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Various OffGun Drabbles/Ficlets

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Tay doesn’t think much when he walks into a room and Off and Gun are cuddled up together, Gun in Off’s lap and Gun’s mouth on Off’s neck.

He just groans at them. “Peng! Pet!” he shouts, and settles in next to them.

Gun lifts his head. “P’Tay,” he greets with a nod in lieu of a wai, too attached to Off.

Off pockets his phone, arms wrapping more securely around Gun’s waist.

Tay starts talking about his day and Off teases him and it’s all fun and games until Gun turns to stretch and Tay catches sight of his neck. “Nong Gun Atthaphan! Do you have a hickey?”

Gun’s hand goes automatically to his neck and Off smirks.

“Wait… Jumpol… You and N’Gun?”

“It’s just a hickey,” Gun whines, trying to downplay it.

“You leave hickeys on your Papii all the time, I know,” and he grimaces for effect, “but...Peng?”

If anything, Off smirks harder and nods.

“Then are you two…?” He gestures between them, as if there’s any space between.

“Together?” Off finishes for him. He shrugs. “I can tell you he stayed at my place last night...and we slept in the same bed...and--”


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Gun’s mouth is so often on his neck, nuzzling him, kissing him, but Off knows when Gun needs more than that. When Gun starts to nip at his throat in warning, Off makes sure to find them time and space alone.

It’s something intimate they share, the hunger all-encompassing, but not frightening.

Gun likes it best when he feels secure and Off likes it best when he’s certain Gun is safe. What’s safer than a moment just between them?

Gun will sink down onto Off’s cock, sink his fangs into Off’s neck.

And the encounter leaves them both fully satisfied.

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Many think King Atthaphan too young and inexperienced, while others see an opportunity.

Some send threats and others send their children.

Off Jumpol is the youngest of three, unlikely to ever wear the title of king in his own land, so he’s sent as an offering, an alliance, despite his own misgivings. As a dutiful son, he goes without complaint.

Prince Jumpol is to court the new king, to be the one to win King Atthaphan’s favor amongst all possible suitors. At first, Off thinks it will be a source of endless frustration.

Who wants to vie for some snobby king’s attentions?

Except...except King Atthaphan is Gun, and Gun is very sweet and very charming. Everyone thinks so.

Even Off thinks so.

As time goes on, he hopes more and more that Gun will choose him.

With the way Gun smiles at him, Off starts to think he might.

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Off may not know much about baking, but he’s pretty sure when you mix the ingredients together, they’re supposed to actually mix.

As much as Gun’s first batch of cookies hadn’t turned out great, at least they had turned out...looking like cookies.

Off hears the sound of the door opening and panics, stares down into the bowl like it’s betrayed him. He had just wanted to do something nice. And, well, maybe he wanted to make Gun proud.

He considers hiding the evidence but instead he holds the bowl out to Gun as Gun walks into the kitchen. “Help?”

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“We’ll have to perform an investigation!” Gun announces, sounding far too excited.

“We will?” Off asks, looking amused at Gun’s enthusiasm.

“Yes! And we’ll need codenames.” Gun grins. “I’ll be ‘Eagle One.’” He points to Oab. “Oab can be ‘Been There, Done That.’”

Oab laughs even as Off narrows his eyes.

Gun turns to Off. “Papii is ‘Currently Doing That.’”

Gun dives in and Off tilts his head obligingly so Gun can kiss his neck. Off grins smugly.

“For Lee… ‘It Happened Once in a Dream,’” Gun decides, and Lee smiles sweetly, sends him a wink.

Lee may or may not see the absolute death sentence in Off’s look.

Gun doesn’t dawdle, however, and points to Mook next. “‘If I Had to Pick a Lady.’”

Mook beams at him, fluttering her eyelashes. “Thank you.”

Finally, Gun focuses on Tay, and Tay holds his breath. “P’Tay can be…” He hums, then settles on, “‘Eagle Two.’”

Tay puts his hands together in prayer. “Oh, thank god. I didn’t want to be murdered today.”

Off still eyes him suspiciously, but then his gaze falls on Lee. “Only in a dream, right?”

“Peng, you can’t kill him over a dream.”

Off continues to glare.

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They’d read over the script so, theoretically, Gun knew how Off would look when he dressed up for the shoot that day.

The long-haired wig and the dress.

It should be funny to see his beloved Papii playing around like that.

