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Platform 9 ¾ was bustling with students and families at the start of the term. Parents and family seeing their young ones off to a magical boarding school in the middle of nowhere in Scotland. Well maybe not the middle of nowhere. There has to be some significance to its current location, compared to others. Maybe I am overthinking it. That has been happening a lot lately.


Staring at the Hogwarts Express, it just dawned on me, how our lives have so quickly changed due to circumstances. It’s hard for me to see all the happy kids, when you know that there are darker threats that hide around the corner. Is that what growing up is? It reminds me of when I first boarded this train. A young girl who barely knew anything about the world she was about to step into. Those days are long gone. Now, it was just another year in Hogwarts, where we’ll see another professor come and go. Something feels.. Off about this year. I can’t place my finger on it. 


“Oi! Hermione! You coming?”


Snapping out of my reverie, I looked over to Ron, who was halfway on the train. Shaking my head at his impatience, I grabbed my trunk and trudged over to the train. Noticing my movement, he added, “were you in one of your Ravenclaw mind thingies?”


“It’s not a mind ‘thingy’, Ronald. I was just, dwelling on the past.” It never surprised me that Ron has to try and simplify things he doesn’t understand. He’s a good friend and all, but he does irritate me sometimes. I can only imagine how often he would push my buttons if we were in the same house.


The day we became friends was the day that I wished trouble didn’t follow them. After a couple of months in first year, I was still friendless. Apparently surpassing everyone else in your year, even your housemates, made you an outcast. It was not a feeling I was unfamiliar with, but I was hoping that I would be able to make friends in a new school. Especially in the house of intellectuals. That changed after a troll was released in the school while I was in the girls restroom crying. The two knuckleheads, Ron and Harry, showed up in the knick of time. They felt guilty over what happened in Charms and came to warn me about the troll. Since that day, we have been best friends. Even if I want to knock them over the heads for their stupid heroics. Typical Gryffindors.


He shook his head and said, “sure it was. Anyway, Harry and I are going to go hang out with Neville and Seamus. You can join if you want.”


I thought it over for a moment. I fought over the shudder at the thought of the boys arguing over quidditch teams and other ridiculous things for the entirety of the train ride. “I think I will go find Ginny and Luna.”


Looking disappointed he said, “uh, yeah. See you on the carriage?”


He didn’t. No, he did. He forgot. Why am I not surprised by this? “Well we do have the Prefect meeting before we arrive at Hogwarts,” I deadpanned.


It’s always amusing watching the light turn on in his head. It was Like he turned the power to use his brain on. A look where he stared at you for a moment, blinked, then smiled as he just realized he knew a secret. “Oh right! Yeah, see ya then?”


Chuckling at his not so smooth recovery, “Yes Ron, see you then.”


Ignoring the slight pep in his step as he turned to continue down the train, I started to look for Ginny and Luna. The first time I met Luna was one just as memorable as the boys. It was second year before the Chamber of Secrets was opened. I had noticed that several Ravenclaws were snickering while holding shoes. A little bit of sleuthing, I found out they were bullying a first year. I couldn’t stand by that. I was not going to let someone else endure what happened to me in my first year. 


In the end, I returned Luna’s shoes to her and the bullies might have had their hair care products replaced with something more, sticky. The bullies ran from the showers with their hands stuck in their hair, screaming for help. Returning the shoes to their rightful owner, Luna and I became friends. There were many things she mentions that I had to overlook, for my own sake, but we became fast friends. 


“Looks like the wrackspurts are hovering around your head, Hermione.”


Thou shall speaketh, thou shall receive. “Hey Luna.” Turning around and waving my hand around my head nonchalantly. She had her head popped out of the cabin. Must have passed them when I was lost in thought. Again. She tilted her head slightly and smiled.


“Come in! It is just Ginny and myself. I was just telling Ginny about the adventure my Father and I went over summer. Did you know that moon frogs only come out when you have danced under the new moon?”


“I did not,” responding to her as I followed her into the cabin. Once I placed my trunk in the space provided, I sat down across from Ginny, who was feigning her attention about the topic.


Luna plopped down next to Ginny and started to play with her cork earrings. “They were quite fascinating. They glow, you know. Like the surface of the moon they come from.”


“Really? That is rather interesting. Does it matter what type of dance you perform?”


“Depends on the time of year, from what Daddy says.”


The conversation continued on for a bit before we settled into a lull. I pulled out one of the books I nabbed from the Black family library. I imagine that if it was anyone else in this cabin, there would be an uproar over this book, but Ginny always kept secrets. I think it was the fiery anti authoritarian side of her.


The first month of summer break was rather stale. As much as I love my parents, we have been slowly growing apart. I have not been as, honest, to them about what has been going on at Hogwarts. Bringing myself up to tell my parents proceeded to get harder as the years went by. How could I tell them that my best friend seems to always find someone who wants to kill him? That while I have tried to stay out of the heroics that Harry and Ron go through, I still end up tied into it. I was honest for the first year, but after being petrified in second year, I couldn’t tell them. They would take me out of Hogwarts. The closeness I once had with my parents had been growing colder. It mostly consisted of simple talk and about my academics. I was barely able to tell them about the Triwizard Tournament last year, and to get extra money for my dress. Let alone who I was going with.


Staying with the Weasleys was a reprieve from the weight on my shoulders. What made it better was that we were moved to the Black’s family home. It was one of her most interesting introduction to the more.. Darker side of magical society.

“Come along now,” Mrs. Weasley said as she was ushering us down the road. She had apparated us to the edge of a borough in London. She said we were going to a safe place that will keep us protected. She was not wrong about that. The Burrow seems to only have a scathing of protection compared to Hogwarts. Not a lot of places could stand up to the wards that Hogwarts has. It made me wonder about other wizarding homes. The Burrow was the only one I have seen so far. 


As we moved at a brisk walk, I started to count the house numbers. 9, 10, 11, 13. Wait. 13? That didn’t seem right. The space between the two numbers began to waver and small purple fractals appeared. Before I was able to focus on the fractals that were appearing in the area between number 11 and 13, Mrs. Weasley said, “Alright dearies, pass this paper along and read it. Make sure everyone gets a turn!” The paper was passed to each Weasley and then eventually to me. Opening up the piece of paper, I read what was on it. 12 Grimmauld Place. A shift of magic ahead of me, directed my eyes. The mysterious place between 11 and 13 shifted, revealing a new house. Number 12. We all moved towards the house, Mrs. Weasley opened the door and allowed us to enter.


Immediately I felt a strange, familiarity wash over me. I felt the wards allow us to enter, but it was different compared to Hogwarts or the Burrow. It felt cold, dark. It was not the warmness one gets when cozying up next to the fire like the Burrow’s wards do. Despite the coldness, it was comforting. I have felt this before. In certain, darker parts of Hogwarts, this same sensation wavers in the air.


My concentration on the wards was broken by a shrieking noise. “HOW DARE THERE BE FILTH IN MY HOME!”


“Quiet you old crone! Before I burn the wall you are on! I might not be able to take down your portrait, but the wall can be!” yelled a voice, Sirius, as he walked out of the side room with his wand pointing at a portrait on the far wall. He motions toward the sheet on the ground and covers the portrait of, what is presumed to be his mother. After congratulating himself, he noticed us staring at him in disbelief. He introduced us to his house, but I ignored it to focus on the tiny fractals that were slowly growing around the covered portrait. 


This occurrence has been growing more recently. It was not uncommon for me to see them when I was younger. They became more common last year. Fractals slowly appearing around magic and magical objects, the purple hue becoming more vivid. I had been meaning to research it, but with the Triwizard Tournament and keeping Harry alive, I could not find the time. 


“We have been able to clean out several of the bedrooms. There is still more to clean, but it’s a start,” Sirius continued his tirade. We were shown to various bedrooms, Ginny and I sharing a room. 


For the next two weeks involved a lot of chores and a lack of research. I was eventually able to escape the monotony of cleaning, which left me alone in the Black family library. Sirius had tried to stop me from getting inside, citing the need to purge dark books from it. I was able to easily undo his lock and sneak inside. That same cold sensation was permeating the air enveloping me. The walls of the room contained shelves of books. It might not be the Hogwarts Library, but the knowledge contained on these shelves are one of a kind. One to the Black family. There were a couple of chairs and tables scattered around. After reveling in the ward encompassing me, I moved towards the books, searching for any that pique my interest. The fractals were coming quicker and made it easy to discern which books were cursed. It was no surprise that the majority of the books were on dark magic. The Black family was known as a dark family. 


Carrying over several books, I settled into the musty chair and started  satiating my never ending thirst for knowledge. It was some time later that I felt, rather than heard, a snap of magic in the corner of the room. Looking up from the book, I saw a rather old and pitiful creature. A house elf. One who initially had a scowl, which slowly went away as the house continued to stare.


“Yes?” I said in a neutral tone.


“My apologies miss. I had thought one of those blood traitors had dared touch the sacred Black library.” The house elf looked around the room, as if to see if anything was amiss, then continued, “my name is Kreacher, would the miss like anything?”


Pondering over the question, I responded, “no thank you. Though, could you alert me if someone is coming or looking for me?”


Kreacher perked up and said, “most certainly miss!” and with a snap of his fingers and a magical pop, he was gone. Shrugging at the interaction, I went back to the book. I continued this for several days before Harry had an incident with the dementor and was rushed to 12 Grimmauld Place. It became much harder to come to the library after that, but Kreacher was able to retrieve books and pointed me to a safe place to read them.


The Weasley’s and Harry, became more interested in what the Order of the Phoenix were planning. I saw very little need to get involved in that business. We were students and should focus on our studies, not running around trying to be heroes. Yet, no matter how many times I try to reiterate that to the boys, they continue to dive head first into it. Stupid Gryffindors. It was fun to watch them try to use the twins' new invention to listen in on the meeting, and fail miserably. 


Putting my research on hold, I looked into helping the hearing that was stacked against Harry. It reminded me of the case we built for Buckbeak. Hopefully we will be able to help Harry as much as we did for Buckbeak. The research I did was enough to convince the Wizengamot that the entire process was a sham and allowed Buckbeak to be free. But not without repercussions. Buckbeak was unable to remain in Hogwarts. What that hearing truly showed was that Lucius Malfoy was threatening the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures. Lucius has not been doing any threatening since. He lost a lot of clout and was kicked off several boards that he was a part of. Buckbeak became invaluable when we had to save Sirius. If only Sirius would allow me to help him be free from the Ministry. The offer has been given many times, but he continues to deny. His response? It makes him more alluring, but it helped keep the heat off of Dumbledore and Harry. 


Because of this, I was allowed to enter the library without sneaking in. With explicit warnings to not touch any of the dark books. Sirius even went through and pointed each one and was slowly placing them into a pile to get rid of. It was rather adorable to think he was removing them for good. Kreacher would silently grab some of the books and place them into my trunk. Never told me about any of this, just noticed the books laying in my trunk. Sneaky elf, placing them when I wasn’t around to see him do it. 


Through all my research, I was able to pinpoint it was a pathetic hearing. I noticed that the time they gave them seemed off and said to be there early. Not only that, I gave them several points to address in Wizengamot. Cause the ministry to be on the back foot. Have them account for all the dementors on that day, have any witnesses be there. Make them use Veritaserum and a pensieve. Use all possible avenues that can be used to prove Harry’s innocence. 


From what I heard, the ministry was stumbling for answers. They could not account for all the dementors on the day, even though they claimed they always do. Veritaserum and pensieve proved to the Wizengamot that Harry was innocent, with a resounding vote in favor for him. According to Harry, the Minister and his undersecretary were scowling at him as he left.

The days after the hearing were trips to Diagon Alley and to Hogwarts Express. Looking up from my book to the rolling countryside, I saw my purple eyes stare back at me. They were always an oddity in my life. My parents say I was unique, that I was born with royal purple eyes. Well I was already unique since I can use magic. But that doesn’t explain the purple eyes. My research claimed that I have Alexandria’s Genesis, a mutation that can occur 6 months after birth. Confronting my parents about it, they remain steadfast that I was born with them. 


The sound of knocking broke my attention to my strange eyes to the cabin door. Outside the door is none other than Daphne Greengrass. The blonde ice queen of Slytherin. At least that is what everyone only knows her by. The day I set up the inter house study group was the day I met Daphne. She came off as a cold and indifferent bitch to most, but she is quite the opposite. She was quite intelligent as well. You would not want to get on her bad side if you want to keep all your digits. We became close friends, despite being in different houses. Though Ravenclaws and Slytherins often seek each other's council, they never went beyond that. 


Close enough that she asked me to be her date for the Triwizard Tournament Yule Ball. That was a surprise. I had come out to her at the end of third year. Due to the time turner and puberty, I found out I preferred girls. At that time, Daphne and I were good friends and had confided in each other. Her with the pressure she feels about being in a pureblood family of the Sacred Twenty-Eight, and me with pressure of a new world that is slowly distancing myself from my parents. She was often scared of mingling with me, a muggleborn, but that changed in fourth year and the Yule Ball apparently. 


It made me realize just how pretty she was. Beneath the icy exterior was someone who truly cared about others. Someone who worked her way through the pressure and to stand proudly on top of those she defeated. She can extrude confidence and knows how to hide when she needs to. Not only that, she has beautiful blue eyes that pierces into your soul. Her intelligence was my favorite quality about her. She was probably the only person in this school who can match up to my wit. We haven’t talked about us since the Yule Ball, only a few letters here and there. I was helping Harry with the tournament and I was not able to corner her about it. I wished we had kissed in the gardens, but Snape and Karkaroff ruined that moment with their argument.


The argument Ron and I had about dates was intense. He would not believe me that I had a date for the ball. Instead he kept trying to take me, as a last resort. The image of his open slack jaw mouth when I walked in with Daphne on my arm will forever be memorable. The next day I officially told them that I was a lesbian. Even with an explanation, Ron still doesn’t quite grasp it. His longing stares and hesitations are not as subtle as he thinks they are. Just another objective that needs to be addressed this year.


Waving Daphne in, she quickly opened the door and closed it. Putting up a couple of wards, ones that I recognized as a Silencing and a Disillusionment. Probably to prevent others from seeing who was in here. “Hey Hermione,” she said as she turned around with a smile as she sat down next to me. She looked over to Ginny and Luna and continued, “Hi Ginny, Luna.”


“Hey”, ”Hello Daphne,” both girls responded. Ginny kept glancing between Daphne and I a knowing grin before she focused on her discussion with Luna. turning my attention back to Daphne, I noticed her staring at me with a bright smile. 


Smiling back, “how was your break?”


“It was intriguing to say the least. Especially the court hearing for your friend Harry,” she said flippantly. She must have been at the hearing. Probably with her father as she’s the heiress to house Greengrass.


Raising an eyebrow, “oh? And what was so interesting about it?”


“Well.. Harry’s defense seemed ironclad from where I was standing. The Minister and his toad of an undersecretary could not get an upper hand. Who by the way, wears way too much pink,” she paused, looking to the side feigning interest. With a smirk growing on her lips, she continued, “it reminded me of the Buckbeak hearing from third year.”


Playing along, I said, “interesting. Makes you wonder who did all the planning and research for both of these hearings.”


“Indeed,” she responded. Dropping all playfulness, she said, “how are you not in Slytherin?”


“You mean besides the fact that I’m muggleborn?”


“That is still a ridiculous notion. You could easily out maneuver the majority of the house.”


“I do have other qualities than just my cunningness,” I smirked back at her. Two could play this game.


She stared at me, blinking, before catching on. She smiled back at me, “fair. One would have to forget your never ending thirst for knowledge, logic, and wit to see your cunningness.”


We both laughed and continued our conversation about the hearing. Giving me a new perspective on it. Ginny and Luna eventually joined the conversation. A couple of hours later and I had to leave to go to the Prefect meeting. Daphne followed me. Saying she had to go back to her cabin with her sister. When we departed, she smiled back at me. A smile of my own grew on my face before I continued to the Prefect cabin. 

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Walking into the Great Hall gave me the usual flash of nostalgia. The ceiling had a dark cloudy night, where occasional lightning appeared. Fractals started to appear the longer I stared at it. Splitting off from Harry, Ron, and Ginny to follow Luna to the Ravenclaw table. Looking up at the professor's table, I noticed someone in far too much pink. How could anyone withstand being near someone with that much pink, let alone wear that much. It looked like we have a rather, eccentric Defence Against the Dark Arts professor this year. She looked like a toad.


Glancing over to the Slytherin table and searching for blonde hair. Not the git that calls himself nobility, but the pretty one. Daphne was already looking at me. Our eyes connected and a small smirk appeared on that beautiful face. She broke our gaze first to glance at the pink toad, then back at me and gave me a knowing nod. Ah so this was the undersecretary of the Minister that she talked about. So the Ministry is getting involved in Hogwarts. 

Returning my gaze back to the Ravenclaw table, I scooted in next to Luna. We all waited anxiously for the first years to start arriving. Seeing new faces at Hogwarts was refreshing. Once they were all in the Great Hall, the sorting hat started to sing its yearly song. Normally I tune the song out, as well as Dumbledore’s speech, but there was something different about this song. The hat sang of unity in the face of darkness. The hat had a way of being clairvoyant in a way. It made me remember my own sorting. That still left many questions, unanswered. I remember the words that spoke in my mind, clear as day.


“I know exactly where to put you.”


For the hat to say Ravenclaw was almost instantaneous. While I don’t disagree with being put into Ravenclaw, it was the way the hat said it. It was different from what everyone said. They had a small conversation with the hat. I wasn’t even able to talk to the damn thing.


Turning my attention back to the sorting, I saw that it was almost done. As the last student was sorted, Dumbledore stepped up to the podium. He said grandfatherly, “Quiet now, quiet now. I am so very glad to see new and returning faces to Hogwarts.” He paused and surveyed the great hall. “Before we tuck into our dinner, we have important announcements to make. We have two changes in staffing this year. We’re pleased to welcome back Professor Grubbly-Plank, who’ll be taking teaching Care of Magical Creatures, while professor Hagrid is on temporary leave.” He motions to the old woman behind him.


That made me frown. While Hagrid is very, enthusiastic, about the creatures he cares for, he’s not the best at teaching. If Hagrid was not going to be teaching this year, or at least for the time being, then what was he doing? Glancing at the ostentatiously pink person, answered my question. He must be on Order business. Something that only Hagrid could do. Not that I have any problems with Hagrid, he was a very lovable guy and I cared a lot about him. He was not the best at social interactions and was very gullible. 


 “We also wish to welcome our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Dolores Umbridge. I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing the Professor good luck ,” Dumbledore continued, as I controlled myself not to snort. I was unaware that Dumbledore could be sarcastic. Several other students around me snorted and giggled in response. “Now, as usual, our caretaker Mister Filch has asked me to remind you-”Dumbledore was interrupted by a bubbly, sweat clearing of Umbridge's throat. She placed her bag on the table, causing Dumbledore to blink. He turned around as if to chastise a student. Bloody hell, even Professor Snape glanced at the new professor with disdain. She stood from her chair and walked around the table to stand next to the podium with Dumbledore. Upon seeing her more clearly, with her coat dress with four pockets on its front, an embellished collar and large fluffy cuffs on its sleeves, and a brooch on her chest above her pocket. Atop her head sat a knitted hat of some description, which made her look ridiculous to me. All of this in shades of pink, mind you. 


“Thank you, Headmaster, for those kind words of welcome,” Umbridge announced as she walked slowly to stand in front of him. “And how lovely to see all your bright, happy faces smiling up at me,” she added, smiling at us. The Great Hall responded with absolute silence. Looking around, I can see that several students did the exact opposite. Luna had her tongue slightly poking out of the corner of her mouth as she tilted her head, staring at the diminutive Professor. “I’m sure we’re all going to be very good friends,” Umbridge said. 


“If the nargles are staying clear of her without a butterbeer cork accessory, then she must mean bad news,” Luna said in the most neutral tone I have ever heard her say. That surprised me, Luna was usually airy and cheerful. Luna was often a good reader of character. For her to deadpan like that spoke volumes. 


“The Ministry of Magic has always considered the education of young witches and wizards to be of vital importance,” Umbridge announced, pacing to the side as it seemed she had this speech prepared.” Although each new Headmaster has brought something… new to this historic school…” she said, turning to Dumbledore expectantly, as the Headmaster nodded with a fake smile, as if to tell her to get it over with. “Progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged.” I furrowed my eyebrows. That’s an idiotic notion. No progress leads to stale and stagnation. Which was the current state of the magical world. ”Let us preserve what must be preserved. Perfect what can be perfected, and prune practices that ought to be… prohibited ,” she finished, with a tiny chuckle that could make a ghost shiver. Dumbledore expressionlessly clapped his hands to bit her off the raised section of the floor. The irritation was noticeable on his face. 


Thank you , Professor Umbridge. That really was most illuminating,” he called. “Now, as I was saying. As usual, our caretaker Mister Filch…” Dumbledore resumed.


“That was the most not-so-subtle threat I have ever heard,” I said to my fellow Ravenclaws. Several of them had confused looks on their face. Cho was the first one to ask, “what do you mean by that?”


“Well the Ministry has been slandering the Headmaster and Harry Potter all summer long. They are trying to discredit Headmaster Dumbledore. Harry’s hearing made them look weak. They had to back down,” I explained as I quietly slurped some soup in front of me. After a couple spoonfuls and a bite of bread, I continued, “the Defence Against the Dark Arts spot is always open at the end of year and it is getting harder to fill the spot. Dumbledore had to relent to the Ministry’s interference and allow Umbridge to teach.”


As the other Ravenclaws stewed over what I said, I stared at Umbridge. She was surveying the Great Hall, as if looking to find anyone bad mouthing the Ministry. My hatred towards her grew beyond the obscene amount of pink she wears. I had a feeling that she would be extremely pushy on how Hogwarts is run. Any reason that she could see as a move against the Ministry would be enough for her to act. This year was going to be a nightmare with her around. I could only hope that the jinx placed on the position acts fast. If I could pinpoint the jinx, I might make it act faster.. Then get rid of it. I would like to get and keep a good DADA professor.


After dinner, I, and the other Prefects direct the Ravenclaw students to our dorms and give our introduction to the first years. When I went to bed, I was imagining multiple ways to annoy the pink toad.

Slowly chewing through my oatmeal and fruit, I continued to read one of the books from 12 Grimmauld Place. Transfiguring the cover to look like my Charms textbook would help prevent anyone realizing I was reading about dark magic. It also helped prevent the Ministry pawn to detect it. She looked like someone who would prevent anyone from having fun.


“Here you go Miss Granger,” Professor Flitwick said as he dropped my schedule for the semester next to my breakfast. I glanced up from my oatmeal to see him smiling while looking at my book, “I see you are ahead of your studies as usual.”


“Well, you know me, Professor. I like to be ahead of the curve.”


“Quite so! You do keep me on my toes! Finding new things just to teach you has been an invigorating experience in years!” He said enthusiastically. Since I was always the first student to accomplish any task given, he had taken it upon himself to constantly teach me something new. Perks for being a Ravenclaw, your head of house will make sure you're never bored. I just happen to push that beyond what he was used to. “As much as I would love to discuss what I have planned for you, I must continue handing schedules out. Have a wonderful breakfast Miss Granger!” I waved him off as he then went to the next Ravenclaw. 


Taking a glance at my schedule showed several classes that I would be sharing with Slytherins. I would get to share a class with Daphne. We shared a lot of classes together since we took the same electives. Though I took Care for Magical Creatures and she took Muggle Studies. According to her, the look on her father’s face was priceless when she signed up for it. What was interesting was that he had a reaction at all. The Greengrass family were considered Gray family in their stance in the Wizengamot. To have a family member be curious about the muggle world is not far-fetched. But they are a Sacred Twenty-Eight family. 


Focusing on my schedule again, after breakfast I had Herbology with Slytherin. It might be a time for Daphne and I to work together. We have partnered together in a class before, but this time would be different. Everyone saw us together at the Yule Ball. They might presume we are together. While I don’t have a problem with that, it’s different for her. I can’t imagine what sort of trouble she got with her parents. This might be that opportunity to talk about that.


We also share DADA later in the day. That was a class I am not looking forward to. It had nothing to do with the fact that I am currently reading about dark magic. It was Umbridge. She would have full control of the classroom. I’m possibly overthinking it and she would merely teach DADA, but with a watchful eye over the school.


Finishing up my breakfast, I place my ‘charms’ book into my beaded bag that I made last year as a side project. There was only so much one could do watching Harry try to use the summoning charm. The expansion enchantment I placed on the bag made it very easy to have many books, while easily carrying it in my pocket. 


When I showed my Head of House, the look on his face was one of extreme surprise. That a fourth year could accomplish, on the side, what a Transfiguration and Enchantment masters takes to accomplish, made his jaw drop.  The amount of points I earned for Ravenclaw made us win the House Cup for the year. I wonder if he bragged about me to the other head of houses? That was an entertaining thought. if I had made the beaded bag this year, he would automatically give me an O on my OWLs? I guess I would just have to one up the beaded bag then.


Walking out of the Great Hall, I peeked over my shoulder to the Slytherin table. Daphne was nursing a cup of, what I presume to be coffee. I chuckled at that and left the Great Hall and made my way outside to the greenhouses for my first class.

Later in the day, I made my way to the DADA classroom. Herbology was uneventful for the most part. Professor Sprout explained how Herbology OWLs. and the importance of OWLs for our year. The rest of today's class was Mandrake revision. Reminding me of second year when I was petrified. Not an experience I want to relive. To be awake while unable to move for 3 weeks was horrifying. Even though this was an easy start to the semester, it allowed me to take my mind off of a certain blonde.


Daphne chose to remain with her Slytherin friends, even though I left a seat open for her. Careful not to show my disappointment and set the thought aside, I worked with Cho Chang. I wouldn’t say we were friends, but we chatted occasionally. She was certainly pretty, but I guess my eyes are already set on one person.. Who I was trying not to think about. Moving on from that thought. Besides Luna, Cho was possibly the closest to a friend I had in Ravenclaw. She was one of the first of our year to join the inter house study group.


I noticed that she was doing better than she was at the end of last year. Losing her boyfriend almost made her catatonic. She barely ate and spoke very little. The days before we left Hogwarts, she was acting a little more herself. The way she looked in Herbology showed that she was doing a lot better, but the pain of losing Cedric still stung. It did for all of us.


Opening the door into Defence Against the Dark Arts, I walked over to my usual spot near the center of the room, left seat. First year was a nightmare when you’re left handed and sitting in the right seat. The front seat has also lost its appeal to me. It was common knowledge that I knew the answer to everything when questioned. So I started to sit more in the middle, where Harry and Ron sat. Though they can be rather annoying, I was able to assist them.


 All of the answers came easily to me. Everyone believed that I read the text multiple times to memorize what was in it, but that was far from the truth. I read the texts once. I was able to recall all the information in the book. Eidetic memory was what I have been told by my parents. Not only that, magic comes very easy to me. That was happening before the fractals started showing up. 


Sighing as I sat down, I opened my beaded bag and pulled out the book I was reading earlier. The charm I placed on the book cover still held. I really didn’t want to try and reapply it before class. The book itself was by far the most interesting book out of the Black library so far. It showcased the applications of blood magic. While most of it are depicted to cause harm to another, it does have application to healing. Sure, you could make someone’s blood boil, but the ability to redirect poison in blood to leave the body made  this type of magic important. Not that I have any objection to boiling blood. With Lord Voldemort back, any tools that can be used against him and his Death Eaters were useful. I noticed that the Order of the Phoenix won’t apply that line of thinking. Using magic for its uses. They instead applied morality to types of magic. Sure dark magic does require a sacrifice to use, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be used for good. 


My thoughts were interrupted when I felt a hand on my right shoulder and a whisper in my ear, “ that doesn’t look like a Hogwarts book, let alone one allowed by the Ministry.” Freezing at the voice I slowly gazed to my right to see the pink lips of Daphne Greengrass. My face felt hot, whether from embarrassment or how close she was, I’m not sure.


Clearing my throat and pushing down the blush, I feigned ignorance,” I don’t know what you're talking about. It’s our Charms book.”


She sat down next to me, smirked and replied, “sure it is, I doubt the application of bloo-”


Quiet you. You made your point,” I quickly whispered. Defeated, I closed the book and placed it into my bag. Once my bag was in my pocket, I looked back at her. Still with that battle winning smirk. Surveying the room, I noticed several students started to slowly arrive. I didn't see Harry or Ron, but that’s not surprising. Turning my attention back to Daphne, I glared and whispered back, “fine, it was not our Charms’ book.”


If her smirk could grow, it did. “Where did you find something like that? The Restricted Section?” she questioned. “wait, that was the same book you had on the train. So not the Restricted Section,” she rescinded.


“No. I found it in the library with the... family I was staying with over break,” I vaguely said. I couldn’t exactly tell her where I was. The Fidelius charm prevented that. But there were ways around it. Especially with someone as intelligent as Daphne. So I made a game of it. She would have to work for this information.


Still whispering, she continued, “well, I already said it was not legal. That means only a prominent and old family could have that. So probably a family of the Sacred Twenty-Eight.” As she was pondering, her tongue stuck out of the corner of her mouth. It was cute. While I was fighting the blush that was showing up again, she added, “ it’s not Potters’ or Weasleys’. Both well known Light families. Looking towards the Gray families... I certainly didn’t get you that book. You're also not super friendly with the other Gray families. Same goes for Dark families, which is exactly  where you would find that book.”


I noticed more students arrive including the boys. Waving at me as they took a seat near Daphne and I. Waving back, I turned my attention back to Daphne as she continued to figure out the mystery. “Being that you’re Muggleborn, they will be more unlikely to allow you that book.” She paused, a paper bird flying about the classroom. Watching the bird fly, her eyes landed on Harry and knew immediately. “The Black family. I remember you telling me that Sirius is Harry’s Godfather... Interesting . The Black family library.” I smiled and gave a small nod of approval. She smiled back and that smile made the world almost disappear. If it wasn’t for the smell of burning paper. 


Swiveling my head behind us, I see Umbridge with her wand out pointing towards the falling paper bird. Lowering her wand, she said in that utterly too sweet tone, “good morning, children.” slowly walking towards the front of the room while pointing her wand to the chalkboard, she continued, “ordinary... wizarding… level… examinations! ” Each word enunciated more than the last. “O! W! Ls! More commonly known as OWLs!” She explained turning to face the class at the front of the room. She was treating us like we were in primary school. Not the fifteen year old's that they were. Well I was almost sixteen and that was not quite right due to third year. Everyone who came to Hogwarts knew about OWLs. “Study hard, and you will be rewarded. Fail to do so, and the consequences may be… severe .” Another threat hidden in that tone. I was pretty sure she did not mean having to retake the exams. 


Umbridge flicked her wand to the side with a smile as she scanned the room and the textbooks on her desk started to float down the aisles. Two books being deposited in front of everyone as it passed by them. That explains why there was no DADA textbook in the book list for this year. They were being supplied to us. As the book was placed in front of me, I gaped in horror. Dark Arts Defence - Basics for Beginners . This was a children's book. The sheer gall that this woman believes I- us are mere babies in the art of magic. The growing embers of my hatred for her billowed.


“Your previous instruction in this subject has been disturbingly… uneven,” Umbridge stated as she continued to pass books. I quickly skimmed through the book to find the utter lack of defensive spells. It was all theoretical. “But you’ll be pleased to know, from now on, you’ll be following a carefully structured, Ministry-approved course of Defensive magic.” Frowning, I raised my hand. “Yes?”


“I noticed that this textbook is entirely theoretical, are we not applying the theory in a practical sense in class?” I questioned and lowered my hand as Umbridge turned to me. Through the corner of my eye, I could see that Daphne had a worried look.


Umbridge gave a small chuckle at my question. As if my question was absurd. “Well, I can’t imagine why you would need to use spells in my classroom,” she said condescendingly. No one dismisses me like that. I could play this game too. I raised my hand again, “Yes?”


“According to Article 12 section 5 of the Ministry Department of Magical Education guidelines, Hogwarts classes are required, if able, to provide a time in class for practice.” I quoted from said guidelines. I knew that if I used the Ministry’s own department against her, she might budge and not ruin this class entirely. Though the book in front of me was close to doing that. There were a couple of snickers and quiet whispers around the room after I said that. Ron had made a comment, but I chose to ignore it.


She paused looking a little flustered. She started to move towards me and carefully said, “well Miss-”, “Granger”, “Granger, the guidelines have been updated recently to reflect a more safe environment for students.” She was lying, but that did not mean it would not become true. Knowing how close she was to the Minister, we could see a change very soon. Especially since I embarrassed her. Again. Not that she knows about the first time.


“My apologies then. I was going based off of the previous guidelines,” I responded, trying to deescalate the situation. I didn’t need her to single me out. Give her a bit more control and she believes she has it all.


Another paused, then Umbridge gave a sickening smile and said, “no worry dearie . Your information is merely... outdated . I’ll be sure you hand you a new copy.” The illusion of control. A powerful way to manipulate the simple minded. Though her calling me dearie sent a cold shiver down my spine. I never wanted to hear that again.


She moved to the front and surveyed the room. “As such, you will be learning about defensive spells in that secure, risk free environment,” Umbridge continued to explain to us as five year old's. Her tone no longer flustered and embarrassed, but now condescending.


Harry immediately piped up, “well what use is that if we’re gonna be attacked. It won’t be risk fr-”


“Students will raise their hands before they speak in my class,” Umbridge snapped, turning toward her podium with a stride. Looking at the boys, I saw Ron roll his eyes while Harry stared in disbelief. “As I said to Miss Granger, it is the view of the Ministry that a theoretical knowledge will be sufficient to get you through your examinations, which after all, is what school is all about.”


“And how's theory supposed to prepare us for what is out there.” Harry snapped back at Umbridge. If he didn’t calm down, he was going to be in trouble. Especially with Umbridge. I had no way to calm him down without interrupting this argument. 


“There is nothing out there dear. Who do you imagine wants to attack Children like yourself?” Umbridge quipped back. 


“Oh I don’t know, maybe Lord Voldemort.” As Harry finished, several students started whispering. I felt Daphne’s hand reach for mine. I almost missed her doing it. Letting her grab my hand, I surveyed the room. Everyone was just as tense as she was. I was not sure if this was due to the Dark Lord’s name being said or because of the tenseness in the air. Everyone in this room had been affected by Lord Voldemort in some way. Mentioning his name brought those memories or losses to the forefront. 


Umbridge scanned the room and made an apprehensive smile and lowered her voice, “let me make this...quite plain.” She walked down the aisle between Harry and myself with her hands out in an attempt to assure us. “You have been told… that a certain dark wizard … is at large once again. This. Is. A. Lie,” she declared.


“It’s not a lie! I saw him! I fought-”


“Detention Mr. Potter!” Umbridge yelled. Turning and striding back towards the front as she said it. Anyone could have seen this coming. Once this argument started, I knew he was going to be in trouble. Detention with the pink toad. 


“So according to you, Cedric Diggory dropped dead of his own accord!” Harry continued to argue.


Umbridge turned around and said, “Cedric Diggory, his death, was a tragic accident-”


“It was murder! Voldemort killed him! You must know that-”


“ENOUGH!” Umbridge screamed. Both arms snapping down angrily. Several students flinched, including Daphne. Squeezing my hand in reassurance, I glanced over to Harry. He stared wide-eye at Umbridge, realizing he pushed too far. “Enough. See me later, Mister Potter. My office,” she said, the irritating smile she gave to the class, ending with her annoying bubbly giggle. It was that moment, I knew. I knew this year was going to be hell. All because of one teacher. I really hated her.

Chapter Text

If the first week of fifth year was any prelude to the rest of the year, it was going to be horrible. After the first class of DADA, I noticed Umbridge hovering about more. Like she was watching the school for someone to step outside of what she thought as proper. It was grating on my nerves and I can’t imagine what Harry was going through. Dumbledore must also be under immense pressure from the Ministry as well. They were the main focus of the Ministry over the Summer break. As long as Umbridge doesn’t know I was the brains behind the defense case for Harry, I can keep her off my back.


Might be cruel of me to say that, but I knew my place in the magical world. I was a muggleborn. I was already looked down upon by a good portion of society by being born from non magical parents. Add being gay in a world that was behind in terms of progression compared to the non magical world. Umbridge was known for her crusade against werewolves, as stupid as it was, but it also extended to muggleborn to a degree. Harry at least was a halfblood and straight. I think. Might need to ask him about that. That aside, what he would receive pales in comparison to what would happen to me.


Walking down to the dungeons for the first potions class of year, I started to feel that same cold sensation I felt at the Black family house. I have started to associate that feeling as dark magic. The more I delve into the books from the Black library, the more they describe the cold sensation. It made me wonder if anyone at the school knew that there was dark magic permeating the air in the dungeons. The Chamber of Secrets must be thick of it, considering there’s a dead Basilisk laying on the chamber’s floor. I would have to ask Harry if there was a way down there. Salazar Slytherin must have kept his writings and other artifacts in his chamber. 


Curbing my now growing hunger for ancient knowledge, I opened the door into the Potions classroom. I hoped to see Professor Snape prior to class. He had a specific requirement to meet for NEWTs and I wanted to surpass them. In our year, possibly the entire school, I was the only person outside of Slytherin that Professor Snape treated with respect. Many students considered me a potion’s prodigy. Potions just came easy to me. Potions had a certain.. feel, to it. While learning, you are taught to use precise measurements. But that was farther from the truth than you would think. Potions was more about experimenting with components that could make the potion more effective. In order to get to that stage, you have to understand how the ingredients interact with each other. It was sort of like cooking. Once you knew that, the world of potions opened up to you.


It was the second semester of first year when I started to experiment with ingredients. Professor Snape immediately noticed me attempting to cut the brewing process of the Sleeping Draught in half by increasing the Flobberworm mucus and reducing the amount of lavender. He was about to reprimand me until he noticed that the draught was almost done. Since then he has been cordial with me. I continued to experiment with the potions, even if I have never brewed it before. Each time it provided a stronger and more effective potion than normal. While he doesn’t give me praise in class, he does outside of class. I knew that he wanted to keep a certain.. image . It was an easy enough request to keep. He often gave me tips and ideas. NEWT level Potions was a course I was looking forward to next year.


Potions was not the only course I excelled at beyond anyone else in Hogwarts. Transfiguration was the other class that I went far beyond what was taught. Turning a matchstick to a needle on my first try should have been the first clue. Yet, year after year, I was always the first one to understand and transfigure our assignment. During third year, I became interested in becoming an Animagus. Professor McGonagall told me that I was possibly the most qualified to become one, but I would have to wait till the second term of fifth year or sixth year. Considering the Ministry is interfering this year, it was probably going to happen next year.


Taking the seat next to my cauldron, I opened my Potions book and skimmed over the book. The Ravenclaws shared Potions with the Hufflepuffs. This has never changed since first year, making me wonder if it was done purposely. The Gryffindors were always with the Slytherins. With a Professor who is the head of house for one, and a massive grudge against the other. That aside, Susan Bones has been my potion partner since first year. She was a kind girl who always found my potion experimenting entertaining to watch. I have1 offered to show her, but she declined on numerous occasions. Claiming that potions just wasn’t for her. 


My classmates slowly started to fill up the classroom with chatter. As everyone settled into their seats and prepared for class, Professor Snape swept into the classroom. Everyone stilled as they waited for him to speak. He moved behind his desk without looking at the class. Staring down, gives a very subtle grunt. As if dreading what he has to say next. “As a reminder, next June you will be sitting an important examination. During which you will prove how much you have learned about the composition and use of magical Potions.” Turning his gaze up to the class, he continued, ”I have also been informed that fifth year will be undergoing a… special request made by the Ministry of Magic. In addition to preparing you for your OWLs, we will also be producing the Heritage potion.”


That made everyone whisper. It seemed that Umbridge’s fingers had already started to dig into Hogwarts. There could only be one reason why we were now required to make this potion. To find out who has… pure blood. I could already taste the bile rise from my throat. Cataloguing who had what type of blood was just a step closer to controlling the population. My grimace was shared among many in the classroom. To give credit to Professor Snape, he seemed equally disgusted by the idea. Though I think his disgust is because he was forced to do this, not the actual act itself. “While I doubt many of you will find anything… unique about yourself. It is now required..” Shaking his head, he turned to the chalkboard, waved his wand and the chalk started to write on the board. The steps and ingredients needed for this asinine potion. 


I could feel him glaring at the chalkboard. Turning around, Professor Snape deadpanned, ”this potion will take a month for us to brew, outside our normal schedule. As such, we will begin immediately to get the first portion of the potion completed.” As he finished, everyone got up to get their ingredients in an orderly fashion. I had heard tales from the boys that the Gryffindors and Slytherins were complete chaos when getting ingredients. The look of surprise when I described what happened in my Potions class was priceless. They always complained about it, even though I guessed they were sometimes the cause of it. Especially Ron. As I made my way to the cupboard, I glanced at Professor Snape. I found him staring back at me. Once he noticed that I was staring back, he shook his head. It took me a moment to realize he probably meant for me to experiment with this potion. Not that I would. I would rather take as long as I can with this heinous potion. Nodding my head once, I didn’t wait for him to respond and grabbed my ingredients. 


Susan Bones joined me on our way back to our desk. Leaning into me, she whispered, “I can’t believe they are making us brew this potion. My Auntie told me that they only require these potions if there was a question of bloodlines and legitimate heirs.”


What she said was true, that was the original intent of the potion. But like anything else, it can be used for other reasons. Magic was one of the biggest ones among them. You could use it for good or evil. That doesn’t make it inherently one or the other. Continuing towards our desk, I whispered back, “Your Aunt’s right. The problem is that just like anything else in the world, its intended use can be twisted for another's gain. This is just another ploy made by the pink toad.”


“Pink..toad?” she asked bewildered. 


“Our lovely new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor..”


“OH! Wait… seriously? This was done by her?” she questioned.


“Yup,” I said popping the p. “Her arrival is not a chance. My assumption is that she is here to monitor and possibly disrupt anything that the Ministry doesn’t like. She is also well known to be a purist.”


I set the ingredients on the desk. Slowly getting started on the heritage potion, I continued, ”that leaves a lot up to debate on what the Ministry doesn’t like. Since the Triwizard Tournament, there has been a lot of tension between Dumbledore and the Minister. This extended towards Harry Potter. The hearing over the break was a disgrace to the Ministry and they want to save face and prove that they are in the right.”


Revelation showed on her face as she started to work on the potion as well. Biting her lip, she replied, “that makes a lot of sense. It explains a lot of what my Auntie has mentioned ever since she was fired.”


She was not wrong, Amelia Bones firing was all because Minister Fudge looked badly and blamed it on her. Him existing made him look badly. He was a greedy corrupt politician who only cared to get re-elected. The return of Lord Voldemort caused fear into the people and hurt his image. So he must deny it, or else he looks incompentant, which he was, and would not be re-elected.


Finishing that train of thought, I proceeded to work on the potion. I was looking forward to meeting up with Harry and Ron later. It wouldn’t be as long as we would like since he has his final detention with the bane of this year’s existence in Hogwarts.



Quickly finishing my dinner, which usually included some fish, I headed out towards the fountain courtyard. It was an open place that we chose as our meeting point early in our time at Hogwarts. A common place where the houses could meet and mingle outside of the Great Hall and classrooms. It dawned on me that the entire school was designed to separate the houses. There were very little common areas for all houses. Sure there were empty classrooms, which was where we normally go, but there were no designated areas besides the courtyards. It made me question if it has always been this way. Were the founders as split apart as their houses are now? Or were they close? Did the students back then do the same as well? All these questions have no answers to be found. There was only speculation on the founders. While their accomplishments are well known, there was very little known about that time period. There were still debates on the true feelings that Salazar Slytherin had towards muggleborn.


Hearing footsteps approaching pulled my attention to my friends. Harry and Ron waved their hands as they saw me on one of the outer benches of the courtyard. Waving back, I picked up my beaded bag and placed it into my pocket. As they got closer, I noticed that Harry was subtly hiding his right hand. Furrowing my brow, I asked, “Hey guys. So… Harry, is there a reason why you are hiding your right hand?”


Harry looking sheepishly, replied, “Hey Hermione. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice. I know how you get about stu-”


I didn’t let him finish as I grabbed his hand. Ron yelped and jumped a little at my quick movement. Taking a look at the top of Harry’s hand revealed gnarled nasty cuts on top. Investigating closer revealed ‘I must not tell lies’ written. Quickly snapping my head to Harry and then around the courtyard, I yanked him towards one of the empty classrooms.


“Oi! Hermione! Where are you going?” Ron yelled while trying to keep up with us.


“Sit.” I said leaving no option for debate once we were inside the classroom. Harry quickly sat in the chair I pointed at. Pulling out my beaded bag, I rummaged for the specific items to help Harry. Once Ron caught up to us, I responded to his earlier question, ”away from prying eyes. I want to treat Harry, and I don’t want anyone to see. Especially Umbridge.” Pulling out the small jar of Murtlap essence that I kept on me. Unscrewing the jar, I scooped a dollop of the essence and started messaging it into Harry’s hand. With one hand massaging the murtlap into his hand, I used my other hand to delve through my bag, looking for the fluxweed. I stopped massaging his hand and grabbed a leaf from the fluxweed and started to rub it onto the cuts. ”Continue to rub the fluxweed on your hand. I need to get some bandages out.” Not looking to see if he was following the order, I opened the bag a bit more dug with both of my hands for the bandages. Chastising myself for not keeping it in order, I pulled the bandages out.


Ron gaped at me as I was applying medical attention to Harry. Finally picking his jaw off the floor, he said, ”uh wow. I have never seen you this.. fixated on something like healing.”


Continuing to bandage Harry’s hand, I tersely responded,” I always have. Healing has always been one of those branches that I enjoy immensely. Not only that, Ronald, Harry is obviously in pain.” Turning my gaze back to Harry, I noticed that he looked more tired than usual. Shelving that thought for later, I directed my next question to him. ”Umbridge?”


Harry started to shake a bit in the chair. He gulped a little and then replied, “yeah..”


Shaking my head and sighing. Of course it was her. There was no one else who it could be. What could have caused this. If it was just simple cuts, I would think it was a whip or knife. The writing itself looks like it’s Harry’s handwriting. With the recent addition of the heritage potion and now this, I had a feeling I knew what it was. Blood quills were required for legal documentation. While they usually only cause a small tingle, they also are only used for a signature. If Harry had to continually write the same statement, it could cause this. “Bloody hell, alright. I hate Umbridge and it’s only been a week. Alright, keep that bandage on until you have to go to detention. So she doesn’t notice that you’re getting help. I am going to leave you my murtlap and some fluxweed leaves. Apply them immediately after the detention and in the morning or whatever time you bath. It should clear up by Monday.”


Inspecting his hand, he glanced up smiling, ”thanks ‘mione!”


“Your welcome.. prat. What were you thinking instigating her?” I questioned him. It was his fault that he got detention in the first place. He could have avoided it, but being the hothead that he was, it was sadly unavoidable.


“I wasn’t going to just let her talk down to us and say that we had no reason to use spells!”


“Yeah Hermione. How were we supposed to be quiet about that. You-know-who is out there and here we are having Defence Against the Dark Arts with no practice in class,” Ron added.


“If you didn’t notice, I didn’t provoke her while I made her look like a bloody idiot.”


Ron looked confused while Harry seemed to simmer a bit. Ron looked at Harry before he asked, “what do you mean?”


“The part about courses requiring a practical portion of the class? That was true. She actually handed me the new guidelines.” I answered as I grabbed my bag and pulled out the book Umbridge handed me earlier in the day. Showing the book, specifically the date it was printed. “As you can see it was printed yesterday. The copy I had previously was printed earlier this year. She had to have made Fudge force the Board of Education to print new guidelines to back her word. It makes her look weak by whatever reason she has for not wanting us to use spells.”


They both looked surprised and confused at the same time. Ron took the guidebook and tried to find the specific topic we were discussing. Having some trouble finding the specific rule and as he was about to ask, I said, ”Article 12, section 5.” he buried his head back into the book and flipped to that specific section. Ron murmured to himself before handing the book to Harry. Harry, already believing what I said, quickly read the rule and shook his head.


Handing me the book back, he said, “while that might be the case, I am not going to regret what  I said. We can’t ignore the fact that Voldemort is back.”


Releasing another sigh, I replied, “bloody Gryffindors… fine, your right on that. Though you should try and keep a low profile. Both of you. She already had a grudge against you, Harry, because of the hearing. Add this to it and you are adding more fuel to her fire.” folding my arms and leaning against the empty desk, staring at them.


They both chuckled at this. Ron was the first one to speak. “But ‘mione, as you said. We’re bloody Gryffindors. It’s what we do!” smiling at the end. 


Shaking my head I turned my focus towards Harry. He seemed more demure and quiet. Add onto the tired look he had, there was something else going on. “Are you getting enough sleep?”


Harry was startled by the question. He started to wring his hands before looking at Ron and myself. Once he got the composure, he spoke quietly, ”I’ve been getting..visions or dreams. Most of the time it's just feelings. Like anger or frustration.”


“So just some bad dreams then?” Ron asked. 


Looking unsure how to answer that question, Harry replied, “I don’t know. Maybe? It’s hard to tell. There are times I just wake up, sweating.”


They continued to go back and forth, Ron believing they are just bad dreams while Harry thought it was something else. I was leaning towards Harry and believe there was something else going on here. So I had to ask an important question, ”when did they start?”


Both immediately stopped their debate. Harry contemplated the question and replied, “the night before we boarded the Hogwarts Express.”


There had to be a correlation to timing the dreams started and why they started. Voldemort returned to full body at the end of last year. The fact that he needed Harry to create a body, no.. that’s not quite right. The blood magic book I have been reading has made mention that specific properties in blood can be carried over. Harry mentioned that when Quirrell, controlled by Voldemort, touched Harry, he burst into flames. While Harry has not talked about what happened when Voldemort was ‘resurrected’, he did have a knife cut on his hand. Voldemort needed his blood. But would that be enough to link them together to the point that there was a mental bleed over? If that was the case, then Harry really needed to see Dumbledore.


While I was contemplating this, the boys continued to stare at me, waiting for my input. It’s possible that Occulmancy might help him protect from any of that mental bleed over if that is the case. “I sort of agree with Harry on this, Ron. There is no reason why this is just a coincidence. Voldemort comes back and prior to anything related to Umbridge, yes Ron I was listening to both of you bicker over that.” I said as I prevented Ron from answering. “We have had an idea that Harry is linked to him in some manner.” Harry looked happy that I was backing his idea. What I was about to say would not though, “I think you need to tell Dumbledore about this.” And there’s the frown I was expecting. ”If what I think is happening, he will direct you to Occlumency to help. Worse case scenario, it will help you sleep.”


“I don’t know Hermione. He seemed.. distant after the hearing. He left without saying anything. He’s also got to be busy with Order business and with Umbridge here..” He petered off. After a moment of silence, he asked, “Wait, what’s Occlumency?”


“It is a way to magically close your mind. It helps organize your memories and protects you from Legilimency. Mind reading. It’s an ancient technique that has been around for a long time. It is a very interesting technique. I’ve been Occlumens since third year.” They both stared at me like owls. This happened quite often. Sighing, I added, “just think about it, will you? Especially telling Dumbledore what is going on.”


“I-I will, Hermione,” he stuttered, sounding unsure about it.


Leaving that topic aside, we caught up after a week of classes, the stresses of OWLs, and the pain in the arse that Umbridge will be. It was nice to catch up with them. Even though I was the lone Ravenclaw in the trio, we still worked well together as friends. The thought about how this school seemed to be designed to split up inter house relations, we have made it work. 

Chapter Text

The past month has been one road bump after another. Umbridge was named Hogwarts High Inquisitor . She then went on and questioned each and every teacher on their teaching methods. I heard Professor Trelawney received the worst of it. A shame. While Divinations was a sham of a course, it did not mean that she deserved any treatment that Umbridge would give. Harry lost his control yet again, earning another week of detention. He’s been raiding my Murtlap essence and Fluxweed stocks. 


Defence Against the Dark Arts was as miserable as you thought it would. Having to sit through class reading that book was agonizing. With my ability to memorize the book word for word, it was.. monotonous . Even having Daphne next to me did not sway the dull class from an equally dull person. The only solace I had in that class was the fact that everyone was equally as miserable. Even the Slytherins don’t enjoy the class, and they seem to worship the ground Umbridge walks on. Though that was not quite what they were doing. Many of them were looking to follow their families footsteps and go into the Ministry. Umbridge being the Undersecretary of the Minister is a great stepping stone towards that. That was if you took out Voldemort returning and conscripting their families again.


Something had to be done about the complete and utter lack of DADA. The thought has crossed my mind several times to make our own group for DADA. The inter house study group was meeting less and less. The frequency of the Slytherins showing up was diminishing as well. I would have liked to make that group greater than it was, but that was becoming problematic. Umbridge had taken it upon herself to interject herself occasionally in our meeting. She would show up and just watch. Then occasionally, she would prevent us from practicing magic. The fact that the study group was known to the school made it impossible to keep it from her. If I had the illusion of no consequences, I would show her a piece of my mind about ruining the group I started years ago. She was probably one step away from preventing us from meeting period.


There have been times when she has tried to issue me detention because I was out after hours. No matter how many times I told her that I was a Prefect, she would still try to give me detention. The amount of times I have been in a room with her and my Head of House is ridiculous. If I didn’t know better, it was like she didn’t like muggleborn or something. Not that I was marking that many students down during my patrols. Most have started to stay in their common rooms since Umbridge was named High Inquisitor . That still left a disgusting taste in my mouth. She does not deserve that title. 


With Umbridge’s growing presence in Hogwarts, it was harder to get some alone time with my friends, or Daphne. She made it seem like talking outside of our house was possibly an infraction towards the Ministry. I was possibly overthinking it, as I tend to. Anything outside of what she believed should be going on in Hogwarts, was how it was going to be. 


That made the choice that I was about to give Harry, more problematic. It was the middle of the week and we were going to meet up to discuss the current.. problems. I mainly wanted to talk about the idea of setting up our own group for DADA, to supplement the complete lack of learning we are achieving now. And this one will not be known by the professors, allowing us not to have Umbridge barge in on us. A place where we could practice magic that we should be learning. 


Arriving early to the classroom we met earlier in the month, allowed me to reflect what has happened so far. Besides the lack of DADA teaching, Umbridge being a pain in the arse, and removing the idea of Voldemort out there gathering his forces, the school year had been going well. That stupid heritage potion we were brewing in Potions was going slowly. Professor Snape's reluctance in brewing that potion was obvious to everyone in class. It was quite amusing to watch the closer we got to completion of the potion, how many students did not want to finish it. Sadly, we were going to finish it this Friday. After brewing it, we got to test it ourselves. How wonderful! Now everyone gets to see your parentage!


Sighing, I placed my beaded bag on the desk next to me and pulled out some homework to work on while I waited for the boys to arrive. They tended to take their time at dinner, which knowing Ron’s appetite, would take a while. It also allowed me to calm my nerves about what my plan was after I talked with the boys. 


There has been a lack of a.. discussion between Daphne and I. It confused me to no end. There are times where she would get closer, and then there are times where I am just another Ravenclaw in her year. I know that her situation is.. precarious . But I would like to know how she views me. It was slowly getting on my nerves. Should I consider us a couple? Are we just friends? It made it very hard to act around her. So my plan was to ask her on a date for Hogsmeade weekend. It would allow us time to just talk. Not having classes or Umbridge to interrupt us. I was not entirely sure how to go about it either. She was the one who asked me to the Yule Ball. I felt that I needed to be the one to initiate something this time. Especially with how little she had attempted to talk about us. 


The lack of any progress on my homework truly showed how much this had been on my mind. I didn’t want the Yule Ball to be a one time thing. I genuinely cared about Daphne, if that wasn’t obvious. I wanted there to be something between us. I know I was pining over her. There was no doubt about that. There were very few girls who got my attention as much as Daphne does. Even though she was cold to most people, she was very passionate when she wanted to be. As much as she says she’s not a warm person, she was. The amount of love she shows towards her sister shows it. No matter how annoying her sister could be. Astoria sometimes reminds me of Gabriella, Fleur’s sister. Though Astoria was more.. refined. She was still extremely energetic. I couldn’t bear the idea of both of them in a single room. 


A shiver went down my spine at the thought of that. Letting a heavy sigh leave my lips, I placed my incomplete homework back into my bag. It was at that moment I heard voices outside the door. The boys, based on the rather loud whispering that could be heard. I could faintly hear something about Umbridge. Folding my arms over my chest and leaning against the desk, I waited for them to open the door. 


Not a moment afterwards, the door opened with Harry and Ron quietly talking to each other. Once they entered the room, they ceased their argument and slightly waved. There were no smiles, not that I expected any. We were all starting to feel the stress of the year And this was only the beginning. After a moment of silence and Ron closing the door, I said, “hey guys.”


“Hey Hermione” , “Hi ‘mione” they said at the same time.


“Quite the year so far isn’t it?”


Harry rolled his eyes and Ron scoffed, “you could say that.”


After a small laugh at that, at which both of them smiled, I took stock of them. Harry still looked as tired as he previously did. I knew he didn’t go to Dumbledore to talk about his dreams. Ron doesn’t seem too bad, but I know he has been looking less.. energetic than he usually was. I have heard that Gryffindors were getting most of the scrutiny by Umbridge. I would have thought that Ron would be a bit more happy considering he made Keeper for the Gryffindor quidditch team. But I guess that can only relieve the stress a little. Not only that, they were also making the heritage potion. They were with the Slytherins, who would have no issue with the potion. “So, would it be because of Umbridge or the stupid heritage potion. Or possibly the fact that based on what the Prophet is spewing out, nothing seemed to be reported properly from the Death Eater attacks.”


They both deadpanned, “yes.”


“Thought so,” I smirked. I then let a heavy sigh release. “I wanted to run by both of you an idea I have.” At that they both groaned. Smiling that that, I continued, “with the complete and utter lack of any Defence teaching, and the fact that my own inter house study group is under Umbridge's scrutiny at the moment, I was thinking of creating a new group. One that was kept a secret from the professors.”


Harry looked thoughtful, as if he liked the idea. Ron though had different ideas, “I don’t know ‘mione. Is that really a good idea?”


“Well we have to do something! I am tired of re-reading that bloody book that I have already memorized every single word!” each word progressively getting louder, showing my frustration. “Umbridge is completely bonkers! My inter house study group has been dwindling over time because of her! She has even prevented us from practicing the very spells we learn in our other courses! That very study group that has improved many of their grades because of it! And she wants to end it!” I finished throwing up my hands and crashing them down onto the desk. If I was paying attention, I would have noticed a slight crack in the desk where my fists were.


The boys both stepped back in shock at my display. I barely noticed Ron looking about the room as Harry slowly stepped closer to me, a look of concern on his face. Once he was within arms reach of the desk, he calmly said, “calm down Hermione. We understand your frustration. But you need to calm down.” Once he noticed that my attention was on him, he copied what Ron did and looked about the room. Following his eyes, I saw something that surprised me.


There were fractals everywhere. Near them were all the discarded objects in the room, floating in the air. Each object has the same waving formation of fractals around it. What I was also noticing was that the fractals were getting clearer. I could see there were a bit of purple outlines in the parts that slowly became more depictable.


I stared at the floating objects and the fractals in disbelief. I was mesmerized by it. I tried to focus on it more, but I was jostled from my thoughts as Harry placed his hand on my shoulder. All the objects fell from the air and clattered in the room. Once the magic holding the object is released, so too do the fractals. We were completely silent afterwards. I was trying to decipher what the fractals were. It was clear now that they appeared around magic, and not only my magic. The image of the fractals appearing near Sirius’s mothers portrait came to my mind. This.. this made the need to find out what they were a priority. 


Finally turning my gaze toward Harry and Ron, I stuttered, “I-I don’t know what came over me. Th-that has never happened.” Both Harry and Ron had sincere looks on their faces. 


Ron was the first one who spoke up, “It’s alright ‘mione. We get it. You're angry about what is going on. Any of us would be in your situation” Harry nodded his head in agreement with Ron. 


“Tha-that doesn’t mean I should have lost control like that.” I stuttered again. Losing control of my magic was not something I was familiar with. It was not a feeling I wanted to continue. Something was happening and I had absolutely no clue what was going on. I was not entirely sure if it was the loss of control or the complete lack of knowledge, that was bothering me more. I tried to control my breathing to calm myself.


Once Harry noticed I had calmed down enough, he said, “just take your time. We are here for you Hermione. Why don’t you sit down for a moment.”


“Yeah, Hermione,” Ron added.


Taking his advice and sitting down in one of the chairs that my magic did not scatter across the room, I replied, “I- I know. Thank you guys.” I took a moment to center myself. I had to ask a very important question before getting back onto the topic we were on, “Did.. did any of you see any purple, or wavy haze over everything that was floating?”


The confused looks on both of their faces told me everything. They didn’t. I was the only one who saw the fractals. When both of them shook their heads, I decided not to push it further. “Nevermind then. Anyway, we cannot sit around doing nothing. This is the year we take our OWLs. We need to know how to use these spells.”


We stared at each other for a bit before Harry responded, “even if that was the case, where would we go for a secret group like this?”


Poking my brain for a moment, I knew exactly where we could do it. I found it in third year among one of my many paths to prevent seeing myself while using the Time Turner.

I was wondering back and forth along this corridor. It’s not often that I had to go to the 7th floor, but I had a peculiar situation. I had to make sure I don’t see myself. As great as the Time Turner had been, the logistics can be quite irritating. So here I was, walking back and forth waiting for class to be over. Hoping that no one would come down this hallway and see me outside of class. 


As I was pondering on a nice secluded place with a small library and a chair to sit in to wait, the tapestry that depicts Barnabas the Barmy teaching trolls ballet shifted. A door appeared in its place. Looking around for anyone in the hallway, I decided to open the mysterious door. The interior of the room was exactly as I imagined. It was a small room with a library and a chair next to a fireplace. Checking the time, I decided to peruse the books and sit in the chair.

Since then I had found out that the room, named the Come and Go Room, changes based on the person's desire. I had done several tests where the room changed sizes and seemed to get the items the person wanted. I had gone there on occasions when I just needed to be alone without the chance of anyone interrupting me, like the library. It would be the perfect place to have this secret group. “Well there is a room on the 7th floor. The Come and Go Room.”


Ron said, “the what?” sounding confused.


“The Come and Go Room. It’s a room that is hidden behind the Barnabas tapestry. I found it in third year. It's a room that changes based on a person’s needs. I have used it a couple of times through the years. As far as I can tell, the room hides itself when someone is inside. It can serve our needs for this group,” I explained.


“Why did you never tell us about this Hermione?” said Harry, sounding a bit miffed. I could tell he wasn’t happy hearing that I never told him about the room. I  couldn’t blame him. We were best friends and I kept something like this from him. 


Sighing in response, I said, “it sort of became a place of.. Refuge for me. A place where I could just be alone.” I was trying not to look into his eyes. I truly did not mean to hide this from them. There was just something about the Room that made me calm. It felt.. familiar. “If it’s worth anything, I’m sorry. I really.. I really didn’t mean to hide this from you two.” I ended sheepishly while scratching the back of my head.


Harry still looked a bit angry at me, but I could tell he was cooling down. Ron was standing by the side, looking between us. Ron was the first one to speak, “while Hermione never told us, Harry, she told us now. That’s what matters.” he finished by placing a hand on his shoulder, as an attempt to calm him.


Harry eventually calmed enough to say, “be that as it may, I don’t know if I want to do this. Umbridge has already been breathing down my neck. Add on a secret organization and I am not sure if I could handle the backlash.”


“Well, think about it at least. I don’t want to do this on my own. It would not be like the study group. This would purely be just for Defence Against the Dark Arts.” Harry was silent for a bit. Contemplating on what I said. Deciding it was time to change the topic, we moved onto other problems that are going on. Like Voldemort and his Death Eaters.


A little while later, I looked at the clock on the wall and realized it was the perfect time to leave to talk to Daphne. Late enough that there were no classes, but not late enough to break curfew. I also knew where she would be at this time. The library. Grabbing my beaded bag and placing it in my pocket I said to the boys, “well I need to get going. I need to go find someone.” 


“Oh and who would this someone be?” Harry said with a slight smile. He was able to fully calm down after we changed topics. It was surprising how some things he was able to pick up. Especially with how clueless he could be about his own situations. 


Smirking back, I said, “well that would be telling, now wouldn’t it?”


Ron being completely clueless said, “uh what?”


“Don’t worry about it Ron,” I said as I went to open the door. 


As I turned the knob, Harry quietly said, “I’ll think about it.”


Looking over my shoulder, I gave him a small smile. Once I saw him return the smile, I opened the door and made my way towards the library. It allowed me to try and figure out what I wanted to say to Daphne. My general game plan was just to ask her out on a date. The earlier panic I had at the loss of magic control was gone. In its stead was anxiety. It was a daunting task I had ahead of me. 


While I thought of multiple scenarios about how this could go, I had arrived at the library without noticing. Waving my hand at Madam Pince as I went by her, I went to Daphne’s secret spot. It was tucked away in one of the corners on the upper floor. It was in a place of the library that seldom few went to. 


Once I got close I peeked around the shelves, peering at Daphne. She was sitting by herself in the corner chair. She looked regal. Book in hand while the other had her elbow on the armchair. Her left leg was crossed over her right. In essence, she looked beautiful. I could see those bright blue eyes scanning the page of the book. Occasionally her tongue would poke out of her mouth. If we were not in Hogwarts, I would expect her to have a glass of wine next to her. I had to clamp down on the rising heat slowing encompassing me.


Releasing my breath quietly, I mustered some courage and walked around the shelf as if I wasn’t already there. “Hey Daphne.”


Without missing a single step, she glanced up from her book and said, “Hi Hermione. I was wondering when you were going to come out from hiding.”


Embarrassment filled me immediately as she said that. I’m not surprised that I was not as quiet as I thought I was, nor how long I was there. While I tried to quell the heat creeping up my face, she had moved the book to the table next to her and was looking at me patiently, with her knowing smirk. “Well? I have a feeling you came here for a reason.”


Watching every single scenario you had go flying through your brain and out the window was quite the experience. She was giving me a curious look, with her signature smirk. She knew she was controlling this discussion, and it was one I had no problem allowing her to have. Shaking several other thoughts and images from my head, I asked, “would you go on a date with me?”


She tilted her head in confusion and replied, “Uh, what? Could you say that a bit slower?”


I said it too fast. Damn my nerves. Trying to calm them as quickly as possible, I asked again, hopefully more slowly, “Would you go on a date with me? This weekend for Hogsmeade?”


She considered my question. Looking more closely at her, I could tell she was debating the question to herself. While she appeared calm, I could tell in her eyes that she was conflicted. After what felt like an hour, but could not have been more than a minute I was feeling dejected at the lack of response. Releasing a sigh and slowly turning around, I said, “I-I’m sorry I will just leave y-”




“uh- what?”


“Yes. I said yes you over analyzing raven,” she said smiling at me. I could still hear a bit of hesitation in her voice.


My brain was going into overdrive. She said yes. I’m not going to lie, I did not expect that. Releasing a small cough I said, “great! Great. Uh great. So.. see you by the gates on Saturday?”


“You do know we have Runes together tomorrow right?” she said, sounding amused at my stumbling. 


“Right! See you tomorrow!” I said possibly too loud, hopeful that Madam Pince did not hear me. As I started to turn around I saw her pick her book up and shake her head with a small laughter. It was a beautiful laugh. Glancing over my shoulder I could see she had already returned to her book, but I saw she was entirely focused on me. Making sure not to make a fool of myself, I swiveled my head and left the library with a pep in my step. 

Chapter Text

The early morning sunshine woke me up on Friday morning. I could hear the gentle vibrations of Crookshanks purring right beside my head. The big fluff ball was still soundly sleeping without a care in the world. I spoiled the cat way too much. Rubbing my bleary eyes I slowly got up from my bed. I started to categorize what I needed for the day. Looking about the room, I realized just how much of a mess I left it in. Making sure I had all my supplies for the day was going to be a pain. I was going to meet with Harry, Ron, and Ginny after dinner. But I had to make it through Potions.


This was possibly the one time I’m not happy to be going to Potions. We were finally finishing the heritage potion today. The feeling of dread crept up into me. I had no reason to have this feeling. All I was going to see was my non magical family appear on the paper. 


It was not a good start to the day. I had books and parchment everywhere. I am normally tidy, especially with books. After Wednesday’s incident, I was scouring the books for any sort of answer. It was a long shot, but I hoped it would explain any reason for the fractals. It made me very happy to be Prefect. I had a room all to myself. It was not that I had a problem with the other girls of my year, I just happen to like my privacy. Especially since I had started to read those books from the Black library. 


That said, I found nothing on the fractals in any of those books. I even went into the restricted section of the library to see if there was documentation. It was frustrating that there was nothing on a phenomenon like this. I would have thought someone throughout history would experience it. But it seemed that I might be the only one.  I had also been going around inviting fellow students who were tired of Umbridge to join the DADA group. Add on the growing pressure of OWLs, I had been running ragged. I had very little time to myself.


Moving towards the bathroom I looked at myself in the mirror and the bags under my eyes showed the late hours of researching and homework that my past couple of days have been. Splashing some cold water into my face to wake up a bit, I slowly got ready for the day.

As I was slowly eating my usual breakfast, I both heard and felt a thump next to me. Glancing out of the side of my eyes, I saw Ginny sitting next to me with a smug smile. Her left arm was resting on the table and she was turned towards me. As if she was waiting for me to say something.


After a long period of staring at each other she broke the silence, “so… You know that tomorrow is Hogsmeade?”


“Yes Ginny, I‘m very aware of Hogsmeade being tomorrow,” I said tiredly. Having another piece of fruit, I debated on saying something about the meeting tomorrow, but I figured it would be better to be quiet. You never know when the pink toad will come in. 


“So are you doing anything else besides you know what?” She asked.


“Ginny, as lovely as you are, I know you're straight. Especially since you have been eyeing Harry for the past couple of years. So I’m afraid it’s a no for a date,” I joked with a slight smirk. 


“We-well that was not- I mean, ” she sputtered. I knew she was trying to pry for more information. I figured it would be more fun to turn this back on her. She was actually starting to blush. It’s amazing how blind Harry was when Ginny was usually close to him and quite obvious. Eventually she slammed her hands on the table and frustratingly said, “that’s not what I meant! Did you ask her?”


I Mulled over the question on whether I should tell her not. She was going to find out one or another. I was meeting Daphne by the gate. Deciding that my teasing is over for now, I replied, “I did.”


“About bloody time! The way you both talk around each other was, I was wondering if either of you would budge!”


I stared at her slowly blinking my eyes. Were we that obvious? Was it just to Ginny who knew about us? Or would others. Various scenarios passed through my head before I focused myself back on Ginny. Taking a slow breath, I said, “yes, well, it finally happened. And no, I am not telling you where we are going. I don’t need my friends tailing after me while I am on a date.”


She frowned in response. “Aww man! You ruin all the fun.” While she sounded grumpy, I could see the mischievous in her eyes. It was a good thing I made sure to get a private area. They all probably thought I was going to take her to Madam Puddifoot’s Tea shop. That was the most obvious place to take her. It reminded me way too much of Umbridge, so it was a definite no. I instead figured a private area in the Three Broomsticks Inn would be better. I would have preferred Hogs Head, as it is the most private but it was definitely not the place to have a date. It was also where the first DADA group meeting was going to take place. I’d rather have the two events separated. 


As I was finishing my breakfast, I replied, “Why don’t you continue to drool over the Boy-Who-Lived, I’m sure he will eventually notice.”


She laughed at that, though the blush she had before was slowly creeping up her face. “Yeah well, I don’t do that. So let’s not talk about that” She said trying to change topics. 


“Of course,” I responded with another smirk.


We talked about other school related problems. Mainly Umbridge. It seemed that she was also a pain for other years. We just got the most of it, which was easily explained. She asked a couple of questions about the group before her attention was pulled by Luna who showed up to breakfast a little late. While they chatted, I tried to do some of my homework. The very same homework I had pushed aside to research.


Ginny eventually got up and went back to the Gryffindor table. Probably to drool more. That made me chuckle a little. I gathered my supplies and left the Great Hall. As I was leaving the Great Hall, I passed by Umbridge. She had a smug look on her face while looking at me. As much as I wanted to wipe that look off her face, I kept a calm demeanour as I passed her. I didn’t need her on my arse like Harry. Once she was out of ear shot, I let out a breath that I did not know I was holding. 



The day had come where we would finish the heritage potion. To complete the brewing would take the entire class today. Which I am sure irritated Professor Snape to no ends. The dread I was feeling in the morning was growing and I could not stop it. There was nothing any of us could do about it. What bothered me the most was that I had no reason to be feeling this way.


