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Blackberry Honey: The Sweetest Nectars

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Lorina Waugh sat on the hard church pew in quiet prayer, her hands clasped tightly together in her lap and her head bowed. For all who may see her she was the model image of a devout, Christian woman. All the while, despite the glow of the morning sun streaming through the windows, the cold continued to bite at any patch of skin she dared leave uncovered. Her cheeks continued to flush red to keep the cold at bay.

Without anyone else here it felt like the icy fields of the Arctic, sending a deep shiver coursing through her spine. Not that she had ever seen such a place herself, not even in books. But what she had heard were stories of a cold and unforgiving place, blanketed in snow and ice no matter the time of day or season of the year. 

Perhaps this was the earthly embodiment of Hell for those who feared the cold more than they did fire and brimstone. Perhaps she would find out for herself someday. After all, she was a sinner.

The things she and Taohua had done together. In the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the… forest. The last one, despite its relative privacy compared to being in the heart of Bly, somehow felt worst of all. These sorts of things, when done, were supposed to be conducted in private behind closed doors. And not before marriage and certainly not between two women. 

Instead, they had rutted amongst the trees like animals. More specifically, Taohua had rutted her. Her hands had played across her breasts and she had melted like an ice cream under the noonday sun. that was why Lorina was here, spending a few hours of her meagre time off sat on the hard, cold pew beneath the ever-watchful eye of the Virgin Mary peering down at her from behind the altar.

Lorina had always been taught to take her example from the virgin mother. Demure, chaste, serene. While Lorina admitted that she had always struggled with her temper she had always sought to keep her chastity intact. Until now.

In just a few months it seems that she had transcended from a flawed but virtuous woman to a depraved harlot eager to indulge her basest desires no matter the situation. The common factor was Taohua. Whenever she was around, she seemed to simply melt beneath the woman’s touch. Perhaps it was her influence alone that had led her down this path. Or was she merely exposing a desire she had kept inside until-

A sudden rush coursed through her as she felt a brush of cool air caressing past her ear. It nearly caused her to jump from her pew in surprise, the old thick wood creaking beneath her as she moved. She turned to face the source, only to find her lips drawn into an unexpected kiss. She felt an explorative tongue drawing her in, her breath being drawn from her lungs, as though she was drowning. But this wasn’t a frantic struggle for life, this was blissful. Like being carried away on a river of serenity.

The kiss finally broke. Lorina opened her eyes. She began to wonder if she really had drowned, if she had passed to the next life right then and there. After all, that was perhaps the only explanation for seeing a sight she never imagined possible in the mortal realm. Taohua was here with her, in Church.

“What are you doing here?” Lorina asked. She could hardly believe that Taohua would ever step foot in such a place solely for religious reasons.

“Looking for you” Taohua replied. “I lost sight of you around the house so I dared these hallowed halls to search for you”

“But can a demon even enter a Church?” Lorina teased. 

“Then I must not be a demon to have made it over the threshold” Taohua teased right back.

“Perhaps you’re not a demon” Lorina continued. “Perhaps you’re a ghost, one that only appears to haunt your intended victim”

“Perhaps. Or perhaps I used some foreign enchantment to only make it appear so” Taohua smiled, enjoying any opportunity to use presumptions about her heritage to toy with the ignorant English. “Or perhaps I’m Quasimodo, coming down from my belltower only once everyone else is gone”

Lorina could not help but feel a twinge of frustration at Taohua’s insistence on teasing her with references she had hardly even heard of. Still, she could not help but feel touched at the sentimentality of the gesture.  

“How about we go for walk” Taohua offered. “Better than spending your free time freezing your adorable little butt off on that pew all day”

Lorina’s cheeks began to flush at the return of the ever teasing. Part of her scorned herself that she could illicit such a stark reaction from her with such little effort.

Lorina accepted Taohua’s hand and allowed her to lead her down the aisle as they began to leave the church. Lorina could not help but see the obvious parallels. She could not help but wonder if they would ever think to do such a thing for real. Would they even be allowed to? Given Taohua’s disinterest towards organised religion it seemed a bit of a moot point. But at the same time, she could not help but wonder if-

“Oh, I have an idea” Taohua declared.

Without warning, Lorina was suddenly yanked her from her daydream as she found herself being literally pulled aside. Her moment of inattention meant that she was forced to either follow along with her insistent pulls or risk stumbling over onto the cold hard stone beneath her.

Lorina suddenly found herself being drawn into a side room of the church. Lorina found herself being drawn into the centre of the room as Taohua finally let go of her. As Lorina tried to make sense of her new surroundings she heard the metallic click of a heavy iron bolt sliding into place behind her. Lorina turned in time to see Taohua draw her hand away from the door lock. A deep glint rose in the Asian woman’s eyes like a fox that had a rabbit pinned against a tree, ready to pounce.