But then Gun actually lays eyes on “Maetinee” and…

Well, it’s very different from the expectation.

The whole joke is that New’s character is only afraid of beautiful women and Off is supposed to obviously not fall into that category.


“Papii looks pretty,” Gun says.

Off turns to him, making over the top flirty faces, pursing his lips and winking. “You like it, Gun? You said Papii looks pretty, right?”

Gun blushes and swats at him. “I just didn’t expect…”

“That I could be so beautiful when I’m usually so handsome already?” Off teases.

Gun rolls his eyes. “I just thought you’d be uglier,” he tries.

Off pouts for effect, but then he smirks, not believing Gun’s lie anyway.

Gun tries to walk away, but Off pulls him back, spins him around. “Thank you kha,” he says playfully, then plants a kiss on Gun’s cheek, and lets him go.

Kub,” Gun replies, rolling his eyes but smiling nonetheless.

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“Gun wants Papii,” Gun had said.

And that was all it had taken for Off to drag him into an empty office. Anyone could’ve seen them go, could get curious and decide to take a look.

Especially since they hadn’t bothered to lock the door.

“Get me hard,” Off had told him.

Gun had obediently dropped to his knees to take Off into his mouth.

Once Off was satisfied, he had pushed Gun over the desk, had readied Gun.

Now Off is pressing into Gun. “Remember the rules. You come when I let you.”

Gun nods, eager, and Off starts fucking him. Soon, Gun wants more, tries to take himself in hand.

Off grabs Gun’s wrists, holds them down with just one hand. “I never told you to touch yourself,” he warns. “Just for that, you’ll have to wait longer.” He moves his hips slowly, deliberately.

Gun moans, struggles. He’s so hard and Off feels so good in him and the way Off talks only makes it worse.

Off stops moving, but his free hand slides from Gun’s hip down his thigh. “Do you understand?”

Gun’s legs shake. “Kub.”

“Good boy,” Off tells him. “Now how will you earn the right to come on my dick?”

Gun clenches around Off unconsciously, tries to press himself back. “Want Gun to beg?” He licks his lips. “So loud people could hear.”

Off lifts an eyebrow. “Won’t nong be embarrassed?”

Kub,” Gun replies again. “But…” Mercifully, Off gives him a few lazy thrusts and immediately Gun is moaning again.

“Okay. Let’s hear it.”

“Papii, please let Gun come. Fuck Gun, naaa. Gun wants to feel Papii so deep I’ll choke, wanna come when Papii fills me up.” Gun keeps going, getting louder and more desperate until Off lets go of his wrists.

Both of Off’s hands are on his hips, fingers digging in, and Off says, “Hold onto the desk.”

Gun does as he’s told and is rewarded by the snap of Off’s hips, as Off fucks him deep and hard and Gun has to strain not to completely collapse as Off takes him.

“Don’t be shy now, nong." Off slows again, wants Gun to hear him. “You want to come when I’m filling you up? I’m about to come.” His thumb rubs the rim of Gun’s stretched hole. “You have permission.”

He starts back up and as soon as Off is coming, Gun is tipping over the edge with him.

They clean up only just enough, although they’re still a mess.

“Shouldn’t you say ‘thank you’ like a good boy?” Off reminds Gun, pressing him against the desk.

“Thank you, Papii. But if Gun is will Papii punish me?” Gun returns with a smirk.

Off lets out an amused huff, ignoring the question. “You know you’ll have to go out there, with everyone knowing what we did,” he says, exchanging leisurely kisses with Gun.

Gun nods. “Gun knows.” He kisses Off deeper, licks into Off’s mouth, a tease. “Does Papii?”

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With that one word, Off begins to panic. He hadn’t thought much of his soulmark. The words are supposed to be said in a moment of intimacy. “Papii” had seemed so strange...but suddenly it makes sense.

But it can’t be Gun, can it?

It just can’t.

And more and more people start calling him “Papii,” so even though Gun is the first, it doesn’t mean it has to be Gun. It’s not like he’s going to sleep with Gun.

It could be anyone now.

Or so Off tells himself.

He tries not to think about it so much, tries to be happy in knowing, at least, why “Papii.”

Off is in the shower with Gun by the time he finds out, Gun’s fingertips tickling over the back of his arm. “Oh.”

Off pulls at his arm, sees that the mark has changed color, can’t believe he hadn’t noticed in the moment.

