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“I now pronounce you husband and wife”.

Just as Snow White was about to kiss her Prince Charming, the Evil Queen barges through the castle doors…

“Sorry I’m late,” she remarks sarcastically.

“Well I on the other hand, think you’re right on time,” a figure amongst the crowd marched forward; her cloak hiding her facial features although everyone knew exactly who she was.

The Evil Queen smirked and marched forward towards the newlyweds as the figure teleported and reappeared a few metres away, leaning casually on a palace pole.

“It’s the Evil Queen and the Corrupted Princess,” a dwarf exclaimed while most of the crowd shielded their eyes from the two evil beings.

Snow pulled out a sword from her husband’s sheath and pointed it at the Evil Queen, “They’re not royalty anymore. They’re nothing more than evil witches”.

The hood figure threw her head back and cackled, her hood falling off to reveal her pale skin and raven black hair which is similar to her mother’s, or as her mother is most commonly known, the Evil Queen.

The figure casually waltzed towards the couple and taunted, “Now now, you don’t have to stoop that low Snow. As much as I would love to revel in your fear and deaths, I’ve got places to be, people to kill; that sorta thing. I only came to watch the show and now I must take my leave. Ba-bye”.

The figure smirked as she disappeared in a cloud of green smoke.

-28 Years Later-

Raven Gold locked up the last of her musical equipment and exited the Storybrooke Radio Station, or S.R.S.

Songwriting and producing was a tiring and sometimes annoying job when it comes to being on the main radio station in her town but Raven always loved her job. Aside from helping her adoptive father with his pawn shop and collecting taxes, the feeling of having other people love the music Raven created warmed the young girl’s heart.

While crossing the road to get home, Raven waved at Doctor Hopper nearby who was walking his dog, Pongo.

“Hey Archie”

“H-hello Raven”

Fear..mostly everyone in Storybrooke was afraid of her; aside from her father, Henry and the mayor, Regina.

Raven never knew why they were all afraid of her. What could she have done to make them fear her so much?

- Flashback -

“-And whatever you do, do not tell either of them your names. If they know your names, one will try to kill everything you love while the other will try and use it to have power over you,” A hooded guard commanded as he guided Snow White and Prince Charming towards a very dirty and neglected cell.

The guard yelled out to the cell, “Rumplestilskin, Soren! I have a question for you-”.

The guard was cut off, “No you don’t…”

Rumplestilskin climbed out from the top of his shared cell and landed upright as the raven-haired girl from the wedding leaned forward on the cell bars, “They do. Snow White and Prince Charming”.

“Step into the light and take off those ridiculous robes,” Rumplestilskin said as the figure, now named Soren, laughed tauntingly.

Snow threw a sad glance at Soren before returning her sights on the Dark one with a determined expression.

“They’ve come to ask about the-”

Soren jumped at the bars, trying to scare the guard and mostly the royals, “Yes yes, we know why you’re here”.

The Dark One continued, “You want to know about the Queen’s threat”.

“And also how little ol’ me managed to get out of this very cell to visit your pathetic wedding,” the girl sickly smirked.

Charming sarcastically remarked, “Yes how did you get out of this cell? There are guards around the whole prison for a good kilometre and yet none of them saw you escape. How did you do it?”.

Rumple tightened his grip on the bars, “Oooh tense, are we? Well fear not; for I, and my dear apprentice, can ease your mind. But it’s going to cost you something in return”.

Charming frowned and pulled his wife away from the two psychotic people. Snow only pushed past his hold and stepped closer to the cell, “What do you want?”.

“Well, Rumple wants the name of your unborn child. I, on the other hand, would like you to answer one simple question,” Soren laughed psychotically.

“Absolutely not-”


The Dark One proceeded to explain the inevitable future to the couple while Soren smirked and stared at Snow the entire time without even blinking.

“What can we do to stop it?,” Snow asked, ignoring the creepy stares from the girl.

“We can't do anything,” Rumplstilskin replied while his yellow eyes dilated larger then smaller.

“Who can then?”.

The twisted girl besides the Dark One stuck her hand through her bars and gently caressed Snow’s stomach, “This little one in your belly is going to be the key to ending the curse”.

Charming swiped his dagger at Soren’s hand which caused the girl to retract it back into the cell, “Next time you won’t have a hand”.