As I opened the door, I noticed that Professor Snape was already in the classroom, prepping the class for the potion. At the sounds of the door opening, he glanced up at me. We both nodded solemnly at each other. He turned towards the chalkboard, to write out the instructions while I went to my desk to get ready to finish the potion. The rest of my classmates slowly started to arrive. Each had the same forlorn look. 


Eventually we started to get to work on the potion. It was slow going, a lot of precise measurements and applications. Both Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff were eerily quiet besides the sound of the stirring, cutting, and the potion brewing. Professor Snape was going around the class, making sure no one was making a mistake.


A couple of hours later and we were finished. I stoppered the gray potion to let it sit for a moment. The potion needed to sit for a moment before it can be used for its final application. I was the first one to complete the potion, as usual. Susan was still busy working on the more focused portion of the brew. Professor Snape came by me and handed me the special parchment for the heritage potion. While we only made a simple version of the heritage potion, it could be more advanced. It has the ability of showing entire bloodlines for several generations. The potion we created will only show the current family. Oh but let’s not forget that either version shows your status. 


Once the potion was sufficiently ready, I unstoppered it and took my knife. All the dread and foreboding feeling that I have felt for the past week collided. I had to force myself to poke my finger with the knife. I was momentarily mesmerized by my blood, forgetting the dread. I was tempted to experiment with my blood like the dark book showed, but thought better of it. Not the time or place to try that. I allow the blood to be dropped into the potion. Once the potion turned a shimmering red, I knew it was ready. Very carefully I poured the potion onto the page.

The blood slowly absorbed into the parchment and shimmering golden letters started to appear. What confused me was that more and more letters started to appear, fighting each other over what would show first. They started to overlap each other and were unreadable. After a minute, it finally settled down. What showed up would change my life forever. It was not what I expected at all. The reason behind the dread feeling became clear.

Morgana Pendragon


Daughter of

Anslem Rolfe


Ygraine de Bois

Adopted by Uther Pendragon


Hermione Jean Granger


Daughter of

Dan Oliver Granger


Emma Louise Granger nee Marshall

There were no words I could say. This had to be wrong, the potion must have been wrong. That had to be another Morgana. Not The Morgan le Fay . The most well known dark witch known to the magical world. It made no sense. I know my parents had me, the heritage potion said as much. 


Through all my denying, I was scrunching the parchment and it was slowly starting to make my classmates notice. Quickly calming myself and releasing the paper, I placed it face down on the desk. I had to calm my nerves. I could easily give away that something was wrong. While that was true, I didn’t need everyone to know about this. If there was any shred of truth to this. Well, there were a lot of people who hated Morgana. Even if that centuries ago. There was a reason why no one in the magical world named children Morgana.


Raising my hand to catch Professor Snape’s attention, I needed to tell him. There was no way I couldn’t. He stopped momentarily and and the barest look of confusion. He made his way to me and said, “Yes, Miss Granger?”


Gulping, I responded, “Th-there was a problem with my potion.” I handed the parchment to him in a way that no one else but him would see. As he looked at the paper, I saw for the first time, his eyes bug out. I would have laughed, if not given the circumstances. 


He cleared his throat and looked about the room. He then said, “it looks like your potion was improperly made. Stay after class.” If I was paying attention, I would have noticed the slight kindness in his voice. But instead I only heard the harsh coldness he normally gives.


“Ye-yes Professor,” I managed to stutter out a response. I was too shaken up by what I saw. That stupid potion claimed that I am Morgana. 


What threw me off was the last name Pendragon. There were no records of her being a Pendragon. In truth, all records of her were vague and seemed, misguiding. They mainly refer to her as Morgan le Fay. It was common knowledge that she and Merlin were rivals, enemies. She hated her half-brother Arthur. In truth, that should make her a Pendragon, but never recorded. It baffled me. It made me want to look into that. Even more things to look into, great.

I was so deep into my thoughts that I didn’t realize that everyone was already packing up and leaving the classroom. I sat there and slowly started to gather my stuff together while waiting for everyone to leave. Once the door closed, Professor Snape went to the cabinet of completed potions. Ones made by him for comparison. He set the potion on his desk and grabbed another piece of parchment. He looked up to me and solemnly said, “your potion was perfect, they always are, but I have to make sure. What was on there was.. disturbing . As I am sure you’re aware.”


Nodding my head in response I walked slowly towards his desk. He unstoppered the potion and handed out the knife. Hesitating, I grabbed the knife and poke a different finger. Hovering my finger over the opening, I let a drop of blood drop into the potion. The potion slowly turned into the same shimmering red as my potion did. He took the potion and swirled it a couple of times. Then he slowly poured the potion onto the parchment. 


The results on the parchment were an exact match to what was on mine. Nervous, I started to wring my hands unconsciously. I didn’t make a mistake. The slight elation I felt that my perfect brewing record was intact, but it came at the price of the truth. Somehow I was Morgana Pendragon. 


If the solemn look he gave me previously was bad, it was worse now. There was sadness in his eyes. I was shocked. I have seen more emotion from Professor Snape today than I have seen in years. The look was quickly replaced with his usual calm look. “You mustn’t tell anyone about this. For your safety, you must. Not. Tell. Anyone. I-” he paused. Running his hand through his hair. He took my heritage parchment and folded it. “I need to speak to the headmaster immediately.” He quickly stood and was moving out of the classroom.


The revelation still shook me. I had hoped that I was wrong, that my potion was incorrect. Slowing coming out of my shock I grabbed my supplies and slowly made my way out of the classroom. One thought was running through my mind, I needed to look into this. Now. The good thing was that I had a free period and lunch. Plenty of time to start looking into this.


The shock of the discovery had slowly ebbed away and I was walking with purpose. There had to be some sort of explanation in one of those books about what is happening. I would probably go to the library and look into her history. I needed to know more. My curiosity of my heritage was driving me forward. It sparked something in me, even though it all started because of Umbridge.


I stopped mid stride in the hallway. Umbridge. She made us brew this potion to document all the muggleborn in the school. Or at least that is what I was assuming was the reason for it. I had thought that Professor Snape wanted me to remain quiet about it because Morgana was a dark figure from a dark past. No, it was truly because of Umbridge. She could not find out. Ever. I shuddered at the possibilities of what she could do if she found out. 


Quickly giving the answer to the riddle to the entrance of the Ravenclaw house, I headed straight up to my room. I started to rummage through all the books that were scattered across the floor. Frustrated with my utter lack of tidiness for the past couple of days, I started to skim through the books. It was during the third book that I made a realization. These are dark magic books. Morgana was a dark witch. I immediately shoved the book away from me like it was cursed. I started to hyperventilate. Panic started to invade my thoughts. Realization that I was Morgana and was looking into dark magic dawned on me. Was I going down the same road that Morgana, who was supposedly me? Was I going to be evil? Many thought similar to this were bouncing around my head over and over again.


If it wasn’t for Crookshanks, I’m not sure how long I would have been on my bed curled up with my arms around my knees. He had started to purr and rub against me. Pulling me from my existential crisis. Once I had been able to focus, I felt exhausted, to put it simply. I slowly pat him and he curled closer into me. Comforting me in my time of need. My sniffles and the loud purring from Crookshanks was all that filled my ears. I was eventually able to slowly get up and made my way to the bathroom. I splashed cold water onto my face to get rid of the tears and snot off my face. Glancing up into the mirror, all I could focus on was my royal purple eyes.


Her eyes. It had to be. My parents had to be right. I was born with them, it wasn’t just a genetic variance that I had thought they were. Closing my eyes, I focused on my breathing before I started panicking again. As I left the bathroom after making sure I looked somewhat presentable, I looked at the time. I had missed lunch and my stomach made itself known at that moment. I had very little time to get to my next class and I was very close to skipping. Making up my mind, I grabbed my bag and left my room. I couldn’t act like there was anything wrong. I had already skipped lunch, I couldn’t add more to it. It would be suspicious. I just had to get through the day and I would be able to see my friends outside of a classroom again.

Dinner was a welcome sight. It was not often I skipped over a meal, but when I do, I usually had snacks to hold me over. This was obviously a different situation. I was still mentally exhausted from earlier and was barely able to focus throughout the day. I would normally try and savor the flavor of the fish and the sides, but everything I ate was bland. Which annoyed me. My mind was excited to eat something, but my body decided otherwise. Instead, I wanted to eat it quickly and go to the abandoned classroom to meet the boys and Ginny. 


After another failed attempt to eat a mouthful of food, a hand rested itself on my left arm. Looking up at the hand, I saw Luna giving a small smile at me. I tried to return it but I didn’t have it in me. She tilted her head and her smile dropped. She looked directly into my eyes and I felt like I couldn’t look anywhere else but right back at her. Eventually she lifted her hand and said, “the answers are slowly coming together, aren’t they?”


I had no response and just blinked back at her. How could she have known? Only Professor Snape, the Headmaster, and myself should know. It left more questions than it did answer. Before I could verbally ask how she knew, she blinked her eyes several times before giving a large smile. She then continued on as if she didn’t say the previous question, “if you’re not able to enjoy the food, you should leave some of it out for the gulping plimpies. I have heard they enjoy rich food like fish.”


Now that's the Luna I know. I was not sure what happened earlier, but I was not in the right frame of mind to unravel it. Deciding that I really couldn’t eat more, I pushed my plate back. Glancing back at Luna, I replied, “thanks, Luna. I needed that. I have been having a rough day.”


“No worries Hermione!” and she went back to eating her own meal. Figuring staying in the Great Hall was pointless, I grabbed my bag and left. The weather had already started to cool down in early October. Soon we would see winter set in Hogwarts. There was something magical about Hogwarts during winter. A huge castle and snow falling across the lands, what wasn’t there to like.


It didn’t take me long to get to the abandoned classroom. Harry and Ron wanted me to show them the Come and Go Room. I was hoping that Harry would agree to lead the group with me. As much as he doesn’t want to believe it, he was excellent at it. He was able to keep up with me in DADA, as long as we had a decent professor. 


That made me realize that of course a dark magic user would be good at DADA, they use dark magic! Last year we had a Death Eater as our professor and he was excellent! All I could think about was the reason I was so good at everything was because of the revelation. I started to pace back and forth in the confines of the classroom.


Before I could continue down that dark road, the door opened up. Harry, Ron, and Ginny walked into the classroom. My pacing stopped as I looked up to them. The look on their faces was the opposite of what I felt. Determination. 


“Hey Hermione!” Ginny said excitedly. Both Harry and Ron also said their hellos. 


“Hey” I said tiredly. I tried to seem more energetic, but I didn’t have it in me. All of them immediately had concerned looks.


“You ok ‘mione?” asked Ron.


Releasing a sigh, I responded, “yeah, it's.. just been a rough day. How have you guys been?” I wanted to love the topic away from me. The guilt I felt for lying to them grew, but I had no option. It was hard to not tell these three a secret and not have the entire Gryffindor house know about it. That might have been a bit harsh, but that is what it felt like sometimes. Ginny was better than the boys, but not by much.


Ron and Ginny shrugged. Harry lifted his glasses and pinched his nose. He replied, “annoyed mostly. Especially at Umbridge.”


“Oh? What has she done now?” I asked curiously.


“Unsurprisingly, she was the one who ordered Snape to make us brew that potion. She came in and collected all the students' results as ours ended.”


Ron added, “she was angry about something Snape said. Something about a failed one or the like. She left in a huff. Got a laugh out of us Gryffindors. The loss of points was worth it.”


I froze. She was collecting the results. That means she would eventually find out it was mine that was missing. I had to hope that the Headmaster had a way to prevent her from getting mine. 


My lack of response made them all worry. Harry walked up to me and put a hand on my shoulder. I nearly flinched but held it together. “Are you sure you're ok Hermione?”


I stood silent for a couple of seconds, debating on if I should tell them. Releasing another sigh, I responded, “I don’t know. I have a lot on my mind right now. Just.. I’ll be fine. Can we.. not talk about it please?”


All three of them were hesitant to respond. Harry and Ginny looked like they wanted to the most. Eventually after a long moment, they relented their curiosity. I didn’t need them breathing down my neck right now. There was way too much on my mind. 


Harry eventually said, “I want to do it Hermione.”


“Uh? What?” I questioned.


“I want to help you lead the DADA group.”


“Oh! Great! Good. We have the first unofficial meeting tomorrow. At the Hogs Head.”


Harry and Ron stared at me as if I grew another head. Ginny on the other hand was giggling. She already knew about the meeting. Ron asked, “wait what? You already got people to sign up?”


“Well of course. Enough people are annoyed with Umbridge and already know about the inter house study group and wanted to join in. Especially since this one would be a secret to Umbridge.”


The boys were dumbfounded at my forwardness of getting this started. Ginny started to cackle. I let a smile grace my lips at that. It always brought me some joy when I surprised the boys by something that was not really surprising by my standards. I needed it now considering what I have learned. 


Ron shook his head. At least he understood I was always a couple of steps ahead of them. Harry on the other hand tended to try and keep up with me. He eventually stammered a response, “Umm. Well then. What time are we doing this tomorrow?”


“Two o’clock.”


“Great!” He said with a smile. The rest of our time together was more time talking about random stuff. It allowed me to get the most pressing issue I had, away from the forefront of my mind. I was able to relax a bit. We left to go to the seventh floor so I could show them the room. We made sure to take one of the several secret passageways that the Marauders map showed us. We did want this to be a secret.


The look on their face as the tapestry disappeared and a door showed up was priceless. As we walked inside, the room displayed my usual small room with a chair next to the fireplace and a small library. We left and I changed the room to a bigger, emptier area to show them that it changed based on what the person wanted. 


After showing them the room, I ended up leaving earlier than usual due to how tired I was. Once I got to my room, I decided to tidy up my room. It was a mess and I couldn’t look through another book right now. It wasn’t until I layed down in bed and Crookshanks joined me, did I remember something very important. I had a date tomorrow. Bugger. 

Chapter Text

“Should I do this blouse, or this shirt?” I asked Crookshanks who was lounging on my bed.




“You're right, I shouldn’t go with the shirt. It’s not good enough for Daphne. Nothing is. How in the world I am going on a date with the most beautiful girl in the school!” I started to pace around my room, trying to calm my nerves. Crookshanks took that time to jump off my bed and head out of my room. How he was able to open the door was lost on me as I was too focused on my dilemma. Looking about my room, there were clothes everywhere. So much for keeping it clean. Once I woke, I immediately started to figure out what to wear for the date. 


Taking a look back at the black blouse, I set it aside as a maybe and went towards pants. Well maybe not pants, what about a skirt? I started going through my skirts. Maybe a dress?  Shite, I was not sure what I should wear. Should I be the ‘boy’ in the relationship? I had no idea how to be a lesbian. The Yule Ball was different. It was out of nowhere and all I could think about was a dress. Not how I should dress in this circumstance. Daphne was also in a dress for the Yule Ball. Should I just go with a dress then? Or at least a skirt? 


Rubbing my face in annoyance at myself, I looked at the clock. I only had an hour left to get ready and be by the gate. I had to make a choice. Frantically making that choice, I grabbed a pair of jeans and the blouse. Quickly changing, I went into the bathroom to get my hair under control and some makeup. I still wasn’t great at applying makeup, I had to get some of the girls in my dorm last year to help, but I at least knew the basics. 


After several failed attempts, I was able to get my makeup to be somewhat decent. I wished that it was better. I needed to look good for Daphne. If I wasn’t so behind as is, I might have asked for some help. I put on my coat and grabbed my bag and placed it into the pocket. I quickly double checked myself in the mirror. A small bit of eyeshadow and lip gloss. The dark eyeshadow made my royal purple eyes pop out. The anxiety of the day before was now adding to the anxiety I had for the date. How was the meeting the least problematic issue, I had no idea. Ignoring the growing pit in my stomach, I surmised that I was ready. 


Leaving my room, I hurriedly passed by several Ravenclaws who were busy reading or chatting amongst themselves. I really didn’t want to be waylaid on my way to the gate. It wouldn’t be a surprise if some of my fellow ravens asked about the DADA meeting. Under normal circumstances, I would answer those questions. There was too much on my mind. I had to somehow make it through the date and the meeting without becoming a nervous wreck. By the time I was done talking to myself about all the possibilities of what could go wrong, I was outside of the castle and halfway to the gate. 


It dawned on me how.. ironic the name of the gate is. Especially after the revelation yesterday. Merlin’s Gate. The gate that leads out towards Hogsmeade. The fact that Merlin had a gate named after him and not Morgana was not lost on me. Noticing several students walking through the gate towards Hogsmeade made me step aside to wait for Daphne. I stared at the gate, hoping it would give some sort of answer for the many questions I had. It was a fruitless endeavor, but I had to try. They were known sworn enemies. To be truthful, I would not be surprised if lightning struck me as I stood so close to the gate. Sure, it was just a gate, but this is the magical world. For all I knew, his gate was enchanted to keep me out. It was ridiculous to think about as I have walked through this gate numerous times. 


I was so lost in thought, I did not hear the footsteps behind me. It was not until hands covered my eyes and I felt a hot breath over the back of my neck. “Hey there. Guess who?” Heat engulfed my face. I knew it was Daphne. It's just that this was not something I was expecting from her. If I didn’t know her voice by heart, I would have thought it was someone playing a trick on me. This threw me for a loop and it definitely made me forget the disturbing thoughts I had before. 


“Uh- he-hey Daphne,” I stammered. She lifted her hands and I turned around. I am pretty sure my jaw was on the floor when I saw her. Even though she had a heavy coat on due to the weather, I could see a peek of what she was wearing. It looked like she wore a white button down shirt and a black skirt. Her hair had a beautiful sheen to it as it was plaited on both sides, meeting in the back somewhere. She had lipstick on as well, and it took a lot of effort for me to tear my eyes away. Looking at her eyes, I could see the amusement in them. I noticed she raked her eyes over me, and that made me fluster a bit. It seemed that I did do a good job, even though it seemed like I half arsed it.


After a moment of both of us staring at each other, she broke the silence, “So, are we going on this date, or stare at each other for the day?”


“Right! Uh, yeah.” I had no idea how to act right now. This was my first date ever. Which was weird considering that we went to the Yule Ball together. We were side by side as we walked down into Hogsmeade through the snow. I looked over to her to see her staring at me. She somehow always had a tendency to know when I was going to look at her. Just one of the many interesting facets of Daphne Greengrass. “I figured that Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Parlour was a tad obvious, so I went with a bit more privacy. Especially from my friends who would no doubt snoop around. I was able to talk to Madam Rosmerta to give us a private table. I hope that works for you?” I asked hopefully. 


Her eyes lit up in surprise. She mulled it over for a couple of seconds before nodding approvingly, “Oh how very Slytherin of you. I like it.”


“Well- I- uh. I wanted to make sure we had privacy. Umm…” I had no more words. I didn’t want to outright say that I was doing this for her since it seemed like she wanted to keep this a secret. I didn’t like it too much, but I understood it.


She stopped and gave me a sincere look and calmly said, “Hermione, I appreciate it. I really do. I know I have not been.. as open, but that is something we can discuss in a bit.” She ended that with a smile. I felt butterflies in my stomach with that smile. She not only assured me, but we will get to talk about us. It was more than I could hope for to be honest. That left a bit of a pep in our step as we made our way to Hogsmeade. All that time I was itching to hold her hand. I held myself back because I wanted to know what the outcome of our date would be. I kept glancing at her as we walked together. It was surreal, I never would have guessed that this would happen. 


Walking through Hogsmeade was always an interesting experience. Watching all the third years excited to see the village for the first time for the weekend gave me a sense of nostalgia. Now as a fifth year, it was just a village to go for dates and supplies. Though I guess it could also be a place away from Umbridge. I hope she didn’t show up. That would put a downer on so many things. 


As we approached Three Broomsticks Inn, I grabbed the door and opened it up for Daphne.  She smiled and nodded her head. I surveyed the village to make sure none of my friends were around and saw I was in the clear. They usually showed up much later in the day anyway. Once inside, I walked towards the bar where Rosmerta was. As she finished handing one of the patrons a butterbeer, she noticed me and nodded towards the side room with a big smile. Nodding back, I motioned to Daphne to follow and we went through the side door.


The private room was just that, private. It had a table with two chairs, I’m assuming Rosmerta’s doing, with a candle and flowers in the center. Though it was cliché, it was romantic. And perfect for this date. 


Daphne surprised me with pulling out my chair for me. She did this at the Yule Ball too. Smiling as I sat down, she moved over to the other side also smiling. Once we sat down, Rosmerta appeared from the door with menus in hand. It surprised me that the Inn had menus, but I was not expecting to be able to book a private room too. 


“Hello there lovelies. Here are some menus. Though I am sure you know what is on them. A round of butterbeer?” Rosmerta’s thick Scottish accent resounded in the small room. 


I looked towards Daphne and she nodded in approval. Looking back to Rosmerta, I responded, “Yes, please.”


“Of course, I will be right back with those beers.” 


Once she was out of the room, I turned to look at Daphne who also turned to look at me. My mouth went dry at that moment. While I had so many questions to ask her, my mind was blank at that moment. I scrambled to grab the menu and looked at it. I heard a slight giggle from across the table and the heat on my face seemed to increase somehow. Glancing up I could see her looking over the top of her menu as well. She quickly glanced back down. We played this game for a couple of minutes until Rosmerta came back with our Butterbeer and took our orders.


Then we were sitting there sipping our Butterbeer in silence. A silence I did not want, it felt awkward. The silence was slowly bringing the dread of seeing Morgana on my heritage. I had started to frigid a little, trying to focus on anything but that. I kept telling myself I was on a date with the most beautiful girl in the school. 


Taking a deep breath, I looked up to Daphne to see a slight concern on her face. It was quickly replaced with a smile. Mustering up some courage, I said, “I’m not going to lie, I have no idea what to talk about. I mean there are a lot I want to talk abo-”


“Hermione. It’s ok. I know I have been elusive since the ball.” She took a moment and sighed. If I had to guess, the look she had was one trying to figure out what words to use. “I- it had nothing to do with you Hermione.” She looked up with pure conviction. It allayed some of my fears that I only just realized I had. 


“I-good.” I paused, not sure if I should ask this, but knew I should anyway. “Is it because of your family?”


She looked away from me for a moment. That sort of answered my question. She eventually responded, “Some of it. My Father was not too.. happy about it. Mother didn’t really have an opinion about it. Obviously Astoria already knew. I was surprised that she was not the one to tell them.” She took a sip of her butterbeer as I stayed silent. Looking back at me she continued, “from what I can tell, Father has been getting.. pressure , since the ball. About me being with a girl. That I should be arranged to marry one of the many pureblood.. Boys.


“Has he.. agreed to any of those..”


“No. No, he hasn’t. Our family has sort of turned away from that tradition.” She sounded relieved as she said that. It was probably a very real threat to her.


Tradition . Yeah, sure. That’s totally a tradition,” I scoffed. The very idea of arranged marriages being a tradition leaves a very bitter taste to my mouth. It made me very happy to be born a muggleborn and having fairly progressive parents. The thought of Morgana came to mind. Was she subjugated to an arranged marriage? Was that why she waged war against her brother?


Refocusing on Daphne, I continued my initial thought, “what about the other Slytherins?”


She groaned in response and slammed her head on the table. I would have laughed if it wasn’t such a serious situation. “They have been a pain in my arse. Half the house couldn’t care less. The other half, especially the boys, have been on my case about any sort of.. freakishness . They also constantly make extremely rude comments about.. fixing it.”


“What,” I deadpanned. Anger filled me faster than anything Umbridge could muster. There were many things I could tolerate, especially if they were towards me. What  I could not tolerate someone making comments like that to someone I cared about. Especially someone who was my girlfriend? Internally groaning to myself, I can figure that out later. 


She held up a hand to try and sooth me, “Hermione, it’s ok. Professor Snape and several other snakes are making sure nothing happens. Even Slytherins don’t abide by that.”


“I would hope so. Slytherins are about ambition and cunning. Neither of those involve..”


“Hermione,” she said seriously, stopping my rant. The look she gave, made me pause. It was a deathly serious look, though I could see the sincerity and concern in her eyes. All the anger left me at that point. “I have it handled. Trust me. I really don’t need you getting in trouble. I know your… retribution can be fierce. With Umbridge, I would rather you not get expelled.”


Scratching the back of my neck at her truth, “I know.. It just makes me so.. frustrated.” I looked around the room to see if my magic had started to lash out like it did on Wednesday. Everything seemed in place, relief swept through me at that. “If- if you have it handled, I will trust you on that. But please tell me if any of them take it too far. I- I don’t want anything to happen to you.”


She gave me a small smile at that. I could almost see her eyes glistening. Before she could respond, Rosmerta came with our meal. Probably for the best that we were interrupted from that conversation. We ate in comfortable silence. We would exchange smiles and glances, but my mind was now preoccupied by something other than Daphne. My anger almost got the better of me again. Was that me, or was it because I was somehow Morgana. The food slowly started to taste like ash in my mouth. Slowly setting the fork down I shakily grabbed my butterbeer. Before I could take a sip, I was interrupted by Daphne.


“Are you ok?”


Setting my butterbeer down, I looked up at her. She visibly looked concerned. I thought about brushing it off, but I knew I shouldn’t. She would probably be able to tell I was lying. First though, I should tell her about the DADA group I was forming. “It’s.. been a rough couple of days. With Umbridge bearing down on the study group, I talked Harry into helping me form a new group. In secret.”


“I have heard a little about that. Through the grapevine. And before you ask, Slytherins don’t know. I overheard some Hufflepuffs talk about it.”


“That’s good. I feared it was going to be finished before it even started. We are having a meeting about the group later today. You are welcome to join if you want. Though I can understand if you don’t,” I said, a bit relieved.


“I-I will have to think about it. There are a lot of complications that could arise from that. Umbridge has mostly been ignoring Slytherins. This would put me in her crossfire.”


“If she found out.”


“True, if she found out. Though how would you have, what would seem, a large amount of students in one area?” She asked.


“I found a secret room that appears and disappears. It is apparently called the Come and Go Room. On the seventh floor. It changes the room based on what the person wants.”


“Really?” She sounded intrigued.


“Yeah, I found it in the third year.”


“So... is it able to make any room you want?” The way she was asking that question gave me goosebumps.


“Uh- yeah.”


“Interesting. Anyway, I will have to think about it. I miss your study group, but with Umbridge prowling the school. It could mean disaster for me.. and not only me.”


“Sure. take your time. I know you can keep a secret, so I won’t subjugate you to what I am going to for everyone else.” She raised an eyebrow when I said that. “I’m making everyone who joins sign their name for secrecy. If they break it, they will get a nasty surprise,” I added.


She blinked at me for a moment before responding, “if anyone ever says you are a delicate flower who would never hurt a fly.. they need to get checked. You have a mean streak. I like it.” Her eyes were very suggestive. Clearing my throat and taking a sip of my butterbeer. It wasn’t as.. stale as I was expecting it to be. “While that is some added stress, I don’t think that would be what has you so frazzled like your hair in second year.”


An audible groan escaped my lips at the memory of my bushy hair in second year. I was very happy that I was able to get my hair under control. Finding the right spells and potions helped tremendously. Second year was possibly the worst my hair ever was. I found a lot about myself that year, well it seems every year I find something new about myself. I didn’t understand why everyone was going crazy over Lockhart. He was a shite professor and all of his books were severe fabrications. Probably should have been my first clue that I preferred girls. She was waiting for me to respond as I was swishing my drink. I couldn’t tell her about Morgana. But.. I could tell her about the fractals.


“Have.. have you ever seen wavering.. Fractals around magic? That is probably the best way I can describe it. It really became noticeable the past couple of months. This past week, I have been able to notice a slight purple tinge to it,” I explained as best as I can.


Her eyebrows scrunched together in confusion. As she sat there in silence, I started to fidget a little in my chair. She was technically the first person who I told. I really didn’t consider the episode with the boys as they easily waved it off as nothing. Eventually she responded, “that is not something I have noticed. It could be something only special for you. It’s not unheard of for someone to gain unique abilities. Though, that usually happens with someone who has a bloodline. Like the Black family having a history of Metamorphmagi. That stupid heritage potion didn’t reveal anything different did it?”


Trying to clamp down on the panic at the question, I focus on the muggleborn part, “no, just a muggleborn.” Her response though did give me a thought. Did this power have something to do with Morgana? The uneasiness of the possibility of it settled in my stomach. If I had any appetite left, it was immediately gone. 


She hummed in response, thinking over what the possibilities could be. “I am not entirely sure then. It’s not exactly hurting you other than being visible, correct?”


“Not at all. It’s rather fascinating to be honest.”


She shakes her head in amusement, “of course you would find that fascinating.”


“Well, I do find you fascinating, so don’t mock it all too much.”


She blushed and cleared her throat, “anyway, I would say to explore it and see what comes from it. Imagine if all this time, muggleborn actually have their own special abilities. The Purebloods will be all up in fits! Especially if there is no known similar ability to the known bloodlines.”


We both laughed at that. Rosmerta came in and carried out dishes. Before she left, I handed her the money for the lunch, ignoring the protest from Daphne. Daphne and I were still sitting at the table for a bit. Looking at the time, I knew I needed to head to Hogs Head soon. I still had a very important question I needed to ask before that though.






I gave her the look and she giggled at that. Shaking my head, I asked, “I do have a question.. Are we..”


“Together? Girlfriends?”


“Uh, yeah. That,” I said nervously. I was worrying over what she would say. My hope would be that we would be girlfriends, but.. But I knew that situations need to be considered. 


I could tell she was also nervous. She was looking everywhere but me. I was not sure how to take that. Eventually she responded, “I’m not going to lie. I was hoping to find that answer from this date as well.”


Feeling slightly relieved, I said, “o-oh. Umm. Well if you are not opposed to the idea, I would very much like to be your girlfriend.”


She smiled shyly, something I was not used to. It was cute. “Ye-yeah. I would like that. An-and be your girlfriend too.”


We both shared a smile at each other. It helped alleviate all the stress that has piled up recently. Especially since she was okay with the whole fractal thing. I didn’t like hiding Morgana, but given the circumstances, I figured she would understand. Hoped she would understand. 


“I do want it to keep it as much a secret as possible. Even though the school knows we went to the ball together, I don’t want more problems. Considering that Umbridge has been closing her grip on the school.”


Nodding in approval, “I agree. Harry and the headmaster have taken the brunt of it so far, but I really don’t need added stress from her. Or anyone else.”


We stayed a bit afterwards, enjoying each other's time. I felt her hand slip into mine. If my smile could get bigger, it did. Before we left the room and would split, I gave her a quick kiss on her cheek. Acting as smoothly as I possibly could in this situation, I walked out of the room and the Inn towards Merlin's gate so I could grab Harry and Ron for the meeting.

Chapter Text

I was still riding the elation from the date by the time the new group meeting was starting. Harry and Ron were following behind me as I led them to the Hogs Head. It was a dingy looking pub, but it was secluded and not obvious. Sort of like how I had chosen a different location for the date.


“I know I agreed to this, Hermione. But this is mad. Who would want to be taught by me?” Harry questioned as we sludge our way through the snow. “Everyone believes I’m a nutter.”


“Look on the bright side. It can’t be any worse than ole toad face.” Ron quipped before I could respond. “Not only that ‘mione will be there as well. She is as good as you with Defence Against the Dark Arts.”


“He’s not wrong. With both of us there, we should be fine. I feel a little insulted that you think we can’t do this. I have led the inter house study group for years, ” I feigned being insulted, placing a hand over my heart.


Harry looked sheepish, just realizing what he said. “ Sorry Hermione. I just.. I don’t see it. How could anyone look up to me to teach them.”


“You’re a lot better than you think you are. Not only that, you have experience,” I said in hope to spark some confidence in him.


There was a moment of silence before Harry changed the subject. “Well anyway, who is supposed to meet us there?”


“Oh, just a couple of people,” I said nonchalantly. In fact, there were a lot who were interested in joining. I was not sure how many were going to show up. Many were in a similar situation as Daphne. Hopefully as time goes on, we will be able to increase the number of people who will be there. I disliked that Umbridge was increasing that divide between the houses, the very divide I have strived to shrink. 


Ron opened the door into Hogs Head where we saw an older looking gentleman by the bar. The inside of the pub looked as dingy as the outside. The main room was rather small, but I knew that the meeting would take place in a bigger room. I did scout this pub for possible meeting places earlier, so I know that it could hold a decent amount of people. “It is more off the beaten path. I didn’t want to take a chance of a certain someone finding out.”


Both Harry and Ron looked at me in disbelief. I was not entirely sure if that was due to the ingenuity I employed for this meeting or if the fact it was here of all places. Stepping inside the pub, the warmth of the fireplace replaced the October cold chill I had from walking around Hogsmeade since the date. Harry noticed that I was a lot more, jovial, when I met up with them. An ambush from him or Ginny was inevitable at the end of the meeting, but I couldn’t care less anymore. 


Waving my hand at the barkeep, I went to the door for the side room, where most of the tables were. Ginny and the twins were already here, moving tables to the side and placing chairs about the room. Ignoring the smug questioning look Ginny was giving me, I went towards the far side of the room where a table was set. Pulling out my beaded bag, I searched through it looking for the signup sheet I made. I heard footsteps coming from my left side. Taking a quick glance, I saw Ginny trying to be sly.






“How did it go?” Ginny asked.


Acting nonchalantly, “how did what go?”


“Oh don’t play coy with me. The date. How did the date go?” Ginny rebutted.


Looking over my shoulder to see the others are on the opposite side of the room, I gushed quietly, “it was amazing! But that is all I am telling you.”


“Aww, come on! Give me the juicy details!”




“Git,” Ginny said with no bite. 


Smirking at her, I noticed a small flow of people slowly entering. So far I am noticing the Gryffindors that I have spoken to, but there were a couple I didn’t. I guess that Harry or the Weasley’s started to talk about the new group in the house. Not too long after, I see Cho, Luna, and other Ravenclaws enter the room. Followed by some Hufflepuffs. What I was not expecting was that everyone was silent. As if they were not sure if they should be here. At least that is my interpretation. 


I looked at Harry to see that he was unsure what to say. Taking the initiative, I spoke, “I’m sure you have all heard about why we are here. We need a proper teacher for Defence Against the Dark Arts.” I paused to take in the room. Several were in agreement with me, others were neutral. “I know some of you were in my study group, which has been.. Disrupted , by Umbridge. We were hoping to make this group more focused on DADA, so don’t expect the same.”


Those who were in the study group nodded their heads. Knowing full well how bad Umbridge has been for that group. I looked towards Harry, hoping he was ready for what I was about to say to the room. “Since this is for DADA, we need someone who has real experience against the Dark Arts.”


Before I could say more, Zacharias Smith interrupted me, “Why?”


“Why? Because You know who is back. That’s why,” Ron replied.


“So he says,” Zacharias nodded towards Harry.


“And what would Harry have to gain by saying he’s back? Dumbledore also says he’s back,” I almost snapped at him. I disliked it when people called Harry a liar. He truly had nothing to gain from telling the world that Voldemort is back.


“Fame? Why wouldn’t he want more? The point is, where’s the proof?”


Michael Corner, a fellow Ravenclaw, piped up, “Potter could tell us more about how Diggory got killed.”


Everyone was silent after he said that. People were curious, but also brought memories of the moment that Harry brought him back through the port key. Harry stood up and said, “I’m not going to talk about Cedric. If that’s why you’re here, you might as well walk out.” He then stepped close to me and whispered, “Come on Hermione, let’s go. They just think I am just some sort of freak!”


“Harry that’s not, wai-”


“Is it true you can produce a Patronus charm?” Luna asked, interrupting our small argument. 


Everyone waited in bated silence. No one said a word, only looking at us. “Yes, he can,” I said. Harry and I looked at each other before I continued, “I’ve seen it. I know the charm as well, though I have not tried it. Yet.” Thinking about it now, I was worried I might not be able to produce a patronus. It was known that dark wizards and witches could not produce one. And Morgana was such a well known Dark Arts user. 


Dean was the one to interrupt my dark thoughts, “Blimey Harry. I didn’t know you could do that.”


“He killed a basilisk. With a sword in Dumbledore’s office,” Neville said.


“It’s true,” Ginny added with an awestruck look. As I stared about the room, I noticed that Cho was also staring at Harry. She had been the entire time. I knew he had a crush for Cho, but never wanted to go for it since Cedric died. 


Ron was the next person to add to Harry’s credit, “third year, he fought off about a hundred dementors at once.”


“Last year he really did fight off Voldemort in the flesh,” I said. Harry tried to interrupt me, but I ignored him. When I said his name, the majority of the people flinched. I felt and saw a flicker of magic when I said his name. A wave of fractals went through the room. Remembering back to Daphne and my discussion about it, I tried to focus on it. Sadly, it was gone before I could see more.


Harry brought me back to reality with a small speech, ”look, it sounds great, when you say it like that. The truth is, that was just luck. I didn’t know what I was doing half the time. I nearly always had help.”


While he was not entirely wrong, he was downplaying his abilities. “He’s just being modes-”


 “No, Hermione. I’m not,” he said, interrupting me. “Facing this stuff in real life is not like school. In school, if you make a mistake, you can just try again tomorrow. But out there… when you're a second away from being murdered, or watching a friend die right before your eyes.” He paused as everyone felt the weight of his words. “You don’t know what that’s like,” he finished as he sat down. 


“You’re right Harry. We don’t. That’s why we need your help. You have the experience where I, we don’t. If we have any chance of beating Voldemort,” another wave of fractals went across the room, making me pause. I tried to focus more closely on the fractals. They slowly started to appear with that purple coloration. Just like before, it disappeared before I could go farther. I realized that I missed a bit as everyone was moving around.


Harry and Ron moved towards the table where the signup sheet was. I made to follow as if I was paying attention. I always thought the reason people reacted to his name was because of how fearful people were in the first war. But seeing the fractals appear, it made me wonder if there was more to it. I looked at the sheet and noticed the top titled ‘Dumbledore’s Army’. Harry must have come up with a name then. It was better than the ones I was coming up with.


Everyone started to form a line to sign their name on the sheet. As I watched people sign their name, I noticed the slight waver as they finished. Setting the charm I placed on it for that person. Cho came up and was eagerly smiling as she signed her name. She was looking at Harry the entire time. What was interesting was that Ginny was doing the same. This was going to be interesting. Ginny having a crush on Harry isn’t new, but Cho was. 


After everyone had signed up and left, it was just myself, Harry and the Weasley’s. They looked in disbelief that people actually wanted to join. I’m not going to lie and say I had a smug smile on my face. I knew how to bring people in, the inter house study club was well known. I had a reputation. If I was backing Harry, then people will trust that Harry can do it. Even if Harry doesn’t believe he can. 


“I can’t believe that actually worked,” Harry said to no one in particular.


“Told you. People are not only fed up with Umbridge, but they believe that you can be better than her,” I said confidently. 


We started to make our way out of the Hogs Head when Luna joined us. I had thought she had left with the other Ravenclaws, but it looks like she stuck around. “Hello there, Hermione,” she said airly.


“Hey Luna. I didn’t realize you waited for us. I would have thought you left with everyone else.”


“Well I was, then I wanted to speak to you about heliopaths. Well that and the location we will be having the DA group. If this is supposed to be a secret, so does the location.”


I could feel the confused looks on the others behind me as Luna talked about the heliopaths. It was not the first time she has brought them up. I didn’t mind her talking about them, but it was the others who saw her as a nutter. I really didn’t want another bully incident. “We can talk about that later. As for the location, I have a feeling you already know where we are having it.”


Somehow, the others got even more confused. Harry looked a little bit miffed. I had a feeling that he thought I told her about the room before him. “Oh the Come and Go Room. I do love that room. I still believe that I found it before you,” she said.


“And I still claim that I saw you leave the room the second time I was going there,” I rebutted. 


“Who said that was the first time I was there?,” she responded.


“Wait, you know about the room?” Harry said a bit frustrated. 


“If you’re asking if Hermione told me about it, then no. She didn’t. I found it on my own.”


Harry had no response to that. He did seem to have calmed down though. Bringing up the guilt I had about keeping that from him. Which then cascaded about the secret I was holding about my heritage. We started to walk out of Hogsmeade and made our way towards Merlin’s gate. With my thoughts on my heritage, it weighed very heavily on me that I started to slow down. I felt a hand on my shoulder and saw Luna giving me a reassuring smile. She knew what was going on, but I had no idea how. She stayed silent and helped me stay with everyone else. 


As we were on the bridge back to the castle, Ron spoke, “when are we going to do this?”


It was Harry who decided for the rest of us as we thought about the question. “Why not this Wednesday. We can decide how often later.”


“Works for me. This is exciting!” I said happily. The previous guilt washed away at the prospect of actually learning DADA. Surprisingly, that happiness reminded me about the date I had and the looks Cho was giving Harry. “At least one positive thing happened today.”


“I would hope so, especially for you,” Ginny said suggestively. 


“What do you mean Gin?” Ron asked. 


My eyes bulged, I knew she was going to tell him. I tried to move quickly to silence her. Sadly I was too late, “oh, she was on a date before the meeting.”




“What, it’s true.”


“That doesn’t me-”


“Who’s the bloke you asked you out?” Ron asked angrily.


Ginny responded before I could, “well.. She was the one who asked.”


“Ginny!” I yelled embarrassingly. 


“Hermione!” she said happily.


“Bloody git!” I said frustratingly.


“Wait, who is the bloke you asked out!” Ron yelled, interrupting our argument.


Sighing, I responded truthfully, “I didn’t ask a bloke out Ron.. Think. Who did I go to the Yule Ball with last year?” I figured I might as well just come out with it. He seemed to be under the illusion that the Yule Ball was a one time thing, or that he might have a chance. Everyone else immediately knew except for Ron. It took him a moment but he realized who I went on a date with.


“Daphne? You went on a date with a girl who's also a snake? How do you know she isn’t some spy!” Ron’s anger started to grow. I knew this was going to happen since he seemed to be in denial about it.


We stopped on the bridge as we started to argue, “yes Ron. I went on a date with a snake. And her name is Daphne. She is not like Malfoy! Your bias against Slytherins gets tiring quickly! I also told you that I preferred girls last year!”


“I- I.. Ugh!” He stomped his foot and rushed off, frustrated. Everyone allowed him to pass. There was no point in stopping him. I think they knew that he was chasing an impossible goal. Honestly, it sent a shiver down my spine. I know it was not his intention, but the way he went about it, it was like I was an object. Ignoring the shiver, I rubbed my face. Hoping my frustration would leave quicker. Harry placed a comforting hand on my shoulder. Looking at him he said, “I’ll talk to him. He really should have seen it.”


“Thanks, Harry.”


“Of course,” he smiled at me.


We continued to the castle. As we got closer, I could feel the hair on the back of my neck rise. We were being watched. Looking up I saw Umbridge staring at us. This was not going to be good. I knew it.

I hate when I am right. 


Education decree 24. A ban on all student organizations, societies, teams, groups and clubs. Released on Monday, October 7th. She somehow found out about the meeting and wanted to stop it before it could start. Luckily we would be meeting in secret and ignoring her stupid decree.


Besides that, the days between the creation and the first meeting were uneventful. Except for the ever looming threat about my heritage results. I was still frazzled from the results the following days. A feeling that would probably take a while to go away. You don’t simply forget something like that. It didn’t help that I have heard rumors that Umbridge was incessantly trying to figure out who the last student was.


We had sent out messages to those who had signed up to come to the seventh floor alone and intervals. As a way to prevent anyone from noticing too many people moving around. Harry and I came early to set up the room. Ron was still ignoring me, and I didn’t really care at this point. I had too much on my mind.


I looked toward Harry as people slowly started to arrive. They were congregating around each other talking. Walking towards him, I asked, “what’s your plan?”


He looked at our fellow students, then back at me, “I-I have some ideas. Expelliarmus seems like a good start. Does that work for you?”


“That sounds perfect. I know many of them need a little help with that charm. Lockhart was a bloody idiot and barely taught us properly. Then again, he could barely cast the charm anyway.” I smiled tiredly. 


He looked at me more closely before asking, “You alright? You seem a bit knackered.”


“Yeah, just a lot on my mind. I’ll be fine,” I assured him.


Eventually everyone showed up, even Ron. Though he stayed on the other side of the room. Looking at everyone or thing except for me. I hoped that he would not be upset for too long. He was still my friend, even if he could annoy me at times. I didn’t want something like this to stop that friendship. Ron had his own charm that made his friendship worthwhile. He was fiercely loyal and mostly courageous. He was very much a Gryffindor. 


Harry and I faced the rest of the DA, which I was still getting used to. They all quieted their conversations and ready themselves for the first DA meeting. Harry looked like he was unsure what to say at first. Deciding that it would be better that I started, I said, “Hello everyone. Welcome to the first DA meeting. I’m sure you are as excited as I am to actually learn properly unlike what the pink oaf is doing.” Everyone in the room chuckled a bit. “With that, I am going to allow Harry to take the floor with our first lesson,” I said as  I waved my hand in his direction. 


Harry walked past me and mustered that Gryffindor courage and said, “right. I wanted us to first start off with the disarming charm, Expelliarmus , as I am sure that the professor who was supposed to teach us that charm was not.. Great.” That caused another round of chuckles and several of the girls blushed in embarrassment at the thought of their crush for Lockhart. “If we could have everyone line up in two lines in front of the target dummies, we can start practicing.”


Everyone except for Harry and myself got into two lines. Harry helped the right side, while I helped the left. Besides Ron hopping lines to get out of my line, it went very well. Harry helped Neville with his wand work, but I was noticing something different with how his magic interacted with his wand compared to others. Focusing, I noticed fractals start to appear near his palm and try to rush through the wand, but the wand fought back and would burst the magic chaotically.


Seeing that Padma was handling herself against the dummy, I strode over to Harry and Neville. “Hey Neville?”


“Yes Hermione?” he asked as he attempted to cast the charm again. The same result of his magic happened. I could see that he was slowly getting frustrated, even as Harry showed him the correct wand motion slowly. 


“Are you having problems with your wand? It seems to be fighting you.”


“A bit. It was my father’s wand. Grandmother wouldn’t let me get a new one,” he said sheepishly.


“Hmm,” I pondered. The wand really didn’t work for him. I remember when Ollivander said to me that the wand chooses the wizard, or witch in my case. “I don’t think that wand likes you very much. I have a feeling that you would have a much better time if you had a wand that matched you.”


“But- uh- my Grandmother says that this wand would  be a more suitable wand for.. Me..” he stuttered hesitantly. As if he didn’t agree with his Grandmother but didn’t want to argue with her.


“Well I imagine that many of us have heard this saying. The wand chooses the wizard. I think that wand was specific for your father. Not you.” Several others nodded in agreement. I could see him debating with the idea on his face. Hopefully it will allow him to go for it. “Just think about it. If you want, I am willing to go to the wand shop in Hogsmeade with you,” I offered.


“T-thanks Hermione. I-I’ll think about it.” With that I let him and Harry continue with a wand that didn’t want to work.


The rest of our practicing went well. Everyone was enjoying themselves and getting better. I believe next time we can have individual dummies for everyone to practice before we move on to the next charm. I could see that Harry’s confidence in his ability to teach and lead was increasing. He just needed a little push.


Once everyone was ready to leave, I asked the room what hallway would be the best to leave without getting caught. The room provided a door to allow us to leave. I gave a small hand to everyone, so I can double check. Poking my head outside, I could see that it was clear and waved everyone to leave.

Chapter Text

The days after the first DA meeting have been a rollercoaster of emotions. On one hand, I was extremely happy about the first meeting, let alone the amazing date I had with Daphne. On the other, the increased rumors of Umbridge constantly harassing the Headmaster and Professor Snape made me anxious. I was not sure how long either could push Umbridge back. I tried to keep my cool, but I knew I was fraying. My friends had worried looks on their faces. They might not say it, but the looks on their face said it all. 


Friday, so far, has been the worst that I have felt. The lack of sleep was slowly chipping me away and I could do nothing. I had pulled some historical books about Morgana to garner any information about her. The little bit that I was able to focus enough to read, didn’t really give a clear picture. Dark sorceress, enchantress, potion prodigy and master transfigurar. All things that I noticed that I was also extremely skilled at. Baring the dark magic. I had yet to even attempt any dark magic, even with access to the Come and Go Room. Trying that sort of magic in the very castle that Dumbledore was in seemed like a bad idea. Other than that, the rest that I read was, well.. lacking. It felt like nothing was cohesive about her. Just that she was dark and fought Merlin and her brother. It was frustrating.


Though the parallels between us were.. shocking. If I hadn’t already sent myself into a tizzy, I would have after reading that. The very fields that she excelled at, tremendously, I did as well. That isn’t to say that she wasn’t good at other fields, like myself. I wanted to look up her school records if she had any, she must have. The memory of the hat immediately sorting me came to mind. The words the hat spoke, it felt like it knew that I was Morgana before anyone else. Was Morgana a Ravenclaw? Was that why I was sorted without a second thought? If I ever get more time, I want to try and draw more similarities of what we know of Morgana and myself.


Sitting at the Great Hall, I slowly ate my dinner. Food taste was a come and go and I was glad that I could at least taste what I was eating tonight. I hoped that I would make it an early night to get some sleep after dinner. The weekend was a welcome sight after this week. Hopefully I would get more time with Daphne as we have barely been able to see each other since the date. 


Subtly, I glanced over to her to see her chatting with some of the other Slytherin girls. A small smile graced my lips as I saw her sister elbowing her about some joke that was between them. The way she laughed brought butterflies in my stomach. She was beautiful when she laughed. Even if it was a small one, it was amazing. Midway through her laugh did she notice me staring at her. We stared at each other with smiles gracing our lips. Eventually she had her attention pulled by Pansy.


Small moments like those were becoming more frequent and cherished. They became a highlight in my day that helped fight back the darkness that was trailing me. There were times that I wished that we could be more open with our relationship, but I knew full well her situation. In truth, it was more that I wanted to spend more time with her than the fact we were a secret to the castle.


I turned my focus back to my food and slowly ate. Luna was humming next to me, a tune that I could not recognize. She was quite loud, but I could not for the life of me tell her to quiet down. It felt soothing for some reason. It didn’t seem that she was bothering anyone else near us. If I was of the right mind, it would have seemed that nobody could hear her. 


The humming was interrupted by the loud slam of the Great Hall doors opening. Umbridge and a stern looking man walking beside her came down the center of the hall. The hairs on my arms stood on end. The feeling of dread started to creep into me, slowly taking over. I felt sweat start to fall down my face. If it was just her, I would not have cared. The man beside her screamed Ministry lackey. Everyone was staring with bated breath.


As Umbridge approached the professor’s table, she stopped abruptly and did her disgusting high pitch clearing of her throat. Not sure what she was expecting since everyone was already silent. “It has come to my attention that a student has not.. completed their heritage potion. As you know,” she said as she started to pace in front of the professor’s table. She motioned for the unknown man to get a chair. He moved toward the side where some extra chairs were stacked. Continuing as the lackey got the chair, “the Ministry requires that all fifth year and above students submit their heritage. As there have now been.. complications ,” she said glaring at Dumbledore and Professor Snape. Both keeping calm looks on their face, but their eyes betrayed them. They were filled with fear. Dumbledore would occasionally glance in my direction. “The Ministry has taken it upon themselves to handle this.”


“Professor Umbr-” The Headmaster attempted to stop Umbridge before she interrupted him.


“SILENCE! This farce has gone on long enough.” The lackey placed the chair dead center in front of the professor’s table. Umbridge silencing Dumbledore made the dread in me grow. It showed how much power she has gained over the school. Once Dumbledore was silenced and sitting back down, she continued, “would Hermione Granger, please come up to the front dear.


My hands were shaking as she said my name. All I wanted to do was to run away. But there was no running away, was there? The sweat was causing my robes to cling to me. I-I had to get up. I felt a hand on my shoulder to look at Luna. She didn’t say anything but the assured look she gave me was enough to push through the panic. 


I gathered myself and stood up from my seat. Staring at Umbridge, I made my way to the front. I couldn’t look at my friends or Daphne. The fact that I kept this from them hurt more than the secret being released. The walk towards the front was only a short distance, but it felt forever. As if I wanted to prolong this as much as possible. I wanted to wipe that smile off her face so badly. As much as I wished my anger to take over, it couldn’t. 


“Sit dear . This will be over shortly. Quite a disappointment that you could not complete the potion. I heard you are quite the.. prodigy ,” she snided. 


Ignoring her, I sat down in the chair and stared at the Great Hall doors. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the lackey pull out a flask and parchment. The same potion and parchment that was in Potions last week. I continued to ignore her as she went on her tirade. Eventually I saw the lackey pull out a knife. Steeling myself I raised my hand to allow him to get my blood. Instead of poking my finger, he decided to slice the palm of my hand. The pain from the cut was nothing compared to everything else tumbling through me. 


“There we go. Now let’s see what you are hiding,” she whispered so that only I could hear. Sneering in response, I remained quiet looking forward. Not feeling the strength to look at anyone else. “Please pour the potion on the parchment.” The seconds I was trying to count to when the words would slowly fill the parchment, felt like hours. “Interesting. I can’t make out what is on here. Oh! There we go. Now it’s becoming coherent.”


Time slowed down as she started to read off my heritage, “Morgana Pendragon.” She was progressively getting slower saying that name. If I could imagine, she would be staring at the parchment in disbelief. She continued but it was painfully slow. I felt tears stream down my cheek as she continued. The secret that I wish I never knew is now out for the world to know. 


“Are we done?” I said gritting my teeth, Interrupting her before she could finish it fully.


“I-I- well I-” I took her stammering as an opening to get up from the chair and immediately left the Great Hall in a rush. The whispers and slurs pointed at me were almost overwhelming. Dark witch, lair, mudblood thief. They all went through my head, churning the fact that my secret was out now. I had no idea where I was going, as long as it was away from that bitch. The portraits raced by me as I started to run through the castle. It was all becoming a blur to me, though that was possibly the tears. 


Eventually I stopped and slumped down onto the ground. With my knees drawn up to my chest, I cried. Cried like I never did before. My life could very well be over. The soft hooting of owls and chirping of other birds brought a lull in my raging emotions coiling through me. I must have ran to the owlery, a place I would not have thought to go to first. I’m not sure how long I was up there listening to the sounds of the birds and my sniffling.




The soft calm voice broke me from my despair. Looking up with red puffy eyes, I saw Daphne standing in the doorway of the owlery. She looked timid, unsure what to do. As much as I wanted to smile, I couldn't bring myself to do so. Slowly she started to walk towards me. Not moving or making a sound besides my sniffling, she knelt down next to me. I kept staring at her, unable to do anything. She laid her hand on my arm, which I involuntarily tensed when she touched me. Forcing myself to calm down, she gingerly wrapped herself around me. Her hug was tight and comforting. I leaned myself against her and silence consumed us. 


Eventually she spoke up, very softly, “wa-was this what was causing you so much stress last week?” Unable to voice my response, I only nodded. She then continued, “who else knew? Uh wait. Professor Snape right?” Nodding again, we settled into silence again.


She continued to hold me as my sniffles started to die down. What felt like a lifetime, I was finally able to speak. “I’m sorry,” I mumbled into her shoulder.






“Don’t. You have nothing to be sorry for. I don’t know what is going on about the whole Morgana thing, but it doesn’t change a thing. Especially about us,” she said seriously. The conviction in her voice told me all that I needed to know.


“I- thank you. I-I have be-been wracking m-my brain over it. I-I-I hav-”


“Shoosh. We can look into it another time. For once, calm that big brain of yours,” she said partly in jest. It did get a chuckle out of me.


The smell of strawberries became very noticeable the longer we sat there. It was then that I realized where my face was blushed. Clearing my throat and moving my head away, I saw her staring at me with those ice blue eyes. All I could focus on were those beautiful eyes. I didn’t know that I was slowly moving towards her, or maybe she was inching closer to me. My brain was only able to focus on those eyes, and those lips. She must have noticed my eye sight as her eyes also drifted lower. I was not sure when my eyes closed, but the next thing I felt were her soft lips against my chapped one. There were no words that can describe what I felt when we finally kissed. It was both more and less than what I was expecting if that made sense. I don’t know, I was kissing Daphne and that was all I could think about.


Eventually we both needed to breathe and parted. The smile that graced her lips was heartwarming. “I-I did not expect our first kiss to be in the owlery while I was having a breakdown,” I joked rather shakily. 


“Well we can blame Professor Snape and Karkaroff from ruining what should have been the first one,” she joked. 


We shared a giggle from that. Eventually I was well enough to get up with Daphne’s help. We both left the owlery and back down the tower. It was a slow walk as we were trying not to be seen, both for the secrecy of the relationship and for my newly released identity. After we made it to the 3rd floor corridor, the memories of first year came to mind. Solving the riddles that were placed by the professors where Fluffy used to guard was incredibly fun at the time. Though I wish that I had a chance to look at the mirror that Harry talked about. Would I have seen Morgana in that mirror? Harry was going to bring me to see the mirror except Dumbledore stopped him and said he was moving it before I had a chance to see it.


As we approached that very door, I heard footsteps. Looking panic, Daphne pulled me to the side, barely opening the door. She pushed me inside and waited. I both saw and heard my friends coming down the hallway. Harry, Ron, and Ginny approached Daphne. “Daphne, have you seen her?” Harry asked frantically. They all had a look of fear and concern on their faces.


“I’m not entirel-”


“Daphne, it's fine. Bring them inside,” I said calmly.


She looked back through the crack and the look she gave was one of reassurance. Nodding back, she stepped aside and I stepped away from the door. My friends barged into the room looking frantically about. Once their eyes landed on me, they moved close to me. I had my hands wrapped around me waiting for them to make the first move. What I did not see was the unexpected hug from Harry. 


“No matter what, you are my best friend, Hermione. I don’t care what was in your heritage. I know you, and you are not Morgana.” with how serious he was and how tight he was hugging me, I believed him. I would have thought that I would lose him.


Eventually he pulled away from me and both Weasley’s were close by. I was surprised to see Ron here, after our fight, I would have thought he would never look at me the same. Especially after learning this. “I-I need to apologize. I didn’t want to keep this from you, any of you.”


“Why did you?” Ginny asked with Ron nodding his head in agreement.


“Professor Snape told me not to say anything. His warning was enough to know how bad it could be if it got out. Well guess what, it’s out now,” I finished with a sad laugh.


Ron responded softly, “You listened to him?”


“Well of course I do. I am pretty sure that if Hogwarts had apprenticeships before seventh year, I would be his,” I said matter of factly. “Ron..”


“Don’t. I was being a bloody git. I really should have realized it a lot sooner. It will take me time, but toad face doing that to you. It made me realize that,” he motioned with his hands towards me, “you’re my friend. Even if you are somehow Morgan Le Fay.”


“Thanks Ron,” I said smiling, “It means a lot.”


“I’m still going to give you a hard time about her though. She is a Slytherin, you know.”


“That Slytherin is still here,” Daphne deadpanned, though she did have a smirk gracing her lips.


“Uh- I- well you see..” Ron stumbled over the fact that he just insulted my girlfriend.


“Relax, I truly do understand your.. bias against Slytherins. Though you should know that not all Slytherins are like Malfoy. He only has the power that he does because of his name. Nothing more.”


“I see. Well uh, nice to meet you then,” he said scratching the back of his head.


Ginny started to giggle at Ron stumbling in his conversation with Daphne. Harry also had a smile on his face. Eventually the room settled into a moment of silence. Since they were out there and saw more of it than myself, I asked, “how bad is it out there?”


Other than Daphne, they looked between each other with a grim look. So not good, great. Daphne walked next to me. She grabbed my hand and gave a gentle squeeze for comfort. Since neither Harry or Ron wanted to say anything, Ginny was the one to speak, “it’s bad. Some students want you arrested, others praise you. Not sure what is going on with the professors though. Professor Dumbledore immediately came to your defense, so did Professor Flitwick. Professor Snape looked like he wanted to, which was surprising. Professor McGonnagal also supported you. They all left after Umbridge, who seemed extremely flustered. Saying that she needed to report to the Minister.”


“Great. Just bloody great. While I am relieved that the professors are supporting me, her going to the Minister is not good. Here I was hoping that I would be able to fly under her radar,” I responded while running my free hand through my hair. 


“Not like it was your fault. You didn’t know till now right?” Ron questioned quietly.


Calmly, I said, “no Ron. I didn’t know. It.. it was extremely surprising to see Morgana Pendragon on my heritage parchment.” He seemed to be relieved to hear that it wasn’t a secret that I have kept for a long time.


“What I find interesting is that she was a muggleborn, apparently,” Daphne pointed out. 


While everyone else was contemplating that, I mentioned, “I have tried to look up some stuff on.. Her. There is barely anything on her. Just conjecture of the past and her supposed rivalry of Merlin and Arthur.”


At that moment, a ring went through the castle, marking the ten minute mark before curfew. The Gryffindor barely reacted, knowing that they are always out after curfew. Not that Ron cared, being a Prefect like myself. Daphne on the other hand became slightly flustered. 


Looking concerned, I looked towards her and said, “need to get going?”


“Yeah, Shite. I need to come up with a reason why I left and where I have been.”


Not surprisingly, the Gryffindor’s didn’t quite understand her dilemma. “Alright, did you tell anyone where you were going?”


She looked thoughtful for a moment before she said, “I told Astoria that I had to go to the bathroom. Bugger, I also left my bag with her.”


Reassuring her, “it’s ok. Your sister is smart enough to probably know why you left. Would you claim that after going to the bathroom, you wanted to research more into Morgana, or maybe the heritage potion? Maybe even something entirely different could work. That you needed to get out of the Great Hall with all the noise.”


Thinking over my suggestion for a moment, I looked towards the others. “She is trying to keep this,” motioning my hands between us,” a secret.” They seemed to understand to a degree, which was comforting. 


Glancing back to Daphne I see her nodding, “that will work. I don’t like it, but it will work. I got to go.” She cupped my cheek and gave a quick kiss goodbye before leaving the room. Closing it behind her. I was a bit dumbfounded by the kiss, staring at the door.


The sound of giggling brought me out of the state I was in. shaking my head, I turned towards the Gryffindors. Ginny had the biggest smirk I have ever seen. Harry looked a bit embarrassed. Ron was gaping in surprise. Ginny looked at him and quickly elbowed him. He snapped out of it, at least looking slightly embarrassed by his action.


Clearing my throat, “well then.. No Ginny, that was not our first kiss,” clearing my throat again, “back onto the topic at hand. I do have something else to tell you guys.” They collectively cooled their looks and waited in anticipation. Looking at Harry and Ron, I asked, “do you guys remember when I had my magical outburst?” They both nodded. “Do you also remember when I asked about the fractals?” Both looked as confused as Ginny before Harry perked up and nodded. “Well, Ron and Ginny, I have started to notice that I can see these.. fractals around magic. Not just mine, but any magic. Recently, I have noticed that if I focus enough, I can slowly see a purpleness to it. Like it’s becoming clear.”


They were all shocked by the revelation. They stood around looking at each other before Harry spoke first, “do.. Do you think it has anything to do with you being Morgana?”


“I- actually that is a good point. I-um,” scratching the back of my head, “I had told Daphne and she thought it might be something similar to bloodline powers. Like Metamorphmagi. But I’m a muggleborn, so that doesn’t quite make sense. Though this being linked to Morgana might be the case.”


“That is a good point. It’s not like it hurting anyone right?” Ginny asked.


“Not that I can tell.”


“Well, I say keep looking into it.”


“Ginny!” Both boys yelled in surprise.




“You want her to.. Use something that was possibly from her ?”


“Really? It seems quite harmless. And honestly, even if it was something from Morgana.. It might mean that a muggleborn has some ability that was never known. Imagine the look of surprise on the purebloods when their ideology is pointless at that thought,” she finished with a glee.


“Morgana’s tits. That would be amazing to see,” Ron laughed..


“Uh,” I said, a bit uneasy. The fact that I am Morgana and cursing about my tits was weird.


“Shite, that’s weird isn’t it. That is going to be hard to stop.”


“Yeah.. even though I have no idea why I am somehow Morgana. It feels completely directed at me now,” I said with a small chuckle. Which everyone shared. “I did have another thought that came to me recently.”


“Oh?” Harry asked.


“Well did you guys talk to the hat when you were sorted?”


“Yeah,” all three of them said.


“Well I didn’t. The hat said ‘ I know exactly where to put you ’ and said Ravenclaw. Do you think that is also tied to the whole Morgana thing?”


“I don’t know. Maybe,” Harry responded, unsure.


Ginny pondered, “well it sort of makes sense. The hat sort of took who we are and sorted us that way. Not only that, it also felt like we had a choice as to the house we went to,” she pointed her finger at me, ”you were immediately sorted without even asking. Almost as if you have been sorted before. That the sorting hat already looked at you.”


Ron nodded in agreement, “makes sense.”


A big yawn escaped me, making me realize how tired I was from the rollercoaster of emotions I have been put through. A small left me when they yawned after me. Harry looked at me, “anything else Hermione?”


“No. That’s it. At least as much as I can remember. Give me a small break for today,” I finished with a small smirk.


Harry gave a small smile, which was shared among everyone. We all agreed to leave and go to bed. The trek back to Ravenclaw tower was slow and my exhaustion was not helping. By the time I was able to figure out the riddle and get into the common room, it was close to eleven o’clock. What surprised me was Professor Flitwick sitting in one of the couches. He was skimming through a book until he heard the door open and looked up at me. He didn’t say anything, but he did pat the seat next to him. I sat down next to him, staying quiet staring down at my lap.


“You know you can come to me for anything right?”


Looking up at him, I only nodded in response to his question.


“Good. While I disliked that Serverus told you not to tell anyone, I understand. Now this doesn’t change anything. Even though the high inquisitor tried to revoke your Prefect privileges, she has no control over that. Only I do, and I think you need privacy more now. All things considered,” he said matter of factly.


“I-I, thank you Professor,” I responded shocked. Though the way he said it seemed like he knew the feeling of keeping a secret. A kinship of sorts.


“Of course. You are the brightest student to ever grace these walls. I will not allow anyone to tarnish that,” the conviction that was emanating from him was contagious. It brought a smile to my face. “Now go on and go to bed. I’m sure it has been a rough night for you. If anyone gives you a hard time, especially in our House, don’t hesitate to come to me.”


“I will Professor,” I said as I got up and headed up towards my dorm. I looked down towards my head of house to see him smiling at me. Smiling back, I continued on my slow trek to my room. The image of my bed was the most welcome sight. After quickly changing, I flopped onto my bed and was asleep in seconds.

Chapter Text

The weekend after my heritage was released was a nightmare. What my friends had said was true. Many were constantly making comments, both good and bad. At least the Ravenclaws was mostly quiet about it. Professor Flitwick must have made sure that every Raven was to keep their opinions to themselves. I was very grateful for such an amazing Head of House. The other students though? There was no control over their comments. There were Slytherins who were either reverent, which was a very weird experience, and others who wanted me arrested. What was interesting was that it didn’t matter if they were children of Death Eaters. It was a completely mixed bag. Now the Gryffindors, they were not happy. Many of them were the ones who cursed me as I walked. Nothing about my blood status, just the fact that I am a supposed dark witch. Hufflepuffs mostly stayed quiet except for a few vocal ones. 


Overall, not great. The good news was that my friends were there supporting me. When I wasn’t in my room, I was with them. Their presence was slowly changing the perception of some Gryffindors. It was small, but having Harry Potter support his friend no matter what caused people to slowly rethink. 


Over the course of the weekend, I had become very good at dodging hexes being thrown at me. It did help that I was able to sense and see them before they hit. A part of me wanted to retaliate, but that would only make things worse. It would reinforce their thoughts of me. Instead, it was usually Ginny who did it for me. 


The Great Hall was an entirely different experience. Everyone but Luna sat farther away from me. The only positive to come from this was that I was no longer a nervous wreck to not be able to taste food. This morning was no different. I could hear a couple of quiet whispers about me. Ignoring them, I continued to read my text book while I ate. Luna shortly arrived and started to pile her food next to me. 


There were numerous articles of The Prophet depicting me in horrible ways. I had already stopped reading the newspaper since it was previously bad mouthing Harry, this reinforced my choice to ignore them. It might not be a bad idea to talk to Luna about The Quibbler . Maybe give my side of the story and get that to propagate through the school.


“They are quite persistent aren’t they?”


Glancing up, I saw Luna had started to munch on a piece of toast. Her eyes were drifting across the other students. Mainly the ones who were looking at our direction. “Not really surprising. Remember your first year? With the Chamber of Secrets? Where all those comments were directed at Harry.”


Nodding in response, she continued to munch on her toast before saying, “I never quite understood why people do that. It doesn’t contribute to anything. It’s like they all have nargles around their head.”


“Some do,” I said, shrugging my shoulders..


She stopped munching and tilted her head. The only thing she did after that was smile in my direction before returning to her breakfast. The rest of breakfast was non eventful. Even the lack of Umbridge was a positive sight for the school. Picking up my supplies, I went to my first class of the day.

Classes were normal as can be with everything going on. The only difference being that DADA was canceled for the day. The only note being extra homework for the lack of class. If I didn’t know better, I would have been elated at the loss of Umbridge. Something was going to happen, and if I was betting, it would involve the Minister. It was during dinner when my assumption came true. Dumbledore not being at the professor’s table was the first clue. While he was rather busy with the long list of titles he has and being the leader of the Order, he always made time to show up for dinner.


“Ms. Granger?”


Finishing the bits of fish I had left in my mouth, I looked over my shoulder to see my Head of House waiting for a response. His lack of smile was clue number two. “Yes Professor?”


“The Headmaster would like to see you in his office.”


And there was clue number three. Sighing, I pushed my dinner away and got up. Giving an air of false confidence, “very well.”


“Please follow me.”


“Is that necessary Professor?” I asked hesitantly. I knew where to go, not sure why I needed him to escort me. The other students were not that much of a problem for me.


“You’re in my house, we are allowed to be there when you visit the Headmaster.”


That almost made me pause. I had not heard that. Every time I have heard of Harry visiting the Headmaster, he was alone. Was that by accident.. or on purpose? Quickly falling into step, I followed him as he led me out of the Great Hall. More whispers followed us, and I tried to ignore them as best as I could.


“I do hope that is alright with you Ms. Granger,” Professor Flitwick asked.


The new information surprised me, but I wanted him there, “it’s perfectly fine. I just didn’t know about that.”


“Sometimes, the other Heads of House only get involved if it's a major problem, or if the student in question asked for them. I prefer to be there for my Ravens unless they say otherwise,” he said as we walked.


The trek to the Headmaster’s office was quiet after that. A couple of students were milling about in the hallways, but they gave us a clear way. I tried to ignore their judgmental looks, but it was slowly fraying my shields. A walk that should only take minutes, felt like hours. Eventually we made it to the Headmaster’s staircase.


“Lemon pops,” Professor Flitwick said to the gargoyle.


The gargoyle shifted and began to rise. Professor Flitwick stepped onto one stair and allowed it to carry him up. Following his example, it took us all the way up to the Headmaster’s office. I was able to hear angry voices on the other side of the door. Three of the voices I was able to recognize, it was the fourth I only had a faint recollection of. Professor Flitwick opened the door and the voices became louder.


Professor Dumbledore, Umbridge, Minister Fudge, and the fourth voice of Amelia Bones were gathered around Dumbledore’s desk in a heated argument. By the looks of it, Umbridge and the Minister were on one side, while on the other was Dumbledore. Amelia, the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, was on the sidelines watching the debate like a game of tennis. When we entered the room, they became eerily quiet. 


All four of them looked in our direction and the looks on their faces were varied. Immediately, Umbridge comes marching towards us yelling, “ARREST HER! Arrest the dark witch!”


The Minister made to follow her, he looked back at Amelia and added, “you heard her! Arrest the dark witch!”


Amelia made no move to arrest me, much to the chagrin of the Minister. Dumbledore looked ready to move to stop until he saw that Amelia hadn’t moved yet. He slowly sat down and watched.


Both Umbridge and the Minister turned to Amelia when they realized that no one was coming to arrest me. “Why are you not arresting her!” exclaimed Minister Fudge. 


“You want me to arrest a student. Who’s biggest crime is being the brightest witch of her age, if not the century?” she asked with her arms crossed over her chest.


Umbridge responded before the Minister, “bu-but she's a dark witch! That alone is grounds for arrest! Let alone for all the crimes she had committed!”


Amelia only raised an eyebrow in response. If it wasn’t for such a tense atmosphere, I would have laughed. My Head of House remained in front me, as a shield against the Ministry. I was more irritated that I had been called up to the office for this instead of something important. Not that arresting me wasn’t, it just felt like an empty threat. Whatever laws they think I have committed, they are wrong. My record, at least for the Ministry, was spotless. The fact they were accusing me of something I have never done was ridiculous. “I’m sorry, but what crimes am I being accused of?”


