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On That Rainy Day

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On a rainy day, Kanade found herself staring out of the window silently. When she was alone like this, she always felt so small. Her dad was working so hard lately after all, and it was getting more difficult for him to spend any time with her. And ever since mom had died… Things had been so much lonelier. It was hard not to feel sad when all of those thoughts were clouding her head.


Over the sound of the rain pelting against the window, she could hear her dad moving around in his office. She bit her lip and fidgeted with her hands. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to bother him with something like this… Not when he was so busy already. But still, she felt so alone... 


Kanade got up and began making her way to his office before she could let herself regret it. Her steps were quiet and hesitant, but by the time she had made it to his door it was too late to turn back. She peeked through the open doorway. Once again she could see her father working as hard as ever. He was poring over a new composition with a half drank mug of coffee in his hand.


The sight had made her hesitate once again, maybe she really was just intruding? But just as those thoughts started, her father had noticed her presence. “Hm? Kanade?” He set his mug of coffee down and turned to face her. “Is something wrong?”


Kanade inched closer through the doorway. She fiddled with her thumbs while looking all too sheepish. “Um… I… No, it’s nothing, sorry.” She quietly reached for the door handle. “I just wanted to… Close the door for you.”


As much as Kanade tried to hide her feelings, her dad saw right through her. Maybe it was only natural, considering that as her father, he knew her better than anyone else in the world. “Hey, it’s alright. Come.” He held his arms out. Kanade hesitated for a second, but then she walked forward and climbed onto his lap. Immediately the two relaxed into a familiar position of comfort, with Kanade curled up in her dad’s arms as he held her close and pet her hair softly. He had always held her like this even when she was younger. “What’s bothering you?”


“I felt… I just felt really lonely.” Kanade admitted shyly. When she said it out loud, it felt a lot more pathetic than she had thought. “But I didn’t want to bother you over stuff like that when you’re so busy.”


“Hey, you’re never a bother.” Her dad smiled and gently brushed a few stray strands out of her face, then leaned over to press a kiss to her forehead. Kanade flushed and buried her face into his chest. His touch was always so gentle, and it always felt so loving. “You can come to me any time no matter what I’m doing. It’s what I’m here for. It’s my job to stress about you, not the other way around. I never want you to feel lonely.”


“Dad…” She mumbled, with her face still flushed. For that moment, the two stayed in silence together. Kanade sat there listening to the comforting sound of his heartbeat, while her own began to pound loudly in her ears. Their chests rose and fell within sync together, and the sound of his breathing was so gentle that it could lull her to sleep if she were any less alert.


With all of those swirling feelings mixing around and making her heart flutter, she couldn’t help the words that came out of her mouth next. “I love you, dad.” 


Those words were so simple and innocent, but the two of them knew exactly just what kind of love she meant. Maybe if things had been different, it could've been the kind of love that a parent and child were supposed to share. It was love, yes, but it was a love most people wouldn't be able to accept. But Kanade didn’t mind. She wasn’t ashamed to say that she loved her father with her whole being, even if it wasn’t the way that a daughter should.


Her dad hesitated. “Kanade…” A saddened look flashed across his eyes before leaving just as quickly as it came. He tucked her hair behind her ear. “May I…?” The simple request left so much open, but it made Kanade’s heart race because she knew the true meaning behind it. She nodded a little too quickly, and she was sure the spark of excitement was showing in her eyes, but her dad didn’t comment on her eagerness despite the smile that tugged at his lips at the sight. He was too kind for that.


He pushed her long silver out of her face before hesitating once again. Kanade knew he always worried about this kind of thing, because he always wanted to make sure she was comfortable. But she wanted him to know that it was okay, so she took the leap and closed the gap first. Her heart raced in her ears as she threw her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his.


It was like all of her worries melted away in that instant, that wonderful moment where it was just the two of them and the world around them didn’t exist. His mouth was still warm and Kanade could lightly taste the coffee he had been drinking earlier. Her dad delicately wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer, locking the two together in a moment of pure gentle passion.


The two pulled apart, and Kanade could feel that her whole body was so much warmer now. That fluttery feeling in her stomach had only grown stronger as well. She averted her gaze shyly, but the huge smile on her face and rosy blush couldn’t be hidden at all. 


Her dad let out a laugh, though it wasn’t unkind. She liked it when he laughed like that. It never felt like he was mocking her when he did. “Ah, there’s where that beautiful smile went.” 


Kanade tried to hold her smile back, but it was hopeless. The love she felt and the happiness of its warm reciprocation was too much for her to hide. “Dad…” She giggled quietly. 


Once again, her dad pressed a kiss to her forehead. It was clear he couldn’t hold back his smile as well. He loved her just as much as she loved him, after all. “Do you want to stop there?” He asked politely. 


For it to stop here… Kanade thought it over for a moment, and then nodded. “Um… Sorry, can we just leave it at that for tonight? I think… That’s all I needed.”


“No need to apologize.” Her dad said as gently stroked her hair. “As long as it makes you feel better. Do you feel better?” 


For that question, Kanade didn’t even need to think. She simply curled up further in his arms and let her smile soften. “...A lot. Thank you, dad. I love you.”


Her dad smiled warmly down at her. That heart pounding feeling returned at the sight of his smile. She was so glad that she could see that smile every day. “I love you too, Kanade.” He replied.


As the rain poured outside the window, Kanade relished in her father’s comforting embrace and felt her loneliness wash away. Silently, she wished that happy moments like these would last forever.