“-And the final battle will begin,” Rumple’s apprentice finished off for her teacher while laughing maniacally.

Snow and Charming were about to step into the hallway and leave the cell room when Soren stopped her laughing and screamed out deafeningly, “WE HAD A DEAL! TELL US HER NAME! ANSWER ME SNOW! DON’T BREAK ANOTHER DEAL WITH ME AGAIN WINTER!”.

Snow froze at hearing her old nickname and turned to face the girl, “Emma, her name is Emma. What do you want to know, Soren?”

Soren smirked which could send shivers down anyone’s spine, “What’s your favourite type of music, Snow White?”.

Snow smiled slightly with sad tears in her eyes from the irony of the question, “I love music where the singer is able to sing what they’ve been through while also being able to relate to others at the same time. Thank you for your help Soren”.

-Present Time-

Raven paused her conversation with Archie as a blonde woman with a red leather jacket slammed the door to her yellow bug.

“Henry?,” Doctor Hopper yelled out which signaled Raven to take her leave.


“Dad I’m back from work! I brought some pizza for dinner as well!,” Raven yelled out to the back of her adoptive father’s shop.

Rumplestilskin, or better known here as Mr Gold, limped out from the back room and smiled at the sight of his daughter.

“I heard your new song on the radio today. Very...interesting lyrics. However did you get the inspiration for it my dear?,” Mr Gold said in a parent voice.

Jinx rolled her eyes at this usual conversation with her father. “I don’t know where I get my inspiration from Dad, I observe something and I just sing about it. At least everyone likes the songs I put out,” the girl finished setting everything for their dinner while her father sat down across from Raven.

“Either way, I think you have a great voice Raven and I'm proud of you, my dear”.

“Thanks Dad”.

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Ding ding ding!

Can that bell please shut the hell u-



Raven sprang up from her bed and looked out the window of her room. The window was just above the entrance to her father’s shop but it showed a view of the giant clocktower in the middle of Storybrooke. That clock had been silent and broken for as long as Raven could remember.

Why and how did it start working now?

Raven shook the sleepiness from her head and rubbed her eyes. The girl stretched before sluggish getting out of bed, despising the inevitable fact that she would have to go outside and socialize.

After taking a quick shower and getting ready for the day, Raven tied her long black hair into a simple pony tail which showed her green streak of hair. Her cream coloured face and grey-blue eyes lingered on her reflection in the mirror for a second.

Taking a deep breath, Raven sauntered down the stairs to the dining table where her father was waiting.

“Hey dad!”

Mr Gold looked up at the girl and smirked manically without saying a word. Raven raised her eyebrow in confusion. Before the girl could say anything, she was roughly grabbed by her shoulders to face her father.

Raven’s face contorted from confusion to fearful in a matter of seconds as she was being shaken like a rag doll. Her father started laughing maniacally and his expression went from peaceful to psychotic as he shook his daughter harder.

“Emma Swan! Emma Swan!,” taunted the older man while Raven tried to escape from his metal grasps. Tears fell down her face as she shook in fear from the major change in her father’s attitude.

Mr Gold then stopped cackling once he heard his daughter sobbing. His manic expression soon turned serious then concerned.

“Dad! F-father l-let go o-of me!” the teenager croaked when she looked up with pleading eyes at her father’s confused ones.

‘Why didn’t it work?,’ he thought as he let go of his shaking daughter.

She stumbled backwards; never letting her eyes leave him in fear of him grabbing her roughly again.

Mr Gold soon realised that Raven wasn’t remembering. He tried to reach to his daughter’s hand in comfort which backfired as she jerked her hand behind her in fear. Realising she was in the doorway of the backroom, Raven sprinted to the front of the shop and out the door.

“So-..Raven wait! I- I’m so-,” the father was interrupted by his door slamming in his face while the bell above it jingled lightly. Almost taunting him for his mistake.


A woman’s screams could be heard throughout the forest as she gave birth.

‘One more push ma’am,” the maid ordered the black-haired woman who was sobbing and screaming from the pain of pregnancy.

The husband of the woman stood next to her, holding her hand throughout her entire screaming and sobbing session.

He lightly grabbed a strand of black hair that was in the woman’s face and pulled it so it went behind her ear. “Come on, Regina. You can do it my love; I believe in you,” he said comfortingly.