Everyone looked in my direction before Umbridge responded in a very uptight know it all way, “you should be under arrest for counts of usage of dark magic, crimes against the Ministry, and against the Statute of Secrecy.”


I stood there blinking in disbelief. Since when did I do any of those? “So, let me get this straight. Is this as Hermione Granger or my recent revelation of being Morgana Pendragon? Who I had no idea I was until we had to make the heritage potion, might I add. Because I have never committed any of those. Not only that, as far as I have been able to find, Morgana was before the Ministry and the Statute of Secrecy.” I looked towards the Headmaster, “and I am sure that if the Headmaster were to check, I have never used dark magic. So I fail to see how there is any possibility of arresting me on those grounds.” That was a leap, I was not sure if the Headmaster would be able to find out if someone was using dark magic or not.


He seemed to get my meaning as a small smile appeared on his face. He stroked his beard and went to some of the instruments that were along the far side of the office. After a moment, he looked away and confirmed, “Ms. Granger is correct. There are no signs of dark magic being cast in the school in the past months.”


The Minister took the opportunity to try and corner Dumbledore, “are you saying you didn’t know about an escaped Death Eater last year, even though you have a way to detect dark magic?” His eyes filled with glee at the thought he might have had the Headmaster.


“This was installed, per the Ministry, during the Summer break,” he said matter of factly. Huh, who knew my shot in the dark was true. I had no idea that he would be able to detect that. Just enforces the idea that I should not practice any blood magic in the school.


“Well the matter still stands. She needs to be arrested before does something dark!” Minister Fudge exclaimed. Professor Flitwick slowly got into, what I can tell, a duelist stance. Ready for anyone who might try something against me.


Amelia interjected, “if we were to arrest anyone who could possibly be linked to dark magic, there would be a lot of families of the sacred twenty-eight who would be in Azkaban right now. There would be kids who would be imprisoned because one of their parents was a Death Eater. Is that what you want to do?” The way she said it was sure to set the Minister off his crusade against me. Especially since I know he is friends with Lord Malfoy.


The Minister paled at Amelia’s comment. Umbridge also seemed taken back at that. Realizing their crusade against Dumbledore, Harry, and now myself could easily backfire on his supporters. Professor Flitwick seemed to relax his stance as Dumbledore stood calmly in front of his desk. 


“I-well, we can’t do that. Th-there are circumstances that would prevent..”


“The very same circumstances that would prevent Ms. Granger from the same fate. The very same law that you implemented, might I add,” Amelia pointed out. Adding more defense against their.. Witch hunt.


Minister Fudge stumbled a bit before Umbridge took over, “that may be, but I will keep my eyes on you Ms. Granger. One step out of line from you and you will be seeing the inside of Azkaban.”


“Noted,” I deadpanned. Her threats against myself and my friends were tiring, even if they were subtle for the time being.


“If that would be all, Minister,” Dumbledore said, attempting to get him and Umbridge out of his office.


“”Yes, that will be all. Come, Dolores, we have much to discuss.” 


Both the Minister and Umbridge left the office, leaving the Headmaster, my Head of House and Amelia Bones. I would have imagined that she would have left with them, but it seemed she had something else in mind. 


“Well, I apologize for that.. inconvenience. To all of you. The fact that he tried to have me arrest you was completely asinine. I have heard about you Ms. Granger. You have helped my niece with her Potions. That doesn’t sound like an up and coming dark witch to me.”


“I-I thank you. Susan is an excellent potions partner. And thank you for pointing out how ridiculous their accusations were,” I responded. I could have built a defense for myself, but having it come from a Ministry employee, especially a head of a department, was stronger.


She smiled, “don’t worry about it. Even if the potion shows a very interesting result, it doesn’t change the young woman I see in front of me.” She moved to exit the office and spoke over her shoulder, “have a good day, all of you.” 


We watched her leave the office before I brought my attention to the Headmaster. I noticed how tired he was. He must have been doing a lot of damage control with not only my revelation, but with the war. Professor Flitwick moved towards one of the chairs and sat down. The tension he had slowly released as he relaxed in the chair.


“Well, that was eventful. How long have they been trying to arrest my Raven?” Professor Flitwick said, ending the silence. I moved towards one of the chairs, it looked uncomfortable, but I was able to see the fractals slowly show. Possibly a cushioning charm? Sitting down proved that theory to be true.


“Since the day Umbridge made Ms. Granger show her heritage to the entire school,” he said with a deep sigh.


“Disgusting. That’s what it is.”


“I won’t disagree with you on that. But these are trying times.” Dumbledore sat down in his chair and looked towards me. “I am very sorry Ms. Granger for this. I tried my best to delay it as much as possible.”


“It’s fine. I figured it was you who was doing that.Though it made for a stressful week,” I admitted.


“Nonetheless, I am deeply sorry. No one should have to deal with that due to their heritage.”


We sat in silence for a bit. There was so much magic in the office that it was becoming a lot easier to see the fractals. I could tell them about that. They might be able to even help me with this discovery. It would take a lot of trust, I was barely able to tell my friends. But, the Headmaster did try to delay the information from being released. My Head of House has also done a significant amount to help curb the Ravenclaws from causing me problems. Surely I could trust them.


“Well if that is all-”


“Actually Professors. I do have something I want to ask about.” They both looked at me, waiting for me to continue. Taking a deep breath, I continued, “since the summer, I have been.. noticing fractals around magic. Any magic, not just my own. The more I focus, the more of a purplish color it takes.”


“Would it happen to be the same color as your eyes?” Dumbledore asked.


That question made me pause. I never thought to associate the color of the fractals to my eye color. Focusing on some of the instruments along the wall. Once the color started to appear, what actually felt quicker than before, I could easily recognize it. The same color as my eyes. Looking towards the professors, my head of house was leaning forward intrigued. The Headmaster sat calmly at his desk looking at me. “Uh, yes. It is.”


“That is rather fascinating. Have you always been able to see them? The reason I ask is because you have always been a prodigy to magic. If being able to see them has helped you, it explains a lot.” Professor Flitwick asked. 


“Maybe? I’m not entirely sure. It wasn’t until this summer when I really noticed them.”


Dumbledore sat pondering the new information. He then looked towards me and said with a glint in his eye, “well, I say you should explore it. As long as you don’t cause any trouble with it, I see no reason why you shouldn’t. Though,” he waved his hand towards Professor Flitwick, “I am sure Filius and I would be more than willing to help explore this new development.”


Professor Flitwick nodded in agreement. “Yes, of course! We wouldn’t want a new development in magic to be.. stifled or cause undue harm. I do wonder, is this a development because of you being Morgana?”


“That remains to be seen, Filius. All we can do now is ensure that she and other students remain safe. I don’t think I need to make myself clear that this should remain as much of a secret as possible from certain individuals,” he said with a pointed look. 


Understanding his meaning completely, I nodded. Umbridge finding out about this could be enough for her to follow through with her threat. Especially if this is tied to me being Morgana. 


“Well, I think that is enough for the night. Unless there is anything else Ms. Granger?”


“No, that is all.”


“Very well. Filius, I imagine you will be walking her out?”


“Correct, have a good evening Albus,” Professor Flitwick finished. We both got up and walked out of the office. We walked down the staircase in silence. Once we stepped out, the Gargoyle started to descend, closing the entrance to the Headmaster’s office.


Glancing around the hallways, I noticed a small bit of blonde around the corner. Professor Flitwick must have noticed as well since he said, “looks like there is someone waiting for you. I do hope you stay safe for the rest of the night. Let me know if you need help with anything.”


Blushing slightly, I said, “I will. Thank you, Professor.”


“Anytime, Hermione.” He left while whistling a tune that I could not decipher.


Looking around the hallway, I walked towards where I saw the blonde hair. I knew it was Daphne as Luna’s hair was lighter than hers. Turning the corner, I noticed that one of the classroom doors was slightly ajar. Making sure no one was in the hallway, I opened the door and closed it behind me. 


I expected to see Daphne, what I did not expect was to see the rest of my friends. My curiosity of their appearance was quickly squashed as Daphne kissed my cheek. Clearing my throat and hoping I didn’t blush too much, I responded, “well, that was quite a hello.”


Daphne smirked in response but didn’t say anything. I looked over to the others to see them with a mixture of looks. Harry had a worried look on his face while Ginny was smirking. Ron was surprisingly neutral. “I guess you are wanting to find out what happened?”


“Yes,” they all said in unison. 


Shaking my head, I responded, “Well, the Minister and Umbridge tried to have me arrested.”


“WHAT!” That was Ginny. 


“Why would they want to arrest you?” Harry asked. 


Ignoring Ginny, I said, “because I am a supposed dark witch who broke the Ministry law as well as the Statute of Secrecy. You know, things that didn’t exist when she did.”


“Really?” Ron questioned.


“Yup. They even brought the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to make the arrest. If I wasn’t so irritated by the attempt, I would have found it amusing.”


Daphne stepped away from where she was standing to get a bit closer and said, ”they really tried to have Madam Bones arrest you? Are they that idiotic?”


“Yes,” I deadpanned.


“Bugger. They will do anything to prove they are right, or to put blame on someone.”


“Which now includes me. They then tried to arrest me as a way to prevent me from doing anything dark.”


Daphne faced-palmed. ”If they did that, it would open the floodgates to arrest any child of a known Death Eater, or an impuriused one.”


“You should have seen the Minister’s face when Madame Bones pointed that out.”


Ginny piped up in glee, “was he sweating?”


“Oh, he was. In the end, they decided to watch me. To make sure I don’t do anything.. dark ,” I air quoted.


“Blimey. This could not get any worse,” Ron said, rubbing his face.


“It could. Umbridge is probably getting ready to add more of her.. decrees ,” Daphne pointed out. 


It was great to see her interacting with my friends in a friendly manner. I was not sure how that would have gone, but it seemed to have gone smoothly, for the most part. 


“Harry, you know that problem we have about trying to contact the DA when we want to schedule a meeting?” I asked him.


“Yes. Have you come up with a solution?”


“I did, but considering how the school sees me as the next upcoming dark lord. I might give you the product and take credit. I don’t entirely care,” I shrugged. Taking my bag out of my pocket and pulling out a coin, I continued, “this is a coin with the protean charm. There’s a few others, but it allows us to communicate via this coin. It’s easy to reproduce and we should be able to give one to everyone.”


That’s brilliant, ‘mione!” Exclaimed Ron.


“I agree, Hermione. This will be perfect.” Harry agreed with Ron.


“Great! I can write up the arithmancy for you.”


We talked about the coin and a few other non important stuff before we split. I noticed that Daphne was interested in the coin and it made me contemplate another means for us to communicate. Daphne decided to walk me to the Ravenclaw house entrance. We were careful to make sure no one could see us, using one of the many secret paths that she didn’t know about. We held hands the entire time. 


Once we arrived at the entrance, I gave her a quick kiss before telling her another path that should take her to the dungeons. After watching her leave my eyesight, I answered the riddle and went to my room before I could be waylaid by anyone. Another day, another added stress to the long list I already have.

Chapter Text

Time flies when you are trying not to cause too much trouble. Add on all the extra work a fifth year has to do at the end of a term. It was December eighteenth, the day before Yule break. It has been.. A tiring two months. Since my heritage was released to the world, it has constantly been brought up. If it wasn’t the students, it was some of the professors, specifically Umbridge. After attempting to arrest me, she had been calling me Ms. Pendragon, as an attempt to unnerve me. All she accomplished was to confuse the other students. Umbridge never did stop breathing down my neck. She was doing what I have heard Alastor Moody yell as his mantra, constant vigilance. There wasn’t a moment I didn’t feel her eyes on me. She had even created the Inquisitor Squad, meant to watch myself and anyone else not following her stupid decrees. Unsurprisingly, they were entirely composed of Slytherins, led by Draco Malfoy. Daphne stayed cleared of them, as did a lot of other Slytherins. While I could see the appeal for another step in the door for the Ministry, it felt like selling your soul. 


Umbridge has created more Education Decrees made in that time. All of which were more ridiculous than the last. One involved banning The Quibbler from the school grounds. Luna had the idea of having her father publish the truth about me. Based on the fact that I had no idea about it till I was forced to take the heritage test. It helped curb some of the students.. bias against me. Luna was such an amazing friend that I was glad that I stood for her defense all those years. It later led to printing the truth of Voldemort, it was at that point where she made the decree. 


I have also met with Professor Flitwick a couple of times to practice my unique ability. It was slow going, but I was slowly starting to see something more concrete about the fractals. I was able to see a bit of a purple outline, but that was as far as I was able to see. It was coming a lot quicker. Though, it felt like it was fighting me for going too quick. Before it took a couple of seconds for it to be noticeable. Now, it was almost instantaneous. It could be frustrating, I could almost feel the break through. Professor Flitwick thought best to let things happen organically and we would resume private training once it has progressed. That was about a month ago and it felt like it had gone stagnant. 


DA has been interesting, to say the least. The first meeting after the revelation was rough, to say the least. Harry, Ron, and Ginny had to reiterate that I was the same Ravenclaw they all know. After the rest of the DA realized that I was not going to curse them into oblivion, they relaxed. Harry had given them the coin to let them know when a meeting was going to happen. We have had several meetings since then and have practiced quite a bit. Once they were comfortable with me teaching, we started going over stunning spells and the Impediment jinx. Harry’s plan for today was a new spell, something that I was hesitant on. Expecto Patronum. With me being Morgana, I was not sure I was even able to produce one. Guess this DA meeting was going to be the time to find out.


I felt a poke in my side and looked to my right. Daphne and her sister had decided to join the DA. While I had a feeling she would join, I didn’t expect her sister to be the one to push her to do it. The past 2 months have been great with Daphne. Hidden kisses and hand holding between classes were plentiful. When we had time to be together for a longer period of time, we would discuss ourselves. Getting closer than we were before. Like her family's fear about Voldemort coming back. It seemed that her family seemed to believe Harry and Dumbledore, but didn’t want to fully back him. They wanted to skirt the factions in the upcoming war. In return, I would discuss my lack of honesty with my family. She was not happy about that. Note to self, never make her angry. An angry Daphne was not good, especially if directed toward yourself. She did make a lot of good points though. My family and I had grown distant because of my secrets. It was better that they knew the truth, even if the fear of them pulling me out was there. It was because of her that I was going home for break instead of staying as I usually do. My parents had planned a skiing trip, hopefully the trip will still be enjoyable after I tell them the truth.


“Are you okay?” Daphne asked sincerely. She looked mildly nervous, probably due her and her sister being the only Slytherins in the DA. They had joined me to be here early, hopefully to not be easily run out by the rest of the group. 


“Yeah, just thinking. A lot has been on my mind.”


“I hope my sister is one of those,” Astoria piped up with a glare.




“Of course. She is always on my mind. She is not a problem, it’s everything else,” I admitted. I didn’t want to explain more, but the look Daphne was showing was enough for me to give in. “Between the shite Umbridge has been doing, the end of term, and you know what. It has been tiring. I will be extremely grateful for a bit of relaxing during the break.”


“You’re going to tell them, right?” Daphne asked, knowing exactly ‘them’ is. 


Releasing a sigh, I said, “yes, that’s the plan. As long as nothing catastrophic happens.”


“You know, now that you said it, something will.”


A groan escaped my lips. Astoria looked between the two of us with a smug smile. Before I could say anything else, the door to the hallway opened up. I saw Harry, Ron, Ginny and several Gryffindors enter. They must have all traveled together. It made me wonder if they were using one of the secret passages. Once their gaze landed on myself and the Greengrass sisters, I knew something might happen if someone didn’t say anything. 


Harry spoke happily Before anyone could comment, “Daphne, Astoria! Glad you could make it. I imagine Hermione has told you about the DA?”


“She has. While we have some.. reservations considering what this will mean in the long run, we are both tired of the lack of education. We made sure to sign up as well, as a sign of good faith.” She spoke calmly, but anyone who was paying attention could see the nervousness in her eyes. Getting her to sign up took a lot. While it showed a sense of loyalty to the rest of the DA, it meant that she had to put her name on a somewhat official document. I might have bribed her with a lot of kisses. Not that I was complaining. Her sister was far easier to convince.


The looks on several of the students seemed to relax at her admission. The tension in my shoulders that I didn’t notice, eased at that. Bias amongst students, especially Gryffindors and Slytherins, was not that surprising. Several of them were still wary about them, but it didn’t matter. The more the Greengrass’s showed up, the more they realized that they spoke the truth.. 


Harry seemed to notice the slight tension between everyone, even if it was lessening. “Relax, I trust them. They’re not like Malfoy.”


His words seemed to persuade the rest of the DA. With that hurdle taken care of, I needed to discuss our plan for today with Harry. Giving Daphne a subtle squeeze on her arm, I left to meet with Harry at the back of the room. As much as I wanted to turn back and comfort my girlfriend, we needed to keep it a secret. The school knew I interacted with students from all houses, so the small interaction was not far-fetched for a friend.


Once I caught up to Harry, I asked hesitantly, “are we reviewing the previous spells or are we trying the Patronus charm?” A part of me was hoping that we wouldn’t be doing that charm today.


He looked around the room as more students started to appear. “I want to do the Patronus. It would be a good way to end the break, on a happy note.” He paused to look at me. “You okay? You seemed.. Hesitant.”


“I am. I’m not sure I will be able to.. produce one. With, you know, Morgana being a dark witch thing.”


“Hermione..” He looked genuinely concerned, “you’re not a dark witch.” He rubbed his hand over his face before continuing, “look. If you, for some reason, can’t produce one.. You are still able to show people how to cast the spell. Just.. give it a try, will you?” He finished tiredly. 


“I-sure. I will try.” I looked over my shoulder to see the students congregate around each other. One particular girl had her eyes glued onto Harry. Cho Chang. Changing the subject, I nudged Harry a little. “It looks like Cho is quite interested in you. Have you asked her yet?”


“Uh- what?” In the most ungraceful way he possibly could, he turned around and looked for Cho. The facepalm at his lack of tact was loud enough that I’m sure others heard. If I was paying attention, I would have heard a slight giggle coming from Greengrass sisters direction.


“Way to play it cool. Now, let’s do some teaching,” I finished with patting him on the shoulder and walking towards the center.


Harry quickly caught up and spoke first, “Hello everyone! Now, I know we have been working hard on the several stunning spells and the Impediment jinx, today we are going to be doing something new. Something that I hope will leave everyone off happier when going into the break. We will be attempting the Patronus charm.” The room erupted in joy and apprehension at the thought of learning such an advanced spell. “Now, the most important part of this spell is to imagine the happiest moment in your life. It can’t be something like getting a good grade. It has to be something that truly makes you happy.”


“The wand movement and incantation is simple.” pulling out my wand, I showed them the wand movement and incantation. Most people knew the incarnation, but producing the actual Patronus was hard.


Harry then demonstrated the charm. Out of his wand came a ghostly white stag. I remember seeing it in third year, but it still amazed me. The safe aura it gave near it was noticeable. What I did not expect was to see my ability to show the purple outlines around the Patronus. They didn’t go farther than that, but I was not expecting to see them around this spell. While I was focused on the Patronus, Harry had everyone separate around the room to give them enough space. 


Once out of my reverie, I walked over to the Greengrass’s. “That was so cool! We get to try that, Daphne!” Astoria was very excited to try this spell. It always astounded me how animated she got, especially compared to her sister. Who was acting as cool as she could in this situation. Laughing at her enthusiasm, I motioned for them to get into an open area. I took a spot near them, as a way to be a buffer between anyone who would try to be a nuisance to them. 


I took a moment to center myself. This was it. I was going to find out if I was going to be able to produce my Patronus. Going through my memories to find the happiest moment in my life, all I could think of was Daphne. Sure my parents were always there for me and I love them dearly. Even the pursuit of knowledge paled in comparison to her. I truly felt happy when I was around her. Opening my eyes and looking towards her, I repeated the wand movement and spoke,” Expecto Patronum!”


Gasps were heard all around the room as out of my wand a white glow, surrounded by the purple fractal outlines, burst forth. Immediately a form was created and a Raven was flying through the air. My mouth hit the floor as I watched my Patronus fly around the room, happy as it can be to be free. Slowly, it flew over to me and landed on my shoulder. My mouth had closed as it? She. As she started to cuddle into the side of my head. 


After leaning a little into the Raven, I looked around the room to see that everyone was shocked. “Uh.. what?”


Many students quickly focused back on what they were doing. Ginny was cackling, unable to control herself. Luna and Harry bore huge smiles on their faces. Ron was still shocked, unsurprisingly. Turning slightly, I saw that Daphne was looking at me with a slight smile. Ever the cold facade to others. I knew that smile was larger than it actually was. Before I knew it, my Patronus flew and started to fly over Daphne. I had to mentally stop her from landing on Daphne. She then started flying around my other friends before coming back to me. 


After my surprising display, I started to walk around helping others with their spell work. Occasionally I would look over to Daphne to see that she was getting close. She was able to masterfully project an incorporeal Patronus. I started to head towards her direction before I was waylaid by Harry.


“I told you you could do it.” Harry had the biggest grin on his face. “See! You’re not a dark witch.”


“Yes, yes. Laugh it up. I was overreacting. Could you really blame me for thinking otherwise? Though a Raven is still.. ominous.

“No, I don’t blame you. I get it,” he admitted looking at the Raven. Ravens were known for omen of dark magic. At least that is not common knowledge or else everyone would be accusing me. Their other traits though.. It depicted me perfectly.


“It does make me wonder though. Is history wrong about her, or is it because of the weird ‘I’m Morgana but also Hermione’ thing?,” I pondered.


“Would we ever really know? That was what? 900 years ago?”


“Something like that. It's been told she was around Hogwarts founders taught at the school,” I briefly recited. There was more to it, but I knew that not everyone enjoyed me reciting word for word. Especially Harry. He didn’t exactly need the exact wording to get the meaning.


“Imagine if you were to find the truth and she was actually good all this time.”


“Doubtful, even in myths, there is a shred of truth in them.”


“Harry! I think I almost got it!,” yelled Sally-Anne from across the room. 


“That’s my cue. Go on and help your girlfriend.” Smirking as he left.


There might have been a blush, not that I would admit it. Hoping it would go away by the time I made my way to Daphne. While she was having a problem creating a corporeal Patronus, she was farther than most of the DA. I waited for her to finish her current attempt before I went close to her and whispered, “are you using a happy memory?”


“Of course I am, I’m able to get incorporeal without any issues. Corporeal is a different issue altogether.”


“Well..” I paused for a moment for dramatic effect. “I used you as my happy memory.” I walked away, still looking at her. She was blushing and floundering, failing to attempt to even cast the spell. I was totally not smug at making my girlfriend flustered. I watched her calm down before she attempted to try the Patronus again. This time I could see that it was going to work. The purple outlines of the fractals formed immediately as she cast the charm. The Patronus came forth from her wand. What formed was a fox. What I knew about Patronus, that summed up Daphne perfectly. Extremely cunning and deceptive. Often causing those they deceive into traps. It sounds extremely like her


I started to clap happily that she was able to get a corporeal Patronus. Immediately my Raven started to swoop around her fox and perched on her head. The fox yipped and they both started to play together. I knew I should have stopped them, but I was too happy that she was able to do it. Walking over to her, I said, “I knew you could do it.”


“Well, you do give good advice. Once in a while.”


“Ouch,” I got a little closer to whisper, “and here I thought it was my winning smile.


“Don’t you dare quote Lockhart,” she scolded me with a pointed finger.


“Ah, but don’t you just love his amazing pickup lines.”


The eyebrow raise in response had me cackling. Once I had composed myself, I continued my rounds. After helping several students, they started to get the hang of it. Overall, the room’s atmosphere was happy. Everyone was enjoying the chance to see their Patronus. Many were able to get at least an incorporeal while a small few were able to get corporeal. During my rounds, I was able to notice that Cho and Harry were hanging around each other more than usual. I guess he took my advice. 


Eventually we cleared the room and everyone started to sneakily make their way out of the room. After we had checked the map to make sure which direction they needed to go. Myself, Daphne and Astoria left together. We noticed on our way out that Harry and Cho were hanging around each other in the back. I gave him a knowing grin, though I was not sure if he saw it. 


Once we made it close to the dungeons, Daphne stopped me. “Go on ‘tori, I will be inside in a moment.”


“Yeah, yeah, going to snog your girlfriend, I get it.” She waved her hand goodbye in my direction, “bye Hermione!” with that she left a groaning sister right next to me.


I chuckled for a moment before it was interrupted by a kiss. Once we broke apart, she whispered, “goodnight Hermione. I am very glad that your happy moment is me.” She paused and bit her lower lip, which was extremely mesmerizing. “You are mine.” She kissed me one more time before rushing away before I could respond. Her Patronus was very on point.


Once I made my way back to Ravenclaw tower, I was bombarded by several other Ravenclaws from DA. There were too many different questions. Ranging from my Patronus, if it was tied to Morgana. One that stuck out was if they should trust the Greengrass sister. 


“Yes, you can. I trust them completely.” I remember saying. The conviction in my voice seemed to quell their apprehension to the sisters. 


Eventually they all went to bed. I made it to my room to see Crookshanks laying on his back only bed. Sleeping. Laying down next to him, I gave him a soft pat on his stomach. He started to purr. Chuckling, I got up and got ready to go to bed. I had gotten a small backpack for the trip home, though I was mainly using my beaded bag. It made me want to create another one. Possibly one for Daphne, a perfect Yule present. 


I fell asleep with joy and happiness filling me. I was able to produce a Patronus. Sure an ominous one, but still. That was a good sign. The fact that Daphne and I were each other’s happy thoughts filled my stomach with butterflies. 


When I woke up the next morning, it was not due to my alarm. It was because of a knock on my door. Wiping the blurriness from my eyes and stumbling over to my door. I briefly looked at the clock to notice it was early. Way too early. Opening up, I saw my Head of House with a grim look on his face. Shite, something bad happened. 


“Ms. Granger, something has happened with your friend, Harry. The Headmaster asked me to have you see him in his office.”

Chapter Text

After quickly getting dressed, the trip to the Headmasters felt a lot shorter than last time. There were numerous things that Harry could have gotten himself into. Many of them were not great and usually involved Umbridge. I hoped that was not the case and it was a simple matter of hurting himself by accident, somehow. It’s a little sad that the best outcome for this was him injuring himself doing something. 


Professor Flitwick and myself went up the staircase and into the Headmaster’s office. The door opened up to the same office I was in when the Minister tried to arrest me. Well other than a frantically pacing Headmaster. Once he noticed us, he stopped pacing and motioned to follow him to his desk. 


I Figured it was best to find out what was going on instead of beating around the bush. “Headmaster, what happened to Harry?”


He remained silent till he was at his desk and popped a piece of candy into his mouth. “Harry had.. a vision last night. One that very much saved a life.”


“A vision?” I had to think but a mere moment before remembering Harry mentioning the weird dreams he was getting. Vision sounds too altruistic and this sounded anything but that. “He had mentioned some dreams he had. I had told him to look into Occlumency.”


“You did, now?” He asked curiously.


“Yup, I figured it would help him. Guess he never got to it. That aside, what was the vision about?” I can be on his case later about not listening to me. Again.


He mulled over the question. Clearly determining how much to tell me. “His vision showed Arthur Weasley being attacked by a snake. Something that did happen last night.” He allowed me to digest that information. How would he know it was a snake? That seemed very much something Voldemort would do. Also, where was Arthur to be attacked in such a manner? Clearly there was something going on that both sides were trying to achieve the same thing. “We were able to save Mr. Weasley. I brought Harry and Ron to a safe place in the middle of the night. I do apologize for not retrieving you sooner.”


“It’s fine.” I just had to open my mouth about something happening. I know my parents would understand, but it's the guilt that twisted in my stomach that almost makes me want to stay with them instead. I knew I couldn’t, Harry was my friend and he needed me, as did Ron. “Is.. is it possible that I can go to them?”


“I can arrange that, I didn’t want to presume. I didn’t want to whisk you away from your family during the break.” He sounded sincere, like he truly wanted me to have time with my family. A part of me didn’t, especially after how much I have been lying to them for so long. 


“I- I should ask them. I’m sure they would understand, but-”


“I understand Ms. Granger. I assume you are going home then? Even if it’s possibly for a short period.”


“I am. Thank you for letting me know, Headmaster.” Professor Flitwick and I left the office. We made our way back to Ravenclaw Tower. It was still early that only a couple of students were moving about. They sleepily said their mornings and went about their business. Most Ravenclaws went home for the holidays.


“Have a good break, Ms. Granger.”


“Thank you Professor.” I nodded my head as I went to my room to fully get ready for the trip home. Not that I had a lot to do with prepping the night before. Just had to make sure I had all of Crookshanks' things. Wait.. “Crookshanks? Where are you?” Bloody cat.

Stepping out of the cab, I stare down Grimmauld Place. The train ride was uneventful. Just Ginny, myself, and Luna talking occasionally. Though it was mostly Luna and myself as Ginny was still worried over her father. I had hoped that Daphne would come by, but she didn’t. While I was a little sullen at her not showing, I understood. Not going to stop me from making her an enchanted bag for Yule. Though I would have to give it to her in person. 


My parents took the news that I had to leave well. At least that is what I assumed. They understood that I had to be there for Harry and Ron. I was at least honest about what happened. I didn’t mention that Arthur was attacked by a snake. Specifically a snake probably controlled by a dark lord. The thought of telling them everything did come to mind, but I knew I didn’t have enough time. I also didn’t want to ruin their ski trip. They gave me some money and I left. Though I did grab one of the spare bags I had lying around. One that Daphne would like.


As I got closer to 12 Grimmauld Place, I saw the fractals form quickly around the building. It was slowly shifting, Like trying to show me the truth behind the charm. It was fascinating as always. The closer I got, I felt the charm reveal the building to me. The fractals remained, but they were surrounding the building as a whole. I stepped up to the door and knocked on it. It only took a moment before someone came to the door. 


It barely opened a crack before a wand was pointed in my direction. “What’s the name of your cat?”


Sighing, I said, “Crookshanks. Let me in Alastor. I need to see Harry.”


There was a grunt in response before he fully opened the door to allow me in. Walking through the door, I allowed my eyes to adjust to the dark interior of the house. The wards easily wrap their cold tendrils around me before returning to normal. The entrance seemed like it did earlier in the summer. Except for the clear signs of magic if the fractals were to be followed. they were everywhere. Several objects and furniture had them waving around. The sheet covering the portrait did not hide the fractals at all. 


Looking towards Moody, I asked, “where is he?”


Another grunt. “Upstairs. Not sure they got any sleep.” I swear, he needed to grunt anytime he talked. Though the way he was constantly eyeing me, said a lot. He thought I might do something dark. 


“Thank you,” I tersely said. I passed him and went up the stairs. I could still feel his magical eye on me the whole time. Shaking my head, I decided to ignore him. If I knew my friends best, they were probably all huddled in the same room.


As I got close to the room that Harry and Ron shared over the summer, I could hear talking through the door down the hallway. They were not being very quiet about it were they? I opened the door and saw Harry, Ron, and Ginny all on their beds. Ginny being on Ron’s. 


“Hermione!” Harry yelled as he got up and hugged me. 


Hugging back I said, “what trouble did you get yourself into now. Dumbledore told me some, but I imagine there’s more.”


He broke the hug and stepped away. He then sat down and told his story. “I had a dream, vision really, last night. It-” he paused, looking as if to put words to what he saw. “I saw Mr. Weasley being attacked.. by a snake. But what was weird was that I was the snake.”


“So, what I am hearing is that you didn’t take my suggestion about Occlumency?” This sounded like Voldemort had an ability to control? Control sounds about right. Control the snake. Then by some connection to him, Harry was able to see it.


He bashfully chuckled at that. ”Uh, no. I have been.. It’s been a rough couple of months.”


Sighing a little, I calmly said, “I know. I’m glad that you are mostly ok. As well as Mr. Weasley.”


“We actually just saw him at St. Mungo's. He’s doing well and recovering.”


That was a relief. Snake bite, especially one possibly magical, were very deadly. Only a few ways could deal with that if you don’t know what type of snake. I was pretty sure the hospital doesn’t employ blood magic as one of them. “That’s good. Snake bites are not easy to deal with. Especially magical ones.” Taking stock of both of them, I could tell they were tired. “How are both of you though? You look knackered.”


“We feel it,” Ron said tiredly. Harry nodded in agreement. 


“Well, maybe we,” I looked at Ginny,” should let you both get some sleep.” She looked up at me, then at the boys before nodding in agreement. 


“I-fine,” Harry tried to protest. Ron had already laid down on his bed. Ginny and I left the room to let them sleep. Hopefully. We made our way to the room we were given. We both entered and sat on our respectful beds. Ginny also looked tired, but more in a mental exhaustion instead of physical. I pulled out my bags and placed them next to the bed. The bag that I will enchant for Daphne was also there. It was just a plain black bag, but I plan to add some personal touches to it before enchanting it. Glancing at Ginny, she noticed the bag. “It’s for Daphne. I plan to make an enchanted bag, like mine, for Yule.”


“Oh?” She said it in the smuggest way possible. Still able to achieve it even with how tired she looked. “Wait. How are you going to do that here? The Trace..”


“Only applies to those under seventeen. I’m pretty sure my escapades with the Time Turner bumped that up. Also, the Fidelius charm should hide it. Though I would not advise trying it.” I didn’t want to go into the fact that it is runic drawing and arithmancy to enchant the bag. No wand usage at all. No way for the Ministry to track it.


“Are you just leaving it black? Not that she wouldn’t like it. I’m sure she will love it.”


“No, I plan to do some stitching to add her initials and possibly the Slytherin crest.” Though the blush I had gave away my calm response. It was reassuring that someone else thinks it was a great idea for a present. 


When I turned around, Ginny had already passed out on her bed. Giving a slight chuckle, I left with the bag in hand. My destination being the library. The one that I hope hasn’t been ransacked of too many books. The house was eerily quiet as I walked through the hallways. Not sure if everyone was solemn because of what happened or were out for the time being. Though, if they had been up as long as the boys, It would not be surprising if they were sleeping. 


Unsurprisingly, the door to the library was spelled. Quickly looking around for anyone, I quickly undid the spell. What surprised me was how the purple fractals reacted as I did that. This was the first time I actually tried to modify the spell when I was able to see the fractals. The way they shifted and wavered was amazing. Then once I undid the spell, they disappeared. This was something I needed to look more into.


Opening the door quickly, I slipped inside and closed it behind me. The room looks mostly the same except for several missing books that used to be on the shelf. Setting my beaded bag down, I took out the books that I had read and placed them back into the bookshelf. Browsing the shelf, I looked for the next set of books that interest me. The curses that were on the books were clear to see with my ability. Trying to figure out what they were though was a different situation altogether. A pop was heard in the corner and a quick glance showed it was in fact Kreacher. 


“Hello miss. Is there something Kreacher can do for you?” Previously I was curious why Kreacher was so cordial with me. It was well known that he cursed muggleborn and blood traitors, yet he was fine with me. Now that I know I am Morgana, I wondered if he was able to sense me in some way.


“Certainly Kreacher. Though I do have a question to ask first.” He looked up with pleading eyes and nodded. “Why are you so.. nice to me?”


He mulled over the question for a bit before responding. “Kreacher.. Kreacher feels he must respect you. Kreacher’s not sure why he must respect you, but he does.”


Interesting. Why was that the case? So many questions and very little answers. Smiling to him to help stave off the anxiety I can feel rolling off of him. “Thank you, Kreacher. Now as for what you can do for me, are you able to remove the curses on some of these books for me?”


Nodding furiously, “Certainly, miss!” He snapped his finger and the fractals around those books disappeared. He looked proud at removing those for me.


“Thank you again, Kreacher. That will be all.”


With another happy smile from Kreacher, he popped out of the room. I looked at some of those books and saw if any were interesting. Most of them were pretty mundane, at least in terms of dark magic. There was one that I was completely repulsed by. It was a sickening feeling that crept up my spine. It felt.. wrong. Based on the title of the book depicted what was in the book, Ghastly Manuscript: A guide to Death with no author, it was about death magic. An involuntary shudder wracked my body at the thought of death magic. I had no idea why I had responded to that in such a manner. It had to be tied to Morgana.


Stepping away from that particular book, I grabbed a different one and settled down next to the small table. Pulling out Daphne’s bag and some of the supplies to create the enchantment, I set them down next to the book. I opened the book and started to work on Daphne’s bag.


Some time later, while I was slowly working on the bag while occasionally browsing the book, the door to the library opened up. If I wasn’t so focused on not ruining the enchantment on the bag, I would have jumped in surprised. 


“So, this is where you were hiding,” The gruff voice said.


Briefly glancing up showed it was Sirius who entered the library. Returning my gaze back to my work, I replied, “yes. With Harry, Ron, and Ginny passed out, I figured I could work on a Yule present.”


“While reading an evil book.” The sneer in his voice was obvious. It was no secret that Sirius had some problems with his dark family. “Dumbledore had vouched for you, but clearly you are slipping into your.. other self.”


I remained quiet for a moment to finish the runic array I was applying to the bag. Once I finished, I raised an eyebrow in response to his comment. “You mean merely reading a book causes me to be dark? Does that include the title of the book? Does such a heinous title signify that you are dark? If that was the case, anyone who dared to enter this room would be labeled as such.” Giving him a pause to digest what I said, I continued, “not only that, not all dark magic is evil. It’s how one uses it.” Staring him in the eye. “One could easily use any light magic to harm or kill someone. Does that mean the person who casted those is good? But isn’t killing an evil act?”


He was speechless, but I wanted to continue. To drive my point into him. “Another point I want to make is blood magic. Blood magic has many applicable ways to heal. For example, Arthur’s snake bite would probably be a lot easier to heal if one uses blood magic to pull the venom from his blood.” I stared down at the book I was currently reading. “The difference between dark, mundane, and light magic is the toll it takes on the caster. Dark magic requires a sacrifice of the user. Light magic requires emotions.” As an example, I summoned my Patronus and allowed her to fly about the room.


He stared at the raven Patronus in complete surprise. He was probably also under the assumption that a Dark Arts user could not summon a Patronus. “If you want to talk about evil . That book right here,” I said as I pointed at a singular book that felt wrong to me. “That one is bad. I imagine that book has something about death magic. Like the Killing curse.” Sure, I was using my own feelings about the book, but if my assumption was right. That book showed how to use the Killing curse and should be marked as.. very dark.


My Patronus landed on my shoulder and started to rub her beak into my hair. I gave her a scratch under her chin. The happy croak she gave in response made me chuckle. I dismissed her and looked back at Sirius. He was clearly pondering over my tirade. 


“You.. you are not what I was expecting.”


“Let me guess, you thought I would, out of nowhere, be dark, evil, and menacing?”


His shoulders lower and he sighed, “partly. The tales of Morgana are not.. pretty. I was truly expecting you to give all our secrets to You Know Who.”


“That would be stupid. I’m still a muggleborn for one. Two, I am pretty sure any stories about her are wrong or missing a vast amount of information. Three, I would never betray Harry like that.” I finished with such conviction that it set him back.


“You wouldn’t?” he said in a soft voice.


“What? Betray, Harry?” He nodded. “No, I would never do that,” I calmly said.


“Thank you.” The sincereness of his voice quieted me, so I waited for him to explain further. “Harry is already going through so much. To know that even with… you know what, wouldn’t add more stress than what he already has.”


“Does.. does he fear that I would do that to him?” I quietly asked. I hope that was not the case.


“Not necessarily you. Others. While he doesn’t talk to me too much, I can tell he fears that. That people will abandon him.”


“Wait, how are you speaking to him?” I was genuinely curious. I wouldn’t put it past Umbridge to screen letters. 

He gave a big goofy smile, “the floo.”


Thinking it over for a moment, I believe I figured out how he did it. “Sticking your head in the floo?”


“You got it!” The big goofy smile didn’t disappear. If anything, it got bigger.


We proceeded to be quiet for a bit. I went back to the bag while he was looking at the book shelf. He eventually broke the silence. “Watch out for him, will you?”


Not looking up, breaking my concentration too much and I could ruin the array. “Of course. He’s my best friend.” Now I wanted Sirius to bug Harry a bit.  “Now, if you want new information about your Godson, ask him how I set him up with Cho Chang.”


“OH? Really?” The excitement in his voice told me that he is definitely going to be on Harry.




“Well then.” he moved to get up and leave the library. He twisted the door knob slightly before stopping. “Thank you, Hermione. You have given me a lot of.. a lot to think about. Try not to blow up the house please.”


I waved him off and continued to work on the bag. It needed to be perfect for her. The door opened and closed. My concentration never leaves the bag. It was almost done and I couldn’t mess up. At least it was far easier than when I tried to make mine last year. 

St. Mungo's on Christmas day was an interesting event. The Order had decided that we should visit Arthur at the hospital today. There were many things about this that bothered me. So many of the Order being in one area seemed like it was asking for trouble. Nonetheless, we were all there. 


I tried to stick to the background, hoping not to draw any attention. While I didn’t normally read The Prophet, I knew that the general populace didn’t have a good view of me. The whispers my fellow students said under their breath gave a good view of what people outside the school said. 


We made our way to the ward that Mr. Weasley was on without too many problems. No one was actively trying to go after me or Harry for that matter. I did notice a few nurses stop and gawk at us, but that didn’t necessarily bother me. 


We made it to Mr. Weasley’s room and we all surrounded him. Asking how he was doing and hoping he gets out soon. There was a Christmas celebration and some gift exchanges. I stayed mostly in the back, watching the door and others who passed by. It didn’t hurt to be a little prepared if someone decided to barge in. The approval from Moody was disturbing, but easily ignored. 


Eventually the kids were forced out of the room. Probably something to do with Order business. So we stood around the hallway waiting for them to be done. There were a couple of nurses who were going about their work. Though one kept staring at me. Not with fear, but wonder. She eventually walked up to me.


“Are you Hermione Granger?”


“Depends,” I deadpanned.


“The one who is,” she looked around and whispered, “Morgana Pendragon?”


Releasing a deep sigh. “Apparently.” 


“I wanted to say thank you,” she said sincerely.


That surprised me. Someone was thanking me? For what?


I must have said that out loud as she chuckled and responded, “while it’s a closely kept secret, many of Morgana’s healing and curing potions are still used today.” Her eyes were almost filled with tears. “Because of that, it saved my father’s life.”


I was shocked. I never knew that Morgana had any healing potions still being used to this day. Most people focus on the ‘Dark Witch’ part instead of her other accomplishments. At least what is known about her anyway. She continued to say her thanks before she had to get back to work. 


“You alright?” the questioning voice of Ron said next to me.


Snapping back to the present, I responded, “yeah. Just surprised.”


“What did she say to you? Was it bad?”He asked frantically. As if to be ready to hex her.


“No.. just, surprising. Don’t worry about it.” I didn’t want to get into that talk with Ron right now. We were in a public place. We can discuss it at 12 Grimmauld Place.


“Hey guys!”


We all looked down the hallway to see Neville down the hallway with a stern looking woman. I guess that was his Gran. We walked down the hallway to meet with him. It didn’t escape my notice of the look that Neville’s Gran was giving me. Ignoring her, I kept my focus on Neville.


“What are you doing here Neville?” Harry asked.


Neville looked a little sheepish before he responded. “Seeing my parents. They are in this ward.” Right. His parents were tortured to insanity by Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry, Ron, and Ginny were surprised though. Guess they didn’t know about that. 


“I didn’t know about that. Are they.. Ok?” Harry questioned. 


“As much as they can be,” Neville said. Clearly embarrassed for us to find out. 


Neville’s Gran kept looking at me but added, “you have no need to be embarrassed Neville. You should be proud of your parents, for their sacrifice in the war.” 


I looked inside the room to see two adults, enjoying the little things they were doing. Like children. The fact that the Cruciatus curse could do this to someone and apparently have no way to cure disturbed me. Not the curse itself, but the fact that no one has been able to reverse the damage. I had an itch to find some way to cure the effects of the curse. Especially if it goes too far like it did for Neville’s parents.


Apparently my disapproval was apparent to Neville’s Gran as she scowled at me. Knowing it was a losing battle, I released a sigh and stepped away. She seemed to relax a bit. Clearly she didn’t trust me. I decided to let Harry and Ron talk with Neville while I stayed back. Ginny must have noticed and stood next to me, looking between myself and Neville’s Gran. 


“You ok?” She asked quietly.


“Just peachy. Not everyday, someone's Gran was boring holes into you.”


She chuckled. At that point, the rest of the Order was done with their business and we had to leave. We said our goodbyes to Neville and left the hospital. Overall, it could have been far worse. 

Chapter Text

Returning to Hogwarts was a bit surreal. The rest of Winter break was enjoyable if you took out the part of Mr. Weasley returning from St. Mungos. He was welcomed by all in 12 Grimmauld Place. Though, they seemed to be going over the top about it. You would think that after seeing him mostly recovered in St. Mungos on Christmas, that his coming home would not be that surprising. I was wrong. There was essentially another celebration for him coming home. Maybe my point of view was biased. My parents and family have been healthy as far as I remember. The only major injury that any of my family has had to deal with was dental related. The feeling of the bracers I used to wear as a child came to focus. An involuntary shudder went through me at the thought. Though this shudder was nothing like the one caused by that book.


The feeling of that book has not faded. It felt wrong, very wrong. I didn’t know why, but it must be a link to Morgana. Why would, what history proclaimed, a dark witch have some sort of reaction to a book that contains knowledge of death magic. One day during break, Sirius and I were in the library when he looked at the book depicting the knowledge of the killing curse. The way he was explaining it sent a constant shiver down my spine. One that I forced him to close the book to stop. That probably brought some points for Sirius against being a dark witch. The reaction I had to the book jolted him severely. 


The bag for Daphne was also finished. It had her initials and family crest, in Slytherin green, in the center of the bag. It acted exactly like my beaded bag. Though mine was far more colorful. Trying to communicate to her that we need to meet up was tedious.  It was tiring, trying to talk to my girlfriend, who was in another house. With us having to keep the relationship a secret, at least mostly a secret. So, I started to research making a way for us to communicate with each other. The runic array shouldn’t be too complex, and the spell that would complete it should be straight forward. I would just need to get some blank journals and work on that. I was eternally grateful that our secret relationship was not part of the rumor mill. While my friends could be loudmouths, they knew when to keep things a secret.


On to the topic of my friends, specifically Harry in this case. If my hearing was correct, which it usually was, he was going to start Occlumency. Taught by Snape. I hoped that the professor would be able to curb his bias against the Potters to help Harry. The way they were, quickly, describing the basics of what they were going over. It made me realize that I must have shortcutted. I was able to construct my mind space relatively easily. Probably another thing that was made easy for me due to Morgana. It must be. How much of my accomplishments were because of her? Was anything truly mine?


Ignoring the self doubt that sprouted in me, I slowly ate my breakfast in the Great Hall. It was a couple of days back from break. Umbridge was being her usual controlling self. Seeming to try and grasp more power than she should. A few more decrees were posted over the break. Some as stupid as boys and girls having to be inches apart from each other. Seriously? Does she not know that the more asinine things you put to control, those who you are trying to control will rebel anyway? Dictators never truly held the power they thought they did. People will always find a way around those rules. Any number of similar rules were going to be ignored behind closed doors. 

A flock of owls came through the hall, dispensing their deliveries to the students. I had decided to order a copy of The Prophet to see what they were lying to the public about. Once the owl dropped it, a little too close to my food, I picked it up and looked at it. 




Bloody brilliant. I was being blamed for releasing prisoners. There were going to be students who also believed that. Even though I was in the castle and had no way to travel that quickly. Things like this made me realize that people could truly be ignorant and stupid. They would jump at the first thing that they can blame. Completely ignoring the facts. If The Prophet spent as much time researching for the facts as they did constructing elaborate hoaxes, they would be far more respected in my eyes. Instead they are a mockery of the word journalism. 


The whispers and looks told me that people were, sadly, believing it. Without glancing up at them I said, “you can believe what you want, but I didn’t release them.” taking a small bite of my food, I continued, “why would I release the very same people who want to murder muggleborns. Something that I still am. Just because I am somehow Morgana does not subtract the fact that I am, and apparently was, a muggleborn. Seems off, doesn’t it?”


I let them mulled over that, a few of them realizing how wrong The Prophet could be about trying to blame me. Though they did still think Sirius was the one to release them. Oh, if only they knew the truth. Honestly, thinking about it now, I wanted to hex Sirius for not taking my offer about clearing his name. If we had done that, they would try to blame me, which wouldn’t work. They would eventually have to realize that someone released them and it wasn’t their usual scapegoat. They might actually see through their constant lies and see the truth that Voldemort was back. The picture of Bellatrix on the front seemed to already point towards the breakout being Voldemort's doing. She was clearing maniacally happy, screaming Voldemort. If my lip reading was correct.


To sate my curiosity, I looked over to the Professor’s table to see Umbridge glaring at me. She clearly must have thought I did it. Yet she was not sure how I did it. Sure, I figured out a way through Hogwarts wards to blow up a prison and come back. Though the prison really did need to be wiped off the face of the earth. It was truly ridiculous that such a thing existed. Azkaban was pure torture and against just about every human rights law made in many countries. For both magical and non magical alike. Not only that, but many other countries wanted to remove the prison as well. It seemed only a small few countries agreed with it. 


Finishing up my breakfast, I got up, with The Prophet in hand and went to the Gryffindor table. My friends were their usual selves in the morning. Barely awake. It astounded me that Ron was still able to shovel food into his mouth while he looked asleep. It was still disgusting mind you, but fascinating. I plopped down next to Harry as he slowly ate, startling him. He looked up to me and I could tell he was more exhausted than usual. 


“Oh, hey Hermione. What are you doing here?” He asked. The exhaustion was clear in his voice.


“Well, I was going to discuss this article, but I could tell you look knackered. You alright?”


He sighed and ate another small bite. Like he was forcing himself to eat. “Yeah..”


“Don’t lie to me Harry Potter.”


He flinched slightly before resigning, “no, I’m not.” He leaned closer to whisper. “Snape was training me in Occlumency. It was.. Rough. I was expecting it to be sort of what you told me it was like.”


I glanced around the table before responding, “honestly. I have a feeling my Occlumency was a bit easier than it would be for others.”


“Oh?” Curiosity was clear on his face.


“Well, I think it was because of Morgana..”


“Ah. Think she has anything to do with it?”


“I do.” Not voicing the self doubt that came with it.


“Well, you're lucky then. It.. it was bloody rough.”


“Yeah..” lucky. That’s one way to put it. “Anyway, I wanted to show you this.” I showed him the article of the breakout. Ron had finally looked up from his plate and saw the article.


“Merlin’s balls. Are they really trying to pin it on you as well?”


Ignoring the curse. “Yes, they are. Umbridge was glaring at me earlier. Probably still is. I had to point out to several Ravenclaws that it would be foolish to believe that I would do such a thing.”


“No kidding!” Harry spouted. “Just go ahead and release people who probably want to kill you. As much as they focus on your heritage, they seem to completely ignore the rest of it.”


I hummed in agreement. We settled into a quiet discussion about classes before I broached the next subject. “When do we want the DA to meet?”


“I was thinking at the end of the week. Give everyone time to settle back into Hogwarts life.”


“Works for me.” I paused for a moment. “I didn’t want the DA to interrupt Daphne and I from meeting. I need to give her the gift I made.”

Harry gave me a smirk, “oh I see. Wanted to make sure you could snog your girlfriend?”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about, “ I said as I turned my face away from him. Ignoring the blush on my face.


“Sure, Hermione. Sure.”


“Whatever,” I hastily responded and got up, heading back to the Ravenclaw table with the article in hand. I gathered my supplies, most of them already in my bag. I walked out of the Great Hall quickly to head to my first class. 


Before leaving the Great Hall, I looked over my shoulder towards the Slytherin table. Daphne and her sister were silently eating their breakfast. She must have felt me watching her, not sure how, because she looked up at me. She gave a small smile. One that I returned. She mouthed “later”. Giving her a small nod, I continued out of the hall.

I was able to let Daphne know that I wanted to talk to her, privately. With the privacy of the Come and Go Room and there being no DA, it was the perfect location to meet. She agreed, though we had to be quiet about it since Umbridge was being a pain in her class. She was watching me like a hawk, more so since the release of the article. I have noticed that most, if not all, of the DA didn’t believe anything The Prophet said about me. They had seen me produce a Patronus . They had also come to realize that I am still very much the same person. Someone who was clearly not evil.


Since I was the one to suggest it, I got to the room before her and made it into my favorite setting. The small fireplace, with a couch instead of a chair, and a small library. It would be a great place to exchange gifts with my girlfriend. I waited outside for her, though I was careful since Mr. Filch has been on the prowl ever since the DA was formed. 


It only took a couple of minutes, but it felt longer. What can I say? I wanted to see my girlfriend. She came around the corner, cautiously. Once her eyes found me, she smiled. A very big smile. Still cautiously, she walked towards me quickly. I noticed a small bag in her hand. Once she got close she beat me to the hug. I would have chuckled if it wasn’t for the warm embrace of her hug. Returning the hug, I heard her whisper quietly, “I missed you.” She then kissed my cheek and released the hug. 


She still found a way to make me blush easily. Clearing my throat, I responded, “I missed you too. We should head inside before anyone comes down the hallway.”


I opened the door for her and we stepped inside into the warm room that I had created for us. Making sure the hallway was clear, I closed the door. Daphne had already sat down on the coach and placed the small bag on the side. With her sitting on the coach, I noticed that the coach was just a bit smaller than I expected. Like it would only fit 2 people. I glanced around the room as if to be able to discern the sentience of the room.  Shaking my head, I walked over to Daphne.


“You were not joking when you said this room could turn into anything,” Daphne said with wonder.


Nodding, I said, “this,” waving my hands around the room as I sat down next to her, “is my usual go to since I found the room.”


As I sat down from my explanation, she grabbed me and kissed me, hard. My eyes closed as I let the kiss consume me. My hands moved towards her sides as our kiss intensified. I felt her hands and arms slowly wrap around my neck. After what felt like hours, we broke apart. She had pushed me back and was laying on me. If my face wasn’t already hot from the kissing, it would have been because of the position we were in.


“Hi,” she said breathily.


“Hi,” I responded, just as out of breath.


We just stared at each other for a bit, enjoying the closeness. That was probably the farthest we have gone. She eventually let me up, but not without another kiss. Not that I was complaining. Kissing her was intoxicating. 


She shuffled a bit to grab the bag and handed it to me. “Happy Yule, well a little late but..”


“Daphne, it’s fine. Our situation is a bit.. different. Don’t think I wasn’t thinking the same thing.”


I opened the small bag. Inside was a small rectangle box. Pulling it out, I held it gently. Glancing up to her, I could see the apprehension in her eyes. Opening the box, I saw a necklace. The chain was made of black leather. At the end of the necklace was a small claw. Upon closer inspections, I could tell what it was.


“It’s a raven’s claw. We occasionally get ravens that go through our lands. I thought.. Well since you’re a Ravenclaw and especially after finding out your Patronus is a raven..” She was getting nervous. One of the many things that I have noticed was that she starts to talk fast if she’s nervous. 


“Daphne, breath. It’s ok. I love it,” I said with a slight chuckle but a big grin on my face. That seemed to calm her down. I pulled her in and gave her a small kiss. “Help me put it on?”


The light in her eyes lit up as we shifted so she could put the necklace on. She moved my hair out of the way. I felt her hands near my neck as she placed the necklace and closed the clasp behind my neck. The necklace had a slight weight to it, but not too much. I lifted the raven’s claw. It was beautiful. She must have spent a long time making this. I felt my heart swell at the thought. 


I swiveled to see her face, one filled with joy. I have seen more emotion from her than I think anyone other than her family has seen. Possibly only Astoria has. “Thank you. It’s beautiful. Just like you.”


“I- uh,” she responded, flustered. 


Chuckling, I rummaged through my pocket to get her present. Once I got a hold of it I said, “Close your eyes and hold your hands out.” She did as I instructed. Pulling the bag out, I made sure to have the stitching facing her as I placed the bag in her hand. “Go ahead and open them.”


She opened her eyes and they landed on the bag in her hands. Her mouth opened slightly as she took in the gift. The black bag with Slytherin green stitching with her family’s crest and her initials. She opened the bag a little and her eyes widened and her mouth gaped further. “Is this..”


“Yes, it's a bag with an extension enchantment on it. I made it over break.”


“Wait.. you made this!? ” she exclaimed. 


Scratching the back of my head, “uh. Yeah. I made mine last year.”


“Are you telling me that a fourth year enchanted a bag and you decided to easily make one for a present?” a complete bewilderment filled her voice.


“Umm. Yeah.”


She just blinked at me for several moments before lunging at me in a deep kiss. I would deny till the day I die that I did not squawk as she pushed me back again, completely off guard. Another kissing session ensued on the coach.  The heat and weight of her body was very noticeable. It wasn’t uncomfortable per se, actually quite the opposite. Our hands started to wander across each other's body. I was a bit preoccupied as I noticed a hand slowly crept up my shirt. Playing with the edge. I tensed at the thought of going further. It was not something I was expecting so soon. 


She must have noticed my tenseness and stopped, she sat up and her eyes were filled with concern. “You ok?”


“Yeah. I-” I released a small cough and took a deep breath of air. “Yeah. I just wasn’t expecting..”


She looked sheepish at the train of thought I was going. “You’re right. I.. I also was not expecting to go that far.”


“Yeah..” quickly realizing how that might sound. “Not that I wouldn’t-”


“No, it’s fine, Hermione. I understand. It was something we would need to talk about anyway.” she admitted.


“Right.” We shifted so we were sitting next to each other. We held hands as the talk we were going to have was deep and personal between us. “Like I said, I’m not against the idea.”


“Just not now.”




“I agree.”


“Oh. oh wait, you do?”


“Yeah, I mean.. It would probably be both our first time?” she asked, trying to find out if I had or not. It does answer that it would be her first. I nodded in response. “Thought so. We should probably set some boundaries.” I nodded again. “Let’s say that if either of us need to stop what we are doing we immediately stop.”


“That sounds completely fair. I was thinking the same thing.”


“Good.. good.” She nodded. Then a mischievous look of mischief appeared on her face. “With that said..” she lunged at me again and we resumed our kissing session.


Eventually we stopped, surprisingly. Something I was grateful for as I wanted to find out how her break was. “How was your break?”


“It was ok.” she shied away from explaining further. “How was yours?”


I arched an eyebrow, but indulged her question. “Well, I cursed myself apparently.”


“Oh? How so?”


“Something happened to Harry.”


“Oh, you didn’t actually curse yourself.”


“No.” I paused as I rubbed my face. “He had a vision of sorts. Of Mr. Weasley being attacked by a snake. Where he was the snake. Because of that, they were able to save Mr. Weasley.”


“A snake..”




“Like the very icon of you know who.”


“Yeah.. you see where my line of thinking went.. Months ago.”




“Yeah. He had some dreams right before school started, based on what he told me. My thought was that he must have some link to Voldemort.” another ripple went through the air. “Ok that is very annoying.”


“What is?” She asked.


“Every time someone says his name, there is a ripple that goes through the air. I know it has to do with why everyone is afraid to say his name. But it’s worse when you can see it.”


“Oh, that would be annoying. Does your ability seem to be progressing?” She sounded very curious.


“Somewhat. I noticed that they completely disappear if I dispel or undo the magic.”


“Not much more?”


“No. It’s still being stubborn.”


“Sounds like you,” she said amusingly.


“Oh shush you. You like me.”


“I do like you. Anyway, what about the rest?”


“Well, I made your bag.”


“Thank you, by the way. It is incredible.”


I smiled at her, “it also gave me the idea of making a way for both of us to communicate easier. And secretly.”




“I want to enchant some journals that would allow the other to see what one writes.”

“That would be handy, do you know how long it will take you?”


“Not sure, probably not too long. I know what needs to be done, I just need the time to do it.” She hummed in response. Then prodded me to continue my story. “I then had a bit of a discussion with Sirius Black about the differences in light and dark magic. Since he tried to accuse me of such. Though I did have a new book from the Black library open at the time.”


“Ah, yes. The evil Sirius Black. Berating you on learning dark magic.”


I chuckled, “I know right? Anyway, we ended up going to St. Mungos for Christmas which was.. An interesting experience.”


“I still don’t quite understand why magical society took to Christianity so much.”


“I’m not sure either. It was not like my parents really followed the religion very closely. So it doesn’t bother me to respect Yule more. It seems to have more of a magical meaning than it does in the muggle world.”


“It does, there are rituals that are done for several of the holidays that have sadly been forgotten over time.”


“Do.. Do you think it’s because of muggleborn?” I asked hesitantly.


She sighed, probably not expecting this question nor wanting to give her opinion on it. “A little. It’s not the fault of a muggleborn to not know about our customs. That falls to the ministry, and Hogwarts to a degree, to not properly integrate them.” she pauses to think. “It’s not that I don’t mind the technology that they bring. A lot of it is very fascinating and worthwhile. But we shouldn’t have to lose our culture.”


I mulled over it for a bit before responding. “You’re not wrong.” A sigh of relief came out of Daphne. She must have been afraid of what I thought about her opinion. “When I came into the magical world, I was astounded by an entire world that was unknown to us, well to non-magicals. I also knew that, obviously, it was a completely different culture. It was not something I wanted to ruin. I wanted to be part of it.” I sighed and looked at our joined hands before continuing. “What I have seen and heard from other muggleborn. It saddens me. We shouldn’t be trying to replace and force our world into this one.”


A quiet, “thank you,” came from her.


I looked up at her to see some tears slowly fall from her eyes. I cupped her cheek slowly rubbing her cheek with my thumb. She hiccupped a little but her tears did not increase. I knew she was holding a lot in. It was clear in her eyes. I pulled her in and held her. We stayed there for a bit before I continued my story. “So, St. Mungos was an interesting experience. Instead of being berated, mocked, and feared. I was actually approached by a nurse and she thanked me.”


“Really?” her voice was still a little rough from earlier.


“Yeah, she claimed that some potions made by Morgana are still used today. Ones that apparently saved her father.”


“See! Not everyone thinks you are evil incarnate.”


“I guess you’re right,” I said, chuckling. We sat there quietly watching the fire as I held her. She eventually sat up, which prompted me to look at the time. It was very late. Bugger.


“We should probably get back to our dorms,” She said tiredly with a yawn to accompany it. 


“Yeah, let me walk you back.”


“You don’t have to-”


“But I am.” I said fiercely.


She sighed as we got up and left the Come and Go Room. We made our way through the eerily quiet castle. Taking the secret pathway that led directly to the Slytherin common room. Once we were close, I pulled her to the side, cupped her cheek. There were no traces of her crying, but easily noticeable that she was tired. I gave her a deep kiss. “You look fine. Just play up the tiredness and you should be fine.”


This time she kissed me. “Thank you. Though I could have figured that one myself.”


I raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Sure you can. Be safe and I will try to get the journals finished soon.”


“Bye, Hermione.”


“Goodnight, Daphne.”


I watched her walk to the door entrance and whisper the password. I pretended not to hear it, instead opting to watch her. Once she was inside, I left and headed towards the Ravenclaw common room. The raven claw dangling from the necklace as I walked.

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“Hermione, you know you didn’t have to come with me,” Harry said offhandedly. 


With everything that has been going on this year, I had been neglecting to see Hagrid. I knew he had come back to school not too long ago. He had been gone for quite some time, but he came back at the start of the semester. Harry and Ron had met him shortly after he came back. Apparently there was a big surprise that Harry was all too excited to show me. If I knew anything about Hagrid, it would be in the Forbidden Forest. 


That was another thing that struck me as we walked towards Hagrid’s hut. The Forbidden Forest was never really forbidden for us, was it? How often did we end up in the forest? It seemed like every year we somehow ended up there. The unicorns who were killed by Professor Quirrell, who had Voldemort resting on the back of his head. Then Harry and Ron went into the forest to confront the spiders, who were not the monster petrifying everyone. I even told them what the monster was. Third year involved the dementors and Professor Lupin in werewolf form. Last year, well there was the whole tournament. 


So I was not surprised that this year would also include the forest. Though I was just not sure what form it would take. “Harry, you and I both know that I should. He’s my friend too.”


“True, but I know you are flustered. More so than usual.”


It was true, I had been all over the place. Though for once it had nothing to do with Umbridge or the Ministry. “I know I have.. Valentine's Day is coming up and Daphne won’t allow me to plan anything.”


“Oh? Is that what’s really bothering? Not being the one to plan things?”


Not wanting to continue on with this line of thinking, I redirected the conversation, “what about you? What are you planning to do for Cho for Valentine's Day?”


“Don’t try to worm your way out of my question, Hermione. Though, if you must know. I do have a plan.”


“Ugh! Fine. Yes! It bothers me,” I admitted. She told me that she was going to plan everything for Valentine's Day and that I had nothing to worry about. Except I had everything to worry about. It was our first Valentine's Day together. I.. I wanted it to be perfect. 


Harry had a smug look on his face as we walked down to Hagrid’s in the snow. “I’m sure that she has everything under control. I’m sure she’s fretting over it just as much as you are.”


I knew she probably was. Daphne could be worse than me when it comes to that. I just wasn’t sure what she had planned. I felt there was so much that could go wrong.. Bloody hell I really needed to calm down. Sort of the reason I came with Harry to see Hagrid. 


Harry knocked on Hagrid’s door, there came a cacophony of sound from the other side. Fang barking incessantly. “Quiet down Fang! One moment! Fang, git back!”


The door eventually opened to show our big friend and his equally big grin across his face. “Harry! ‘mione! Come in, come in!” He opened the door to allow us in. But not before stopping Fang from jumping on us, “Fang! Down! Ye know them!”


Fang eventually calmed down and laid down in the corner of the hut. Harry and I stepped into the warmth. “It’s been a while ‘mione. How have ye been?” The happiness of the question belayed the answer that he didn’t know. Or he forgot.


“You mean besides finding out I’m Morgana Pendragon?” The side glance from Harry was hard not to notice. I was probably more harsh than normal, but sometimes Hagrid needed the bluntness.


“Ah, yeah, well. I’d figure ye didn’t want think about that.”


So he did know. That’s surprising and good. It was not something I wanted to dig into too much. “Thank you, Hagrid. I was not sure how much you knew.”


He scratched the back of his head and responded, “the Order told me. It was wrong what she did to ye. I fear she would do the same if everyone didn’t already know.”


It wasn’t a surprise that he would be fearful of something like that. It doesn’t take much to realize that Hagrid was not fully human. He towered over everyone and after last year’s The Prophet article, everyone knew that he was part giant. The article proved how much I disliked the magical world’s treatment of magical creatures. The horrible treatment of house elves. The disgusting comments about goblins. The horrendous things they say about Veela. It all made my skin crawl. What’s worse, it wasn’t just magical Britain. Plenty of other countries do it too. France seemed to be the most progressive in that regard compared to most. Only due to the nation being the bastion of Veela culture.  


Harry interrupted the distasteful political issues churning in my mind. “Well, anyway. Hagrid, I think Hermione needs to meet someone.”


“Oh! Right! She needs to meet Gr- ahem. Well, if you don’t want any biscuits, we can head out now.”


As usual, Harry and I declined to sample his biscuits. As nice as Hagrid was, he couldn’t cook. We left his hut and started to walk into the Forbidden Forest. I always found it serene, to be in the forest. It was something I noticed over the years. That most people were scared of this forest. I noticed that Harry looked uncomfortable and he has been in the forest plenty of times to know where you can and can’t go. Not for me though. 


I started to hear heavy footsteps in the distance. Not hooved footsteps like the centaurs. These footsteps were not ones I have heard in this forest before. We came to a clearing with a small bit of snow powdering the ground. I noticed a massive rope tied around the tree, it was wrapped around, leading towards the other side. The several.. Toys that littered the area started to give me a clear picture. Guess Hagrid didn’t come home alone.


“Grawpy! Come visit some friends!”


The heavy footsteps got louder, causing a tremor in the ground. Several of the toys rattled and some fell over. Around the tree came a young giant. Very young. That explains a lot. The rough clothes, common among giants as they looked to be made of hide. He started to pick up speed as he noticed people. I stood my ground as he veered towards me. Hagrid and Harry tried to stop him, but he didn’t seem to listen. Before he could get close to me with his hands reaching out, I shouted, “STOP!”


He immediately stopped, halting on the ground. Dirt and snow picked up and sprayed us, but I ignored it. Grawp looked hurt at my tone, but he was going to handle me. Something I really didn’t want.


Grawp, why did you have to cause a mess?” Hagrid asked, chastising the young giant in a language that I somehow knew.


Grawp started to cry and muttered repeatedly, “sorry.”


“Grawp, what did I say-”


It's fine Hagrid, he's a youngling,” I said before realizing I just spoke in that language.


There was silence as all three of them were looking at me with wide eyes. I was surprised as well. The only other language I have learned was French for the trip my parents and I went on years ago. 


“Did you just-” Harry tried before being interrupted.


“‘mione, did ye just speak Jotun?” Hagrid asked, curiosity coursing through him.


“I’m not sure,” I admitted.


“Well, ye did just speak it clearly. A language not heard of outside the tribes.”


Harry had a thoughtful look, one that we both knew exactly why I was able to speak fluent Jotun. Morgana Pendragon. This seemed different from all previous causes by her. Most cases with anything Morgana related involved magic. But language generally didn’t have magic associated with it. But I knew that was wrong, Parsletongue was one language that had a magic tied into it. Could Jotun be one as well? Were there others that I magically knew?


“I am honestly surprised, Hagrid. I was not expecting to-”


“To speak the giant’s language, Hermione?” Harry asked, a smirk on his face. “Guess Morgana knew more than just magic, didn’t she?”


Ignoring his comment, I looked back towards Grawp. He looked sullen, he slowly started to play with half a bicycle. He would occasionally ring the bell on the handlebar. The little guy needed to be cheered up. I walked over to him and motioned for him to lower the bicycle. He noticed me and lowered it. Giving a small motion to play with the bell, he seemed to perk up. Giving it a loud ding, he cheered up instantly. Giving a big smile, I rang the bell again. He started to jump up, extremely happy. Dirt and snow flying about again.


My hope is that Umbridge would never find the big lovable harmless giant. The way she treats magical creatures was abhorrent. I didn’t want anything bad to happen to him or Hagrid. It made me want to do something about it. People shouldn’t be afraid of who they are just because they are not human. We are all magical in this world. They used the same rhetoric that they spouted about muggleborn.


I heard a small spattering of hooves hitting the ground. Looking towards the edge of the clearing, I could see a silhouette of a centaur. Not close enough to get any details other than the eyes. Those eyes seemed to be focused on me, not the giant. After a moment, they turned and left. Leaving more questions than answers. Story of my life apparently. 

“Where was that shirt!” I yelled as I frantically tried to find a possible shirt to wear. It has been like this for the past hour. Trying to find the right clothes to wear tonight. I seriously needed to calm down. You just needed to find something to wear.. Bloody hell why could I not find something to wear! I needed to look perfect for Daphne. But nothing felt like it was enough for her. The pain from pulling my hair caused me to release a heavy groan. Frustration was barely a good explanation for what I was feeling. 




Crookshanks broke me out of my torment. It reminded me that I needed to breathe. So I did just that. Slow breaths, in and out. Let’s start with the basics then. She liked those jeans, right? Let’s start there. She really liked those one jeans if her eyes were any indication. The jeans were set aside in the ‘for sure’ pile. 


Bugger, I still needed to do my hair and makeup. A loud groan was released from me involuntarily. There was so much I needed to do before I had to meet with Daphne. She wanted to meet me before dinner time. I had no idea what she had planned. It was still nerve wracking, but I needed to stay calm and trust Daphne. 


Maybe I should go with this sweater. It’s nice and matches the jeans well. The contrast between the two was what always drew me. Well besides just wearing darker colors in general. But that's besides the point. With that decision made, I went into the bathroom to get my hair and makeup ready before I could get dressed. 


The time to get ready flew by instantly. By the time I knew it, I was already leaving Ravenclaw tower and heading towards the courtyard she told me to go to. I was a bundle of nerves that would not calm down. Each step just seemed to amplify it more. A part of me wanted to turn around and huddle in my room. But that was just a small part of me. The rest of me wanted to see Daphne again. Especially for today. It’s kind of funny actually. I always made fun of those who took this holiday too seriously, but now that I am in a relationship.. Bugger, I felt bad for the thoughts I had in my early years. 


