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Jyväskylä, Finland [09:15]

It was far too early in the morning for Korra’s liking. Her typical day started with cardio, but as of late, that daily ritual became a random occurrence. She already hated the mornings on principle, but her disdain for them grew ten times worse this past week. Also, she might've been feeling the aftereffects of a hangover after doing a pub crawl with some local Finns she met while gallivanting around the city. 

She walked on the apron toward the super-midsize jet. Looking up, she noticed the puffy, grim cloud coverage and prayed it wouldn’t rain. Her very particular passenger allegedly threw fits whenever a delay happened so much as by 10 minutes. Luckily, Korra hadn’t dealt with that... yet.

Korra stopped at the foot of the airstair leading up to the plane. She took off her comfy Sketchers to slip on a pair of stiff black pumps. They went hand in hand with her navy dress hidden underneath her trench coat. When she worked at her last job, a public flight company, she got to wear long-bottom trousers and a jacket. This current ensemble took a lot more time to get used to. 

After a short flight of stairs, she entered the cabin. The usual scent of jasmine rose filled her nose to the brim the further she walked in. SatoAir had the most innovative jets and planes in the aviation industry, and the company was only 12 years old. It was a pipe dream created by some old guy and made certain by his protégé. Korra wasn’t too sure of the details, though. She tuned out a lot during orientation week. 

Aside from the horrendous uniform and red scarf, she didn’t have much else to complain about. She made three times as much now compared to the last three companies she worked for. The only trade-off was working for a cold-hearted narcissist with the short temper of a bear. 

Korra liked to think of herself as a people person most of the time. She never sought out to dislike anyone, and not based on first impressions. But she still didn’t know what to make out of her limited interactions with Ms. Sato. 

Lin, her supervisor, reminded her every single day for the past four weeks to get there two hours before the VIP. There was an unusual laundry list of things to do before they departed.

Korra placed her shoes, travel bag, and trench coat in a tiny cabinet space that she claimed for herself. She had her AirPods in and shuffled through a Spotify playlist. After settling with Frank Ocean's Lost, she put the rest of her stuff away.

Once done, she headed up to the cockpit to say hello to the pilot. Korra took an immediate liking to Zhu Li upon introduction. Before every flight, they would gossip. Zhu Li had intel on the CEO’s mood for the day since she was friends with almost everyone from the cab service they used.  

Korra entered the cockpit, but she didn’t find Zhu Li there. With a shrug, she assumed the pilot took a quick bathroom break. They went out together last night, so she could've been in a state of recuperation as well. She walked through the long cabin again, running her fingers along the leather seats as she approached the back of the jet. Glancing to her right, she looked out the window and frowned at the skyline of the city miles away. She enjoyed Finland for the short time she visited (only a day) and vowed to come back for at least one week. It sat behind the other 20 countries or cities she wanted to explore. 

There was a private bedroom, and she usually worked there first because it was always the untidiest. 

Opening the door the bedroom door, she walked in without a second thought. A quiet gasp left her mouth when an unexpected sight greeted her. 

She found Zhu Li. The brown-haired woman had her face pressed into the mattress, the top half of her clothes rumpled while her lower half was bare. She bent forward, her ass up and currently getting railed into. With music blaring in her ears, Korra followed the length of the pale hand on Zhu Li’s back until she reached a face. 

Korra spun around and shut the door behind her, practically running away from the rear of the cabin after.

Shit! Shit! Shit! 

Not even five minutes on the plane and she managed to fuck up on an insurmountable level. She might as well grab her suitcase and make her exit because no way in hell would she live this down. That had to mean an automatic firing, right? She couldn’t imagine the CEO of the company wanting to keep someone around after getting caught with her pants down. Korra imagined the verbal tongue-lashing she would receive from Lin. It would be enough to warrant Korra going into the witness protection program. Though, right now Lin was the second person she wanted to hide her existence from. 

She stood there for far too long contemplating her escape plan, and the bedroom door opened. Turning, she prepared to apologize. Zhu Li stepped out of the room by herself. She was wearing her glasses now and working on getting her hair tied back into a neat ponytail. Seeing Korra there, she startled for a second. 

“Hey, Korra!” she said, a smile on her face and cheeks pink from exertion. “Did you just get here?” 

Korra’s appearance in the room seemed to go unnoticed by her. Not that Korra could blame her… 

“Uh, yeah. Yup. Just now I got here,” she spoke. 

“How are you feeling?”

Her eyes widened and she stammered. “About what?”

“Last night. Those Finns really know how to throw 'em back, don’t they?”

“Oh, right.” Korra released a nervous laugh. “I’m feeling okay.”

“Great! Well we’re in for a fun week. And I use that term loosely. We’ll take off in about 30 minutes or so. Ms. Sato and I were just going over the schedule. If you'll excuse me, I’m gonna go to the bathroom really quick.” 

“Right… Thanks.” 

Zhu Li smiled so big it could rival a horse, and she walked off to the bathroom. Korra didn’t have time to assess that interaction when a deep, raspier voice came from behind her. 

“I’d like my Bloody Mary sooner rather than later.” 

Korra whirled around, her bangs catching in her face. “Ms. Sato,” she stuttered. Her heart thrummed when she saw the striking raven-haired woman walk out of the bedroom. Her sleek ponytail swished back and forth as she strutted into the cabin. She finished fastening a button on her white shirt, though she only buttoned it up halfway. A perfect brow arched as she stared at Korra, waiting for her to speak again. “I wasn’t aware you’d be here so early,” Korra recovered. “I’m sorry if I’ve held you up.” 

Asami Sato, in typical fashion, waved her hand in dismissal as she worked on the cufflinks of her dress shirt. She slid her jacket on after. 

