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Viravain hummed to Herself as She herded Her spiders into the Glomdoring hub to rest and tell Nocht about Her latest fun with Her order.


The chair! The chair was *gone* and...

Oh. More shadows than ever.

Making a slight hissing sound, She grabbed one of the closest flashlights (of which there were several dozen laying about) and lit it, violently pointing it up into the darkest corner of the room.

"OW" Came the abrupt hiss from the top corner before cutting off entirely with the shadows flaring angrily.

"Oh for..." She grumbled as walked over and up the wall to the corner, pointing the flashlight (on a dimmer setting) to where She saw Nocht hiding behind *the good chair* and His desk.

"STOP TAKING THE GOOD CHAIR." She whined loudly at Him, making Him flinch at the sound before She realized and spoke at a loud but less painful level.

"It's the good chair, of course I want the good chair." He sighed forth as He knew how this conversation was going to go.

"So *copy* the good chair!"

"You know that the metaphysical properties of the cloned chair are *not* the same." Waving towards His desk, where a pile of paperwork on that exact topic was tettering in a wobbly stack.

"IT'S A COPY." Why He cared about this, She was unsure.

"So *You* take the copy!" Maybe *this* would get Her to leave Him alone.

"....okay, sure, that works for me."

Nocht stared at Viravian for a long annoyed moment, before flicking His hand towards the chair and then the floor where the new copy landed with a thud.

"That better?"

"Yup! Thanks!" She said and skipped down the wall and flopped into *Her* good chair.

"Take the spiders! They're eating My paper!"

"Just give them some of the flowers then, they like to eat those."