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Galette Family Beach Day

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Not everything was about war games. Today, Leomitchelli and the Galette royal court had been given the day off, to spend some time at the beach and have some fun before the next competition started. The Genoise were splashing out in the waves and the Nanami was teaching the people of Galette how to surf. Even though the waters were clear and the sky was partly cloudy, Gaul had yet to leave his towel. His sister was curious about why, and went over to look.

“Cheer up, Gaul,” she said. “You’re surrounded by beautiful women in swimsuits. What’s not to love? Go out and have some fun.”

The way Gaul’s legs were crossed, he was trying to hide something. Leo was wearing a rather skimpy blue swimsuit, one that showed off her deep cleavage and ample ass, while leaving room for her tail to freely sway about in the salty breeze. She was a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, and also a trusted leader. Every eligible male in the kingdom wanted to get with her, but she had turned all of them down. They wondered who she was looking at.

“Spread your legs a bit,” said Leo. “If you don’t get some exercise, you won’t be able to stand against Millhi and her hero.” Leo got on all fours, looking down. She saw a shape in Gaul’s swim trunks that she hadn’t been expecting. He was keeping his knees close to his head in an attempt to hide that he had an erection. He was a growing young man, full of vigor and waxing libido. It was no wonder he would show signs of arousal, especially when everyone at the beach was showing this much skin.

The shape of his cock was thick and several inches longer than Leo had been expecting. Fully erect, he was at least nine inches long and as thick as her thumb, and his balls looked quite plump. The last time Leo had bathed with her brother, he was still small and had a child’s dick. This was a man’s cock, a virile weapon that could spread its seed into any womb it wished. Being in the heat of battle had gotten Leo worked up everywhere, including in her lower body. Now, she was entering her mating cycle, and wanted to jump on the nearest cock she could find.

“As expected of my brother. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. An erection like that would be a prize for any woman,” said Leo.

“You’re the one who got me like this!” said Gaul. When Leo was splashing about in the water, the beach ball bounced off her breasts, making them wobble and jiggle back and forth. Her top nearly slipped off, but she pulled it up at the last second. When she and Nanami were racing along the beach, Gaul got a glimpse of her plush butt. She had wide, soft hips that were made for breeding. His sister had a sexual body, one that he was attracted to more than Nanami, the Genoise, or any other woman in the kingdom.

“So what you’re saying is that I should take responsibility for your unwanted erection,” said Leo. “Very good. If you’re going to produce an heir to our kingdom, you must learn how to use your spear properly. Come, we must head to a more secluded spot for special training.”

Leo reached into Gaul’s shorts, grabbing hold of his cock underneath. Leading him along by his erection, she pulled him down the beach until they came to a rocky outcropping that was still in Galette territory, but far away from where the rest of the knights were fooling about. She felt his cock throbbing in her hands as she led him along, getting used to the girth and length of his member before she pulled down his pants and saw it for real. Just touching it had made her pussy start to drool, eager to get penetrated by her brother’s dick.

“Show me how you’ve grown,” Leo said. She pulled down his swim trunks, still holding onto his dick. His trunks dropped to his feet, exposing his cock. She knew the shape and girth from his swimsuit, but seeing it in the flesh was even more impressive. Leo’s tail started swinging back and forth in excitement when she saw it, her mating instincts calling out to her. She could almost smell the semen in his balls, and wanted to make it hers. “Quite an impressive member.”

“I had a growth spurt recently,” said Gaul. “Sister, why are you doing this?”

“This is no mere growth spurt,” said Leo. “This is the phallus of a future king. If you stuck it in a girl with no experience like a quick shot, you’d embarrass the kingdom. Practice is important, and there’s no one better to get your dick wet than your dear sister. I know all there is to know about the sexual arts. Let us begin the foreplay.”

“Wait, Leo!” Gaul said. “So quickly?”

Leonmitchelli removed her top, exposing her breasts. They were one of the largest pairs around, with only Yukikaze topping her in bust size. She had reddish-pink nipples that were standing on end, and the hefty weight of her breasts became all the more apparent once they were freed from her top. She got to her knees, spreading apart and clapping her breasts back together, making the fat in her tits ripple. She closed them around Gaul’s cock, his shaft nearly disappearing into her cleavage.

“It’s gotten rather musky from being inside your shorts,” said Leo. “That raw, msculine smell is really turning me on! Let your beloved sister give you a titfuck.”

Opening her mouth, Leo let a long string of saliva drip into her cleavage. She mixed it with her sweat, coating her brother’s shaft. She rubbed it between her breasts, the tight pressure of her tits feeling amazing around his cock. She licked the tip, slurping every drop of precum that came out. The way her brother grunted and moaned as she played with his dick was turning her on. She had been proud of the way he behaved on the battlefield, and now he was turning into a man worthy of leading the army in her place one day. To be able to witness this moment of growth was quite pleasing.

Leo wrapped her lips around his cockhead, sucking on the tip as she continued squeezing her breasts around him. She felt the blood pumping through it, his dick throbbing between her chest. As the drops of clear liquid leaking from the tip started to take on a shade of white, Leo stopped what she was doing. Her brother was left throbbing, his cock hard and on the edge of climax. He wanted to cum, he wanted to do it all over his sister’s breasts and feel the pleasure of using those tits that all the men in Galette desired. Yet Leo stopped. She removed her bikini bottom, exposing her silvery-blue pubic hair and standing before her brother naked on the beach.