“I need my drink before the plane takes off. Since you’re so comfortable around here already, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, hm?” Asami sat down on the leather couch along the left side of the plane and crossed her legs. Rather than give Korra a second look, she pulled out her phone and started typing. 

Her icy tone dripped with sarcasm and Korra started sweating. 

“Yes, of course,” she mumbled and walked across the room. Her cheeks were permanently stained in red at the subtle dig, but she wasn’t fired… Yet. 

She bent down and grabbed a glass from the cabinet along with the ingredients for the cocktail. It included an expensive-looking bottle of Vodka, the name of the manufacturer unfamiliar. But saying it sounded pretentious would’ve made her feel lesser somehow. Either way, she got to work. As she made the drink, she tried to give herself more time to get over the level of mortification she felt. And from the looks of it, Asami didn’t give that moment another thought.

Everything happened so fast. Korra wished she didn’t see as much as she did, but there she was. She couldn’t erase it from her memory—Zhu Li’s face shoved into the mattress, her hips moving at lightning speed as Asami slammed into her. The precision and look of control in Asami’s eyes made Korra shiver, but not as much as when they locked eyes. For a few seconds, Asami’s expression hadn’t changed. But before Korra aborted from the scene, she was certain she saw a grin plastered on her boss’s face. 

Her knees buckled a little as she walked back over to Asami and sat the glass down in front of her. 

“I can have a charcuterie tray for you whenever you’re ready for that. But there will be more selections when we’re in the air,” she said, trying her best to sound professional.  

“I’m fine with the wine for now,” Asami said. 

Korra nodded. She thought Asami would offer her more instructions. Before this day, she’d never seen the woman on board until 10 minutes before departure. Instead, Asami’s eyes remained glued to her phone. 

Rubbing the back of her neck, Korra walked off. She decided to do a quick check over inventory even though she already triple-checked it. And as much as it killed her, she went to the bedroom and stripped the sheets off the bed. To her surprise, the rest of the room went unscathed. Though, she sprayed some air freshener that took away any lingering smell of sex.  

Zhu Li’s voice came over the intercom a few minutes later stating that the plane would leave in ten minutes. She sounded a lot less breathy that time around.

Amsterdam, Netherlands [21:35]

Korra traveled a lot in her life. From a young age, she moved around, living in many countries by the time she was 12 years old. She figured she’d be sick of it and want to settle down in some place permanently. Instead, she went ahead and chose to make a living out of it. 

There were plenty of perks than there were downsides. But those downsides Korra seemed to attract with every flight company she worked for. She loved interacting with people, and if she didn't she wouldn't have chosen this line of profession. Yet, there were those couple of times where a few passengers brought out her less than hospitable side. Her last incident made headlines when an infamous brokerage dealer flattened his palm against her rear-end. She sent him flying to the opposite side of the plane and, of course, someone filmed the whole thing and posted it on social media. It didn't go viral until someone made it into a TikTok and dubbed Crank That (Soulja Boy) over it. Gotta love that Gen Z.

The brokerage company the guy worked for threatened to sue the plane company unless they fired Korra. Then other lawyers got involved, and countersuits were thrown around. The company dropped the suit not long after another video released of the guy’s sexual harassment with other flight attendants. Though it was a major win, Korra wanted to move on after that.

Lin, who was her supervisor then as well, also worked for SatoAir’s private charter company and managed to get Korra a position there. 

Korra worked “under the umbrella” at first, which hadn’t been so bad since she was working with, at most, nine people at a time. But then one day, out of the blue, Lin told her she would be working with the CEO of the company only. They both shit their bricks learning that information. 

Four weeks later, Korra still didn’t understand why Ms. Sato chose her. She also wondered how the busy businesswoman even knew who she was. What she did know was that she couldn’t mess it up. And she hadn’t… up until now, that is. 

“So, let me get this straight,” said Korra’s best friend over the phone. “You walked in on the CEO of the company—a.k.a the one who signs your checks—fucking the pilot?” 

Korra winced, one: at the wording; and two: at the shot of tequila on the rocks. She was sitting inside of a hotel bar, winding down for the evening. They arrived in the Netherlands a few hours ago after the most awkward flight Korra experienced in her life. All she wanted to do now was decompress by getting trashed. 

She winced as the burning liquid slid down her throat and coughed before answering. 

“I am so fired, Mako,” she whined. 

“Well, what did the pilot—Zhu Li’s her name, right?—What did she say after that? Was she embarrassed at all?” 

“Kind of hard to be embarrassed when you’re getting screwed six ways to Sunday.” 

“Ooh, so dragon lady’s that good, huh?” 

Korra rolled her eyes at Mako’s childish observation. “I didn’t see much of anything.” 

“I can hear you blushing. But that’s neither here nor there. If she wanted to fire you, she would have the minute you walked in. Which makes me wonder why you weren’t.” 

“Who knows. Maybe she’s waiting until the end of the week and is looking for a new flight attendant as we speak. I’ve already had my share of controversies, and this just adds to the list.” 

“She had to have known she was choosing a wild card when she hired you.” 

“Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence.” Korra looked off to the side. Her eyebrows shot up when she saw Zhu Li walking in and sitting on the other side of the bar. “Let me call you back,” she told Mako and hung up the phone. She grabbed her bag and got up. 

“Fancy meeting you here,” she greeted Zhu Li and plopped down beside her on the barstool. 

“Oh, hey,” Zhu Li said in total nonchalance. The bartender walked up and asked what she wanted to start with. She ordered a Sex on the Beach of all things. “Isn’t this place awesome? Boss hooked us up.” 

“I figured you’d be resting after such a long and… strenuous day.” 

“Eh. It was an easygoing flight. A few clouds and sprinkles, but not bad.” 

“Seriously?” Korra deadpanned. Zhu Li blinked at her. “I saw you with Ms. Sato this morning. I walked into the bedroom and saw you.” 

