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The Most Popular Boys at Binan High

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"I am so pretty." The mirror reflected an image of a silver haired boy stroking his own face. 

"You really are." The next mirror over, showed a tall handsome man with a smile. "Is there, like, a student council meeting today?" 

Ibushi Arima and Kinshiro Kusatsu. 

The door to the bathroom slammed open. A shorter male walked in and took the place infront of the third mirror. 

Kinshiro turned and glared at the boy. "UM, excuse me?" 

The red eyed boy looked back at Kinshiro. "What?" 

"Who the FUCK are you?" 

"Who the fuck are you?" 

"I asked you first." 

"I asked you second." 

Ibushi's mouth opened and he put his hand on his heart. "He is Kinshiro Kusatsu. Student council president, Binanshi champion, part time model." 

"Oh." Yumoto blinked and looked back into the mirror. 

Kinshiro's face cherried up. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?" 

"I'm Yumoto." The boy pushed some of his golden hair behind his ear. "I'm new." 

Kinshiro crossed his arms. "Who the fuck let you in here?" 


"Rui who?" 

"Rui Megawa!"  Yumoto turned to face the boy who was yelling at him. 

Ibushi gasped. "Rui Megawa isn't even in charge of the door!" 

Kinshiro smacked his lips. "Yumoto. Let me tell you how things work around here-" 

"I already know how things work around here." 

"Rui Megawa is in charge of the snacks- why is he letting people through the door?" 

Kinshiro took a step towards Yumoto. "This is my school, this is my bathroom, and this is me telling you that you need to learn your place." 

"Well guess what?" Yumoto raised his voice. "I already know all those things." 

"Or really?" 


"Kou Kinosaki is in charge of the door, what the fuck is he doing letting Rui Megawa let people in?" Ibushi scratched his head before leaving two other boys in the room. 

"You're not from around here, are you, Yumoto?" Kinshiro said. 

"I just transferred from Quinston." Yumoto played with a piece of his hair. 

"Where the fuck is that?" 

"North of Tsubaka, west of the 53." 

"Well, let me tell you how things work around here in Binan High-" 

"I already know how things work around here in Binan High!" Yumoto stepped closer to Kinshiro. 


"YA!" Yumoto yelled back. "En Yuifuin told me all about it!" 

The bathroom door opened again, Ibushi peered at Kinshiro from behind it. "Is Kou Kinosaki sick? Does he have mono? I feel like his dad might have... Died..." 

"What the FUCK are you doing talking to EN YUIFUIN?" Kinshiro ignored Ibushi. 

"We have the same lunch period!" 

"Thats a fucking WHORE, bitch!" 

Yumoto put his finger on his chin. "Really, well, that's not what Atsushi Kiniguwa said." 


"Oh, he seemed to know alot about you and Ibushi!" Yumoto yelled. 

"What?" Ibushi turned when heard his name. 

Kinshiro sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Ok. Yumoto. Just... What the fuck do you want?" 

Yumoto stared into Kinshiro's eyes as and got closer. "I want." 

"To poop here." 

Kinshiro took a step back. 

"Whenever I want. For as long as I want." 

Kinshiro flicked his hair. "Fine." 

"But know this-" 

Kinshiro poked Yumoto's chest. "I, do not like you." 

"I feel indifferent towards you." 

Kinshiro curled his fist. "I'll be watching you." 

Yumoto didn't flinch. "I'm going to poop now." He walked to the nearest stall." 

Ibushi opened his mouth and his eyes widened. "Wait! Tazawa's dad is sick- Kinosaki's dad is a representative, duh, Ibushi!" 

The toilet flushed and a short blonde boy came out of the stall and headed for the door. "Have fun smelling my poops bitches!" 

Kinshiro watched as the door closed. "What the fuck." 

"He seemed nice." 

Kinshiro facepalmed. "Ibushi, you incredibly hot idiot." 

"Maybe we should spray some febreeze..."