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Dixie's Revenge

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The wisp of smoke from Nixie’s fireball faded as her hand slumped lifelessly onto the pillow. Dixie wailed a little, pretending for appearence’s sake, before gesturing to Bastion to slit the butler’s throat so the elf didn’t get in the way of their looting.

Dixie stormed out of the bedroom as Sandra and Gavin turned out jewellery boxes and pulled open chests. He had been sucking up to the old bat for years now, putting up with her neverending tales of how she out-fought Evandra, out-sang Antrius, and turned her competitors to ash.

‘Key-key-key..’ Dixie muttered, kicking in the door to the study. He ignored the large bookshelves towering to the ceiling, and concentrated on the solid oak desk in the middle of the room.

A quick rummage later and he was holding the brass key to the treasury in one clenched fist, and a small slip of paper in the other. 

The paper was yellowed with age, tea-stained and slightly charred, and bore his aunt’s curling, spiral signature at the bottom.

Dear E and A,

Guess what? I found the orphaned baby boy of that warden we killed when we broke out of jail! Not that time, the other one. You know.

Anyway, I’m raising him now. So if you want to come by some time and meet him, his name is Little Dixie and he likes sugar candy! A lot!



Dixie put his fist in his mouth to stifle a furious scream. Sure, he poisened the old biddy to get to her fortune, but if he’d known she was responsible for leaving him penniless in the first place he would have..

He could have...

Dixie roared and hurled a nearby chair at a wall, reducing it to splinters.