“Lift up your skirts” Taohua instructed.

Lorina’s embarrassment continued to grow. Despite their relative privacy, such a thing was still utterly unbecoming of an English woman. Despite it all, Lorina felt her fingers move inexorably towards the hem of her skirts, feeling the worn edge of the material passing across her finger tips. Lorina grasped them delicately before she began to draw them inexorably upwards.

It felt worse for her doing it herself. If Taohua had been the one to undress her, Lorina could rationalise it as her action. She could say that Taohua was the one that did it to her. But even now, even as her hands played with the fabric between her fingertips, she knew it for the thinly veiled deflection that it was. Lorina wanted to do it, she yearned to do it. Regardless of whether it was her or Lorina that was doing it, the simple thought of not doing it had never once crossed her mind.

Lorina had never thought it possible for Taohua to look even hungrier than she had before. But standing there, with her skirts pulled up around her waist and her puffy pink lips on full display, the woman looked positively ravenous. 

Taohua wasted little time before her fingers were upon Lorina’s creamy, pale white thighs. The tips of her fingers tickled across her skin teasingly. She began to move slowly, almost painfully slowly, towards her centre. It was not long before Taohua had reached her goal and was swiftly pressing her way inside. Lorina’s body erupted in a wash on uncontrollable quivers. No matter how many times Taohua seemed to do this it always seemed different. Unique, Unfettered.

Lorina became so consumed by the feeling that she began to feel her already tenuous grip over her skirts faltering. Part of her began to wonder what would happen if she were to let them go. Would Taohua be angry? Would she see fit to punish her?

Suddenly images of Lori, bent over with hands spread across the church altar, began to pass through her mind. Her skirts were drawn up high over her back leaving her pert round butt on full display for all to bear witness to. Taohua stood behind to her side, her open palm raised high above her head as she prepared to deliver yet another chastising blow across her swiftly reddening cheeks.

To make it even more embarrassing, for her fantasy self at least, they were not alone in the church. To their side stood Reverend Marner. His usually calm and pale features were now a writhing cauldron of fury. His lips were ablur as he ceaselessly recounted scriptures decrying such blasphemous acts as to violate the sanctity of such hallowed ground with these perversions. His unrelenting condemnation was only interrupted by his assurances of their swift and fiery damnation in the deepest circles of hell for their depravity.

The others in the church however, while not exactly endorsing their behaviour, proved far less vocal than the vicar. In the front row, the usually unflappable Pauline had become a picture of stunned silence. Similarly, Isobel seemed unable to raise anything beyond a meek yelp of surprise at the sight unfolding in front of her. 

Effie, in her usually stoic manner, seemed hardly surprised. Lorina could almost say that she saw a glint of approval in her eyes.

Liselotte, as expected, continually took to comparing the high mounds of Lorina’s pert butt to the peaks of her beloved Alps.

Ada seemed to shift between staring firmly away in embarrassment and making fleeting glances back towards them, until it all became too much for her and she looked away again.

And Lady Constance, unable to make sense of such vulgarity, simply stared in stunned silence.

The remainder of her fantasy congregation, filling the rest of the pews behind them, were made up of various familiar faces from Bly and the surrounding town. And aside from the Reverend himself, they were all female. Lorina admitted that she must be truly depraved to have imagined such a thing of her own volition.

“Well, aren’t you all worked up, little Lori” Taohua teased. Withdrawing her fingers from between her lips, she splayed them out in front of Lorina as she revealed how they glistened with her moist juices.

“Were you thinking about something naughty?” Taohua asked as she returned her fingers to their proper place inside of her.

Lorina’s cheeks flared a deeper shade of red, once more bemoaning her inability to conceal her true feelings the moment she was in Taohua’s presence.

“Tell me, what were you thinking about?” Taohua instructed. While she had phrased it like a question, the implication was clear that she meant it as a statement.

Lorina swiftly crumbled beneath Taohua’s gaze. It only took a moment for all of her little secrets to come tumbling out of her. Taohua licked across the edge of Lorina’s burning red ear, coaxing yet more details of her fantasy from between her swiftly loosening lips.

“Imagine if we were to step outside, onto the altar right now” Taohua teased. “Would anyone see us?”

Lorina’s body quivered at the mental image she was forming for herself.

“What if I was to just unbolt the door?” Lorina’s whole body tensed, feeling herself clenching around Taohua’s fingers still deep inside of her. 

The tight grip of her lips only made it more exhilarating when Taohua suddenly withdrew her hand. fingers still moist from being inside of Lorina, Taohua raised her hand before clapping her open palm across Lorina’s bare butt. Even as the harsh burn of Taohua’s initial strike began to settle, another swiftly fell across the same cheek. And another. And another.

