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The Most Popular Boys at Binan High

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The bathroom door slammed open. "WHERE THE FUCK IS KINSHIRO KUSATSU?"

Ibushi hid behind Kinshiro. "Oh my god, it's Atsushi Kiniguwa."

"What the fuck do you want, Atsushi Kiniguwa?" Kinshiro spat.

"Uh, I dunno! I heard you're going around calling me a fucking liar!" The boy with glasses yelled.

"Well where'd you hear that?"

"Uh, I dunno, like, 35 seconds ago." Atsushi crossed his arms.

"I said where, not when you idiot!"

"SHUT UP! You know I'm partially dead after Ryuu Zaou hit me with that fucking hacky sack in the god damn third grade."

The door opened again. "Where the FUCK is Kinshiro Kusatsu?"

"Oh. My. God. It's En Yufuin. The most popular boy in the school district."

"Hi~ Ibushi!"

Ibushi lunched over. "Oh- oh my god-" he went into the nearest stall to vomit.

"En. How's university?"

"Um, it's great! I'm in a shit ton of fraternities and I have a 29 year old boyfreind. Suck it!" En crossed his arms. "I heard you were calling my friend a FUCKING LIAR?"

The door opened again. "WHERE THE FUCK IS KINSHIRO KUSATSU?"

Kinshiro looked around but couldn't find the voice. Ibushi came out of the stall and looked down, everyone else's eyes following his.

"Who the FUCK are you?" The animal said.

"Who the FUCK are you?"

  "Oh no, no. We are not doing THIS again."

"This is my little brother, Nanao. He's the most popular boy at Binan Elementary."

"And I heard you were calling Atsushi a FUCKING LIAR."

"Seriously who the fuck is watching the door?" Ibushi said.

"SHUT UP, Ibushi. Or should I tell the whole student body of Binan Elementary you were making out with Kinshiro behind Kurutoma bath after school."

Ibushi hid behind Kinshiro. "How do you know about that?"



Atsushi grunted but moved so that En was in the middle. "Listen Kinshiro Kusatsu! We want auggh-" Atsushi held his nose. "It smells terrible in here."

"Someone literally just took a shit." Kinshiro said.

"It smells like someone took a diabetic foot and put it in a sandwich and left it in the sun."

"Anyway," Atsushi said. "I want an apology. I'm not a fucking liar-"

"YOU ARE A FUCKING LIAR, and I'll gladly tell the whole school!"

"Well I'll gladly tell all my frat buddies that you eat dick burritos."

"And I'll tell everyone at Binan Elementary- YOU have cooties!"

"Fine." Kinshiro muttered. "Atsushi Kiniguwa, I'm. Sorry."

"I didn't believe that for a goddamn second!" Atsushi got in Kinshiro's face. "I want a hand written apology delivered to my locker, and 27 dollars in cash."

"Additionally! I want all the bathrooms."

"Fuck you."

"You know, Kinshiro." Nanao said. "It'd be a shame if you fell down a FLIGHT OF STAIRS!"

Kinshiro stepped back "Uh, fine! But you have to give the student council the center lunch table."

"Fine!" En agreed."

"There's also a guy named Yumoto. He has pooping privileges."

"He will be safe." Atsushi said.

"But know this- The war has just begun!"



"Understood!" The youngest said.

"Wait, what's going on?" Ibushi asked.

The door opened again and a silver haired boy went into the stall whining.

"FUCKING BEPPUS!" They all said.