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5 Nights in Gotham City

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"Hey Sam!" Dean yelled to his brother. Sam was sleeping in the back seat of Baby.

"Wha-wha-what?" Sam replied as he slowly woke up.

 "We just entered Gotham City." Dean replied. They had been traveling for the past 3 days to get here. All the way from the bunker in Kansas. There was a report a few days ago about some animatronics at a local pizzeria killing some kid. First they had thought it was just a weird bug, but after it happened 2 more times in a week. They knew they had to investigate. As they kept driving towards the point where they were meeting up with Jack, Cas and Claire, Dean saw the pizzeria where the murders were. "Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria." he said. As they pulled into the parking garage they saw Cas and the others waiting for them. As soon as Dean parked Baby, him and Sam jumped out to greet their friends.

"Hello Dean." Cas said. After saying their hellos to everyone they walked down the garage and went down the street until they were at the pizzeria. 

"This is it." Sam said as he looked at the abandoned pizzeria. The doors were all boarded up, but luckily Dean brought a crowbar before they left the garage. 

"Step back everyone." Dean yelled as he started to swing the crowbar. 


The wood boards started cracking. Soon they were weak enough for Dean to pry open with the crowbar. They walked in slowly. The black and white tiled floors were all beat up and dirty. 

"It's surprising how quickly they destroyed this place in just 3 days." Jack said as the walked near the stage. The stage boards were cracked and dust was all over the ground. As they continued to scan the area, Claire noticed one door that seemed important.

"Hey. This door says Parts and Service. Maybe it's where they keep the robots that killed the kids?" 

"Good work." Dean said as he tried to open the door. "Locked." he said. Before anyone could say anything else he decided to swing the crowbar, making a hole in the door. He repeated hitting the door until it was a big enough hole to get through. Once Dean crawled through the hole he unlocked the door for the others. Once everyone walked in Sam tried to flick the light switch on. 

"Doesn't Work." he said. He pulled out a flashlight from his backpack and lit up the room around them. Most of the animatronics were standing lifelessly on the wall but Cas noticed one in the back twitching slightly.

"This one seems to be alive." he said. It was a bunny costume with holes everywhere. One ear was ripped off and it smelled terrible. Cas examined it some more before seeing something inside. "Is that-" but before he could finish his sentence the animatronic jumped up. Dean quickly turned around and shot it in the head before it could do anything. The large rabbit slowly fell back down to the ground. 

"Is that it?" Sam said surprised. "All 3 days of driving and hes gone like that?" 

"Not exactly." Dean said. "This suit has easily been sitting here for a few years. Does anyone know which animatronic killed the kids?"

"It was a golden bear," Jack started as he reviewed his notes. "But here I see the chicken, the brown bear, the blue rabbit and the fox. Oh and the old rabbit." 

"They must have hid the other bear. Let's look around for a hidden switch." Dean said as he started moving the animatronics away to feel the wall. Jack knelt down the the old torn up rabbit suit. He could see something behind it through the holes in the suit. As he pushed the suit away. There was a ripped up piece of paper saying, "It's Me."

"What's this?" he asked as he ripped off the paper from the wall. As everyone was distracted while looking at the paper front and back for clues. Nobody noticed that the old rabbit suit was gone. 

They kept exploring the restaurant looking for more clues on why the bear killed those kids. Suddenly, the door to the restaurant opened. Everyone hid and stayed silent as they looked for who it was. He silently walked in, looked around, and left.