Gun shows Off his wrist.

Off stares at Gun’s wrist, can’t believe he hadn’t noticed before, realizes Gun must have purposely kept it hidden. “‘Papii loves Gun,’” he reads. “You knew?”

Gun blushes. “Well, Gun had hoped…”

“Nong is so sneaky,” Off teases, too smitten to care.

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The message is a bit strange, even stranger when Off texts back right away and receives no response.

Then, the IG stories start and Off understands.

Gun is dancing and, if the flush of his cheeks and the gloss of his eyes are anything to go by, drinking.

Off sends another message, this one asking Gun’s location.

He heads out a moment later, gets to the club a little after that.

Spotting Gun across the crowd, Off makes his way closer, just watching, wondering if Gun will notice him before he makes himself known.

Gun sways his hips, moves with the music with ease, bops along when it picks up, grinds his way down when it slows. He does all this, however, on his own, in his friend group but not with anyone.

Off finally gets close enough to wave and Gun is quick to grab him, to drag him in despite his complaints. Off isn’t big on clubs, or dancing, or drinking—Gun grabs his cup, too, takes a gulp before foisting it onto one of his girlfriends. She takes in the sight of Gun winding himself around Off and laughs.

Off laughs, too, not knowing what else to do now that Gun’s got him out there anyway.

It’s not like he hasn’t danced with Gun before. Drunk Gun, at that. But this time…

This time, it’s alright for a while, just bouncing around together. But Gun turns, his back to Off’s chest, arm reaching back so his fingers can hook into the neckline of Off’s shirt, tug Off down a bit closer.

Off doesn’t know what to do with his hands, but they end up on Gun’s waist, as if magnetically drawn, resting so naturally, fingers flexing against Gun’s skin through his thin tee.

“Gun,” Off tries as Gun starts to grind back against him. “Gun.” He has to force himself to swallow, find the words for “stop, we’re in public” but only finds himself helpless for a moment.

He takes Gun’s hand, removing it from his shirt, using the grip to spin Gun around to face him.

Gun stumbles a little, definitely drunk as he frowns up at Off for the affront.

“Gun, we can’t do things like that,” Off says, hopes Gun hears him over the din.

Gun adjusts his hold on Off’s arms around Off’s waist. “Why not?” he asks, pressing kisses to Off’s throat and collarbone.

“We’re in public,” Off says into Gun’s ear.

“Does that mean Gun can do those things to Papii in private?” Gun returns. At the way Off freezes, nods, Gun says, “And what will Papii do to Gun?”

One of Gun’s hands has already released Off’s waist to wander up Off’s shirt, touching whatever skin he can find on Off’s back before traveling over Off’s side and up his front.

“Papii?” Gun prompts.

Off grabs Gun’s wandering hand through his shirt. “Whatever Gun wants.”

At that, they’re threading through the crowd. leaving the club and leaving Gun’s friends behind.

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Gun kisses Off the second he’s in the room, arms around Off’s neck, but Off tumbles him into the bed, hides him under the covers.

He rushes over to close the door to the balcony as he hears his mom calling his name.

“Krab?” he calls back, hoping she doesn’t come in, but sure that she will. He grabs a book from his desk and flops on the bed, over the covers, and hears Gun grunt.

The door creaks open and Off tries to look innocent. “What is it, ma?”

“I thought I heard a noise,” she says.

“Oh, I went out on the balcony to try to catch Gun coming home late and mock him for his low math score,” Off tells her.

She hums. “Those Phunsawats. Although he’s cute, at least their son will forever be a tiny little twerp and you grew so tall and handsome.”

There’s a snort from beside him and Off clears his throat. “Very true, ma.” He beams at her. “And I get better grades, too.”

“I’m so proud of you, Jumpol,” she says, and she moves in to ruffle his hair and he leans back against the lump that is Gun, pretending he’s just pulling away in embarrassment.

“Ma, stop!” Off whines.

“Fine, fine. Keep studying!”

“Krab, ma,” Off agrees respectfully, not-so-subtly indicating she should leave.

Once his mother is gone, Off pulls back the covers.

“I know I’m stupid but I don’t enjoy hearing about it,” Gun grumbles.

His pout is too cute, however, and Off has to kiss him before he explains. “Baby, you’re not stupid. I’ll tutor you.”

