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One Night in Harmony

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It’s midday, and the sun is scorching. Angelo doesn’t know if he’s too warm because of the sun, or because Luca’s body is right behind him. And this heat seeping through Angelo’s clothes and making it hard for him to breathe might be a different heat altogether.

Luca’s hand is on Angelo’s hip. It sends a hot current of want through Angelo’s body.

“Just like that,” Luca says as he guides Angelo’s hand to make a swing.

Angelo’s palm tightens into a fist and he makes a clumsy move that can hardly be qualified as a swing. Angelo is hopeless at this, but Luca still murmurs praise, and his voice sounds so seductive in Angelo’s ears.

Later at night Luca emerges from the shadows, clothes in disarray, his eyes hot and inviting, and he nods come here at Angelo. Angelo doesn’t even have to think yes or no. He just follows, a sudden wave of desire making his heart hammer and his head spin. He wants so much. He wants things he doesn’t even know how to name. He wants Luca to teach him that, too. So he follows where Luca leads without hesitation, and with joy in his heart.