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Heartbeats and Raindrops

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The gentle pattering of rain against the windows helped Heath relax back into the makeshift couch. Since it was on the cusp of autumn and winter, her home had darkened extremely early, so lit candles littered the main room to fill it with warm, orange light. Heath hummed to herself as she flipped the page of the book in her hands. Rainy days were always a favorite of hers to read.

“Heath…” The peaceful silence was soon broken by a soft voice. Lily slowly made her way into the room, using the wall to guide herself farther in. A calm smile barely turned up the corners of her lips. “Are you still reading?”

“Yeah,” Heath answered. “I kinda got caught up in the story. Plus, the rain has been nice for background noise.”

“Do you think you could read to me again?” Lily fidgeted only for a moment before her smile softened. “It’s been a while since you have.”

“Of course I will,” Heath said then sat up a bit more with a grunt. “I don’t think I read this one to you yet either.”

Heath didn’t mind rereading her books since she had already read them several times over by now, but when she read to Lily, it was like she was experiencing them for the first time all over again.

Lily's warm smile split into a large, ecstatic grin. Seeing her look so excited made Heath’s heart do a flip in her chest. What she wouldn’t give to make her smile like that day after day.

Lily hurried into the room as quickly as she could, mindful of the furniture around her, until she finally found the couch. Without even a bit of hesitation, she crawled onto the sofa and laid herself atop Heath’s body. Lily tucked her head underneath Heath's chin then rested comfortably against the other woman's chest.

Heath settled deeper into the couch, wrapped an arm around her lover's shoulders, then brought the book up high enough to be able to comfortably read the words.

The story was a fairy tale she honestly had heard a thousand times over. It was about a princess that was locked away from the world, doomed to die from an evil curse that would turn her to stone unless she got a kiss from her one true love. Even though Heath was sure Lily heard a similar story, she simply relaxed against her and listened.

Rain continued to pour outside as she read through the fairy tale, and before she knew it, she was at the end. Gently closing the book, Heath placed it onto the floor next to her with a slight thud. One of her clawed hands carefully played with Lily's hair.

"So, what did you think?" Heath asked.

Silence answered her. She curiously raised an eyebrow.


Heath carefully tipped her head down to get a better look at Lily's face. Quiet, even breaths fell from her slightly parted lips. When Heath readjusted herself so she could sit up more, Lily only grumbled and buried her face into Heath's chest.

She fell asleep… How cute.

Heath gently smiled before she buried her face into Lily’s blonde locks. She could smell the flowery scented soap she loved to use. It mixed well with the smell of fresh rain outside that Heath’s nose could easily pick up. Smoke mixed in with the other comforting smells when the candles finally fizzled out shortly after. The warmth of Lily’s body, her steady breathing, the low rumble of distant thunder, and the rain lightly beating against their home started to lull Heath into a drowsy state.

A large yawn made Heath’s tongue reflexively curl like a cat’s. She hugged Lily closer to her chest when she settled down deeper into the couch. Heath felt Lily’s own chest buzz with a sleepy, content hum before she settled back down once again. Heath pressed a gentle kiss to the top of Lily’s head as exhaustion pulled heavily at her eyelids.

“I love you,” she managed to mumble just before she finally let her eyes close. Sleep swiftly overtook her, pulling her into a dream. Though that dream meant nothing to her when she knew Lily was curled against her in the real world; and that’s all she truly dreamed to have.