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I Am A Lost Boy

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After finishing the first song, Raven stepped behind stage to take a break from her performance.

She strutted over to a nearby box that had performance equipment and sat while Snow and Emma came along to her.

“That was amazing Raven!,” Snow praised while hugging her sister-figure.

Raven giggled at the praise before returning her stare to the ground in front of her.

Emma saw her saddened mood, “Whats wrong Rea? You literally just performed which was the one thing you’ve always wanted to do since I met you”.

Raven sighed before fiddling with the green ring on her left hand. “Its just, I thought that when I preformed, my husband would be here with me. I miss him and haven’t seen him in over four decades.”

Snow rubbed the princess’s arm in reassurance. “Well after you perform, we cab go on a side mission and look for him. His name was Peter right? Thats all Ive hears about him”.

Emma furrowed her eyebrows at the name.

“His name is Peter Pan from Neverland. He was-,” Raven was cut off when Henry came over to her.

“Hey Raven. Everyones waiting for your next song. You know what you’re gonna sing?,” Henry asked with his adorable smile.

Raven nodded and soon, the three Charmings left to go back to their seats.

Raven looked back down at her ring to admire it. While twisting it, the green gem that decorated it started blinking.

Peter and Soren sat down on a branch of Peter’s thinking tree.

Soren was giddy at how her day had been and was excited with what her boyfriend had planned for them now.
Pan cleared his throat to get Soren’s attention, which worked.

Slowly, Peter Pan got down on one knee and pulled out a brown ring with a green gem.

Soren’s eyes widened as she covered her mouth. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes as Peter started.

“Soren Mills, will you join me in Neverland as my Queen and wife? Will you be my Soren Pan?”

Soren was lost with words as she nodded her head eagerly.

Peter put the ring on her finger and stood up to kiss his fiancée.

They kissed passionately and held each other with love in their hearts and minds.

They separated and just hugged each other.

Peter took his hands and placed them gently on Soren’s cheeks, rubbing away her tears.

“I enchanted the rings so they’ll be permanent connected. If either of us are far away or if we cant see each other, the rings will start blinking when we get closer to each other. I love you”

Ravens eyes filled with tears at the thought of being reunited with her love. Even after Baelfire separated them, she knew she would find him. After all, Peter Pan never fails.

Standing up confidently, Raven wiped her tears and headed to the stage to start her next performance.

I Am A Lost Boy From Neverland

Raven took a deep breath and stepped into the light of the stage where her piano was set up.

Getting her memories back was a little confusing and disorienting for her having two being in her.

Her cursed life, Raven, was a brave girl who just wanted friends and family that weren’t weirdly terrified of her.

Her life before, as Soren, was a psycho that deep down just wanted to prove that she was better than what everyone else thought.

In their respective ways, both being were very different with how they approached a situation or how they treated others. But in many other ways, both of her beings were the same.

There was something that both lives craved that they always thought they would never have. Love.

Before playing, Raven took the microphone from the stand and announced, “My next song is dedicated to a couple individuals from my past. They had all been with me when I had achieved a sense of happiness and although some of these people aren’t here today, I thank them for being with me during my time in that land.”

The girl put the microphone back in its stand. She glanced at Balefire and then at Killian.

Slowly, she started playing her song.