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Saint Silver

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John stuck to the shadows following along after the crew who had just disembarked. A bunch of riled-up Navy boys who wouldn't spot danger less it slapped em in the face...well all except one. He was taller than before, grown into his proportions, though as Silver roamed his eyes down the boy's body he chuffed.

“Still too thin, what do them Navy cooks know about real grub anyway,” he grumbled under his breath.

He watched as multiple women threw themselves at the men offering a good time, for a fee of course. Many took them up on the offers yet the young man John had his sights on just waved them off with a smile and polite nod. Soon he was alone sauntering deeper into the shadier part of town.

'What's that boy doin' goin' this far.' John thought to himself before he stopped and hid in a doorway.

Jim had stopped at a door and rapped loudly, a few seconds afterward the door opened, words were exchanged and Jim slipped inside. Now full of concern Silver made his way to the side of the house the younger man had disappeared into. Placing his good ear to the wall he could hear muffled talking yet no words were clear. Growling to himself he looked around before reaching up to the left side of his head and flipping a switch. Suddenly, his head was full of noise, whore's fake moans, a drug deal a few streets over, the rumble of the cars further down. Gritting his teeth he turned the dial till it was mostly tuned out, turning his head to the house he adjusted it more till he could hear inside.

“I can't believe you fell into that,” a deep growling voice said, Silver, furrowed his brow but perked back up at the response.

“Heh, yeah. Looking back now I can see how obvious it was but at the moment it was the right thing to do.”

The voice was deeper but Silver could still tell exactly what the boy would be doing, his hand would be on the back of his neck rubbing as he looked down and blushed. Well, the boy would have. Maybe the man had grown out of such habits.

A deep rumble followed, almost a purr. “How long do I have you for?”

Jim gasped then groaned. “Just a few hours, have to be back on the ship by nightfall.”

The purr got deeper almost. “Shouldn't waste any time then.”

It was silent for a bit just the rustling of fabric before a needy moan broke the silence. Silver's eyebrows shot up. Well if there was a question of what was happening it sure was answered now.

“Yes, just like that. Oh gods I missed that tongue.” Jim cried out, there was a chuckle in response before Silver could hear the obvious sounds of oral sex occurring.
'I shouldn't be listenin' to this. It's obvious the lad be safe. Just walk away John' He took a step away before a cry brought him right back.

“Hush pup. You're just so tight, need to loosen you up before you can take me.”

John growled low in his throat then cut himself off.

“I need it Otso, I need you inside me.” Jim whimpered

“I know, and I will be soon. Just need to be patient.”

Whatever Jim was going to say in response was cut off with a moan. John bit his lip refusing to follow with one of his own. He took a quick look around but it looked like he was alone, yet something caught his eye. There was a window a few feet from him that didn't have the shades completely drawn.

'No John, yer stronger than that.' another wanton moan proved that statement to be false as his legs moved without his permission till he was beside the window. Casting a glance around he finally let his eyes train on the room inside. 'Oh Gods.' Jim was spread out on the kitchen table head thrown back in a silent scream. He couldn't see the other man very well but he could see an overly large hand spread out over Jim's hips holding him down as he lightly rocked back and forth.

The rocking stopped as the hand moved up to caress Jim's face. “You ready?”

Jim just nodded and scrambled to flip over onto his hands and knees. John keened at the sight and his flesh hand quickly grabbed himself tightly through his pants. He wasn't some pup who came in his shorts at the first sign of a good time. As he focused back on the room he refused to acknowledge his hand as it slowly began moving.

Those large hands were back adjusting him slightly before Jim dropped his head down and moaned as his back arched. John knew if the man's hands were big his member must be large also. How much silver would he pay to see Jim fully stretching over a large cock....How much gold would he pay to see Jim stretched around him?

'No. Don't think of em like that. The lad tinks of ye like a father.' but John couldn't tear his eyes away and nearly came clenching be damned as he saw the larger man bottom out.

“You good?” he husked a definite strain in his voice.

Jim just moaned and started rocking slightly. A large hand on his hip stilled him.

“I asked you a question.” the man growled.

Jim turned to look at the man (thankfully away from the peeping cyborg in the window.) “I'm good. Please Otso.”

The other man hummed. “You must not be worked up enough yet.” he pulled out and thrust back in quickly. “I know that's not what you want to call me. I guess I'll have to work harder.”

The pace turned into one of pure torture for Jim, slowly pulling out then quickly being thrust into again. Jim gasped and moaned with each thrust eventually falling to his elbows and clawing into the edge of the table. His head dropped between his shoulder and he cried out. “More, Otso, Please More.”

The man chuckled “ Still not what you want to cry boy, Tell me. You know who you are calling for.” The thrusting slowed till it was just a slow drag out and in. Jim shook almost like he was sobbing and with how his voice came out he might have been.

“Please...Otso” A sharp thrust followed.

“Wrong. Try again. Who do you want back here boy? Who do you want punishing this sweet little ass of yours?” A slap resounded through the window.

Jim sobbed again as a sharp thrust was delivered. “Silver! I want Silver!” he sobbed out dipping his head between his shoulders moaning.

“That a boy, you held out longer this time. Scream his name.” The man picked back up a swift rhythm as he snaked a hand around to stroke the boy in time.

If John hadn't been stunned by this revelation he would have seen the boy come apart in another's arms, he would have heard the chants of his name before a loud moan signaled the boy's release. He would have heard the responding growl as the other man finished and them both panting, coming down from their high. He would have seen the other man gently cleaning Jim and sending him on his way. But he saw none of this, his circuits and organics were too busy trying to peace together what he had just learned. Instead, when he finally snapped out of it he felt a distinct wetness in his britches. Grumbling to himself he looked back inside to see a large man grinning to himself while running a cleaning towel over his table.


Scratch that. John didn't see a man. He saw an Ursid.