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Catch Me First

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It isn't often when Hades’ rut doesn't sync up with Persephone's heat.


That's why when it happens they’ll sometimes play a little game. His pheromones will eventually trigger her heat but for a few hours she is free to play, to fight, to run .


No chance of them being caught by mortal or immortal alike in the darkened forest of the mortal realm he stands a few feet away from her. His body trembles with restraint and his fists clench where they rest at his sides, he is already sweaty and antsy, ready to take what's his. Her .


They're clad only in their underwear; no use in dressing fully whether their mortal realm or modern garbs. They’d only get in the way of the inevitable.


“Do you need me, Alpha?” Persephone asked huskily, already affected by the scent her mate is emitting, her mating gland and the scar marring it throb for him.


“Yes.” he answers gruffly, probably not too excited about not being inside her already.


“Do you need to fuck your mate, Alpha?”


Mine .”


“Catch me first,” she challenges before she takes off, weaving through trees and foliage.


His agility and longer legs put him at an advantage but she's been running through lush forests her whole life, her experience telling her exactly where to land her feet for the quietest footfalls.


She ducks under low branches, leaps over fallen trees and races away from the alpha pursuing her, his heavy footsteps gaining on her. She rips off her bra and tosses it away, hoping to throw him off by scattering her scent; if only her heart would stop beating so loud and wildly against her ribcage,


Hades chases her for what feels like both one minute and one hour before she makes a misstep and stumbles for only half a second before correcting herself but that was all he needed.


In a clearing in the forest he finally grabs her by the waist in an iron tight grip and almost brutally pushes her to the floor, lush grass and soft leaves cushioning her.


It might have hurt if there wasn't adrenaline and arousal coursing through her veins.


He pins her under his weight, his legs straddling her waist and his hands hold hers to the forest floor.


Long gone are his crimson eyes, now replaced by void black with his rut.


“How far did you think you would get, Omega? You're mine .” He punctuates the last word with a thrust of his hips, grinding his erection into her belly, lighting a fire in her groin.


Hades stands up and pulls his shorts down, his cock so hard and leaking for her.


Kneel, Omega. ” he commands in his alpha tone.


Helpless but to obey she kneels in front of her alpha, her mouth salivates in preparation for what she knows is coming.


He grabs her hair into his fist in a makeshift ponytail and brings her face to his groin. She opens her mouth, tongue out, ready to take whatever he’ll give her.


“So eager to suck my cock,” he muses, pulling her head away with a groan of disappointment from her. “Why would you run from me then?”


“Because I knew you couldn’t catch me, Alpha,” she taunts him, wanting to prolong their game just a little bit.


His eyes darken and he pulls her to stand by her hair making her cry out in pleasure-pain, instinctively grasping at the wrist that hold her to him.


“I did catch you, Omega,” he warns her with a growl.


“Only because I tripped,” she smirks, brazen.


He smirks back at her and darkly whispers, “try it again and we’ll see how far you’ll get.”


He forces her to her knees again and feeds her his cock in retribution for her bratty words. She gags around his length, unaware that he would immediately push to the back of her throat.


He pulls her off him again, a string of spittle still connecting her mouth to his glans, allowing her to recover and catch her breath for a second before plunging down her throat again, this time meeting no resistance.


He hisses in pleasured pain when her teeth lightly scrape against the inflamed flesh of his knot all the while she moans and swallows around his length.


“I should knot your hot, mouthy little mouth, Omega. Like to see you try and run your mouth with my knot stuffing you, making you swallow all my come.”


She moans around him again, causing him to thrust a little harder, prodding the back of her throat ruthlessly while her hands roam her body. One to her breast and the other to her dripping center to attempt to alleviate the ache his words and treatment of her body are eliciting.


He sees her busy hands and pulls her off his cock, much to her dismay, his hand never loosening his near painful grip on her hair.


“You like that, Omega? Want me to knot your mouth?” he asks, voice hoarse.


“Yes, Alpha, please.” she reaches for his cock again but he stops her.


“Not today, Omega.” she whines but he continues. “It would be a waste of come, don't you think?”


He finally releases his hold on her hair and she falls on to her hands and massages her scalp where he was pulling it while he circles around her and drops to his knees behind her. Without further ado he pulls her panties to her knees and buries his cock into her pussy in one thrust, starting a fast and brutal rhythm. Her tits brush against the grass and fallen leaves on the ground and the smell of the wet, fertile earth fills her lungs as her back arches and her hips swing to meet his pace.


“Wanna knot your pussy, omega, fill you with my pups so you can’t run anymore. Make you so round you’ll only be able to build me a beautiful nest and take my knot.”


And just like that she can feel her heat starting, her omega preeing at the thought of doing nothing but making beautiful, strong, healthy pups for Alpha and being filled with more.


“Yes, Alpha,” she moans lowly.


“And you won’t ever run from me again, will you, Omega? My omega .”


“No, Alpha, I promise. I’m sorry alpha.”


He flips Persephone onto her back and quickly rids her of her underwear, wrapping her legs behind his back and dives back into her wet heat, slick gushing out of her with her imminent heat.


Hades leans down to take one of her breasts in his mouth, not caring one bit for the dirt he tastes there. With a pop he releases her now swollen and spit-slick nipple and says, “when you’re heavy with my seed I want to drain your tits while your cunt drains my cock. Will you let me, Omega?” He continues to lavish attention onto her other breast while his hips still piston in and out of her.


She nearly screams at the overload of sensations and she answers, “yes! Whatever you want, Alpha, I want to give you everything you want. Fill me, fill me please.”


She can feel his knot start to catch at her entrance and her climax is so close but he pulls out of her again and lays her on her front again and she wants to cry as her orgasm abates. He straddles her legs and pushes into her again, he feels even bigger in this position and she finds herself nearing her peak again in record time.


He leans in close to her ear. “ Never run from me again, Omega. You’re mine . Who do you belong to, omega? Tell me.”


“You, Alpha,” she sobs, so, so close.


“And now I’ll make sure you never forget.” Hades pushes her hair off her neck and as soon as his knot swells and fills her, his cock shooting jets of his spend straight to her womb his teeth latch onto her already scarred mating gland and a blinding white hot orgasm shoots through her entire body as his he marks her for the second time.


If her omega hindbrain wasn’t absolutely rejoicing at her alpha laying claim to her again she might have laughed at his show. Marking your mate again isn’t unheard of but it is wholly unnecessary. All he’s done is make sure their instincts demand they never separate from each other for the next week to solidify the claim and now added with her heat just beginning neither of them will be able to use the bathroom alone.


But she’s not complaining.


She’ll wear her twin scars with the same pride she wears her crown.