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Taehwan × Dojin Imagine

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(May 14th, 2021)
I love Banana Scandal so much. Of course the current couples are amazing I love them. Dojin and Taehee are sooo cute, their relationship is so wholesome. And the angst and tension between Taehwan and Yeonwoo is delicious too, they're so sexy😋. But.... What if Dojin and Taehwan became a couple???? I wonder what it'd be like. They were literally ROOMATES!!!! It's a cliche trope but ugghhh I think they'd be a cute couple too. I feel like they'd have an interesting dynamic as a couple. I started thinking of this when they were fighting after Taehwan found out about Dojin and Taehee relationship. Taehwan was shirtless and I thought "damn how could Dojin live with such a hottie and never fall for him.....wait...". Ofc I knew Dojin wasn't aware of his sexuality yet before he met Taehee. But still it gave me the idea of 'what if's. Even without those 'what if's their relationship is special enough (platonically). Taehwan is social but he's not actually really connected to those around him. So far the ones who are really his friends are Dojin and the new girl Emma I think (if there's more I already forgot). Emma is a childhood friend though so she knows more about Taehwan than Dojin. Gosh but if Taehwan open up more about himself to Dojin I'm sure Dojin would help him through it. When Taehwan is being an asshole Dojin would call him out for it and scold him. Something that didn't happen between Taehwan and Yeonwoo, because Yeonwoo doesn't have that kind of character, and he thinks he deserves that kind attitude from Taehwan after what he did in the past. So the conclusion of this getting long rambling is...... I want to see Taehwan not getting his way and Dojin putting him in place. That's it. And I think Taehwan and Dojin as a couple would have better communication too, as they're already friends and Dojin wouldn't let him off if he noticed something off with Taehwan. And It's just so sexy when a couple talk about their issues out. Anyway I don't know what else to say. That'd be all.

Update (July 17th, 2021):
Well well well. Look at recent chapter Dojin noticed something was wrong with Taehwan😌 and now that Taehwan is a mess, people want him to talk it out with someone like Dojin (or Emma). See this is why I saw the potential of them as a couple. They would have better communication (seriously I see it as the most important thing in relationship). In this current situation Yeonwu has been hurt so much so I get that he doesn't even want to hear Taehwan out. But that what hurts me the most. It hurts when you want to say something but the other won't believe it or even listen to it, even when I know Yeonwu has his reasons, and Taehwan still hasn't figured out himself completely so I also get that it seems insincere. Well I'm just saying if it was with Dojin there would be less angst, just saying, cause I feel like Dojin would hear Taehwan out and help him figure out himself. That way would be better for my poor heart🥲 well this might even be canon (Taehwan talking to Dojin about his issue), just that Taehwan and Dojin as a couple will never be🤡