Gun is still pouting. “I can’t believe your mom said all those mean things about me.”

Off rolls his eyes. “Your family says worse about me, right?”

Gun glances away suspiciously and Off chuckles.

“Come on. We don’t have long before your family realizes you’re not there or my family realizes you’re here.”

Gun’s frown turns to a smirk and he lifts the blanket. “I’m ready, Papii.”

Off strips and dives under the covers, making good use of their limited time.

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Gun loves to see all the cute messages babiis write for him, all the drawings they send, all the sweet gifts. There are, of course, some messages that aren’t quite so sweet and cheery.

Lately, however, he seems to be getting mail, specifically addressed to him, and from the same fan.

The first few letters are like a lot of the others, all about how cute Gun is and how sweet he is. Then they start to get a little more… Well, comparatively, not very sexual at all considering how the messages have been going. They start out talking about his lips, which...Gun can understand. His lips are definitely something of note.

But then they get into what it feels like to kiss his lips, as if they’ve kissed him. Fans like to imagine things, so it’s weird, but not yet beyond the pale. Soon, they start talking about touching his soft skin, how delicate his wrists look, how they could hold him down with one hand.

Gun isn’t sure what to do, but he also doesn’t know who to tell. It’s starting to sound a bit too intense, but it’s also embarrassing. Will they wonder why he didn’t say anything before? It’s so hard to bring up.

Finally, he gets one that talks about taking him and tying him up in their bedroom and enough is enough. That could be considered a real threat of kidnapping if nothing else.

So he mentions it to Off, because it’s hard not to tell Off when there’s trouble.

Off reads over the messages while Gun worries and blushes at the side.


Gun raises his eyebrows, stares at Off. “What does Papii think? Should Gun be worried? Should Gun tell someone?”

Off flips through to the latest again. “‘I want to take nong to my room and tie him to my bed,’” he starts, and Gun turns redder, hearing Off say those words.

“Papii, stop,” he whines.

But Off continues...just not from the page. “I want to put my hands all over nong’s body, kiss nong until he can’t think and his lips look even more deliciously plump and red. I want to leave marks on nong’s neck and chest, make sure everyone knows that Nong Gun belongs to his Papii.”

Gun had been so busy trying to hide his face, it'd taken him a moment to realize what Off was saying. “Papii…” He frowns. Is Off teasing him? It doesn’t really sound like it.

“What do you think, nong? Want to tell on me?” he asks, his expression mostly unreadable but there’s a spark there in his eyes.

Gun grabs the letters back and Off lets him, Gun’s eyes poring over the messages again. “Did Papii write these?”

Off winks, shrugs, but he confirms Gun’s question. Then, he walks away, starts talking to someone else like nothing happened.

When Gun gets the next message, he reads at home alone, touching himself as he considers the possibilities Off has presented.

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Tay meets Arm at his place but Off hasn’t yet arrived. They’re supposed to film a little special for the ’91 sexy kids and if they wait any longer, they’re going to be late. Off, however, isn’t even answering his phone.

Arm lifts his hand to knock on Off’s door, but Tay, already annoyed, tries the door. For some reason, it’s unlocked.

Tay enters quietly, with Arm tiptoeing in behind.

Almost immediately, Tay turns around, but it’s too late and Arm has already seen.

Off is kneeling on the floor in front of his couch, Gun sitting completely naked before him, or at least naked as far as they can see, Off covering the most important portion of Gun’s body as his head bobs, Gun’s hand in his hair, Gun moaning--

Gun sees them then, frantically tapping Off’s shoulder. “Papii, Papii,” he manages.

Off pulls away. “I told you it was okay to come in--”

“Papii!” Gun gestures to Tay and Arm, who are frozen, trying to look anywhere but at Off and Gun.

“We’re running late!” Tay screams, but his face is bright red.

Arm’s soul finally returns to his body and he starts pulling Tay out the door. “We’ll give you two a minute.”

Once they’re out in the hallway again, they stand in silence.

“Do you think Peng’s actually any good at it?” Tay asks.

Arm is appalled, but he thinks about it. “Nong Gun seemed happy enough.”

It gives them something to consider as they wait.

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Off keeps saying he has to get ready, but as he puts more on, Gun takes more off.

Off is forced to stop what he’s doing and take in the sight before him. “Tee rak…”

He’s almost broken and Gun knows it.

