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Sacred twenty-eight

Dark Neutral Light
Flint Bulstrode Abbott
Black Burke Crouch
Carrow Gaunt Macmillan
Rowle Greengrass Prewett
LeStrange Parkinson Selwyn
Malfoy Shafiq Weasley
Nott Slughorn Longbottom
Rosier Olivander Shacklebolt
Yaxley Avery Fawley
Prince Travers Fortescue


Sacred twenty-eight is not, as Cantankerus Nott would later aledge, purely a Pureblood matter. Instead, those are the twenty-eight families that held land when the French invaded England. They could have--and likely have--married Muggles and Muggleborns by the score, and they would have kept that particular title. They could have--as the Light by and large has with few exceptions--sold off their land, and the title would have remained.