Another pained scream came through Regina’s mouth before the air was filled with loud whaling from a new born child.

The maid swifty wrapped the new born child in a clean, damp cloth as the now-mother panted heavily from the experience.

“I did it; I did it, Daniel,” she huffed in ragged breaths. The now-father, Daniel, kissed his wife on her forehead in happiness.

The maid had a joyful smile as she handed the now-cleaned child to it’s mother saying, “It’s a beautiful baby girl”.

Regina gently shifted so she was resting on the bottom half of her back. She took one look at the new born before breaking into a heart-warming smile. She cradled the creature as if it was made of the most fragile flowers and lightly cooed.

The mother looked back up at her husband, Daniel. “What should we name her, dear?” he asked with a golden smile and tears of pride in his eyes.

The mother glanced back at her daughter smiling, “Soren. We will name her Soren”.

Daniel gently laid down next to his wife and daughter. He smiled and gently rubbed his daughter’s cheeks. “You will do great things some day, Soren”.

-Present Time-

Raven rushed into Granny’s Dinner and hastily sat down in one of the booths near the window.

She slumped her head into her folded arms and tried to stop the tears of fear rolling down her face.

While looking down, she heard someone place a cup on her table and pour a hot liquid into it which smelt suspiciously like coffee. Raven looked up to see Ruby, the only waiter at the diner, flinch a smile then hastily leave without a word.

Groaning and rolling her eyes in the annoyance of fear towards her, Raven briskly gulped down the entire cup of coffee.

After browsing through her phone for a bit, the girl heard the diner’s bell ring before seeing a small figure sit in the seat opposite her in the booth.

Looking up, Raven put on a fake smile and greeted the boy in front of her.

Henry Mills.

Henry Mills is possibly one; if not the only child who isn’t afraid of her, let alone goes near her for company. The worst part is no matter how hard Raven tries, she cannot figure out why the boy of the Mayor, who utterly avoids Raven on a daily basis for some reason, loves to hang out with her.

So despite what the girl and his mother commands of him, Henry comes to the diner every day at exactly 6pm to talk with Raven. Afterwards, the two would either walk to Henry’s school to drop the boy off; or make their way to his ‘secret’ castle to play card games.

Ruby quickly came after seeing the boy and handed him his usual drink; which oddly consisted of a hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkled on top.

He thanked the red and brown-haired girl before turning to the teenager before him.

“So,” he started, “I managed to get my birth mum to come to Storybrooke yesterday. The best part is that she’s staying for a week. I hope we can break the curse before the week ends; what do you think Raven?”.

Ah yes; the Storybrooke curse. The one thing Henry can come to Raven to rant about and have her listen without judging the boy.

To be honest, the teenager is quite intrigued with the possibility of everyone she knows to be cursed and lives here in another world, unaware of their past life like herself.

What Raven definitely doesn’t like is the fact of who Henry guessed her to be.

Soren Mills or how she’s more commonly known, the Corrupted Princess.
A princess, who in his magical storybook, was the daughter of the Evil Queen and magically disappeared for ten years before repairing right before her mother’s defeat. But the way she was before, and how she was after, were two different personalities completely.

Who was once a caring, selfless little girl became a chaotic and psychotic teenager who could either help you hide a dead body, or help you join it in it’s grave. The stories with her only got worse as she became Rumplestilskin’s, the Dark One, apprentice which only caused her magical abilities to enhance significantly making her more powerful than ever.

That was someone Raven did not want to be or become.

But the thought of her being evil scared her more than it brought awe.

The girl was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Henry yell, “I did!”.

Standing up and turning around, Raven faced a blonde haired woman who wore a bright red jacket.

‘She must be Henry’s birth mother,’ the teenager thought. Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves. She stepped out of the booth behind Henry to greet herself.

“Aren't you supposed to be at school kid?,” the woman asked Henry.

Henry smirked,” I’m ten duh. Help walk me with Raven”.

While crossing the road, Raven finally addressed the woman.

“Hi, I’m Raven Gold; nice to meet you ma’am”.

The woman turned to face Raven with a raised eyebrow, “Wait your Mr Gold’s kid?”.

Raven hesitantly nodded, remembering the strange way her father was acting towards her before she left.

“Emma Swan,” Henry’s mother, Emma, said hesitantly.