My arrival to the courtyard was hopefully without any notice. Memorizing all the secret pathways on the Marauder’s map made it easy to be unseen. Though I couldn’t remove the feeling of goosebumps on my arms and it wasn’t from the cold. I noticed Daphne was sitting on one of the benches that was free of snow. I hoped she hadn't been here for too long. She was wearing a simple black mid-calf length dress with her coat on.


Slowly walking up behind her, I put my hands around her eyes. Just like she did on our date months ago. She jumped a little when I whispered into her ear, “guess who?”


What I thought was going to be a fun joke in response. Instead I got smacked in the arm. “Hermione! Don’t do that! You scared me half to death.”


Slowly rubbing the arm she smacked and saving some dignity, “sorry, Daph. Didn’t realize you wer-”


“Hermione, it’s fine. I just wasn’t expecting.. Sorry. I have just been a bit.. Preoccupied. Wait.. Daph?”


“Well, it felt cute. It’s not a problem is it?”


She smiled. “No, it's not. Though now I need to come up with a nickname for you.”


Smiling back, I responded, “just don’t use ‘mione.”


“Definitely not using that. Too many people do. It has to be unique.”


We settled into a comfortable silence, though I noticed that she was still nervous. ”Everything alright?”


Her tenseness seemed to drain, but still remained simmering. “I- yeah. Just trying to.. No matter.” She stood up, looked around before giving me a kiss. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”


“Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!” I gave her a quick kiss back. 


We stared at each other for a time before I had to find out more about the plans. “So, are we just going to stand here in the courtyard kissing, or..”


Flustered, she said, “right! Um.” she went through her coat before pulling out a blindfold. That I was not expecting. “Put this on.. Oh don’t look at me like that. I want it to be a secret.”


Chuckling at her, I allowed her to put the blindfold on me. She started to lead me through the castle. Occasionally stopping to what I presume was to look around corners. I could tell we were going up several floors, so I had a guess as to where we were going. After what felt like an eternity, she spoke, “stand right there. Just a moment.”


“Oh sure, leave your blind girlfriend out in the open with no way of knowing that we are on the seventh floor.”


“Hush you. Don’t go ruining the surprise. And wipe that smirk off your cute face.”


Said smirk remained as I waited for her to finish her plan. It sounded like she was pacing back and forth, which proved my theory that we were at the Come and Go Room. I had an inkling this was what she was planning since she asked about it a couple of times. Though I was not expecting her to use the room for Valentine's Day. I heard the door open and her soft hands grab onto mine. Pulling me into the room. I heard the door softly close behind me. I heard Daphne move in front me, then I felt her warm lips on mine. My hands involuntarily went to her side, hers around my neck. I felt her hands on the back of the blindfold, undoing it. My eyes were still closed when it fell.


After we stopped kissing, I looked into her eyes, her beautiful blue eyes. I was doing my best to ignore the position we were in. With my back against the door and her arms on either side of my head. Totally ignoring it to the best of my ability. She must have noticed it too as she quickly stepped away, blushing. This allowed me to see the beautiful scene that Daphne had made for tonight.


The room was draped in a small soft, warm light. In the center sat a small table. A set of flowers were in the middle. There was a set of dinnerware on the table, no food though. The thought of where she was going to get the food was replaced with the soft titillating sound of music being played in the background. There was an open area that I assumed was for dancing. “Daphne..”


“Is it ok?” she asked hesitantly. 


I turned to smile at her. “It’s perfect.” 


“Oh.. Oh good! I was -”


I interrupted her with a kiss. “Relax, it’s amazing.”


She pulled me towards the table and we sat at the table together. We settled into a comfortable silence. I admit I was staring at her with dreamy eyes. I probably had a big goofy smile on my face. The sound of a pop and food and drinks magically appeared. Ah, so she got the house elves to help out. 


We started to eat, but all I could think about was how I ended up with such a wonderful person as my girlfriend. I was just a muggleborn, new to the world of magic. She was a pureblood, from a family of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. We were from completely different worlds. Yet we were together. To say I was scared was nothing compared to what I was feeling. I always felt scared for her, the danger she could be in was insurmountable. My life was always in danger because of those purebloods. I guess it always comes down to purebloods. Some of their fears I could understand. But so much of their ideals cause problems for others. They care about pure magical power, yet completely demean magical creatures. 


But that was not what was important. What was, was the fact that I cared a lot about the girl across the table. More than I would have imagined I would. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I would do anything for her. More than I would for my own parents. I felt tears slowly fall from my eyes. 


“Hermione? Are you ok?”


Quickly wiping the tears from my eyes and cheeks, I replied with a small smile, “yeah.. I am. This is.. Daphne I have no words how amazing this is.”


The smile that graced her lips was one I would always remember. It just reminded me just how lucky I am. We finished up dinner shortly after that. Another pop and the dishes were gone. I was always astounded that house elves were able to do that. Know when someone needed help. Before I could go deeper into their intuition and selflessness, Daphne grabbed my hand and we moved towards the open area. Clear that dancing was on her mind.


Daphne quickly took the lead, leaving me no questions on who would. I wouldn’t say I was an amazing dancer, but it was enough to keep up with her. The closeness, the smell of her perfume, the warmth. It all brought memories of the Yule Ball. Very fond memories, ones that I will cherish forever. I lost count how often we kissed during our dance. How often I got lost in her eyes. 


“There’s one thing I never mentioned, but I love the color of your eyes. The rich purple, so unique. So you. You are a diamond among the rough.”


I raised my eyebrow. “And how did you know I was thinking about eyes? Specifically, how beautiful your eyes are?”


“Truly?” Humming in response, she continued, “must be a coincidence.”


“There are quite a lot of coincidences with you. You seem to know what I am thinking. I know you are not a Legilimens.”


Curiosity filled her and she asked, “and how do you know I’m not?”


“Occlumens since third year.”


“Of course you are! Nothing less from the brightest witch of our age.” Chuckling, I gave her a quick peck on the cheek. “But honestly, I don’t know. I have always been good at reading people. The more time I spend with you, the more I am able to pick up from you.”


“True, you are exceptionally talented at reading people,” I admitted. 


“Who’s girlfriend is just as talented with many facets of magic.” Except it seemed they were all because of Morgana. “Hermione?”


“Uh. oh sorry. I was just..” she waited for me to continue. Releasing a sigh, I added, “I feel so many of those are because of Morgana..” then I muttered quietly, “not me.”


“Hermione, who says they aren’t you. Why? Because some parchment says your Morgana? So what. You are the one accomplishing all those amazing feats. So what if they were easier for you. How does that differ from anyone else who was born with innate abilities?”




“Hermione. Look..” We stopped dancing and she held my hands. “We don’t know enough about you being Morgana. We really don’t. All it tells us is that we have an idea where your innate abilities come from. Isn’t that better than not knowing?”


Even though the self doubt was still there, I knew she was right. Not trusting myself to voice my reply, I kissed her instead. We continued to slow dance in silence. Soon the silence was too much for me. I whispered, “thank you.”


She cupped my cheek and spoke calmly, ”one day we will know about what is going on with that. But no matter what, I will be there for you.” She held me close as we slowly danced in the room. Shifty into the comfortable silence. Enjoying each other’s company for the rest of the night.

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The days after Valentine's day had been eventful to say the least. Besides the ever growing pressure of OWLs, Umbridge had increased her overbearingness. The amount of times I found her watching any of us was too numerous to count. It was exhausting to deal with when added to the rest that was on my plate. Too much to do with too little time to do it. It was why it took me so long to get the journals finished. I wanted to have them done and given as a gift for Valentine’s Day, but a few days after wasn’t too bad. There was only one problem with that.


I haven’t seen Daphne the past two days.


The worry that wormed itself into me was growing. Was she ok? Was she hurt? Did something happen to her family? No that’s not it. I have seen Astoria in the Great Hall. She didn’t seem too sullen, but I noticed she wasn’t as.. energetic as usual. She also looked everywhere other than me. Which led me to believe something was going on with Daphne.


“Ms. Pendragon , is there a problem?” Umbridge’s high pitched voice interrupted my thoughts. Looking up from the incredibly dull book that I remember word for word and wanted to burn to a crisp. 


Trying to appear as calmly as possible, I responded, “No, Professor Umbridge.”


“Good.” The annoying smug look on her face made me want to toss the book at her. She left to continue her rounds about the classroom, making sure students were reading. Harry and Ron were looking at me from across the lane. Both with worry etched on their faces.


Harry looked at me and mouthed, “what’s wrong?”


I twisted my head towards the empty chair and then back to him. He seemed to understand what I was trying to say. Ron poked him, trying to find out what I meant. Harry whispered to him and Ron nodded solemnly. Ron shrugged his shoulders, most likely as a sign of he doesn’t know. Not that I would expect him to know. 


Turning my gaze back to the book, I continued pretending that I was reading this inane book. Though I needed to be on alert for Umbridge, my thoughts turned towards a way to find out about Daphne. Any Slytherin wouldn’t do, I really only had Astoria to go to. There might be a way to corner her after DADA. Fourth year has theirs after ours. All I had to do was get through the rest of this class then. Joy.


Time flew as I contemplated how I was going to corner Astoria and before I knew it, class was over. While I was gathering my things, Harry and Ron came up to me. “Hermione-”


“I have a plan to find out.”


“Oh? Are you going to infiltrate the Syltherin common room?” Ron jested.


“I could.. I know the password,” I admitted. 


“Wait.. seriously?” Harry asked.


“Yes, but that’s besides the point. I need to talk to Astoria. Are you both going to join me?”


“What are you going to do?” Harry questioned hesitantly.


“Corner her.”


“Are you sure that’s.. smart?”


Walking out of the room, I asked harshly, “do you have a better idea?”


“‘mione…” Ron exasperated as they tried to keep up.


Once outside, I leaned against the wall while waiting. Harry and Ron were next to me, clearly uncomfortable with what I was about to do. My eyes stayed glued down the hallway, waiting for Astoria to show up. It only took a couple of minutes, but she rounded the corner. Her eyes were downcast, but once she glanced up, she met my eyes. Her footsteps hesitated for a moment before giving a small nod and continuing. Turning around, I ventured toward one of the empty classrooms. Harry and Ron followed me quietly. Opening the door, I went inside and kept the door open for the boys. I kept the door ajar for Astoria to enter and went to the center of the room, waiting. After a minute, the door opened slowly, revealing Astoria. 

Normally the neutral look that adorned her face, instead she seemed.. afraid. The question was who was she afraid of. Oh bugger, I hope she wasn’t afraid of me. I calmed myself down at that realization. “Astoria, where’s Daphne?”


Holding her hands up, she said, “first off. She’s fine..ish. She just can’t come out at the moment..” She started to ring her hands. “second, -”


“Fine..ish? Astoria-”


“Hermione! Allow the girl to breathe! We get it, you’re worried about your girlfriend.” Harry frustratingly interrupted. 


His remark made me pause at my failed attempt at being calm. As much as I hate to say he, he was right. I was too worried about her and trying to pull answers out of Astoria was not the right way to do it. “You’re right. Sorry.” I turned to Astoria, “I’m sorry. I just, I worry about..”


“Hermione, I get it. I really do. You’re both mad about each other. Though, you’re not wrong about your worry,” Astoria admitted. I tensed, being right about this did not feel good. She must have noticed as sighed and continued, “look, what if I have her meet you because I really need to go before I am late for DADA.”


“Please!” I exclaimed a little too loudly. Clearing my throat, I continued, “that would be great. Could.. Could you have her meet me in the Room?”


She gave a soft smile, “sure. It will have to be late though, since the squad and Mr. Filch are supposedly on the prowl tonight.”


Returning the smile, “that’s fine. I just.. I really need to see her.”


She shook her head and mumbled ‘lovesick idiots’. clearly not expecting me to hear it, I responded, “trust me, I never thought I would. Wait till you find one.”


“Morgana’s tits, you have good hearing.” I heard both Harry and Ron chuckle at her cursing to which Astoria quickly added, “bugger. That’s weird.. Well anyway!” She quickly turned around and left the classroom, leaving me shaking my head. 


Turning my attention to the boys, I could see the smile on their faces were barely contained at her choice of curses. “Oh, shut up.” Which made them explode in laughter. Their laughter made me chuckle a bit. Sadly, the thought that something happened to Daphne couldn’t quite bring me to full laughter.


Once they calmed down, Harry spoke, “Do you want to borrow the cloak?”


“I don’t know, Harry. You know I don’t like being near it for too long,” I said, rubbing my arms. The cloak always felt wrong for me. It felt repulsive to me. A feeling that was very similar to the book in the Black library. There was no way there was a connection.. was there?


He shrugged his shoulders and responded, “well, if you need it, just ask. With everything going on, it might be best to be invisible.”


“I’ll think about it.” I wasn’t going to, last time we used it was too much for me. The good thing was that it was only for a short period of time. A shiver went through my body at the memory. I really couldn’t be near that thing again. 


“Oi! Hermione!” I must have zoned out if Ron needed to yell. “You alright?”


“Yeah, just..” trying not to remember the skin crawling, claustrophobic feeling of being under that cloak. “Worried about Daphne.”


Harry looked at me sincerely and placed a hand on my shoulder. “She’s fine-ish if what Astoria said was true.”


Ron started to pick at his robe, pulling a thread out. “Whatever fine-ish could be to a snake.”


Harry turned his gaze to Ron and said, “that may be, but still.” He looked back at me and continued, “you will see her tonight. And you will find out what happened.” He finished with a smile and a pat on the shoulder. He left the room, with Ron and myself in tow. The worry sort of abated, but still simmered in me.

Getting to the Room wasn’t hard. Sure, the Inquisition Squad was wandering around, but half of the squad was made of dimwits. Divert their gaze to another hallway and they go running in the wrong direction. Something I am very surprised that Malfoy never figured out. For someone from a family of the Sacred Twenty-Eight, I would think he would realize a simple diversion like that. No matter, hopefully it will make it easier for Daphne to get here safely. 


The Room supplied my usual favorite room without needing me to focus on it too much. It seemed to know my intent without direct input. It was simple and comfortable. Good enough so I could talk to her. It was not like I was pacing or anything like that. I really was worrying too much, wasn’t I?


The door opening and closing cut my musings. I glanced up to the noise to see a hooded Daphne. The hood covered most of her face, to the point it was hard to recognize that it was her. “Daphne!” I rushed to her, but before I got to close, she put a hand up. Stopping immediately, I waited for her to say something first. The time went by as I stared at her, and all through that time she didn’t look at me. “Daphne, what’s wrong?” I asked, sincerely. 


She still wouldn’t look at me, let alone say anything. Deciding to find out what was going on, I gently stepped towards her. When there was no adverse response, I continued till I was in front of her. Again, gently lifting my hands to her hood, I pulled it back. What I saw made my blood boil. 


Bruises. One of her eyes was swollen and black. She had marks on her neck, leading towards her shoulder. They looked like they were made by spells. The signs of Dittany on the marks were noticeable as well. At least she was treating it. Not that it did anything for the anger that filled me. There was probably more, but the look in her eyes stopped me from inquiring. The conviction in her eyes told me she didn’t want me to go farther, more to calm me down. But the slight fear in her eyes just made it worse.


“Who. Did. This.”


“Hermione, don-”


“Who did this!” The anger in me was continually growing. Someone hurting my girlfriend deserves so much worse. 


“Hermione Jean Granger! Don’t you dare yell at me!” Daphne replied angrily.


“I am not yelling at you!”


“It sure bloody sounds like it to me!”


The anger refusing to diminish, anger that was not directed at Daphne continued to build. “It’s not directed towards you! I want to know who did this so I can give them a piece of my mind!”


“No! I am not telling you who did this! That would only cause more problems!” Those blue eyes were now piercing blue, sharp enough to cut stone. It would have been enough to make me pause if she wasn’t hurt so much. “I am able to handle myself! You should know this!”


“That’s besides the point!”


She stomped her foot which caused a loud echo throughout the room. “That is precisely the point! You can be so overprotective sometimes! I am perfectly able to handle myself!”


“Then why did you skip classes! You could easily glamour the marks!”


“Because I knew how you would respond and you would probably see through it anyway!”


I flung my hands in the air frustratedly. “That shouldn’t matter! I care about you so bloody much Daphne!”


“Then you should know-”


The anger in me boiled over and my magic released itself in a wave of pure magic. Though I didn’t know it at first, the room changed quickly. Not quick enough as the couch, several books and bookshelves were already tossed aside and floating. Daphne had stopped, being interrupted but completely unaffected by the magical wave. She stood with her mouth wide open, mine was probably mirroring hers. Though mine was for an entirely different reason.


The remnants of the room that wasn’t swept away magically was floating haplessly in the air. The fractals, though I don’t think I could call them that anymore, were very noticeable. What was once a shimmer, which eventually gave way to a purple glow, were clear for the first time. The spells runic arrays were on full display for me to see. The purple glow previously? It has now evolved to purple runes and lines that are connected with each other, surrounding the objects in the air. 


The array was also noticeable. It was one of the first ones we studied in Arithmancy. The levitation charm. Wingardium Leviosa. Each object had the same array. Ranging in size that surrounds the object accordingly. “Daphne..”


“Yeah,” She said, sounding gobsmacked. 


“I can see them.”


“See what?”


“The.. the.. The fractals. Well not so much fractals anymore. I can see it clearly.”


“You can? What is it?” Curiosity now filled her voice. The anger that was in it previously is still there, but very minute now.


“You’re not going to believe this.” I moved towards the floating book that was hovering at eye level. “The runic array. I can see the spell work being applied to the book.” Then I pointed towards the couch. “The couch.” My finger then pointed towards the bookshelf. “The bookshelf. I can see it all.”


“Morgan-” she interrupted herself before continuing the curse. “Shite, that's incredible!”


I placed my finger on the line connecting the different components that comprise the array and pulled my finger slightly. The book then moves with my finger, being dragged by the thread. Being overly excited, I pulled my finger a little too hard. The thread was cut causing the whole spell to fizzle and making the book fall to the ground with a loud thud. Looking at Daphne, I saw the slight smile that graced her lips. “What did you just do?”


“I pulled the thread slightly, causing it to move, but I guess I pulled a bit too hard and it broke the spell,” I explained. This was so fascinating. My ability was..


“Hermione.. do you know how incredibly powerful that is?” curiosity was still brimming in her voice, but slight hesitancy was noticeable.


Looking down at my hands, I looked up to her. This was insanely powerful. To be able to see the runic array, that was something that made up fictional heroes beyond the norm. While there was not quite an official tier list of power levels among the magical community, there were those who were beyond most. Dumbledore, Grindelwald, and Voldemort were among those. To feel the very power emanating from them was palpable. This ability would be something the likes of those who people could imagine doing.


But was it truly so far-fetched? I was supposedly Morgana Pendragon, Morgan le Fay . This would be something that would make her stand out far beyond the common wizard. Something like this would propel her to be known through the ages. It did give me an idea to test, though. Looking towards the couch, I pointed my finger towards it and imagined my finger on the thread. Then slowly moving my finger horizontally, the couch moved along with it. Both of us released a gasp at the couch moving with my finger. 


“Holy shite. Hermione, that’s..”


Relaxing what I was now noticing as the flow of my magic to the objects, they all fell in a clash. Now that I was a bit more calm, I was able to look at Daphne without the haze of anger filling me. Sure I was still angry, but I could think clearly. The bruises and marks were not as bad as I initially thought. 


“Daph, I’m sorry.” I mumbled out an apology. 


Her eyes softened and she stepped closer. Grabbing my hand, she looked me directly in the eye. The piercing blue was gone, now replaced with the soft, compassion that I was so used to when she looked at me. “I know. I- I don’t blame you. But you have to understand, Hermione. I can take care of myself.”


I looked down at our joined hands. I was too proactive, wasn’t I? Rubbing her hand gently, I responded, “I know. I just.. I care about you, Daphne. I care about you so much. I-” Her lips on mine, silencing me. My eyes drifted closed and my hands gently went to her sides. Slowly coming out of the kiss for a breath of air, I opened my eyes and looked at her. 


“I know you do. But you must promise me not to go after anyone.”




“No, promise me. You cannot be caught doing anything, Hermione. Umbridge already has her eyes on you like a hawk. You going after someone who I already reciprocated in kind is exactly the thing she is looking for.”


Releasing a heavy sight, I said, “fine.. but what happened?”


She glanced down at our hands and with a soft voice, she said, “someone saw us. On Valentine’s Day.” Shit, the goosebumps on my arms. But I was sure that no one was there. “After I got back, I was cornered. It was thanks to Tracy that I wasn’t alone. Then after several punches and spells flying, Snape came in and stopped it all. Since then, I have been nursing the wounds with Tracy’s help.”


“How much more besides what I see?” 


“Just some minor bruises here and there. Especially where he tried to manhandle me.”


Raising an eyebrow, I asked, “he?”


“Yeah, he. Specifically Pucey. He is among the most repulsive bunch of Slytherins,” she admitted.


“Seemed like most of the boys are.”


“Not Blaise Zabini. He’s in the same boat as a good portion of us.”


Not really caring about Blaise Zabini, I rolled up her sleeve gently, pausing to give her a chance to stop me. At the slight nod of her head, I continued to push it up towards her elbow. The hand shaped bruise on her arm made me gasp slightly. I held myself as I inspected it. If I didn’t know it would annoy her, I would want to heal it. Slowly rubbing the bruise gently, I spoke up, “you said he got it worse?”


“Let’s say that he needed Skele-Gro in the long run.” The shite-eating smirk on her filled me with pride.


A chuckle escaped my lips. She really did do a number on him, didn’t she? “You’re right, you can protect yourself. I just worry.”


“You think I don’t worry all the time about you?”


“That’s not-”


“I know, but I’m not the one who is one step away from being thrown into Azkaban. Though with your new ability, I doubt you would be locked away for long.”


“I can’t believe we just had our first big fight. And because of that, a secret I have been questioning for so long has been answered.”


“I guess so, one of many. Slowly being unraveled. Though I hope they don’t all get answered through fights between us,” she confessed.


Nodding my head in agreement, I said, “I agree. I really don’t like fighting you.”


“I don’t either. You can get a bit.. Explosive.”


“Har har, very funny,” but the smile on my face said otherwise. I held no illusion that every couple is perfect with no fights, but an angry Daphne was a sight I don’t want directed at me again. Not like that. “Though Daph, you do need to be more open with me. I know there is a lot more, and I know that you don’t have to tell me everything. But if it involves your well-being in any way, I want to know.”


Her gaze drifted lower to our hands before returning to my eyes. “I- you’re right. And I appreciate that you don’t push me.” She paused momentarily before continuing, “you should know then that pretty much the whole school knows now. My Father is not very happy about it.”


“Is it- is he going to-” fear and anxiety hooked itself into me. 


“No, no he’s not. At least as far as I know. Though Astoria apparently heard from Mother that he wants to meet you.”


The fear and anxiety now replaced with apprehension. “Oh, really? Umm.”


She released a heavy laugh, “don’t worry about it now. If it happens, it will happen during summer break.”


“Oh, ok, great. Was not expecting to meet your family so soon,” I admitted. The feeling of meeting my girlfriend’s pureblood parents was daunting to say the least. 


“You would do fine. You know the etiquette and proper traditions. Something that most muggleborns don’t bother to do.” She pointed out. It was something that I went out of my way to do. Though I did heavily research the topic before the Yule Ball. Recalling everything in those books was easy, so practicing was not really needed. “That does bring up something I have forgotten to ask, does your parents know about us?”


The heavy sigh that was released said enough, but I still explained. “Not entirely. I told them in a letter that I was seeing someone but I didn’t expand on it. It was something I wanted to do in person which didn’t happen over break.”


“Hermione..” She scolded me.


Holding a hand up to stop her. “I know, I know. It just doesn’t feel right to say it in a letter. Which now that I think about it, is extremely primitive. There are ways to magically send messages.”


“Not in Hogwarts. There’s a reason why you wanted to create the journals..”


The Journals! Ignoring what she was saying, I grabbed my bag and opened it. Scrounging around for the journals, I handed her one with her initials on it. “Thank you for reminding me. Here they are. One journal to communicate with each other.”


She smiled as she held the journal in her hands. She swiped her hand over the cover before opening it. “How does it work exactly? Do the words remain or disappear?”


“The words will remain after a short period of time after you finish writing. If the words don’t disappear, then it was unable to send the message over. When you receive a message, it will remain on the page till you tap on it twice.”


“Oh, very nice. I love it! I just can’t believe how easy this is for you.” She smiled at me before cupping my cheek and kissing me. The bag and journals were forgotten as we held each other, kissing deeply. I would have missed the room changing if it wasn’t for the flashes of purple that surrounded us. Leaning away from the kiss, we both noticed the room changed back to what it looked like prior to my outburst. She looked towards the couch and said, “as much as I want us to go to the couch, it’s late.”


“You’re right,” I admitted. “Want me to..”


“It should be fine now, but I won’t say no.” the smile on her face was telling. She knelt down to get her journal and pulled out her bag. The one I made for her. The journal was placed into the bag before returning to her pocket. Being the perfect girlfriend that I am, I walked her out of the room and towards the Slytherin common room.


Exhaustion filled me as we walked together, holding hands. The outburst took more out of me than I thought it did. Though what came from it was magical. The castle was filled with spell work everywhere. Something that I will have to learn to suppress a bit. But that was for tomorrow. With a final kiss and Daphne retreating through the entrance, I went to the Ravenclaw common room and to my dorm. 

Chapter Text

The past month had been eventful and not entirely in a good way. Voldemort's forces had been increasing their attacks and murders. The occasional article from The Prophet always had a vague ‘someone was found dead’. Anyone with half a brain could tell they were members of the Order or from Light families. The Ministry was completely ignoring the deaths other than as accidents were telling. Voldemort must have his fingers in the Ministry. Which is not a surprise. I imagine that both sides have someone trying to tug support or blame upon the other through the Ministry. The way it seemed, it looked like Voldemort was winning.


On the topic of the Ministry, Umbridge had been increasing her oversight over the professors. Analyzing their teaching methods. The way she tried to tell Professor Snape how to properly teach his class was amusing if it didn’t end up being directed at me. She had noticed that I was not quite following the directions on the board. This led to her berating Professor Snape and myself. The diatribe that Professor Snape gave her about her lack of potion knowledge was entertaining. Especially when he brought up her Potions scores throughout the years. She was almost always in a class that I was in. She was watching only the fifth year classes, more precisely, Harry and I. 


This was further solidified when Harry told me about Umbridge sacking Professor Trelawney. He was in the class prior to it happening. Umbridge had been more upfront with her. Constantly berating her on her teachings and not allowing Professor Trelawney to form a single word. If anyone was not used to being constantly attacked they would have problems keeping it together. It was a ploy and a perfect excuse for her to fire Trelawney. Apparently it was a big event. One that I had no idea happened. Daphne and I were a bit preoccupied when it happened. 


Which was possibly one of the few good things that happened. With the journals, Daphne and I were able to talk at all hours. There were times when I got very little sleep with how much we communicated through the journals. Though, I will have to be careful in the future. Astoria had apparently gotten a hold of the journal and well. Let’s say it was embarrassing to find out I was flirting with her instead of Daphne. We all had a laugh about it at the next DA meeting, but even though Daphne threatened her sister, I doubt it will stop her from doing it again.


The DA meetings have gone amazingly as well. Many students were progressing marvelously. Many were able to produce Patronus or at least an incorporeal version of it. Everyone had Stupify down and were mostly proficient in the other spells. Plus having my girlfriend in the DA allowed us to see each other more often. Daphne wasn’t joking when she said that most of the school knew. The first DA meeting after Valentine's Day proved that with everyone having the look when I was with Daphne. After a while, we eventually stopped trying to hide it from the DA and were more open about it. It did quell anyone of the DA who had reservations about the Greengrass’s. 


I was also able to get my new ability under control. The first several days after Daphne and I’s fight, I started to get headaches as the day went on because of all the spell work that was embedded in the castle. There were a vast amount of runes and arithmancies carved into the walls. When I told my friends about it, they were excited. Though they did look concerned since my head had been killing me from the large amount of information. Eventually with the help of my friends, I was able to push down the spell work and view everything like before. As time went on, I was able to instantly use my ability and even focus it to a degree. The Weasleys, and I do mean all of them, constantly made jokes about me cheating since I could literally see the answer. Even to go as far as that being the reason I was amazing at everything. Though Harry did knock that joke out of their sequence since it was only this year that it developed. 


Now while Trelawney was fired, Dumbledore had managed to intervene and at least allowed Trelawney to live in the castle. What led next was what my current problem was. The new Divination teacher was Firenze, a centaur. Now I have no problems with magical creatures. Especially Centaurs. They have never caused me any problems. Quite the opposite in fact, they have an extremely fascinating culture. But the difference was that they were out in the forest, not in the castle. They have always given me.. weird looks when we were out in the forest. Or they are always watching me. Like they are waiting for me to say or do something special. Just like the centaur that was on the outskirts of the clearing when Harry and I visited Hagrid. Firenze is no different.


While I didn’t have divinations, Firenze did try to attempt to talk to me on many occasions. All of those occasions I have been able to skirt away. That was not the case this time.


Morgan le Fay, if I may have a word,” The stoic Centaur said, in another language that I somehow knew, as he had cornered me in the hallway. As I was not with anyone, I had no way to escape from this meeting. That was another thing that threw me off when I saw him. He always referred to me as Morgan le Fay . Well that and I apparently knew ancient greek. Who knew that was the language the centaurs spoke in. 


Professor Firenze, is there a reason why you keep trying to talk to me?” I asked calmly. I didn’t want to get off the wrong foot. Being able to speak a language that I never knew fluently still baffled me. 


My apologies, I..


“Also, could we speak in English? I'm not.. Entirely comfortable speaking a language that I-”


“Never knew before?” The stern look I gave him made him pause and back up a little. His face shifted from concerned to curious. “I would have thought you would know by now.”


Furrowing my brows, I asked, “know what by now?”


“That answers my question then.”


Starting to get frustrated, I questioned him again, “could you be a little more.. Blunt please. What am I supposed to know that I don’t, now?”


He let out a heavy breath that made his nostrils flare. “I suppose we will have to have this conversation another time. I believe once you do, it will become very clear why we should have a conversation.” Before I could have a chance to respond to his extremely vague response, he continued, “may your new moon shine brighter than the coming red Mars.” The sounds of his hooves clicking through the hallway as he left towards the Divination classroom. 


Standing in the hallway, completely confused by the conversation I just had, I muttered, “bloody vague centaurs. This is why I dropped Divinations.” With a final huff, I continued onto the library to work on a teaching plan for next month for DA. We were getting close to finishing what we needed for the year, so I needed to come up with more things to have for the rest of the year.

Harry was shifting between feet as we went over the plan for tonight’s DA. I would not have minded his shifting, but I felt a tenseness in the air. One that I couldn’t place a finger on. Something that would have had my emotions fraying at the seams earlier in the school year. It seemed that constantly being harassed by certain students and Umbridge made you numb to it. Not only that, but my mind was on several different things since that conversation with Professor Firenze a month ago. Maybe Harry knew what caused his distress. “What’s wrong? You seem.. tense.”


“Huh?” He looked up and stopped shifting. His hands started to pick at his robes though. A need to do while he was nervous, I guess. Raising an eyebrow and looking down at his hands, he said, “oh.” He stopped and glanced back at me, “just.. nervous is all.”


“Just nervous or possibly more?” I asked, sounding concerned. He was my best friend and I wanted to make sure he was alright.


“Well, there’s more. Cho..” Ah, that could explain a bit. I wonder how his relationship with Cho had been going. It didn’t escape me that she was a bit.. Possessive. The amount of times she had a jealous look when Harry was speaking to myself or any other girl in DA was numerous. Something that started to happen less with me when Daphne and my relationship became known. Guess it was fine having him talk to his lesbian friend. No chance for me to steal him. I glanced around the room and I didn’t see her. She was possibly running late I guess.


“So, what about Cho? Is everything fine?”


“I’m not sure. She had asked me about what I thought about Roger Davies asking her out. It was weird.”


“Well, she’s possessive. The looks she gives to any girl you talk to is fierce. She used to direct it my way till everyone found out about Daphne and I. Something that could have come from Cedric’s death.”


Looking confused, he asked, “She does?”


“Yeah, it never bothered me since well..”


“A lesbian and in a relationship anyway. How has that been by the way? Being out now?”


“Bugger, don’t get me started on how annoying some people can get.” he chuckled as I lowered my voice. I didn’t want Daphne to fully hear this one. “Or how worried I am about her safety. I know she can handle herself, but..”


“It doesn’t help.”


“Exactly. Anyway, the amount of boys who ask about ‘changing my ways’ was infuriating. I’m still not sure why they never did this last year.”


“Probably due to the excitement of the tournament and the other schools being around.”


That reminded me about Fleur. With all that I know now, I wonder if the way she acted around me had any correlation to how the centaurs and giants have. She was outed last year as a veela and with how I seemed to have some sort of connection to magical creatures. I would assume that she must have noticed something. She tried to be polite, but she seemed.. off when near me. Like there was a question, brimming, waiting to be asked. Not only that, she treated me.. Better than other Hogwarts students. “Possibly, I know the Beauxbatons hovered around me after the ball. So that could be the cause of it too.”


“True, any idea why they were doing that?”


Not wanting to voice my theories, I shrugged my shoulders. “Not sure.”


A loud groan from the other side of the room took my attention. Luna and Ginny seemed to be in a heated debate about something. If the way Ginny was waving her arms were to go by. Turning my head to look at Harry, I said, “I’m going to go see what is going on with them.”

“Sounds good, Hermione,” he responded with a wave of his hand.


I sauntered over to the two to stop them from getting too heated. Not that I think it would. They were friends, but Ginny can over do it sometimes. As I got closer, I was able to hear what they were arguing about. 


“Do you have to include the, what did you call it?”



“Yeah those, in the latest Quibbler article?”


Not even looking in my direction, Luna said, “Hello, Hermione. Do you wish to join in this conversation?”


The amused look I gave them made Ginny huff. A look I always did when someone was waylaid by Luna and the interesting names she has for these creatures. “Am I to assume you included and article about Dabberblimps in the latest issue?”


“I did, which seemed to have gotten Ginny’s knickers in a twist.”


Ginny, sounding exasperated, “did you just..”


“Ginny’s knickers are usually easy to twist from my experience,” I quipped back at Luna.

Nodding her head, Luna said, “oh most certainly.”


“Are you actually-”


“I’m not sure why she seemed so cross about it. The Quibbler has been publishing articles like that for ages,“ I finished, adding emphasis just to annoy Ginny more.


“Are you- No- wait..” she paused to think before exclaiming, “you were doing that on purpose!”


Giving a fake gasp and placing my hand over my heart, “Ginny! I’m hurt that you think such of your friends! We are merely-”


“Yeah, yeah. Fine, you win!” she threw her hands in the air before turning around to search for another distraction before DA. “Bloody Ravenclaws.” I heard her mutter under her breath.


“You know it!” I yelled after her, which made her pause before releasing a loud groan. That caused several DA members to laugh, Luna and I included. Turning towards Luna after catching my breath, I asked, “I’m assuming The Quibbler is going well? Based on her response.”


“It is! Daddy has been enjoying all the new attention our paper is receiving.” She gave a soft smile. The Quibbler didn’t really receive a lot of readers. A lot of people were turned off by the magical creatures that the Lovegood's wrote about.


Returning the smile, I said, “good. I’m glad that it’s going well.”


Her smile shifted into a neutral expression. Her eyes lost their color. Her face became entirely blank, unreadable. “When will you stop denying that you know the truth?”


Brows furrowing, I responded, “what do you mean?”


Luna shook her head and a confused smile appeared on her face. “What do I mean what, Hermione?”


I’m sure my confusion was written on my face. The shift of her expression and the complete monotone her voice took. It was a complete shift of who Luna was. It has happened on several occasions, one that I remember happening recently. When I crafted the heritage potion. The very same tone that knew the truth, yet Luna didn’t. While it always annoyed me to no end when someone called Luna ‘Loony’, there was something going on with her that was unexplained. I would guess she was a seer.. But that feels wrong. Very wrong. From records, seers speak prophecies. This just seems to be a high insight. That aside, there was nothing I could do. At least not sounding insane. “Don’t worry about it. Let me go see if Harry is ready to start.”


“Sounds good!” She was now back to her chipper self. 


Turning around I saw that Harry was ready to start. Walking up to stand next to him, he started the night. “Evening everyone. Now I know we have come a long way since we first started. I think it would be best if we continued to practice what we have gone over. Though, I’m sure that Hermione has plenty more that we could learn.”


Giving a smug look to the rest of the DA, I responded, “Oh, I’m sure I could think of something.”


A distant voice in the back exclaimed, “I would hope so! you’re not the brightest witch of our age for nothing!” That caused the DA to give a hearty laugh and a blush to grace my cheeks.


Everyone then split up into their groups to start practicing. The room was light hearted and happy. Something that was missing from the rest of the school. What was once a school that brought joy for witches and wizards, turned sour. Turned sour because of one person. Umbridge.


I started to make my rounds about the room, looking at the array as my fellow students started to practice. Making the slight fixes that were very noticeable to me. It’s quite something when you can see the creation of the spell and could easily see what they were doing wrong. I have seen things that just shouldn’t happen. Imagine the component of the Ascendio appearing in a student’s Reducto which caused a very interesting reaction to the object being fired upon. 


As the hour passed, I started to hear things that were not coming from inside the room. It sounded like several footsteps. Coming from where the main door was. Before I could warn anyone what I was sure was happening, a rumbling swept through the DA. Everyone became very silent. I felt a hand weave itself through mine. Looking in that direction, I saw Daphne and Astoria. The fear was obvious on their faces. I looked around to see if I could get them out, but before I could move, Daphne gave my hand a squeeze. My head turned to look at her to see her shake her head. Returning the squeeze, I looked at where the rumbling was coming from. 


The room was attempting to keep the offender out. I could see the web of the arrays bracing itself and bending with each hit. Eventually the mirror cracked and shattered to the ground. The masonry behind was clearly damaged. Another rumble and the damaged area gave way more. A hole clearly visible. Harry went up to it and peered inside. Ron tried to see through it as well, but Harry pushed him aside as I heard that high pitched voice say, “ Bombarda Maxima .”


I saw the spell being formed on her wand through the crack. It was hard to miss the purple glow through the hole. Harry and Ron immediately scurried back and the spell hit, breaking the rest of the masonry. Now rest a person shaped hole into the room. The menacing look of the Inquisitor Squad, Mr. Filch, and Umbridge were clear as day. Malfoy came from the side, holding Cho Chang tightly in his grasp. The scared look on her face prevented me from accusing her as the culprit. We would know who was the one. I made sure of it. Umbridge then lowered her wand and said, “get them!”


No one moved except for the Inquisitor Squad. As they rushed in, Daphne squeezed my hand harder. Several of them processed the other students as Umbridge came towards Harry, who had scrambled back to me, and I. Her focus though, was entirely on me. Her eyes glanced down at the joined hands of Daphne and I before returning to mine. Without a glance at Daphne she snided, “I knew you were up to something. I knew you were evil. And to think you lured a daughter of the Sacred Twenty-Eight into your schemes! The Gall!”


“She did no-” Daphne attempted to voice her side.


“No matter! You will see the inside of Azkaban.” Umbridge then roughly grabbed me, forcing me to let go of Daphne’s hand. Umbridge turned me around, unable to see Daphne, before yelling, “bring Potter with me! We are going to have a little chat with the Headmaster.” She started to pull me, causing me to walk with her.


The long walk to the Headmaster’s office was broken up by Umbridge messaging the Minister about our ‘wrong doings’. I almost wanted to break the spell when she was casting it, but I refrained myself from it. I didn’t want to add more problems than I was going to have. What was coursing through my head was if I was sent to Azkaban, I hoped Daphne was right and I could break out easily. Dementors and I did not mix whatsoever. 


She stopped us at the entrance of the Headmaster’s Office. Harry, being essentially carried by Mr. Filch. We waited a couple of minutes as Harry and I were looking at each other. Both of us had that same look, same silent conversation. No matter what, we were in this together. Those few minutes flew by as the Minister, Percy Weasley, some unknown person, and Shacklebolt came down the hallway. Mr. Filch handed Harry to Percy while Umbridge handed me to the unknown grunt. 


Umbridge and Minister Fudge walked towards the entrance having a silent conversation. One that I could hear. “I found them in the act, Minister. They were training in a room. Building an army. The poor girl who gave them up. I know it was the dark witch that cursed her.” Ah, so someone did give us up. I will give Umbridge credit, she was not wrong that it was I who did it.


They opened the entrance and we were ‘escorted’ up the stairs into the Headmaster’s office. I had to suppress my ability as the large amount of magic in his office was disorienting. I noticed that he was perched on his desk, waiting. He knew this was going to happen. As he watched everyone enter, he made eye contact with me. He winked, moved his hand behind him. While still being handled, I was able to tell where he was pointing. Fawkes. 


Umbridge and the Minister got up in front of the Headmaster and spoke very quickly, “all your fear mongering, never fooled us for a minute. We saw your lies for what they were! A smokescreen for your bid to seize control of the Ministry! The fact you included a dark witch into your schemes shows just how far you have fallen!”


“Naturally-,” Dumbledore deadpanned. 


Harry stopped the Headmaster from saying anymore, “no, professor. He had nothing to do with it. It was us.” he said as he looked at me.


Before I could nod, Dumbledore responded, “most noble of you, Harry, to shield me, but it's been pointed out. The parchment clearly says Dumbledore’s Army. Not Potter’s nor Granger’s.” He then looked at Umbridge and the Minister. “I instructed them to form this organization. I alone am responsible for its activities.”


“Dispatch an own to The Prophet . If we hurry, we should still make the morning edition.” He then took the registration for Dumbledore’s Army and placed it into his coat. “Dornish.” Ah so the grunt holding me had an equally boring name. “Shacklebolt, you will escort Dumbledore to Azkaban.” Dornish then handed me to Percy, who tried to hold me firmly. It was a weak attempt and if I was planning on escaping, I could. I noticed that Shacklebolt was staying perfectly still. He must be in on it as well. Would not put it past the Headmaster to mention that he would do this if anyone tried to arrest him. “To await trial for conspiracy and sedition.” Harry looked shocked that this was happening. He hadn’t noticed that Dumbledore had a plan. 


“Ah, I hoped we might hit this little snag.” he then quickly got off his desk and walked around to the other side of it. “You seem to be under the delusion that I’m going to, what was the phrase? Come quietly. What I can tell you is this, I have no intention of going to Azkaban.”


Since I really wanted to see this magically, I let my ability flow, stemming it a little to not be bombarded by the large amount of magical information in the room. Umbridge spoke angrily in response to Dumbledore’s, “enough of this! Take him!” The Headmaster winked at our direction, mostly at Harry.


From above, I noticed Fawkes came sweeping down, giving a screech as he went through the pillars. As he hit the apex, right above the Headmaster, Dumbledore lifted his hands. Immediately I saw the magic coalescing within him, thrumming through his body towards his hands. Fawkes had a similar effect go through him, though more vibrant than the Headmasters. Noticing what was about to happen, I turned towards Harry, who was still looking directly at our Headmaster and kicked his foot before returning to a solid stance. He jerked and looked at me. Then a wave of hot air came rushing through the office. Everyone was knocked away except for myself and surprisingly Harry. I looked at where the Headmaster and his familiar were to see the magical array, one that I was not entirely familiar with. Some of the components were, but the overall structure of it was new. 


Shackelbolt helped the Minister get up. As he did so, he said, “whoa. Well, you may not like him, Minister, but you can’t deny.. Dumbledore’s got style.”


There was a commotion from the entrance. This caused all of us to turn our gaze towards that location. Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick were quickly running towards Harry and I. Professor McGonagall anger carried through her voice. “What is the meaning of this!”


Umbridge shook off some of the dust that collected on her pink clothes and responded joyfully, “I just happen to have caught these two, following Dumbledore’s orders, with creating an army.” She then turned towards my head of house. “One of your Ravenclaws took it upon herself to reveal this sinister plan. She was horrifically cursed by yet another of your Ravenclaws.” She finished by pointing in my direction.


“I see.” He said coolly. He looked at me, a look of concern but also slight anger. He then looked back at Umbridge. “As that is a house matter, one that you have no oversight over, I will handle that bit of punishment.” 


McGonagall looked surprised, but quickly calmed her expression and said, “yes, I will take Mr. Potter and do so as well.”


Umbridge gave an annoying ‘tut’ and said, “well, as this was all caused by Dumbledore and they decided to listen to his.. advice. I will still be providing punishment to all those involved.”


The rage that went through both professors was palpable. They looked at each other, before they looked at us. Professor Flitwick was the first one to speak. “Fine. Release her and I will escort her back to Ravenclaw tower.”


Percy released me and Professor Flitwick grabbed me. I noticed that it was a very loose grip. Once we got down the stairway and through the hallway, he let go of my wrist after making sure the coast was clear. He started to move quickly and quietly through the hallway, with me in tow. We made it to the common room in utter silence. He tapped the portrait, which because of my ability I was able to notice how he did it. Huh. Now I can bypass the riddle. Once inside he moved towards the center. Several Ravenclaws stopped what they were doing, many reading and pursuing the circular library that was our common room. 


Once he had everyone’s attention, he spoke clearly, “now, I am sure you all have heard what happened. Now I won’t name anybody, but if the one who caused what happened tonight, please meet me in my office. The sooner the better.” He then left towards the direction of his office. He looked over his shoulder at me, directing me to follow him. Ignoring the feeling of eyes on me, I followed him. He opened his office and allowed me inside. He closed the door behind me and sat at his desk. His firm expression shifted to sullen.


“What happened?” He looked up at me as he finished.


Releasing a breath, “someone told Umbridge. She then broke into the Come and Go Room and apprehended us. She immediately tried to put the blame on me.”


He shook his head, “not surprising that she would blame you. Though I wonder why a fellow ‘claw would do this?”


“That.. is a good question. Though I hold no allusion that many could be jealous, it has happened throughout the years.”


“Well, while we wait. I am glad you are not being brought up on charges because of this. Though I fear what it will mean in the future.”


“Not like Azkaban could hold me now..” I muttered under my breath.


“Oh?” he asked. Curiosity filling his eyes.


Blushing a little at the fact that I said that louder than I thought I did, I responded, “my ability is clear now. It's.. powerful to say the least.”


“How so?”


“The wavering fractals are gone. Now I see the spell and runic array of magic.”


His eyes widen beyond anything I have ever seen before. His jaw dropped to the floor. “You’re joking. There is no way..” He got up from his desk and started to pace around. He stopped and was about to say something before a knock on his door stopped him. He looked towards me and whispered, “we will speak of this later, this is incredibly remarkable. I know you have an idea, but the power to see..”


“I can do more than just see..”


“Anyway, we can discuss that later.” he cleared his throat and said, “enter.”


The door slowly opened, a sullen looking Marietta Edgecombe entered the room, attempting to hide her face as much as possible. Her strawberry blonde hair hides her face as much as possible. She quickly closed the door and shuffled closer to Professor Flitwick. “I-I- you wanted t-t-to speak to m-m-me?”


Professor Flitwick did his best to calm his voice after finding out about my ability. “Yes, I did. I wanted to.. Find the reasoning behind it. I also heard there was a curse, it would be beneficial to see it.” He looked at me with a raised eyebrow. I nodded my head and mouthed ‘boils jinx’. 


She seemed hesitant before moving her hair out of her face. The boils that covered her face were numerous, as well as the formation of ‘SNEAK’ on her forehead. She looked ready to cry. Professor Flitwick proceeded to calm her down before she did. “Shh, it’s ok. Shh. Now, if you don’t mind, could you tell me why you told Umbridge about the DA?” I had my suspicion that the professors knew, but it didn’t stop me from being slightly surprised.


She started to shuffle more, a little hiccup escaped her lips before she responded, “m-my Mum.. She w-works for the Ministry. I-i have heard tha-that it’s b-b-been tough for her. I- I was afraid that being in the DA could ruin that.”


My frustration at her telling Umbridge about DA drained from me. Not entirely, but enough to not be directed at her. I couldn’t blame her for being afraid. Though she shouldn’t be in that position in the first place. Her choices should affect her parents. Professor Flitwick was looking at me and noticed me relaxing slightly. “Well, that is understandable. But you do realize what sort of danger you put everyone in, right?”


Marietta finally looked at me, fear clear in her eyes. “I’m sorry! Please! Don’t kill me! I-I-”


“Relax Marietta, I’m not going to do that.” Rubbing my head, I continued, “look, I’m still angry and frustrated. But not at you. Not after hearing this. I-”. I looked at Professor Flitwick, and he nodded his head when our eyes met. “I will work on the cure for the boils. Just.. next time something like this happens, talk to someone. You really did put a lot of people in danger.” Daphne immediately came to mind. I hoped she was doing ok. But I couldn’t worry about everything that could happen to her.


Professor Flitwick nodded his head. “I agree, get working on that as soon as possible. I do dislike when my ‘claws are at wits with each other. And not the good kind of wits mind you.”


I left first, making my way to my dorm and being done for the night. I would have to talk with Professor Snape about getting the ingredients for the cure. But that can be a tomorrow thing. Right now, I need to get ready for a far worsening state of Hogwarts. And sleep.

Chapter Text

I groggily slammed my hand on my alarm. As I slowly came to consciousness, the memories of the previous night came forward. The DA was discovered and we were finished. Dumbledore left the school, because he was about to be sent to Azkaban. Things are going to get worse at Hogwarts and that started with the possibility of Umbridge becoming the Headmistress. Not only that, the scrutiny that I had before was going to be increased. 


Rubbing my face, my elbow accidentally nudged Crookshanks. Who promptly hissed and swatted my elbow. This caused me to recoil my arm and a quick apology. “Sorry, Crookshanks.”




He got up and jumped off the bed. Presumably underneath my bed to not be disturbed again. Sluggishly getting out of bed, I went to the bathroom to handle morning business. Once I was done, I checked the time to see if it was early enough to speak to my Professor Flitwick before breakfast. He wanted to talk to me about my ability at some point and getting that talk done quickly would be preferable. 


After getting dressed, I moved through the common room to head towards Professor Flitwick’s office. Very few ‘claws were awake at this time, which was good since I didn’t want to deal with anyone right now. I noticed the light peeking from underneath the professor’s office, hopefully that means he’s awake. My hand gave a small rap on the door, I waited. A small ‘enter’ was heard and I softly opened the door. Professor Flitwick looked exhausted, I doubt he had gotten any sleep.


“Professor, is this a bad time to have that discussion?”


He looked up from the parchment he had in front of him and the tiredness in his eyes proved his exhaustion. He stood up slowly and responded, “I don’t think there will be a good time to have this discussion.”




“Umbridge has named herself Headmistress and started to give orders to the professors. Along with a list of names in each house who was part of the DA. Congratulations, you have your own section. It seems you will be spending some time in detention with the others.”


“Oh joy,” I deadpanned.


“Indeed. Now as I’m sure you want to hear all the sordid information about how many times she tried to get you removed from being my Prefect, you want to discuss the recent development in your ability instead.” He moved over to a tea set he had on the table in the corner, “tea?”


“Yes, please.”


He set the kettle over the burner and with a flick of his wand, casting Incendio , the burner was set alight. “Now, when did it progress?”


Embarrassment filled me as I realized that it had been two months since the development and I never told him. “Uh. two months ago, a couple days after Valentine’s Day.”


He stroked his chin and hummed. “I see. Now how much are you able to see?”


“Well initially I was able to see.. everything . Which by the way, Hogwarts has a lot of work done on it. More than I think anyone knows.” I cleared my throat as his eyes went wide, something I imagine will happen during this conversation. “I ended up with headaches as the day progressed with how much there is. My friends were able to help me turn it off.”


He stood there with an owlish look before the kettle started to whistle. He flicked his wand again, Wingardium Leviosa, causing the kettle and two cups to float in the air. He made the spell pour hot water in each cup before setting the kettle down. I saw two tea bags, a little cheap on the tea but that was only a minor inconvenience this early in the morning, settled in each cup. While they steeped, he said, “did you see all that?”


“I did, Wingardium Leviosa, on each of those objects.”


“Great! Now what exactly do you see?”


“I can see the components that make up the spell. The array is composed of three parts, the wing rune taking the top apex. The Arduus rune is located to the right of the wing rune, and lastly the levis rune is to the right of Arduus . Each has connecting lines that surround the object. The mathematical equations for each are within each rune and along the connections. And no, I am not just citing that from Arithmancy and Runes.”


“Fascinating! Most Fascinating!” He was extremely excited by this discovery.


“But there’s more.”


“Right! You said there was more last night. What else?” He sat down and gave me his full attention. The exhaustion seemed to have gone away.


Taking a sip of my tea, ignoring the heat and the tea bag, I continued, “I’m pretty sure I can manipulate it.”


His eyes widened again. “W-Why do you think that?”


Pulling out my wand, I casted Wingardium Leviosa on a book that was left on his table. I then placed my wand back into the holster and lifted my left hand. I then imagined my hand on one of the connections and dragged my finger horizontally. The book followed my hand.

“Ms. Granger,” he said with immense curiosity. He walked over to the book and poked it. At that point I pulled the connection hard enough, breaking the spell. The book fell into his hand awkwardly. The way it fell was different than if I had cut the spell normally as it jerked right before falling. “Did you just-”


“I broke the spell by breaking a connection, yes.”


“Oh my! Ms. Granger! That is remarkable! This is such an important discovery! The things you will be able to do! I have always known you would go far, but the ability to see and decipher a spell. And wards apparently. You have far more future opportunities than I could ever imagine you having.” He finished with one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen him have.


“I- what? Really? I knew I had a couple of options..”


“Ms. Granger, with your ability, you have a clear ticket straight to being an Unspeakable if you wish. Or a Curse-Breaker. The possibilities could be quite endless for you.”


I was completely stunned. “I-really?”


He nodded his head enthusiastically. “Quite so!” He looked at the clock on the wall. “Oh my! Breakfast is being served.” He finished his tea and continued, “Ms. Granger. I would fully explore this in secret . Oh and try not to use it for pranks, please.” there was a wink as he said it, giving me an illusion that it might be allowed in certain circumstances. My thoughts went straight to Umbridge. As we were about to leave his office, he added, “oh! Have you started to work on a cure for Ms. Edgecombe?”


I shook my head. “Not yet, I was going to go see Professor Snape after breakfast to get the ingredients and make the cure.”


“Thank you, Ms. Granger. I know that taking her to see Madam Pomfrey would be the wisest option, but I don’t think Ms. Edgecombe can withstand the thought of going through the hallways right now.”


“I understand.”


“Good! Now let’s go to the Great Hall. I am quite famished if I don’t say so myself.”

Placing my cauldron right next to the desk of my choosing, I set about getting the ingredients I needed for the cure. Professor Snape had no problem with me crafting the potion outside of class. It wasn’t the first time I have done it. Though the previous times were more for experimenting rather than actually brewing a potion for someone. I glanced over to Professor Snape as I went to the ingredient cupboard to see him what I am assuming was grading. He glanced up at me before returning to the paper, a sneer appeared on his face.


“That bad?” I snickered.




“I have to ask, is it someone in my year?” I asked, amused.


He looked up and with the most neutral face he could make he said, “Mr. Longbottom.”


I grimaced. The stories about Neville’s potion skills were.. destructive. More so than Ron apparently. It was quite interesting considering he was a prodigy in Herbology, but in Potions, he seemed to be having a problem. With DA officially over, I would have a hard time asking him about that though. “If I may ask, is it only practical or both practical and theoretical that he is having problems in?”


“Both, which astounds me, considering his scores in Herbology.”


“I agree.”


He stared at me for a bit before commenting, “if you were not under too much scrutiny, I would offer you to tutor him. Sadly, it seems our new.. Headmistress has her focus entirely on you.”


“Oh.. joy .” My voice was dripping in sarcasm.


In a rare sight, Professor Snape chuckled. “Quite. Though.. What were you thinking about forming that organization?”


One of my eyebrows raised involuntarily. “The complete lack of a DADA class was why.” I rummaged through the ingredient cupboard. Finding the base ingredients: snake fangs, horned slugs, porcupine quills, pungous onions, flobberworm mucus, ginger, and Shrake spines. “She also got rid of my study group. So I might have been a little..”




“That’s not me being spiteful.”


“Considering the reason why you are brewing that potion is any indication, I can see that.” He finished, looking content with that knowledge. 


“I could do worse..” I grabbed the last extra ingredients I needed for the special brew for Marietta. When I turned around and looked at him, I saw a small smirk on his lips. 


Moving back to the desk, I placed the ingredients carefully on the desk and started my work. This should only take me an hour, as long as the alcohol doesn’t destroy any of the ingredients. Normally alcohol is a bit.. destructive to use in a potion, but the properties it applies will make the potion work faster. It also made it so that she would only need a small sip instead of a full potion. Pretty sure something she would like.


Marietta’s situation was one that I knew could happen with many of the students in DA. Many of them had parents or family members that worked in the Ministry. Their situation shouldn’t affect anyone at school. I hope that Marietta wasn’t forced by her mother to give up the DA. That would be beyond scummy. Though she really should have talked to us about it. Hell, at least me. I am a fellow Ravenclaw. She put so many in danger by acting out without our input..


My thoughts turned to Daphne, which made me pull out my journal. I repeated to myself that she would be fine. She could handle herself. Plus she mentioned there were other Slytherins that were more neutral in regards to politics and Umbridge. I quickly wrote a message, asking how she was doing in the journal and went to work on the potion.


An hour later, just as I thought it would take, the potion was finished. I took the ladle and poured the potion into a flask. Swirling it around 3 times, I placed it on my desk and stoppered it. Professor Snape walked towards my desk and inspected the potion. He gave a satisfied grunt and said, “impressive. If you don’t mind, Ms. Granger, I would like the rest to keep as stock.”


“Certainly. I technically don’t need this much, should only require a sip.”


“True. Your application of alcohol and Blatta Pulvereus and the methods you applied them should require less but also a quicker action. I’m sure Madam Pomfrey would enjoy these.” He took the ladle and started to pour more into flasks that he brought with him. We settled into a slight silence before he broke it. “Just so you are aware, she is fine. I have made sure that certain… groups remain to themselves.”


“I assume you are referring to the neutral families.”


“Quite so. When I noticed that this year was going to.. strain those leanings, I made sure to prohibit any sort of confrontation. Any.. feuds needed to involve me in them. Of course, that is not always the case..”


Continuing his line of thinking, “such as Pucey.”


He raised an eyebrow and responded, “I see she told you. Nonetheless, yes. That was one of the few occasions it has happened. I made sure nothing was going to happen last night.”


“I see.. Thank you.” I said, grateful for what he had done. My doubts remained that it wouldn’t be the end of it, but knowing he was keeping an eye on the politics of his house did help. I glanced at his way as I was cleaning up. He nodded his head and grabbed the flask he filled before moving towards his desk. Once I finished up with cleaning up, I gathered my stuff. Giving one more look inside to the journal to see if Daphne responded.

“I’m fine. A bit of tension in the house, but nothing that wasn’t already there. I hope things have been alright for you”


A smile graced my lips at seeing her message. I took out my quill and wrote, “as well as they could be. No extra punishment technically. Though I had to cure the culprit. Just got finished it. Professor Snape took the rest of the batch.”


The message disappeared, a couple of seconds later her reply showed up. “That’s good. Though I am surprised that you had to make a cure”


“Strenuous circumstances. I can explain more in person. Want to meet?”


“Definitely! Same place?”


“Works for me! See you in a moment”


Placing the journal in my bag, I walked out of the classroom. Before I opened the door, I heard Professor Snape mutter, “teenagers.” Which made me chuckle. I opened the door and gently closed it behind me to allow Professor Snape to continue without distractions.

True to Umbridge’s word, we did have punishment. A massive detention for all of those involved in the DA. She had gathered all of us to the Great room and had us sit at our own assigned desk. Weird enough as that was not a thing in Hogwarts. Days of primary school and required assigned seating brought memories that were not entirely good. Shaking my head, to forget those memories, I sat in my assigned desk next to Luna. I looked around the room to see where everyone sat. Harry was not too far ahead of me, Ron to the left of him. Ginny and Luna were in the row behind them. Daphne was in the back and sat near Astoria. 


Since Umbridge had yet to appear, I gave a small wink to Daphne. Her sister, the git she could be, winked back. Daphne smacked on the shoulder before giving me a small wave. That made me chuckle, but it was short lived. The door at the front opened up. The door was usually behind where the Professor table usually was, but in its place was a god awful, faux gold throne and a small table with a tea set on it.. Revealing Umbridge carrying a box. She was practically wearing a bathrobe. She must imagine herself a queen. If she was truly a queen, she would have her head in a guillotine the first day. 


Allowing my ability, something that I really need to name at some point, to show. I focused on the box to notice some interesting arrays. Some that I only learned recently in a certain book that I read at the beginning of the year. Runes such as Sanguis and Siphonis were among them. So these were the blood quills that Harry had to deal with. She was going to make us do the same.


She set the box down and casted Wingardium Leviosa on the quills, setting one at each desk. “Now as you have all broken one of the Educational Decrees you are here for punishment.” She then levitated parchments and placed them at each desk. “You are to write ‘ I will not misbehave’ with the provided quill and parchment.” Neville raised his hand. “Yes?”


Neville looked confused and asked, “how many times?”


The smug look on her face made my blood boil. Fine, bitch. She replied back to Neville, “however many times it takes to.. sink in.” As she was answering the question, I started to cut the connections on the arrays of each blood quill. What I noticed was that the connection was not breaking like Wingardium Leviosa. Shite, this was not good. Looking at Sanguis and remembering what I read in the book, it was far more complex than Wingardium Leviosa . Trying to peer further into the rune, it expanded. It was at this point that I tried to break a connection. It seemed like it didn’t want to, but eventually it gave way. Breaking the enchantment. Careful to keep my hand under my desk and out of sight of Umbridge. This took longer than I wanted, but it seemed that Umbridge was too preoccupied by her evil plan for punishment.


She must have said something sinister as everyone looked nervous. Too bad it was not going to work. I had finished the last quill as she sat down and commanded, “start!” Everyone picked up their quill and attempted to start writing. Attempted being a very important description in this case. As I acted out like I was going to write something, everyone else actually did. They started to notice that they weren’t working. 


As everyone’s confused faces were etched on their faces, I did my best to replicate it. Umbridge's content face turned into pure confusion. Cho raised her hand. Umbridge nodded hesitantly, to which Cho asked, “Umm, Pro-Headmistress, these quills aren’t working.”


Umbridge got off of her throne and walked over to Cho’s desk. She picked up the quill and tried to write. If I had more time with my ability, I wonder if I would be able to apply the enchantment again just to spite her. Oh well, this was good enough. She started to furiously write on the parchment but nothing would come out. She then frantically set the quill and parchment down, straightened her back and asked harshly, “is everyone’s quill not working?” Everyone nodded their heads to which she responded, “how, they were just working..” her eyes swept across the room, they briefly landed on me before they continued through the room. She then levitated each quill and placed them back in the box. She huffed, picked up the box and walked towards the door. “Please remain seated. I will be right back,” she said, frustrated. 


Once the door closed with a click, I noticed that Harry was looking at me. I gave him a wink, which others seemed to have noticed. 


The Weasley twins especially. “Blimey, Hermione-” Fred started.


“-who knew you were-” continued George.


“-such a prankster-”


“-though I wished that-”


“-it would have started working-”


“For her,” they both finished. 


Since that made all eyes turned towards me, I had to keep my ability a secret. “I have no idea what you are talking about. All I did was sit here like the rest of us and waited for punishment,” I said vaguely.


While those who knew gave a knowing look, Daphne spoke, “those were what I think they were, weren’t they?”


Turning my body to face her, I said, “they were.”


“I see.” the pondered look she had told me plenty. It was well known that blood quills were illegal. If this could turn back on her, all the better. Though mysteriously having all of them essentially disenchanted didn’t help that endeavor. 


The door clicked open and revealed Umbridge with another box. Taking a look at them revealed they were just normal quills. Guess she ran out. Oh no, the travesty. She went to each desk and placed a quill on it. “With that little hiccup, I want you to write ‘I will not misbehave’ two hundred times.” She set a bottle of ink with the quill. As she got to my desk, she gave me a very pointed look as she sat the quill and ink down. 


Remaining calm, I said, “thank you.”


She gave a neutral hum and turned to the next desk. Picking up the quill, I dipped it into the ink and started to write. It was going to be a long detention, but not a painful one at least.

Chapter Text

Did I ever mention that this year has an exponential increase in work because of OWLs? Because there is more work this year than all the previous years added up. We had just gotten off of Easter break, a break that I stayed at the school. A part of me wants to say it was mainly to help my friends, but it truly to hide from my parents. I don’t know what changed between now and Christmas. I was more willing to tell them everything then. That said, I still helped my friends study. Which then became more stressful since we will be starting OWLs soon. Times like these made me really grateful for my eidetic memory. Seeing students in my year studying like crazy made me realize just how gifted I was in that regard. It didn’t mean I didn’t study, I just had to study less. Far less based on what I have seen. 


Daphne was not too happy to find out I didn't need to study much. It has certainly made it hard for us to have some time alone. Most of the time we are in the library studying. Well, she would be studying and I would be done with my studying and reading a random book I picked from the shelves. Occasionally, my friends would join in. Ginny and Luna were the odd ones out as they didn’t have OWLs to study for. Usually Ginny would wander out of the library while Luna would do a similar thing as I, but she would do it in her own fashion.


Generally, the library was filled with fifth years, all trying to study. What bothered me was that our group was the only one that was inter house. All other groups were strictly divided into houses. Hufflepuffs, Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, and a small spattering of Slytherins were all in their own groups. We were a group mostly filled with Gryffindors, but had someone from each house. Susan and Hannah sat with us on many occasions. While each of us were busy with something, I noticed that Harry was more stressed than usual.


I knew he was meeting Professor Snape for Occlumency lessons, but I have not heard of anything about that. He looked more ragged, like it wasn’t going well. He mentioned that it was rough for him, something I never experienced, but it couldn’t be that bad. Could it? I know he wasn’t a very open person, but he would tell me if something was wrong.


On the topic of Slytherins, towards the beginning of what I am now calling the fifth year study session. I know, a horrible name. There were certain groups of Slytherins that I was starting to pick up who was in what political group. Malfoy and his group were clearly on the pureblood traditional side of things. Pucey was among them occasionally, but more to talk about something to Malfoy before leaving. Daphne had to stop me from going after him or anyone who decided to call her a blood traitor. It was frustrating that I was unable to go after him. No one hurts those I care about. Especially Daphne. 


What annoyed me was that she wasn’t a blood traitor. The only thing she had that would add to that point was that she was dating me, a muggleborn. All her beliefs were still very much traditional. Something that I shared for the most part. There was also the fact that I was Morgana and that I had to have some sort of brownie points, but alas, it didn’t. All they cared about was my blood. Extremely short sighted, but we were children. 


This led to the Weasley twins to ramp up their pranks. Especially against Umbridge. I had the distinct feeling that they didn’t care about being expelled. Considering that they were soon to be opening their shop, they were probably relishing in the thrill of it. Each day, they kept ramping up on it and have not been caught yet. Surprising, I know. But everyone loved what they were doing to her. The students have been slightly rebelling against Umbridge. The twins were generally the discussion in the library as everyone studied.


Sadly, today was not the day I would be in the library. Instead, I was meeting my Head of House for Career Advice. A notice was posted for all fifth years that we needed to attend it by the end of this week. I was not too worried as this was something Professor Flitwick and myself have spoken about on occasion. After telling him about my ability, his thoughts about becoming an Unspeakable or Curse-Breaker were enticing. Sadly, since this seemed to be a ploy made by Umbridge, I had to attend. 


Walking the hallway towards Charm’s classroom, I ran my hand along the wall. Allowing my sight free, the array of runes on the wall came to life. While my physical hand doesn’t necessarily cause any disturbance in the array, it felt right to run my hand along it. Like strumming a guitar I guess. Imagining the magical hand overlaying my own, the connections started to do just that. Strum the threads along my fingers. The wards were too strong for a simple break, but feeling the connection fight against my fingers for a moment before springing back to normal was exhilarating. 


As I came to the classroom, I heard a hushed conversation happening behind those closed doors. A voice that was extremely noticeable. Umbridge. Wonderful. I should have known she would be there. Guess I was hoping too much that she wouldn’t. Giving a sigh, I opened the door to the classroom. 


Inside the classroom was Professor Flitwick, sitting at his desk, surrounded by the various amounts of books. A common Ravenclaw trait. Who wouldn’t want to have a pile of books they would wish to read next to them at all times. Umbridge was on the far wall with her clipboard and pink feathered quill. The frustrated looks of both her and Professor Flitwick proved that they were having a heavy debate. Of what, I could not say. I could be vain and say it involved me, but I won’t. There could be plenty of reasons for a debate between the Headmistress and the professors. Deciding to break the tension, I spoke. “Professor, you wanted to see me for Career Advice?”


Professor Flitwick’s eyes turned to me and a smile graced his lips. “Most certainly, Ms. Granger. Please have a seat.” He motioned towards the table next to him. Moving towards the table, I saw Umbridge keep a very close eye on me. Once I sat down, Professor Flitwick started the interview. “Now, Ms. Granger. I am aware that we have spoken briefly in the past about your future prospects, but we never discuss what would be required for them.”


Umbridge arched her eyebrow and said, “is that so?”


Without glancing at her, Professor Flitwick responded, “quite so. How could I not want to be involved with my Ravenclaws? You have already seen that with the others. Especially since I have the Brightest Witch of Her Age in my house. How could I not be more integrated in her endeavors.” He smacked his lips and turned back to the topic at hand. “That said, taking a look at your grades, which I honestly shouldn’t have too, gives plenty of opportunities. Now, what is it that you might want to do, Ms. Granger?”


Umbridge had a slight sneer on her face before it was replaced by the false smile. Ignoring her, I said, “well.. I have thought about several. The first that comes to mind is Potions.”


“Which you have the top score in the school. I’m sure Professor Snape would love to have you as his apprentice if he could.”


Nodding, I continued, “I also enjoy healing.”


Umbridge scoffed. “A healer? And what made you think that?”


“Considering that I have helped Madam Promfrey on many occasions. Last year, for example, I helped her during each task. I also made healing potions on the side, under Professor Snape’s watch, that have been sent to her for use. So yes, I have thought about it.”


She gave a non committal grunt and allowed Professor Flitwick to continue. “You do have the possibility of becoming a great Enchantress. You are extraordinarily skilled considering you created your bag.”


“True, that is a possibility I cou-”


“I’m sorry,” Umbridge interrupted me. “Did you say bag, what is so special about your bag?”


Professor Flitwick looked at me, motioned for me to pull it out, to which I did. Reservation filled me and allowed her to come close to inspect my bag. I opened the bag and shoved my hand into it. After showing that my entire arm was in the bag, I pulled out one of the class text books. 


“And when and where did you create this?” The incredulous look she gave me pause. 


Before I could respond, my Head of House butted in. “She created it last year. Under my supervision.” The pointed look he gave me was enough for me to know to follow him along.


“That’s right. Professor Flitwick watched me as I crafted the bag. He also approved of its use.”


“I see..” She didn’t believe it, even though there was more truth in it than she thought. “Nonetheless, that seemed rather.. foolish to allow a fourth year to accomplish something so advanced .”


Professor Flitwick arched an eyebrow. “How so if I might ask? She is far beyond anyone in her year, possibly in the school. I would not let someone so skilled be bogged down by others.” The look he gave her was clear he meant her. 


After a moment of silence with heated stares, my Head of House went onto the next option. “We recently talked about becoming an Unspeakable.”


She seemed intrigued by that, and it didn’t seem good. “Oh? And how do you plan to achieve that? To become an Unspeakable is quite hard from what I have been told. Years of experience and..”


“And the grades to match the current Unspeakables. Actually, she surpasses the requirements. Let alone her vast experience she has done throughout the years. As you have heard, she has experienced healing, potions which I assume you have brewed more than basic healing potions?” He waved his hand to me. I nodded and he continued, “and enchanting. She’s a prodigy in Transfiguration and exceptional in Charms. I trust that if she wants to become an Unspeakable, she will and she will do it as the youngest in recorded history.” he finished with a bright smile. 


She hummed negatively in response, but didn’t voice anything. Seeing that, Professor Flitwick finished off with the last option we talked about. “Lastly, we talked about Curse-Breaking. I do know that Gringotts is always hiring new skilled stude-”


The scoff that Umbridge gave was even bigger than the previous. “A Curse-Breaker? Now why on earth would you want to work with those things?”


My face must have looked the same as Professor Flitwick as she casually insulted goblins. I knew she was a pureblood, but to actually hear her insult a magical creature in such a way was something else. Professor Flitwick barely contained anger bled through his speech. “I beg your pardon?”


