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Cortina walked through the school hall, just finished her class and was heading back to her office.

Suddenly, a tune of music hit her ears.

‘This melody…!’

Her leg immediately rushed toward the source of voice.

‘It can’t be!’

She makes a sharp turn toward the special classroom, the music classroom at the end of the corridor.

‘Re-! ‘

She stopped dead just before she barged the door open when she saw a glimpse of silver hair.

Inside the room was Nicole, playing the violin expertly, producing beautiful melody she heard before. It was a melody she only ever heard once but will never forget.

She silently watched and heard Nicole playing the violin as nostalgia and pain twisted inside her heart.

Shaking her head in dismissal, she assumes that it was merely coincidence then she turned to leave. It was rude to spy on people after all.

However, doubts in her heart just keep growing.



Cortina was strolling around the building they are going to live together for the next five months. She had arrived late since there’s trouble along her way. Stomping in irritation, she then remembered that Reid had arrived here the first.

‘Hmm, then I should bother him first. He would be free anyways.’

With that thought, Cortina smirked then rushed toward where Reid is using her tracking skill.

When she found the room where Reid is, she noted that it was the nearest to the bathroom.

‘This bastard!’ She thought. ‘He must have trying to peek at us again!’

Just when she is about to broke the door down; a song suddenly came out of the room.

She’s sure that there’s only Reid inside the room. Blinking in confusion, Cortina reached the doorknob hesitantly.

“Ah, you shouldn’t bother him now. Today was his mother’s death anniversary.” Maria’s voice startled her.

“He always plays his violin on the day. Besides, it’s beautiful melody to hear. It’s a waste to interrupt him. It’s one year chance after all.” She winked at Cortina before left.

Cortina placed her hand and leaned her head on the wooden door, enjoying the beautiful melody for a moment.

Sighing, she took a step back. Eavesdropping is not good trait. Maybe next time, when she gained enough courage to take back her rejection before and confess to him, then she could ask Reid to play it for her.

If only she know that it was the first time and the last time she hear Reid plays, then she would have barged in and confess immediately.

Clenching her teeth at the sudden flashback, she couldn’t help but chuckle bitterly as her mind goes back to Nicole again. Her kind, courageous and noble behavior was remarkable and her silver hair that stood out so much along with her mismatched eyes was nothing like Reid, the pervert and average looking man with black hair. They are nothing similar. But why...

‘Why…did she remind me of Reid so much…?