She continued to Henry, “So everyone here is a fairytale character; they just don’t know it?”.

“That’s the curse. Time’s been frozen, until you got here,” the boy answered.

Raven observed from the other side of Henry as mother and son had a grief discussion of the curse; which ended up in Emma having to throw away an apple Regina gave to her earlier.

The trio reached the front of the school where Henry ran inside yelling, “I knew you’d believe me”.

Emma looked dumbfounded, “I never said I did”.

Raven smirked at Emma’s expression which soon turned into a frown as Mary-Margret cautiously approached the duo. The teacher threw a vigilant glance at the pawn breaker’s child.

Mary-Margret shook her head in awe, “It’s good to see his smile back”.

“I didn’t do anything”. Raven frowned at that. Henry seemed to be genuinely happier Emma had decided to stay.

“You stayed,” the teacher answered, confirming Raven’s thoughts.

“So,” she continued prudently, “Does the mayor still know you’re here?”

Emma nodded, “Oh she knows. What is her deal? She’s not a great people-person, how did she get elected?”.

The teen finally decided to speak up, “She’s been mayor for as long as anyone can remember. No one’s ever been brave enough to run against her”.

“Well, she does have a weird relationship with you, Raven,” Mary-Margret butted in, still somewhat wary of the younger girl in front of her.

Emma faced the teenager with a raised eyebrow.

Raven huffed in annoyance at the question, “No one, including me, knows why she acts so weird around me. Henry thinks it’s just because of who I am in his storybook”.

Emma nodded but still contained her confused expression. “Who does he think you two are?,” she asked.

Raven felt a shiver go down her spine while Mary-Margret simply scoffed at the question.

“It’s silly,” the teacher started before Emma interrupted her.

“I just got 5 minutes of silly so lay it on me”.

The teacher answered first, “Snow White”.

Raven turned to look at the blonde haired girl for reaction. The woman’s eyes just widened at the teacher's answer which amused the raven-haired girl for a reason she did not know of.
Mary-Margret, being completely oblivious of Emma’s reaction, questioned, “Who does he think you are?”

Emma shook her headed and mumbled, “I’m not in the book”.

The teenager cringed at how weak and unsteady that answer sounded

“Can I ask for a favour? Regina mentioned that the kid’s in therapy. Do you know where I could find his doctor?,” Emma asked.

Raven nodded, “I’ll show you. I have a couple hours before I have to go for my shift”.

The teacher smiles at the two before awkwardly waving goodbye and leaving.

Raven soon started her trek to Archie Hopper’s office with Emma following behind her.

Emma stopped, “Wait….who does Henry think you are?”

The girl hesitated before answering, “Henry thinks I’m the Corrupted Princess”.

The older woman, confused at the answer, marched in front of the girl with her hands on her hips.

“That name is not in any of the fairytales I’ve ever known”.

The younger girl sighed in annoyance. “In his storybook, the Corrupted Princess is the daughter of the Evil Queen but is Rumplestilskin’s apprentice. Apparently she’s a crazy psycho teenager who hates on Snow White possibly more than the Evil Queen could ever. She disappeared when she was a kid but came back while Snow was still on the run from the girl’s mother,” she recited, knowing the character back to front.

Henry wanted her to not be bored as well so he gave her the book to read. After the girl had read it, her horror and knowledge of the princess only grew instead of providing comfort.

Emma snorted at the answer before frowning, “Wait so if Regina was the Evil Queen, and if you were the Corrupted Princess-”.

“That means that Regina is technically my mother. Yes I know, I read the book and I hate and cringe at that idea every time someone brings it up,” Mr Gold’s daughter interrupted hastily. She gestured to the door in front of her before walking off, letting Emma figure out everything by herself.


“Do you think the curse will work Rumple?” Soren asked while hanging upside down in her cell.

Rumple smirked, “You shouldn’t underestimate my power, my Dark Owl. I have everyone right where I want them. Soon, I will have Baelfire and you will have your revenge on that boy that separated you and your precious lover”.

Rumplestilskin was many things to Soren Mills. A teacher, a master. But to her, the most important thing he was was a father-figure. When Soren was left heart-broken and longing for revenge, the Dark One was there to pick up her broken pieces and help the girl earn a powerful name for herself as the Corrupted Princess.

