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Rainy day

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The pitter patter of rain falls against the pubs roof, the occupants of the establishment lounging around.

Niki shifts to look as the door bangs open, jack and ranboo rush inside to take cover from the acid shower. She lifts her hand up in a slight wave a relieved smile greeting her lips as they seem unharmed albeit winded, it must have been a mad dash to get away from the rain. They return her smile and greeting but quite down upon noticing tubbo and tommy napping in the corner.

Scott greeted them from his corner where he’d been reading a book the star born much like everyone else had been cooped up in the pub almost all day.

Wilbur ever the mischievous phantom emerges from behind them and with a low chuckle places his almost see through hands on their shoulders causing ranboo to jump and jack to curse rather loudly (phil sends them a look from where he’s watching over tommy and tubbo)

The phantom snickers before drifting over to niki, who’s soaking in the rain, starting a quiet conversation.

“Piss off Casper” jack mutters before heading towards the bar.

Ranboo shakes his head, sending an apologetic look to phil who sends him a relaxed smile and gestures him closer

Jack moves behind the bar narrowing his eyes at the fox, inchling and slime that were hiding there, caught in the act their scheming smiles frozen before they dart around his legs and scurry into the walls. He settles down with a huff.

Techno who’d been silently sitting by the bar turned towards jack and asked for a drink. The blaze hybrid complies taking out a bottle from behind the bar and pouring a glass for techno and himself.

Tubbo shifts in Phil’s arm and a soft buzzing emits from the bee hybrid as he extends his arm and ranboo quickly makes his way over. Phil quietly moves his wings to make room for the lanky enderian teenager.

Tommy briefly opens a bleary eye before being ushered back to sleep by phil gently folding his wing around him, ranboo settles under Phil’s other wing before draping an arm over tubbo and gently curling his tail around tommys arm.

(Tommy would later deny ever cuddling with anyone least of all with ranboob shut up Phil he’s a big man)

The rain beats a steady drum on the walls and in the warmth of the pub, tucked away from the cold rain the residents of ring lake gathered under a roof sharing smiles, whispered conversations and hushed laughter.