“Why would she bother looking at being hired by.. those creatures .” The shiver that went through her was disgusting. How dare she be uncomfortable by magical creatures. She straightened her back trying to look proud. “The Ministry employs Curse-Breakers as well.”


My Head of House looked incredulous before commenting. “Except by working for Gringotts, you end up expanding your experience beyond the runes and curses mainly used in magical Great Britain.”


It was time I voiced my opinion. “Not only that, there is nothing wrong with working with goblins. They have an interesting culture and deserve respect.”


The look she gave me was clear she did not like my support for magical creatures. “And what sort of experience have you had with them ? They are disgusting creatures who want to steal your galleons and items!”


Trying not to raise my ire at her, I responded, “frequently. I visit several times during the summer break for my vault that my parents set up and have some rising investments through Gringotts. They are brutally honest.”


She clearly didn’t believe me but it was true. I truly never had any problems with the goblins. They have been very honest about their society and dealings with wizards. The way she was looking at me showed me that she had a different experience with them. Professor Flitwick and I looked at each other and it was clear we had similar experiences. Though he does have a good reason for his. I would have to ask my friends about their experience at Gringotts.


After a minute of silence passed, Umbridge broke it. “Was there any other prospects, Ms. Pendragon , you wish to discuss?” She was clearly done with this and didn’t find whatever it was she was looking for. Inspecting her closely, a thought crossed my mind. Was she trying to see if I was going to take up Dumbledore’s mantle or something? Or did she think that I would confess to wanting to become a dark lady? Not that I do. Far from it actually. I shook my head.


“Well then. Thank you, Ms. Granger. That will be all.” Professor Flitwick finished, using Granger to spite Umbridge.


“Thank you, Professor, Headmistress .” I got up and walked out of the room. The tension was palpable between the two. I wonder how much more of her my Head of House has to deal with. Once I was out of the room and closed the door. Their voices carried through the door. Deciding it was best to ignore it, I went back to the library where my friends were.


It was a short walk that allowed me to think of Career Advice . The way Umbridge was so focused on what I wanted to do seemed to make me believe that she did this purely to find out what we were planning. In a horrible way I might add. Why would anyone want to reveal that they might want to burn the Ministry or the like. There was no logic applied to it. 


The library came to view and I swiftly went in, waving my hand at Madam Pince who waved back, and went to our group table. Everyone was busy going over notes and books to notice me. Harry looked exhausted, something was going on, I just wished he would let me know what it was. Ron was browsing his notes and book, occasionally chewing on his quill. Daphne was reading a book and occasionally glancing at some notes in front of her. I sat down next to Daphne, which spooked her before she gave a smile. Her gaze returned to her book and whispered, “how did it go?”


“A farce to be honest. Umbridge was there and the way she was asking me questions led me to believe that she was trying to see what I might do in the future. Almost as if I was going to confess to destroying the Ministry or become a dark lady. Though I did leave with a question.”


Harry looked up and added, “that is what it seemed like for me too. She tried to redirect my plan to something not in the Ministry.”


“Quite the opposite for me for one possibility.”




“Professor Flitwick and I discussed the possibility of being a Curse-Breaker and when he mentioned Gringotts, she.. Well I knew she was a bigot. So she was actually trying to lead me to being a Curse-Breaker for the Ministry. Which was weird since she seemed so sure that I couldn’t be an Unspeakable.”


Ron stopped chewing on his quill to add to the discussion. “Blimey, you are the most qualified to be an Unspeakable.”


Daphne nodded, “he’s quite right. You could probably join right out of Hogwarts if you wanted.” She gave my thigh a squeeze. “You said it left you with a question? What was it?”


I looked between the three and asked, “have any of you had any bad experiences with the goblins of Gringotts?”


Ron and Harry looked between each other. Ron shrugged his shoulders and went back to chewing the quill and his notes. Harry looked at me and said, “a bit? They weren’t very helpful and a bit rude.”


“Generally you have to be cordial and understanding of their way. They can be.. Brusque, at least from my dealing with my father,” Daphne piped up. “Why? Have you had a different experience?”


“Very,” I admitted. “They were helpful and honest. Brutally honest. They have helped me make money through some investments. They initially gave my parents a problem..” Revelation filled me as I realized what happened. “Shite.”


“What?” Daphne turned her attention fully to me, Harry was also looking in my direction.


“Once they saw me, they changed their tune.”


“You don’t think..” Harry said.


“I do. They knew. They knew I was Morgana. But how?”


“Hermione, your eyes are extremely unique.” Daphne said offhandedly.


“True.” but that didn’t feel right. Especially with my recent interactions with the giants and centaurs. There was something going on that I have a connection to them. I just didn’t know what. “Well, I guess that mystery is partially solved.”


Harry’s eyes furrowed, “you’re not bothered by the fact that they never told you?”


“Goblins respect privacy and honesty. I never asked, so they never told me.”


He blinked before rubbing the back of his head. “If you say so.” 


With that, I pulled out my bag and rummaged for my notes that I was working on previously and got started. I moved my left hand to Daphne’s, allowing us to hold hands while we sat in silence. While I wished I could use my left to move the pages, it was far more worth it to hold her hand.

After studying or more like my friends were studying and I was reading a boring book, Daphne and I secluded ourselves into one of the empty classrooms. She was sitting on the edge of the desk and I was standing up against her. The kisses turned hungry. Neither of our hands were in one place for too long. We let go for a breath of air. Both of us were panting heavily. 


“Damn,” I said, still out of breath.


Daphne chuckled. “No kidding.” She started to fiddle with my clothes. She looked into my eyes, asking for permission.


Before I could respond, a loud explosion was heard in the corridor. Turning around towards the door, I furrowed my brows.


“What was that?” Daphne asked.


“I’m not sure. Though given the explosion, my guess is the Weasley twins.”


She released a sigh, straightened her clothes, and said, “those two are going to get themselves killed, or worse.”


“I’m going to go check out the situation.” I let my hand linger on her for a moment before heading towards the door. 


“Please be careful,” she whispered, sounding worried. 


I looked into her eyes. “I will.” I slowly opened the door, only for it to barely budge. Giving it a forceful shove, the door opened slightly. Looking through the crack, the look of awe filled my face. The entire corridor was turned into a swamp. There was a sort of valley, with mud caking the side of the hallway and murky water filling the center. The area near the door was especially heavy with mud. Peering down the hallway, I saw the twins, laughing and clapping their hands together. 


Around the corner, Mr. Filch came and grabbed both of the twins. Neither of the twins were aware of his presence. “Got ya! Now I get to punish you two! Oh how long I have waited.” 


Umbridge made her way towards the group, which caused me to slink back a bit to stay in the shadows. Didn’t want her to come over here to see Daphne and I in a room alone. Don’t need to add more fuel to the fire. 


The sinister glee on her face was extremely disturbing. “You boys are going to find out what happens to wrongdoers at Hogwarts.” The way she said it, the punishment would probably be far worse than blood quills. 


The twins looked at each other, nodded, and replied, “no, I don’t think we will.” They snapped their wands, an Accio. A moment later, two brooms came flying down the corridor and both twins grabbed them and zoomed away from the pair. 


Umbridge released a frustrated yell before turning to Mr. Filch. “Get this cleaned up!” She stomped down the hallway. Mr. Filch looked quite angry, but muttered something that I was not quite able to hear and went the other direction.


I slunk back and slowly closed the door. Daphne moved behind me and whispered into my ear. “What happened?” Even though it wasn’t nearly as sultry as before, it still sent a shiver down my spine. 


“I think the twins just left Hogwarts for good.” I swallowed at her close proximity and cleared my throat. “They were caught and before Umbridge or Mr. Filch could do anything, they got on their brooms and left.”


She hummed right next to my ear. “Guess we will have to see what truly happened to them tomorrow. Considering how hard it was for you to open the door, we have more time.” I turned around to look at her. The smirk on her face told me that she wanted to get back to the snogging session we had. Giving her a small peck on her lips, I allowed her to take us back to our previous activities.

Chapter Text

The end of May brought warmer weather. The sun was shining brightly and the birds were chirping. All remnants of winter were gone and with it came the flowers. Spring was probably one of my favorite times of the year. The world came to life after a long time of being asleep. While it had been spring for a bit this year, it came later than usual. It seemed poetic that the winter, the darkest time of the year, held its grasp on nature like Umbridge did on Hogwarts.


But that was not what my main focus was now. Luna, Daphne, Astoria, Harry, and myself were walking down towards the Quidditch stadium for the last match of the year. It was between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. I normally didn’t show up for these as my usual interest was making sure Harry was safe. There were a few occasions that I would help Madam Pomfrey with any healing. As Harry was banned per Umbridge’s Educational Decree bite my arse , he was with us. Instead, Ron and Ginny were playing.


A soft hand wove its way into my hand. Turning my gaze towards my side, Daphne looked curious. “What’s going on in that beautiful and far too intelligent head of yours?”


“Oh? Well if you must know, wondering how you all managed to drag me to go to a Quidditch match.”


Harry said with a grin, “because your friends ask you too? Also, why wouldn’t you want to watch a match between our houses?”


Luna hummed along with Harry. She was wearing a Gryffindor head over hers, showing support for Gryffindor. Which for anyone else would seem odd and traitorous, but Luna’s choice was always interesting. Considering my past interactions with her, I had a feeling that Gryffindor was going to win. “You also need to come to these more often. Especially the last one of the year.”


“I guess,” I said noncommittally.


Daphne squeezed my hand, “how about, because I asked you to?” She gave me a look that if I didn’t answer this correctly, I was going to the doghouse.


Releasing a sigh, I responded, “ok, fine. You got me. Let’s go watch our friend fly on a very inefficient form of flying.”


Harry looked insulted. “They are not inefficient!”


Raising an eyebrow at him, I informed him, “they are. Not only are you precariously on a piece of wood while high up in the air, the amount of magic the broom uses only allows them to work for a couple of hours before needing a recharge.”


He put his hand up to counter my argument, but realized that I was right. Not many brooms lasted long. Whenever the professionals have incredibly long games, they end up swapping brooms. Then they allowed their original broom to recharge. “You’re just saying that because you’re afraid of heights,” he jabbed. 


“I’m not afraid of heights, I don’t like brooms. There’s a difference. Not only that, I can see the charms enchanted on the rooms. They have a couple of flaws in the arrays that cause that to happen. It’s almost like it was done on purpose so the broom would only have a certain life expectancy before you had to buy a new one.” I doubt that was the case though. The broom industry took immense pride in their enchanted brooms and wouldn’t want to be accused of shoddy enchantments. 


Daphne furrowed her brows, “wait, really?”


“Yes, I took a look at Harry’s broom when he handed it to Ginny to use.”


Daphne pondered for a moment, “that’s not good. We have investments in the Cleansweep Broom Company.”


“Like I sai-”


“I wouldn’t let Father know about that, Daphne. You know how he is when it comes to Quidditch and his investments,” Astoria interrupted me.


“I know, ‘tori. I just don’t like it.”


Clearing my throat, “as I said, I doubt anyone notices it. Considering I am probably the only person who could.”


Daphne released a sigh and said, “true.” I could tell that she didn’t like the idea of them being a bit flawed. It was something I could tell would change once she had control of the Greengrass holdings.


We continued to walk and I noticed a small chant coming from the stadium. A small group of Slytherins were ahead of us. Daphne and Astoria noticed them. Daphne exclaimed, “shite! I forgot to mention. Malfoy got this whole chant thing about Ron. It’s honestly a horrible one and I hope it fails.”


Harry, looking intrigued, asked, “oh? What is it?”


Astoria was barely able to contain her laugh as she responded. “Weasley is our King.”


My mouth opened and closed a couple of times like a fish out of water. “Doesn’t he..”


“No, he doesn’t,” Daphne deadpanned.


Shaking my head, we passed the group without a problem. Though they did mutter the chant under their breaths. Probably as an attempt to get under our skins. I was half expecting them to say blood traitor, but they didn’t. We made our way up the stands. As I didn’t care who won or lost, and a clear leaning towards Gryffindor among us, we sat with the other Gryffindors. 


Once we sat down, Daphne leaned into me and whispered, “thank you for coming. I know it’s not something you like, and it has nothing to do with the brooms.”


Turning my head slightly, I gave her hair a small kiss. “It’s fine. I’m not the one on the broom. Honestly? I needed to get out of the castle anyway.” If it was possible, she got closer to me and gave my hand a squeeze. 


Just as all the players got out onto the field, the Slytherins started their chant. “Weasley is our King!” The entire stadium was in a state of confusion. The question on everyone’s face was obvious. Why were they supporting Weasley? After a moment and several iterations of the chant, everyone else started to join in. 


This had a hilarious reaction to the Slytherins who were chanting. They saw that everyone was chanting and the positive effect on the two Weasley’s had backfired on them. They immediately stopped but the stadium was on a roll. Eventually Daphne, Astoria, and myself joined in with the rest.


“Weasley is our King!”


Madam Hooch came out to the field and with a quick Sonorous . “Welcome to the Quidditch Cup Finale. A battle between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.” She looked towards Ginny, who was hovering near the bottom. I saw Ginny nod, then Madam Hooch turned towards Cho. She also nodded. Madam Hooch got close to the ground where the Quidditch balls were and after a moment, the balls were released. Flying into the sky at high speed. Both Ginny and Cho raced after the snitch.


One that I noticed was that I could very easily cheat if I ever liked brooms. With my sight, I was able to see the enchanted bludgers and the snitch very easily. I didn’t need to decipher the spell, just look for a purple glow. Nudging my foot at Harry, who was in front of me, got his attention. 


“Huh? What’s up, Hermione?”


“So, you know the thing?”


He looked confused. “Wha- what thing?” Then after a moment, revelation hit. “Oh! That thing. Yeah? What about it?”

Trying not to disturb Daphne too much, who was entirely focused on the game, I got close to him and whispered, “I can see where the snitch is.”


He looked out towards the pitch and then back at me. “Of course you would hate being on a broom.” He grinned.


“If I didn’t, I don’t think Gryffindor would be winning a game anymore,” I jested.


“True. Thanks, Hermione! For being broom averse.” He chuckled at his own joke.


Releasing a small laugh, I played along. “Most certainly! Or else I would be the bane of all matches. The best Ravenclaw Seeker to grace the halls of Hogwarts!”


While we laughed, Ron caught another quaffle that almost went into the ring. The crowd cheered. The Gryffindors that surrounded us started to chant again, but this time they started to make a song. 


“Weasley is our King

Weasley is our King,

He didn’t let the Quaffle in,

Weasley is our King…”


My ears started to ring, but I ignored it. Another Quaffle was thrown at a ring and Ron blocked it. He was doing amazing, at least as far as my limited knowledge of Quidditch was. I saw Ginny and Cho race after the Snitch, which was weaving to and fro between the pillars. It made a quick turn and went up and then towards the center, to blend into the surroundings. Both Seekers were lost and couldn’t find the Snitch. 


Gryffindor scored another ten points on Ravenclaw, causing another cheer among the Gryffindors and Luna. The game continued on like this for the next hour. The snitch kept pulling a feint on the Seekers, preventing either of them from ending the game. For every one goal Ravenclaw scored, two were made by Gryffindor. Most of it was because Ron was preventing any Quaffle from entering the rings. The chant the Slytherins started, truly had the opposite effect than they wanted. The chant had evolved as well.


“Weasley is our King

Weasley is our king,

He didn’t let the Quaffle in,

Weasley is our King…”


Weasley can save anything, 

he never leaves a single ring,

That’s why Gryffindors all sing:

Weasley is our King.”


Eventually, both Seekers saw the Snitch and raced forward at breakneck speed. They were both side by side. The Snitch went up into the air, but both Seekers saw it and immediately turned upwards. The Snitched leveled out to about the same height as the stands. The snitch then zoomed back in the direction it went, causing the Seekers to make a very sharp turn as they reached the same height. Cho lost her balance a little and had to detour to get herself oriented correctly. 


Ginny, pulling just as dangerous of a stunt that Harry normally did, was able to stay on the course and gather speed on the snitch. The snitch tried to do a serpentine pattern but Ginny was able to keep up on the snitch, even able to cut some corners to get closer. She reached out towards the snitch and just as another score was made against Gryffindor, she caught the snitch.


 “THE SNITCH HAS BEEN CAUGHT! I REPEAT THE SNITCH HAS BEEN CAUGHT BY GRYFFINDOR!” Screamed Lee Jordan. The ringing in my ears increased as the crowd roared. It was so loud, I had to cover my ears, in a hope to muffle the sound of it all. If I had thought about it quick enough, I would have casted Muffliato on myself. The others didn’t know, but this was why I truly didn’t come to the Quidditch games. It was too much for my hearing.


I felt a hand on my shoulder, jostling my attention. Trying to turn a little, I saw the concerned look on Daphne as she stared at me. Her lips were moving, but I couldn’t hear them. She repeated what she said and attempted to read her lips, I was able to guess what she was saying. “Are you alright?”


I barely shook my head in response. She grabbed my arm and got up, pulling me with her. I kept my hands on my ears and she started to move us through the crowd. She started to push people out of the way as we made our way through the stands. Someone almost fell on her, but she shoved them hard enough to tumble down the benches and into another student. Once we made it to the stairs, the sound started to lessen. She kept pulling me down the stairs. We made it to the bottom and out of the quidditch stands. She brought me to the side and placed her hands on my cheeks. 


She wiped her hand under my eyes which made me realize that the pain was so much that I had started to cry. The sound had lessened to the point where it was tolerable and I moved my hands away from my ears. One hand dropped towards my shoulder while the other was rubbing my cheek. 


“Are you alright now?” I was barely able to hear her, the ringing in my ears still remained.


“I-Its getting b-b-better.”


“Want to go back to the castle?”


I nodded my head. I looked down at my hands and was half expecting to see blood, but there was none. A commotion was barely heard around the corner. Glancing up, I saw Astoria and Harry, both worried about where Daphne and I had run off to. Daphne turned her head to look at them. Seeing them, she said, “the sound was too much for her. We are going to head back to the castle.”


Harry's concerned look conveyed what he was going to ask, “is this why you don’t come to the games?”


Releasing a shaky breath, “y-yeah. I don’t kn-know why, b-but I have a-always had a-acute hearing.”


He shook his head. “That explains a lot, now that I think about it. But what about the occasional loud spells and explosions?”


“Th-the occasional loud noise doesn’t bother me. I-Its the continual loud noise. I-I wasn’t prepared for it. I was focused on the snitch and it caught me off guard.” My stutter had petered off as I was able to control myself. 


“I see. That’s interesting, but we can save that for later.” He looked towards Daphne. “I will let everyone know where you guys went.” His eyes landed on me, “get well, Hermione.” 


Both Daphne and I nodded and he turned around. Astoria remained for a bit and I could tell the sisters were having a silent conversation. She nodded and returned to the party that was going to happen. Daphne took my hand and we made it up the slope towards the castle. 


The walk was slow, but my ears were recovering quickly. The ringing had subsided enough that I could hear the birds chirping. Daphne turned her head to me. “Doing better?”


“Much better.”


She smiled, which caused me to smile back. “Good! Now, where do you want to go? We don’t have a lot of options.”


A single thought came to my mind as I went through the few options. One that brought a blush to my face. It would be the perfect place for Daphne and I to get peace and quiet. No one would be able to interrupt us, even Umbridge. To add to it, she doesn’t have access to the Headmaster’s office, so no one will know about it anyway. “What about my room?”


Daphne stopped, which caused me to stop so I didn’t pull her hand. “Did- Did you just suggest your room?”


With my free hand, I scratched the back of my head. “I- well. Yeah.” Embarrassment filled me. What I suggested brought far too many things to mind. But it was the most logical place to go. “We won’t be disturbed and it's quiet. Well as long as Crookshanks isn’t being needy. But that was rare. And since all the Ravenclaws were at the game there shou-”


She squeezed my hand which made me stop. “Hermione, relax. It’s fine. It is a perfect place. It’s a good thing you are a Prefect.” We started to walk towards the Ravenclaw tower. The walk was in silence, but it was comfortable. My ears had recovered fully and there was no pain. This has happened in the past, mostly before my life with magic. As long as I was able to get quiet or muffle the consistent noise, they would recover quickly. There was only one occasion when I was younger where I ended up with blood coming out of my ears. 


My parents had taken me to my first cinema when I was six. It was supposed to be a happy family event. Watch one of the new kid movies that the cinema had made. I don’t remember too much about the movie, but what I do remember was that the movie was extremely loud. Covering my ears, I had looked around to see that no one else was reacting in the same way. As with all people, when you see that no one else was having the same problem, you stopped being the odd one out. So I had uncovered my ears and tried to weather the booming noise. 


That quickly became the worst possible thing I could do. Barely paying attention to the movie, it ended up being too much. I ended up running full speed out of the cinema covering my ears. The scare I gave my parents was tremendous. They caught up to me and noticed one thing that I had not. Blood was on my hands and coming out of my ears. That led to a trip to the hospital. Since then, I have never been to the cinema again. My parents always waited for movies to come out to watch on the tele. 


Daphne and I made it to the entrance to Ravenclaw tower. The eagle knocker came to life. If a knocker could look disapproving, it certainly did. “ I have cities, but no houses. I have mountains, but no trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I?”


“Wait, you have to answer riddles? I thought that was a rumor.” Daphne asked.


A chuckle released from me. “Yes, we do. Though I have a secret.” I winked as I looked for the secret that I have been using since Professor Flitwick accidentally showed me. The runes appeared before me and I pressed it the same way as he did. The door then made a slow creaking noise. “Let me make sure no one is hanging around the common room.” She nodded her head in agreement.


I went inside the common room. It was quiet, as it usually was and looked around to see that no one was around. That was a good thing. Going back through the opening, I held my hand out to Daphne, who took it. We then raced through the common room as quickly as possible. Though she did seem to slow down to take a look at the common room. We raced up the stairs and headed straight for my dorm.


I opened the door for her. “Thank you,” she said quickly and slipped inside.  I looked down both sides of the hallway before closing the door. I quickly casted Muffliato on the door and turned around. I’m not going to lie by the fact that I did have my girlfriend, in my room, alone. The thoughts that turned through my mind made my face feel very hot. 


I saw Daphne sitting on my bed, petting Crookshanks who took it upon himself to demand pats from her. “You have a wonderful familiar. Crookshanks, wasn’t it?”


Crookshanks purred even louder as he heard his name being said while being praised. Shaking my head, I responded, “Thanks, but he is a spoiled one.” I moved towards one of the shelves that I locked so Crookshanks couldn’t open and pull out some treats I had gotten for him. I handed her the bag.


“I see you truly don’t care that he is,” She said with a smile.


“Nope.” A big smile was on my face. I still ignored the burning feeling on my cheeks.


She gave him a couple of treats before setting them aside. She looked around the room and stopped occasionally at the several stacks of books I had around the room. “Have you read all of those?”


“For the most part, yes.” I sat down next to her. One of her hands went to mine while the other went up to my ears. 


“How are you feeling now?”


“Recovered, fully. I am happy that you were there for me.” I finished with a smile.


Her hand went down to my other hand and she started to rub them. She was silent for a while. “You scared me, Hermione. I-I am often scared for you. Most of the time it has nothing to do with what you are doing.”


I returned the gesture and motioned my thumb over her knuckles. “I know. This one I am sorry for though. I just..” I hesitated to continue. “I wanted to be there for everyone, but I really only went because you asked.”


Her eyes were downcast, looking at our joined hands. “Why didn’t you tell me?”


“I-I never really thought about it. I have just always had excellent hearing. Not sure why. Even the check ups, both muggle and magical, have not come up with anything strange. Though Madam Promfrey wasn’t specifically looking for that.” 


She looked up at me. There was a slight sheen to her eyes. She was holding herself from crying. “Just. Just don’t do that again please. If something bothers you that much, please tell me.”


I moved my left hand to her cheek. “I will, I promise.” I gave her a chaste kiss. As I was pulling away, she grabbed my face and gave me a very hungry kiss. This caused me to fall backwards on my bed. I heard an angry hiss from Crookshanks, but ignored it quickly as our kiss got heavier. 


We separated for some air, I noticed that she was straddling me. It was.. ahem, distracting. In a very good way. She looked into my eyes, the question was obvious. I nodded my head. “Do you?” Her response was with a nod. She then immediately crashed down onto my lips. Guess it was a good thing I put that charm on my door.

Chapter Text

The past two weeks after the Quidditch match have been jam packed with OWLs testing. It was a nice bit of levity from the match across the school, but right after, studying continued. What annoyed me about OWLs  was that I was able to finish them way too quickly. I had to fake like I was having a problem with the answers. Though I had to be careful with that, as some students might think there was a question that even I had a problem with.


Following Quidditch, it was a good thing that the house of Ravenclaw was solemn from the loss from Gryffindor. It made it easier to sneak Daphne out. The thought of what we did, caused my face to heat up. It was safer for her to stay the night rather than leave very late. Apparently some of the Ravenclaws were drowning in their sorrows. We met later on with the rest of my friends in the library to continue to study. 


With everyone there, though the Gryffindors were a bit hungover, I was able to congratulate Ron for an amazing game and explain what happened to me. They were all understanding and now know the reasons why I don’t go to the matches often. We then started studying. The weekend came and went and we immediately started OWLs. We spent most of the day taking exams where I could answer everything rather quickly. OWLs were, for the most part, uneventful. Yesterday was when things got interesting, to say the least. It was during our Astronomy exam when Umbridge had caused a scene. We all watched as Umbridge and several others, Aurors I assume, went to sack Hagrid. Professor McGonagall went out to stop it but was hit in the crossfire. She was sent to St. Mungos and Hagrid was sacked. It was a good thing that Hagrid had asked Harry and I to look after Grawp if he was ever to be taken away. 


That led to the exam for today. History of Magic. It was just a written exam as History of Magic doesn’t have a practical exam. I was taking my time, like the rest of the written exams I have taken. My eidetic memory made this exam far too easy. At least the other exams had a bit more application, this one was pure memory. Something I excelled in. 


I heard a pained hiss, causing me to look towards the sound. Harry was rubbing his forehead, specifically where his scar was. He stopped and went back to the exam, but I could see the slight wince he had. Bloody git was still having problems with visions , wasn’t he? We still had plenty of time left of this exam, so I wouldn’t be able to ask him till we were done. It was a good thing that it was the last OWL we had. Returning to my exam, I decided to answer all the questions instead of faking it.


That allowed me to watch Harry for the rest of the exam. He was hiding his pain as much as possible, but I could see it. At one point, he ended up putting his quill down and clamping the desk in a death grip. I tried to see if I could discern anything from his scar, but all I got was the usual dark sickly feeling I get when I focus too much on it. With that attempt coming up as a failure, I decided to ask him afterwards. He eventually returned to the exam and tried to continue as if nothing happened. But his eyes told a different story. He was also frantically writing on his exam. 


Time flew by at this point, I had turned in my exam and was allowed to leave. I waited outside for my friends. When they came out, they were frantically following Harry, who had come out of the classroom in a rush. “Harry! What happened?”


“Sirius! He’s in danger!” 


“Wha-” But he had already passed me and was hurrying down the hallway. Looking at Ron and Daphne, they both shrugged. Shaking my head, I ran after Harry. I saw one of the many empty classrooms up ahead and I quickly grabbed his arm and forced him into the classroom. The others followed and Daphne closed the door behind her. 


“Hermione, there’s no time! I have to contact Sirius!”


“Will you calm down! First!” I held a single finger up. “When were you going to tell me that you were still getting visions?”


“I-,” he tried to respond, but he ended up looking at the floor. “Occlumency didn’t go well. Snape and I had.. problems. I’m not entirely sure he was doing it right.”


A heavy sigh escaped me. “Why didn’t you tell me? I could have helped!”


“You have enough problems as is, Hermione!”


Running through a couple of breaking exercises to prevent me from getting too angry, I responded, “fine. I understand. But that leads me to my second point.” I held up two fingers this time. “I am pretty sure you are being tricked, Harry. This seemed far too timely. Not only that, these visions..” I took a moment to look at everyone. Daphne was curious and Ron was skeptical. Time to lay out my theory. “I think those visions are coming from Voldemort.” The weave that surrounded his name went across the room, quickly escaping the room, through the walls, in a wave. 


The classroom door opened, revealing Neville, Luna, Astoria, and Ginny. Neville must have seen us leaving and ran to get the others. Ginny placed both hands on her hips and asked, “what the bloody hell is going on?”


“Ginny, must you yell so loudly that others may hear outside?” Luna asked politely. At that, I waved my wand, casting Muffliato on the door. 

“See! Hermione’s got it handled. Now answer the question!”


I pinched the bridge of my nose and waved my hand to Harry, allowing him to explain. He responded to the blunt force that was known as Ginny, “I had another vision, this time Sirius was being attacked, I think killed in the same place as Mr. Weasley. I don’t know. I need to find out if he’s ok!”


“To which I explained that I believe it was a trick by Voldemort.” Another ripple, causing me to pause for a moment before continuing, “it seemed far too much of a coincidence to happen now, of all times.”


They looked a bit skeptical, but before any of them could voice their opinions, Harry said, “look, let me just try to contact him.”


Shaking my head, I responded, “fine. But where?”


“Umbridge is the only one who has a working floo, especially after she made sure the others wouldn’t work,” Neville said. 


“Great. Does anyone know where she is now?”


“Last I saw her, she was chasing after some Hufflepuffs who were hugging or something. Perish the thought, “ Astoria’s sarcasm bleeding through her voice. She gave Daphne and I a smirk. 


Choosing to ignore it, I sighed again for what felt like the twelfth time today. “Well, if this is really what you want to do, now is the time to do it.”


“Please, I must know!”


With that, we left the classroom and hurried towards Umbridge's office. I was able to take us through one of the many secret paths so we wouldn’t encounter any trouble along the way. Trying not to bump into anyone else in the narrow pathways, we made it to her office. Casting a quick Alohomora , we rushed into her office.


Her office was, as I thought, disgustingly pink. Her fireplace was on, which made things easier for us. I noticed the blood quills she had tried to have us use were laying on her desk in the box. She had one specifically on the desk, as if she was attempting to make it work. Since I desperately wanted to see if I could reapply the enchantment, I imagined my hand on the quill. 


It was an interesting experience as I forced the runes to appear on the quill. I was being very careful to duplicate what was on there originally. It was tougher than I imagined. In simple terms, you have a vellum that you transcribe the rune and spell arithmancy before transferring to the object. This was purely me imagining the runes and arithmancy, making them come to life. My memory was extremely helpful in this regard, because I remember where each and every connection went. 


I had finished reapplying the enchantment as Harry had attempted several times to contact Sirius, or anyone at Grimmauld. Daphne was looking at me, curiosity filled her eyes. I winked and motioned to the quills. Her eyes widened. “Truly?” I nodded which caused her to take on a look of contemplation. One that I know when she was devising a plan. It would be interesting to see how it played out.


Sadly, I was knocked out of my reverie as the door to the office opened up to reveal Umbridge and several Inquisitor Squad members. They all looked sinister, Umbridge being the most of them all. “Well, well, well. It seems I have finally caught you in the act! I knew you were up to something! Get them!”


The inquisitor squad moved in and apprehended all of us. They took our wands and Umbridge placed them on her desk. Each Inquisitor Squad member held us tightly. Umbridge then turned to Harry, as he was the one with his head stuck in the fireplace. “I know you were trying to contact Dumbledore! Tell me what you were trying to tell him!” She grabbed Harry forcefully, who winced in her grip. “Tell me what you planned to do!” Her eyes were fanatical. This could go from bad to worse if no one said anything.


“I-I wa-wasn’t try-”


“Wasn’t what! Tell me Mr. Potter!” She moved Harry to the chair and casted Incarcerous . Ropes rose from the ground and wrapped around his arms. Forcing him to stay in the chair. We were all placed on the other side of the table. Umbridge leaned close to Harry and quietly asked, “you were going to call Dumbledore.”




Umbridge slapped his cheek. The fear in Harry’s eyes almost made me leap into action if it wasn’t for Professor Snape stepping through the door. “You called for me?”


“Snape! Yes! The time for answers has come, have you brought the Veritaserum?”


Professor Snape’s eyes glided over each of us and paused on the Greengrass’s and myself. He finished and looked at Umbridge, “I’m afraid you have used up all my stock, interrogating students. You have also prevented one of my star pupils from helping in creating more.” The way his eyes glanced at Harry, he was lying. He was protecting him from being given Veritaserum. I also knew it was a lie since I remember seeing more of it hidden in the cupboard. I made no motion, I couldn’t do that to Professor Snape or Harry. I’d rather Umbridge think it’s all gone. “Unless you wish to poison him, I’m afraid I cannot help you.”


There was a small staring match between the two. Professor Snape turned quickly, but before that, he made eye contact with me. Deciding it best to finally lower my shields, I allowed him in. 


It is up to you to get out of this mess. I’m sure you have the means for it .”


He broke eye contact and left the room. Harry then spoke, “he’s got Padfoot! He’s got Padfoot in the place where it’s hidden!”


“Padfoot? Who is this padfoot?” She asked specifically to Professor Snape.


He turned around. “I have no idea,” he lied. 


“Very well,” the now dejected Umbridge said. Professor Snape left the room. “It seems you have given me no choice in this, Mr. Potter.” She moved to the table. Honestly, she looked constipated if you asked me, but it was clear she was trying to jump through hoops to make sense about what she was about to say. “This is a matter of Ministry security. You have given me no alternative.” She paused for a moment. “The Cruciatus curse ought to do it. That will get you to talk.”


Could.. Could she even cast the spell? Either way, I needed to stop her. If she was able to cast it or even if she fails, she could seriously hurt Harry. I was going to sound really dumb saying this, but it should hopefully stop her. “That’s illegal.”


She took the picture of the Minister and laid it down. Then she said, “what Cornelius doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.” She took her wand and pointed it at Harry. She stepped closer and I could see Harry tense. There was sweat dripping down his forehead. He looked at me. A look of fear, pure fear. I had to stop this. 


Coming up with a devious plan, one that I know will get her attention. I yelled, “stop! I will tell you where it is if you stop!”


She withdrew her wand and looked at me. “Where what is?”


My eyes looked directly into hers. “The weapon. That’s what you want to know, don’t you?” I was done with her. I was going to get rid of her one way or another. “Let Harry and I go and we can show you.” I gave a look to my friends. I could see the glint in both Astoria and Ginny’s eyes. That gave me the idea that they will get themselves free. Good.


Umbridge looked like she was battling with herself. She finally said, “fine! Release her.” She then released Harry and pushed both of us through the door together. She stayed behind us, with her wand pointing right at our backs. She forced us along the hallway, ignoring all the gawkers that were looking at us. The whispers that I could hear from the students were a bit discerning, but I ignored them. Giving a glance to Harry, he looked to me for guidance. I couldn’t really tell him what my plan was and hoped he would be ok with it. 


“Where are we going?” The bitch asked. 


“The forbidden forest. It’s where the weapon is,” I told her. I glanced back at her and she seemed hesitant about going into the forest. Good, there are many beings who dislike her. I wouldn’t want to be her in this position.


We made our way through the forest. Harry and Umbridge were having problems weaving through the brush, but I had no problems. We eventually made it to a clearing. The very same clearing where a certain giant friend was. 


“Where is this weapon? Tell me dark witch!”


I shushed her, “one moment.” I placed both my hands around my mouth and yelled in Jotun, “Grawp! I bought something for you to play with!” A low rumbling was heard around the corner. Grawp should be coming around soon. 


“Wha-what did you just say? Wha-” The fear in Umbridge's voice was clear. It was exhilarating to hear her scared for once.


“Hermione brought toy?” The low, but young voice of Grawp was heard around the massive tree. 


The ground shook as what I could tell was him standing up. Then the younglings' faces peered around the tree to stare at us. I waved at him and then pointed at Umbridge. Somehow, Umbridge’s face was both of horror and disgust as she looked at the giant. Grawp’s face turned to joy as he stepped around the tree. 


Grawp, as all young children do, jumped in joy, causing us to hop a little from the tremor. He then bounded towards Umbridge. Umbridge, for her part at least, pulled out her wand but remained where she was standing. Before Umbridge could even say a word, Grawp grabbed Umbridge.




Umbridge was grunting, but eventually she yelled, “UNHAND ME YOU BRUTE! THE MINISTRY WILL RID OF YOU DISGUSTING CREATURES!”


Harry appeared next to me and whispered, “are you sure this is a good idea?”


“Nope!” I said popping the ‘p’. “But you have to admit, this is amazing to watch.” I pointed towards Grawp who was patting Umbridge with his forefinger. Like a child smoothing out the hair on a doll. 


I heard gallops of hooves approaching the clearing. Just as I thought they would. I looked towards where the sound was coming to see several centaurs striding towards us. One in particular stood out from the rest with his ceremonial headdress and necklace.

Morgan le Fay, what is the meaning of this?” The leader, I presumed, asked in that ancient Greek dialect.


Before I answer that question, who am I speaking to?”


I am Bane.”

Well, Bane, I was done dealing with this bitch and decided it was time to enact some justice.” It was still fascinating how fluidly I could speak these languages without a problem. 


I see..” He paused, the other centaurs had their bows at the ready, all pointing towards Grawp. I was hoping this conversation would prevent them from firing on him. He was only a child. “As you know, she has caused a great injustice to our people. Could you allow the Jotun to hand us the witch?”


Mulling it over, I looked towards Harry. He was staring at the centaurs, a slight fear in his eyes. It might be best to wrap this up. The centaurs do need some justice for what this bitch has done to them. “Sure.”


I then held up my hands and yelled to Grawp in Jotun, “Grawp, can you please let the toy down?” He pointed towards Umbridge, who looked worse for wear. Nodding in response, he placed her down on the ground. A little rough, but oh well. 


The centaurs moved in, Bane moving close to Harry and I. Looking towards Harry, he stepped back. I put a hand out to hopefully relax him. Bane, for his part, had a look of satisfaction. Bane looked at Harry before returning his gaze to me. “Thank you. This means a lot. Especially from you. Could you please take the foal out of our forest as he is not allowed.”


“But I am?” I questioned. He specifically said Harry wasn’t allowed.


“You are. You are always welcomed, Morgan le Fay .” He then turned to the other centaurs, who had finished tying up Umbridge. “Let's go!”


Umbridge was yelling profanities to everyone, but I ignored it. The information I just garnered intrigued me. Was I allowed to be in the Centaur territory because I was Morgana? If so, why? It must have some correlation to how I am able to speak languages I have never learned.


“Hermione, what was that all about?” Harry asked, breaking my thought.


Turning around towards him. “Honestly, I have no idea. But I do have to get you out of the forest. I really don’t want to irritate the centaurs.”


“Fine.” He looked a bit angry. He glanced up to Grawp and added, “Grawp! We will be back later!” and he walked back the way we came. I quickly followed him. 


“Look, Harry-”


“Don’t. I get it. She was a bitch. I was not expecting you to use Grawp for this.”


“I- Harry look. I was not planning on leaving Grawp with her. Everything actually went according to plan. I wanted the centaurs to get her. Grawp was just loud enough to call them to us.” He shook his head and remained quiet. He was still angry at me. “Look, I didn’t have a chance to tell you.. Since you know she had us at wand point. I would have told you if I could. I hope that is any consolation.”


He didn’t respond, so the trip through the forest was quiet. Other than the awkward silence, it was a quick and easy trip out.. Once we were out, I saw that our friends were by the Thestrals. Harry ran up to them. “Ho- How did you guys get away?”


Neville responded, “turns out those two,” he pointed towards Astoria and Ginny, who high fived each other. “Had some of the twins dungbombs.” He then pointed towards Daphne, who had walked up to me. “Made them leave before adding them to some growing list.”


I raised an eyebrow at Daphne, who shrugged. “It was nothing. Just a little political threat was all.”




“Yes, but you can hear the details later.” She kissed me for a brief moment before stepping back. My hands were on hers the whole time. She moved one hand to her pocket and pulled out my wand. I took it and placed it into my holster.


“If you two are done snogging, we need to figure out a way to the Ministry,” Ginny interrupted. “I had suggested brooms, but Luna decided Thestrals were the best.” She waved her hand over the stable filled with Thestrals. “One problem is that no one can bloody see them, Luna!”


Harry raised his hand and said, “I can.”


“So can I,” I admitted.


Ginny did a double take. “ You can?”


“Yup.” It was interesting that everyone always claimed that the carriages were pulled magically. I saw the thestrals, in their eerily sickly feeling that they gave me. “Don’t know how I have been able to see them. Never seen anyone die, but I imagine it has something to do with Morgana.”


“Ah. That makes sense.”


I walked over to one of the thestrals and patted its head. He gave a small shrill and bounded out of the stables. Giving a small chuckle, I waited for him to stop before coming back to me. “They would be the quickest way to the Ministry. Plus you all know how much I loathe brooms.” He lowered his head and I hopped on top of the thestral.


“Well I’d be. Daphne! Your knight in shining armor has her own steed!” Astoria laughed. 


“Astoria!” Daphne exclaimed. She shook her head and walked over to me. 


I held out my hand and said, “need a ride, milady?”


“Don’t you dare start.”


Holding my other hand up, “alright, alright. Come on.”


She felt for the thestral and grabbed my hand. Pulling her up, I allowed her to get in front of me, making it easier to make sure she doesn’t fall off of a creature she can’t see. I wrapped my arms around her and gently patted the thestral. I looked to the others to see everyone was situated on thestrals. Each paired. Ron and Harry. Neville and Luna. Ginny and Astoria. Looking at Harry, he nodded his head. I squeezed the thestral and patted the base of his neck. This caused him to go into a gallop and leap into the air. I held onto Daphne and she tensed when we went into the air. It was going to be a long trip to London, and I might as well enjoy it with my girlfriend in my arms.

Chapter Text

I might be a bit of a sap, but after hours of flying on a thestral, having Daphne in my arms was a dream come true. Well, another dream anyway. Other than that, it was a boring trip. Once we made it to London proper, Daphne yelled, “go to that corner. There’s another entrance for employees. It shouldn’t be guarded.” Nodding my head, I guided the thestral to the corner Daphne pointed out. It looked like it was a telephone box. 


“This way everyone!” I yelled to get everyone's attention. Looking around, they all nodded and followed us.


When we landed, I hopped off the thestral and gave him a small pat. I then held my hand up for Daphne, who promptly took it, guiding her off the thestral. “Thank you,” she said quietly. 


“Of course.” I smiled and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. I then whispered into her ear, “I hope that was enough for your knight in shining armor.” I then stepped away from her.


She fumed, “don’t you dare start. I am already afraid to be doing this.”


I looked into her eyes and saw it was true. Looking at the others, I could see they all shared it. Was I the only one who wasn’t? I guess the better question was why wasn’t I scared like the others. Pushing that thought aside, I responded, “I know. I’m sorry. I am just trying to calm you a little, I guess.”


“Hermione, I am aware that you are. But we should focus on the task at hand.” She pointed towards the telephone box. 


Walking up to it, I saw the enchantments placed on it appear and widen. Ron walked up next to me and mentioned, “I remember Dad talking about this entrance. He uses it from time to time.”


“And now we will be using it,” I said. I walked into the box and allowed the others to squish in with everyone. It was a tight fit, but we made it work. I then activated the enchantment, bypassing the required coin needed. The box then expanded and we were pushed down. Down into the bowels of the Ministry. 


When the box stopped and opened up, I felt something akin to a pull. It was faint, but noticeable. Ignoring it, I saw that Harry and the others had gone towards the directory. “Harry, where do we need to go,” asked Ginny.


“Same place where your dad was attacked. The Department of Mysteries.”


Daphne pondered and then said, “if that is the case, we will need to go to one of the service elevators. It will take us to level nine.” She pointed to the location where the elevator is on the map. We had a bit of a way to go, but it shouldn’t be too bad.


I looked around the Ministry to notice just how.. empty, it was. Why was the Ministry this quiet? I imagine that there would still be workers at this hour. Instead, there was no one here, not even any guards. This smelled fishy and is just another point to me being correct. This had to be a set up, but it was too late to turn back now. We were here and we're not going to go back to Hogwarts easily. 


We made our way towards the elevator, again no guards or workers were around. Daphne slowed down to walk besides me, giving me something to focus on instead of the pull that was slowly becoming more noticeable. “Is it me or is there no one here?” She asked. 


“There isn’t. The only thing I hear is our footsteps.”


“So you were right.”


“I believe so, too late now though.”


She sighed and squeezed my hand. Returning it, we carried on following the rest. Everyone else remained silent. The tension was obvious. We made it to the elevator and once everyone was on, Daphne selected the floor and made the elevator move. We slowly descended deeper into the bowels of the Ministry. The pull increased as we went down. Once we made it to the seventh floor, I had to hold on to the wall to not lose my footing as the pull continued. If you could imagine a siren’s song but without the music, that was what I was feeling. Something was calling to me, something that wanted me to go to it. It had to be something pertaining to me being Morgana.


Harry put his hand on my shoulder and asked, “are you ok?” I nodded my head and straightened myself. I looked at him and could see that he was worried, so I tried to put on a strong face. We heard a ding and the door opened to the ninth level, the Department of Mysteries. Once those doors opened, the pull was incredibly strong.


I walked forward with what felt like no input. Forcing myself to stop, I saw the others were planning on where they needed to go. 


“Harry, where exactly do we need to go? The Department of Mysteries is massive,” Neville questioned. 


“The Halls of Prophecy I believe.”


They all looked around, trying to figure out where to go. Getting a sense of the magic that was all around me, which was immense by the way, I was able to discern where they needed to go. “If you go straight, you should come to another directory of where the hall is.” My voice sounded raspy and airy. 


They all looked at me, worry was etched on their faces. Harry came up to me and was only a step away from me. “Hermione, are you ok?”


“I-I am. But I-” I stopped. The pull was something I needed to find out. Something that intrigued me so much that I had to look into it. No matter how much I wanted to stay with my friends, to protect them. I couldn’t. I looked at Daphne. The worry on her face was clear, but there was also an understanding. “I need to do something,” I said, turning towards where the pull was coming from, to the right. 


“Hermione, what is it that you need to do?”




“Harry, let her.” Daphne said calmly.


“Daphne, we have to stay together, if she needs to do something, whatever it is-”


“And about Sirius? You claim he is in danger and we need to get to him. Either we let her go or risk the possibility of Sirius bein-”


“I get it!” He exclaimed. He sighed and looked back at me. My head was constantly switching between them and the pull. Pulling my attention fully to him, I saw him start to pace. All of them continued to stare at me and if I was in the right mind, I would have been bothered by it. Harry eventually stopped pacing and stared at me. 


We stared at each other in silence before Daphne spoke again. “Look at her eyes, they’re glazed over. Something has her attention and she won’t be at her best if this turns out poorly. She needs to do this.”


Harry glanced over to Daphne and asked her, “you seem to have an idea of whatever she needs to do.”


Daphne bit bottom lip, it was always cute when she did that. “There are.. rumors that Morgana’s Grimoire is in the Department of Mysteries. If I were to guess, that is what is causing Hermione to be in this state.” She stepped up to me and placed a hand on my cheek. “If there was any doubt that you were linked to Morgana, then I hope this settles it.” She gave me a chaste kiss, one that I was able to return. 


“I-I- Once I figure this out, I will meet back up with you guys. I promise.” I said truthfully. They still had worried and fearful looks, but they seemed to be accepting of what I said. Daphne and Astoria seemed to understand the most. It was Harry that worried me the most. I promised that I would protect him, and I always would. But he seemed to be battling with himself on this.


Harry finally released a sigh. “Go. Just.. be safe.”


“I will, but all of you. Please be careful. I-I will meet you guys.” With that, I turned around and followed the incessant pull. 


No matter how strong the pull was, the Department of Mysteries was still massive. I took a lot of winding turns. All surrounded by the black granite like structure that the entire Ministry was in. I wonder why they decided on that. What made them decide that this black granite, in an underground massive building, was a good idea? Either way, my sight was going crazy with the amount of enchantments that were embedded in the walls. I thought Hogwarts was the most magical of all buildings, but the Ministry easily topped it. What I found interesting was how most of it was.. unused. It was like they didn’t understand what was actually built into this stone. 


Following the pull, it brought me to a single room. One that was locked to the tenth degree in magical locks. The room was labeled “Dangerous Artifacts”. Interesting. I started to quickly and sloppily dismantle the spells. This caused a bit of an explosion, which made me cover my face briefly. Due to that, the door was shattered into pieces. I stepped carefully over the remains of the door and walked into the room.


The room was dark, as was most of the Ministry. I saw there were several pedestals on both sides of the room, the majority of them empty. What got my attention was what was in the center of the room. On a black granite pedestal, inline with gold and purple, was a book. The book looked ancient but immaculate. It was made of dark brown leather. The border was of a gold flowery inlaid print. Each corner had a small dimly glowing red gem. In the center was another red gem, glowing more brightly than all the others, that had more golden inlaid that surrounded it. There was a clasp that locked the book. Also centered by another glowing red gem. The book was floating, by itself. There was a soft blue glow around the book. It was encased in glass that was heavily enchanted and spelled. This had to be My-Morgana’s grimoire. There was no way it wasn’t. The pull was coming directly from the grimoire.


I started to disenchant the protection on the glass. A lot of it looked like it was new. They must have come here and added more when my heritage became known. Not that it mattered as they were easily taken care of. Once it was all gone, I stepped closer to the pedestal. With shaky hands, I removed the glass. Haphazardly, the glass was thrown and shattered along the side. 


I stood there for what felt like forever, staring at the grimoire. This.. this was it. I could finally know what was going on with me. Finally, I could have answers that I have been questioning for so long. Ever since finding out, there have been so many occasions through my life that have made me question what was truly behind it. Why did I have purple eyes? Why did I have such sensitive hearing? Why did I have an ability to see spell work? Why did I have the ability to speak languages that I never learned? Why, why, why! That was all I could ask about myself! Why! 


As tiring as it was to not have the answers, there was something in me that made me seriously question whether I should do this. As annoying as the pull was, it felt.. It felt like a choice. Like I could still turn back, ignore it and continue as I was. Questions unanswered, but happily ignorant of what the repercussions could be for breaking into this room and essentially stealing the grimoire. 


But I really couldn’t do that, could I? I always had to know the answer. I wasn’t a Ravenclaw for nothing. Questions being unanswered always bothered me. As much as this choice was there, it wasn’t really a choice for me. I had to know. I stepped closer to the floating grimoire. Moving my shaky left hand over the grimoire, I had another minor thought about turning around. Shaking my head at the thought, I placed my hand on the grimoire.


A pulse of magic cascaded through the room, breaking several enchantments. At least that was what I was sure happened. All that I could focus on was the massive rush of memories.



“What Arthur!” I yelled as I put down the floating doll. It was best he never saw that.


“Come on! Don’t you want to ride the horses with me!” 


A 9 year old Arthur came bursting into my room. His medium length auburn hair flowing behind him. His excitement was overflowing at the thought of riding horses. It wasn’t often that father allowed both of us to ride together, but he was in a surprisingly good mood. Setting the doll down, I turned to face him.


“Why are you playing with dolls when we can go ride horses! Come on!”


Laughing at his jovialness, I responded, “alright, alright! I’m coming!” I then raced past him, out of my room, and into the stone hallways of the castle. “Hurry up! I thought you wanted to ride horses!”


“No fair!”

“You have excelled far beyond any other student I have ever had the privilege to teach Morgana.”


I looked up from my work on the rather complicated rune work that should help with the defense system that the founders wanted to set for the school. The middle aged man of Professor Slytherin had become my main mentor since the beginning of my time at Hogwarts. While it seemed that all the founders were hands on in teaching us, Professor Slytherin was the one who helped me the most. Especially when it came to my special gift. “Thank you, Professor.”


“Don’t thank me, Morgana. You're a prodigy far surpassing anyone I have ever known. That is also factoring out your gift. Though I do want to point out that if you apply the enchantment in that fashion, the suits won’t know friend from foe.”


My eyebrows furrowed as I looked at the array. He was right. That was a problem. “I just wanted to keep you on your toes, Professor.”


He chuckled, “I imagine so. Though if you want to see Rowena’s daughter anytime soon, you might want to finish up.”


My face heated up at the thought of Helena. Ignoring the embarrassment that filled me, I correctly fixed my mistake. Double checking it, I saw that it was all correct and walked towards the location the founders wanted me to place the defense system. With all the suits along the wall, I applied the rune work to the press button and watched the suits all glow orange before returning to normal.


“Excellent work as always, Morgana.” Professor Slytherin inspected the finished result before animating some of the suits. They started to walk with him. 


“Thank you, Professor.”


He was almost out of earshot before he responded, “oh and do come visit Sica some time, she misses you.”


“I will, Professor!” I yelled before turning around and heading towards Ravenclaw tower to meet with Helena.

I couldn’t allow these men to hurt this person. I had to stop them. It was wrong no matter how you looked at it. Pulling out my wand, I casted Flipendo quickly at each of them. They went flying off the cliff. I cared not about their lives. I had watched most of the encounter from across the plains. They were the monsters here, not this person. 


I rushed towards the person to make sure they were ok and to heal them as best as I could.

My eyes roamed over the haphazard clothing that this man was wearing. It looked like he went on a drinking binge through the taverns and has not had a chance to sober up. No matter how inebriated he was, he was still brilliant.


“I am telling you, Morgana, that by not only having multiple layers of enchantments that have no overlay whatsoever and being struck by natural lightning, the enchantments will meld together.”


“While I can see the possibility, why in the world would you stand in the middle of a storm to be struck!”


“I was bored and had nothing better to do while I waited for Godric to get off his high horse.”


“Godric is always on his high horse. What do you expect from a knight?”


“That is besides the point! He needs to realize that Hogwarts is currently the most protected place for mages. Of which he is one!”


Releasing a sigh, this always happened when Merlin and I debated on magical theory. Somehow it always ended up with his problems with Godric. “Merlin, could we get back to our original topic? You know the application of natural occurrences to nature and your carelessness of standing on the tower during a storm.”


“Oh, don’t go on about carelessness, Morgana. I am quite sure you are more careless than me.”


“It’s not carelessness, it’s confidence.”


“Who said drink doesn’t make you confident.”


Shaking my head and releasing a sigh, I responded, “of course you were drunk. Though I really can’t complain about the end result.”


“SEE! I knew you would see it my way!”




“Everyone! Morgana has relented that I was right!”


I groaned and banged my head against the table. As annoying as Merlin was, he could be brilliant.

“Sister! It’s been so long!” Arthur came running and gave me a big hug, one that he then picked me up in.


“Arthur! Put me down, damn it!”


“But it’s been ten years since you left! I have missed you so much!” He continued to hold me in the hug. With enough squirming, he finally let me down.


Smoothing out my clothes. I saw just how excited he was to see me. Not that I wasn’t as well, but there was a reason I couldn’t stay. “Well, you can blame Father for that.”


He hesitated before responding, “I-I know. I also understand why you didn’t show up.”


I really didn’t want to go down the horrible memories I had of the man that was my father. “Could we.. not talk about him, please.”


His emotions shifted from somber to concern. Then they quickly turned into happiness. “Of course. Come! There is someone I have to have you meet. By the way, did you change your eye color or is that a mage thing?”


“I did, just a small bit of enchantment,” I lied.


“It suits you!”


Accepting my lie, he guided me through the castle. He explained about all the changes he had made, to which I had approved. He had done tremendous work compared to Father. It had more.. life to it. The stories I have heard say that the kingdom started to decline with the death of Mother. But my entire life, that was all I saw. He brought me to the comfortable sitting room, a large fireplace on the far wall and a small library on the right. There were several sitting chairs and couches. It reminded me of the Gryffindor common room at Hogwarts. Laying on one of the couches was a woman who was reading a book. 


“Morgana, meet Guinevere. Guinevere, meet my sister.”


She got spooked by Arthur’s boastful announcement. She set the book down and stood up from the couch. This woman I saw was possibly one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She wore a simple red dress with simple golden threaded embroidery. It was lower cut than I was used to seeing outside of mages, I had to make sure my eyes didn’t wander too low. Her blonde curls cascaded down both sides of her head. Framing her round face. Her verdant green eyes caught mine and her face shifted into a beautiful smile. “Morgana! I have heard quite a bit about you! Though not as much as I wish to know.”


Words were hard as I tried to come up with a response to this beauty. “I- H-” Clearing my throat, I was then able to respond properly. “Hi!” She giggled and it was possibly the most divine sound I have ever heard.

The massive round room had a very key feature that Arthur was so proud of. The Round Table. A rather unimaginative name, but I really didn’t have any complaints about it. I was just as bad at naming as Arthur. Must run in the family. There were fifteen seats, each the same height, including Arthurs. In each seat was a new person that Arthur had met and fought or trained with. 


I looked towards Merlin, who merely shrugged. He conjured a chair for himself, which I then followed suit. This brought a bit of excitement from the men who sat around the table. I had to one up Merlin, so I made a floating throne. It wasn’t anything extravagant, I didn’t need to show off that much. 


“By God!”


“Oh my!”


“Show off,” Merlin muttered under his breath. He thought I didn’t hear him, but I pulled a rather childish response by sticking my tongue out at him.


“I see you haven’t changed, sister,” Arthur chuckled as he took his seat. He then addressed the rest of the room. “As you have noticed, that is my sister, Morgana, and her friend Merlin. What you have probably also noticed is that they are mages.” He took stock of the room before adding, “they are on our side. You don’t need to worry about them.” He smiled at us. I returned the smile. This was going to be the start of a beautiful future.

“I.. remember..”

Chapter Text

I clutched my head from the splitting pain that went through it. “AH FUCK! MY HEAD!” My eyes closed shut from the massive rush of magic that had encapsulated the room and swept outwards. I held my head up and pinched my nose. Releasing a very heavy sigh, I muttered, “fuck, they never said it was going to hurt that badly.”


My eyes slowly opened and rapidly blinked, attempting to adjust to the low light in the room. “Alright, head splitting headache. Check.” I examined myself quickly. My clothes were a little ruffled, but still intact. No cuts or bruises. A little bit of introspection and focus made me notice my magical side. “Severely depleted magical core. Check.” The room looked mostly the same as I had entered, boring, dark and untouched. My magic had caused some chaos in the room. Several pedestals were knocked down, though still one piece, and some artifacts were scattered on the ground. Many of them I now recognize. Nothing noteworthy, mainly objects of failed or unfinished projects. They were Merlin’s after all. The man had the habit of never finishing projects. I looked at my grimoire. My old friend, my pride and joy. Well one of the many, anyway. I waved my hand and my grimoire floated towards my right hip and held itself there. “Grimoire. Check.”


While my head still hurt like hell, I knew I needed to get out of there. The magical discharge would surely cause someone to take notice. Even though there seemed to be absolutely no one in the building. Knowing that I had to be very careful with my magical usage, I knew the best way to get around. Plus, I needed to be a little free. Walking out of the room, I shifted into my Animagus form. The raven. Figuring it was best to get to the intersection where the directory was. My flight was quick, the twists and turns I had made towards my grimoire made me seriously question the idiot who designed the interior of this level. I also noticed just how dark the Ministry was. Did no one know how to turn on the lights?


A quick turn to the right and I was on my way to the Halls of Prophecy. I couldn’t believe that I had allowed Merlin to create such a place. Toying with fate and destiny never ends well. But he did nonetheless. As the door came up, I noticed that it was destroyed. Guess someone didn’t have the time to open the door. Passing the threshold, I saw that the halls of Prophecy were completely destroyed. While it has been quite a long time since I was in this room, there were a small amount of prophecy orbs. Now, all the orbs had been shattered and the shelves were all broken and lying on top of each other. Staying near the ceiling, I scanned the room for any remnants of life. Seeing no one around, dead or alive, I tried to figure out where everyone had gone. Noticing where all the shoves had been pushed, I was able to determine where they went. The room to which contained what was now named The Veil. 


Following that path, I saw the door, untouched, appear before me. I swooped down to the ground and shifted back. There were voices on the other side of the door. So this was where they all were. This needed to be done carefully. Nothing I haven’t done before, but still. The bit of adrenaline that coursed through me helped with my headache. Hopefully it will remain that way till I can deal with that. I waved my hand for the doors to open. They creaked, but listened to my command. What I saw made my skin crawl and had to be dealt with immediately.


The Arch to Death’s realm was still open. I stepped into the room and with my soft steps, immediately made the room quiet. The room was still as immaculate as it was centuries ago. The enchanted black granite that Merlin and I created fought brilliantly against the test of time. Even the Arch was still in the same perfect condition when we had created it. Though it was Merlin’s idea, not mine. I wanted nothing to do with a portal to Death’s realm. It certainly explains the large amount of Death’s specters that exist in the world. 


My determined steps were directed towards the arch. It had to be turned off at all costs. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw the adults holding my fellow students, wands pointed at their throats. Harry was near the arch, dangerously too close. He was holding onto one of the orbs. Not too far from him was Lord Lucius Malfoy and Madam Bellatrix Lestrange née Black. I continued towards the archway as all eyes settled on me. “I can’t believe this is still open.” As I got closer, my skin started to itch more. Wanting to be free in such close proximity of death. I needed to keep that a secret, for now. Forcing myself some control, I arrived at one of the pillars. My sight came to life as I saw the enchanted mechanism that controlled the portal. I pressed the Gaelic rune, close, to start the process. While I was pressing the sequence to turn off the portal, I saw Daphne staring at me. Ignoring the look she was giving me, I turned the magical knob that showed up after entering the sequence clockwise. The sound of the portal powering down filled the room.


As the archway powered down, the itch died down. My shoulders relaxed, being tense from holding it in. Walking in front of the entrance, I watched it blink out of existence. The room then turned dark without the light from the arch. With a snap of my fingers, the light enchantments built into the walls glowed brightly. Making the room easily lit to those who can’t see in the dark. “Merlin, you are so lucky you are dead. Or else I would strangle you.. again.”


“Morgan le Fay?” The sound of Madam Lestrange’s voice from behind caught my attention.


Turning around I saw her staring at me with reverence. A quick glance saw that Harry was standing only a couple of meters away from me. He looked.. extremely worried. “Please, don’t call me that.” You are not worthy to call me by title. “Just Morgana.”


She started to clap her hand, giddy at my presence. “Oh this is marvelous! I have been wanting to meet you ever since you became known to us!”


“Oh?” Attempting to keep my voice dripping with sarcasm was a lot harder than it seemed. “Would this be due to the rumors of you being described as the next me?”


“While that is true..” she twirled her curly hair. I could certainly see how people might compare us. Though my hair was not curly in that life. Not only that, there are many factors that prove that comparison was false very quickly. “I have come to offer you a place among the Knights of Walpurgis under the leadership of our Dark Lord.”


“I see..” I looked around the room to all of the others. “Would this be due to the fact that I am a well known dark magic practitioner?” I saw Lord Malfoy try to move closer to Harry, but he quickly moved around the pillar, possibly still afraid it was still on. The Knights still held onto the others, but their entire focus was on me. Good.


“Why, yes! It is! The knowledge you must know must be extraordinary. It would be a great boon if you were to join.” Her giddiness would be infectious, if I didn’t know who she actually was. My eyes landed on Neville, who was barely able to contain his anger.


“Interesting. Now, there are a few things I think I need to.. explain before I answer that.”


Her emotions shifted to confusion. “Oh?”


“You see,” I started to pace as I gave a small speech. “History has me quite wrong.”  My eyes landed back on her, I held up one finger. “While I am in fact a dark witch based on.. The current political problems. I never considered myself a dark witch. I was, and still am, far more than that. I am a Ravenclaw after all.” My pacing then brought me to the other side of the arch. My eyes landed on Harry, his fear was still there. Most of it seemed like it was directed at me. I glanced down at the orb, which he quickly pocketed once he saw where my eyes had landed. 


Swiveling my head, I returned my gaze back to Bellatrix. Holding a two finger, I continued, “I am very much still a muggleborn. No matter how much you want to.. sugarcoat it, I was and will always be a muggleborn. Which if I recall, was sort of a problem with your dark lord plans.” 


my path then took me in the center of the archway. I held up three fingers and finally finished my speech. “I HAVE NOT nor WILL EVER betray my friends!” A smirk graced my lips as I heard several gasps around the room. Bellatrix’s surprised face was comical. My hands came close together, gathering magic from the leylines that ran beneath the archway. I let the magic go, releasing a massive shockwave that knocked everyone off their feet. 


Hopefully that will allow my friends to recover and get their wands. Bellatrix was the first to recover and immediately sent a Bombarda at me. I took a step to the left, blinking, my foot landing a meter away. A purple trail of magic was left in my wake before disappearing. With my sight, I caught the spell and morphed the spell into a Stupify and sent it back at her in an arc. My plan was simple. Don’t expend too much of my own magic. That left me with using my magical sight and the innate magic that coursed through the building. There was also my grimoire, which will add a new dynamic to the fight. Something I am sure they have never experienced. Oh, I also had to keep my friends safe at all costs. 


A quick glance around the room was able to give me enough information of position and current state friends and foes. My friends were able to recover their wands and get away from their captors. Harry was still standing still, his wand on the ground. “Harry! Get your wand! Now is not the time to stand still.” He shook his head quickly and grabbed his wand. 


A bolt of Diffindo came at Harry and I. Telekinetically, my grimoire came out and came to the page I wanted. Using my magic sight and the power of the leylines that ran under this room, I imprinted the protection rune and immediately a barrier came up. Absorbing the spell. With a wave of my hand, the rune disappeared and my grimoire returned to its original place. Following where the spell came from, Lucius Malfoy had his wanded pointed right at us. He sent another Diffindo . Catching the spell, I arced it to go towards one of his comrades, who was not prepared for the spell. A cut appeared on his arm. Considering how weak the spell was, he was still trying to get the prophecy from Harry. 


“Her-Hermione! What is going on!”


My eyes landed on his. “Now is not the time to answer questions.” I redirected another spell towards the ceiling. “We get out of this and I can explain everything.”


My hope was that they would remain focused on me. I shifted into my Animagus and flew above towards the top of the arch. As I shifted back, I landed gracefully on top. Several spells came towards me. I started to swirl the spells together. Once they were all spinning around me, I combined them together, amplifying what I turned it into. My eyes landed on a small group of Knights of Walpurgis. They had wide eyes at my feat, making them easy targets. The combined spells, now Bombarda Maxima, lazily flew towards them. Two of them were able to get shields up before it hit. 


It was then that I felt the battlefield shift. White streaks of light swept through the room, apparition. If I was correct, it was the Order. One landed near Harry, revealing Sirius. “It’s about time you showed up!” I yelled from the top of the arch. Another spell went flying towards me. Not having enough time to redirect it, I raised my hand and casted Protego


“Is she..”


“Yes, I am!”


Spells were flying everywhere and the risk of shifting into my Animagus was too great. I blinked down towards the ground and got near one of the Knights of Walpurgis. Pulling magic from the ground and surging through my body, I encased my left hand in ice. Then a hard punch to the masked man shattered the ice, but launched him towards the wall. A loud crack was heard and he slumped to the ground. 


Ron was near me when that happened. He exclaimed, “Blimey!” He looked at the man. “Di-did you-” Shock was evident in his voice. He has never experienced this sort of violence before. Something I wish none of my friends had to experienced. But they were all brought into this because of association and power hungry men.


“Kill him? No. But he probably won’t be walking again.” Well he could, but he would need immediate healing if he wanted that to happen.


An Expulso came towards Ron, who was oblivious of the spell. Grabbing a connection, I turned it towards the wall. The magical wave that came from the impact caused Ron to stumble. With a rough grab to stable him, I said, “Ron, I need you to focus. We are in the middle of a battle and you need to survive. Focus on that.” He looked at me. I sensed another spell coming towards us. My grimoire came out instinctively and went to the page I needed. Pulling the rune from grimoire and placing it at our feet, a shimmering barrier appeared. This time the spell was bounced, heading towards the far wall. Narrowly missing Tonks. 


“Oi! Be careful with that!” She barked.


“Apologies!” I yelled back. My gaze returned to Ron to see him getting ahold of himself. “You can do this Ron.” I smiled. 


Releasing the rune beneath us, I blinked towards the arch but had to shift partially out of the material plane, leaving the world in a purple hue, as a Confrigo came flying through the space I was about to appear in. Returning fully to the material plane, I saw that there were more Knights arriving. I picked one who was still in the midst of apparition, and dismantled the spell. He appeared out of his shadow cloud and fell to the ground. Another crunch and I was sure he would be another who wouldn’t walk again. Or dead. That would probably be preferable for him at this stage.


Bellatrix appeared before me, snarling. She launched an Expulso . I took a step and twisted away from the spell. I then looked directly in her eyes as I curled my left hand, Crucio , anger fueled me as a single event of Uther came to my mind. New sources of anger from recent experiences were added to it.


“AHH!” she spasmed, falling to her knees and a single arm holding her up. She managed not to completely fall into a fit of pain. It gave some truth that she knew this spell very well. Releasing the spell, she shuddered before looking at me with those wild eyes. There was a glint of respect, but fury was clearly taking over. She got up on shaky legs. We stared at each other for a brief moment before she launched a Diffindo . Grabbing the spell, I veered it to the right and morphed it into Confringo before sending it back at her. 


She took a step to the left, already preparing to cast another spell as the newly formed Confringo came at her. She launched her spell, an Expulso , at me before putting up a Protego to stop the incoming spell at her. Shifting partially out of the material plane, the spell went through my harmlessly. 


“Bella, how is meeting your idol? Always something you dreamed about! But who knew you would be fighting her instead!” Barked Sirius. He was attempting to derail her. Problem was that she was already derailed and will focus on him now. It was probably for the best as they were family. Not that Sirius would be sad if something happened to his cousin. 


Shifting into my Animagus, I quickly realized something. I really need to start a workout regime again. How I allowed myself to skimp out on that, I was not sure. I flew down by Daphne. Needing to make sure she was doing fine. Astoria wasn’t too far away. Both her and Ginny seemed to be handling themselves well. Landing next to Daphne spooked her and had her wand pointing at me as I shifted back. “Hello, love!”


“Hermione, what-”


“As much as I would love to answer any questions. Now is not the time.” I sense a spell coming right at her. “Duck now!” She did as I said and was easily able to arc the spell away and towards some unknown grunt. 


She stood up and stared at me wide eyed. “How-”


“Don’t worry about it. I need to get all of you out of this alive and in one piece,” I interrupted her. Another Knight dropped out of apparition near the wall. My grimoire came out and went to another page. Pulling the rune, I placed it on the wall right next to the Knight. A fiery explosion came forth out of the rune. The Knight quickly realized and shielded himself before it went off. He was still blown away, but was only slightly singed. He was about to fire a spell at me before Alastor Moody stabbed his cane into the ground, causing a tremble in the floor before launching the grunt into the air and away from us. He nodded his head at us before turning his attention to another Knight of Walpurgis.


My eyes turned back to Daphne to see that there was worry, a little bit of fear, but the same determination that I have come to know of her. Out of all of my friends here, she would be the one to handle the battle the best. That didn’t stop me from wanting to take her away from here and keep her safe.


At that instant I felt another spell, one directed at Daphne. Turning my gaze, I saw the spell. One unfamiliar to me. The man who sent it? Antonin Dolohov. Time slowed down for me. My entire focus was on protecting Daphne. With my gift, I grabbed the spell mid air. There was a strain as I kept the spell frozen in the air. This would slowly deplete my magic, but I didn’t care. I stared right at Dolohov. Tenebris Tenaci . A shadow hand grabbed him by the throat. Shadowy wisps were around my left hand as I slowly lifted him up into the air a little. I brought him closer to me as I walked towards him. 


“No. One. Hurts. My. Girlfriend.” I said seething in anger. Each word with increasing emphasis. He was clawing at his throat. Any attempt to break free from my grip. To watch him struggle brought me satisfaction. 


Shadow magic, like all dark magic, requires a payment. This payment was fueled by my anger, which only gets amplified by the dark magic. My headache will surely get worse. It was a small price to pay, but one I would take over and over again to protect my friends, especially Daphne. The spell that I held midair was a nasty one if the runic work was any suggestion. I sent the spell back to Dolohov. Once the spell hit, a massive cut appeared on his chest. Blood spurted out of his mouth as blood filled his lungs. Releasing my grip on him, I launched him a few meters away. “Die choking on your own blood.”


He tried his best to cover the wound, but he wouldn’t live. His own curse would be his undoing. I turned towards Daphne to see her staring at me in disbelief. “Hermione, did you-”


I stared at her and simply said, “later.” She swallowed and nodded her head. My attention was pulled away from Daphne when I heard a scream.




A loud crack was heard on the far wall. Sirius landed in a pile. Bellatrix started to dance around. “I killed Sirius Black, I killed Sirius Black!”