Soren owed a lot of things to Rumple for teaching her and letting her under the Dark One’s wing. It will, of course, be a shame when she has to betray him and take his most prized procession’s life for her revenge to be complete. After all, not telling her father-figure that the boy she seeked such strong revenge on was his son, will leave him broken; it almost made Soren double take her plan.

Almost being the key word.

Soren continued swinging upside down on the rusty metal bar that hung from her cage’s ceiling. That was, until she sensed a certain dark witch with powers, familiar to her own.

“It’s just us Dearie,” Rumple spoke to a rat from the shadows of their cell “You can show yourself”.

The girl frowned as the rat from outside her cell was surrounded in smoke before disappearing to reveal the Evil Queen in front of them.

Her mother.

“That curse you gave me. It’s not working,” Regina accused while dangling the dark curse’s recipe in front of her.

Soren smirked at her mother’s tense stand. “So worried. So so worried,” Rumple taunted while clapping his hands playfully.

In that moment, Soren flipped down from the bar that she was hanging from and landed flawlessly on her feet in front of the cell’s bars. She taunted as well, “Just like Snow….and her lovely new husband”.

Regina took a step back at her daughter's sudden presence. When she saw that Soren had somehow escaped the cell and disappeared at the marriage, she thought that her daughter had run away some else.

“What?,” the queen asked, hiding her concern for her daughter still being locked in a cell with the Dark One.

Rumple skipped forward to the cell bars and grabbed them, sticking his face out of a small gap through the bars. “They paid us a visit as well…,” he started as his apprentice continued for him.

“.....they were very anxious as you are now. About you and the curse”.

The older woman marched forward and stopped uncomfortably close to the two prisoners. “What did you tell them?,” she seethed.

Rumple put his hands up in a lecturing manner, “The truth. That nothing can stop the darkness”.

Regina seemed to smirk at that but then frowned when Soren continued for her teacher. She leaned in closer to the bars, peeking her head through a different gap in the cell and whispered, “Except of course, their unborn child”. The girl threw her head back and cackled a taunting laugh. “So you might want to hurry along with this ridiculous thing you’re trying to do… Mother. You see, no matter how powerful, all curses can be broken”.

Rumple sarcastically smiled, “Their child is the key. Of course, the curse has to be enacted first”.

Soren stepped back from the two as they discussed a deal to solve some minor issues with the curse.

“Deal,” Regina said, breaking the younger girl out of her thoughts. “What must I do to enact this curse?”.

Rumple gestured to his heart explaining, “You need to sacrifice a heart”.

The dark queen frowned, “I sacrifice my prized steed”.

The daughter scoffed at her mother’s cluelessness. Why would such a powerful curse require such a weak and pathetic sacrifice to enact it? The answer is, it doesn’t. It need’s a very powerful sacrifice, after all, when Soren was helping Rumplestilskin make the curse, she needed to know how far her mother was willing to go to get revenge on Snow White.

Rumple ragged forward, roughly grabbing Soren’s mother by her chin and yelling, “This is the curse to end all curses and you think a horse will do!?!”.

Soren recited, “Great power requires great sacrifice”.

Rumplestilskin continued, “The heart you need must come from something far more precious”.

Regina asked in a monotone voice, not breaking her eye contact with the Dark One, “Tell me what will suffice”.

Soren slipped her head through the bars, “The heart of the thing you love most”.

Regina’s smirk turned into a scowl. “What I love most died because of Snow White,” she barked.

“Awww is there no one else you truly love?”

Regina glanced at Soren which didn’t go unnoticed by the younger girl.

She smiled, “Sorry but that won’t work, Regina. You see, love goes both ways. And I can look into your eyes and tell you that you have as much love for me as I do for you; which is none at all”.

Regina huffed in what many would call annoyance. But if you were to look closely, you would be able to see that she was heart-broken at her daughter’s words.

The Evil Queen turned around and marched away from the duo in the cell.

She hastily left but not enough to hear her daughter's words, “Nice to see you again, Mother”.

-Present Time-

Raven once again packed her gear up after finishing her new song.

She recorded it on an old fashioned tape for safekeeping and named it ‘9. 13. 19. 15. 18. 18. 25’ before locking up and sneaking back to her room - undetected by her father - to wait for another boring repeat of the same day.