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No words could describe just how much Fin longed for this moment.

To finally have his beloved Cyrus in his arms was a dream come true… He had spent countless nights fantasizing about this moment throughout the years he'd known her, for the moment she would finally be his and his alone, and he could show her just how much he loved her and make her whole...

She was unwilling to accept him, however, her mind undoubtedly corrupted by the filth of the Depths, so he had to restrain her in chains. Fin didn't want to do that, of course, but she left him no choice. No matter, she would come to forgive him for this in time. She had to.

He positioned himself above Cyrus, his legs straddling her, one hand on the ground beside her supporting his weight so as to not crush her and the other caressing her beautiful face. He couldn't help but notice how she turned her head away, how her gaze avoided him. She felt too betrayed to look into his eyes.

"Hey… Look at me… Please…" Fin said, his voice gentle, barely above a whisper. He wasn't expecting her to be welcoming to his affections now, after all the horrible things he had done to have her, but her rejection still hurt. Cyrus didn't say anything in response, and still refused to look his way.

"Please." He said more desperately this time, using the hand he had been caressing her with to grab her cheeks and force her to look at him. He then captured her soft lips in a rough kiss, forcing his tongue inside her mouth despite her best attempts to keep it shut and savoring the sweet taste of her kiss. The chains restraining Cyrus's arms rattled as she desperately tried to push him away, this futile effort only serving to remind of her own helplessness.

Fin broke the kiss, only to move his lips to the side of her neck as his hands grabbed her shirt and ripped it apart, exposing her upper body save for her breasts which were still covered by her bra. Her skin was porcelain white and smooth, save for a few spots here and there marked by the scars she'd acquired in all her battles throughout the years. They only made her more beautiful, he thought to himself. He moved from her neck to her collarbone leaving a trail of hot kisses in his wake, the fluttering sensation sending shivers down her spine. The chains rattled once more as she protested his actions.

"I don't want this!" She exclaimed, her voice a mixture of rage, sadness and betrayal. Fin lifted his head as he heard this.

"But I do. I've wanted this, wanted you, for so long… and now that I finally have you in my arms I won't let you go easily. But don't worry, this isn't just about me, I will make sure you will start enjoying this soon enough…"

He reached for a knife concealed under his red cloak, startling her and making Cyrus's eyes widen slightly in fear. Was he going to hurt her with it? She was already bracing for the pain as he brought the knife down towards her, but instead of piercing her flesh he used it to cut the middle part of her bra, freeing and exposing her breasts to the cold night air which made her nipples harden. She had never felt so exposed in front of someone like this before, her grimacing face showing how much she hated this.

"You are so beautiful…" He half-said, half-moaned these words. His face was flushed and he was smiling, a look of contentment on his face. He took a deep breath and recovered his composure.

"I suppose it's not fair if you are the only one undressed, though." He stated, before moving his hands to remove his cloak, untie his tie and try unbutton his dress shirt as fast as he could, his trembling fingers due to his excitement making these tasks harder than they should be. Finally, he managed to get to the final button, allowing him to remove the article of clothing and throw it to the side along with the rest of his clothes. This was the first time she'd seen him shirtless. She already knew he had a toned physique, but actually seeing his body up close like this was a different experience. He was fairly muscular, the result of all the demanding physical work he did with the police and the Hounds.

He proceeded to once again capture her lips in an intense kiss, the feeling of her bare skin on his making his cock strain hard against his pants. She whimpered in protest, the sound muffled by the assault of his tongue on hers. At the same time, he moved one of his hands to cup her breast, kneading her nipple between his fingers, eliciting even more muffled complaints from the girl. He broke the kiss, a thin strand of saliva still connecting their lips.

"What are you doing?!" Cyrus yelled in anger once her mouth was freed, with a hint of confusion in her voice. She couldn't understand why he was doing these things to her or why it made her feel an unfamiliar warm sensation at the pit of her stomach, all that she knew was that this wasn't right. None of this felt right.

Fin ignored the question, much to her annoyance, and moved his head downwards toward her chest, wrapping his mouth around her breast and starting to rhythmically lick and suck her nipple, while continuing to caress her other breast. Her body was writhing under the flurry of emotions and sensations caused by his touch, the chains attached to her limbs loudly dragging across the cold ground. Little gasps and whimpers escaped her mouth, betraying her stern expression despite her best attempts at staying silent. Her attempts at keeping quiet only egged him on, however, making him determined to coax even more of those honey-sweet sounds from his love, despite her lack of cooperation.