“If Papii loves Gun so much, won’t Papii take pity?” Gun asks.

“‘Take pity,’” Off repeats with a snort. “And how does Papii take pity on Nong Gun?”

Gun hums, like he’s putting a lot of thought into it. “Make Gun come, na.”

And how can Off say no?

He pushes Gun back onto the couch and drops to his knees. “Quick, okay?”

Gun nods, and Off mouths his way up Gun’s thighs, leaving kisses and bites along the way, but he doesn’t take his time like he usually would, wrapping his lips around Gun and getting to work.

Gun thinks he hears a noise, but he also hears the thunk of Off’s knee as he shifts, moans around Gun, so Gun isn’t sure, and, quite frankly, distracted.

“Papii, Papii,” Gun gets out when he sees them. He’s embarrassed for himself and for Off, for Off’s friends to see Off. Then more embarrassed for himself when he realizes he’s naked and Off isn’t.

Off pulls back and looks up at him. “I told you it was okay to come in—”

“Papii!” Gun shouts, wanting to keep Off from saying anything more in front of P’Tay and P’Arm.

Off glances back as Tay shouts, as Tay and Arm stumble out. “You didn’t lock the door,” he scolds.

“Sorry, Papii,” Gun tells him.

“It’s okay,” Off says, sighing. He doesn’t get up though, rubbing his hand up and down Gun’s thigh. “They’re not going to open the door again right now.” He pauses meaningfully. “Does Gun still want to come?”

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The first couple of kisses are chaste pecks, awkward at best, but then they kiss for real.

Gun opens his mouth and thinks he knows what to expect from his past experiences, but then Off’s tongue is sliding against his and Gun startles so hard he nearly bites Off and has to start apologizing. The second he’s sure Off isn’t hurt, however, he starts scolding him instead.

“What?” Off asks. “I thought you were okay with kissing me.”

“Papii, stick out your tongue!” Gun demands, not exactly sure what he’ll find.

Off snorts a laugh, but he does as he’s asked, and Gun is met with the sight of a little metal ball in the middle of Off’s tongue.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Gun points his finger in Off’s face and tries to cover the fact that he’s blushing for a reason other than anger.

“It’s a fun surprise,” Off responds.

Gun glares at him, and it takes a minute before they can attempt the kiss again. This time, Gun expects it, and, even if he only admits it to himself, curious.

Kissing Off is an interesting experience, but how would it feel other places? Even remembering what it looks like, Gun finds himself getting hot and bothered over it.

If he was attracted to Off before, his new discovery has only made things so much worse.

It makes him awkward at time when they’re hanging out, once he starts thinking about it, catches a glimpse of it in Off’s mouth.

“You’re that into it, hm?” Off asks him finally.

Guilty, Gun again goes to annoyance. “Why wouldn’t Papii tell me?”

“I already said, I wanted it to be a surprise.”

Gun rolls his eyes, pouts, makes it so that Off has to coax him.

Off leans in. “Is it really that big of a deal?” he asks low.

Gun opens and closes his mouth, unsure how to respond. He settles on a stubborn, “Yes.”

“Ohooo, you’re so red,” Off teases. “Does it bother you?”

That really depends on what Off means so Gun is stumped for real this time.

“Or was I right the first time? Does nong like it?” Off grins, then sticks out his tongue, keeps his eyes on Gun’s face, then hides it away again.

“It’s...okay,” Gun allows. “Gun just didn’t know.”

“Mh.” Off hums. “Well, does Gun want to know what it feels like?”

“Papii, we already kissed,” Gun argues, then fears that Off means the process of getting pierced, which Gun does not want to hear right now.

“Oh.” And Off looks a bit disappointed, even if it’s just for show. “I thought Gun might want to know how it felt somewhere else.”

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It’s never asked, and it’s long true before it’s official.

When Gun starts staying at Off’s place, he also starts bringing over his essentials, which seem to be less and less absolutely essential as time goes on.

Off makes space in his closet, in his drawers, jokes about how it’ll make it easier to steal Gun’s clothes. And for Gun to steal his.

Gun brings other things, too, and he buys things he feels like Off needs. They end up buying furniture and dishes together.

Gun spends a couple of nights a week, but sometimes it makes sense for him to stay longer. And longer.

Gun tells Off he’s on his way home and Off pauses. “Whose home?”

Gun pauses. “Papii’s place is Gun’s, too, right?”