“NO!” Harry yelled. 


Instantly, I blinked right next to Sirius. I checked his pulse and ran a diagnostics charm. After a moment, when I thought he was lost, a faint pulse was felt. The charm finished and told me that he was unconscious and most definitely had a concussion. A sigh of relief escaped me as I heard footsteps approaching. I looked up to see Remus approaching. The worry was clear in his eyes. “He’s fine. Mostly.”


His shoulders sagged at the news that his best friend was still alive. I glanced around the room to see there was still some fighting, but there was no Harry or Bellatrix. “Where’s Harry?” Remus looked around but also saw that he was missing.


Luna ran over and pointed towards the doors opposite from the ones I came from. “He ran after Bellatrix. He went that way.”


“Thank you, Luna.” I got up and started to move through the battlefield towards the door.


“Your welcome, Morgana!” She yelled back as I got farther away. I jumped into the air and shifted into my Animagus form. Flying towards the door and dodging spell fire was a challenge. One that I enjoyed immensely. As I got close to the door, I shifted partially out of the material plane and phased straight through the door. Returning to the material plane, I stayed towards the ceiling and tried to follow the distinct signature of magic that was probably from Harry. 


Following that lead, I could tell where they were going. The Atrium. Diving down to pick up more speed, I made the twist and turns easily. The door to the Atrium came up ahead. Shifting back, I quickly landed on the ground and listened.


“You have got to mean it, Harry.” A raspy voice was heard on the other side of the door. “She killed him. She deserves it.” That was not good. That had to be Voldemort. I needed to get in there before something happened to Harry.


I waved my hand and the doors opened with a creak. Next to the fountain, which was quite hypocritical of the Ministry to have considering what it symbolized, was Harry and Bellatrix. Harry had his wand pointed directly at Bellatrix, who was on the floor feigning being scared. The voice of Voldemort was coming from the right. He stepped out into the light. He was quite hideous, but that was what you get for using a homunculus as a body. It somewhat had the form of a snake, I suppose. He had a distinct stench of death that made my body shiver. Control, Morgana. 


Taking this opportunity before he could do anything to Harry, I walked out into the Atrium. Voldemort was about to say something to Harry, but was cut off by my entrance. “Ah. Morgan le Fay.”


“Please, just Morgana is fine. I assume you would prefer Voldemort?” The ripple that always showed up when his name was said transferred from me to him. Interesting, a jinx that allows him to know where a person was if they say his name.


“Correct.” He nodded his head. “I have heard quite a bit about you.” I stood off to the side. Not necessarily giving him any idea of which side I am truly on. While Bellatrix could easily tell him, I wanted to see how far this could go. Though my headache was coming back with the lack of adrenaline pumping through me.


“It seems that is quite common amongst your people.” I stared at Bellatrix, who had gotten up and scrambled away from Harry and hid behind one of the pillars. 


He had an amused look on his face. Or what could be amused with that body. “How could we not? You are the most well known dark witch of time. When we had heard you had..” he paused, waiting to see if I would give him any information about how I returned. When he got none, he continued, “reincarnated. We had hoped you would seek out your fellow practitioners. But I imagine that the crack down done by the Ministry has made it hard for you.”


I raised an eyebrow and responded, “while that may be true. That there are certainly some aspects of the Ministry that are.. misguided.” I looked towards the fountain and their handling of magical creatures. Returning my gaze back to him, “there are reasons why they should be wary of me. Though their reasons are misplaced.” If the Ministry knew exactly what sort of power I had over them, they would have been singing a different tune. 


“In any case, I would like to offer you a place among my circle. With you in my circle, we can certainly make the proper changes for the right witches and wizards.” The confidence and smugness that he extruded could be tempting. 


Nodding my head in feign interests, I responded, “Well. While that sounds very intriguing. There are a couple of.. discrepancies.” I looked into his red eyes, daring him to try and break into my shields. “While I already voiced my choice to your lieutenant.” my eyes drifted over to Bellatrix as she tried to hide. ”I will inform you of them as well.” My eyes drifted back to Voldemort. 


“It is true that I am a dark witch based on the current definition of a practitioner. I never considered myself as one. Still don’t. A minor thing. I assure you.” His muscles seemed to tense for a moment before relaxing. 


“While it seems that you have.. Overlooked me being a muggleborn, and I do have some problems with how non-magicals have been causing a loss of traditions. I still am and was a muggleborn. Though your ancestor, Salazar, my mentor, had a different term for me.” His eyes widened at the mention of his ancestor. Good, that will keep him on his back foot. Honestly, I am sure Salazar would be disappointed at what his house has turned into.


“Lastly. History has me quite wrong. Very wrong. Do you honestly believe that I would betray my friends just because you would entice me to your side on the promise of a return of power to what? Purebloods? Another topic that I can dispute rather easily by your own ancestors' words.” The anger was now rolling off of him. Good. I wanted him to be entirely focused on me. I figured he didn’t care about pureblood supremacy considering he was not one himself. But my mentioning of his ancestor, especially an ancestor that he and many of those in his circle essentially revere. An ancestor that also was misunderstood for his views.


He straightened himself and appeared more relaxed, but I can see the tension. He was ready to fight. “Very well. I had hoped that you would join us, but it appears you have made your choice. So be it.” There was a glee to his voice when he said that. He wanted to fight me. His wand came out and in a stream of pure magic coming towards me. 


A quick blink and pushing Harry away from the fight. My grimoire came out and went to another protection rune, one that will provide ample protection against most things Voldemort could throw at it. Pulling the runic image from my grimoire, I placed the runic circle right under Harry’s body. A shining dome appeared around Harry, tall enough for him to stand if he wanted to. “Stay in there, please.”


Not having a chance to find out if he responded, I turned around and readied myself for battle. A green flash to the side told me that Bellatrix must have left. Voldemort launched another bolt of magic at me. Grabbing the spell, I arced it around and brought it back to him. His chain of spells was broken as he had to defend himself against a spell being redirected back at him.


“Interesting,” he said, voice filled with curiosity. 


My grimoire was already out and flipped to a page. Pulling the runic circle, I placed it in front of me. Immediately it filled with magic and a gout of fire shot up. Controlling the fire, I redirected it right to him. 


His eyes widened as he apparated out of the path of the fire. The scorching heat did nothing to the black granite, instead being absorbed into it. I cut the circle and allowed the rest of the fire to fly up into the ceiling. Once he landed he immediately started to chain cast spells. 


Each spell that went towards me was either redirected somewhere else or was dodged with a simple blink. After he finished with a flourish and a rather disturbing laugh, I countered with several runes appearing next to him. They immediately went off in a blast of ice. 


He brought up a shield quick enough but was still launched to the side. He was still on his feet, so I will give him some credit. His anger now fueling his magic, he launched a stream of shadow magic. Not having the time to phase or blink out, I took control of the stream and parted it around me. 


“Is this all the great Morgana can do! This is pathetic!” He went into a maniacal laugh.


“You try fighting while being magically depleted,” I muttered under my breath. This was a test, I could easily see that. He wanted to know what I could do. He was holding back as well. Which infuriated me to no end. My grimoire, already out, lifted to head height. Telekinetically pulling the hidden ritual dagger in the spine, I grabbed it in my right hand.


I heard a cry, “Hermione! No!” But I ignored it. I sliced my left hand and allowed the blood to flow freely. Power, at a price. My eyes landed on him and I raised my left hand. Surging power through my body, I unleashed. A stream of royal purple and blood red came flying out of my hand and going directly to Voldemort. 


His face crinkled as much as it could into a grin. “YES! That is what I expect from the great Morgana!” He brought up his wand and unleashed his own. The beams met in the center and fought against each other. Slag of excess dark magic was ejected from the clash of the two beams. They hit the walls and were slowly absorbed into the walls. Several came flying at us, but never close enough to actually hit. Occasionally one would hit the dome that Harry was in, but the protection held. 


I felt a burst of magic behind me. A quick glance showed me that Dumbledore had appeared at some point and had created a shield to protect the portion that he and Harry were in. It looked like he was allowing Voldemort and I to battle without interference. That was fine by me. With an additional protection for Harry, I could release more. With my other hand, I grabbed the beam with both hands and whipped it horizontally.


Voldemort had trouble keeping control of his beam and let go, ducking as mine whipped above him in a deadly arc. Releasing the magic, I ran up to him as he was still low to the ground. As I got close, I pulled the magic from the floor and starting with my left hand, a massive stream of purple and red came forth. Afterwards, my right did the same. Once they both had come out, I jumped into the air. This brought more magic and more power through the fonts. Two massive beams came arcing over me, following my hands. As I was coming down, I was aiming directly at him. 


His face morphed into as much of fear as he could. He shifted into a shadow and got away before I could redirect the beams. As I landed, they smashed into the ground into a single point. The explosion from it allowed me to use the momentum to bounce away. 


Looking around, I saw that the explosion rocked Dumbledore, dropping the shield he had. Voldemort was already casting another spell, one I knew very well. Fiendfyre . The demonic fire came bursting out of his wand and formed into a snake. Knowing this spell could be devastating to the others in the Atrium, I quickly brought out my grimoire. 


The pages continued to flip as he formed the snake. The grimoire actually didn’t have a set amount of pages. I made it that way for a reason. Pulling the runic circle. I placed it on the ground in front of me. Patronum Aguamenti. A massive jet of water, infused with light magic, came forth. My ravens sprouted out of the sides and at the apex of the arc, it became a jet of light infused water ravens. Controlling them, they crashed into the fire serpent. The fiendfyre attempted to bite at the ravens, but they split and went around the mouth. Pecking along the body of the serpent. Each peck leaving holes in the body. Weakening the serpent. As the ravens got towards the end of the serpent, it was essentially destroyed. 


Breaking the spell by dismantling the circle. The Ravens cawed before evaporating into thin air. Voldemort was beyond pissed. Every single attack he could launch at me was countered or diverted. His gaze landed on Harry, who was no longer under the dome. Dumbledore was too far away. He leveled his wand and looked directly at me. The pure fury that was in his eyes showed the anger that was directed at me. Now being directed at Harry.


“Avada Kedavra!”


The sickly green light appeared at the end of his wand. The spell array comes to life. Going directly at Harry. I couldn’t allow this to happen. No matter how much I hated death magic, I couldn’t let Harry be hit. As the bolt came out of his wand, time seemed to slow for me. My focus was entirely on the spell. The array comes to life, but this time to life for everyone . For all other spells, it was only visible to myself. But with my aversion to death magic, it manifested itself to others once I attempted to touch it. The outlying components outlining the bolt. The three components, one of which I plan to stay away from. Hopefully that will be enough to disrupt the spell. 


I felt more shifts of magic all around me. Apparition. It looked like help finally arrived. But I cared not at this point. My entire focus was on the curse. Expanding one of the components, the array expanded even further. Each one I expanded, the further it went. This curse was one of the most complex spells to exist. Slowly, far too slowly, I took apart the additional components. The magic from them, building in the air. Each one that was taken apart, adding to the building magic. 


The pain of even touching this magic was building in me. Adding to the additional problems I had since I reunited with my grimoire. My headache was coming back full force, amplifying beyond what it was before. My breath started to labor as the long arduous battles that I had proved that I needed to get fit again. My magical core, screaming for rest. But I cared not. All I cared about was saving Harry. 


Once I had dismantled each component that didn’t directly involve death, It was three quarters of the way to Harry, I had to release it now. My grasp on the spell lessened. Then a massive shockwave, filled with magic born from the curse, swept through the entire room. Pushing everyone, including myself and Voldemort aside. My course was interrupted by one of the pillars. My breath escaped me as the impact brought a new pain.


Once the dust settled, I saw Voldemort recover first before anyone else. He quickly apparated away from the scene. Now seeing the others, I saw the minister and many Aurors had arrived. One of which being Madam Amelia Bones. They had a clear view of Voldemort and knew that I was fighting him. They also saw that I stopped the killing curse. Something everyone thought impossible. Hopefully that might change their tune of me.

Chapter Text

The pain in my back was sure to leave a bruise in the morning. Slowly getting up, I released a loud groan. “I hate death magic,” I said to no one in particular. My body was beyond achy. Once I was standing, I straightened my back, and a couple of cracks were released. Rolling my shoulders, I looked around the Atrium to see everyone else was still recovering from the explosion. I felt liquid coming down from my nose. Bringing my hand up to swipe it revealed blood. Ignoring it, I shook my hand of the excess blood.


Slowly walking, I made my way towards Harry. He was knocked back and landed next to the fountain. There was an increasing clamor as more people arrived and others recovered. Once I was next to Harry, I held my right hand, specifically, to help him up. “Harry, you make it very hard to protect you, you know that?” A small chuckle from me at the end would hopefully convey that I didn’t fault him for wanting to act. It’s what I would have done.


His eyes shifted between my face and my hand. “Hermione, wh-wha-wha-” He was at a loss for words. 


“I saved you.. again.” This time I couldn’t stop the laugh that came out of me. The amount of situations that we have been in where I have saved his arse were incredibly high. Not that I would change it for the world. He.. he reminded me a lot of Arthur. 


He looked back at my hand before reaching up and grasping it. Ignoring the pain in my muscles, I pulled back and allowed him space to stand up. When he was up, he looked at me and was about to say something except for being interrupted by a rather loud and annoying man.


“Arrest her! Arrest the dark witch!”


Looking at the source of the voice, it was none other than Minister Fudge. A pathetic, greedy man who didn’t deserve the mantle of a leader. No one moved from his cries to arrest me, again. Dumbledore was off to the side and said, “you want to arrest the very witch who fought Voldemort on her own? While protecting others while doing so? Cornelius, I really do tire of your inconsistent prattling.” Another burst of the jinx came out at mentioning Voldemort’s name. That was something I needed to deal with at some point. 


Madam Amelia Bones was the next to add to the argument. “You also want to arrest the young woman who has the power to stop what is known as an unstoppable curse? Please tell me where that would be a great idea.”


He looked around flustered, trying to find anything to grasp to arrest me. “Sh-She us-used dark magic!”


I looked directly at him. “How would you know what dark magic is,” I deadpanned. The man was clearly incompetent in all matters of magic. The only reason he was Minister was purely because how.. bribable he was. “You lot only showed up once the battle was over. So you only saw me disassemble the curse.”


“Yo-you cleared used dark magic to do that! That’s how!”


Pinching my nose in frustration. I really didn’t want to deal with this man. “That’s my gift, you dumbarse.” I then glanced around the room, my eyes landing on Harry and Dumbledore. “That was what I see and have developed over the past year. So if you are going to arrest me on that premise, go ahead and arrest the people who are metamorphmagus or other various bloodline abilities.”


He paled at the mention of having to arrest members of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. Still flustered as everyone looked at him at the fact. That would cause more political damage that he was already in. His eyes darted everywhere until they landed on my grimoire. “She stole a priceless artifact!”


“It’s mine.”


“It was locked up in a place that is not allowed except for certain personnel!”


Being extremely annoyed with this man, I decided to comply. “You know what! Fine, take my grimoire, I dare you.” I grabbed my grimoire and held it out for anyone to take it. No one took a step forward. One of my eyebrows rose as I challenged anyone to touch my grimoire. "I thought so. You all know you can't touch it." No one except for those who I allow to touch my grimoire, could. The Minister finally sighed in defeat, realizing he lost his last chance to get rid of me. “I also want to add that you might not want to threaten me when you have been using a building that is mine.”


Everyone's eyes rose in shock. The Minister replied, “W-what?”


“What? Did you stumble upon this building out of nowhere? Welcome to Avalon, my castle.” A round of surprises cascaded through the crowd. It certainly explained the lack of usage for the full power of the building. Not sure why it was underground, but that was probably Merlin’s doing after my death. Their worrisome looks gave me a good idea of what they were worried about. Good thing that I wasn’t going to kick them out. “If you think I’m going to evict you, don’t worry. I’m not. I’m just happy it is being used in some capacity.”


Their shoulders relaxed. I didn’t have any aspiration to retrieve my castle, or my throne. That was for another life, not this one. My eyes landed on Harry. He looked exhausted. In more ways than one. I know my friends saw things that they never expected I would do. The conversation we were going to have would not be pretty. I know how much he valued taking the moral high ground. Which was another trait that reminded me of Arthur way too much. So similar that I would have thought it was him if it wasn’t impossible. That sort of magic was extremely rare, ala horcruxes like Voldemort. Or in my case, not possible.


I glanced back at the Minister. “You are a pathetic idiot of a leader for denying that Voldemort,” another annoying burst, “came back. All of this could have been prevented if you did your damn job. I have met plenty of horrible leaders, but you take the cake. You and any politician who cares more about lining their pockets.”


Several people nodded their heads. I noticed out of the corner of my head a rather annoying pest. Rita Skeeter. Another person who would rather get readers instead of being a true journalist. Looking at her quill, I disassembled the enchantments as it was mid writing. It dropped from her notebook, hitting the ground with a small clink. She picked it up and tried to use it, but to no avail, it didn’t. A shame, truly. 


Dumbledore came up next to me. “Ms. Granger. Would it be possible to gather your friends? I can have someone take you all back to Hogwarts,” He asked politely.


“No need, I can take us all back.”


He hesitated, “are you sure? I was not aware that you would be able to-”


“To teleport into Hogwarts? Most certainly. I helped build many of the wards and self defense systems in Hogwarts. I know the way through the anti-apparition ward,” I said nonchalantly.


Many eyes widened at my casual remark. The early days of Hogwarts history were interesting to say the least. Many of us students had projects each year to help put our mark on the castle. It helped that most of us stayed at Hogwarts all year round. It was home for me.


He cleared his throat and replied, “very well. If you could?” He just about finished as another person came up to him. Asking about the Order and plans he was going to take against Voldemort.


“Sure.” Looking at Harry, I motion with my hands for him to follow. “Let’s go get the others. I don’t know about you, but I'm really knackered.” He nodded his head slowly.


We started to take a long walk back towards the room with the portal to Death’s realm. What was previously quiet, was not filled with people bustling around trying to get things back under control. I was rather curious how Voldemort was able to get everyone out of the building. That seemed quite the feat to even get the paper pushers who were now quickly going back to work.




My eyes drifted over to Harry, who quickly took to walking next to me. “Yeah?”


He looked me in the eyes and asked, “what happened?” A tired eyebrow rose in response. “With the grimoire. A-are you really Hermione?”


That was what he was worried about. I had assumed as much. I really couldn’t blame him for thinking that. Your best friend goes off on some rumor about an object that links to a mystery found this past year. Then she comes and performs feats you have never seen her use. Magic that you thought she would never do. Let alone injuring and killing people without a shred of remorse. I really couldn’t blame him or anyone else who thinks that. 


“Harry, I know that you and the others must have many questions. All of which I would be happy to answer. But I am mentally, physically, and magically exhausted. For a short answer, yes I am Morgana. But I am still the same Hermione you know.” He looked extremely confused. “Yes, I know it doesn’t make sense at the moment. I hope it will when I explain it in full tomorrow. As long as some dark lord doesn’t come swooping in again.”


This caused a small nervous chuckle from him. It was good to see him laugh again, especially after a battle like that. He had been far too stressed, understandably, of late. “That’s a good point!” He continued on this path that was a lot longer than I thought it was. Though to be fair, I was flying. When we arrived in the room, it was chaotic. The battle was over, but the Order members and Aurors were scrambling around. Bindings were placed on the remaining Knights. They had two body bags, which I assumed one was for Dolohov and the other was for one of the grunts I might have killed. My friends were hanging on the far side, Tonks standing near them. 


“Are you seriously trying to arrest a man who’s unconscious!” A very loud and angry Remus shouted at one of the Aurors. 


It got both Harry and mine attention. Harry’s eyes landed on Sirius. Knowing what was going on through his mind, I said, “yes, he’s alive. A bit roughed up and needs to work on a proper diet, but he’s alive.”


“H-h-he’s alive?” Harry asked in disbelief. “I-I thought he was dead.”


“No, he’s fine. Bellatrix did that to get you riled up or truly thought she killed him.” We walked over to the commotion as Remus tried to bar the Auror from apprehending Sirius. “What seems to be the problem here?”


The Auror, a man in his late twenties if I were to guess, turned around and paled once he saw me. “I-uhh, well, you see..” He paused, trying to form words. One of my eyebrows raised as I waited for a response. “I’m sure you know that Sirius Black is an escaped convict and a wanted man.”


“Right. A man who never received a trial and was wrongfully imprisoned in a place you horrifically call a prison. A man who escaped said prison because he wanted to make sure his godson was safe.” A little embellishing never went wrong. Sure, he actually escaped to get back at Peter, but they don’t need to know that.


The voice of Amelia Bones sounded behind me. “Never received a trial? Are you sure? That would be quite the oversight if that was the case.” She must have followed Harry and I to check on her Aurors. She moved towards the Auror and patted him on the shoulder. “Relax, Ashworth. Ms. Granger is not the enemy.” She looked at Sirius before turning her gaze to me. “Is what you said true?”

Nodding my head, I then added, “also, there is technically no law against escaping Azkaban. Just saying. Claiming he’s under arrest for escaping is quite false.”


“Fucking politicians,” she muttered under her breath. My smile widened, realization that I heard what she said dawned on her. “In any case, I will look into it. I will see about having him contained, comfortably , and looked at for his injuries.” She turned towards Auror Ashworth. “See to that, please.”


“Yes, Madam Bones.”


“Good.” She nodded her head and went towards other Aurors who were handling some of the arrested Knights.


Remus' shoulders relaxed and he looked very relieved. “Thank you, Hermione. I was not sure how much that would escalate.”


Shrugging my shoulders, I responded, “it would have escalated quite a bit if I didn’t show up. That Auror seemed to lack common sense. But at least he can follow orders.”


He gave a quick nod. “Quite true.”


Harry was staring at Sirius. Walking next to him, I placed my hand on his shoulder. “He will be fine. I will make sure of it.” Realizing I just patted him with my left hand, I pulled my hand back and a quick Episkey healed the cut on my palm.  He nodded solemnly and turned around. We walked towards our friends and Tonks. 


A quick survey over everyone showed they were fine. No major injuries or cuts. The tenseness in my shoulders released at the thought of my friends being safe. Tonks looked over to us walking towards her and held up a hand. “You’re lucky I am quick on my feet, Hermione. That spell would not have been fun to take.”


Shaking my head, I responded, “no, it wouldn’t have. But it was better than hitting Ron.”


“True.” She looked around and clearly everyone looked very curious. Well added onto the exhaustion that everyone generally felt. “So.. what happened with you guys?”


Before I could respond, Harry piped up. “Hermione fought Voldemort. Then he tried to use the killing curse on me. She stopped it.”


All of their mouths gaped at the thought. This would be the first time they hear it. If I wasn’t used to people staring at me for my wondrous accomplishments, I would have been a bit embarrassed. 


Ginny spoke first, “you’re joking right? Please, tell me you’re joking.”


I shook my head. “Nope. Though, the fight would have been different if we were at peak conditions. He was testing me and I have been running on fumes.”


Ron's eyes widened, “that was you on fumes ?”


“Of course she was,” Luna airily deadpanned.


They all looked at her, shook their heads and returned to me. “She’s not wrong.” I rubbed my head to help stave off the headache a little more. It was quiet as everyone soaked that information in.


Neville broke the silence. “I do have to ask. What happened, Hermione ?” The way he emphasized my name was clear what he was actually asking.


“Harry already knows a small bit. Essentially, I am Morgana. But I am also the same Hermione you know. I am aware that doesn’t make too much sense at the moment. I promise I will answer that and any other questions you have, tomorrow ,” I explained to them. My eyes landed on Daphne. She didn’t look at me directly. It felt almost as if she didn’t believe me. It hurt to see that, but I understood. As frustrating as it was since she was the one who encouraged me to go after my grimoire, I understood. Astoria must have noticed and went over to her sister and nudged her. This caused her to look at me. A small smile appeared on my face, but it was not returned.


They all seemed to take my explanation for what it was, like Harry. Well Luna was the one who was more understanding. She did call me Morgana during the battle. There was something more going on with her that needed investigation. If my assumptions are right, it shouldn’t be possible. “With that said, I have offered to take us back to Hogwarts.”


“Y-you were?” Ginny asked. “How?”


“I know the way through the wards. I helped build them and many other things in Hogwarts.” While they remained shocked, I pulled out my grimoire, holding the floating book above my right hand. The pages went flying till it came upon the page for the Circle of Teleportation . With my left, I pulled the glyph and placed it on the ground. I made it larger so that everyone had plenty of room to be in it.


“Everyone, go ahead and enter the circle.” I said holding my left up high, holding the spell with a soft purple glow. “Also, keep all hands, feet, and digits inside the circle at all times.”


Ron asked, “i-is there a reason for that?”


“Yes. Sir Galahad was an idiot. Thought it would be funny to mess with me. Let’s say he ended up two week having his arm being regenerated. It could have been three days, but he was being cheeky with me.”


Sadly, that didn’t elicit a chuckle from anyone. It only added more to their apprehension of me. I ignored the emotions that welled up. Hopefully my explanation will help tomorrow. Otherwise.. I didn’t want to think about the alternative. They were my friends and I cared about them. Not having their support would be devastating.


“Is everyone ready?” When I heard a positive response, I implanted the circle and immediately the magic swirled around us. The image of the Headmaster’s office and the bypass through the wards. In an instant, we appeared in the center of the office. 






“That was interesting.”


The interest and praise brought a small smile to me. That glyph was a specially made one for mass travel and made it easier for the non magicals. Knowing Harry’s experience with the floo and apparition, he would prefer this over that. My shoulder sagged at me expending magic. Exhaustion truly hit at this point. All I wanted was to return to my dorm.


“Is this the only place you could take us?” Astoria asked.


“No, but I didn’t want to risk it if anyone would accidentally walk into the space we were going to appear in. Normally I would be able to know if someone was in the area, but not enough juice.”


“Ah, I see.”


We walked out of the office. Along the way, Harry asked, “When do you want to meet?”


Giving it a moment to think. We didn’t have anything for tomorrow. As far as I know anyway. “How about after lunch at the Come and Go Room?”


“But it’s destroyed.” Ron pointed out.


“Don’t worry about that, I will fix it or at least help the repairs along for use.” The looks they gave were clear; they were wondering how I knew that. “The room was a project that I was part of. I now know more about that room than we previously thought.”


“Ah, gotcha.” We then solemnly split. I stood there for a moment watching Daphne and Astoria leave. There was so much I wanted to say, so much to explain. It hurt to watch her leave without a goodbye. Releasing a heavy sigh, I went around the corner to see Luna was waiting for me. A sad smile was on her lips. We made it to the common room in silence. A quick wave of my hand and the door opened. Luna looked at me curiously before a bigger smile appeared on her face. She didn’t say anything, which I was grateful for. 


We split and I went into my room. Everything was as I had left it. I went to the cupboard and opened it. Rummaging the cupboard, I pulled out three potions. Blood-replenishing, a healing, and a Sleeping potion. Placing the Sleeping potion on the stand next to my bed, I chugged the other two. 

I stepped into my bathroom and looked at the mirror. The image I saw was different from what I used to look like. Sure, as far as Hermione went, I looked as I did before. Tired, but still the same. But I didn’t have my straight black hair or the slightly more angular face. Though that might be due to the image in my head when I was older rather than a, technically, seventeen year old girl. Switching to a different memory, melded the image of Hermione and a younger Morgana. There were some differences, such as my hair. One you would expect from over nine hundred years of genetics. The only feature that was the same were my eyes. 


Blinking my eyes, I had one other thing that I needed to do. Another thing that needed to be checked. I had been holding it in for too long. It didn’t help with the proximity to death magic. There was also the fact that since I didn’t know prior to touching my grimoire, it has been held back. 




My form shifted. My hair turned white with a slight sheen, almost silver. The curliness remained, something new to this form. My skin lightened. Becoming ashen, a tint of grey and a hint of peach. My face became more angular. More so than my previous life. Slightly longer jaw and chin. My ears elongated. Gaining several centimeters in length and becoming pointy at the tip. A couple teeth shifted, both lower and upper canines extended a couple of millimeters. A couple of bites made me used to their presence. 


This image, while very familiar, was different now too. When I became an Archfey, I was a couple of years physically older than I am now. Seeing me younger was a bit fascinating. Though I believe this was the youngest I could look since I wasn't born an Archfey. I was turned, willfully, instead. That day I changed, was the same day my eyes changed from blue to purple. 


Stepping away from the mirror, I went back into the bedroom and quickly changed my clothes. I sat on my bed. Reflecting on the events that happened today. Crookshanks hopped onto the bed and immediately started to purr against my thigh. Giving him some pets, I grab the Sleeping potion. I chugged it and laid down on my bed. I was asleep once my head hit the pillow.

Chapter Text

“You UNGRATEFUL child! I have fed you! Gave you a home! Made sure you had the best education in the lands! And you DARE use this.. magic !” Father yelled at me. His arm came across and his hand smacked my cheek. This caused me to be tossed across the room. My landing was not so softly cushioned by the side table. “I knew there was something off about you girl!”


All I wanted was to show him my magic. I would hope that it would cheer him up. How wrong I was. The nice man in the village had said that my magic was a gift that could be used for good. That it could help the kingdom.


Father started to walk towards me. The slight stumbles in his step told me that he had been drinking. He grabbed the poker from the fireplace. He angrily made his way to me, occasional angry mutters were enough for me to flinch. Once he was a couple of stones length away, he made a swing at me. It missed me horribly, but a scream did escape my lips. He went to swing again, this time surely to hit me. My magic acted at that moment, launching him backwards and hitting the far wall. He landed in a thud and remained still.


That would have gotten someone's attention. I needed to get out of here. Now. Anywhere away from this place. Anywhere away from Father. In an instant, I was in the village. Several gasps were heard from around me as the people noticed my appearance out of thin air. Scrambling to get up, I surveyed where I exactly was. I had to get out of the kingdom quickly. 


As my thoughts went through the possibilities, they immediately landed on the nice man who told me about Hogwarts. He would surely help me. My run brought me to the tavern where I had met him. Rushing through the doors, I saw him in the dark corner. His brown long hair and beard made it easy to spot him. His eyes immediately landed on me. Upon seeing me distraught made him stand up instantly. Hand on his sword as he swept through the room towards me. 


His free hand landed on my shoulder in an effort to calm me. “What happened girl?”


“M-m-m-my Father. H-h-h-he di-didn’t t-t-take it well. It’s-”


He surveyed the room and looked out the windows. His eyes landed back on me. “Alright. Listen to me, we need to get out of here now. If what I believe will happen, it would be best to leave immediately.”


Nodding furiously, I followed him. He went to his sparse room to gather his belongings. We rushed through the tavern door and through the village as fast as my legs would allow us. We made it through the village without issues. Just as we were about to exit the gate out of the village, essentially the kingdom, we heard a cry. The guards at the gate immediately came to stop anyone from exiting. When we got to them, we were quickly surrounded. Their pikes and swords directed at us. 


My father was being escorted by several men. He must have only been out for a short time then. When he arrived, the nice man stood between him and I. 


“If you know what is good for you, you will release the girl,” Father said angrily. 


He looked over his shoulder to see me whimper. He returned his gaze back to Father. “I’m afraid I can’t do that. It would be against my code.”


“And what code would that be sir..?”


“Sir Godric Gryffindor. My code prevents me from allowing anyone to be harmed when they cannot defend themselves. Your daughter is a prime example of that!”


“She used dark sorcery! The ungrateful bitch dared dabble in such when all I have ever done was give her a place to live!”


Godric shook his head. “She was born with it. That is not something that one could learn from dabbling . If I were you, I would allow us to leave, peacefully. I will not be afraid to confront you forcefully if you decide otherwise.”


If Father’s face could get angrier, it did. He was seething. The fact that someone would protect me, even against the King was unheard of. “MEN! Deal with the knight!”


The guards moved in. I huddled against myself on the ground to protect myself. In an instant, bright lights and twists filled my vision. Next thing I knew, I was on soft green grass. A heavy sigh was released from above me. Uncurling myself. I saw Godric with a solemn look. “Apologies about that, Morgana. I didn’t want it to get too ugly. That said, I present to you, Hogwarts. I believe this will be your new home.”


The massive castle on the cliff left me gobsmacked. It was beautiful even though it was still being built upon. An occasional stone would be lifted out of thin air as it would land on the next section of a wall. Even being built, it looked like it was fully operational. The magic in the air was euphoric. It was safe here. Away from Father. My only regret was not being able to say goodbye to my brother.

I woke up with a fright. That was a dream I had not had in a long time. Even factoring out my years before my memories returned. It was the last time I saw Uther. The last time I actually called him father to be honest. It made me eternally grateful how my current parents treated me. The first thing when the semester was over was to have a long talk with them. They deserved to know everything. 




My head turned towards Crookshanks, who was nested on the pillow next to me. Giving him a couple of pats, I levitated his food and food bowl for him to have breakfast. 


A burst of magic, an array that I noticed quick enough as Nuntius . “Ms. Granger, when you have a moment, I would like to speak to you in my reinstated office,” the voice of Dumbledore came to the forefront of my mind. 


Rubbing my eyes made me realize I slept in my Archfey form as my ashen hand came up. Returning the message. “Very well, I will be there shortly.”


Slowly getting up from bed, a pain erupted from my back. My headache was gone, which I was grateful for. I could tell I was still low magically, but not dangerously low as I was the night before. I would just have to be careful for the next few days. Nothing too bad since it was only a couple of days before the end of the semester. 




My form shifted back. Going to the bathroom quickly showed I was the same image that I have been so used to for the past sixteen years. Though I really needed to start a workout regime. But that was something to plan for later. Now I needed to get to the Headmaster’s Office. My grimoire floated up from the desk and hovered on my right hip. 


Walking through the Ravenclaw common room gave me a sense of nostalgia. It was vastly different now compared to centuries ago. More books obviously. Plenty of new knowledge and spells had developed over time. The couches and seats were nicer. Not the boring simplicity that they used to be. Obviously there were more students. Their eyes would glance in my direction. Then they would land on the grimoire and widen. Ignoring their looks, I walked out of the entrance.


The walk to the Headmaster’s was quick and uneventful. Most students were not awake yet, given it was the weekend. I’d imagine that the rumor mill would start once they start to receive the paper. My curiosity filled as I wondered how students would react to the events of yesterday. Coming up to the entrance, I waved my hand. Not bothering with the password that showed up in the array. The gargoyle shifted and rotated. 


Walking up the stairs, I came to the door. Giving it a soft knock, I waited for a response. “Come in.” Opening the door, I saw Dumbledore at his desk, rummaging through documents. Probably trying to catch up from his time away from the position. He looked exhausted. When I last saw him, countless people kept coming up to him. The weight of more responsibility was weighing on him. One I was very familiar with.


“You wish to speak to me, Headmaster?”


He set the pages he was looking at and looked at me. “Yes, Ms. Granger. Or should I refer to you as Ms. Pendragon?”


With a shrug of my shoulders, I responded, “it matters not to me. I will respond to both. I am Hermione as much as I am Morgana.”


“I see. Which brings me to one of the topics I wish to speak to you about. How does your..”


The look he was giving me was clear that he was digging for more information. There was a hit of fear. He probably thought my method was the same as Voldemort, especially how he kept glancing towards my grimoire. There was also a calculating look. I have noticed that he was rather.. manipulative. If he thought he could do that to me, then he would have another thing coming. Especially when it came to Harry. “Awakening work? Nothing to fancy. Nothing like Voldemort either.” As the wave of the jinx went through, I curled my finger in the air and broke it. 


A look of surprise washed over him. “Oh! Good. I was not entirely sure.”


“I won’t go into details, but it does revolve around a choice. It was my choice to be reunited with my grimoire.” Until I knew more about his motives besides his war against Voldemort, I wasn’t going to tell him what he wanted. I wonder if it has anything to do with the prophecy that Harry had. One I would need to examine if it was still intact. 


He nodded, clearly not happy with the lack of information. “Very well. The next topic I wanted to go over was what mysteriously appeared on the desk.” He pointed to what looked like transcripts. Those looked vaguely familiar. Upon closer inspection, realization dawned on me. My transcripts, as Morgana. 


“My transcripts from my first life. Complete with grades and, at the time, the closest to OWLs.”


“Correct. Which puts your.. situation into a predicament. As you have technically graduated, you would not be allowed to continue to be a student.”


“Ah! That is where you are wrong.” The shocked face he made when I told him he was wrong was priceless. He was clearly a man who was not told no often. “Those are my transcripts as Morgana Pendragon. I am clearly Hermione Granger. Someone who only just finished her OWLs.” Oh the amount of loop holes I can use are staggering. 


His eyes narrowed. “But you just said that you were both.”


“Exactly!” I waved my hand over my body. “Who do you see in front of you?”


He was silent for a moment before responding. “Ms. Granger.”


“Bingo!” I said excitedly. This reminded me so much of messing with Merlin’s plans.. 


He released a heavy sigh. “Ms. Granger. As much as I realize what you are trying to accomplish. I fail to see why you would want to stay at Hogwarts.”


My excitement died down. “It’s my home. More so than anyone could understand. Let alone all my friends are here and I can protect them. Lastly, there has been a vast change in magic and spell theory since then.”


“I see.” He sat there pondering for a moment. “Very well. I will place this in a special place. Unless you would like it?” He had the documents held in his hand towards me.


Looking at them, I responded, “not really. They will return to Hogwarts anyway.”


“I see.” That seemed to be his favorite phrase with me. He took the transcripts and placed them in a drawer in the desk. 


Once he finished magically locking the drawer, I asked, “is there anything else?”


“No, that will be all. Thank you.” he shook his head and looked at the other parchments on his desk. I don’t envy him. 


“Please get some rest, Headmaster. I know the weight of that sort of responsibility and it looked like you didn’t get any.”


He chuckled. “I will try, Ms... Pendragon. Please, go enjoy your breakfast.”


Giving a nod, I turned around and left the office. There were a couple of artifacts that took my notice. One that really got my attention. It involved tracking a blood ward. Upon closer examination, it was linked towards Harry. Well, I will have to look into that this summer break. The tracker seemed to only be tracking the ward, not anything else. But now, it's time to get some breakfast and start the repair process of the room.

Closing the panel quietly, the repairs were not quickly underway. The stones lifted up and immediately went into place. The array snapped into action. Slowly forming and reuniting with the section that was cut off. 


This room really was marvelous. Helena and I did amazing work with this project. It was also the first one we did as a couple. Thinking about her reminded me of just how long it had been since my first life. I knew she was a ghost. She was the one who everyone referred to as the Gray Lady. Now knowing what happened to her almost made me regret my choices. 


We broke up because I wanted to follow my dream of a united isle for all beings. She didn’t want to leave her mother and enjoyed staying at Hogwarts. Enjoying the safety of it. I couldn’t blame her except my departure was what led to her death. Waldo was always a pain and wanted to woo Helena away from me. When he realized that would never happen, he turned.. violent. It was only due to me that Helena was safe from him. When we broke up, I warned her of him, but it seemed she didn’t heed it all too much.


I knew I would have to see her again. The looks she gave me through the past years was clear; she was waiting for me to remember. Now that I do, our reunion will happen. There was no doubt about that. My reverie was broken when my friends arrived through the now closing doorway.


“Woah,” Ron said, bewildered. They saw all the runes alive as the room went to repair itself. It was only a minor bit of work to allow it to show for others, but Helena needed it when we worked on the room. Thus anyone would be able to see the arrays. “This is wicked!”


A chuckle escaped my lips. “It is! This is what I see all the time.”


His eyebrows rose. “Seriously?”


“Yup! Though I see it in purple rather than the white translucent that you see now.”


Everyone remained quiet as they surveyed, the room slowly finished repairing itself. Once it was done, I instructed the room to give us a comfortable sitting area. The room shifted. The walls are filled with various paintings and knick knacks. Several comfortable couches appeared with a small coffee table in the center. “Thank you.” I said to the room. The array, now only visible to me, shuddered. It has certainly picked up a personality over time. 


Everyone went and sat down. Daphne and Astoria were the farthest from me which caused another painful heartache to fill me. Shaking my head slightly, I got to the matter at hand. “Now, We all know why we are here. So instead of immediately going on a tirade, I will allow you guys to ask any question you want and I will answer truthfully. You all deserve that.”


They all looked around each other. No one was the first to ask. Ginny, being the one to rush into things first, was the one to ask. “Who are you really?”


“Well. The short answer is that I am Morgana Pendragon. But I am also Hermione Granger.” Releasing a lengthy sigh, I continued. “ The long answer is more complex than that.” They awaited with baited breath for me to continue. “To start, it's because of what I am.”


“What?” The collective group asked.


Rubbing my face, I tried to explain further. “Alright, it might be better if I show you.” I stood up and walked beside the couch. “Now, I trust all of you, I really do. What I am about to show you must never be released. There are some things I would want certain forces to not know. Which brings me to mention that I would like to teach all of you Occlumency at some point.” After they all nodded, I continued. “Great. Now as I mentioned, what I am about to show you is entirely the reason why I am both Morgana and Hermione.” When I saw their focus was entirely on me, I shifted.




As my form shifted, a collective gasp was released from my friends. Well besides Luna. Her smile widened if that was possible. “W-w-what are you?” Neville asked, frightfully.


Luna spoke up before I could. “An Archfey.”


“Yes Luna, Archfey. How you know that, is going to bother me for a while. Which will be a discussion we will need to have at some point.”


“Most certainly, my queen!” She said enthusiastically.


I pinched my nose and released a sigh. “Please don’t, Luna-”


“B-b-but Archfey are extinct,” Neville said.


“That is what they wanted you to think. Their ‘extinction’ was fabricated and was determined by my first life’s plan. Since I died, they left the material plane.”

“That’s all well and good, but how does that explain you being here? You said it yourself, you died,” Ginny asked. 


“While there are many things about the Archfey I am incapable of telling you.” Ginny looked about to be angry for a moment before I explained further, “there is basically an Unbreakable Vow on certain knowledge. As much as I want to tell you, I can’t. What I can tell you is this. Archfey are in a continual cycle of life and rebirth. We don’t truly die. I am not entirely sure if this is the first time of rebirth or only the first time to get to my grimoire. It was rather surprising to learn when I was turned.”


Ron looked incredulous as he leaned forward. “Turned? You were turned?”


Shifting in my seat a little, I responded, “yes. I am the only human to ever be turned into an Archfey. It’s why I can shift forms between human and Archfey.”


“W-why were you turned? How?”


“The how I cannot tell you. Why..” the memory of saving Fylaneiros came to mind. The poor defenseless Archfey who was being attacked by humans. “I saved someone a long time ago. In a time where compassion for magical creatures was at an all time low. A direction that we are slowly progressing towards. I was offered to learn from them and eventually they trusted me as kin. It was decided that I would be the first to be turned. As a bridge between people.”


“That’s why it hinged on your plan, wasn’t it?” Luna asked. She was more focused than I have ever seen her. If my assumption was right, this was a world, a people, she has never experienced before. One she wanted to know about.


“Correct. My death was marked as a betrayal by humanity to the Archfey. Hell, a lot of betrayal was involved with my death.” Everyone became solemn at the thought. My view of death was vastly different then theirs since I was an Archfey. 


“What does your grimoire have to do with anything?” Harry asked, breaking the silence of the room. 


My grimoire floated in front of me. Giving it a slight caress, I explained, “my grimoire is essentially the tool of my awakening. To an Archfey, awakening means the merge of old and new memories. It allows us to make the choice to remember our past lives.” Seeing their confused looks, simplifying it would be best. “The easiest way to explain is with the memory charm. Obliviate . If you were to cast the charm on someone and do an extensive job of making them an entirely new persona, they will still retain their personality. The only thing that is different are the memories of the person. Now, that would cause serious trauma once the charm was lifted, but we Archfey are different since our memories are all part of our soul.”


My eyes landed on each of my friends. When they landed on Daphne, a small blush appeared on her face. That was a good sign at least. She didn’t seem to be shying away from this form. That was a fear that seemed to be misplaced. “In my case, after reuniting with my grimoire, my life as Morgana continued as I remember. The memories of my life before and the new life as Hermione merged. The memories up to my death continued to my first memories as Hermione.”


They all started to ponder my explanation. It was a lot of information in a very small amount of time. Looking at the time, I decided it was best to have some food and drinks for everyone. A snap of my fingers, the magic signaling a house elf to appear. Dobby appeared at my call. “How can Dobby help you, my queen?”


“D-dobby? Why did you call her queen?” Harry asked, hesitantly. The surprise of Dobby showing up was clear on everyone's face. 


“Dobby just knows and respects her.” He vaguely said.


To prevent more confusion, I explained, “it’s because of being an Archfey. Archfey, specifically fey in general, are sort of the progenitors of most magical creatures. To me being queen is technically true. I was a queen once.” I turned my attention to Dobby. “Dobby, if you would like you, can you get some refreshments for us please?”


“Most certainly!” He enthusiastically said. A finger snap later, food and drinks appeared. He nodded at himself and bowed to me. “Anything else?”


“No, that’s all. Thank you.” I finished with a small caress on his head. A surge of magic went through him and his appearance became healthier. “Take care, Dobby,” I said in Old Welsh, a language I knew he would know. He bowed several more times before blinking out of the room.


Everyone grabbed some food. Ron, as usual, stuffed his face. There was a goblet of what I assume was wine in front of me. It was always astounding how they knew what I needed at any given time. Taking a small sip, I saw Harry look up. “How is it that you know languages?”


Placing the goblet down, I replied, “It’s the same as how magical creatures know who I am and always refer to me as Morgan le Fay . It’s an Archfey thing of being linked to them.” There was more to it, but I couldn’t explain to them that promises among the fey are extremely important and the meaning behind them could warp reality. 


As they were all eating, I wanted to add more to our previous conversation. “Now back to the original question. I am the same person you knew. Hermione Jean Granger. I am very much the cocky know it all that you have come to know as friend.” I licked my lips to taste the excess wine. Daphne’s blush, which still hadn’t fully subsided, darken. “I happened to now have memories and experiences that I previously didn’t have. This” I pointed towards my ears, “is why I have sensitive hearing.”


They continued to eat. Their doubtful looks hurt, but over time they will see that they were true. Luna piped up again, “does that mean you will stop ignoring them now?”


Another sigh escaped my lips, “yes, Luna. I will stop ignoring them.”


“Ignoring who?” Ginny asked.


“The lesser fey. The creatures that Luna has named, which I’m sure many of you believe don’t exist.” With a wave of my hand, a burst of gold light came forth. The previously invisible fey became visible to them. Another round of surprise came from them. Luna’s beaming smile was infectious. “Only fey can see them. They must have remained in the material plane when the Archfey left. Though they do have different names, I doubt they care what they are called.” I let my hand out as a couple of what Luna called Wrackspurts hovered over my hand. They sort of caressed my hand in a sense of reverence before returning to their lazy float.


While everyone was watching the now visible fey, Harry wringed his hands. There was something clearly weighing in his head. “Harry? What’s wrong?”


He looked up, a bit shocked that I noticed. He was so used to others overlooking him when he was feeling down. He glanced around before saying, “I-I don’t want to break the happiness.”


“Harry, your opinions matter and I can clearly see you want to ask me something. So ask.”


He looked down at his hands. “You killed people,” he muttered quietly. It was loud enough that it got everyone to notice. They all placed their food on the table, Ron included. 


Nodding my head, I responded, “I did. And I would do it again if I have to.” They all seemed shocked at my admittance. “I would rather kill someone if it meant you would be safe. Bearing the weight of that death is on my soul, not yours.” I looked down at my ashen hands. “My first life was not pretty in many matters. I always strived to help people. But there are cases that people won’t change. Won’t stop at their sinister goals. There are times when there is only one course of action.” I looked directly into Harry’s eyes. “Don’t think I take pleasure in killing, I don’t.” Dolohov was about to kill Daphne. There was no way I was going to allow that to happen.


Ron, Harry and Neville all seemed to have a disagreeing idea. Ron seemed to be conflicted while Neville and Harry seemed adamantly against the idea. “There’s always another to deal with someone like that,” Harry tried to point out. 


“To a degree, you’re right. The problem is, how long do you have in order to find that path? In my experience, you don’t. Especially against someone who would do anything to go after those you care about.”


They still didn’t seem happy. “Look, that is my weight to bear. Not you. I don’t want any of you to have to take your first life. It's a weight that could change you if you’re not careful.” They became silent over what I said. Which I was grateful for. This was the part of the discussion I knew would be hard. We settled into a comfortable silence as everyone mulled over everything. Some of them returned to their food.


Ron, in a surprising stroke of manners, finished his meal and broke the silence. “I have to ask. Why do you have fangs? Do you like, suck blood or something? Like a vampire?”


A laugh escaped me at the question. “Are you sure you want to know the answer to that?” He nodded, which Ginny and Astoria reciprocated. They really wanted to know, didn’t they? “Don’t say I didn’t warn you about this. My fangs, like many animals on earth, are used for a specific purpose. Some use them for poison. In the case of many others, they are used to hold things. In the case of Archfey, they are used for one purpose really. Mating.” A smirk graced my lips as several faces became red at the thought. Daphne’s became darker than the others. “They are meant to mark and hold. The Archfey never really evolved past it like humans did.”


“Does that mean..” Astoria’s voice echoed through the now awkwardly quiet room. She looked between myself and Daphne.


“If you mean to ask if we have soulmates, we don’t. Being bound to one person while we continue to live past them would be torture. I believe only a small amount of magical creatures have that. Veela being one of them.”


“Uh, interesting.” She looked back at Daphne, who remained beat red, but played it as neutral as she could. Deciding that they have seen enough of my Archfey form, I shifted back.




My form returned back to being human. Ginny started to play with some of the fey before she looked at me. “Does Morga- you- ugh! When I refer to Morgana, I mean your previous life. Bugger this is annoying.” Another chuckle escaped my lips. “Do you look like Morgana?”


“No, I don’t. I had straight black hair and my face was more angular. The only thing that is similar are my eyes.” I pointed towards my eyes. “The saying that the eyes are the doors to the soul are true for Archfey. It’s our defining feature. Now my Archfey form is the same. Though younger and somehow my curly hair carries over.”


Ginny, who was now giggling, asked, “So you didn’t have red hair like your card says you do?”


That made the group chuckle, which brought a smile to my lips. It was good to see a bit of levity after such a serious discussion. “My chocolate frog card has a lot of wrong information. At least they got my magical leniencies correct.”


 “How much of history is wrong about you? You mentioned that to Voldemort,” Harry asked. The jinx fired, but a quick flick stopped it.


“Most of it, to be honest. I never betrayed my brother. Merlin and I were best friends. And if we are going into the lore in the non magical world, I never had sex with Arthur.” A shudder swept through me at the thought of it. “No, I found out that I preferred women in Hogwarts. Helena Ravenclaw was my first girlfriend.”


“Wow. That is.. Extremely different from the stories.”


“It is. Honestly, I had a thing for Guinevere. A feeling that was shared among many. Now thinking about it, I apparently have a thing for blondes.”


Besides Daphne, they all snorted, Astoria being the loudest. Continuing the small banter of history, I decided to describe Hogwarts. “I knew all the founders. Salazar Slytherin was my main mentor and he did in fact have certain opinions on non magicals.. eh muggles. Nothing about muggleborns. In fact, because of me, he defined a new term. Firstborns. We were the first in our line to develop magic.”


“Wait.” Daphne finally piped up. “Are you telling us.. that Salazar Slytherin. The very person who so many purebloods revere about his supposed stance on muggles and muggleborns. Had a completely different opinion?”


“Yeah. Sure he didn’t like muggles. A sentiment I shared at the time till I saw Arthur again after my time in Hogwarts. He noticed students who never had magic in their line produce a gift. A gift that you all know now. My magical sight. He determined that these gifts are a sign of a new magical bloodline. It certainly helped that many of us stayed year round. Muggles back in those times were not.. accepting and downright violent. Uther being one of them.”


“That sounds wonderful,” muttered Harry. Most likely about staying at the school year round. I knew his situation with his Aunt and Uncle were.. bad. With any hope, my plan will go accordingly and he will never have to see them again.


“Quite. Now with that covered, are there any more questions?” They all shook their heads. “Now, I’m sure that we are all still exhausted from yesterday, but I do want to preface this. If any of you need help to.. deal with what happened. I am always willing to be an ear to listen to. It helps, trust me.” Another nod was given by my friends.


They started to get up and leave the room. Not having another chance to speak to her, I ask, “Daphne, i-if you could stay, please? So we can talk?” My eyes found hers and I hoped they conveyed my feelings enough to have this talk. Everyone else had a sad, but understanding look. This was going to be a painful conversation. Astoria whispered something into her sister’s ear. I made sure to listen to something else so I wouldn’t pick it up. Daphne gave a short nod. Astoria quickly left the room with the others, leaving only Daphne and I.

Chapter Text

The sound of the door closing behind me immediately gave me the sense we were now alone. There were so many thoughts and scenarios running through my head on how this conversation could go. It’s not everyday where your girlfriend gets new memories and acts slightly different than what you were used to. I sympathized with her. Closing my eyes and releasing a heavy sigh, I prepared myself as much as possible. Turning my eyes to Daphne, I saw that she was just as nervous, but cold. She was being more.. distant with her emotions. At least on the outside. Something I used to do in my early years in my first life.


I waved towards the couches and asked, “d-do you w-want to sit?”


She nodded and went to one the far couch. Considering the weight of this conversation, it was better to sit on the opposite side. She sat down stiffly. I’m sure she has a lot to mull over, but this was a conversation we needed to have as soon as possible. “I-I-” Words were hard. The possibility of overthinking was very likely as well. “Ugh. Alright. I will just come out and say it.” Her focus was entirely on me, but she remained quiet. “Daphne, I..” I hesitated slightly, not to add effect, but involuntary. “I can understand if you don’t want to.. be with me anymore. This was something both of us were not expecting. Well prior to getting-”


“That’s.. That’s not..” she released a heavy sigh. “I’m not sure what to think.” Her eyes left mine and landed on the ground. Not wanting to ruin her thoughts, I remained quiet. Taking very small sips of the wine that I had neglected. The taste had already started to stale. I kept drinking it so I wouldn’t bother the house elves. “There’s a lot that I am not sure of. Not necessarily about anything you explained. But more about what it means for us. When I last saw you, Hermione , was when you left.. Retrieve the grimoire.”


I gave a slight nod. To her, that was the last time she saw me as Hermione only. After that was someone who was accomplishing feats and willing to be violent that she has never seen before. She knows I can be vindictive when I need to, prior to reuniting with my grimoire. There were many sinister ideas I had for Pucey. Which reminded me that I need to follow up on that. There was no longer the threat of being suspended by the bitch. Now a visit to the centaurs is warranted. Not that I cared about what state she was in. I doubt they would do anything, even if they were fully in their right to do so. Humans had so many misconceptions of centaurs. 


“The person I saw after that was different. I understood why you acted the way you did. You wanted to keep your cards close to you. Not give away too much, especially to what side you were on. That I was not surprised by. What I was surprised by was you ignoring me.” A slight sheen appeared on her eyes. She was close to crying. 


The memory of ignoring her hurt. I didn’t want to ignore her. “Daphne..”


“Don’t! I’m not done.” Giving her a slight nod and leaning back, I allowed her to continue. “That person then acted in a way that was completely different.” She swallowed. She took her goblet and drank, heartily. “You killed someone in front of me. I never  would have expected you to kill someone. I-” she hiccupped, but held control of her emotions. “I was scared of you. What assurance did I have that Morgana didn’t just steal the body of my girlfriend. I-” Tears started to fall. I wanted to move and console her. It weighed so heavily on my heart not to move. 


If she were Helena, Guinevere, or the scant few of other women I was with in my first life, I would have. But I knew that she would hate the idea of me interrupting her. Though I was never actually in a relationship with Guinevere. Mentally shaking my head, this was not the time to think about that. A relationship with Daphne was a dance. A very enjoyable dance. It was vastly different from Helena. Daphne was strong and very stubborn. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and stick with it. She was also extremely intelligent and cunning. 


Once she had calmed down enough, she looked back at me with those now wet ice cold blue eyes. “I thought I lost my girlfriend,” she finished with a hiccup. Knowing I couldn’t not sit here anymore and do nothing, I transfigured one of the plates into a handkerchief and levitated near her. She grabbed it and wiped her tears. 


“I-I-I know. I don’t blame you for thinking that.” My eyes drifted down to the ground. “It was the last thing I wanted you to think. No matter how much I wanted it to be otherwise..” My fingers started to pick at the loose threads of my clothes. “The situation we were in prevented that.” My eyes landed on her again. “All I could think about was ensuring you all made it out alive and in one piece. At all costs.”


“I know. But-” 


“But nothing. I meant what I said. I will stop anyone from hurting my friends. Especially you.”


She looked down again. “But how do I truly know it’s you ?” she muttered under her breath.


My hand came to my chin and replied, “well, you could ask me any question. I won’t lie. Hell, if I need to, I will go make a Veritaserum and drink it.”


She sat there for a moment before looking at me. “How old are you?”


Instinctually, I said, “seventeen.” Odd question, but I know the line of thinking she was going towards.


Her eyebrows furrowed. “Seventeen?” She questioned.


“I had a time turner in third year. It’s why I was able to take so many classes. It sort of.. aged me.”


She sat there blinking. Not sure how to fully respond. “That was not what I was expecting.” A slight pause later. “How old were you when you died as Morgana?”


“thirty five. On the fields of Camlann. What should have been the last battle of the fourth war I was in.” The feeling of the sword stabbing through my chest came to mind. That battle was supposed to be a win. But they knew where we were at all times. Only way they could have known that was through betrayal.


“Huh. I was not expecting that. So you really do consider them separate?”


“I do.”


“Yet, you don’t care which name people call you. Who do you truly see yourself as?”

That was a bit more tricky. I do see myself as Hermione. Because I am Hermione. But with my memories and who I am as an Archfey.. “Morgana. Now that isn’t to say I’m not Hermione. It’s just-” another pause to determine how I want to say this. “With my memories. It’s hard to see Hermione not as Morgana. To me they are the same. Like another alias I guess.”


She nodded her head and we settled into silence once again. Feeling slightly famished, I grabbed a biscuit and munched on it. After no response, it was time to get the conversation rolling again. I placed the half eaten biscuit down and said, “look, I know that this.” I pointed between the two of us. “Is in a weird situation. I-if you don’t want, or feel like.. Being together.” A slight hitch in voice almost caused me to stop. “I understand if you don’t want to be together anymore.” My eyes landed on the ground involuntarily.


The tears wanted to come out, but I held control on them. I heard a shift ahead of me and a small patter of footsteps. Daphne’s hands covered mine, causing me to look at them. They drifted upwards to her face, then her eyes. Those same eyes I fell in love with. To think that wasn’t too far-fetched for me. I knew that I loved her. My past of previous relationships, or lack there of in the case of Guinevere, showed just how differently I felt for Daphne. 


“I..” Her right hand left my hand and cupped my cheek. “I don’t want this to end, Her-Morgana. I-I care about you. A lot. I just-” She paused as she looked into my eyes. “I feel like we need to start over. I-I want to find out who this new you is. Not who I had known.”


My hand went up to mirror hers, cupping her cheek. A small smile appeared on my lips. “I-I have no problem with that. We can go at your pace. I don’t want to push you into anything.”


She chuckled. “That’s ironic considering how far we already went.” A slight blush appeared on her cheeks. 


“True. At least now, whenever that happens, I will be experienced.” My eyebrow wagged  involuntarily. Her blush deepened. “Don’t think I didn’t see your blush earlier.” My eyes landed on our joined hands. “I’m glad that you are ok with me being-”


“Not human?”




She hesitated a moment before responding, “I won’t lie and say I was a little.. put off at first. But the more I thought about it, the more it didn't matter. Also, it sort of showed me that I have a lot of work towards some of the.. Preconceived notions I have been around all my life.”


“It probably helped that you still find me appealing.”


She coughed, taken aback by my comment. “Her-Morgana!” She slapped me on the shoulder, causing me to laugh. Her blush darkened.


“Alright, alright. I will lay off a bit on the innuendos that are swirling in my head then.”


“Bloody hell are you more cocky now,” She muttered. “You do look like one of those elves from the Tolkien books.”


I tilted my head and responded, “huh, I never realized that. I wonder where he got the inspiration from.” I never realized how much I look like a Tolkien elf till now. I’ve been so used to how I look in that form that with my new knowledge of Tolkien should have made me realized the similarities. And given that Luna does have fey blood, it's possible some fey visited the material plane occasionally and Tolkien could have met one. Though only house elves have any semblance to Archfey. Then it dawned on me. “Wait, you have read those?”


She blushed slightly, “Tracy had the books and I was interested.”


“Nothing wrong with that,” I gave her a big smile. One she returned. We settled into silence after that. Her eyes glanced down at my lips. I knew what she was thinking, but I was going to let her make the first move. She leaned closer and her eyes closed. Duplicating the action, our lips met in a soft caste kiss. It only lasted a moment, but it felt like an eternity. 


When we parted, she remained close. Leaning against me. Shifting a little, to make her more comfortable. We sat in silence for a bit. Slowly munching on the food. “H-Morgana?”




“How was it that your grimoire was undisturbed? I would have thought the Ministry would have done something with it after the reveal.”


“Well, they did technically. The room that was made around it was heavily enchanted and the glass containing it was also heavily enchanted. But the reason why they had to do that is because they can’t touch it.” My grimoire came out and hovered in front of us. A soft blue glow emanated from it as it always did. “No one can, unless I allow them to.” The book lowered into her lap. She was a little shocked when it landed


She was about to touch it, but asked, “What happens when someone touches it without your.. Permission?”


“They go mad, start seeing things. Are unable to determine reality from imagination. I imagine they will eventually commit suicide. Something along those lines anyway.” I saw where her hand was. “You can touch it, even open it. You were the first person I allowed to do so. Though most of it is in other languages.”


Her hand softly landed on the grimoire and she gently opened the cover. She started to peruse through it. The endless amounts of information that I have stored in it. From the potions I had created, enchantment theories, and thoughts. There were of course the pages containing my pre-etched runes and glyphs. 


As she was going through my grimoire, I casted a quick Tempus and saw it was almost dinner. “We should get going soon. Dinner will be served soon.”


“Oh! Really? So soon?”


“Yeah. We should probably head to the Great Hall.”


She closed the grimoire, which then levitated and settled in the air. She got up and smoothed her clothes. Following her, I got up. The house elves will handle the dishes and food. Hopefully it will be given to those who need it. Before we left the room, Daphne stopped me.

“I was not sure how this conversation would go, but since it seemed to have gone well..” She teetered off. Once my full attention was on her, she continued, “ my Father’s showing up today.”


“Oh? And what for?” The thought of seeing her father did cause me to be a bit nervous.


“I had been gathering evidence on Umbridge.”


Revelation filled me. “Ah! That’s why you were so focused on the quills!”


“Correct. It wasn’t till after you and Harry took her away from the school, was I able to send it to him. He sent me a message this morning about arriving with Aurors to facilitate the arrest.”


It took me a moment to remember the position her father has. “That’s right, he’s on the Hogwarts Board of Governors, isn’t he.”


“Correct. There’s a slight snag.” We walked out the room and into the seventh floor hallway. “You left Umbridge in the forest.” 


“With the centaurs, yes. She’s probably fine.”


She seemed confused before asking, “she is?”


“Yup. The centaurs probably did a ritual with her nearby, restrained. They would never do any of the horrible things that people assume they do.” Specifically rape. It was an act that they might have had a long time ago, but with how dwindled their lands are, I doubt they would even think about it. Plus, it’s not like that’s how centaurs are made. “Pretty sure just being in the presence of the tribe would cause enough trauma to her. The bigot.”


“Well, anyway. I’m not sure how that is going to go. She’s probably still in the forest. I had wanted to ask you sooner, but with everything that happened.”


“There wasn’t enough time and with.. you know.”


“Yeah, that’s understandable. Well, let's go see what they plan to do. If I need to go fetch her from the centaurs, I will.”


Her hand wormed its way into mine. I gave it a slight squeeze as we walked down the stairs. The stairs shifted while we were on them, reminding me of why we did that. A defense mechanism to anyone who tried to invade and manage to make it inside the castle. They would be caught on the stairs, which would allow us to defend ourselves from afar. As far as I know, Hogwarts was never attacked.


“There is one more thing. He wants to meet you. My Father. He mentioned that He wanted both of us there when he arrived so he could see you.”


“Oh? Well let’s not keep him waiting then.” A simple wave of my hand and a tweak to the array caused the stairs to shift. Allowing us to take a more direct route. There were a couple of students along the way, who eyed us warily. If my assumptions were correct, they must have read The Prophet and know about the events of yesterday. Other than that, our path to the entrance of Hogwarts was without hassle. 


When we made it to the entrance, there was already a commotion of students. The massive door was open and I could hear some of the discussion.


“Headmaster Dumbledore, while I am glad to see you reinstated, we are here to apprehend Dolores Umbridge on several counts. Please allow us to collect her.”


We made it through the cluster of students, and saw the Headmaster, Professor McGonagall, who seemed to be doing better after her trip to St. Mungos, several Aurors, and a man who I presume was Daphne’s father. He was a middle aged man with light brown hair. A feature that Daphne and Astoria must have inherited from their mother. He had the same shade of blue eyes that Daphne had. His demeanor was neutral, but I could tell he was getting irritated. He was in a nice tailored black suit. 


“While I understand that, she is not in a condition for that Lord Greengrass,” the Headmaster explained. “She seemed quite traumatized from being lost in the forest that she has yet to regain her senses fully.”


Interesting spin on it. He was protecting the centaurs. But that means she was taken from them in some manner. It must have been Dumbledore who retrieved her. I doubt that went well. Based on how his votes go, he has always been a little.. restrictive to magical creatures. Another reason why I don’t trust him until I know more. I couldn’t forget the times he has tried to protect me or help me with my gift. So I gave him a little reprieve.


Oh look, it's Auror Ashworth. “In any case, we are authorized to go through her office. We will ensure she is taken care of prior to her trial.”


Deciding now was a good time to butt in, I asked, “oh, so she will actually get a trial? Unlike Sirius Black over a decade ago?”


Ashworth paled once his eyes landed on me. It brought a small smile to my lips to see him terrified of me. I noticed that Lord Greengrass was now aware of us. He sized me up as his eyes scanned me. I could tell he noticed Daphne and I’s joined hands and the grimoire. I remained still as he did so. Not wanting to give him a chance to scare me. Though I was a bit. Not everyday do you meet your girlfriend's father. I might be an all powerful witch, but the approval of her family is important. Daphne tensed a little and a slight squeeze of her hand calmed her down.


Ashworth cleared his throat. “Y-yes she is.” 


“Good.” He seemed to relax at that. As fun as it was to mess with him, he was only doing his job. There was a small amount of whispers among the students. Some were directed directly at me, others were about Sirius Black. 


Dumbledore looked at me, a look that would make someone stop immediately. As much as I wanted to annoy him, I was more worried about Daphne’s father and his image of me. So I remained quiet. Dumbledore then sighed and said, “very well. Minerva, could you please fetch Dolores.” He looked towards the Aurors, ”You may go through her office in the Defense of the Dark Arts classroom. It is where she kept most of her belongings.”


Professor McGonagall nodded her head and made her way through the students towards the Infirmary. The Aurors moved past the students and headed towards the DADA classroom. Lord Greengrass walked towards Daphne and I. Once he was close enough, I casted a special Muffliato spell that would only allow the three of us to have a private discussion.


Once he noticed the effect, he nodded his head in thanks. “So you must be the young woman who has captured the eye of my Daughter.” His tone remained neutral, not giving any clue on his opinion of the matter. He glanced at Daphne as he mentioned her.


Clearing my throat, I responded, “yes, Lord Greengrass.”


He raised his eyebrow slightly. “I have heard quite a bit about you, Hermione Granger. Even prior to this past year's revelation.”


“Nothing too bad, I hope,” I jested.


A slight smile appeared on his lips. “A muggleborn witch in Ravenclaw. Named the greatest witch of her age, possibly the century. Best friends with Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived. And from what I heard, a muggleborn who didn’t want to erase our traditions.”


“So far, that is all true,” I pointed out.


“Who then, during this year, supposedly found out she was Morgana Pendragon. Started a formal relationship with my Daughter. And proceeded to cause problems for Dolores Umbridge, from what I have been told.” Daphne tensed again, but I only nodded my head in response. “Then the next thing I hear about you is fighting against the Dark Lord, alone, and his Death Eaters. Which then comes to find out that you killed two of them. While bringing my Daughters with you.” His tone turned displeased.


Swallowing, I replied, “I want to be on the record to say that I didn’t want to go in the first place.”


“H-Morgana, now’s not the tim-”


A very small chuckle escaped him before he cleared his voice and returned to neutrality. He eyed Daphne at her use of name, before returning to me. “Still, tell me why I should allow you to see my Daughter?”


I glanced at Daphne, seeing a slight fear in her eyes. I returned my gaze right back at him. “Because I would do anything to keep her safe.”


He raised an eyebrow, “Truly? Anything?”


I nodded my head in confirmation. “I already have. One of those men was about to kill her. He died instead. And I would do it again. Nothing is above keeping her safe.”


“I see.” That seemed to be a very common phrase with me. He looked between Daphne and I. Her hand squeezed mine before he said, “well then. I wish to know more about you Ms. Granger. You are an intriguing young woman.” 


He stepped away as the Aurors came with the box of Blood Quills. Quickly taking a look at the one I fixed, I did the same for the rest. All the, now working, Blood Quills will surely make the trial interesting. Daphne let out the breath she was holding. 


“That seemed to have gone better than I thought,” I said to her.


“It did. I’m sure he would want you to visit the manor,” she chewed her lip adorably. “I know Mother does.”


Mulling it over, I responded, “if he does, I would come in a heartbeat.” I then hesitated, “if you wanted me to anyway.”


“I-I think I would like that.” Her eyes drifted down as she said that before returning to mine. 


“I do have to ask,” I glanced over to her father, “is your mother as..”




“Yes. As your father?”


She shook her head, “no she’s not.”


“Oh, good. Not sure how that would have gone then. I can see where you get it from though,” I said cheekily.


She glared at me. She was about to reprimand me before we heard a commotion. The students parted as Umbridge, being held by Professor McGonagall and another Auror came through. “T-th-the c-c-cr-creatures. T-th-they should all. They should all be ex-exterm-exterminated. T-the a-a-abo-abominations, t-they are.” She continued on with her rambling before her eyes landed on me. “YOU!”


Dispelling the charm, I responded with a point to my chest, “who? Me?”


“YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS! YOU MONSTER! AB-ABOMINATION!” She tried to escape, managing to escape Professor McGonagall’s grasp, but not the Aurors. 


“Ouch, hurtful. I know I have been called many things in life. But abomination is new. I will give you credit for that.. bitch.” 


“Ms. Granger!” Professor McGonagall’s stern voice directed me. 


Looking a little sheepish, I replied, “sorry, professor.” I might be known as one of the darkest witches of history, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t afraid of Professor McGonagall when she was displeased at me.


“Hmph.” She grunted in response. She returned to Umbridge and casted Silencio on her. Preventing her rambling and yelling. Another Auror came to help bring Umbridge out. We watched as the Aurors left the school. Lord Greengrass looked towards Daphne and I, gave a small nod, then turned his attention to the Headmaster. 


“Thank you, Headmaster Dumbledore. I apologize for the inconvenience. Unlike my colleagues, I believe you have run this school better than those in the past. Have a good day.” He left with the Aurors out of the castle. All in all, it was a rather productive day. My stomach growled, reminding me that I needed to properly eat dinner instead of munching on biscuits all day.

Chapter Text

The next day was going to be just as busy as the previous day. Getting all my memories made me realize just how much I had to do. Especially since it’s been nine hundred years. Sitting in the Great Hall, I was munching on some toast. My fellow Ravenclaws continued to stare, specifically at my grimoire which sat on the table. For the most part, I ignored them. Luna kept good company when sitting at the Ravenclaw table yesterday. Sadly, she was not here yet. Quirking an eyebrow and ceasing my munching I turned towards Cho, who has been boring holes into me. “Yes?”

She swallowed and her gaze shifted to the grimoire. “I-Uh.” The fear she was extruding was noticeable. Several other Ravenclaws had similar reactions. 


Deciding it was best to hopefully bite this in the bud before it got worse, I said, “I’m not going to kill or hurt you. Any of you. I haven't changed that much.”


None of them changed their demeanor. The saying that actions speak louder than words were blaring in my head. There was very little time for them to see with only a couple of days left of the school year. The sound of wings flapping and screeching caught my ears. The owls were approaching with mail. It still astounded me that messaging has not improved over the centuries. How were owls still the best form of mail? We literally had magic at our fingertips. It was also clear that that type of magic existed. Dumbledore did use Nuntius , a short ranged version. And the common problem with those types of magic is rare to encounter in this day of age. Most people didn’t learn Occlumency. 