Zhu Li blinked another three times before bursting into laughter. 

“My apologies,” she said and went back to her drink. 

Korra stammered. “That’s all you have to say?” 

“What else do you want?” 

“How about an explanation? I’ve listened to you rant about that woman since my first week on the job, and you’ve been with her this whole time?” 

“I’m not ‘with’ her. We just mess around from time to time.” 

“From what it looked like she was doing a lot more of the ‘messing’ around. And how many times have I cleaned up after your mess in that plane? Do I even want to know?” 

Finally, a tint of red appeared on Zhu Li’s cheeks. She pushed her glasses up her face. 

“Should it surprise you? The woman’s a total priss, a control freak, and makes my life a living hell. But it makes sense that she needs to release all that pent-up frustration somewhere. And I’m not complaining if that means I get to take a little pleasure in it.” 

“Do you have no shame whatsoever?” 

Zhu Li laughed and drummed her fingers against the bar. “What, you’ve never fucked someone you couldn’t stand before?” 

“No, because I’m normal.” 

“You’re missing out then. It’s the best kind of sex. Though, it does surprise me that she didn’t fly off the handle at you walking into her room without permission.”

“Even if she did, isn’t this whole thing inappropriate? She’s our boss, after all. That's an HR nightmare waiting to happen.” 

“Oh, Korra.” Zhu Li pinched her cheek. “You’ll quickly learn that in this company there are no real rules. And if you get more comfortable, why not have a crack at it?” 

Korra coughed on her drink, but at the same time, her heart leaped into her throat. “Excuse me?” 

“I’m the pilot, so I don’t see what’s going on 24/7, but I heard boss had her fair share of flight attendants in the past. Except the last one, but that was because she only lasted 24 hours after getting caught stealing.” 

Korra scoffed. “Please. I’m a professional who doesn’t mix business with pleasure, thank you very much. Besides, it doesn’t exactly sweep me off my feet to know she’ll fuck any woman who walks.” 

“Don’t discredit her. She will also fuck any man who walks, too,” Zhu Li said. Korra groaned and waved her hand in dismissiveness.  

“Whatever. It’s none of my business anyway.” 

“Then why did you ask?” 

“You know what? I got a full showing of your bare ass this morning. So, how about you buy me a drink so I can get rid of that mental picture?” 

“Is it me or am I sensing jealousy because it wasn’t your ass getting rammed into?” 

“Drink. Now.” 

Korra thought they only had two nights in the Netherlands before the next trip out to the United Kingdom. Due to a nasty hurricane headed their way, Zhu Li made a snap decision to cancel their flights for the next two days. Korra wouldn’t have killed to be a fly on the wall when Zhu Li broke the news to Asami. She imagined steam coming out the ears and curses thrown left and right, and that was enough.

What sucked was that because of the storm, Korra couldn’t go out and explore like she always did on a long period of downtime. She had a shelf at home of souvenirs from every place she traveled to, adding to the excitement of the adventure. Unfortunately, she had to make do with the gift shop down in the hotel lobby. 

She perused around for a while, in search of something better than a keychain with the first letter of her name on it. Glancing to her right, she noticed a couple of snow globes and walked over to them. She picked up one that showed the city of Amsterdam and smiled. It reminded her of the one year she visited with her parents during the winter. She planned on visiting them later in the week, so if not a souvenir, then the snow globe would make for a nice gift at least. 

After giving it a good shake, she held it out in front of her and watched the glitter swirl, grinning like a child. 

“I take it you’re a fan of snow?”

Korra jumped and looked over to her right. 

“Ms. Sato! Hi! I didn’t see you there.” 

“You seemed pretty distracted.” Asami held a bemused expression as she clutched her Coach bag over her shoulder. 

“Right.” Korra put the snow globe down and checked to make sure it wouldn't fall over. She hadn’t seen Asami since their flight landed. Rather than recover from the jetlag, Asami immediately had a car take her to a meeting. But that wasn’t out of the norm. What was, however, was Korra seeing Asami outside of the plane. “So, uh, how about this weather? It’s pretty nasty out.”

“It’s proven to be quite the inconvenience.” Asami walked over to her, getting much closer than they’d ever been before. She picked up the snow globe Korra handled seconds before. 

“Yeah, sorry that a lot of your plans here got canceled.” 

Asami shrugged as she rotated the glass back and forth. “Is this how you would pass your time during layovers?” she asked. 

Korra, surprised she was being asked anything personal at all, sputtered. 

“Um, yes, sort of. I like to buy a little something from every place I visit as a memento. Though, usually, there’s a lot more effort in finding a place.”

Asami snorted. “You would buy something to remember a trip as insignificant as this one?” 

“I wouldn’t call it that,” Korra said, sounding a little more defensive than she should have been. “Yeah, it didn’t turn out the way any of us wanted, but it’s still an experience. I have a job where I’m able to travel all around the world. Something that most people don’t get to do in their lives. I want to have a little piece of everywhere I go.” 

“How sentimental of you,” Asami said, her tone lacking color. 

Korra muttered under her breath before she could stop herself. “Better than being stuck in boring meetings all day.” 

Death and a thousand things worse than it flashed before her eyes. She expected the steam, the cursing, the snappish comeback. Instead, a corner of Asami’s mouth curved upward. She leaned forward, her face coming inches away from Korra’s. 

“I hope your sentimental valuables are stored somewhere translucent then.” Pulling away, she looked at the snow globe one last time and took it with her to the checkout counter. Korra watched in bewilderment as the store clerk scanned the item and Asami pulled out her card to pay for it. After packaging the globe and having it placed in a bag, she walked back over to Korra and handed it over. 

Korra, still shocked by this entire interaction, was slow to reach for it. Her hand grazed Asami’s as she wrapped her hand around the handles. 