Off chuckles. “Right. I’ll see you at home.”

And yet it takes a while before they finally state in words that they’re living together.

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Off has been working on this for years and he’s finally able to make it successful, if only once. If he can make it work once, maybe someone will believe him, fund him, but if it’s really only once, it should be most suitable to his wants and needs. It only makes sense.

Off has spent countless hours putting in all the perfect attributes, developing AI and algorithms that will process the information, synthesize it. The whole process will take hours if not days, but if it works…

Off will have his perfect mate.

Of course, there’s a chance that none of it will work, but Off has hope.

He finalizes the sequence and waits long enough for it to start up before taking some time to sleep. He wakes up to find someone staring at him and wearing his clothes. Off startles, glances to the machines, the screen showing bold text of “OBJECTIVE COMPLETE.”

“A man?” Off says finally, bewildered.

“Gun,” the man says.

“You’re not a gun,” Off replies, even more confused.

The man rolls his eyes. “My name.”

Off sits up straight, far more alert, eyes roving over Gun in excitement.

Gun laughs. “Ui, puppy. Slow down.”

Chapter Text

“Papii, kiss,” Gun is saying while Tay is reading comments on his live, doesn’t realize he’s walked in on Off and Gun until they’re already smooching in the background. He spins around to get the camera away from them.

“Hoi! What are you doing in here?!” he calls.

“Ai’Tay, mind your own business!” Off can be heard shouting back.

Tay is continuing on, flustered, even as messages flood in about what happened. He does his best to deflect even though that’s not his strong suit.

Of course the clip is immediately all over social media.

Off and Gun don’t really know until their notifications are blowing up, at which point Off tracks down Tay. “What the hell?”

“How was I supposed to know you and Nong Gun were making out in one of the rooms!” Tay defends, drawing more eyes.

“Making out?” Off scoffs at him.

Tay holds up the image on his phone and Off whacks the phone out of his hand.

Off walks away and Tay picks his phone up, glad to find it hasn’t broken and ready to praise the case. He sees that Off retweets the clip.

The work we love with the people we love. 😘

Chapter Text

“Why is Papii acting so weird today?” Gun asks, trying to put his arms around Off only for Off to dodge him. “Papiiiiii.”

Off stops, sighs. “You need to stop,” he says.

“Papii doesn’t like it?” But it sounds like he takes it as a bit of a challenge.

“I’m serious, Gun,” Off says, and his tone is harsh enough for Gun’s face to fall.

“Why?” Gun asks.

Off really doesn’t want to say it, but...they’re close. If he says it, maybe Gun will understand. And there’s no one else around, which makes it easier to give in and let Gun cuddle him but more reason to tell Gun no. “Because I can’t handle it.” Gun frowns. “I have feelings for you.”

Uiii, Papii,” Gun squeals.

“No, Gun. It’s not good. Us being like this, so close, it keeps getting easier for me to let it happen, and for me to forget that it shouldn’t. We’re supposed to sell OffGun, right? It means even more time together and even more...getting used to this. Starting to like this.” Off looks at Gun, hopes Gun understands, but Gun looks confused and hurt and all Off wants to do is apologize and reassure Gun and maybe even...wrap his arms around him. “I have a girlfriend, Gun. You know I have a girlfriend. You know her. I’m not supposed to have feelings for someone else and things with someone else.”

“It’s part of the job,” Gun starts feebly.

“It’s not though. Not everything.” Off sighs. “There’s no one around, so we shouldn’t be cuddling or holding hands or anything else.”

“But I like it,” Gun says. “That’s just...the way Gun is.”

Off bites his lip. “I know.” He steps in, pulls Gun into his arms.

Gun snuggles into Off’s chest and Off listens to Gun breathing, feels the warmth of Gun’s body pressed against his, the clutch of Gun’s hands on his back. “Sorry, Papii,” Gun says.

Off shakes his head and wraps his arms tighter around Gun. “It’s okay,” he says, because he always feels okay when he’s with Gun. “Don’t worry about it.” He kisses the top of Gun’s head.

Low, Gun says, “Gun has feelings for Papii, too.”

“I know,” Off says, even if he hadn’t been sure. He’s suspected a long time.

It makes things all the more simple, and all the more complicated.

Chapter Text

Tay is talking about Gun when Off realizes it.

