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My Heart Sings For You Like a Blade Through The Air

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Twister grinned at the proposition, pulling Judice down by the collar of his shirt to plant a kiss onto his cheek before rushing off into their room. Judice blinked in shock before shaking his head and laughing to himself, happy with the fact that he had read things correctly. After all, not everyone is down for date night to be sword fighting. Judice was well aware Twister was less skilled than himself, having much less time training than him, but they seemed to be proud of themself for their progress; he couldn’t resist offering the chance for them to show off their newest skill. Even beyond that he was curious to see how Twister’s personality shined through in their fighting.

While Judice found himself lost in thought Twister quickly changed into their training clothes, a ‘borrowed’ pair of comfortable combat style pants that were easy to move in and a top with the sleeves altered to give them better range of movement, and threw their hair into a quick ponytail to keep it out of their eyes, grabbing the sword they had been given and tucking it into the sheath on their belt as they had been warned to do multiple times before. Keep it sheathed until you need it, they’d been told, there’s no use knowing how to defend yourself if you're not going to use your tool properly. After a quick look over themself they nodded in approval and hurried back out to Judice, finding him staring blankly at a wall most likely thinking about something deeply judging by the crease in his brow that made an appearance every time Judice thought deeply about something. Twister found it charming, though they found most of Judice’s little quirks charming. Twister waved their hand in front of Judice's face and he came back to with a small startled noise. He looked over their new appearance, taking in the change before he noticed the sword hanging at their hip. He stared at the sword before a few brief moments, the gears in his head turning. “Would it not be better if we used practice swords? I'm well aware it’s not the same as the real thing but, well, I'd rather not spend the last hours of our night together having to stitch you up. I can’t bear the idea of hurting you.” Twister thought for a brief moment before giving a small nod.

“I can dig up the training swords Asiri left me to practice with. They’re not like your sword but I know you’re skilled enough to fight with anything.” Twister's smile turned bright as they turned and led Judice off to a side room, the training room Twister had recently become familiar with. It was a simple room, the floor a mix of sand and hay so it would be softer to land on with a rough circle of small steaks sticking out, the outline of a sparring circle. A few crudely made dummies were shoved off against one wall to keep the floor as big as possible. Judice found himself in the middle of the room, taking in the details while Twister grabbed the two beaten wooden training swords they had started their learning with. They tossed one to Judice, who caught it with ease, and made their way to the opposite side of the sparring circle after dropping off their actual sword to the side. Judice followed suit, setting his own sword against the wall behind him. Both tieflings set into prepared positions without another word. Time seemed suspended in that most, both minds racing to prepare for duel, no matter how loving, to come. Twister finally piped up after a moment. “Ready when you are Judice.” Juice nodded in response.

Twister landed the first hit, slamming the butt of their sword into Judice’s side, taking him by surprise. It wouldn’t leave any more damage than a bruise but Twister felt the rush of triumph as they stepped back to back into a prepared position, grinning. Judging by the look of pride Judice was giving them it seemed he was more focused on his partner than the pain blooming on his side. “That was good. You’re quicker than I expected, that’s a good thing, keeps enemies on their toes.” Judice commented. Twister couldn’t help but giggle, high on the adrenaline and joy they felt. Judice took the opening and lunged forward, aiming to jam the tip of his wooden sword into Twisters shoulder. In a surprised attempt to dodge they stepped back, though they misjudged the step and ended up falling onto their back, the breath knocked from their lungs. Judice stopped as soon as he noticed, turning to help them up and make sure they were uninjured. Twister coughed a few times, leaning against Judice’s body to steady themself for a few moments. “Are you alright dear?” He asked, worrying starting to creep into his tone. Twister let out a weak laugh and righted themself, shooting Judice a reassuring smile.

“I’m fine Judice, just got too overzealous. Let’s give that another try” Twister said, settling back into their previous waiting stance. Judice waited a brief moment before settling back into his own waiting stance. The two continued to trade blows for a long time, each taking and returning hits in turn. What Judice had in experience Twister made up for in dexterity, swiftly dodging around Judice’s strong blows. The dueling finally ended when Judice made a similar misstep to Twister and landed on his back, his sword skidding out of his hands as Twister quickly spun to point the end of their sword at Judice’s throat with a smile.

“Does this mean I won?” They joked, tossing the sword off to the side to offer their hands to help Judice up, which he happily took. He let go of their hands to dust himself off before he chuckled.

“I suppose so. Since you won our duel, what would you like as a prize?” Judice asked, already knowing the answer by the way Twisters smile turned mischievous.

“A kiss from my favorite dueling partner perhaps?” Twister responded. Without a second's hesitation Judice leaned down and pressed a kiss to Twisters cheek, then another to the other side for good measure. Twister laughed joyously and pulled Judice into a hug, their ear pressed to his chest above his thudding heart. Judice caught on after a few moments and hugged back, arms wrapped over their shoulders. They both stood there for a few moments, the dust settling around them. They both pulled away after what felt like a good amount of time, grabbed their respective swords, and made their way back towards the main room of Twisters home, hands clasped together as they walked.