any shyness that she might feel, and she is eager to get a good look at you, and at your body. You wonder whether or not you should be self-conscious, but then you feel foolish for even wondering. For one thing, Natsuki has no idea what to expect and nothing to compare you to. For another, you have no reason to worry either way, or at least you do not think you do, and either way, the two of you are definitely in love. That overrides everything else, doesn’t it?

“Are you sure about this?” you ask in a quiet voice, praying that she does not want to back out. You are not sure if you will be able to stop even if she wants to, and you do not want to do something like that to her. Fortunately, though, she nods, seeming more determined than ever to let you have your way with her. “Alright, then sit on my lap and let me hold you for a little bit.”

Natsuki does as she is told, and you can feel her perfect little ass against your erection like this, driving you mad whenever she wiggles the right way. You swallow hard, trying to focus on her, and not let yourself get carried away by all of this, before you have even properly begun. She flinches when you reach down to put a hand between her legs, but she does not try to fight it, spreading her legs for you. Her pussy feels so warm, even before you have properly touched her, and it is dizzying. Once you have actually had the chance to touch her, it is even more than you ever dreamed it could be, and you are barely able to steady yourself, barely able to collect your thoughts.

All you can do is hope that you are doing this right, that everything you have learned about this is accurate, and something that you can properly act out. Natsuki whimpers under your touch, and you pause time and again to ask her if it feels good, if she likes it. She does, even though she also thinks that it feels weird, and when you ask her if she wants you to stop, she shakes her head.

Encouraged, you continue, fingering her and listening to the way that she whimpers for you, her voice breaking due to her arousal. The fact that she is this aroused for you, that she is aroused for you at all, feels like something out of a dream, but you know this is real, that you never would have been able to dream something like this. She is getting so wet for you now, and you know that she is nearly ready. It is hard for you to wait, but you have already waiting this long, so a little bit longer is no time at all, not when you really consider it.

You have waited so long for her, and even if this were the end, even if she asked you to stop, you want to think that you could be content with this. There is no part of you that wants to hurt Natsuki, so you can only hope that you would be able to pull back if she asked you to, and you are so grateful that she doesn’t, that she wants you to keep going, all the way up until the moment of truth. Now, you know that she is as ready as she can get, and you are losing your mind from how badly that you want her.

It is time to claim her virginity, to really teach her what it means to have sex. No one else will ever know this side of her, and no one else will ever have this first with her. You never plan on losing her, but either way, you are always going to have this.

She lays back and you spread her legs, moving between them, looking down at her. Her face is flushed, and she looks a little bit nervous, but for the most part, she seems almost relaxed, like she really is ready for this. Natsuki is too young in every regard, and yet, seeing her now, you can only think that she looks ready for it, that she looks like she has been waiting a very long time. It is hard to feel guilty, seeing that look on her face, and harder still when you want her as badly as you do, love her as much as you do.

You are slow as you start to push into her. It takes a bit, at least at first, for her to remember to relax once she has felt you penetrating her, and at first, it is almost too much for her to handle. She may have thought that she was ready for this, but thinking and doing are very different things, and at first, you worry that she is going to ask you to stop now, that she is going to admit that this is more than she can handle.

It is already hard enough for you to take this part slowly, when you want her as badly as you do, when you are so overwhelmed by how tight and perfect she already is. You really do not think it will be possible for you to stop, so all you can do is try and slow it down more, trying your best to let Natsuki get used to it all. She still does what she can to take it, doing what you told her to do before, taking deep breaths and steadying herself, and with that, you are able to continue easing inside of her.

Though it gets off to a rough start, it does not take very long for everything to get right back on track. Your worries were for nothing, because once she lets you finish fitting yourself as deep as you can, both of you are ready for more, with Natsuki starting to understand why it is that sex is considered such a big deal. Once she has gotten used to how you feel inside of her, and once you are able to start thrusting into her, she really gets it, and before long, you are both caught up in your uncontrollable moans, both lost in bliss like you have never known before.

You have taken good care to make sure you properly pleasure her, so you are able to make her come like this, her very first orgasm. She has no idea what to expect from this, and no way to handle the sudden rush of feelings, overwhelming her to the point that her voice breaks when she screams for you, going completely weak beneath you. Of course, when she is pushed over the edge, you are right there with her, just barely able to pull out before you lose yourself to it, coming for her, certain that this is better than anything you ever could have achieved on your own.


