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My Heart Sings For You Like a Blade Through The Air

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When Judice was young his life was full of sacred tomes and holy rules. Each story he read was of holy battles won and lost, holy bonds formed and broken. For a long time because of that he didn’t know the words to describe the heavy feeling in his chest every time he thought about what it would feel like to hold Twister in his arms once again, the way every time he saw a new sunset his thoughts turned to wondering what it would be like if Twister were there with him to enjoy the moments, and now the way his face split into a grin at the sight of them through the doorway not yet aware of his presence. The Fated Four had stumbled into Targrave after a rather rough encounter on the roads, leaving everyone worse for wear. Ivory and Armani had been tasked with finding an inn for the night while Io and Judice chose to check in with their Ravens Court contact. Journey had opened the door when Io knocked and the two were currently talking in the doorway, Twister distracted in the common room area tending to what looked to be a small flowering plant in a pot. Journey must have noticed his line of sight because she smirked and looked over her shoulder, calling into the room, “Twister! Your boy toy is back!” Twister looked up immediately, catching Judice’s glance. They grinned and shot up, rushing over to the door and sliding past both Journey and Io to get closer to Judice. They were more beautiful than Judice remembered, even with the smear of dirt across their cheek from their gardening.

“Judice! I’m so happy to see you! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming so soon? I would have been waiting for you-” They paused mid-sentence, apparently finally taking in Judice’s state, “What happened? Are you alright? Oh dear, come in-" They were cut off again by Judice's low laugh, a fond smile on his lips.

"I'm okay my dear, nothing I haven't dealt with before. There's no need to worry over me” He tried, a small attempt at trying to soothe the others worries though it didn’t seem to particularly help.

Twister looked at him with an expression bordering on being unimpressed but with far too much worry and excitement behind it. “Can I convince you to come in and let me patch you up the best I can on my own? It won’t be much but it’ll be something.”

“I- I can’t. I need to stay with Io and then go back to the others. I’m okay, I swear, it’s nothing more than a few scrapes a good night's rest can’t fix.”

Twister crossed their arms and raised an eyebrow. “Promise you’re alright?”

Io cut into the conversation, apparently fed up with the conversation happening behind him. “Judice, go let your partner patch you up. I’ll be fine talking to Journey on my own and then I can go to the inn and tell the others where you are. Go.” They elbowed him in a bruise on his ribs they knew was there was a smirk causing Judice to wince. Judice looked between Io and Twister before sighing softly and smiling to Twister.

“Lead the way I suppose.” Judice muttered. With that Twister led Judice through the building and into their room, shoving him gently onto the bed so he was sitting on the edge. They turned to leave only to turn back to press a gentle kiss to Judice’s forehead before turning back towards the door.

“Stay here, I’m grabbing some supplies. I’ll be right back.” And then they disappeared out the door, leaving Judice alone sitting on the bed. He sat for a moment, trying to wrap his mind around the events of the last few moments before he shook his head and occupied himself with gingerly removing his bloodied breastplate and shirt. By the time Twister returned with a clean water basin and the small collection of medical supplies they could gather, Judice was naked from the waist up besides the necklace he seemed to never take off, rubbing the pendant between his fingers as he thought. Twister took a moment to admire him from the doorway. Not much had changed from the last time they had seen him in a similar position, there were bruises and cuts across his torso along with more scars than they remembered. They shook their head to focus themself before stepping into the room and shutting the door, shooting Judice a sunshine bright smile as they sat next to him on the bed. There was a moment of silence between the two as Twister laid out their supplies before Judice spoke up.

“Darling you are aware I could do this on my own, correct?”

“I know,” There was a heavy pause, “This is the only thing I can do to help you while I’m here. I couldn’t be there to help you fight off whatever attacked you on the way back and I’m frustrated knowing that I could have helped, but instead of dwelling on that I’m going to help you now, which means helping you patch your wounds and listen to your tales of your adventures while I do so.” Judice couldn’t help but smile a little to himself and nod. For awhile it went exactly like that; Twister gently cleaned and patched the wounds they could reach while Judice told stories of his travels, weaving in more mundane things such as his ongoing journey to discover other fruits and how he learned the various quirks of his travel companions,,, and then his tales carried on even after Twister was done and his shirt had been restored. He gave them the various trinkets he had picked up, telling the stories behind each. They continued to talk for a long time, well past when the sun sunk beneath the horizon and the stars rose but neither cared, too wrapped up in the joy of being reunited.