That previously unnameable and unknowable frustration finally makes itself clear. It isn’t that Tay has done anything wrong. Nor has Gun.

The part of him that’s angry at them isn’t angry because they’re guilty of anything, but because he is. He’s guilty of having feelings he hasn’t expressed and, worse, being jealous of two of the people he’s closest to.

He bites back the comment he wants to make.

Instead, he nods along with what Tay is saying and if Tay catches on, he doesn’t mention it.

Until, of course, Off asks, “Is it obvious?”

In only a second, Tay catches Off’s meaning and although he tries to be tactful, his wide eyes and raised eyebrows don’t exactly sell subtlety. “What?” he responds anyway.

Off rolls his eyes. “Okay, okay. I get it.” He huffs our a breath. “Now what do I do?”

Tay only hums, surely filled with advice but once again trying to make Off answer the question for himself.

Head hanging, Off tries to think rationally, but all he really knows is that he wants to be with Gun and now that he knows, it’s hard not to realize how stupid he’s been. How jealous he’s been. How frustrated he’s been.

Gun has been right in front of him for how long now?

How can he tell him?

Maybe Gucci can say it for him.

Chapter Text

Gun’s face is smushed into Off’s chest, his legs tangled around Off’s, the octopus he is sometimes.

“Gun,” Off whines, eyes scrunching up, even closed as they are. “Too hot.”

“Thought that’s why Papii liked Gun.” He snuggles his face in deeper.

Off snorts and rubs a hand up and down Gun’s side. “Oho, is that so, nong?”

“P’Off, P’Gun,” and First’s voice interrupts their illusion. “P’Mond told me I had to come wake you up.”

Off squints his eyes open and groans.

“Do we have to get up?” Gun asks from Off’s chest.

Off lets himself go limp for a moment on the mat before he nods.

“Er, we don’t need P’Gun yet actually,” First says.

Off pouts and shifts Gun off of him, much to Gun’s annoyance. Then, Off is leaning over Gun, and First can’t see what they’re doing even if it kind of sounds like the smacking of lips.

Off eases Gun completely onto the mat and First offers him a hand up.

“Don’t sleep too long, Ai’Gun,” Off warns, but he sounds overly fond.

First tries not to smile too big at what he’d seen.

Chapter Text

“Bye, nong.” Off has to leave first and he leans in to kiss Gun goodbye.

Gun kisses him back but his eyes go wide and Off realizes what he’s done.

He just kissed Gun goodbye. In front of everyone. Everyone who has no idea that he and Gun are a thing now.

Off’s eyes land on Tay, who looks shocked, too, but Off just leans in and kisses him. “Bye, Peng.”

Next is Arm, who seems to find it funny, followed by Jan, who stares at Off but puckers up.

Mook offers up her cheek instead, and Mek does the same.

“Goodbye, everyone,” Off says with obviously faked confidence. He very much does not glance back at Gun.

The door finally closes behind him and everyone turns to stare at Gun.

“Yes,” Gun confirms, cheeks tinged pink like the rest of them. “We’re dating.”

The others all nod in understanding.

Chapter Text

“P’Gun, what are you doing?” Neo asks, trying to sneak a peek.

“Nothing,” Gun says quickly, shoving his phone under his leg and looking around as if very interested.

“Did I get you in trouble with P’Off?” Luke teases.

“It’s fine,” Gun says, brushing it all off, trying to engage with everyone else long enough to distract before pulling his phone back out, face half-tucked into his shirt.

“P’Gun is blushing. So suspicious,” Mix stage-whispers on the other side of the living room.

Khaotung peeks over Gun’s shoulder, then shuts his mouth tight.

Gun turns his phone over. “What?” But his tone is far more bashful.

“Is it P’Off?” Earth asks, looking to Khaotung when Gun doesn’t answer.

Neo starts pestering Khaotung. “Come on, man. You have to tell us. You saw, right? Was it P’Off? Is that why P’Gun is being so weird?”

Eventually, Khaotung breaks and nods and, as everyone’s attention had been temporarily averted, Gun had gone back to his phone.

Neo starts to go for it, but Khaotung screams, “Don’t!”

“Why?” Neo asks. “Is it dirty?” He raises his eyebrows and his face turns even more devious.

Khaotung doesn’t answer and they all turn to Gun.

Gun, who conveniently walks away and says, “Gun is going to lie down.”

Really?” Neo says in a hushed voice.