Things quickly escalate from that point on, as you and Natsuki fall deeper into your secret relationship. She understands that she is not to speak of this with anyone, but it makes her feel very grown up to share a secret with you. Whenever the two of you can find time alone, you do what you can to show her more pleasure, and indulge in everything that she has to offer you, happier than you have ever been in your life, certain that all of this was meant to be.

Thanks to your guidance, she becomes a lot bolder, a lot more daring, in how she shows you affection. For the most part, she still keeps it behind closed doors, but every now and then, she gets some bold idea, and you can never bring yourself to turn her down, despite the slight risk involved. She likes doing things that she knows will tease you while the two of you are around other people, and starts to develop a penchant for not wearing underwear.

At least that risk is not as big, not as long as no one catches you looking. She is still young enough that she could pass it off as simply having forgotten, if anyone were to catch her. You like to indulge her in that, so when your families plan to attend a festival together, you suggest that Natsuki try it there. She will be wearing a beautiful yukata, an absolute vision just like she always is, and you will spend the night knowing that she is wearing nothing else beneath it.

Lately, you do not spend time with any friends your own age, and in past years, you would try and bring a friend to the festival with you. This year, you promise to simply look after Natsuki the whole time, and rather than being suspicious, your family is proud of you for being such a good role model, and taking such good care of the girl who is like a little sister to you.

Holding hands with her is one of your favorite things, because you can do that in public, at a place like this, and everyone just thinks that it is sweet and innocent. No one realizes that you are on a date with your girlfriend, but you know, and Natsuki knows, and that is all that really matters to you. Hand in hand, you guide her through the festival, letting her choose everything that the two of you do together, until finally, you are able to split off from your families, promising to meet up in time for the fireworks. They trust you to keep an eye on her and keep her entertained, none of them realizing that you are both just looking for an excuse to find somewhere to be alone together.

Now this part is risky, but she has gotten all worked up, going around with any underwear on, holding your hand out in public, and seeing her struggle to hide her excitement has gotten you pretty excited as well. Now seems like the perfect time to get away and take care of that, so you can only hope that the noise and bustle of the festival is enough to distract everyone else, and keep the two of you from getting caught.

Part of the risk comes from how much work will go into undressing and redressing her, but you can only hope the effort will be worth it, and that the two of you will remain out of sight for all the time that it takes. She does not need much work to get her ready for you, since she was already so turned on, and is so wet that it only takes you a moment before it is time to give her what she really wants.

Back here, you are still close enough to the festival to hear all the excitement, but it has dimmed a bit, a dull roar hanging in the background as you push her up against the wall. With her legs spread for you, you press up against her, and Natsuki wraps her arms around you, clinging tight as you start to push into her. Her soft whimpers would never be heard over the festival, but since she is so close to you, they are as clear as can be, encouraging you to keep going.

As you ease into her, you can’t help reflecting on how damn lucky you are. At first, you had so many reasons to hold back with her, but now, it is hard to imagine even one. You know that the reasons people would say the two of you should not be together, but there is no one in the world you could ever love as much as you love her, and you know that Natsuki loves you as well. She is not too young for that, not too young for any of this. Even if no one else understands, the two of you do, and you are in love.

With all that in mind, it is easy to get carried away like this, jerking your hips into her, the two of you panting as you show her just how much you love her. What could be wrong about this? You have taught her everything she needs to know to love you, and she has always been so mature for her age. She loves you just as you love her, and even if the two of you have to keep your relationship hidden, nothing is ever going to change the truth. Nothing is ever going to take your Natsuki away from you.

Her whimpering grows all the more needy, all the more pathetic, as you get her closer to the edge, and you know that you are going to be right there with her. You almost always are, never able to hold back when you are inside of her, when you can feel the way she tenses for you. Even when she screams out in ecstasy, the noise of the festival is enough to cover her voice from anyone but you, and as she gives into that bliss, it is too much for you to handle.

You hold tight to her as you come inside of her, moaning for her in a voice that only she can hear. The two of you have been left alone, just like you wanted, and as you catch your breath, you remind yourself that you need to hurry and get her dressed again. Together, the two of you can return to the festival, as if nothing happened.