“Um, thank you?” Korra said. 

Chuckling, Asami walked by her, only to stop. Her shoulder brushed against Korra’s as she leaned forward to whisper in her ear. 

“It is such a shame you couldn’t find something else more memorable from this trip.” 

She sauntered away after that, leaving Korra there to gawk and question what the hell just happened. 

Waiting out the storm took far longer than Korra expected. They were on the third day of sitting around at the hotel, and she’d grown bored. She also knew that other people were growing more irrational by the hour. 

“It’s like she expects me to whip out my magical wand, flick my wrist, and TA-DA! Problem solved!” Zhu Li complained. 

Korra hung upside down on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. After ordering room service, she went to Zhu Li's room, expecting to get her to come have a few drinks down at the bar. Instead, she found herself trapped there in the room listening to her coworker sulk and bitch about their boss. 

“Why don’t you just go sleep with her again? I’m sure that’ll take off some of the edge,” Korra said. 

“Don’t you start with that again,” Zhu Li said, rolling her eyes. 

Korra smiled, though she became distracted. Ever since yesterday in the gift shop, she couldn’t get Asami out of her head. All the woman did was buy her a chump change gift, but Korra couldn't wrap her mind around the why. She practically insulted the woman, after all. That made it two times that she should've been reprimanded. Could it have meant that the notorious ice queen was all bark and no bite?

“And I didn’t tell you that she’s withholding the updated schedule,” Zhu Li went on.

Korra snapped out of it. “What? Why?” 

“She claims it’s because she still has to rearrange her meetings in the next couple of days. I think it’s to spite me for my total control over the weather,” Zhu Li said sardonically. 

“We’re supposed to fly into Vancouver in a couple of days. I was gonna go visit my parents.” 

Zhu Li shrugged. “It’s out of my hands. If you’ve got a problem, take it up with the commander and chief up in the president’s suite.” 

Korra nibbled on her bottom lip and felt a flutter in her abdomen. 

“I already escaped termination once this week.” Twice really. 

Zhu Li shook her head. “She’s not going to fire you. In her weird-ass head, she’d probably respect you a lot more for not putting up with her temper tantrum.”  

“Is that your way of getting her to ‘respect’ you?” Korra used suggestive air quotes. 

“Why? Are you looking for pointers? Because for someone so repulsed by the idea, you can’t seem to stop referencing it every chance you get.”

Korra scoffed, folded her arms, and scoffed again. “Please! I’m messing around.”

“Uh-huh. Sure.”

“Anyway, you’re the pilot, so why don’t you take it up with her?”

“And get fired? No way.”

“Ah-ha! So I would get fired.” Korra pointed at Zhu Li in validation. 

“No, you won’t. Goodness gracious, you are so oblivious.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about the fact that she’s into you.”

Korra stared at her colleague as if she had two heads. “A-are you out of your mind? No, she isn’t!”

“I did some thinking after we talked the other day. You are the longest flight attendant she's had who hasn't run out of the plane crying. You walked in on her— in the throes—and didn’t so much as get a slap on the wrist for it when lesser people would’ve seen the door. She likes you. Or at least tolerates you.”

“Aside from highlighting a toxic work environment, you sound crazy,” Korra said, laughing in denial. But even so, Zhu Li’s words went straight to her chest. It made it hard to breathe. Hard to hear anything except the rapid beating of her heart slamming into her rib cage. She continued to deny it. “She barely speaks to me unless it’s to tell me to make her a martini. I don’t even think she remembers my name.”

“What do any of those things have to do with the fact that she finds you attractive and wants to pound you into the hotel mattress?”

“How much crasser can you be?” Korra asked, blushing. “Besides, I already told you that I like to keep things professional. Even if that was the case, it would never happen.”

Zhu Li shrugged and turned away, bored with the topic now. “Whatever you say, Korra.”

Korra chewed on her bottom lip, her thoughts moving a million miles a second. Of course Zhu Li was wrong. There was no way Asami looked at her in that way. For all Korra knew, Asami was waiting until the end of this week. Then a new person would swoop right in to take her place.

An hour later, Korra left Zhu Li’s room with the intention of retiring to her own for the rest of the night. She got on the elevator and pushed the button to the eighth floor, but her eyes lingered on the button that led to the top level.

Zhu Li’s nonsensical theories ran rampant, and Korra couldn’t shake them from her brain. It was ludicrous, imaginary, and inappropriate. Besides, Asami wasn’t even her type. She was bossy, demanding, and a bit of a prick. Korra messed around with enough of those people in her past to know she didn’t want to go down that road again. As if there was a road to even go down. 

The elevator doors opened to her floor, but Korra didn’t move. She stayed planted there, rendered immobile until the doors shut again. She pressed the button to the top level and stepped back to grasp the handrail, forcing herself not to think; not to move. She waited as the elevator went higher and finally came to a stop. 

Korra leaned out of the elevator to look around. It was quiet, and the marble floors looked as if they’d never had shoes on them. Taking a deep breath, she stepped out and headed in the direction of the presidential suite. 

Stopping at Asami’s door, she swallowed hard, squared her shoulders, and knocked on the oak wood frame. 

She waited there, her heart hammering in her chest. Then it dropped when she realized she was approaching her boss with no clue of what to say. 

Turning on her heel, Korra prepared to make a beeline for it, but then the door opened, and she snapped forward. 

“Ms. Sato!” she said. It was starting to become her immediate response upon greeting the CEO. She moved to say something else, but then her mouth went dry.

“Do you plan on telling me why you're knocking on my door so late or just staring?” Asami asked, quirking a brow.

Korra scrambled to come up with something—anything that wouldn’t make her sound like a blubbering fool. 

“I, um… You haven’t updated the schedule for the rest of the week?” She stated, wincing at how it sounded like a question. 