The paper landed in front of me. After regaining my memories, I thought it best to subscribe fully to the paper. As much as it slanders, The Prophet was a good source of the atmosphere of Magical England. Glancing at the title, I had to at least give them some credit. When there were no other outcomes for views, they actually spouted the truth.


Battle at the Ministry. Return of You-Know-Who and possibly Morgan le Fay?


On June 20th, a battle between You-Know-Who and Morgan le Fay took place in the Ministry building. As for the reason why they were there are still unknown to us, but the aftermath of the battle has caused many questions to arise. We still don’t know what happened, but what we do know is staggering. From key eye witnesses who stayed and we interviewed, Morgan le Fay fought against the Death Eaters while managing to defend the students. This did lead to the death of two Death Eaters, Who’s name we refrain from mentioning, a far cry from the Order of the Phoenix usual non lethal standpoint. 


Eventually she ended up in a battle solely against You-Know-Who. We are still not sure how the fight went. The newly reinstated Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, commented that the battle between the two was “devastating and could have quickly become horrific”. The battle ended when You-Know-Who casted his signature spell, the killing curse. What came next was completely unheard of. 


The Killing Curse was stopped by none other, Morgan le Fay. That’s right, my dear readers, the unstoppable curse was stopped. From those we were able to interview, what they saw will change how they viewed the curse. Ranging from magnificent and horrifying were the comments. While the outcome caused a burst of magic felt kilometers away, the target of the curse was unharmed. You-Know-Who escaped shortly after.


We have tried to contact Morgan le Fay, but all attempts have failed. 


The article continued on, speculation on speculation. I was extremely annoyed at their use of my title. They didn’t earn the respect to say that name. One of these days, I will have to take them up on an interview. Considering I have not heard from them told me that someone was preventing them. My eyes glanced towards the Headmaster as he ate his breakfast. He would have the power to stop them here, wouldn’t he?


Deciding I should move onto the next objective, I stood up from the Ravenclaw table and walked over to the Gryffindor table. The only friends who were here this early were Ginny and Harry. While many Gryffindor’s had apprehensive looks on their faces, they weren’t nearly as scared as the Ravenclaws. Ginny noticed me approaching and nudged Harry. He looked up and gave a small wave. Returning it, I sat down next to him. 


“Hey, Hermione. What brings you to our neck of the woods?” Ginny asked, looking a bit tired, but not nearly as.. depressed. 


“I just needed to ask Harry a question. I hope you don’t mind?”


She mocked looking insulted. “Oh. I see how it is! Always going to Harry Potter. Not Ginny Weasley.”


“But, Ginny. You see, you hardly ever needed my help. You are far more capable of whatever you set your mind to!” I jested back.


Harry quietly interrupted both of us, realizing my jest was pointed towards him, “as wonderful it is to listen to you have your sarcasm battle, you were wanting something?”


“Right, Ginny, you can know, but it depends on Harry.” I turned back to Harry and leaned closer to whisper. “I wanted to ask if you still had the prophecy orb.”


His eyes widened. He nodded slowly and whispered back, “it’s in my trunk.”


Nodding slowly, “it’s your choice, but I want to take a look at it. I might be able to help decipher it for you. I would also be able to deactivate it so it can’t fall into the wrong hands. Again, it’s your choice. I won’t push you in one direction or the other.”


He mulled over the choice for a bit. Ginny was looking between us as she tried to figure out what was going on. He looked at me and said, “I think I would like that. I want to know why I am so involved with Voldemort.” As per usual, another burst, another break of the spell.


I glanced out of the corner of my eye to Ginny, a clear indication if he wanted to brink Ginny. “Do you want Ginny to join?”


He looked at her and nodded, “yeah, she can come. We can let the others know later. Our time in the Halls of Prophecy was interesting.”


Nodding my head, I responded, “there was too much to go over that I neglected to ask about that. In any event, do we want to head to the Come and Go Room?”


He nodded and then looked towards Ginny. “Want to come? It’s about what we.. found.”


Her eyes lit up as she realized what we had been talking about. She nodded her head, grabbed her toast and stood up. Harry and I quickly followed suit as she marched on. She exited the Great Hall before we were able to catch up. Once Harry and I made it out, we saw her standing there, sheepishly. “Just realized I have no idea where we are going.”


That brought a chuckle to our lips. “Come and Go Room,” I said, still trying to hold the laughter down.


We all made our way to the seventh floor. Along the way, Harry went into the Gryffindor common room to grab the orb. When he came out, I could see the slight weight being applied to his robes. We continued to the seventh floor, unperturbed. When we made it to the room, instead of walking back and forth three times, as was normal. I waved my hand, the runic array coming to life. A few twists and pulls and the door appeared. Revealing the same room that I had come to enjoy as my default in my new life. 


Two couches, a table, and the fireplace appeared. We walked in, the door closing behind us. Ginny made her way to the far couch while Harry and I went to the near one. She flopped onto the couch and let out a deep breath. “I feel like I could go back to sleep.”


Raising an eyebrow, I asked, “I am actually surprised that you were awake this early.”


“Couldn’t sleep,” she mumbled.


“Oh.” The way she said it was not encouraging. “Do.. do you need anything to help?” I asked. It would be simple to brew a potion for her, probably all of them. But I figured it was best to ask.


She moved her arm to look my way. A slight shake of her head and she said, “no. With summer break coming, I will catch up on sleep eventually.”


“If you're sure. I-I don’t want to be a bother, but battles like that stay with you.” There were memories that I wish I could forget. Why did my gift have to come with eidetic memory? Sure, it was needed to properly use my gift, but there were things I could do without. Magic did work in interesting ways. 


“Thanks, Hermione. I-if I need anything, I will let you know,” she responded. 


Nodding back to her, I felt like I needed to bring up the mood. “I want to be on record that I’m terrible at naming things.” They both looked at me with quizzical looks. “Remember how I found out the name of the room was called the Come and Go Room?” They nodded, allowing me to continue. “Well, I named it that. The other one was named by Helena Ravenclaw. The Room of Requirement.”


They both snorted a laugh. “Blimey, Hermione. You really are horrible at names aren’t you?” Harry joked.


I gave him a beaming smile. We then settled into silence. I turned towards Harry. He looked deep in thought before he realized I was looking at him. He pulled out the orb. The shimmering dim blue that swirled in the center reminded me far too much of when Merlin first made that room. A system to store prophecies. I despised the idea, messing with fate was never a good idea. No matter how curious I was about mine in my first life, I’d wish I didn’t know it. In the end, it was worthless to know. They come true no matter what. Merlin truly thought he could outwit fate. Instead, it only delayed the inevitable. 


I held my palm out and allowed him to place the prophecy into it. He slowly rolled it into my hand. Slowly the words of the prophecy formed in my mind. The deeper I looked into it, I could tell something that no one else would know. Before I could voice it, the prophecy spoke out. 


“The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies....”


Tilting my head slightly, I said, “do you understand what this means, Harry?”


He shook his head. “All I know is that Voldemort wants this. But I am not quite sure why?”


“Well..” I licked my lips. “The prophecy foretells that you are the one to defeat the Dark Lord. Blah blah blah, you were born on this day. Blah blah blah, you are marked and only you can kill him.” Harry was taken back at my nonchalant view of the prophecy. Ginny was howling at my explanation. “Now, what many would assume is that your scar is the mark. Which then leads to them believing the prophecy, if they know of it, to still be active. Thing is, the Dark Lord could mark you in any manner. By speaking it out loud to another is one option. He could also mark you on a parchment and that counts.” 


He looked owlish when he asked, “wait.. What does that mean then?”


Gently handing him the prophecy, I deadpanned, “the prophecy is complete. You killed him when you were one. Congratulations for completing a prophecy.”


“What?” He exclaimed. 


“Yup, there is a mechanism in the orbs that for some reason, Merlin thought was a good idea. Basically it would take about twenty years before the orb would turn red signifying it was complete. With my gift, I can see deeper to see it was triggered.”

Ginny sat up as I had explained all that. “So, you're saying that moldy pants went after a prophecy that has already been completed? That’s rich!”


I gave her a big smile. “Yup! Though if he got his hands on this, he might think it best to keep you alive. He could decipher that if you continue to live, so would he.”


Harry shook his head, “wait. But he’s not dead.”


Understandable interpretation of the prophecy. “Well that leads to what is the definition of dying. Would you consider that my first life ended in death?”


He blinked a couple of times before responding, “yes?”


“But I am very much alive, correct?”


“Uh- right.”


“Prophecies only work on the very loose meaning of the terms. The form in which Voldemort has gained his.. Immortality. He does technically die. His body does anyway.”


He sat there contemplating while Ginny asked, “h-how has he gained immortality? If that is what we are calling it.”


Debating on whether I should tell them, I started to play with my grimoire. Swirling my hand around the ethereal glow that emanated from it. A bit of a habit I had when deep in thought. Eventually I responded, “though a foul and insidious magic. Death magic is horrific more than just its connection to death. He has obtained this form through what is called a horcrux.”


Ginny chuckled slightly, “you really hate death magic, don’t you?”


“I do. It comes with being an Archfey.”


Harry looked down, “what exactly is a horcrux?”


“Do you know much about liches and phylacteries? It’s sort of like that. Those who perform the ritual sever parts of their soul.” An involuntary shudder went through me. To do something like that to your soul was nightmare inducing for me. “I won’t go into details about it. The only reason I know about it is because I have had the unfortunate event of meeting the first person to perform it.”


Both Ginny and Harry looked curious and asked at the same time, “who?”


“Herpo the Foul.”


“That bad?” Ginny asked. Her curiosity speaking for her.


“You have no idea. Hope he finally met his end. But knowing him, he’s still alive.” The sight of the man was horrendous. Merlin just had to have the both of us meet. At that point, I was already an Archfey, so his mere presence was horrifying to me. Due to that, we both butted heads. Unlike Voldemort, Herpo found a different way of getting a new body. He would.. possess a recently deceased body. That prevented him having the same problem Voldemort had in first year. Because of that, the visit was extremely short since we were both about to kill each other. 


“That said,” I turned towards Harry, “the prophecy is yours to do with it as you choose. You can destroy it. Place it on a mount as a trophy. Though, I would be careful with the Headmaster. He was the one who heard it in person. So he knows it exists.”


He nodded his head. He took the orb and threw it across the room, smashing against the wall. Ginny gave a whoop and fell back onto the couch. He gave a very satisfying grunt. “Rubbish to that. If there’s no point to it, then why bother. I was about to do it anyway till you came into the room. Back at the Ministry.”

I patted him on the shoulder, “good on you! I would have done the same if you lot didn’t already wreck the room.”


“What did your prophecy say?” He asked. We heard a slight snore which caused both of us to look at Ginny. Who was dead asleep. 


Releasing a small laugh, I responded, “I won’t give the precise prophecy, but basically that Arthur and I would fail in our quest to unite the isle. That both of our deaths would signify the start of a cultural split. As you know, later on, the Statue of Secrecy was implemented eventually and the magical world phased out of existence to non magicals.”


“Oh. So it was completed then.”


“It was, Merlin tried his best. Kept us out of certain fights. If we had to be there, only one of us would. Ensuring that the other was safe. On the eve of what we assumed was victory, we both went to battle. Causing fate to seal her grasp on us.” Merlin was pissed off, but I wasn’t going to say no to Arthur. He truly thought we had the win. Merlin, in a fit of anger, refused to be part of the battle. Leaving us to our fate. It was foolish, I know, but I had grown bored. Arthur had been the one to do most of the leading at that time. Something my apprentice liked to point out, quite a bit.


“Well, I’m sorry to hear that?” The way he asked was clear; he was not sure it was something to be sorry for.


“Don’t be. I paid for that mistake,” I finished with a simple wave of my hand. I stood up and stretched. “Is there anything else? I need to go visit the centaurs.”


He looked towards Ginny, who was still sound asleep. Returning to me, he said, “uh- no? Not that I can think of. Why do you need to visit the centaurs?”


“To uphold a promise,” I steadfastly said. 


“I see. Well, I won’t hold you back. I think I will be hanging out here till I can rouse Ginny awake,” he jested. 


A small chuckle escaped my lips. “Have fun with that. See you later, Harry.” I walked out of the room and heard the door swiftly close behind me. I walked towards one of the windows and shifted into my Animagus form. Flying through the bright sunny day was what true freedom was. The feeling of the wind flowing through my feathers. The feeling of the wind carrying me away. My friends thought I was afraid of heights. It was not because of that, it truly was because of the broom. When you have felt the freedom of flying on your own, the broom is insignificant.


The forest came closer. Swooping through the trees, I made my way towards the tribe’s main encampment. I could sense the energy fueled by rituals that gave them protection. Landing close by, I shifted out of my Animagus form. 




My form shifts to my Archfey form. Taking a deep breath, I walked forward. Allowing their magic to sweep over me. No resistance was given by the magic. To anyone else, they wouldn’t have felt the magic that centaur possessed. Being an Archfey made me more sensitive to magic, allowing me to feel their type of magic. It astounded me that people didn’t think that centaurs have magic. All magical creatures have their own innate magic. Something carried down from their fey ancestors. 


As I walked closer to the grove, I started to see semi permanent huts. Always the roamers, centaurs would settle in one place for a while before moving. Though if this forest was all they had, I was surprised it was not more permanent. I heard chatter, children playing, and songs weaved through the air. Parting some of the branches, I entered into the main center of the tribe’s grove. In the scant bit of light coming through the trees, there were few motes of lights that floated in the air, illuminating the grove. I was surprised they never evolved to see in the dark. A ceremonial fire ring stood in the center. Several huts scattered around the ring, each in precise locations. The biggest hut, the chieftains hut, was on the far side on a slight incline. 


The children, playing what looks like tag, were prancing about. The adults milled about their business. Several butchering their days catch, some weaving new furs. When I was fully in view, the entire tribe halted to a stop to stare at me. The chieftain, Bane, came out of his hut and his eyes landed on me. Most of the adults knelt down on their front legs and gave a bow. Bane also bowed, though not nearly as much as the rest of his tribe.


Holding up a hand, I pleaded, “please, don’t. You may stand. There’s no reason for that.”


Several came up, some remained kneeling. Bane stood up straight and said in their ancient tongue, “Morgan le Fay. You grace us with your presence. I assume you remember now?


Slipping into their tongue was easy. Knowing now that being an Archfey meant I have a deeper connection to all things fey, even those whose evolution brought them farther away from us. Knowing their language was a vital part of that. “I do. There was little chance for me to know until I retrieved my artifact. That said, I do apologize for my lack of respect. I did grow up in the non magical world.”


Bane released a small chuckle, which released the tension among his people. “There is nothing to apologize, Queen of Avalon. I figured that was the case when we met just a scant few days ago.


Fidgeting slightly from another of my titles. I truly didn’t begrudge the Headmaster for the list of titles he has. I have my own set, though most are unknown outside of magical creatures. “Still, I did wish to discuss with you.” A child came up to me with a flower crown. She had to be only a couple of years old. Giving her a big smile, I knelt down. Allowing her to place it on my head. She screamed in joy and pranced away. Victorious in being the one to give me a crown. A laugh escaped my lips. To see such joy in people who have been mistreated for so long. A promise so close to breaking, one that must not break.


Bane had a small smile before he beckoned me into his hut. Wading through the center, I was bombarded by several centaurs, giving their platitudes. Platitudes that were unfounded, uncalled for. I failed them in my first life and in nine centuries, they have suffered. All magical creatures have suffered because I failed. The only bastions that exist, as far as I know, are France and Transylvania. A surprise that the centaur’s never relocated to France. Shaking my head in reverie, I made my way to the hut. Lifting the fur that was the opening into the hut, I noticed Bane, laying on the ground in front of a small ritual circle. An adult female was next to him, I assume his mate. She wore a simple fur tunic to cover herself. 


He gestured for me to sit. “Please, sit. I know we have much to discuss. Oh and let me introduce my mate, Caeile.


She nodded her head and said, “its an honor to meet you, Morgan le Fey .”


Bowing my head in response, I said, “please, the honor is mine.


Bane gave a small smile, placed his hand on Caeile’s and looked at me. “Let us begin. I’m sure you are aware, we have been pushed back to the forest. Our last refuge. Your return, it sparks hope in us. Something that is shared among many.”


Swallowing my guilt, I responded, “I am acutely aware of just how far things have fallen. While as much as I wished it hadn’t been this long, Archfey promises are never broken. I will still uphold that promise throughout my lives. This I swear .” The ancient magical oath stirred, as if remembering the very promise I made centuries ago. Not just to the centaurs, but to all magical creatures. 


They both seemed surprised by that. They have probably heard rumors, past down verbally, of Archfey promises. They have only heard the inklings of Archfey and what we meant to them. With me being back, fully, I can renew their knowledge of my kind. “I see. Does that mean you will revoke the Ministry and retake your place as our queen?


I-” Their hopeful eyes made me hesitate. Would this be the same look that they all give me? “I did not plan on it. That was for a different life. But that doesn’t mean I won’t make change happen. It will, that you have my word on. There are many ways I could instill that change. Hopefully this war won’t hinder that.


Their thoughtful looks informed me that they were contemplating it. It was the truth. I did not have plans to retake my crown, my throne. This day in age has a very different outlook on monarchy. Those of which I partly agree too. The world has changed drastically and for the most part, for the better. “How can you be sure that the human mages will listen to you? I noticed how they do not follow their own leader, how would they listen to you if you did not take your place as queen?


His words did ring true. There is always a group who would not follow leadership. That was just human nature. But I could not explain that side of humans to someone who was never human. “The humans will always have groups who rebel against a leader. That is what humans do. Wearing my crown will not change that. They are ignorant of the ways outside their own. That much is clear based on how mages see non magicals.


He nodded his head in understanding. “Very well. Your words speak true of of what I have noticed of human mages. I hold hope that your promise is not misplaced.” He picked up some paint in a bowl that was set aside. He rubbed his fingers in it and placed two fingers on Caeile’s forehead. Caeile reciprocated the act. Knowing the ritual as it was, I took my two fingers and duplicated them. Painting my own forehead  with two white lines. Setting the bowl aside, we joined hands in a triangle. 


Caeile starts to chant, one that I did not fully pay attention to.  A chant of binding and of truth. One that marks today as the day the chieftain and a queen above all came together in peace. To better their people. Both Bane and I locked eyes during the chant. Remaining steadfast in what we spoke. After the cadence slowed down, we both lowered our heads. Caeile’s chant came to a halt, allowing us to release our hands. 


Thank you, Morgan le Fay . Now, I must ask, will you be staying for some time? I am sure my people would love for you to stay for dinner.


Shaking my head, I responded, “I’m afraid I can only stay for a little. I have many things to accomplish before returning home tomorrow.” 


He nodded his head in acceptance. “Very well. Let us join my people for the time you can stay.” He finished with a big smile. “I do hope you will visit again. Your mate is welcome as well.


Clearing my throat, I responded, “it might take time for her to do that. This is still very new to her. I am allowing her to set the pace. But I will let her know.” He nodded his head and we stepped into the center, enjoying the merriment for the time that I could stay.

Waiting for a specific Slytherin in the hallway was boring. I knew that Pucey would be walking down this hallway, it was quite easy to track him. Quite the disappointment of a Slytherin to be honest. Sitting on the window arch for the past half hour gets tiring. They were taking their sweet time. I heard the chatter of boys coming around the corner. Good, that must be them. 


I saw my target come into view with a couple of his friends. Several boys who thought themselves better than others purely because of their blood. I never understood the whole pureblood ideology, and even understood it less once I received my memories. That families would dictate their entire being into it was foolish. Once they neared the window, I swooped down and shifted out of my Animagus form.


“Hello, Pucey.”


Their fearful looks was the first thing I noticed. They were completely off guard.  A quick wave of my hand and a barrier appeared behind them. Preventing them from running away. One of them actually attempted to run away, instead running head first into the barrier. He bounced back and fell on his arse. It was rather comical and I would have laughed  if the main reason I was here wasn’t at the forefront of my mind.


“Y-y-yo-you. S-stay back!” Pucey stuttered out.


“Ye-yeah! Stay back!” One of his friends blurted out after Pucey. 


Sweeping my eyes over all of them, I waved my hand nonchalantly. “Now, now now. Pucey, I’m sure you know exactly why I am here.”


They stepped backwards. Hitting the barrier with their backs. “D-don’t get c-c-closer! T-the Headmaster wi-will know of t-t-this!”


Tilting my head, feigning ignorance, I responded, “of what? We are merely having a chat.”


He whimpered. The next thing I know, I smelled the acrid of urine and bowel movements. “Did.. did you just shite yourself?”


A whimper was all I got in response from any of them. Bloody hell. To think they are the so-called powerful purebloods. “Well, this was disappointing. I truly wanted to do worse, but I think you handled that yourself.” I walked closer to them, they inched whatever they could against the barrier. I could tell their full weight was on it. “I am going to leave you with a very clear warning. Don’t ever touch or hurt my girlfriend or her sister again. Otherwise, I will find you. I will let your imagination take you from there.” I released the barrier and watched them fall on their back. Once they were up, they scrambled out of the hallway and towards the Slytherin common room.


Smiling at myself, I started to whistle a tune as I turned around. Heading back towards Ravenclaw common room. I’m sure Daphne will chastise me for my actions, but I needed the message clear. No one harms what’s mine. Not while I still breathe.

Chapter Text

The next day marked the first day of Summer break. Everyone had gathered their things and were ready to head home. It was a quiet affair, just like last year. Not to say that there was no joy in returning home, but it seems every year, something dark happens. This year, the return of Voldemort and my awakening. Though, most students didn’t understand what happened to me. I imagine that they will find out soon enough. 


I was watching the scenery of Hogwarts fade away as we sat in the train, departing to London. Even though I have become accustomed to being at the school for semesters at a time, I still had the sense that I shouldn’t be leaving. It was the first true home I ever had. In my new life, it was the first place I gained friends. Hogwarts had, and always will, have a special place in my heart. 


A head landed on my shoulder. Twisting my head, I noticed Daphne’s blond hair. Giving it a small kiss, I placed my hand over hers and gave it a small squeeze. She returned the gesture, twisting her neck slightly to kiss my shoulder. 


“Aww! Aren’t you two so adorable!” Astoria gushed over us. Causing the rest of the compartment to laugh with her. Especially Ginny. I noticed that the two of them had gotten closer. It would be interesting to see if that went anywhere. 


Daphne stirred. “Astoria,” Daphne chastised her sister. Astoria laughed at her sister and started to make kissy faces at us. 


“I would be careful if I were you, Astoria. Imagine when you find someone. I’m sure retribution won’t be nearly as swift as you think it would be,” I mentioned.


“Eep!” she squeaked. She looked slightly afraid as I assume as Daphne landed her eyes on her sister with her signature smirk.


That got another round of laughter out of everyone. It was good to see everyone enjoy a little bit of lightheartedness. There had been a lot of heavy topics that happened of late. Staying on the topic of relationships, I looked at Harry. “Harry, what happened with you and Cho?”


He seemed taken aback at the question. Not at the question itself, but as if I should have known the answer. “Oh! That’s right, you didn’t know. We broke up not too long ago. It wasn’t working out.” He scratched the back of his head.


Giving him a slight nod, “I’m sorry to hear that. Well, as someone who has been through that, I will say this. There are others out there. Though, I’m sure you won’t have too much a problem in that department like I did.” I ended with a slight laugh and a squeeze to Daphne’s hand. “Medieval times were not the best time to find women who liked women.”


Once I added the extra information they all gave a small laugh and agreed. We then settled into a comfortable silence. Daphne moved again, this time, picking up my grimoire and started to peruse through it. She had continued to do this since I told she was allowed to. 


“Oi! She can touch your book?” Ron asked incredulously. 


One of my eyebrows raised instinctively. “Are you really asking if my girlfriend could hold my grimoire?” He at least had the sense to look a little guilty. “Yes, I allowed her to. Honestly, all of you can hold it. She’s the only one who can open it.”


“Ah,” he simply replied meekly. The sound of pages being turned filled the compartment as we settled into silence. Pulling out my bag, I grabbed a book of my own, another acquisition from the Black library. Not bothering to glamour it like I did earlier in the year. Everyone knew I wielded dark magic, there was no sense in hiding it. Not like I would go around using it on innocents. I wasn’t evil. This was the kind of magic that has been developed within nine centuries that wouldn’t be taught at Hogwarts.


Eventually the time passed and we made it into London. We gathered our stuff and made our way off the train. My eyes landed on my parents, patiently and eagerly waiting for me. They had big smiles on their faces, A smile that I returned. Their eyes landed on the grimoire and curiosity filled them. I quickly moved out of the way to allow Daphne to come next to me. I whispered to her, “Do you want to meet my parents?”


I saw my parents look between Daphne and I, clear that they knew exactly who she was. Their grins expanded farther than I thought they could. Daphne looked at them and back at me. “Are.. are they ok with us?” 


“Considering how wide their smiles are, I’m sure they are quite fine with it.”


“Oh,” she said unsure.


“You don’t have too. I meant when I said that we can do this at your pace.”


She looked between myself and my parents. She sighed and replied, “alright, I might as well. You have met my father. Just.. be prepared, I have not met a lot of muggles.”


I waved her concern away, “don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” We dragged our trunks over to my parents. Their smiles never ceased. It was clear that I got the majority of my looks from my mother. From the curly hair auburn hair to the shape of our noses. I’m sure over time, I would probably see more of my father, but genetics are weird. He had short brown hair and a shaven face. He wore round glasses that looked similar to Harry’s. Another thought that popped into my mind about possibly seeing if he wants his eyes corrected. Once we were close enough I said, “Mum, Dad. It’s great to see you!” I set my trunk down and engulfed them in a hug. One they eagerly returned.


“Bug!” Dad exclaimed, using the nickname he gave me when I was two.


“Hermione! Oh it’s so good to see you again!” Mum said with her rib crushing hug. 


We parted ways and Dad pointed out Daphne. “Oh! And who might you be?” The grin that was on his face was mirrored by Mum as she also noticed Daphne. 


Clearing my throat, I informed them of her. “Mum, Dad, meet Daphne Greengrass. My girlfriend.”


Daphne, for her part, tried to stamp down her fear and hesitation. “It’s wonderful to meet both of you. M-” she stopped herself, knowing that I was going to tell them the truth soon. It was one of the many topics we discussed the night prior in our journals. “Hermione has spoken a lot about you.”


“Oh, so well mannered! Like Hermione!” Mum pointed out. Daphne was taken back a little before she managed a small smile. “Now, I must know. I am guessing you are not like what we, oh Hermione, what was the term?”




“Right, muggleborn.”


“No ma’am. My family has been part of the magical world for centuries, tracing back to the medieval era,” Daphne explained.


“Oh my! That’s magnificent! There are times I wish we had such extensive ancestry! Who knows, we could be descendants of King Arthur for all we know!” Dad's enthusiasm was obvious. He always was a history buff. Especially about Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Bloody hell was he going to be insufferable when I tell him the truth.


A snort released from Daphne from his joke. I muttered under my breath, “unlikely. I doubt he had sex with Guinevere.” Apparently Daphne heard me and let out a loud laugh in a very ladylike manner. 


“Looks like we missed an inside joke. Well, I am happy for you girls. Truly,” Mum said as she nudged Dad. 


“I agree! Now as much as I would love to get to know you more, Daphne. I’m sure your parents would want to see you. Thank you for coming by! You are always welcome to visit anytime you wish!” Dad added.


“I will keep that in mind.” She smiled. She walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek. “I will message you in the journal,” she whispered into my ear.


“I will be waiting,” I responded. She turned around with a wave and went to find her sister. 


“Astoria! Come on! Mother and Father will be waiting!”


A small chuckle escaped my lips at her trying to corral her sister. I turned back to my parents to see them smiling, but the question of who she was calling after was. “Her younger sister. She’s.. A handful to say the least.”


They nodded in understanding. “Well, let’s get going. I’m sure you want to settle in quickly. Do.. do you need to hide that?” Dad asked as he pointed to my grimoire. 


I shook my head, “nobody will notice it. Don’t worry.”


“Ok, Bug. I’m curious where you got it from.”


Swallowing slightly, I responded, “I have a lot to tell you, just not here.” They nodded in understanding. We made our way out of the platform. King’s Cross Station was as busy as it usually was. Muggles going about their business, completely ignoring the people coming out of a pillar. True, the enchantments caused that effect, but it just makes them look the other way. Eventually we made it to Dad’s car and placed my trunk inside. Sliding into the back, we made our way home. 


Mum twisted in her seat to look at me. “Honey, you mentioned that you have a lot to tell us? Mind letting us know?”


Shaking my head, I responded, “not here. It would be better at home.” They would need to focus entirely on the discussion, not while driving.


Mum looked worried and asked, “is everything alright?”


“Yeah, just a lot to discuss is all.”


“Alright. I’m guessing it's a takeaway sort of night?”


“Probably for the best.”


The rest of the trip home was uneventful except for my growing anxiety and getting Chinese food. Knowing my parents, I’m sure they will take it well. But the small voice in the back of my head was telling me otherwise. They were my parents, the best parents I’ve ever had. I never considered Uther my father, even though he did adopt me apparently and I tried to see him as such. They certainly didn’t care that I was a witch and a lesbian. 


When we made it home, Mum took the food as Dad and I got my trunk out and into the house. It was a comfortable size home for the three of us. There was a guest bed, I was not sure if my parents were wanting to have another child when they bought it. Our rooms were on the second floor and the guest room was on the ground floor. Once they were in the house and the door closed, I waved my hand to ward away others from viewing into the house and from hearing. 


“Hermione! You’re not supposed to use magic outside of school!” Mum gasped as she placed the food on the coffee table.


I waved her off, “it’s fine Mum. I wanted to make sure this conversation didn’t get out. Plus, the Ministry won’t know. That only applies to wands anyway.”


“Pumpkin, where did this all come from? What hap-”


“Mum, please. We should sit. It will be a long discussion.” I felt guilty for interrupting her, but she’s a worrier and wouldn’t stop. 


Mum looked at Dad worryingly. He wore the same expression. He looked at me and said, “Hermione, you're worrying us? What’s going on?” I didn’t reply, instead moving over to what had become my reading chair. They followed suit to sit on the couch.


Releasing a heavy breath, I went into my explanation. “I’m going to be upfront and blunt about many things. I-I have been lying about how school has been going. Not necessarily about the school itself. Hogwarts is amazing.”


“Bug, breathe. Take your time,” Dad said to calm me. I must have spoken too quickly in my nervous state. 


Nodding, I continued, “there have been a lot of events that I have neglected to tell you. They mostly surround my friend, Harry. Since the start, a man who goes by Voldemort.” The burst caused me to hesitate. “Who I will call the Dark Lord for the time being since I am annoyed by the spell surrounding his name. Anyway, he has been after my friend since he was one. About a stupid prophecy that has already completed.” I took another deep breath. “Since then, each year there has been danger that surrounds Harry and I have done my best to keep him alive through this. Putting myself in the crossfires.” I then went into a small explanation for each year. “First year was him possessing our Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. Second year was a fracture of his soul, possessing another one of our friends who never told us about it, out of fear, and releasing a basilisk,” Sica, “on the school. Third year had Harry’s godfather escaping to hunt down the supposed dead friend who betrayed them and caused Harry to lose his parents. Last year was the tournament, the one where I needed the dress for the ball, which ended up with one of the champions dead and the full return of the Dark Lord.”


They looked horrified at the simplified version of the past. “D-does no one help? Why did you have to do all that? You’re just children!” Mum exclaimed.


“That leads to a whole other discussion that I won’t get into at this time. In any case, I was the one to keep him alive. It all culminated in his return. The Ministry completely ignored it because the Minister is a coward and greedy for power that he barely used for the betterment of magical Britain.”


They looked at each other. Dad looked furious and asked, “I’m glad that you have been safe so far. I’m rather irate that none of the adults seem to be doing anything. You’re children, you shouldn’t be dealing with this. The biggest concerns you should have should be grades and boy-girlfriends.” He stopped, realizing what he just said. ”Sorry Bug, but you get the meaning.”


“I do, and I appreciate it. But that doesn’t involve what happened this year. Which mostly focused on me.”


“What do you mean?” Mum asked.


I looked down at my grimoire and made it hover over the coffee table. “This year, the Ministry, in their effort to silence the idea that the Dark Lord came back, started to control the school. They sent in this bitch of an undersecretary as our Defense Against the Dark Arts professor who started to increase her power over the school. She made our Potions professor have us brew what is called a Heritage potion. Initially, I only saw it as a means to see who was truly a muggleborn.” I swirled my grimoire, having the cover face them. “Instead, I found out something I would never expect.” The grimoire opened to the first page. Revealing who owned it, both names on the page. “That your assumptions of me being born with royal purple eyes were true. I am Hermione, but I am also Morgana Pendragon. ”


They both stared at the page. Their eyes widened. They were silent for a while before Mum spoke up. “H-H-Hermione, what does this mean? I-I” She tried to voice her thoughts, but they failed her.


I looked down at my hands and returned my gaze to them. “Before Harry had us go to the Ministry building to save his godfather. Don’t get me started on all that. It would have meant nothing. But by going and retrieving that artifact,” I pointed at it. “I regained my memories. Of my first life. That said, I am still your daughter. I am still Hermione. The only difference is that I have my memories of my first life, as Morgana.” 


Instinctively, I licked my lips and set the grimoire down on the table. I had allowed them to touch and open it a while ago. How could I not, they were my parents. They were shocked at all the information. Allowing them to mull over it all, I said, “I’m going to get something to drink, do you want anything?”


Mum shook her head while Dad nodded. I went into the kitchen and gave myself a breather. Repeating the words that they will understand over and over in my head. I was about to levitate glasses but thought better about it. I heard them whisper to each other, but ignored it and focused on the task at hand. Returning with two glasses of water, I handed one to Dad who happily chugged half of it. A small smile appeared on my face at his act. 


“I know it’s a lot to deal with. I was going to tell you at Christmas about the whole potion thing, but.. Yeah, Harry and Ron needed me.”


Dad took a deep breath, “yeah, it’s a lot to deal with. Are you really our daughter?”


I nodded solemnly. “I am, that hasn’t changed. In truth, you are the best parents ever.” I looked down at the grimoire, “I didn’t really have any in my first life. I was terrified when I was going to tell you about the potion. Still am, to be honest.”

Mum’s face immediately saddened, “oh Pumpkin! We’re sorry if we made you think that. Yes, it’s a lot to digest. But-”


“If what you say is true, you’re still our daughter. You definitely act like her.”


They both got up and hugged me, squeezing me between the two of them. I was startled, but I returned the hug. I became aware that I was crying as I tasted my tears. We hugged and cried for what felt like hours. My stomach growled, causing all of us to laugh. We separated and started to dig into our now colder dinner. 


Mid way through dinner, I swallowed my food and informed them the same stipulation I gave my friends. “You can ask me any question. I’m sure you have plenty.”


My parents look at each other. Mum, as usual, initiated the discussion. “What happened after you got.. your grimoire?”


“Well, I am probably going to be chastised for this, but I fought the lieutenants of the Dark Lord, protecting my friends. Then I fought the Dark Lord on my own.”


Mum’s eyes widened. “YOU DID WHAT?”


“Uhh, I fought a Dark Lord to a standstill who then decided to try and kill Harry and I stopped him from doing that too,” I said meekly.




“Honey, relax. She’s clearly fine. Though I don’t encourage her fighting against an evil wizard. Do remember that she now has memories of one of Britain's darkest women.”


I raised a hand as a jest. “I want to point out that I was not nearly as dark as history portrays me.” They both owlishly waited for me to explain. “Well, I never betrayed my brother, Arthur. Merlin was my best friend. I won’t lie that I know dark magic, but never in the ways history depicted me doing.”


Mum looked tilted her head slightly, “I know what you said before, that you're Morgana. But you seem to consider yourself fully as her.”


“Well, I am. The easiest way to explain it is this. I’m Archfey. A magical creature that reincarnates with new lives. My first one was Morgana Pendragon. I’m not sure if I have had others, but as Hermione, this was the first time to reactivate my memories.” I paused, but I quickly added when I realized that it sounded like. “I’m not a parasite. I’m the same person.”


They nodded over that. Dad clearly wanted to say much and asked, “so, you’re Morgana. The supposedly not so dark witch of Britain’s history.” I nodded, allowing him to continue. “And Arthur was your brother?” The fact that they seemed to have gloss over the Archfey thing was probably a good thing. It would be best to explain that another time. Allow them to digest the information before adding more.


“Yup. The only person who truly cared for me until I met a knight named Godric Gryffindor.”


Mum piped up, “Isn’t that the name of one of the houses at Hogwarts.”


I nodded my head. “I knew all the founders.”


Dad was getting very excited. “So you actually know the truth of that time period! Oh this is amazing!” He was doing a very animated dance while sitting. “Does Excalibur exist?”


His excitement was contagious. “It does! I helped make it.”


“Make it? It was made?” He asked excitedly. 


“It was. Merlin, Nimue and myself made it for Arthur.”


“So, you’re saying that you are Morgana Pendragon.” Another nod, I had a feeling I knew where he was going with this. “Who happens to be royalty and sister of the famed king Arthur.” I took a sip of my water and another nod. “Who helped make Excalibur, the Sword of Kings. Do you know where it is?”


I pondered for a moment before replying. “If I know Merlin, which I know far too much. I know where he placed it after our deaths. Probably the same place where my crown is.”


Both their eyes widened. “Crown? You have a crown, like a queen?” Mum asked, gobsmacked.


“Yes, Avalon, my castle, is real.”


“So, that joke I made about family bloodlines. You are actually royalty,” Dad said, more shocked than Mum.


“Well, you joked about being a descendant of Arthur. I muttered that I doubt he had sex with Guinevere. Pretty sure Arthur was asexual, or at least very naive about it. But that’s beside the point. Yes I am. I could retrieve Excalibur and proclaim to the current royal family for the throne if I wanted.” It was written in our laws that if anyone could wield the sword, they would be the king, or queen in my case. Considering I am the only one who could wield the sword, I was the only one who could do that.


“Wow. That’s.. Nothing like I expected,” Dad jested, scratching the back of his head. He then quickly added, “not in a bad way. Just different. Never would have thought our daughter was royalty.”


Shrugging my shoulders, I responded, “not really on my mind to do at this point. That was for that life. Now I just want to enjoy my time at Hogwarts and my friends.”


Mum quickly asked, “do they know?”


I nodded my head, “they do. They saw it first hand when I was defending them. I explained it all to them a couple of days ago.”


They nodded understandably and we continued to eat in silence. Mum was the one to break it. “I hope you don’t mind that we still use Hermione.”


“What? Of course, I was never expecting you to use Morgana. Having you do that would feel like you're erasing yourself from my being. You are my parents, the best parents. I would never want that erased.” Some tears escaped, but I didn’t care. 


“Oh, Pumpkin. I didn’t.. I didn’t mean it like that. We still love you. We always will.” The tears that I was trying to stop earlier are now gushing down my face. 


“I love you too!” I got up and immediately engulfed them in a hug. One that they returned eagerly. I always feared how they would respond to the news. To know that they were fine, more than fine, was such a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders. There was no comparison to them and Uther. We separated and I looked at them, suddenly becoming serious. “I-I want to ward the house. And make necklaces that will protect you.”


“Bug, I don’t think that’s necessary,” Dad responded.


“No, it is. They know who I am and by proxy, you. I need to keep you safe. I will make sure it won’t interfere with people coming to visit. Well unless they have ill intent on you. But I will make sure it doesn’t disrupt anything.”


They looked between each other before returning their gaze back to me. “If you have to. I’m still not sure how you can use magic when we were told that you couldn’t outside of school,” Mum said. 


“The trace is only on wands. I technically don’t need it anymore. Though I still love it. Also, it looks at the age of your magic. Because of the Time Turner from third year, I am technically seventeen magically. So it still wouldn’t trigger their system,” I explained. Who knew that you could cheat their system by using their own device. 


“Alright. We will trust you. If it’s as bad as you are saying it is, it’s best to be safe. Though I wish you were not in the middle of this. I have half a mind to pull you out of Hogwarts. But I know how important it is to you,” Dad said.


I smiled at him. Happy that he understands my viewpoint on that. Knowing they will be safe was another load off my chest. The wards and enchantments on the house would prevent anyone with ill intent to do so. I will make sure to determine a difference between magical and non magical. Don’t want an accidental breach of secrecy. Their necklaces will prevent any harm to them when they are outside of the house. 


“I do have one more thing to talk about, and it doesn’t involve me.” They both nodded and  waited patiently for me to explain what I needed to talk about. The start of my plan for Harry. “Harry doesn’t have a good home life. His Aunt and Uncle are repulsive human beings. I am quite sure his godfather will be pardoned. But I want to get him out of there before that. Would it be alright if he were to stay here for a little bit before that happens?”


Dad looked thoughtful while Mum had a slightly worried look. “How bad is it?” She asked.


“Bad. Let’s say that his Aunt and Uncle kept him in a cupboard under the stairs before he started Hogwarts.” She had a horrified and angry look. One that I have shared many times when I have heard of his home life. “I have an idea of why he was forced to stay there, but I need to go there to see it for myself. But no matter what, I want him out of there.”


“I agree.” She looked towards Dad, who also nodded. “He’s allowed to stay as long as he needs to.”


“Thank you!” I got up and hugged them again. It was truly wonderful to have amazing parents. The pain that Harry has been in is something I am all too familiar with. No one, especially my best friend, should go through that. I will make sure he has a good home away from Hogwarts.


Later that night, I settled on my bed and pulled out my journal that’s linked to Daphne’s.


How did things go?  


They went wonderful. 


I’m glad. Your parents seem.. Wonderful.


That got a chuckle out of me considering how odd they would be to her. 


They are. That they are.

Chapter Text

The next morning started differently than the past at home. I woke up earlier than usual and gathered what would be the closest to workout clothes. Before my parents were awake, I went on a jog. Getting back into the same routine I had in my first life was not a small endeavor. After two kilometers, I was already breathing heavily, but I pushed through for my starting goal of five kilometers. Each day I would ramp it up, increasing my endurance. It astounded me how lazy mages had become. Your endurance was extremely important to your magic and not staying healthy would affect that. Though those times were different, it was still good to stay fit. Especially with a war in full motion.


 When I made it home, my parents were surprised to see me out and about, sweaty and out of breath. They both gave me a smile and a pat on the shoulder before I went to take a shower. They both had left for work, but they left breakfast out for me. Their dental practice didn’t always require both of them there, but one of their assistants had to call in and they had to fill in the spot. It happened from time to time, but it didn’t bother me. It allowed me space to plan. While having a simple breakfast, though more brunch at this point, a flap of wings came towards the house. Magically opening the window, I saw an owl come in with the latest paper. 




Taking a small bit of extra bacon that I had, I gave it to the owl who happily gobbled the food. Then in another flutter of wings, the owl left through the window. I grabbed the paper and opened it.


Sirius Black Pardoned and Dolores Umbridge Sent to Azkaban


The joy that filled me as I read that title was immeasurable. The bitch was actually deemed guilty and sent to Azkaban. While I didn’t like the idea of a building that houses dementors as a form for imprisonment, she would be the one that deserves it. I didn’t really need to read the rest of it, it was obvious how the trials went. Skimming through the paper showed that the Minister was rightfully disgraced. His undersecretary was being sent to Azkaban and his horrible handling of Sirius Black. Even though he had nothing to do with the initial imprisonment, he did put out a manhunt on Sirius. Striking fear into the people for no reason. You would have thought that when he escaped, they would have looked into his file, finding no trial. The more time I look into the Ministry, the more I realize how incompetent most of them are. Magical Britain has really gotten too soft with their position, haven’t they?


Deciding my plan for Harry can officially start, I finished up my breakfast and cleaned my plate. Going out into the backyard, I shifted into my Animagus form and flew to Pivet Drive. It wasn’t entirely too far. I could have just apparated there, but flying was far more fun. One thing I did have to be careful of in the non magical world are planes. Bloody things needed to fly higher. 


Arriving in the abysmally boring neighborhood, I casted, Inuisibilitas, the invisibility charm on myself and flew around the house, inspecting the ward that encased the house in a deteriorated cocoon. So this was the ward that Dumbledore was monitoring? Was he so adverse to dark magic that he had no idea the state of the ward? It was almost nonexistent. Even though it was getting towards the end of its lifespan, it should still be strong. But the stipulation that Lily Potter placed on the spell, and how bad Harry’s home life has been, that it was nearly gone. 


I landed on the phone lines just outside the house. Dispelling the charm, I looked at the houses.  Each house looked exactly the same as the next. How could one live such mundane lives? Even my parents would be annoyed at this. Looking at the second floor, I peered into the room that should be Harry’s. Upon closer inspection, I saw him on his bed reading. 


Releasing a loud caw got his attention. He looked around for the noise before looking out the window. His eyes landed on me and in the most un raven-like manner, I waved my wing like I would wave a hand. He seemed shocked before realization dawned on him who I was. I heard a faint “Hermione?” to which I nodded back. 


Moving before he could stop me, I flew down and shifted out of my raven form and landed on the walkway to the door. Walking up to the door, I gave it a couple of knocks. A couple of disgruntled noises came from a man, one I presume as Harry’s Uncle. I was slightly curious why he was home on a Monday, but not nearly enough to care. The sound of the lock being undone came next. Then the door swung open to reveal a rather revolting man. I am not one to judge a person based on their appearance, but he could do with a diet. His graying thin blond hair and his obnoxious mustache added to my already negative bias of him. Harry’s description of a whale was spot on. 


“What do you want?” The gruff voice of Harry’s Uncle being directed at me.


Appearing as innocent as I could, I responded, “Hello, sir. Is Harry around?” I gave him the fakest smile I could ever give.


His demeanor turned dark at the mention of him. “Why do you want to see the boy?”


“Well, he happens to be my best friend.”


He immediately grimaced. “Ah, you are one of those freaks.”


An eyebrow raised involuntarily. He really did have an aversion to magic, didn’t he. “Well, that’s-”


“Vernon, who’s that at the door?” A very skinny woman appeared from the kitchen. She had very short curly black hair. This must be Harry’s Aunt, Petunia. She had a soft smile that did not reach her eyes. 


“Petunia, this is..” He trailed off for me to introduce myself. The man had the gall to appear that I was the one without manners.


“Pendragon. Morgana Pendragon. Harry’s best friend.” I gave them the biggest smile I could give them. They might not know me as Hermione, but everyone knew Morgana. I heard quick footsteps that told me that Harry finally managed to try and intercept me. I saw Harry out of the corner of my eye come down the stairs, before stopping as his eyes landed on me. His Aunt and Uncle had horrified and scared faces that almost made me break my fake smile. “I do hope you invite me in. I would hate for the neighborhood to have the wrong idea for not allowing a young woman into their house.”


Their fear remained as they scrambled to allow me inside. With a confident stride, I walked inside the house. It was just as boring on the inside as it was on the outside. All the family photos were of the Dursley’s, none had an inkling of Harry. Just as I imagined. The television was on, a quite archaic one too. 


“W-w-w-what d-d-do y-you want w-with u-us?” Ask the terrified Petunia. Causing me to stop my surveying and my eyes landing on them.


“Y-y-your s-s-suppose to b-b-be d-d-d-dead!” Vernon commented right after Petunia’s question.


I turned around to look at them. Harry was watching, a slight glee was on his face. I was glad that he was allowing me to do this. If he were to interrupt, it would ruin the fun. “Well, that’s a secret. As for your question. Simple. I plan to remove Harry from this horrible home. You should be ashamed of how you have treated your nephew.” 


Their emotions shifted. The fear was still noticeable, but anger took over. “How dare you accuse us, you freak! It was not our fault he was placed on our doorstep without so much as an explanation. Only a note!”


So Harry was just placed into their care. Nice to know. The more I unravel, the more I tire of this level of manipulation. “So by the mere fact that your nephew is being placed in your care, you barely show him any love? I doubt you treat him like family.”


“Love? Why would we love a freak like him? All we were told was that people were after him and being here kept him, and us, safe!”


Time to put more fear into them. To explain why you should care. “Well, considering that your complete lack of love towards your nephew has actually put your safety into question. I doubt the pea size brains of yours would understand, so I won’t go into detail. Without love, nothing is actually protecting you.” Their anger remained. Clear that the insult allowed it to remain there, but their fear ramped up. Petunia stepped back, realizing the situation they have put themselves into.”That said, I plan to remove him from this case worker’s wet dream of a house.”


Vernon had other ideas apparently. “How dare you! What gives you the authority!”


I stared directly into his eyes, causing him to shrink slightly. “I have all the bloody authority I want. I grow exceptionally tired of you. If I had half a mind, I would retrieve Excalibur, walk into Buckingham Palace and become queen. Then exile you from the Isles on just the principle of how despicable you are.” They were taken completely off guard at my threat. While they fearfully remained silent, I looked up at Harry. “Go get your stuff. We are leaving.”


He smiled and nodded, his quick feet carrying him to the room they gave him. My gaze returned to his Aunt and Uncle. Petunia fearfully said, “y-y-you c-can’t d-do that! D-D-D-Dumbledore said-”


“I rightfully don’t care what Dumbledore said. My friend shouldn’t be living here. Frankly, you don’t deserve to be in his presence. He is a far better person than either of you combined.” I’m honestly surprised by how much Harry became a good person considering the place he lived. Being treated by people like this, I know that could easily turn for the worse. I almost fell further than the pragmatic self that I am now. I never proclaimed I was a good person, not like Harry anyway. But Hogwarts did save me in more ways than one.


Harry came down with his trunk and Hedwig. That he could fit all his belongings in the trunk, no matter how enchanted it is, was saddening. “Got everything?” He nodded solemnly. My grimoire came out and went to the teleportation circle page. Pulling the glyph, I placed it on the ground. This caused Vernon and Petunia to step back in fright. 


“You can’t use magic!”


“The neighbors will see!”


“Oh relax and take the stick that’s up your arse out. Do you really think I would allow that to happen? They can’t see anything inside the house. As for the other part, I most certainly can!” I looked at Harry as he walked into the circle. “Ready?”


He gave me a nod which allowed me to activate the glyph. Before doing so, I grabbed the extremely weak blood ward and broke it. The non physical shards of the ward fell around the house, shattering further before dissipating. With that handled, I activated the spell. In a bright flash, we were immediately placed into my backyard. Harry took a moment to get his bearings before he asked, “where are we?”


“My home. Well, my parents.” I waved my hand around. “You get the idea. Anyway, my parents did allow you to stay for the time being.” I walked him into the living room. My parents wouldn’t be back home till later in the day, but that would allow him to settle before seeing them. “We have a guest bedroom that you can stay in.” I showed the room and guided him in.


He turned around as he got into the room. “Hermione, do they know?”


Nodding my head, I responded, “they do.”


He looked around the room and said, “why does it feel like I should not have agreed to this.” He quickly added, “not that I’m not grateful, but there was a reason I was there. You mentioned something about a ward. What ward?”


I scratched the back of my head. “Well, your mother created a blood ward that protected you from the killing curse. I had a feeling she misinterpreted some of the blood magic since it later transferred to your Aunt. Then again, it could have been entirely intentional,” I explained. He moved his trunk and placed it on the far side of the room. The bedroom was fairly sparse. We rarely have guests who stay the night. Crookshanks took it upon himself to join us and plop down on the bed. We both released a small chuckle at his antics. 


Harry turned to me. “How is Dumbledore going to take this?”


“Hmm, probably pissed. Don’t worry about it. You had nothing to do with this. This would be between myself and him.”


“But, Hermione.” He persisted. “I made the choice.”


“You should not have been there in the first place! There’s no way I was going to let you stay there. I seriously doubt your parents’ will said anything about your Aunt.”


He blinked several times before saying, “will? What will?”


I was dumbfounded, did his parents not leave a will? “You mean you never heard of a will from your parents?”


He shook his head. I released a very heavy breath. “We will have to rectify that with Gringotts at some point. I’m sure there is more to that will than just what you’re owed.” I rubbed my face, “but that’s for the future, not now. Go ahead and get acquainted. Let me know if you need anything.”


I had to get working on the wards I was going to place on the house. I had to ensure that no one could break them. Something that was generally hard to do at this point, especially since there were runes and magics that no one knows that I do. I heard a faint, “thanks, Hermione.”


I stopped and twisted my neck, “of course, Harry.” I gave him a big smile before getting to the task at hand. My grimoire opened up and I grabbed several parchments to start some base sketches that should work for the house. My parents' necklaces were essentially done once I got some necklaces. That enchantment was something I have used in the past as Guinevere had one. They would prevent some of the strongest magics from harming the wearer, lasting for an hour. Once it was expended, it would recharge over a period of a week. It would also alert me when the wearer was attacked.

A couple of hours later, Harry had joined me with the ward. He didn’t quite understand all of it, but he was a wonderful pupil. My parents were on their way home, they had phoned earlier and I had informed them that Harry was here now. They had been quite happy and couldn’t wait to meet him again. 


“You really should have taken Arithmancy. You are picking it up quite well, Harry,” I told him. 


He scratched his head in embarrassment. “Yeah, I should not have allowed Ron to talk me into taking easier courses.”


I nudged him from across the table. “At least you learn more about magical creatures. Hagrid has done a wonderful job with that.”


“Yeah, he has. There is so much about magical creatures that are just.. not known.”


“There’s far more than that Harry. We have had to keep a lot of secrets. Besides Archfey, Veela are well known for their secrets,” I pointed out. We had to ensure that not all of our weaknesses were known. Sure some secrets were found, that was going to happen eventually. But the vast majority of secrets were still kept. Those weaknesses were what caused magical creature genocides back in the day. 


“True. Veela.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “Fleur is a Veela right?”


Nodding, I responded, “she is. It was unfortunate that she was exposed. But then again, so was I.” It was a shame that she was exposed. What should have been a private affair about their wands was released to the world. Not that everyone knew, but France was the place of the Veela. It was their bastion. “There were more Veela than her during the tournament, but she is a Delacour.”


He looked at me questionably. The question he had on his lips was obvious. What did her being a Delacour have to do with anything? Before he could voice that question, the magic swirled in the living room. Instantly recognizing it as phoenix flames, I spelled the furniture and carpets to repel the magic. The bright array came to life and appeared in a burst of flames, was Dumbledore.


He looked around frantically, clear that he was panicking. His eyes landed on Harry and they instantly filled with relief. Then his eyes landed on me. I gave him a wave and went back to the sketches. “Hello, Headmaster. Next time, a little bit of warning would have been welcomed. Would not want to ruin my parents' furniture.”


His anger rose at my comment. “Yo- Do you have any idea what you have done?” His voice was wavering. He tried so hard not to curse at me. Couldn’t really blame him though.


Glancing up from the work, I responded calmly, “I do. More than you apparently.” 


He was taken back from that. “Yo- what? No, I will not allow you to sidetrack me. Why did you take Mr. Potter from his family?”


That got my blood boiling. “You call those pieces of shite, his family?” I got up from the couch and walked in front of where Harry was sitting. “The so-called family that had him sleeping in a cupboard before he went to Hogwarts.”


The door opened and my parents walked into the room. They had smiles on their faces as they were carrying in some groceries until their eyes landed on Dumbledore and myself. “What’s going on?” Mum asked worryingly as she looked at us. 


“The Headmaster had rudely appeared in the living room searching for Harry. Then he proclaimed that he should have remained in the house filled with scum,” I explained. I might have exaggerated a little, but this was Harry we were talking about.


“Mr. and Mrs. Granger. I apologize for my abrupt appearance. I was notified that Harry was no longer with his Aunt and Uncle and became very.. worried, “ he said as he explained his side of the story. “He’s extremely well known in the wizarding community and it’s not out of the realm for someone to.. go after him.” His hesitancy was giving me clues. I wonder if this was how Sherlock Holmes felt.


The way he said that, it cleared a couple of things. One, there was someone or something that was constantly watching Harry specifically. Second, it confirmed my assumption about his dealings with the prophecy. The bloody man has been manipulating everything, hasn’t he? Just like Merlin.


Dad moved through the living room and set some of the groceries down before turning around onto the Headmaster. “Would this happen to deal with the war that is brewing in the magical world?”


Dumbledore’s eyes widened at the accusatory tone my Dad gave. “So you know about that?” His eyes then landed on me. Disappointment and frustration appeared in his eyes.


“We do. We have also heard quite a bit about Harry’s home life.” Dad looked at me and asked, “do you need me to-”


“No, it’s fine, Dad. I can handle it.”


He nodded his head and looked at Harry. A smile appeared on his face. “Harry, would you like to help me put some of the groceries away?” 


Harry looked between myself, Dumbledore, and Dad. I gave him a short nod. He got up and went into the kitchen. Away from the clear argument that was about to happen because of him. I hoped he would realize that it’s not his fault. 


Once he was through the door, I saw Mum move over to the couch to watch. My gaze then landed on Dumbledore, “I can understand why you are annoyed by me. But I will not allow my friend to live in a house like that. Under those.. Things that I dare not call humans.” I straightened my shoulders and released a heavy breath. Dumbledore had no idea how badly it could have turned for Harry. If he didn’t have any friends, he could have easily turned into the next dark lord. Even worse, if he was fully suppressed from using his magic, he could have turned into an obscurial. The parallels of his life and mine were far too similar. I had a feeling his magic was used to keep him healed, like mine was in my first life. Returning to the topic at hand, I said, “the blood wards around the home were barely there.”


Another set of eyes widening before he responded, “you know about them?”


A small laugh escaped my lips. “Know about them? I do. I also saw the measuring device you had, monitoring them. Which led me to investigating them. They were barely holding on. It was by pure luck that Voldemort,” another burst, which I promptly dismantled. A task that was increasingly irritating. “Or his people walk down the street and walk through the door. Those wards would only prevent anyone from divining on his location. Nothing else.”


His gobsmacked face was priceless. He clearly had no knowledge about the wards, merely assuming they protected him. He had no idea just how bad the wards’ conditions were. “Is what you say, true?”


A swift nod, I explained further, “what I presume Lily Potter did was use her blood and love into the spell. That means both aspects have to be included for the continuation of that spell. There was no love between Petunia Dursley and Harry.” I stared directly into his eyes, conviction filling me. “I could tell that was the case from the mere moments I was in their home. Let alone all the stories I have heard from Harry.”


His emotions betrayed him as his facade broke slightly. “That’s not possible. Why would anyone's family not love them?”


Mum beat me to respond, surprising me. “If you honestly believe being family means you love them, then you’re wrong. Family and love are more than blood.”


Nodding, I added, “right, in this case, familial love was missing. Thus the wards were barely there. Nothing was there to sustain them. If they had any shred of love for him, Harry wouldn’t even need to stay there at all.”


He mulled over the new information. Something that was quite surprising to see. Here’s a man who has spent his life devoting to the light. A man who thought he could control outcomes to prevent the worse from happening. Far too much like Merlin to my liking. Though Merlin wasn’t one to shy away from other types of magic. As far everyone knows, Dumbledore has been a strict pacifist and light magic user. But in my experience, that’s how you miss so much information. Because of that, Harry could have easily lived with his godfather and still had the wards protecting him. Sirius loved Harry and would have acted as a suitable alternative than Petunia.


He finally looked at me after going over the new information that just bombarded him. “You surely have plans.” 


“I do. I’m sure you’re aware that Sirius was pardoned. Once he is well enough, Harry should be staying with his godfather. As he probably should have from the beginning,” I finished, challenging him on the matter. 


He gave a short nod. “I see. I can’t see a fault in that. That would be a safe place.”


I watched him closely as the gears started to turn in his head. I figured he might try to turn this around to further whatever cause that he is working towards. But no matter what alternative I could think of, the best place for Harry should be with his godfather. “Which also brings up another point.” His eyes remained focused on me. “I want to reinforce that house with wards that even the Dark Lord would not be able to break in a timely manner.”


He released a heavy sigh, “I imagine that these wards are.. dark in nature?”


His high horse was higher than Godric’s, that’s for sure. “Must you categorize magic into those types? Magic is magic, as long as the meaning behind it is good, then the requirements for it are justified. But if you must know, yes, it’s dark. That house will probably welcome them anyway.”


He remained silent for a while. I could tell that he didn’t believe me. Almost as if he has heard this argument before. He fought Grindelwald so long ago. Was he the person who gave this argument? It would make sense considering all accounts of Grindelwald. Someone who would do anything for his goals, not so different from me. The differences between us would probably stem from what those goals are.


I glanced over to Mum to see her watching us with rapt attention. She gave me a soft smile, one I returned. Eventually, my attention was pulled back to Dumbledore. “If you must.” He released another heavy sigh. “I will inform you when Sirius is well enough.”


The corner of my lips curled up slightly. “Please, and if he needs more medical attention, let me know. I happen to know a cure for long term exposure from dementors.” Sirius was exposed to them for far too long. Even in his animagus form, the effects would linger. 


“Very well. Now, since Mr. Potter is safe, I must be off. I do sincerely apologize, Mrs. Granger, for the distress caused from this.”


Mum got up and walked him towards the door, “no need for that. I can understand wanting to keep your.. charges safe. But do give a notice next time.”


Once Dumbledore was out the door and I felt the shift of magic, signifying that he had left, I let myself relax. It truly felt like a chess match with that man. Each of us watches the other’s moves. Planning the next course of action. The only advantage I had over the man was that he continued to underestimate me. 


“Pumpkin, he seemed.. Interesting to say the least,” Mum said after the Headmaster left.


“Manipulative is more like it, but yes. He is,” I said while pinching the bridge of my nose.


She moved behind me and gave my shoulder a squeeze. “Well, let's get dinner going and we can get more acquainted with Harry.” She finished with a smile, one that I happily returned.

A couple of days later, Dumbledore did send me a message about Sirius being in good enough condition. Within that time, Harry and I were able to finish up the sketches. There were going to be differences on the wards, primarily because 12 Grimmauld Place already had wards. I was also being selfish and including far more powerful, and dangerous, wards for my parents house. If I ever get to go to Greengrass manor, I would also include those into their ward system.


I turned towards Harry, my grimoire already in the air to the teleportation glyph, and asked, “are you ready?”


He nodded his head, “I am. I have to say, I prefer this method over the others.”


I gave him a chuckle, “I figured you would. Sadly, it’s not something I could teach you. Well, actually I could, but you can’t do what I call runic casting.” I explained. I activated the spell and we were immediately transported to Harry’s new home.


Without any disorientation that he has had in the past, he continued our discussion, “why is that the case?”


“I leverage my gift to cast the glyphs and runes. You can certainly draw these like any other runes, but that’s nowhere nearly as quick as I do.” The house was as it was the last time I saw it back during Yule. The wards wrapped their cold touch around me, embracing my presence. 


“Harry!” Sirius exclaimed up from the stairs. Harry dropped his trunk and nearly dropped Hedwig if I didn’t levitate her cage. Considering it was now safe for her to be let out, I undid the clasp and allowed her free. She immediately came to me, nuzzled my cheek before flying up into the house. I saw Sirius and Harry in an arm crushing hug. It brought a smile to my lips to see them happy. Last time Harry saw him, he was unconscious and shortly before, thought dead.


Levitating Harry’s trunk so it was out of the way, I was in front of the covered portrait. As fun as it would be to argue with the woman, I decided it was best to just dismantle the spell holding it to the wall. With a pop, the portrait separated from the wall, landing in my hands. I placed the portrait on the ground.




Kreacher appeared with a bow. “Yes, miss?” 


“Would you please place the portrait in the attic in a safe place?” I asked politely. 


His eyes landed on the portrait that was now on the ground and I could see the reverence in his eyes for the woman. “D-d-did miss-”


“No, Kreacher, the portrait is fine. It would just be best for everyone that she was no longer here. Hence why I asked you.”


He nodded his head solemnly. “Very well, miss.” He snapped his fingers and the house elven magic swirled around him and the portrait. Then they  blinked away from the foray. This had garnered the attention of Sirius and Harry.


Sirius was the first one to comment. “Y-You got rid of the portrait. I never thought that portrait would be removed.”


Harry chuckled at his godfather's gobsmacked look. “I would have thought you would be used to Hermione performing the impossible by now?”


I made an exaggerated bow, “please to be of service.” This caused both Harry and Sirius to laugh.


After they had finished their round of laughter, Sirius came up to me and patted me on the shoulder. “I never got to say it, but thank you. For everything. If you weren’t there in the Ministry..” He trailed off, lost in thought. He shook his head and continued, “anyway, thank you.”


“Think nothing of it. Though I am not quite done yet. I want to reinforce the wards,” I responded. I knew what caused him to be lost in thought. He knew that if I wasn’t there, he would probably be dead. Based on where he landed and his trajectory, he went straight through the Arch. It would have remained on if I wasn’t there. Leading to his immediate death.


“D-do you need to?” He responded hesitantly. 


“If you are worried about the dark magic surrounding the ward system, don’t be. I just want to make sure this place is secure with the war in full swing now.” His worries about dark magic are unfounded for me. If it was anyone else, I could understand, but navigating wards and runes are child's play for me.


He released a sigh and said, “very well. Harry! Let’s go get your room set up. We might have to go shopping at some point for anything you need later.” He then grabbed the trunk and started to go up the stairs. 


Seeing his slight struggle, I levitated the trunk and said, “I do hope you are following the nurse’s recommendations for your recovery.”


He let out a shaky laugh. “I have been!” He lied obviously.


I shook my head at his antics. He better follow their instructions now with my reminder. He doesn't want me to get a hand on his recovery.  I made my way down into the basement to take a look at the wards system and got to work reinforcing them. Hopefully it won’t take me too long. I still had far too much to do this summer.

Chapter Text

Reinforcing the 12 Grimmauld Place wards was not as hard as Sirius had assumed. They were certainly dark, but that’s not surprising. I doubt there were many wards that were not classified as dark. Wards were to help protect and protecting could mean using any means necessary. The stories I have read about some of the ancient Egyptian wards were nasty, not that mine wouldn’t be as well. These were Gaelic in nature, which was predominately the runic language I used in my first life. Especially given that these were ancient and tied to Archfey. 


Due to their departure, no one knew that the Isles were once the home of the Archfey. Though they departed, their touch still extended the lands. The vast amounts of leylines that encompass the isles ensured that there was always a way to power wards. While I couldn’t touch that for 12 Grimmauld Place, due to the existing system tied to the existence of a blood relative, I could for my home. Now that this would be a new ward system, they would be far more powerful and potent because of being powered by the leyline that runs beneath the ground. 


Shoving the brick back into the stonework, the ward became active. The purple array sprouted out of the brickwork, spreading over the house. With that done, I only had one, possibly two, more locations that needed this update. The Greengrass manor and possibly the Burrow. I knew eventually I would be visiting Daphne soon, her birthday was coming up, but I was not sure how her parents would take to me altering their ward system slightly. 


I knew that I made a good impression with her Father. But I was not sure if that was enough to be invited to her birthday. Recalling the memory, I knew that she and her sister always had a ball for their birthday. The only problem that could come from this would be the increased need for a suitor for her. Now, I know that her parents would not arrange a marriage for her. They were Greys, the neutral faction in the Wizengamot. They were more with the times than the traditional families, but that did not mean they were not pressured by the rest of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. If I was invited, I would be able to prevent any unwanted attention. 


Daphne had mentioned that she would find out if I could come. Which brought another problem that I needed to work on. A gift and possibly getting a new dress. I was still not sure what to do about her gift. I would prefer to make her a gift, but I was not sure what. I did have one idea. she had been eyeing my grimoire and I have thought about making her one. The problem with that was time. It took me two years to craft mine, longer than any other item I have ever made. If I were to make her one, it would also have to be attuned to her far. Which would make it drastically different from my grimoire. Mine revolved around my gift, but as far as I know, she didn’t have one. But it was a good idea, the promise of a new grimoire. One similar to mine but would be crafted by both of us. 


With a plan in place for her birthday gift, my mind wandered to the idea of a new dress. It was no surprise that I was not one normally for dresses. But I knew it would make a better impression. It wasn’t that I disliked them, I was pretty neutral to them overall. I did prefer the idea of pants, even in my first life. But if I wanted to make a good impression, I would have to stick to the dress. Though I still needed to be invited first.


While I was musing over these ideas, I was interrupted by a Nuntius Extensa . “ GRANGER! I NEED YOUR HELP! THE DARK LORD AND HIS FORCES ARE AFTER ME!” The voice of Madam Amelia Bones echoed in my head. It was a good thing that I have allowed those types of messages through my shields. This was one I could not miss out on. 


I am on my way. Get to a safe place, I will be there in a moment.” While I was responding, I wrote a quick note to my parents. Hopefully they will understand why I had to go. I liked Madam Bones. She was competent. Looking at the spell array, I keyed into the location of where it originated. My grimoire came out and the teleportation glyph page was showing. Pulling the glyph, I made the spell and keyed it to that location. Considering I was not magically exhausted, I was able to get a slight image of where it was going.

Madam Bones had sequestered herself into a room that contained a variety of furniture and implements to protect herself. Now, one would think the best thing to do was to teleport right in on her, but since she was being attacked, it was better to appear outside of the manor. This would allow me to pick off some of the forces and get a better idea of the battlefield. If Voldemort was there, then I would need to single him out and get him away from Madam Bones. 


Placing my arrival point outside of the manor, the glyph lit up and instantly I was placed in the wooded forest outside of the manor. The ward system was cracked and deteriorating. Like a cracked egg, the top part of the ward was coming down, the gate, and part of the ward, leading into the manor were destroyed. Before I could get a better look, I made myself Invisible.


Shifting into my Animagus form, I flew through the destroyed gate and came upon the main grounds of the manor. The hedges and gardens were utterly destroyed. Parts of the manor were ripped apart, allowing one to view inside the chaos. The manor was actually quite beautiful if it wasn’t for the destroyed parts. Several of the Dark Lords grunts were milling about, watching for any reinforcements was my guess. 


Coming out of my Animagus mid air, I gathered magic in my hands and slammed the grunts on all sides. Their heads met in the center hard enough to cave their skulls. Blood on brain matter spurted out, signifying they were quite  dead. As I was falling, I shifted back into my raven form and continued towards the manor. 


The fact that they didn’t even sense the gathering magic was clear just how inferior they were. Clearly just bodies, pawns for a king to move into line. Getting close to the manor, I shifted out of the material plane and went through the wall. Continuing my trek towards Madam Bones, I was able to get some glimpses of the Dark Lord Forces. Bellatrix was among them, directing the grunts. As much fun as it would be to engage in a fight against her, my main priority was Voldemort and keeping Madam Bones safe.


Once I got closer to Madam Bones, the familiar feeling of death caught me. Knowing now what caused my aversion, I was able to suppress the shudder. Voldemort was near Madam Bones and I needed to be there now. I flew through more walls and was able to get to the room that I saw Madam Bones was in. She was locked into battle with a pawn. Flying across the room, I shifted out of my Animagus form, dispelled my invisibility, and coated my hand in rock materialized by transmuted air particles. With my momentum, I slammed my fist into the man's chest. He went flying through the wall with a yelp, leaving a human sized hole. Softening my landing, I peered around the area for any others. The feeling of death was close by, but too close enough. Behind a transfigured metal wall, I saw Madam Bones, leaning heavily against the adjacent wall. 


Blinking through the metal wall, I was next to her. Immediately her wand was pointed at me, which caused an eyebrow to raise. Once her eyes landed on me, she relaxed. “Ms. Granger. You are a welcomed sight. I assume the yelp and crashing was your doing?”


I nodded my head curtly, “it was. That was the grunt that was in the room bombarding you. He’s been taken care of.” I paused and surveyed her injuries. It looked like her leg was injured, and she was bleeding from several scrapes. Continuing my scan of any enemies, I pulled out my bag and rummaged for some potions to help her. Pulling out the potions, I handed them to her and said, “take those. Is Susan here?” 


She shook her head rapidly and responded, “no, she’s with the Abbott’s.”


“Oh, good. Voldemort,” the spell surrounding his name went off, I dismantled it and continued, “is near, I am going to lure him away from you. Those potions should help, but I need you to stay safe till I get him away.”


She nodded her head and was about to chug the potions before asking, “why not just get us out of here now?”


I gave her a smirk as I said, “to send a message.” I turned around, blinked through the wall and walked out towards the hallway. Taking precaution, I peered around the corner to see a cluster of grunts and Voldemort walking towards the room. The sadistic glee he had on his face was about to drop, but it was clear that he liked to play with his food. Walking out confidently of the room, I squared my shoulders and stared right at him.


As expected, his smile immediately fell when his eyes landed on me. “Morgana. This is quite the.. surprise.”