“You’re looking sturdy after my foreplay,” she said. “But I don’t want your first ejaculation to be on my chest. It oughta be in the proper place. Inside a woman’s pussy! I will offer my own to you and help you ascend the stairs of adulthood!” Leo said, haughtily laughing. She gently pushed back her brother onto the soft sand, near where the waves were crashing against the rock formation. She crawled over to him, her tail swinging and her pussy dripping its love juice onto his legs.

His dick was pointing straight up, framed by the rock formation, looking like a miniature lighthouse that guided Leonmitchelli’s pussy towards its port. She spread her legs, lowering her wet cunt on top of his dick. In a single stroke, all of Gaul’s cock vanished inside Leo, all the way up to the base. Leo threw her head back, letting out an erotic cry as she felt her brother’s long, thick cock push its way into her deepest parts, approaching the entrance of her womb and spreading her pussy lips open wide.

“This feels incredibly good inside me,” said Leo. “To think you were ignoring the potential of such an amazing cock.”

“Forget about me. You’re so tight,” said Gaul. “I can’t pull out.”

“You’re not pulling out until you’ve blown your load,” said Leo. She clenched her pelvic muscles, making her pussy hold tight around his cock. She began moving her hips, her plush ass bouncing up and down on Gaul’s hips. As the waves crashed behind them, the salty sea air blew past Leo’s nipples. Being nude and having sex on the beach like this was exhiliarating. When she was stripped in the heat of battle, she was embarrassed, but this kind of nudity was liberating. Just her and her brother, sharing the warmth of their bodies as she rode his hard cock.

The taboo thrill of it all was making her pussy drool uncontrollably. Leonmitchelli had always doted on her brother, watching him grow into a young man who was starting to show more signs of maturity every day. He had gotten somewhat tired of his sister smothering him so much, but his dick couldn’t stop throbbing when it was buried deep inside her pussy. She was only a few years older than him, yet her dominating personality made her leonine features all the more apparent. A hunter targeting her prey, holding him down and giving him all the pleasure he could want as she devoured him.

With each thrust of his cock inside her, Leo’s tail swayed back and forth. Her breasts bounced up and down, making a slapping noise when they hit against her chest. She was already sweaty from playing around at the beach, and in the heat of passion, her entire body was covered in a film of sweat, making her arousal go right to Gaul’s nose. He could sense that his sister was in heat, her entire body

The Flogna power circulating through the atmosphere of the beach had gathered in Leo’s body. Normally she would channel it into battle, but with her heat cycle at its apex, the magical power dispersed through the continent was gathering in her breasts. Unable to take his eyes off his sister’s enormous bouncing breasts, Gaul reached up and grabbed onto Leo’s tits, squeezing them in his palms. Leo moaned as her brother groped her, the heat that had been building in her breasts gathering, concentrating on two single points. Her nipples were feeling hard and hot, her body wanting to release everything at once.

“Yes! Play with my boobs!” Leo said. “Embrace your naughty side!”

“Sis... Leo...” Gaul said. “It feels so good inside you. This is wrong, but why do I love it so much?”

“There’s nothing wrong about it,” said Leo. “It’s a sister’s duty to ensure her brother grows up properly.” She heard Gaul’s dick making sloppy noises as it slid in and out of her pussy, the squelching sounds mixing with her moans. The two of them were perfectly in sync, about to cum at any moment. Leo was glad that she took her brother’s first time, that she got to experience such a huge, throbbing cock inside her before any other girl in Galette, or any other kingdom for that matter.

“I’m gonna cum!” Gaul said.

“Let it all out! Fill my womb!” Leo said. She slammed her pussy down on his dick, and a sharp wave of pleasure traveled upward through her body. It surged past her belly button, going right to her nipples. At the peak of climax, two streams of creamy, thick breast milk erupted from her nipples. Like white fountains, they flowed down her chest, rolling to her belly button and mixing with her pubes.

Some of it sprayed on Gaul’s face and his skin, covering him in a layer of his sister’s milk. He kept squeezing on her chest, making more milk fly out harder. It splattered against his nipples and his ears. He opened his mouth, catching the streams of milk on his tongue. As Leo’s streams began to decrease in pressure, Gaul, his dick still buried inside her, sat up and sucked on her breast, slurping out the rest of the milk. As he sucked, his dick finally blew. Hot cum pumped into Leo’s pussy, the warm, sticky feeling filling her stomach with her brother’s seed.

She patted his head, continuing to move her hips up and down on his dick. She wasn’t going to get off him until he could no longer get hard. Gaul wasn’t exhausted after the first time. As he sucked Leo’s milk, she felt him getting hard inside once again. They stayed on the beach for over an hour, Gaul ramming his dick so hard inside his sister that it was leaking out the sides of her bikini bottoms when she finally put them back on. Leo’s breasts no longer felt like they had to lactate, but her nipples were so stiff the shape of her tips were showing underneath her bikini.

The siblings returned to the main beach area, where Nanami was waiting to greet them. “What took you two so long?” asked Nanami. “Everyone was wondering where you’d gone, and I had to cover for you. You two look rather pleased with yourselves.”

“Gaul is not the same person he was when we left,” said Leo, patting him on the back. “Rest assured, he’s a man now. Great things await him in the future!”

“Sis...” Gaul said. “Thanks.”

“There’s more waiting for you once we return to the palace,” said Leo. “Did you think my mating instinct would be filled by such a meager amount of sex? We’re only getting started!”