“You think I’m not aware of that?” Asami leaned against the frame of the door, stuffing her hands into the pockets of her slacks. Korra tried hard not to look at the way the satin silk of her open blouse clung to her skin. 

“Of course you are.” Korra cleared her throat. “It’s just that I was planning on surprising my family in Vancouver during our stop there, but if that’s not happening—” 

“Oh, I see,” Asami said, smiling. But it wasn’t at all pleasant. “So all of my travels should depend on what you would like to do during your spare time in the cities you say you’re so lucky to get to experience?”  

“No!” Korra said, shaking her head. “That’s not what I was trying to imply at all, Ms. Sato.”

“Then are we done here?” Asami asked. She looked tired and irritated. But at that moment, so was Korra. 

“Actually, no,” she said, again, before thinking. “I understand that you’re busy, but all Ms. Moon and I are trying to do is make sure we’re up to par with your demanding standards. So, the least you could do is put out a schedule on time so that we’re prepared… Respectfully.”

She tacked on the last part when she realized her tone had gone off the rails, but she could’t help it. Her blood boiled at Asami’s attempt to dismiss her.  

“Ms. Korra,” Asami spoke sharply, and Korra thought she’d collapse from the speed at which her heart flew. It was the first time she heard her boss say her name. “That sharp tongue of yours and lack of thought has already gotten you into trouble one too many times, has it not?” 

Korra couldn’t speak. She already thought about what she would do in case of abandonment in Amsterdam. 

Asami pushed off the door and turned. “Follow me,” she said. 

Korra stood in the doorway for a few seconds longer. When she noticed Asami getting further away, she shook herself out of it and followed. 

She removed her shoes after closing the door and stared around the enormous suite in awe. The living room itself could fit her apartment in it four times. And the kitchen looked like one she would see on the cooking shows she watched. 

Asami strolled over to the couch by the fireplace. There was a table in front of it with papers and several electronics sprawled across it. She found a single piece of paper and handed it over to Korra. Then she sat down on the couch, throwing one leg over the other. 

Korra watched her the entire time, and then acknowledged the piece of paper in her hands, glancing it over. 

“You’ve had the agenda this whole time?” she said in accusation. 

“Yes, along with my diabolical plan to terrorize you all for this nightmare of a week I’ve been having,” Asami said. When Korra glanced up at her in question, she rolled her eyes. “Clearly, I finished writing it up just now.” 

“I figured you’d have an assistant do it for you.” 

“Assistants slow me down.” 

Korra nodded and glanced at the messy table. It reminded her of Asami’s usual set up on the plane, always surrounded by never-ending paperwork. She felt bad now for adding more to her stress. 

“Do you, uh, mind if I take a photo of this and send it to Zhu Li? She’s anxious about it.” Asami shrugged. One arm was in her lap while the other stretched out against the length of the couch. Turning away, Korra sat the piece of paper down on the table and took a photo of it. As she started a text to Zhu Li, she remained aware of Asami's watchful eyes. In the background, she heard the soft pitter-patter of the rain against the glass of the window. 

Her heart skipped when she heard shuffling from behind her, followed by footsteps. 

“I assume this schedule is fine with you since we’re still heading through Vancouver?” Asami asked. She moved closer to Korra, her body heat radiating and sending shivers down Korra’s spine. She was drinking a glass of white wine now, the marmalade sifting between them. When she pulled the glass away, her top lip gleamed with the leftover liquid. She swiped it away in a lingering motion with her tongue. 

Korra swallowed. “It’s your schedule, so as long as you’re satisfied with it, Ms. Sato.” 

“I’m not easily satisfied with anything, as I’m sure you know by now.” 

Korra turned inward, the back of her shoulder brushing against Asami’s chest. Asami’s answer sparked a question about something she mentioned a few moments ago.

“Then why put people like me in such a demanding role? You said you know about my history at other companies, didn’t you?” 

“I know about every person who sets foot in my company and on my plane.” 

“That’s sort of hard to believe.” 

“And why is that?” Asami asked, a smolder on her lips. 

“Am I allowed to speak honestly, or will I get fired?” 

“My mood is turning around, so have at it. Though, tread carefully.” It could've been a joke, but any word that left Asami’s lips had Korra on pins and needles. 

“Well, your turnover rate isn’t exactly low for starters,” Korra said. “At least from what I’ve heard.” 

“And do you listen to everything you hear, Korra?” Asami asked, watching her face. She sat her glass down on the table and closed the distance between their bodies. Putting her hand on Korra’s waist, she used a featherlight touch and rubbed Korra’s hip. 

On one hand, Korra thought to push her away, but on second thought, all the things Zhu Li said earlier came to mind. Had she somehow, unintentionally, caught the eye of the salacious executive? 

Adrenaline coursed through her veins. She saw flashes of Asami railing a body into the mattress. Except it wasn’t just any body, nor was it Zhu Li’s.

“I prefer to see things with my own eyes,” she answered a minute later. 

“Good answer. Though, I guess the truth of the matter is, I have a very short list of things and people that I can trust or who can please me.” 

“Does that very short list include Zhu Li?” Korra asked. 

Asami laughed in her ear, the huskiness of it sending goosebumps down her neck. 

“You’re not over that yet?” Asami asked. 

Her answer broke Korra out of her daze. “Over it? That’s not exactly something you just get over. And it’s only been a few days since it happened. You offered no sort of apology—” 

“I’m supposed to say sorry after you walked into my bedroom unannounced?” 

“I didn’t know you were in there!” Korra heard her voice crescendo. “Trust me, if I knew, I would’ve stayed away. But it’s noted the next time you wanna bang Zhu Li or whatever other staff are working on the given day.”

“How bold of you to assume you’d last long enough until the 'next time.'”

