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Curiosity got the crow, but satisfaction brought it back

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Though both gods and crows were known for their capricious nature, Tiefedorf would dare to say that he was pretty content with the way things had been going for him in the last few months. His latest plan for getting rid of Zeal had been progressing smoothly, and he had consistently been going over his required recruitment quote, meaning that he hadn’t been swamped with work like he usually was — but the icing on the cake had been Shuraomaru, whom he had already known to be a reliable business partner, but who had also proven to be both enjoyable company in general and a skilled, if only occasional due to their often conflicting schedules, lover.

Funnily enough, Shuraomaru was also the cause of the one thing that had been bothering him lately.

He hadn’t noticed at first, on account of Shuraomaru being so utterly, deliciously distracting whenever they slept together that he didn't do much thinking neither during nor right after, but the more it happened, the closer Tiefedorf got to the realization that… well, Shuraomaru hadn’t fucked him even once. No, it was more than that, during every single one of their encounters Shuraomaru had managed to remain almost completely clothed, and the most Tiefedorf had seen of his skin had been his bare chest when his robes slid off his shoulders, and the part of his legs that was left exposed when he took off his boots.

Maybe Shuraomaru didn’t care for having sex in that specific way. Maybe Shuraomaru had expected to be the one on the receiving end and, failing to see any interest from him, had compromised. Maybe Shuraomaru, being an immortal creature that was neither god nor human, simply had no organs there to speak of and derived his pleasure solely from having him at his mercy.

It wasn’t long before his curiosity got to the point that the next time they met, Tiefedorf took the lead and promptly pushed Shuraomaru down until his back was against the futon, straddling his hips with his legs to pin him down.

“Isn’t it tiresome always being in charge? Lay down and let me do the heavy lifting for once.”

Shuraomaru adjusted himself so he’d be resting on his elbows rather than on his back, watching quietly as he put his palms against his chest and pressed down to allow him to feel the outline of the muscles through the several layers of clothing between them. As Tiefedorf began to slide his hands down his body, Shuraomaru tilted his head and stared at him with half-closed eyes, clearly finding the whole thing amusing enough to let him continue — but as soon as he reached the piece of white cloth that served as his belt, Shuraomaru grabbed his wrists to stop him and, as if he weighted nothing, pushed him off him and rolled on top, reversing their positions before he could even think about stopping him.

He attempted to move his legs, just to see how serious Shuraomaru was being about keeping him in place, and he quickly found out that Shuraomaru had no trouble moving his weight around to keep him from doing much at all.

“As much as it suits you, Tiefedorf, this side of you doesn’t work on me. Now, will you tell me what’s bothering you, or shall we start over and proceed like we usually do?”

Of course. He wouldn’t be half as interested in Shuraomaru if such things escaped him so easily.

“It’s come to my attention that I don’t know what you look like under….” Tiefedorf raised a hand and pulled on the edge of Shuraomaru's robe, slowly enough to make it clear that he wasn't simply trying a different approach at undressing him, with one of his fingers until he caught a glimpse of collarbone. “All of this.”

There was a moment of silence that felt like it drew on for far longer than it should have before Shuraomaru finally burst out in laughter, and it outright felt like it would never end as Tiefedorf waited for Shuraomaru to stop. The tone had a certain familiar fondness to it that kept it from sounding like he was being mocked, but it also made it so there was no doubt left that to Shuraomaru, the matter just wasn’t of any more importance than all the other things that were different or inhuman about him, and it was enough to make Tiefedorf move his hand away and put it back at his side.

“That’s all?”

“Lovers usually do.”

“Very well. Since you’re so curious, I will indulge you.”

Shuraomaru climbed off him with the same ease which with he had made them swap positions, and once he was back on his feet, he gestured towards the floor in front of him. Overcome by the prospect of finally getting his way, Tiefedorf almost felt as if his body was moving on its own as he got on his hands and knees and crawled towards Shuraomaru, stopping when he reached the spot he had pointed to and then waiting patiently as Shuraomaru undid his belt and loosened the lower part of his outfit until both fell to the floor.

Oh, Shuraomaru had something alright.

Instead of being shaped like a human penis, his cock was the same dark gray color as the rest of his skin, about the size of his palm in lenght, and its lower side was covered in ridges. It was also much thicker at the base, gradually thinning towards the tip as it curved in the direction of his stomach in a way that gave the distinct impression of being erect.

Tiefedorf imagined it going in and out of his body while Shuraomaru fucked him, and he could practically feel any intenton he'd ever had of teasing Shuraomaru about it leave him, replaced by raw desire.

Misinterpreting his silence as disapproval, Shuraomaru put a finger under his chin, gently forcing him to look up until their eyes met.

“You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last, to find it off-putting. Get up, Tiefedorf.”
Tiefedorf didn’t move. Instead, he tilted his head and grinned playfully.

“Is that so? Their loss.”

Then, Tiefedorf leaned forward and gave the shaft a tentative lick, not wanting to come off as any less enthusiastic in case that either the texture or taste took him by surprise. When the low groan that came out of Shuraomaru let him know that he was doing something right, he opened his mouth, taking as much of Shuraomaru’s cock as he could — which was almost all of it before the thickness of the base and its general shape made it too difficult.

He took a moment to get comfortable, and once he was, he started running his tongue all over the ridges while he watched Shuraomaru closely for a reaction.

Now, Tiefedorf liked sucking cock. He liked the feeling of taking one in so deep that it hit the back of his throat as he moved back and forth, of sucking until his cheeks were hollowed out, of cum and spit rolling down his chin and staining his shirt like an obscene mark of ownership. He also loved Shuraomaru’s dominant nature, and how toying with people until they were like putty in his hands seemed to come so easily to him. But in that exact same moment, none of those things could compare to the sight of Shuraomaru, who had been unwilling to even let him see this part of him until a moment ago, let alone touch it, with his head thrown back and eyes half-closed as he slid his hand from under his chin to his face, tucking a strand of hair behind his ear by touch alone.

He felt Shuraomaru’s cock begin to throb inside his mouth, and he moaned around it as it pushed against his tongue.

“Stop. You will choke,” Shuraomaru said, softly, but firmly. When he didn’t move away nor stop, the fingers caressing his scalp closed into a fist and pulled him back by the hair so hard that he simply had no option but to budge unless he wanted his enjoyment to be cut short by a sprain. “Tiefedorf. You will choke.”

He was about to voice a complaint, express his dissatisfaction at the implication that he did not know the limits of his own gag reflex, when Shuraomaru came all over his face and he quickly realized what he had meant. The ejaculate was so thick and sticky that it felt as if he had had honey poured on him, and when he ran his tongue over his lips to get some of it, he found the taste to be almost pungently salty, so much that he actually had to make a conscious effort to swallow even that much rather than spit.

Shuraomaru laughed again.

“What do you think? Has your curiosity been sated?”

“I would say… I might need some more time to decide.”