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Various OffGun Drabbles/Ficlets

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Tay doesn’t think much when he walks into a room and Off and Gun are cuddled up together, Gun in Off’s lap and Gun’s mouth on Off’s neck.

He just groans at them. “Peng! Pet!” he shouts, and settles in next to them.

Gun lifts his head. “P’Tay,” he greets with a nod in lieu of a wai, too attached to Off.

Off pockets his phone, arms wrapping more securely around Gun’s waist.

Tay starts talking about his day and Off teases him and it’s all fun and games until Gun turns to stretch and Tay catches sight of his neck. “Nong Gun Atthaphan! Do you have a hickey?”

Gun’s hand goes automatically to his neck and Off smirks.

“Wait… Jumpol… You and N’Gun?”

“It’s just a hickey,” Gun whines, trying to downplay it.

“You leave hickeys on your Papii all the time, I know,” and he grimaces for effect, “but...Peng?”

If anything, Off smirks harder and nods.

“Then are you two…?” He gestures between them, as if there’s any space between.

“Together?” Off finishes for him. He shrugs. “I can tell you he stayed at my place last night...and we slept in the same bed...and--”