And with that, Korra had her answer. How stupid of her to believe she could get out of any of this unscathed. But rather than let her boss see her cry or run out in humiliation, she straightened her back and glared. 

"Goodbye, Ms. Sato,” she spat out.

She tried to walk by Asami and leave with whatever dignity she had left. Who cared if she’d be left in the Netherlands to fend for herself? Asami had other plans, though. She held out her arm and stopped Korra by the waist. At first, Korra tried to rip herself free, but she stopped when a pair of lips touched the shell of her ear.

“I can’t get your face out of my mind,” Asami whispered. “The way you looked when you walked in, how you took in what was happening…” 

Korra’s breathing shallowed when Asami’s face lowered and she tickled Korra’s neck with her nose. 

“Then our eyes met,” Asami continued, a soft moan escaping her mouth as she recalled the encounter. “If only you’d been underneath me wearing that expression. That was all I could think about after you left… While I was inside her.” 

Korra thanked the spirits Asami was holding her by the hip now because she would’ve fallen over. A part of her knew Asami was saying anything to rile her up, make her give in to whatever she wanted. And yet, with that knowledge, the warning signs, and everything she told herself she was against, Korra didn’t want to say no. 

She turned her face, and Asami moved hers. Their noses brushed and their eyes met. A match lit, and Korra was the candle, hoping she wouldn’t burn out too fast.  

Asami’s lips descended onto hers. She pulled Korra in by the hip and flattened her hand against the side of Korra’s neck. Her lips, like velvet, parted, and her tongue touched Korra’s bottom lip. She teased it until Korra opened her mouth. A loud moan escaped, and she met Asami’s force back with equal fervor. 

When they pulled apart, Korra took in deep gulps of air, her heart racing. She felt Asami’s hand press against the small of her back and pull her forward. The other slid down from her neck to the top button of her shirt. 

“May I?” Asami asked. 

Korra, dumbfounded, stared at Asami for several seconds before nodding. Asami’s deft fingers unfastened the first couple of buttons with ease as she moved at a slow pace. Soon after, Korra was sliding her arms out of the shirt and watching it fall to the floor. When Asami stepped forward, Korra put out her hands to stop her by the shoulders. 

“Wait,” she said. Asami rocked back on her heels, her hands going behind her back. She lifted a brow and waited. Korra swallowed. “So, this means I’m not fired, right? Because the optics of this already look really bad.”

Asami chuckled and shook her head. “No, in fact—” she pulled Korra in by the loops of her jeans, “—You’ve proven to be quite useful.” She kissed Korra again.

Korra had half the mind to believe this was a dream, but that made her want to enjoy the sudden turn of events even more. She knew it was wrong, frowned upon, and that if Zhu Li ever found out about it, she’d never let Korra live this down. She couldn’t bring herself to care, though, not when Asami was kissing down her neck. She sucked on patches of skin, some harsher than others that would leave bruises in the morning. Her hands traveled up the expanse of Korra’s stomach and traced Korra’s abs with her fingers. Then she slid upward to cup Korra’s left breast. 

Gasping, Korra threw her head back. Her hands shot up to Asami’s raven locks as her lips continued to leave a wet trail down Korra’s neck. She squeezed Korra’s chest through the fabric of her bra and, with her other hand, unsnapped it from the back. Korra didn’t comprehend what was happening until Asami slid the bra straps down her arms. Her chest rose and fell fast as she watched Asami stare, eyes roaming over Korra’s skin.

“Ms. Sato,” Korra panted. She didn’t know why she called her name, but when Asami’s eyes flickered up, a flare of hunger in her gaze, Korra forgot she’d spoken in the first place. 

“Hm?” Asami asked. As she waited for Korra to answer, she reached up and tucked the bangs out of Korra’s face. Then she pulled Korra’s short, messy ponytail free. Pushing her fingers through it, she brushed it down and then cupped either side of Korra’s neck and leaned in. She teased Korra’s lips first, brushing against them, kissing both bottom and top lip. Then she slid one of her hands down to grasp Korra’s breast again and pull her in. She widened Korra’s lips with hers, forcing her tongue inside and kissing Korra senseless. She pinched Korra's nipple and Korra sighed, wrapping her arms around Asami’s neck. She never wanted to melt into another person so hard and so fast before. To become consumed and controlled. 

Asami’s mouth left hers again, and she pulled Korra with her over to the couch. Using one hand, she shoved Korra onto it. Stunned, Korra lifted herself on her elbows and watched Asami unbuckle the belt on her pants. Something about it looked so erotic that Korra sunk her teeth into her bottom lip and spread her legs. 

A sly grin appeared on Asami’s face, and she threw the belt to the side. She climbed between Korra’s legs and kept their eyes locked as she leaned forward and flattened her tongue around one of Korra’s distended peaks. She swirled around the dusky nipple and then brought her lips around it. 

Korra groaned and brought her head back against the arm of the couch. Even though she saw it with her own eyes, she couldn’t believe the effortless suave of her boss. She felt out of her depth, even though this was far from her first time. 

Wanting to gain back some control, she forced her hands between them and unbuttoned Asami’s shirt. Asami allowed this and pulled away to shrug out of it. When Korra moved to unfasten the bra, Asami snatched her wrists and raised them above Korra’s head. Korra arched when that talented mouth latched onto her chest. Asami went lower until she had to release Korra’s wrists. She kissed Korra’s navel and kept going until she ended at the hem of Korra’s jeans. After unfastening them, she hooked her fingers inside, and with the grace of a feline, she removed both jeans and panties. 

Korra felt hot flashes all over her body, starving for Asami’s hands to touch her everywhere. A small whimper left her, and she fondled her breasts. Asami watched with a hooded expression, and Korra smirked. Having those olivaceous depths ravish her body caused a flutter in Korra’s chest. Warmth spread in her abdomen and her center pulsated. She pinched her nipples harder, moaned, and shut her eyes. 