“We could make your whole fantasy a reality” Taohua teased.

Lorina yelped in surprise at her forwardness. Could she really be so bold as to-

“But the truth is, I want you all to myself” Taohua said with a smile. As daring as Taohua may seem, she was smart enough to realise the rampant stupidity in such an act. For now at least, it would have to remain as just a fantasy shared between the two of them.

“I think you deserve a reward” Taohua said seductively.

Taohua withdrew her hand grasping Lorina’s pert ass, moving to press her palm against the girls back. Lorina bent herself over the top of the crate facing the wall, her body quivering with anticipation. Lorina could hear the rustle of cloth behind her, the idle hum beneath her breath as Taohua worked. Lorina dared to glance back over her shoulder. Taohua had her skirts pulled up around her waist, the shaft of her cock rising to semi-hardness in front of her.

Taohua reached out to grasp Lorina’s sides, turning the girl back around and lifting her up onto the crate behind her. Taohua leant forward to once more press her lips against Lorina’s, savouring the delectably sweet taste of her innocence cascading across her tongue. 

Taohua reached down to grasp the base of her hardened member, teasing the tip around the edge of Lorina’s puffy pink lips. A single gentle push was all that was necessary to pierce the outer folds of her moist pussy with the head of her cock. With her cock firmly nestled inside of her, Taohua’s hands began to caress across Lorina’s delicate front. Taohua slipped her fingers beneath the lip of Lorina’s top, parting the two halves of cloth as the swells of her breasts were laid bare to the cool air in front of her.

The tips of the girls erect nipples rose to greet her teasing fingers. Taohua filled her hands with her full breasts, feeling the tips of her delicate nipples rubbing against her palms. Each thrust of her hips was matched by the tender grasp of her palms around her breasts. Taohua continued to thrust wildly into Lori, the demure maid wrapping her legs tightly around her lover’s middle in a frantic bid to drive her deeper inside of her.

Taohua continued to drive wildly into Lori’s quivering pussy. Lori felt herself swiftly reaching her peak. At this pace, it would only be a matter of time before she completely lost control of-

“You want to know something really naughty we could do” Taohua whispered in Lori’s ear.

Lori could not imagine what could possibly be naughtier than the things they were already doing. In a church no less. Taohua withdrew her cock from inside of Lori’s moist pussy. She lifted the smaller girl off of the crate, turning her around and lifting her leg over to brace her knee on the top of the crate. The position proved somewhat awkward but Taohua’s support kept her from falling over. The younger woman felt Taohua’s fingers returning to her lips, teasing the moisture across the tips of her fingers. Lori could hardly understand how this was anymore devious than what they had just-

Her question was swiftly answered for her as the young maid felt those same moistened fingers teasing around the entrance to her puckered asshole. In her wildest dreams Lori had never imagined such a thing was possible. She had expected even less that it would feel quite so pleasurable for her. It was soon proved to be entirely possible as Taohua pressed the tip of her cock inside of her ass. She had thought that her pussy had felt good. This was, different. Amazing.

Taohua caressed Loris flushed red cheek, turning her face around to press her lips against hers to stifle her growing cries of pleasure. Even as Taohua’s lips seemed to suck the air from her lungs Lori continued to pant and quiver with exhilaration as Taohua continued to thrust wildly inside of her.

Taohua’s tongue searched inside of her mouth, her cock pressed deeper inside of her ass. Lori felt Taohua’s advance trespassing on her from both sides. The combined pleasures were swiftly proving too much for her to bear.

Lori felt her tenuous hold her sensibilities finally unravel. The lips of her pussy, up until now merely moist with her pleasures, suddenly erupted in a shower of cum across the hard wood of the crate beneath her. Her muscles clenched with the euphoria of her orgasm, clamping tightly around Taohua’s cock even as it continued to thrust into her ass.

Despite the growing tightness Taohua continued to drive herself forwards, the base of her cock teased against Lori’s cheeks before she dared to pull herself back a few delectable inches. She managed only a few such advances and retreats before she too was finally overtaken. The tip of her cock erupted in a shower of pearly white cum cascading into her tight hole.

Lori’s body was shaking with the warm afterglow of her release. It was only Taohua’s influence which kept her from collapsing entirely onto the cold cobbled floor beneath her.

“I always suspected what a devilish little minx you are” Taohua teased her lips across Lori’s flushed earlobe. “It’s nice to finally see it proven before my eyes”

“Only” Lori panted through her shaking lips to reply. “Due to your bad influence”

Lori felt a smile rise to her lips as Taohua leaned down closer to kiss her tenderly. Suddenly the church didn’t feel quite so cold anymore.