He removed both his hand and his mouth from her chest and started moving his fingers down her sides with feathery light touches, creating goosebumps all over her body, while looking down at her with a gentle and loving smile on his face, one that reminded her of the kind and considerate man Fin used to be, but the dark and lustful look on his eyes showed none of that. He leaned back down and kissed her once more, massaging her tongue with his own, while his hands reached her thighs and one swiftly moved under her skirt, slowly rubbing her clothed pussy with the tip of his fingers. This made her twist and squirm under him, no one had ever touched her like that, this sensation was entirely foreign to her, and it felt so good and so wrong at the same time it made her head spin. She unconsciously moaned against his mouth, encouraging him to add more pressure and move faster, the increasing wetness in her lower region making his movements easier.

He drew his lips away from hers and started moving downwards, never removing his hand from her sex, leaving a trail of kisses all over her body and stopping just under her navel, when he finally stopped his ministrations and left Cyrus craving and unsatisfied (though she would never admit her enjoyment out loud), but she wouldn't be left wanting for long. He hitched up her skirt and positioned his head between her legs, then moved her panties aside to reveal her wet entrance. She was gorgeous, he thought to himself. Her clit and labia were red and swollen, and her fluids covered her entrance. He gave it a long and slow lick, making her tremble from pleasure and tasting as much of her essence as he could before focusing his attention on her clit, flicking it with his tongue, then enveloping it with his lips so as to better please her, sucking and swirling his tongue around it with increasing fervor. The wet and warm feeling in such a sensitive place was driving her mad, eliciting loud and lewd moans from her despite how hard she tried to stop herself from showing how much she was enjoying this, and making the heat in her lower body increase in intensity, rising higher and higher. Sensing she was wet enough for it not to hurt too much, he inserted two digits inside her, gently fucking her with his fingers. The sensation of having something foreign inside of her like this was completely new and a bit painful yet pleasurable, until it, combined with the attention he was giving her clit, finally sent her over the edge, sending a wave of electricity crashing all over her body, drawing one last moan from her and making her shiver in pleasure.

He raised his head and removed his fingers from her, his mouth and hand glistening with the evidence of her orgasm. He licked his fingers clean then wiped his mouth with the back of his clean hand.

"I'm so glad you've finally started to enjoy yourself. But we aren't done yet…" Fin said in a low and husky voice, repositioning himself to be face to face with her and placing a light kiss on her flushed cheek. He got up again in order to take off his boots and remove his pants, quickly unbuckling his belt and undoing the buttons of his pants and pulling them down along with his underwear, finally freeing his aching erection from its confines.

Cyrus barely registered his actions, still too dazed by her afterglow to pay too much attention to anything around her. When she came to, he was already on top of her again, staring lovingly and with half-lidded eyes at her face and with his hand between the two of them in order to properly angle his cock with her entrance.

"Now... you will finally be mine…" he spoke between ragged breaths, slowly penetrating her and making her scream. It was nothing like his fingers, his cock was much bigger and thicker and it was stretching her already oversensitive pussy from her previous orgasm so much the mix of pain and pleasure of it all brought tears to her eyes. He reached down and kissed the salty tears off her face, before burying his face in the nape of her neck and starting to move faster, his frantic and passionate thrusts reaching deep inside her and hitting all the right spots, quickly drawing out another orgasm from her and making her numb from the overstimulation. He continued moving until he reached his own climax, with a few last irregular thrusts before stopping and coming deep inside her and filling her with his cum. He removed himself from inside her and laid down beside her, panting heavily and with a smile on his face, the cold ground bringing relief to his hot skin. She closed her eyes. She just felt so tired and spent, she couldn't even think straight, and all she wanted to do right now was sleep.

Fin wrapped his strong arms around her in a tight embrace, giving her a light peck on the lips before whispering in a low voice next to her ear:

"We will never again leave each other now… I love you so much, Cyrus… I will forever be with you…" these words were the last thing she heard before being lulled to sleep in his arms.