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Breeding Stock

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I had been held for so long by my captor, I no longer had any clue what day it was or how long I had been here. It could be 2 weeks or 2 months. I was kept in an attic, chained to the floor by my foot. The room was almost always dark, lit only by a single light that emitted a yellow glow. The only thing I was given to sustain my body was left over scraps from that night, if there was any left, and water that looked as if it had been collected from a pond. Each morning and night, he forced himself on me. And the bad part? I had begun to enjoy it. I knew it was the Stockholm syndrome taking effect on me, but god. His cock felt so good inside me, and I had begun to enjoy how rough he was with me and how much he loved to degrade me. I no longer had a name. I was slut, bitch, cunt, whore, rapetoy, and as he loved to remind me, his personal breeding stock. He would never let me see his face, that was something I needed to earn by giving him a healthy baby. I was now well trained enough to hear his footsteps coming, and knew I needed to present myself properly or otherwise risk being beaten and caged, and he wasn't merciful. Each night, I would get down on my hands and knees face down on the filthy mattress, one that had now become stained with my blood and his cum and which I was only allowed on when being used by him, otherwise I was to be on the floor. I could hear that he was in an especially foul mood tonight. He had been slamming things and yelling, and he was no less aggressive coming up the stairs to use my cunt. I winced when he slammed the door to the room shut behind him. “Look who decided to be a good rapetoy tonight. Such a good little bitch.” He growled as he threw his belt down on the floor beside me. He aggressively slapped my ass, causing me to let out a small yelp. He enjoyed hearing the noises I made when he hurt me. “Louder, cunt.” he yelled at me as he began to repeatedly spank my ass with increasing force, grabbing a fistful of my hair and yanking it back. I couldn't help but moan with pleasure and cry out in pain at the same time with each strike. It even made me wet. He took pleasure in the knowledge that I had begun to enjoy his rape, and used it as a tool against me. Once he was satisfied with the new marks on my body, pushing me into his favorite position he enjoyed using me in. He lifted my ass up as far into the air as it could go and roughly shoved his cock inside me. I was embarrassed at the sound I made each time he entered me. I groaned with pleasure, feeling him slam the length of his cock deep inside me. I knew well to not hold back on the sounds I made. It furthered his enjoyment and quickened his use of me, even if I longed for it to never stop once it started. He began to aggressively thrust his cock in me, pushing my head into the mattress as he stepped on it, rubbing his foot in my face. My cunt began to drip all over his cock, seemingly more each time he used me. “What a good little whore, getting wet and enjoying your rapist's cock. I'm going to fill you with my seed, and this time, you will give me a baby and once you do, then I will treat you like a human and not like the breeding stock you are.” He grunted as he forcefully thrust his cock deeper and deeper inside me, pushing himself as close to my womb as he could. He needed to ensure I got pregnant. That was my only job, to be the incubator for his child and if I failed to do so, he would eventually dispose of me. I had begun to want nothing more than to fulfill his wishes, and hopefully do so over and over again, just so I could receive his cock in the only way I had known and make him happy. He quickly came to his finish, groaning as he forced his seed deep inside my womb, his cock twitching inside of me. After a few minutes, he slowly withdrew from me, and just as he had always done, duct taped my cunt shut. “Don't want any to leak out, do we fuckmeat?” he said as he slapped my cunt harshly, making me gasp out loud. I shook my head in agreement as I laid there, awaiting further orders. “For being such a good whore for me tonight, I'll give you a special treat. Close your eyes now.” I smiled to myself, closing my eyes as I felt him pull me up to my knees by my hair, rubbing his cock across my face. I opened my mouth wide, and without hesitation took his cock in my mouth. He gripped the back of my head as I sucked my juices off of his cock and balls, my hands on my knees as I slowly slid his cock down my throat, drool oozing out of my mouth as he began to roughly skull fuck me. He quickly pulled me off and gave me a hard slap across the face before shoving his cock back down my throat, fucking it even harder than he had before. “Yeah that's right whore, take my fucking cock down your throat like the cum hungry bitch you are.” He moaned out, shoving my head fully down the length of his cock until my face was pressed against his stomach and my drool soaked his balls, spurting his second round of cum down my throat. Once he was done, he threw me back down on the floor, a coughing, drool covered mess. He smirked as he watched me lay there, humiliated but dripping wet with pleasure. He kicked my legs open wide, and pressed his foot against my cunt, roughly rubbing my clit through the tape as he spit on my body. “For being such a good toy tonight, you can have an extra meal in the morning. Don't get used to it.” He said, applying more pressure until he was basically stepping on my cunt. And just like that, another night of serving my captor was over. He picked up his belt and walked out, locking the door back behind him as I laid there, contemplating my life's decision. How in the hell had I ended up breeding stock to a strange man? Why did I enjoy this? And why did I want to carry several babies for him? I couldn't come up with an answer, as the only thing on my mind was how desperate I was to get pregnant and how badly I wanted him to use me again. “Just 12 hours, then I can have his cock again…” I mumbled to myself as I laid there, drifting off to sleep.