“Touch yourself,” Asami commanded in a low growl that had Korra dripping down her thighs. Mewling, she brought her one hand downward, watching with a bit of sadism as Asami’s eyes narrowed at how slow she went. One finger slipped between her folds and slid inside with little resistance. When she pulled out, her finger glistened with her wet juices. She brought it up to her mouth and watched Asami’s face as she tasted herself. 

“More,” Asami said. And luckily for her, Korra wasn’t in the mood for games. 

She pushed herself up the couch, giving her back support, and spread her knees. In this position, Asami could see everything, and a flush crept up Korra’s cheeks at being so exposed. The sheer look of desire on Asami’s face kept her going. 

This time, she used two fingers, moaning as her walls fluttered around her. Her breath shook and she gripped her breast again, squeezing as she pushed her fingers in deeper. They sped up as she relaxed more. She closed her eyes and rubbed her clit between her fingers until her slick covered them once again. More moans slipped out of her, and she could hear the wet sounds as her fingers moved in and out in a blur. Her breathing became heavier, and she cried out as she felt an orgasm approach.

All too suddenly, her hand came out of her without her permission. She cracked her eyes open and her breath hitched when she saw Asami with one hand down the front of her open slacks as she watched Korra.

“M-Ms. Sato,” she breathed out. 

Asami’s eyes snapped open and locked with Korra’s. She watched Korra’s expression and released an erotic moan that pierced Korra’s chest down to her simmering center. 

“I could watch this for days,” Asami said. She brought Korra’s fingers up to her mouth and tasted the juices that lathered them. Korra watched in awe, still twitching from her unreleased orgasm, but transfixed. Asami shut her eyes as she savored Korra’s nectar, lapping at her fingers until they were clean. “I wanna taste more of you.” 

“Please,” Korra begged, too aroused to feel any shame. “Need more,” she panted. 

“I can give you a lot more than this,” Asami promised. She released Korra’s hand and bent down. Hooking her arms under Korra’s thighs, she lowered herself until her nose and lips brushed against Korra’s dripping sex. It was barely a touch, but it still had Korra moaning and, again, begging for more. 

Asami arched her back and leaned forward. She used two fingers to spread soaking lips apart and pressed her mouth against Korra’s pussy. 

Korra went wild, howling as Asami’s tongue circled her clit while fingering her. She pushed her fingers through Asami’s hair, urging her to go faster and suck harder. As she neared completion, she voiced her impending release. 

Asami pulled away for a second and murmured, “come as many times as you want, pretty girl.” 

Korra’s eyes squeezed shut when Asami’s tongue entered again. It curled past her hood and she flattened her lips on Korra’s clit. Korra screamed and clutched Asami’s hair, bursting into her mouth. Her body convulsed and several words came out of her mouth that she couldn’t even decipher. 

Her staggering breaths traveled through the room, and she leaned her cheek up against the back of the couch. Asami moved away, but Korra couldn’t open her eyes to see where she went or what she was doing. Minutes passed, and then she heard footsteps padding against the floor. Opening her eyes, she released a shaky breath.  

Asami walked over to her, nude now except with a strap-on hanging between her legs. 

“Like what you see?” 

After regaining her breath, Korra scoffed. “Yeah, though I hope it’s been thoroughly cleaned.” 

“We still have to work on that mouth of yours, don’t we?” Asami asked, an empty threat that still made Korra shiver at the implications. Asami got into her original position and placed her hands on Korra’s knees. Leaning forward, she captured Korra’s lips in a chaste kiss, then got into her ear. “I haven’t stopped thinking about doing this,” she murmured.

Korra swallowed when she felt Asami’s fingers enter her again, sinking to the knuckles. Her light touch worked Korra up again, and she instinctively rolled her hips. 

“Me too,” she admitted. 

Asami removed her fingers and held out her clean hand. “Turn around.” 

Korra took Asami’s hand and pulled herself up. Biting her lip, she turned and got on her hands and knees. She felt Asami’s hands fall to her hips and looked over her shoulder. Their eyes met and held as Asami slipped between Korra’s legs. 

“This is what you want, isn't it?” Asami asked, a smirk on her face. 

Korra nodded. “Fuck yes.”

“Good because I plan on fucking you senseless.”

Asami kept hold of Korra’s hip with one hand while grabbing her cock with the other. She rubbed it between Korra’s lips a few times, lube smearing against Korra’s slit and mixing with her slick. Korra moaned and fell forward, pressing her ass into Asami more. 

“So big,” she panted. 

“I want you to take it all,” Asami said. She tenderly rubbed Korra’s hip. 

Korra brought her face down into the cushions to hide her smile. “Yes, Ms. Sato,” Korra said. 

Asami pushed in, got a few inches inside, stopped, then repeated the motion. Korra hissed and groaned, but once her muscles got used to the stretch, it was easier to push back.

“Fuck, you're tight” Asami said. She smoothed her hands over Korra’s derrière and gave her left cheek a harsh slap. Korra shouted in surprise, then moaned again when Asami slipped inside more. She looked back, mouth open and eyes half-closed, and watched Asami work dexterously. 

“Your face…” Asami said. She brushed Korra’s hair out of the way so she could get a better look. “It’s exactly how I imagined.” 

Korra couldn’t say anything to that compliment, only moan. She spread her knees and felt the burn of the stretch as Asami buried herself to the hilt. Falling forward again, she wrapped her arms around the throw pillow beneath her and hugged it. Whimpers and desperate cries left her mouth when Asami moved faster. She gripped Korra’s hips and forced her back as she snapped her hips forward.

Fuck!” Korra shouted. 

“Mm, you're taking me so well,” Asami said. “You’re such a good girl.” 

