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Heat, Calm, and Dinner

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“God, why can’t I just do this!”

“‘Cause you’re thinkin’ too hard?”

“At least I have a brain.” Heath scoffed, gripping the bottom of his t-shirt. He grimaced as he felt his heated clammy hands through the fabric.

Just a few months ago he wouldn’t bat an eyelash at the idea of taking off his shirt in front of Eve. But this was a new context...

“Heath, come here, you gotta stop forcing yourself.”

“No way, it's been way too long, I can’t just keep you waiting forever.”

“It ain’t anything I haven’t seen before. Just come over here, and let’s sort this out.”

“Sort this out how?”

“You’ll see.”

So Heath crawled over, feeling the floorboards creak beneath his knees. His face felt hot,and his pits were soaked. Somehow, ten minutes of barely lifting his shirt had left him out of breath and nauseous. Eve adjusted his seating, spreading his legs open as he leaned his back up on the wall.

“Good, now lay down.” he said, gesturing to the gap between his knees.

“That’s just gonna make me sweatier.”

“I thought getting sweaty was the point anyway.”


Heath plopped himself down between Eve’s legs and laid the side of his head against Eve’s chest. It was warm and sturdy, and he'd be lying if he said it wasn’t comforting.

“Alright,” Eve’s voice lowered to a soft and chesty coo. “ I’m just gonna touch you a little. If you want me to stop, just say so.”

“Okay.” Heath replied with a sigh.

Eve’s fingers playfully walked down his chest making their way down to the hem of Heath’s shirt. With every little “step” Heath could feel his stomach bounce.

“I know, it feels funny when people touch your belly.” Eve breathed into Heath’s ear. He gripped the end of the damp shirt, lifting it just above Heath’s navel. Rough hands stroked Heath’s hip bones. His muscles tightened at the sudden intensity of the touch, but he soon found himself relaxing. Eve gently squeezed the fleshy sides of his hips. His lips pressed into a gentle kiss at the back of Heath’s head. Hot breath against Heath’s scalp.

“Can I go higher?” Eve’s voice muffled against Heath’s hair.


Eve ran the tips of his fingers under Heath’s shirt, lifting it just below the nipple. His hands reached under the thin fabric and began to caress the firm muscle of his pecs.

“You tensed up again.”

Carrasses relaxed into small strokes on the nipple. Although Heath’s shoulders lifted a little at first, they began to lower with each passing squeeze or rub.

“I used to sneak glances at you when you’d take off your shirt, since it gets so muggy in the summer.”

Heath looked straight ahead focusing on the area of wall just under the window sill.

“If you just let me touch you, that’s enough.” Eve spoke in Heath’s neck..

“Liar. You’re rock hard.”

“I’m not lying.” Eve sulked. He leaned his chin over Heath’s shoulder and went in for a quick peck on the cheek. “I got my hands, don’t I?”

Pushing his elbows against the edge of the wall, Heath raised his back, turning his face at Eve, revealing straight eyebrows and pursed lips. His bangs clung to his forehead, slicked down by ever-flowing beads of sweat. His face was flushed a feverish red.

“So do I.” Heath said blankly, turning on his knees to fully face Eve. Lifting his sweat soaked shirt over his head, he bends closer, leaving a gentle kiss on Eve’s parted lips. Egged on by his own boldness, Heath grabbed at Eve’s crotch, petting and squeezing the bulging denim.

“You say the word, and I’ll undo your fly.” Heath’s eyes met Eve’s with startling intensity.

“Do it.” Eve replied, licking his lips.

Slender hands undid the metal top button of Eve’s jeans. Heath pulled the zipper down slowly, gazing intently at the navy blue boxer briefs that were suddenly revealed before him.
Though hesitant at first, he tugged the waistband down bringing Eve’s dick in full view. It was sweaty, swollen, and a bead of precum gushed at the tip. Heath paused.

Eve raised his head to look up at Heath, making note of his wide-eyed expression. He shifted his weight onto his butt, letting his legs fall at his sides as he sat up. Eve felt his face scrunch and opened his mouth to speak.

“Seriously man, you don’t have to touch it, you really don't.” He lifted the lowered waistband of his underwear back over his dick. “I’m gonna go to the bathroom and take care of this.”

Eve stood up, and Heath sat on his knees. In five minutes, Eve was back .

“We should start thinking about dinner, it’s after 5.” Eve said as he flopped down on the bed, and stared at the ceiling. Heath’s throat tightened. Instead, Heath lifted himself off the floor, and plopped himself beside Eve, laying his head on his chest.

“Let’s just get takeout, I’m tired.” Heath croaked.

Eve bent his arm to run his hand through Heath’s long strands of hair.