“What?” Earth asks, having missed some of the subtleties.

“I think…P’Gun and P’Off are sexting,” Luke says. He glances at Khaotung for verification.

Khaotung slowly nods. “And there were pictures.”

Chapter Text

“Off is getting hit on,” Tay says.

That’s all it takes for Tay, Arm, and Gunsmile to fall into action.

They insert themselves between Off and the admittedly small, cute boy before him.

“What about last night?” Gunsmile bemoans. “Did it mean nothing to you?”

“What will our children think?” Tay begs, tugging at Off’s arm.

Arm’s shirt is barely buttoned. “Khun Jumpol, I thought we really had something. Let’s go home and talk it out!”

“Thanks, phi,” the guy tells Off anyway.

Off jerks his head in a nod as the guy walks away. “He asked directions.”

Arm and Gunsmile glare at Tay.

“He was cute,” Off mutters, more to himself, and their whole mission changes.

“Nong!” Arm and Tay are both calling.

“Hey, shorty!” Gunsmile shouts.

They cut the guy off before he’s able to get very far.

“Er,” Tay starts.

“The thing is,” Arm says.

Gunsmile sighs. “I’m getting Jumpol.”

Gunsmile drags Off to where Arm and Tay have the guy trapped.

Tay puts a hand to the guy’s shoulder. “I know he’s not much to look at, but can you give our friend your number?”

The guy looks at Tay, Arm, and Gunsmile…then Off. “Okay.”

Chapter Text

Off has left the cake on his plate untouched for twenty minutes while Gun has been staring at it lustfully. It’s not like Off to not eat dessert, but he’s been trying to be healthy, so Gun tries his luck.

“Papii, can Gun have yours?”

“Mine?” Off says, raising an eyebrow.

Gun nods. “Yours is bigger,” he replies.

His eyes dart down and then up again meaningfully. “Yeah, it’s big. Do you want it?”

Gun nods again and leans in. “Gun wants it. In me. Now.”

Off freezes, then assesses Gun with new eyes. “Now?”

Gun dips his finger into the frosting on Off’s cake just for the pretense, just so he can lick it clean.

Off glances around, then down at himself and up at Gun again. “Are you tricking me to get my cake?”

Gun’s hand moves to palm Off through his slacks. “Gun wouldn’t mind having both…”

Chapter Text

“I’m a busy man,” Gun is saying. “If you need to schedule anything, go through Khun Jumpol.”

Off nods, begins getting everyone’s information, letting them know when works and when doesn’t. He follows Gun around, giving bits of assistance and reminders here and there as needed.

Gun exudes power, could make anyone do anything.

Which is why his favorite thing in the world is when Off makes up an excuse to take Gun away from all that.

Sometimes Off fucks him, sometimes Off sucks him, but Gun loves it the most when Off’s hand is on the back of his head, when he’s choking on Off’s cock and then he has to go back to a meeting still needy, the taste of Off still on his tongue and his voice hoarse from sucking dick.

It’s why Off is the best assistant Gun has ever had, and Gun has him often.

Chapter Text

“Nothing,” Nuchy had said. “We want it to be realistic. Why would White be wearing underwear while he washes up?” She had shaken her head. “It doesn’t make sense.”

That had been before, when they were going over the scene together, determining what they would do.

The reality is very different as Off and Gun tug on the towel. Off wants to give in immediately, but their characters aren’t on the best terms yet, so he tugs, Gun tugs, Off tugs harder.

Naked Gun tumbles out against him.

Off immediately turns to the cameramen when the scene is finished. “You didn’t see anything, right?” He’s standing between them and Gun and trying to be respectful, as if he hasn’t seen Gun naked a thousand times before.

Off makes sure Gun is covered before he moves away and Gun swats at him. “Papii, we’re just acting.”

“And you’re naked,” Off retorts, giving Gun a once-over for emphasis, even though there’s “nothing” to see anymore.

“Okay,” Gun says. “If it offends you so much, Gun will never be naked in front of Papii again.” He starts to walk away.

“Aow! Gun, don’t be like that…” Off trails after him and Gun smirks.

Chapter Text

The countdown is starting and a new year is about to begin.




Arm pushes Off.


Off struggles against Arm.


Tay pushes Gun.



Arm and Tay push Off and Gun together.



“Kiss!” Arm and Tay both shout.


Gun kisses Off first.