Korra clenched around the thick, piercing cock as it drilled into her. Their hips smacked together, creating a cadence loud enough to tear the hotel walls down. She called out to Asami by her title once more. 

“No, say my name,” Asami said. Instead of sounding demanding like every other time, this came out as more of a plea. “God, baby, say my name.” She reached around and rubbed Korra's pussy in fast, jerky motions. 

Korra couldn’t register what that request might have implied. Instead, she threw her head back onto Asami’s shoulder and she screamed her name repeatedly. 

“Asami! Oh, god! Asami, harder! Don’t stop!”

Asami’s grip tightened, and their pace grew more feverish until Korra felt that coil in her belly snap. She jolted, then froze, and she spilled onto Asami’s rod. No sound left her mouth, and she only heard static in her ears as she saw white. Something caught around her throat, which she came to realize was Asami’s hand. Asami turned Korra’s head and eagerly met her lips in an open, wet kiss. Korra moaned in her mouth as their tongues tangled. Her body turned to jelly, and Asami’s hold on her was the only thing to keep her up as her extended orgasm faded.

After a while, Asami let go, and Korra fell forward into the couch. She was fucked to pieces, it seemed. She couldn’t move, but Asami didn’t seem to mind. She pulled out of Korra and forced her onto her back. A minute later, Korra felt something warm and wet slide up against chin, then over her lips. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue on instinct. 

“Oh, yes!” Asami cried out. Korra's eyes peeked open, and she found her boss riding her face to kingdom come. Asami clutched her chest with one hand and used the other to grip Korra’s hair. Her tossed locks, flushed cheeks, husky moans, and sweet taste stirred a deep desire within Korra to make this woman come a thousand—no, a million times. When her arms gained back feeling, she wrapped them around Asami’s thighs and pushed her tongue deeper into dripping folds. Asami groaned, threw her head back, and convulsed as a stream of her libation poured out and drenched Korra’s lips and chin. Korra hummed in pleasure and lapped up every single drop. A string of saliva left her mouth when Asami pulled away and slid down. She fell on top of Korra in a heap, her hard breathing matched Korra’s. Though, even then, she still seemed in control of every movement, every breath, and every beat of her heart. 

Korra wrapped her arms around Asami, uncaring if Asami liked to be cuddled or not. She was exhausted now and needed whatever little intimacy she could latch onto. 

Neither of them said anything, but Korra tried not to think about it, or the repercussions she’d face in the morning. Instead, she let her heavy eyes close and body relax into the couch. That was when she felt soft fingers run through her hair, followed by a light kiss on her shoulder. As she fell into a deep slumber, she heard Asami’s final words for the night. 

“I can’t wait to have so much more fun with you.” 

Korra woke the next morning with sore muscles and an ache between her thighs. Her only comfort was the Egyptian sheets she cocooned herself in and the soft king-sized mattress. 

Those last two details made her eyes snap wide open and shoot up from the bed, wincing at the ache between her legs. Looking out the window, she noticed the storm finally passed. That more than likely meant they would leave out today. 

Korra noticed the left side of the bed was already made and wondered if Asami slept in it at all. Korra didn't remember making it to the last night, which must've meant Asami carried her?

Thinking of her bedmate made Korra cover her face and groan out loud. She couldn’t believe she got herself into this. What would happen now? Could she even go back to doing her job after this?

There was a knock on the door, and she looked over in panic. Asami walked in wearing only a robe.

“Good, you’re finally awake,” she said as if everything was normal. “We’ll be checking out at noon. That should be enough to gather your belongings, yes?”

Korra couldn’t find her voice for several seconds.

“Um, where are my clothes?” she asked.

Asami pointed over to the dresser with a mirror attached where Korra’s clothes sat neatly folded.

Clearing her throat, Korra pushed the covers off and got up from the bed. She couldn’t even bring herself to look at Asami as she walked across the room naked in broad daylight. Her walk of shame back to her room would be one of magnetic proportion.

When she got to the mirror, she winced at the several hickeys on both sides of her neck. She took the time to assess all the damage and became so distracted that she didn’t notice Asami walking up behind her.

“I could cover those up for you,” she said, her fingers brushing Korra’s neck. Their eyes met in the mirror.

“No, it’s fine, Ms. Sato,” Korra mumbled and looked away. 

“What happened to calling me by my name? You said it so well last night,” Asami said. One of her hands trailed down Korra’s shoulder and stopped at her elbow.

Embarrassed, Korra looked elsewhere. “I thought that’s what you preferred during office hours.” 

“You’re not going to be weird about this, are you?” Asami asked, sounding genuinely curious. 

“Weird about sleeping with my boss? No, never,” Korra said dryly. She found her underwear and was about to put it on, but then she found herself spinning around. Asami put her hands on Korra’s hips and brought their bodies together.

“I don’t feel weird, and neither should you,” Asami said. She kissed Korra, and Korra let out a quiet gasp. When she got over the initial surprise, she brought her arms around Asami’s neck, moaning when Asami’s caught a handful of her ass.

Asami pulled away, but not before brushing Korra’s hair behind her ear. 

“Get dressed. There’s breakfast for you,” she said and walked out of the room.

Korra inhaled. She turned back to the mirror and noticed a goofy smile on her face and wiped it away. Asami was good at distraction, seeing as how Korra still had no idea what any of this meant. It didn’t look like she’d be getting an explanation any time soon either. 

She started putting on her clothes. When she got to her shirt, she stopped when she noticed an article of clothing that wasn’t hers. Hooking her finger around it, she picked up a red thong with lace. With the way it sat so tidy in similar fashion to her clothes, it couldn't have been accidentally mixed up with Korra’s. 

She ended up grinning again despite herself. After a quick look behind her to see if Asami was standing near the door, she stuffed the thong into her pocket. As it turned out, she found something memorable in Amsterdam after all.