Nonchalantly dusting my hands, I walked closer, stepping over the man I had just punched through the wall. “I quite agree. If this is how you treat those when you are a guest, no wonder why you don’t get invited to all the parties.”


He snarled slightly at my joke. “Why are you here?” His question showed his irritation at my appearance. Showing up to what he assumed was a clean kill against an opponent definitely puts a damper on his fun.


“Well, you see,” pausing for dramatic effect. I never said I was not one to flair a bit, ”I received a message that Madam Bones was being attacked. Considering I like her, she’s quite competent you know, I showed up to make sure she would be safe.” He breathed heavily, fuming at my nonchalant attitude to the situation. He made it far too easy to mock him. “I assume you are here because of that fact? That she’s competent? I can certainly see-”


“ENOUGH!” He interrupted me, causing his people to jolt at his outburst. They looked at him in fear, but eagerly waited for his order. Their bloodthirst pushing back the fear of their leader. “I will not have you mock me so. I was under the assumption that we had an.. amicable agreement.” He calmed down as he spoke. Clearly trying to appear the charismatic leader that I heard he was.


“You’re not entirely wrong. I truly could care less about this war. Even though the entire premise is a load of.. “ I cleared my throat, letting them fill in the blank of my thoughts on this war. “But I did specify that I would stop anyone from hurting my friends. I do consider Madam Bones among them at this point. With that said, leave and we can conclude this to a draw. Otherwise, well, you get the meaning.”


He held out his wand and waved his hand and a small smile appeared on his face, “I’m afraid I can’t do that, Morgana. My plans set this course of action. I’m sure you understand.”


Bloody bastard was using my tactics now. Two could play that game then. “Very well, Voldemort,” the spell on his name fired off which I dismantled with a flick of my finger. His small smile immediately fell as he realized what I just did. “Let’s dance.”


My body instinctively moves into a comfortable stance. Magic pulled into my hands, a purple glow forming. Stepping forward with my right foot, I curled my hand like one would with a bowling ball. The magic released and traveled through the floor. Waves upon waves, increasing speed towards the pawns and Voldemort. The magic reverberated, causing ripples in the ground. The grunts attempted to put up shields, but I followed through with a wave of my hand. Dispelling the shields with ease. The magic met them and they went flying into the air. 


Voldemort, for his part, was able to counter by dispersing himself into shadow. While his followers were in the air, I condensed more magic above them, then I brought my left hand down, forcing the magic down. Slamming the grunts into the ground. The floor must have been weakened because they went straight through the floor. Or I used too much magic. Whoopsie. Cries and grunts were heard as they went through. It was a far cry to the micromanaging of my magic during the Ministry battle.


Voldemort looked at the damage and snarled, coming out of shadow, wisp trailing behind him. He launched several streams of spells at me, each I swatted aside. Realizing the damage we both could cause, I decided it was best to take this fight out of the manor. While countering his barrage, my grimoire came out and a black rune appeared behind. Activating it, the black glow intensified and pulled the wall, and Voldemort towards it. The force of the rune caused both him and the wall he was in front of to explode outwards. Taking the initiative, I transformed into my raven Animagus and flew through the hole I made. Knowing that I dealt with the immediate threat to Madam Bones, I knew she would be able to handle a bit longer for me to fight Voldemort.


As I flew after Voldemort, the grounds of the Manor passed by me. His trajectory should have taken him to the forest. Getting the battle out of the manor was key to keeping Madam Bones alive. I knew that Voldemort would not be holding back anymore, and neither would I. Movement on the ground almost made me stop to inspect what the rest of Voldemort's forces were doing, but any delays would be far too much of a calculated risk. 


Landing near the edge of the forest, I noticed several bits of the manor that were pulled with Voldemort. He should be nearby then. Staying alert, I walked confidently into the forest. He shouldn’t be far, but I knew he was readying an ambush. The feeling of death magic was the first thing that clued me to him being close. 


Just as I was about to take a step, a barrage of curses came my way. Shifting my back foot, I was able to dodge the curses with ease. Watching the curse fly by, I said, “I would normally say that was rude, but considering I blasted you out here. It was quite justified.” I turned my head to where the curse came from.


His black robes were a little weary from the trip, but other than that, he was perfectly fine. Homunculus bodies were notoriously resilient, but incredibly hard to craft. He gave a slight bow, “I’m glad that you think so.” Before he even finished, he sent a stream of shadow magic at me from his wand. 


Not one to disappoint, I replied in kind. My right hand came up and unleashed my own beam. They met in the middle, shadow magic coalescing in the center. The dark magic started to infuse the area, corrupting the patch underneath. “By the way, I’m quite annoyed with you.” He raised an eyebrow as a gesture for me to continue. “Your soul fragment decided it was a good idea to corrupt Sica and unleash her on the very charges she’s to protect?”


He seemed confused. The fact that he was able to concentrate on the shadow magic and focus on our conversation showed how powerful he was. It made me wonder why he held back against others. Was it because he was so prideful? “I have no idea what you mean.”


“Ah, so the soul fragments from your horcrux don’t transfer their knowledge to you. Pity. Anyway, your horcrux caused a wonderful basilisk to meet her death.”


He lurched slightly at my casual mention of his horcruxes. “You know?” He was taken off guard at the fact that I knew his secret.


“Of course I do. I have met Herpo. That’s beside the point. What are you going to say about the death of Sica,” while I did enjoy the banter, the main reason I wanted to discuss this was to get him focused on something else.


While he was dumbfounded, I flicked my left hand. My wand came out of the holster. Making my wand levitate, I had the wand cast Bombarda at him. This feat was far more difficult than one one think. Wands use their components that match you the best to pull your magic from your core to properly cast the spells. In this case, I was forcing magic directly into the wand.


Voldemort's eyes widened as he saw the fireball come hurtling towards him. He cut the beam of shadow magic and apparated into smoke away from the blast of both the Bombarda and shadow magic. Cutting the power of shadow magic, the corrupted burnt ground of where the magic met was all that was left. It saddened me to be the one to cause that, but I knew that nature would prevail, even without help. Another item to add to the list to fix at some point since I would rather fix it myself.


My wand came back to me and went back to my holster. You couldn’t say that I never used my wand, but when you have mastered wandless, the usage of the wand wanes. I surveyed around to see if I could find out where he went too. Spotting the trail of smoke, I started my next move.


My grimoire came out, pulling out the ritual dagger, I sliced my left palm. My grimoire then turned its pages to the glyph I wanted. Once done, I pulled the rune with my bloody hand and imprinted it into the ground underneath me. The blood red and royal purple glow appeared on the ground and set. The ground started to shift. Shifting into my Animagus form, I flew high into the trees and watched my spell work. 


The ground started to give way, trees that were in proximity of the spell, held on by their roots. A hand and arm popped out from the far side of the glyph, then the other side. They both pushed the now visible body, the glyph at the center. A sharp head came into view as eye sockets were made. The same red and purple swirling in the empty sockets. The earthen elemental lifted itself from the ground, towering at his full height of ten meters. The crater it left was slowly filling with excess dirt. The elemental released a mighty roar, shaking the ground.


Flying to the shoulder of the elemental, I shifted out and grabbed the head to hold my balance. I noticed Voldemort was twenty meters away, hovering as a shadow, tendrils trailing behind him. What I could see of his face was snarling. He angrily yelled, “so it seems you were holding back at the Ministry.”


A chuckle escaped my lips and I responded, “I wasn’t holding back, I was exhausted for numerous reasons. Also, you were the one who was holding back, testing me.”


He narrowed his eyes before landing on the ground. I commanded my elemental to move forward, to attack Voldemort. Once he saw the elemental move, he whipped his wand around and numerous trees around him were uprooted. They began to levitate and transfigured them into massive metal spikes. 


My eyes widened in response and immediately shifted into my Animagus form and flew off the elemental as he launched the spikes at the earthen giant. Several came at me, but I was able to dodge them with ease. The elemental, not so much. It was perforated from the massive spikes, the glyph still powering the parts that remained. In a last ditch effort before the spell failed, it launched its remaining fist at Voldemort. The massive boulder made Voldemort quickly respond with a high powered Confringo . Chunks of earth, roots and rock were splattered everywhere.


Landing on the ground in front of the elemental, I dispelled the glyph, the power leaving its only eye that survived. Voldemort and I stared at each other silently. Waiting for the other to make a move first. Knowing my time was limited, I was the first to strike. Bringing my hands together, I casted Fulmenus . A ball of lightning gathered in my hands and pushing towards him caused the lightning to arc towards his direction. 


He quickly put up a Protego Maxima , causing the lighting to reflect off the shield, hitting a nearby tree. The tree caught on fire and was quickly spreading. Not wanting the forest to be burnt down, I gathered the fire from the tree, snuffing it out as the fire gathered, and launched the flames at Voldemort. I knew it was pointless since his shield was still up, but I would rather keep him distracted. 


With that crisis averted, I snarled at him. I was growing tired of this fight, I needed to get Madam Bones out of here. Knowing how short on time I was, my grimoire came out. Voldemort, being quite smart, tried to destroy my grimoire with Confringo . The book, floating in the air, was hit by the curse but continued to float and remained undamaged. While I could not fault him for trying to destroy an enemy's weapon, my grimoire was my masterpiece. My smirk made him fume.


The pages turned and before the page settled, I pulled the rune and duplicated it. Five glyphs appeared vertically in the air above me in an arc. Purple glowing swords sprouted out of the glyphs. The glyphs shattered, but the swords remained. Our eyes met as I launched the swords at him. The first sword that got to him was batted away from his wand and a timed Protego , like a kite shield parrying a blow.


I started to walk towards him as the swords started their dance around him. I was too focused on the swords when he casted Diffindo at the nearby tree. The tree was cut in such a way that caused the tree to fall towards me. Noticing at the last second, I leaped backwards, dispersing the swords. One of the branches caught me and scraped my arm. Holding my arm slightly and taking a quick look to see it only to be a minor injury, I scoured for Voldemort.


I saw him hovering as a shadow before fleeing the scene in the opposite direction. Once he was out of sight, I let myself catch my breath. Even though I was working on getting fit again, it still took its toll. Once I had given myself a small break, I shifted into my raven and flew back to the manor. Cascades of spell fire were heard below. Going towards the roof, I hovered over where Madam Bones should be. I phased out of the material plane and dived down into the manor. 


It only took a moment to appear where Madam Bones was. She was holding her own as she responded back to the attackers. There were several bodies on the ground to show that she was not holding back. Returning to the material plane and out of my raven form, I landed right next to her. She looked slightly better, but it was clear the consistent battle was wearing on her. My grimoire came out and went to the teleportation spell. “Come on, I’m getting you out of here. Voldemort has retreated.” Not bothering with the spell on his name, the glyph appeared beneath us. 


She looked at me in relief and stood in the circle. I grabbed her with my non injured arm to hold her up as she started to lose her footing. More spells went flying above us, but did not stop my concentration. Years of fighting on the battlefield has helped hone my ability to focus on the task at hand. The glyph set and I thought of the best place to take her and help her mend. In a flash we were transported away from the manor. Next, we were in the foray of 12 Grimmauld place. A cry of surprise as I see Tonks with a piece of bread in her mouth. Her wand came out quick as fire and wasp pointed at us, showing her Auror training. The bread dropped as her eyes landed on us. 


“Oi! Shite! What the bloody hell happened!” She yelled, completely forgetting her food. I heard more commotion in the house. Guess there was an Order meeting and we barged right into it.


“She was attacked at her home. But I need to get her to bed quickly. She’s still bleeding and needs attention!” I demanded quickly. She has been injured long enough, I was not sure how much the blood replenishing potion I gave her would keep her working. 


More people came out of the dining room. Several Weasley’s, Albus Dumbledore, Remus Lupin, Sirius, and Fleur Delacour. My eyes landed on Fleur and could see her allure drifting in the air. I didn’t have time to focus on that bit since my attention was solely on Madam Bones. Mrs. Weasley was the first one to rush to us and cried out, “dear! You’re bleeding!”


I shook my head quickly. “Don’t worry about me, it’s just a scrape. She’s the one who needs medical attention! I need a bed now! Also, if I could get some healing potions, or at least the ingredients, Dittany, and Murtlap. Oh and a bowl!”


They all scrambled into action at my command. Dumbledore was the only one who didn’t move. He continued to stare at me with those calculating eyes. Sirius walked quickly up to me. “Follow me, we have a spare bed!”


Remus went on the other side of Madam Bones to help alleviate her weight on my shoulder. We followed Sirius to the spare bedroom that he was allowing us to use as a makeshift triage. Remus and I slowly lowered Madam Bones onto the bed. Once she was there, I noticed her labored breathing. Casting a quick diagnosis charm, I got to working cutting the pants leg. “Sorry about this.” She gave me a small nod as I cut away at the pants.


The cut that she had received on her leg was quite nasty and had elements of dark magic. I took some of the bed sheet and started to rip it apart. Tying it above the wound, a makeshift tourniquet, I levitated the rest while I casted Aguamenti . The water floated near the floating ripped sheets, soaking them. I grabbed some of the sheet and started to gently dab the wound to clean it. 


Someone came into the room and hovered near me. I glanced up to see Mrs. Weasley with the bowl and the ingredients I asked for. I motioned with my free hand to place them on the bed. She gently placed them on the bed and stepped back. “I-Is there anything else, dear?”


Focusing on making sure I don’t make the wound worse, I replied coldly, “no.” Once her wound was cleaned, I placed my hand on the sheet to cover the wound. With my free hand, I grabbed the bowl. Opening a healing potion, I poured some of the contents into it. Then with the murtlap, I took a bite of the tentacle, chewed it for a moment. The taste was always bitter and the sliminess of it always caused a wave of nausea, but I continued to chew. This caused a collective gasp as I did so, but ignored it. I spat the mixture into the bowl. Then taking the dittany. I crumbled the herb so only the leaves into the mixture. I looked to my left to see Remus was still standing there with a slightly shocked face. “Could you please hold that to the wound? I need to set the mixture.”


He nodded his head faintly and placed his hand right as I lifted mine. Taking the bowl in my right, I placed my left hand into the mixture and swirled it. After it was mixed well enough, I lifted my hand out and conjured a flame in my hand. I then carefully aimed it at the mixture and started to heat it. Taking great care not to set fire to the bowl, the mixture began to bubble. Cutting the flame, I caused my other hand to cool the bowl slowly. 


While I waited for the bowl to cool, I surveyed the room and the doorway. Everyone was staring stock still as they looked at me. Feeling self conscious, I wiped my mouth of the remnants of the murtlap. Mr. Weasley spoke up before anyone else. “Did-did you really just put murtlap into your mouth and chew it?”


Nodding my head, I responded, “I did. It tastes awful. So I would suggest not doing that.” though, it does have some good properties when ingested. The very same properties that will help with the slight corruption that was being done to Madam Bones wound. The mixture had cooled down enough to an opaque blue color and I motioned Remus to lift his hand. When he did so, I removed the sheet and took a glob of the mixture. Gently, I started to rub it into the wound. This caused Madam Bones to whimper slightly, but I continued till it covered the wound entirely. Then I took the remnant of the sheet and wrapped it around the wound. Once my work was done, I inspected the charm I casted earlier.


It revealed that other than the wound, she was mostly fine. Exhausted, physically and mentally, several scrapes and bruises. She also passed out, but that was to be expected. Otherwise, the dark curses did not travel far from the wound and should be handled by the mixture. Since there was still plenty, it was best to preserve it. Casting a quick Habitus on it, I took the bowl and addressed everyone. “She will recover. The wound has been cleaned and the remnants of the dark curse used should start to clear up soon. Now I’m sure you all have questions, so let’s leave the room and allow her to rest.” 


Everyone agreed and walked out of the room silently. Taking the conversation to the dining room, I plopped down into the chair and placed the bowl on the table. It wobbled for a bit before settling on the table. All eyes were on me, causing me to let out a heavy sigh. I then went into my explanation. “Madam Bones contacted me. She was being targeted by Voldemort and his people.” Several fearful gasps were heard when I said his name. “Oh relax, I reinforced the wards. His stupidly annoying spell on his name can’t leave the ward system.” Some relaxed, like Fleur, Sirius and Remus. “Anyway, I got there and the manor had already been attacked. After I dealt with some of the grunts, I made it to her.”


They were all wide eyes as I explained the events that unfolded. Dumbledore was watching me carefully. After I took a moment, I inspected my arm to see a bit of blood. Swiping my hand over the wound, Episkey , the wound closed leaving blood and tattered bits of clothes. “What else happened?” Dumbledore asked.


“Well, I fought Voldemort again, after I got him away from the manor. Eventually he fled, I got the slight scrape, and I rushed back to get Madam Bones out of there,” I then waved my hand across the room, “and here we are.” 


“That’s the second fight that you have caused him to flee,” Remus pointed out. They were all dumbfounded at the knowledge of that. The only person besides me to do that was Dumbledore.


“Don’t think too much into it. He was underestimating me. I doubt that will happen again. Especially since he won’t be holding back anymore. Not that he was this time.”


Their eyes widened and Dumbledore asked, “he was holding back?” The fact that he was asking that question showed that Voldemort held back because of his pride. I wonder if because I was the most well known dark witch in history and he felt the need to impress.


“He was.” Everyone was solemn at the thought that the very man they are fighting has been holding back. Dumbledore pondered, with his finger tapping on his chin. “I wonder why he went after Amelia Bones..”


“Because she’s competent,” I responded tiredly. 


He blinked owlishly at my response. Taken aback from my blunt honesty. “I see. That is quite true. Well, I’m sure you would like to rest after your ordeal, yet again.”


Nodding my head, I got up from my seat and moved to leave the room. Before exiting, I turned my head to Sirius. “Is Harry around?” 


He nodded his head and said, “in his room, second one from the master. The room next to him is available if you need to rest for a bit.”


They all sat there for a moment as I left, clearly ready to discuss what they just learned. I went up the stairs and into the spare bedroom. Before entering said room, I yelled, “Harry! I’m here. Come out of there.”


I heard a thump and a scramble to the door. As I sat on the bed, I heard the adjacent door open. He rounded the corner and saw me. He, at first, had a happy face till he saw the torn clothes, dust, dirt, and blood. “W-W-what happened?”


I motioned him into the room, “come in, and I will explain.” He walked in and I magically closed the door behind him. Locking the door, I felt I could finally relax. Harry sat down on the other bed. It was then that a knock on the door was heard. Sensing the Allure, I knew it was Fleur. “You can come in as well, apparently,” I finished off quietly.


Fleur opened the door and walked into the room a little glassy eyed. She hid it well behind the veneer of cold. Similar to Daphne. “I-I-” She stuttered as her eyes landed on me.


Worry not, Heiress Delacour. I assume you know who I am? ” I greeted her in Veelan.


She leaned back in surprise and nodded her head. “I do, Morgan le Fay, Queen of Avalon. I did not know you knew Veelan.” Her eyes then darted to Harry, who had a lopsided smile. Deciding now was the time, I magically closed the door.




The tension I didn’t know I was holding, was gone. In my Archfey form, I heard a gasp from Fleur and saw Harry’s eyes widen as he glanced between Fleur and myself. I held up a finger to Fleur, switching to Veelan, “ one moment, heiress Delacour. ” Switching back to English, I quickly explained to Harry, “Madam Bones contacted me and I fought Voldemort again. She’s recovering now.”


He seemed shocked for a moment before shaking his head. “And you call me reckless.”


Giving a slight chuckle, I said, “you’re Gryffindor reckless. There’s a difference. Plus, I like Madam Bones. She’s competent.” That got a laugh out of him. I then told him the story I told the rest of the Order but with more details. 


Once I was done explaining to Harry, I turned towards Fleur and said in Veelan, “ You don’t know much beyond that, do you ?” If my assumptions were correct, only the Head Veela, her Grandmother, would know these secrets. Veela were known for them, even amongst themselves. Harry took the time to sit down and sit patiently as Fleur and I talked in another language.


She shook her head. “ I don’t. All I was told was to keep an eye on a young girl with purple eyes when we visited for the tournament. I had no idea what she meant until I saw you. ” At least my assumption about her and her flock protecting me were true. “ We all felt like we had to respect you. This caused us to ensure your safety. I hope we didn’t -


I waved her concern away. “ You didn’t. Thank you. I appreciate what you and your flock did. You can let your Grandmother know that I appreciate it and would hope to speak to her in person at some point soon. ” Just like all the others, I needed to make those connections again. It was going to be a slow process, but I will make them again.


She nodded her head. “ I will let her know. I-I was not sure what to think when you were revealed to be Morgan le Fay , but I am glad that you were not the evil sorceress everyone proclaimed you were .


That got a slight chuckle out of me. “ That is what most people believe. I’m sure your grandmother knows the truth if you ask her. I will never be an enemy of magical creatures, especially Veela. ” This caused her to tear up slightly. She held it, very similar to Daphne. Veela were treated poorly outside of France. I remember all the comments that I heard during the Quidditch World Cup. Well what I could hear with plugs in my ears.


“It’s always interesting when you talk in a different language. Just figured I’d let you know,” Harry said, interrupting our discussion. That got a laugh out of us, which gratefully eased Fleur’s emotions. I could tell her Allure was increasing because of it. Curious enough, it was not affecting Harry. As much as I wanted to investigate that further, it would be something for the future.




Since our discussion was done, they both left the room. Now, I wasn’t tired. Since I was given some free time, I decided to read. Pulling out my bag, I looked for my current book. It was an hour later when I heard a knock at the door. I shifted back into human form and magically opened the door. Tonks was about to knock again as the door opened, causing her to stumble slightly. She recovered quite well, considering how her Metamorph ability causes her imbalance. “Well, that was a close call. Hi, Hermione! I wanted to let you know that Amelia Bones is awake and asking for you!”


Shaking my head at her antics, I thanked her, “thank you, I will go see her now. How is she doing otherwise?”


As I got up and walked out of the room, she walked alongside me. “She’s doing pretty well,” she hummed.


We walked to the room and I gave it a gentle knock. “Come in,” the soft voice of Madam Bones drifted through the door. 


Opening the door, I saw her sitting up and wide awake. Giving her a smile, I said, “glad to see my patient is feeling better.”


She nodded her head. “I am. You have my gratitude. I’m sure I would be dead if not for you.” The realization of that caused her to shudder slightly. To know that death was just around the corner would do that to anybody. 


I waved her off. “It’s no big deal. You have shown me that not everyone at the Ministry are incompetent fools.” It was true. The fact that she was intelligent, extremely reliable, and was not lazy like the rest of magical Britain showed me that I could trust her. Anyone who would follow through inconsistencies was someone I would love to have as a general. If I were to take my crown, not that I would, she would certainly be one of my advisors.


She laughed, which caused her to wince because of her injuries. “In any case. I want you to know that I will trust you, Ms. Granger.” she paused as she looked at her hands. Then her eyes drifted to me. “There was a moment that I would have to try and bring you in. But you have proven otherwise. Whatever you have planned for-”


“Voldemort,” I said for her.


Her eyes widened but she continued, “him, I will follow, as long as they don’t involve innocents.”


My eyes softened. “They never would. While I don’t necessarily have anything planned..” All I had planned was to keep my friend safe. “I will keep that in mind. Now rest, you still need it. There is more of the healing salve if you need it. I’m sure Tonks would be more than happy to grab it.” I looked to Tonks to let out a small squeal.


“Uh, yeah no problem. Just let me know,” she finished off with a thumbs up. 


She appeared relieved, “Thank you. I will keep that in mind. Thank you again, Ms. Granger.”


I looked at her and said, “please, you can call me Morgana, or Ms. Pendragon if you want.” I turned around and left the room without hearing her response. I didn’t need it. Sooner or later, people will choose how they wish to call me. But I wanted them to have that choice.


With that handled, it was time to return home. I had a high suspicion that I was going to get my arse chewed when I got home, but it would be worth it. Especially given how skilled Madam Bones was. There was no way I was going to let Voldemort remove a key piece in this war. Not when it’s someone I could possibly have for plans in the future. 

Chapter Text

True to my expectation, I did get my arse chewed by my parents. I was thoroughly scolded for being so reckless, one that I could agree with them to a degree. Normally I wouldn’t run into things head first, but Madam Bones life was on the line. Once I had explained to them her role in preventing me from being arrested, possibly more than one occasion, they calmed down. There was the thought that I was going to be grounded, but they decided to let it slide. I had only ever been grounded once before. 


I was four years old when there was an injured bird in the middle of the road. The young child that I was, I ran out there to save the bird. There was a car horn blaring as I picked up the bird. Next thing I know, the bird and I were on the sidewalk and a car had gone straight into one of the light posts. My parents were terrified that I was almost hit by a car for my foolishness. They grounded me for three days. It would have been a week, but they took pity that I did it to save the bird. I didn’t know it then, but I apparated from the street while also healing the bird as it flew away when my parents came.


Thinking back on it now, and what I know now, I have always rushed into battle to save someone I considered a friend. I had done it several times for Sir Lancelot and Sir Gawain. Those two always found themselves caught and would make things worse when  captured. I thought I was sarcastic, those two could go on an hour long discussion of quips that would annoy anyone. 


That said, they let me off with a warning to not do anything that rash again. A request that I wholeheartedly agreed to, depending on the circumstances. The healer in me prevented me from sitting on the sidelines if a friend was in danger. Especially given my knowledge and experience, I should be able to have an upper hand most of the time. An upper hand that was slowly dwindling. Voldemort was slowly starting to realize what I am able to do. There was only so much more that I could use to keep him off his feet. One of those was a last resort. That is  one thing that I will not tell anyone who I do not trust. Seeing how this world reacts to magical creatures was horrifying and I needed to make changes before I could release that information.


I had also been able to finish the ward system on the house, becoming one of the most protected houses in the Isles. If anyone tried to attack my parents in their home, they would be met with a series of nasty curses. First it will give the tingling feeling of being watched and extreme ominousness. Then if you continue to push yourself, invisible to non magicals, illusions will appear. Attempting to scare the offender away. If those fail, they will be met with a mind altering curse that will cause you to descend into madness. On the flip side, non magicals who attempt to harm anyone in the house will only feel the first phase. Anyone already inside and instantly changes their tune will be met with the third phase. 


It allowed my parents to use legal defense if anyone tried to enter peacefully and then attempt to hurt them. There were other parts of the ward system, but they were minor compared to those. I had informed my parents of it so they could be mindful. I still needed to get necklaces for my parents for their personal protection. Hopefully, once I get to Gringotts, I will have the funds for two, possibly more depending on what was saved from my first life.


It was a couple of days later when I received mail by owl. What surprised me was that it was from Lady Greengrass, Daphne’s mother.


Dear Ms. Granger or Ms. Pendragon,


I wish to formally invite you to Heiress Greengrass’s birthday ball. It would also be advisable to bring overnight clothes as events like these do tend to last late into the night. We would ensure you have a guest room available for the night. Please respond as soon as you are able. 


In High Regards,


Lady Adorabella Greengrass


P.S.: I was not sure how to address you, I hope this was sufficient. 


P.P.S.: Do not tell Daphne.


It's quite interesting that she didn’t want me to tell Daphne. Surely there is more to this than just a surprise. I walked into the living room where I knew Mum would be. She opted to stay home today, which made this all the more easier. She was on the couch reading a magazine when I came into the living room. “Hey Mum?”


“Yes, Pumpkin?” She looked up from her magazine to me. Her feet were underneath her as she leaned against the arm of the couch. She waited patiently for my question.


“I just received mail from Daphne’s mother. It’s an invitation to Daphne’s birthday ball. Apparently, it will end up being more of a political event than anything. Which will go late into the night and her parents offered to let me stay the night. Would that be alright?” I asked cautiously. I hoped she would not look too much into it. This could obviously be extrapolated as more.. naughtier, but that was not going to happen. We agreed to go at her pace and I doubt that will happen again for a while.


Her questioning eyes increased my assumption that she was thinking just that. “Well, I don’t see a problem with that.” The slight smirk on her face was the final clue that told me what she was thinking. I ignored the slight blush that slowly crept up my face at the thought of it.


I released my breath, the one I didn’t realize I was holding. “Thank you. I really don’t want to leave Daphne alone. Some families are trying to arrange a marriage with her, this would be the event where that gets finalized.” My presence will cause a lot of things to stop. Considering many of the Traditional families know me quite well by now. Since I have fought their dark lord twice without major injuries. It was also no secret of our relationship. This will enforce that.


She tilted her head slightly as her eyes widened. “That’s still a thing in the magical world?”


“Sadly, yes. Many of the traditional families still arrange marriage to keep magical blood pure ,” I finished with a spat on the word pure. Incest is more like it. Their entire idea that keeping the magic within the families will keep it pure was obscene. It always ends with a squib who will go to the muggle world and later down the road, a muggleborn returns to the magical world. 


She hesitated before asking, “a-are they going to-”


“No,” I interrupted her. “Daphne’s parents are Grey’s, the neutral faction. They have been moving a bit more with the times and have abandoned that. It still doesn’t stop other families from proposing the idea though.”


She nodded her head. She looked down at her magazine and then back up to me. “Guess we need to get you a new dress,” she finished with a slight smile.


Scratching the back of my head, I responded, “yeah. I hope that’s not too much to-”


She got up and placed a hand on mine. “Pumpkin, it’s fine.” She chuckled at my nervousness. “Let’s go get you a dress. When is her birthday?”


“The twentieth,” I rattled off from my memory.


She smiled, “plenty of time then! Let me go get my purse and we can head downtown.”


‘Thanks, Mum,” I said to her as she walked away. She twisted her head for me to see her face. The smile that was on it, widened. 


“Of course, Pumpkin. Not everyday your daughter goes to a ball to protect her girlfriend from unwanted advances. It feels like something from a fantasy book. Like a knight in shiny armor.”


That caused me to groan at the thought of Astoria. She was going to be a handful. Wonderful. Especially given the parallels to Cinderella. I was not sure how to process the thought of Daphne in glass slippers. On one hand, that would be incredible. The other was just screaming Cinderella and how my spot in that would be.

Landing with a soft thud from my apparition, I noticed the extravagant black gate and a man outside. Swiping some dust from my dress. An A-line off the shoulder asymmetrical satin dress, that I would only remember because of my eidetic memory. Mum knew about these more than I do, even though my first life revolved around them. I had wanted to go black, but Mum said that would be too dark for what should be a fun event. So we went with navy blue. Either way, it was stunning and should hopefully make heads turn.


Walking confidently to the gate I was able to get a better image of the man. He must be the steward. He noticed me and looked up from his scroll. “Invitation, miss?”


“Ah, I feared that. I’m afraid I was not given one. I was invited by Lady Greengrass.” Hopefully that would be enough. Having to show him the letter would be awkward and could easily be seen as forgery.


“I see. Name please?” He looked down at his scroll.


“It will probably be under Hermione Granger. Though there is the possibility of Morgana Pendragon. Check either of those,” I pointed out. Hopefully they pointed that out to their steward. It would be quite embarrassing on all our parts if that wasn’t the case.


He started to look at all the names on the scroll. “Hmm, let’s see here.” His finger slowly got towards the bottom of the scroll. He looked up at me and said, “I'm afraid I don’t see your name on the list.”


“Surely there’s a mistake,” I pleaded slightly. Why did this always seem to happen to me? Same thing happened when Arthur invited me to a ball with some of his allies. My wonderful brother forgot to mention that I was invited and I was stuck outside for an hour before Guinevere came out and set things right. 


“I’m sorry miss, but-”


“Randolph! That is no way to treat a special guest,” The gentle voice of a woman came from the other side of the gate. As the gate swung open, they revealed a woman who looked like an older Astoria. From the shade of blond to the mannerisms. This must be Lady Greengrass, Daphne’s mother. She wore a burgundy dress that had a side slit allowing her right leg to be free of the dress.


Randolph was slightly sweating as he nervously responded, “b-but my Lady! She’s not on the list.”


She cocked her hip, her hand resting on it. “Now, now. I told you that list was updated yesterday. Maybe if you weren’t ogling your scrolls like porn magazines, you would have noticed the updated scroll in the study.” Her smirk was the same one that Daphne had. Clear where she got that trait from. She had the scroll in her hand, holding it out for him to grab. I barely contained the snort that escaped from the implication.


Randolph, for all his composure, blushed bright red. “I-I u-uh m-my apologies my lady.” He quickly grabbed the scroll and started to read it.


Lady Greengrass’s eyes landed on me. The mischievousness in them reminded me far too much of both of her daughters. “Ms. Granger. I have been wanting to meet you for quite some time.” She walked up to me and immediately I was engulfed in a hug. “Thank you for everything you have done for my daughters. Especially breaking Daphne’s shell,” she whispered thankfully into my ear. 


Taken back from the sign of affection from the Greengrass matriarch, I muttered out, “Uh, no problem?”


She released me with a chuckle. “If you haven’t noticed, there’s quite the difference between my husband and I.” She took my hand and escorted me onto the grounds. Ignoring the flustered steward.


As she started to pull me gently, I responded, “I can see that now.”


She released a hearty laugh, “by the way dear, you look ravishing. I’m sure Daphne will be happy to see you.” She stopped and allowed her eyes to inspect me closely. Her eyes landed on my grimoire for a brief moment before continuing. “Hmm, I noticed that you didn’t bring an overnight bag..” She trailed off, slightly disappointed.


My grimoire came out and opened. Out popped my beaded bag and into my waiting hands. “I did,” I said with a smirk. 


“Oh! That explains where Daphne got hers.” Her excitement returned when realizing I would be staying the night. I was not entirely sure how to respond to that. My grimoire opened horizontally and I set the bag onto the grimoire. It closed without a problem, hiding the bag in the expanded space.. She then escorted me onto the grounds. The first things I noticed were the hedges that lined the walkway to the manor. The manor itself was a massive two story building, the grey bricks sticking out compared to the greenery of the lands. The marble pillars broke up the monotony of the grey bricks. The Greengrass family crest, embedded above the main door. There were guests mingling about in the garden and along the pathway leading to the manor. 


I noticed several families from the Sacred-Twenty Eight. Such as Bulstrode and Fawley. None of the Dark Lord’s inner circle were here, which I was grateful for. I doubt they would be happy with me considering I have fought their Dark Lord twice. Though, knowing the Grey’s political standpoint, they should be a couple here tonight. On the same note, I noticed a lack of Progressives in attendance. Not that I am entirely surprised. The Weasley’s would not be ones to show up. 


Lady Greengrass, who had stopped pulling me and was steadily walking in front of me. A clear sign that she was escorting me personally. She did say I was a special guest, but I wonder how much of it was part of her plan and not her husbands.


As we walked by several of the guests, I was able to pick up some interesting discussions. Especially a conversation between two gossiping women. The joy of having sensitive hearing. 


“Did you hear? Madam Bones was attacked a scant few days ago. Apparently saved by Morgana Pendragon, if her accounts were correct.”


“I’ve heard that as well! Apparently the Dark Lord was there and they fought. According to some accounts, the aftermath was quite devastating to the forest. Imagine if that were to happen in the manor!”


“Was there anything about how that battle went?”


“There wasn’t. There were no witnesses.”


“I’m not sure who I’m more afraid of. The Dark Lord or a possible upcoming Dark Lady of the past.”


“She doesn’t seem to be acting very Dark Ladylike, if you ask me.”


The conversations went on in a similar vein. I could care less what they thought of me. Actions speak louder than words. My actions will prove that I am no Dark Lady. Overall, it was more mired in rumors than anything that would be damaging. Saying loud enough that Lady Greengrass could hear, but no one else, I said, “quite the rumor mill, isn’t it?”


She slowed down and turned her head slightly, “hmm? What dear? Oh, don’t listen to those gossipers. They’re harmless.”


“I’m aware they are. Just curious about the rumor mill of the party,” I pointed out more clearly. Normally gossipers are harmless, but it did give an idea of what a section of people are thinking about. Humans were simple creatures and always went to the shiny, interesting information they could. It was something I have come to notice over time. More so in my first life. People in general have had an increase in intelligence that at least made it harder to fool others. The problem being that the non magical world has gone farther in that approach than mages. Mages were by far the laziest people I have ever seen. Even surpassing Americans, and that’s saying something.


A blond bundle of energy came running out of the main doors and straight into Lady Greengrass. That was only one person that it could be. Astoria. She was in a similar dress as her mother. “Mother! Daphne is being a right pain in the.. Oh Hermi-”


Astoria was quickly silenced by her mother’s hand. “Astoria, did I not mention to keep this a secret. Now, be a dear and continue to annoy your sister. You have my approval till the ball starts.” She quickly patted Astoria on the shoulder like a doting mother. The sincerity of Lady Greengrass showed how much she cared for her daughter, one that I can tell carried towards  Daphne. Sort of. The fact that she was sicking Astoria on Daphne to distract her proved my initial thought. Daphne probably had no idea I was here and this was all setup by her mother.


Astoria nodded her head, waved her hand in my direction, and ran off back into the house. Probably to annoy Daphne as she was just allowed to do. A slight shudder went through my spine at the thought of an unchained Astoria. Lady Greengrass released a heavy sigh before turning on me. “That girl,” she muttered affectionately. “Now, come along. I must sneak you away till the ball starts. I do hope you understand.”


We stepped through the threshold. The foray was beautiful and bright. It had a grand staircase that split off on either side on the second floor. The colors consisted of mainly soft whites and light greys. It contrasted well with the exterior and wasn’t oppressive. She guided me towards the right on the main floor. Through a couple of hallways, several portraits dotted the walls. The Greengrass ancestors were staring at us as we went by. There was one that made me stop. The portrait itself was quite old, a clear sign of the ancient lineage of the Greengrass.


“Averil. It’s been quite some time,” I said. My words made Lady Greengrass realize I was no longer following her. 


The portrait of an older looking woman, dressed in clothes I recognize from that time period. Same time as my first life. The regal looking woman had the signature blonde that I have come to know very familiar with. Averil Greengrass was matriarch of the Greengrass family in the early thousands. I had only met her a couple of times, when Avalon was created.


“Well, well, well. I know those eyes anywhere. I thought you were dead, Morgana Pendragon,” the regal voice of Averil came from the portrait. “That is what Merlin told us anyway. Seems he was wrong.”


“Well, I was dead. I got better,” I waved my hand nonchalantly. 


This caused a small snort from Lady Greengrass and a slight smirk from Averil. “So it seems. That begs the question, why are you here in my family’s home?”


Lady Greengrass butted in before I could respond. “Not that it concerns you, but she’s here for my eldest.” She turned towards me, “now, let's be off.” She finished by looking down the hallway. As if to check to see if anyone would notice us.


Nodding my head at Lady Greengrass, I turned to Averil. “Have a good evening, Averil. I might try to come speak with you when I have some free time. I would like to know what transpired after my death.”


She inclined her head slightly. Lady Greengrass, taking that as her response, hurried me along with her through the hallway. Once we were far enough away where Averil would not hear us, she said, “You are quite the interesting woman, Ms. Granger. I had no idea that you knew an ancestor of mine.”


She opened a lone door down this hallway. Upon entering, I saw that she brought me to the library. Several rows of shelves filled to the brim with books. She apparently knew my love for knowledge. Though it wasn’t hard to wrangle a Ravenclaw. Entice them with knowledge and they will listen. Turning my focus to Lady Greengrass, I responded, “not as much as you think I do. We only had minor interactions. Mainly politics and my plans.”


With a pondered look, she said, “I see. Anyway,” she waved her hand to the library, “you have full access to the library. I’m sorry that I have to sequester you here, but you have to remain a secret till the start of the ball. Either myself or one of the house elves will come to retrieve you at that time.” 


“So, who else doesn’t know about my presence besides Daphne?” I questioned. This seemed quite over the top to keep me a secret from one person.


She moved towards the exit before turning around and attempting to look as innocent as possible, which clearly showed her guilt, she said, “well.. My husband might not know about this. But don’t worry about that! I will handle him. Anyways, toodles!”  She was about to leave the room before adding, “oh and if it's possible, you could leave your grimoire here. Only yourself and family members have access to this part of the manor.” 


She walked through the door before I could form a response. I continued to stare at the doorway she left through blinking like an owl. Greengrass woman. To anyone else, you would think that Daphne was the exception. Anyone who knows her well knows that she acts in the same manner. Just more subtly. Her Patronus was very accurate, that’s for sure. I had a feeling that I would still end up having to deal with Lord Greengrass because of this.


Shaking my head, I turned around and started to peruse the extravagant library. A cursory overview showed that the Greengrass family was not afraid of having both light and dark magic on display in their library. I placed my grimoire on one of the small desks, keeping it safe in the library. Not that anyone could do anything to it. Selecting a rather interesting book on the modern take of magic rituals, I took a seat in one of the many comfy chairs.

About an hour later, the door to the library opened up. In the doorway was Lady Greengrass. It seemed she was able to step away and come to retrieve me. Knowing it was time to go, I levitated the book and placed it back in its original position. Lady Greengrass raised an eyebrow, but didn’t comment on it. “Are you ready?”


Nodding my head, I asked, “just to clarify, I am assuming I am receiving Daphne?”


Her smile beamed. “Exactly that. I want to make it obvious that she will not be receiving any suitors and is unavailable.” She looked at me expectantly. Giving her a slight nod, she continued, “I do want to make this clear, I am not planning to arrange you two. But thi-”


“Should be enough for the traditionalist to get the picture and to hopefully lay off on the barrages of marriage requests. I understand far more than you can imagine.”


She raised an eyebrow, but elected to not comment. One I was grateful for. Less discussions about Uther, the better. She gestured for me to follow her, which led us down the hallway and taking a different turn. Towards a different part of the manor. This particular hallway has a slew of priceless relics and artifacts. A couple of them were magical, and not just the light or neutral kind. I wonder how they were able to keep them after the personal magical artifact purge a couple of years ago.


We came to another door, one where I can hear the idle chatter of the guests. She opened the door to reveal an extraordinarily beautiful ballroom. Gone were the calming white and grey tones. Silver and marbled accent with dark wood trim. The floor was a marvelous wavy flowery pattern. The crystal chandeliers dotted the ceiling, with the largest in the center. Along the sides were tables filled with refreshments. 


The Usher was rattling off names of those who arrived. Lady Greengrass motioned for me to remain for a moment. At the time when he was done announcing names, the room settled into silence. She gestured for me to move. 


Taking the initiative and knowing that Daphne was going to be announced, I walked confidently into the room. I made my way through several guests. I heard several scoffs at my rudeness, but I cared not what they thought. I only cared about being there for Daphne. Once I made my way around the grand staircase, I saw several men standing at attention. As if they were ready to receive the heiress. Chills went down my spine as I saw several older men displaying smirks and an air of authority. One that was about to be immediately squashed by my presence.


I stood right at the edge of the staircase on the left side. Looking up, I saw the usher then announce. “May I present Lord Florian Greengrass. Escorting Heiress Daphne Greengrass.”


Out of the side door, I saw Lord Greengrass, in a striking suit, with his arm out. Holding said arm made me fall in love all over again. Daphne was extraordinarily beautiful. Her hair was in a lovely plait and was adorned by several pieces of jewelry. While I was extremely attracted to the hair jewelry, her dress was what caught my attention the most. Recalling from the minor lessons from Mum on dresses, she wore a purple ombre tulle ball gown. The choice of color could not have been a coincidence. From the top, it started off the same shade of purple as my eyes and blends into a pink hue at the bottom. Whether that was her choice or most likely her mother’s, didn’t matter at that point. 


I heard a lot of comments as the guests finally noticed my arrival and the presence of the birthday girl. Lord Greengrass’s eyes landed on me, but I ignored him. My eyes were solely focused on Daphne. She finally looked down and noticed my appearance. Her eyes widened in shock and her lips opened slightly. Lord Greengrass was the first one to shake out of his shock and gently escort Daphne down the stairs. Once she made it to the first landing, and surveyed the ballroom. Daphne’s eyes never leave mine.


After a moment, they continued down the stairs. The men who stood at the bottom with me quickly moved towards the bottom and held out their own hands. Lord Greengrass stopped midway and gave his daughter a small kiss on her forehead. He then allowed her to step down the steps.


She continued to walk down the steps in the middle. She stopped to survey the men. If it wasn’t for her eyes, I would have feared she would have chosen someone else. She was only a couple of steps away from them. She gave each of them an amused look before she turned squarely on me. The corner of my lips raised slightly at the act. I took a step up the stairs, and held my left hand out to her. Her hand lifted and met mine, gently falling into my hand. I heard a slew of curses from the men, but all that mattered was Daphne.


I walked her the rest of the way down the staircase and moved towards the center of the room. The guest parted, their judging eyes landing on us as I prepared to start the dance of the night. Once in the center, I turned towards her. Her eyes met mine and it took all my willpower to not kiss her. A soft titillating sound started to fill the ballroom. Signaling the start of the ball.

Chapter Text

The soft lull of the music started the dance. Everyone gathered their partners as they started to dance slowly. Deciding it would be smart to take the lead during this, I placed my hands accordingly and led Daphne. She allowed me, something that I was grateful for. Though I’m sure she was still shocked at my appearance and was still processing. Looking into her eyes, I said, “Happy Birthday, Daph.”


“Her-Morgana. What.. how..” Her inability to form words was quite cute. She cleared her throat and clearly responded, “how are you here? My parents said they were not able to reach you.”


My eyebrows rose slightly. Lady Greengrass has been planning this for quite some time. “I actually received a letter from your mother.”


Her eyes widened and then narrowed. “She.. she planned this, didn’t she?” She fumed. “She was the one who suggested this dress too.”


Noticing her anger was slowly growing, I decided to switch topics. Slowly guiding us away from another dancing couple, I said, “well, it is a rather.. alluring dress. It looks delightful on you.” I tried my best not to stare at her breast. The dress really did make them noticeable.


Her eyes focused back on me as they swept over my body. A slight blush appeared on her cheeks. “Really? I’m glad you think so.” Her eyes did another survey of my body before she continued, “this dress rather suits you. It’s muggle, isn't it?”


Nodding my head, I said, “it is. My mother helped me with it. I’m rather hopeless when it comes to dresses. I wanted a black one, but she wouldn’t let me.” I finished with a slight chuckle.


Daphne groaned. “Of course you would try to go for black. You are hopeless in that regard, aren’t you?”


“Guilty. Never was one for dresses. Even in my first life. Restricts movement too much,” I explained. Being a person of action, dresses made that hard. The closest I ever got was similar to a coat where my legs would have free movement. 


I had to quickly guide us away from an oncoming couple. I was now noticing the eyes that were on us. Most of them were curious, but some were seething in anger. They realized that their single males were not going to get their ties into the Greengrass coffers or titles. Not that it would matter. The Greengrass family has always been led by the matriarch. They are a family that has surprisingly always been women in blood. Very similar to Veela, but the Greengrass’s had no ties to Veela. I would have noticed if that was the case. 


“That makes sense. It explains why this dress is longer in the back,” she pointed out. It was true that this dress was picked over several others my mother chose because of that. The only time I didn’t, was for the tournament ball and that was because I didn’t have many options. I noticed that her eyes were lingering on my legs before returning to my face.


The music changed and sped up slightly. Changing my stance, one that Daphne followed, I guided us through the throngs of guests. She gripped my arm to keep up. She noticed something that was different than before. “Are.. is that muscle?”


Giving her a lopsided smile, I responded, “it is. I’ve been getting back into shape.” Noticing her slightly squeezing my muscles, I added, “you could join me if you want. Your mother is allowing me to stay the night and I plan to do my regime in the morning.”


She pondered the question for a moment before saying, “I’ll think about it.”


Giving her a soft smile, I responded, “it’s fine if you don’t want to. It bothered me with my lack of endurance during the fights. I never had that problem in my first life. In any case, I do plan to continue at school.” I wanted to get back to the peak fitness I had in my first life. It was important considering my preferred fighting style. With the war coming, it was ideal to fight in my most comfortable style.


She remained silent as we moved through the crowd as the song continued. She started to slowly rub my arm and squeeze my hand. “I’m glad you’re here, Her-Mor..” She finished with a groan. 


Realizing the struggle she was having with my name, I figured it was best to ease her worries. “Daphne. Look.” she looked into my eyes, which signaled me to continue, “I never expected you to just.. Change how you see me. What terms you call me by.”


She leaned back slightly and cautiously said, “but you said-”


“I said that Hermione and Morgana are one in the same. Sure I might say I’m Morgana, but I would never take away your ability to call me Hermione. I can tell you’re struggling with that.”


She looked down at the floor as we moved. She quietly whispered, “but I wanted to make you comfortable.”


Taking my right hand off her back, I cupped her cheek. This might have been far too much affection during the dance, but I didn’t care. “Daphne, I am comfortable. I want you to be comfortable.” A thought came to mind as we were having this discussion. “How about this. Morgana Pendragon is the formal me. Then when it comes to close friends, and especially you, Hermione Jean Granger is the informal me. How does that sound?”


“How do you figure that would work? Wait, your middle name is Jean?” She asked.


“Well, several officials have already been referring to me as Morgana Pendragon. It sort of sets the precedent of referring to me in that capacity. When it comes to my parents and my friends, I’m still referred to as Hermione. And yes, my middle name is Jean. After my Grandmother.”


She nodded her head in understanding. Her eyes slightly misted, but she cleared them away with a couple of blinks before giving me a small smile. “I would like that, Hermione.”


I gave her cheek a slight rub with my thump before returning my hand to her back. Now that the air was cleared between us, we continued to dance through a couple of more songs before Lord Greengrass came and tapped my shoulder. 


Turning my head to him, he said, “my I dance with my daughter, Ms. Granger?” He had a cold calculated look that was in complete contrast to Lady Granger. 


Not one to cause a scene, I nodded my head and gently released Daphne’s. “Most certainly, Lord Greengrass.”


“Thank you.” He said stoically. 


Stepping aside, I allowed the father-daughter duo to return to the dance. I made my way through the dancing couples towards the refreshments. Grabbing a goblet, I filled it with the red wine that was provided. I surveyed the guest to get an idea of who was invited to this event. I noticed several families that I didn’t before. Beyond Bulstrode and Fawley, I saw Tracy Davis, Blaise Zabini and Neville. That surprised me, as I was not sure there would be any light families invited. Turns out the Greengrass’s do play the political field of their neutrality. 


A soft clearing of a throat pulled my attention to the sound. To my right was Lady Andromeda Tonks. She looked extremely similar to Bellatrix, if it wasn’t for the brown hair and soft eyes. Behind her was Nymphadora, her daughter. They were both dressed to the occasion. I noticed that Tonks was keeping her ability tame for the event, which surprised me. “Ms. Granger, a surprise to see you,” Lady Tonks remarked. She surveyed the dance floor where I noticed her eyes landing on the Heiress and Lord Greengrass. “You certainly know how to make an entrance it seems.” She finished with a smirk.


I held up a finger and pointed out, “I want to be on record that it was not my plan. That was all crafted by Lady Greengrass.”


This caused a loud howl from Tonks and a chuckle from Lady Tonks. “To that, I’m not surprised. One I’m sure you aren’t either, given your closeness to her daughters.”


“You are not wrong, Lady Tonks.”


Her eyes rolled slightly before saying, “please, just call me Andromeda.”


“Very well, Andromeda,” I finished with a slight nod of my head. “She has apparently been planning this for quite some time. If by the clues I have been able to pick up anyway.”


She nodded her head. It was at that point I noticed someone that I was not expecting to be here. Lady Malfoy was off to the side, staring at Andromeda. Tilting my head to get a better view, I could tell she seemed sad. It was in the way she was staring that it seemed as if she was longing for her sister. she noticed me and roughly changed her focus to somewhere else. “Just so you are aware, your sister was staring at you. If I had a guess, she seemed.. Sad. To what, I’m not sure.”


Andromeda stiffened at the thought of one of her sisters and responded, “please tell me it’s not Bellatrix.”


I raised an eyebrow and said, “if it were her, I’m sure we would be dueling at this point. No, your younger sister.” She stayed silent, opting to not voice out her feelings on the matter. Noticing the very same look in Andromeda’s eyes, I decided to see if I could bridge a gap between them. “Why don’t you go talk to her. I doubt she would want to make a scene here. It might be your chance to talk, peacefully.”


She considered her choices and released a heavy sigh. “You might be right. Well, have a good rest of the night, Ms. Granger. I’m not sure when we will speak again.” She paused as she filled her wine and grabbed another goblet. “And thank you. I doubt I would have this opportunity again.”


She moved and cautiously moved to her sister. I noticed them slowly whisper to each other. Given that I didn’t want to intrude on a private conversation, I turned my attention to Tonks. “You seem to be entirely out of your element, Tonks,” I said with a smirk.


She looked more uncomfortable in the dress than I do. “And you seem entirely in yours, Hermione. Never knew you liked these things.”


Turning my head to the dance floor, I responded, “I have been to enough of these that they are just ingrained into me at this point. Sure, they are boring and usually political, but the dance is quite enjoyable.”


She nodded her head and said, “I can see that. Though I am not one for dancing.”


A chuckle escaped my lips at the thought of her clumsy dancing. “That is quite believable and not surprising. It’s hard for a metamorphmagus to retain their balance at all times.”


She tilted her head and asked, “you seem to know a lot about metamorphmagi.”


Nodding my head, I went into an explanation about Salazar Slytherin’s project on firstborn and meeting a couple Blacks back in Medieval time who were metamorphmagi. Our discussion went on longer than I imagined as we were interrupted by the dinner bell. Another event of the night that I was curious about on how far Lady Greengrass went. It would also be the time for the Birthday girl to receive her gifts.

We were guided into the side room of the ballroom. Inside was a magnificently massive dinner room. In the center was a large table. Two high chairs on either side and several seats lined on either side. There were smaller tables that scattered the room, but it was clear that whoever sat in the center table was important to the family. Each seat was assigned to a person. 


Everyone started to mill around, looking for their names. Servants would guide certain people to their seats. Lady Greengrass sat at one of the high chairs, her husband taking the opposite high chair. Astoria went to the far end, next to Lady Greengrass. Daphne moved towards the opposite side of Astoria. Peering at the name tags, another clue to Lady Greengrass’s machinations appeared. My name was right next to Daphne’s on her right. A sign that I was very important to the family, especially given I was sitting next to Daphne. Several close friends of the family were at the main table as well. Tracy sat next to Astoria and the Zabini’s were across from each other. Lady Zabini sat next to me. She was quite the beautiful woman and I can tell why men flocked to her. Though she paled in comparison to Daphne.


Daphne sat down at her seat and I followed suit. She looked up at me as I sat down. She gave a small smile, one that I returned. Taking my seat, I surveyed the room to see where everyone was seated. Besides those chosen to seat at the main table, the others were all equally separated from each other. The design to display the Greengrass’s neutrality. Those of the light families were on one side of the room and those of the traditionalist families on the other.


Once the sound of everyone taking their seat had settled, Lady Greengrass stood up from her seat and picked up her glass. She clinked it a couple of times to get everyone’s attention. Everyone focused on Lady Greengrass, signaling her that she has their entire attention. “Good evening everyone. I’m glad to see all of you tonight for this special event. Now, I’m sure some of you are aware, but the Bones and Abbotts were unable to make it tonight due to.. extraneous circumstances. As such, they extend their good tidings to everyone and wish everyone to have an enjoyable evening.” 


She stopped to take a small sip of her wine. I saw her eyes take a wide sweep of the room as she did so. Her eyes landed on mine and she gave a slight smirk before continuing, “with that said, let’s eat so we can continue with the festivities!” She set her glass down and clapped her hands. Swirls of house elf magic filled the air as food appeared on the tables. A varied amount of food, to fill anyone’s dietary needs. 


Everyone started to select their dishes and place food on their plates. For myself, I selected the cooked fish that was in front of me with a pile of rice and vegetables. As I finished plating my dish, I heard a slight whisper from Daphne, “I always wondered why you enjoy fish so much. It makes so much sense now.”


I gave her a slight chuckle. “I have no idea what you mean,” I joked. I knew full well why I enjoyed fish so much. The combination of being a type of bird animagus and Archfey have me leaning towards fish in all forms.


“Sure you do.. birdbrain,” she muttered with a smirk. 


“Do remember that this birdbrain is your girlfriend.”


She gave a slight laugh in response. We both dug in and immediately hit a snag that has not happened in the past. Both of our elbows hit each other as we picked up our forks and went to get a bite of food. We both stared at each other for a brief moment. Then both of us gave a hearty laugh at the situation which caused the rest of the table to stare at us. 


Tracy Davis was the one to interrupt our giggle fit. “What are you two laughing about?”


Daphne, after clearing her throat, responded, “Well you see, as you know, I am right handed. Hermione’s left handed. This is a situation we have never encountered before.”


Regaining my composure, I added, “just a bit funny is all. Apologies for that.”


Daphne shook her head, “Don’t be. How about we-”


I placed a hand on her arm and calmly interrupted her, “it’s fine Daphne. I can manage. I have my entire life.” I finished with a smile.


She stared at me for a moment before nodding her head. We really didn’t need her to make more of a scene by having us switch seats. Tracy, Blaise, and Astoria had slight smiles, Blaise’s being the smallest. With that handled, we dug into our food. 


As everyone started to eat, Tracy struck up a new conversation. “Granger, I have been meaning to ask you.” This caused my eyes to land on her and await her question. “When you were revealed to be Morgana, did you know why that was the case?”


Astoria and Daphne had knowing glances as they knew the truth about it all. “If you are referring at that moment? No, I didn’t. It was a complete surprise to me. Reuniting with my grimoire though, yes I know why I am Morgana.” Everyone except for Astoria and Daphne had looks that they wanted me to explain further. “I’m afraid I really can’t explain further, for various reasons. As an aside, let's stick to Morgana Pendragon for formal means and Hermione Granger as informal. So please, call me Hermione.”


She seemed surprised by this and responded, “if you’re sure..”


“Please, I have actually been meaning to talk with you both.” I gestured to Blaise. “Any friend of Daphne is a friend of mine. That comes with many benefits, I assure you.”


Astoria decided now was the time to give a silly comment, “what kind of benefits?”


“Astoria..” Lord Greengrass chided his youngest daughter.


She put her hands up and said, “just saying.”


Daphne released a small groan and I rubbed the bridge of my nose. “Ignoring that comment.. what I said stands.”


Both Blaise and Tracy nodded their heads in understanding. Lady Zabini, though, had another idea. “Does this involve any of the recent rumors with the Dark Lord?”


Taking a small sip of the wine in front of me, I said, “most of those rumors are true. I did fight the Dark Lord both in the Ministry and at the Bones Manor.”


A loud clunk was heard from my left, twisting my head, I saw Daphne cold fuming face stare straight at me. “You did what..”


Swallowing rather hard, I nervously responded, “uh.. save Madam Bones from being killed?” I did mention that I didn’t want Daphne’s ire pointed at me. This was why.


She continued to stare at me with those angry cold blue eyes. “All by yourself?”


Looking at the others at the table gave me no help. Astoria was grinning from ear to ear at my situation. “Uh.. yeah.. But I-”


“No buts. I don’t care that you're a frightfully powerful witch. You should not have gone in alone.” The muscles in her jaw clenched at my recklessness. “And why didn’t you tell me?”


“Well I-”


Lady Greengrass’s hand landed on Daphne’s shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Daphne, dear, give her a break. What she did might seem reckless, as it was, but rescuing Madam Bones was important. Do keep that in mind.”


“But, Mother-”


“And she will make sure to not be alone in the future, right, Hermione?” She finished staring daggers at me. I couldn’t blame her as it was clear she cared for her daughters and making them stressed because of my recklessness caused her to defend.


Clearing my throat at the remark, I responded, “Yes, Ma’am.”


She smiled and said, “good. Now, let's finish our meals so we can continue to the next event.” and with that said, everyone went about finishing their meals for the night. The rest of the dinner was a quiet affair. As everyone finished their meals, the house elf magic appeared to take away the dish.


This time, it was Lord Greengrass who stood up and clinked his glass as everyone finished their dishes. “Now, before we settle back into the ballroom, it is time for the birthday girl to receive her presents. We have decided to handle this differently than the past.” He stared at his wife with a seething look. For all her mischief, she appeared slightly apologetic. “We ask that if you have not already given your gift to one of the servants to place any gifts on the table on the far side. If you so desire, you can announce your gift.”


This was a strange turn of events. Normally the gifts would be set aside and the birthday person would open them at another time. There must have been various reasons why Lady Greengrass opted to go this route. Most that I could think of were purely politically related. Presents during a birthday, especially for nobles, were just that, political. This would mean that anyone could proclaim their political agenda to everyone as a gift. The only reason I could see her doing this is if it involved any arranged marriages. 


As expected, most of the guests elected not to get up. Why should they where it could put them into a spot, politically, that they would not want. Though a few men who were wanting to receive the Heiress did get up and announce their.. Desire to request the hand of the Heiress in marriage in exchange for investments in the Greengrass’s coffers and political clout. I was not entirely paying attention to them since I knew it was a lost cause. They were not the one sitting next to the Heiress. To each one, she denied their gift, which would be a major blow politically. Not only did they announce themselves openly, they were denied swiftly.


Once there was a lull and no one stood up, I decided it was time to give my gift. Standing up, I notice Lady Greengrass mouthed, “what are you doing? You don’t need to.” But I ignored her. Stepping back from the table, I moved so Daphne could see me fully. I wanted to also ensure that I was the main focus of everyone for this. The more people, the better.


“Heiress Daphne Greengrass. What I propose might seem unconventional. Which honestly should be too much of a surprise to you.” This caused her to laugh. “I propose a promise.” Everyone’s eyes rose slightly at my proclamation. The ancient magic started to swirl to no one’s attention but mine. “ I promise, if you accept, that in one year, I will create your very own grimoire. One tied to you alone. It would be a long process and would require your input through all steps.” The magic continued to swirl, adhering to the words I promised, awaiting the response of the receiver. I summoned my Grimoire, which appeared out of thin air, hovering above my hand. 


Daphne’s eyes widened and her lips gaped slightly. She has mentioned that I hold promises extremely dear. She just didn’t know the extent of it. Archfey’s promises weaved into the very fabric of reality. While I took longer to create my grimoire, I knew I could create one for her within that time period. I wouldn’t make such a promise if I wasn’t sure I could. She stood up slowly and with her eyes landing squarely on mine, she said, “ I accept. ” The weave, now acknowledging the recipient's answer, melded. Setting the promise into effect. One year from now, she will have a grimoire of her own. She shuddered slightly at the acceptance. She would be the only one, besides myself, to feel the magic weave around the promise. Everyone else would have felt a gentle breeze. 


I gave her a big smile and bow. While dismissing my grimoire back to the library. Moving back to my seat, I continued to look at her lovingly. Everyone else wore various states of shock and awe at what they just witnessed. Blaise, the one who has been quiet the most during the night, was the first one to shake out of his daze and say, “well, that was interesting. Did anyone else feel the breeze?”


Several others nodded in agreement, but Daphne leaned closer to me. “Wha-what was that?”


Giving her a smirk, I responded, “I did mention that promises were important to me.”


She shook her head and said, “is this because-”


I nodded my head as she was asking, interrupting her. She understood the secrecy of it and opted to stay silent. After everyone was talking about the strange breeze they felt, the room settled into silence. As no one else was going to announce themselves, Lord Greengrass took the opportunity to continue the night. “If no one else wishes to announce, let us move to the after dinner. Refreshments will appear and if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask a servant. This wing and the gardens are open to everyone for the night.”


Everyone started to make their way out of the dining room and started to mingle amongst each other. I opted to stay with Daphne for the rest of the night. There were still chances that anyone stupid enough to try and worm their way into the Greengrass family. 


Overall, my fears were unfounded as remaining with Daphne involved conversations with Tracy and Blaise, both who I wished to converse with. Most of our conversations involved Hogwarts and the shite year we all had. Becoming friends with them, which I hope, eases the divide between the houses. We were not disturbed by anyone, but I did survey how the political feel was with the guest. One thing that I noticed was a general tension about the Dark Lord's return. Even the few traditionalists seemed on edge with his return.


In the end, everyone started to peter off and leave the party. It was nearing midnight when that happened. Since I was staying the night, it eased my mind that I would not interrupt my parents sleep. Lady Greengrass came to Daphne and I. “Hermione, we have set up one of the guest bedrooms for you. If you want, I can show them to you.”


Before I could give my answer, Daphne asked her mother, “would it be alright if I show it to her?”


Lady Greengrass eyed both of us before responding, “very well. But be mindful to go to bed soon .”


The implication she gave was enough to cause a slight blush on both Daphne’s and my cheeks. Clearing my throat, I asked her a quick question, “Lady Greengrass..”


“Please dear, at this point just call me Adorabella.”


Nodding my head, I continued, “Adorabella, would there happen to be an area on the ground where I can perform my workout? I plan to wake up early and would need ample space for a run.”


She blinked owlishly a couple of times before releasing a chuckle, “interesting question. The southern grounds should provide that for you. Is there anything else you would need? I’m afraid I’m not very.. inclined to that sort of activity.”


“No, ma’am. Just space. I believe that should be enough. Thank you.”


She gave me a smile. “Very well then. Have a good night girls~!”


“Mother!” Daphne finally exclaimed after her mother. Adorabella’s only response was a hearty laugh and she was gone from eyesight. Daphne released an exasperated sigh and turned towards me. “Let me show you to the guest room.”


We went up the stairs to the second floor and into a part of the manor that I had not been to yet. Gone were the lavish decorations, now came the more personal effects of the family. Family photos started to dot the walls. There were plenty of cute photos of a younger Daphne and Astoria. When Daphne noticed me looking at them, she released another groan and started to pull me faster. Causing me to chuckle at her antics.

We passed by a door that had a silver plate on it that read ‘Daphne’, signifying that this was her room. It was a couple of rooms down where we came up to a room without a plate on it. She opened the door and stepped inside. 


Inside was a rather large room for a guest. It had a large bed with all the accommodates one would need when staying over for a night or two. It had its own door to the bathroom and a dresser. Once I was inside, I summoned my grimoire and commanded it to settle on the bed. It opened out and launched the bag into the air, landing onto the bed with a small thump. 


Daphne still looked irritated. Not wanting her to stew, I asked, “are you alright?”


She shook her head to shake whatever thought she had and responded, “I will be. Just not expecting my mother to be this manipulative for tonight. Or the suggestion she gave earlier. I have never heard her say that before.”


Giving her a laugh, I sat down on the bed and started to rummage through my bag for my overnight clothes. “Honestly, knowing how you and Astoria can be.. I’m not surprised. I do hope you know that I would not force you to-”


She sat down next to me and took my hand. “I know.” She started to rub my hand with her thumb. She remained quiet for a while before muttering, “thank you. For tonight. It has been a wonderful night, one that I thought I would hate. But you made it worthwhile.”


I gave her a peck on the cheek as she focused on our hands. “Of course. I knew tonight might be tiring for you. Especially given that only some of the suitors stopped once you made your choice. I could hardly imagine what would have happened if I wasn’t here.”


She giggled. “You can be imposing when you want to be.”


Giving her a smirk, I said, “only to protect you.. Milady.”


“Hermione Jean Granger! Don’t you dare start!” She said cheerfully. While there was no malice in her exclamation, hearing her say my full name sent chills down my spine. 


“I don’t know. I seem to be fitting that image of a knight in shining armor. Especially given that I can wield a sword quite well.”


She shook her head before realizing I said something she didn’t know. “Wait, you can?” Her interest in my ability to use a sword just added more to the fact that she does like the trope. 


“I can. In my first life, I learned the art of a Spellblade. The ability to weave magic and sword work into a style. It’s why I made my grimoire float and act based on my thoughts. I could show you sometime?”


She stared at me for a moment before squeezing my hand, “I think I would enjoy that.” 


It was at that point we heard a voice down the hallway. “Make sure to close the door and silence it!” Astoria.


“Astoria!” Daphne got up and went to the door. Before she could scold her sister, she turned her head and said gently, “good night, Hermione.”


Giving her a big smile, I responded lovingly, “good night, Daphne.”


She closed the door softly before I heard. “You little minx!” causing me to laugh at the sisters' antics. 

Chapter Text

The screams of the men as they were launched over the cliff were ignored as I rushed over to the person on the ground. I knew what it was like to be beaten down to the ground and everyone else ignored it. I would never allow that to happen to someone else. Not when I have the power to stop it. 


Once I got to the person, I finally took notice of.. His? No, I shouldn’t assume. Anyway, I took a look at their features. They were nothing I have ever seen before. Dusky skin with black hair. Very angular features. Long pointed ears. I wasn’t too sure who I was looking at, but I would do my best to help them.


I got my pack out and started to rummage for any of the healing components I had on hand. I truly hated how large and clunky this pack was. I should see about changing that, just not sure where to start. Pulling out a healing potion, I tried to wake the person up. “Can you hear me? If you can, could you please make a sound, smack me, or something.”


It took a moment before I heard a groan. Releasing a sigh of relief that I didn’t know I was holding, I added, “oh good. Look, I-I’m not sure what you are, but I want to try and heal you. Please give me another groan if you are able to feel the effects of a healing potion.”


Another groan, which was another relief. With that answered, I unstoppered the flask and put it up to their lips. I then gently leaned their head back and slowly poured the potion down their throat. They swallowed the potion and a sigh was released from the person. 


With that done, I started to look at the other injuries the person experienced by those men. Several bruises, possible sprain of one arm, the other possibly broken. This was not going to be easy to heal quickly. I took out several bandages and some healing salves to apply to some of the cuts and bruises. 


I was stopped midway through the process when I heard a gentle voice from the person. “Wh-” they released a cough, “where are the other humans.”


Giving them my full attention, I responded, “I blasted them off the cliff. They shouldn’t be a problem anymore.” 


Their eyes opened and I saw a soft lavender color reveal themselves to me. “Yo-you killed them? Your fellow humans? For me?”


I gave them a frown and said, “they weren’t humans. Those were monsters.”


Their inquisitive eyes kept looking at me as I continued to heal their wounds. “You are a strange one, for a human.”


“Not the first time I have heard that.” Their eyebrows raised slightly at my comment, but allowed me to minister their healing. I got to their broken arm and knew this was the time where this would hurt. “I might have to re-break your arm. I don’t have the right materials to handle a break without pain.”


They looked down at their arm and shrugged. “Do what you need to.”


They prepared themselves as I positioned myself to re-break the arm. “I’m going to count to three.” They nodded and I started to count. “1..2..3..” Then I gave the arm a jerk and shifted the arm. 


“Argh!” The rest was in a language I didn’t understand, but I could tell they were curses. 


Quickly applying some of the salve, I gently apologized, “sorry about that.”


“Don’t, you did remarkable. I never expected a human to care. You continue to surprise me.”


Healing and applying triage to what I was able to, I started to pack up my supplies. “Another common response to me.” They sat up and gently allowed the broken arm to hang in the cradle. “Oh my apologies, my name is Morgana.”


They stared into me with those soft lavender eyes. It almost made me want to squirm under the scrutiny. Far too many memories of Uther doing the exact same. “My name is Fylaneiros.”


With introductions out of the way, I felt the need to ask, but I didn’t want to be rude. “I apologize in advance, but.. Umm.. what are you?”


They gave a soft chuckle and responded, “I never would have thought a human would care to apologize, let alone do so in advance. Heed not worry, Morgana. You surprise me, but for once, in a good way. To answer your question, I’m Archfey.”


I had only heard rumors of Archfey. A people who supposedly were part of the lands far before humans. They claimed the isles as their own. If that was the case, then there was a constant struggle between my countrymen and them. “I’m afraid that I don’t entirely know a lot about your people.” 


Another chuckle. They responded, gently, “not a fault of yours, but of your people.” They continued to stare at me before they finally added. “I think I should properly thank you for what you have done. I’m quite sure you have no idea what you have done.”


This made me hesitate. I’m not sure what they were referring to. All I did was help keep them alive. Surely that wasn’t as major as they seem to believe it was. While the comment about what I have done sounded ominous, my curiosity was bristling to know. 


“I could tell you have many questions. Help me up and I can answer many of your questions.” They had their free hand out, ready to be pulled up. Letting my curiosity guide me, I grabbed their hand and helped them up.

I woke with a jolt from the dream. A memory from so long ago. The beginning of becoming something new. I pulled my hand that I had involuntarily placed over my eyes. The ashen skin signifying that I was in my Archfey form. I never knew that day was the day I would learn a whole new world. A new world with a whole lot of truths to the lies that I had heard from multiple accounts. 


A year later from that day, I was forever changed. To be the Archfey that I am now. Thanks to Fylaneiros, I would be grateful for them. They have been there for me through a lot of shite. Maybe one day I will go to the Feywilds to see how my sire is doing. As well as the rest of fey.


I was a bit surprised that I had shifted in my sleep. That normally happens when I feel safe to do so. While I trusted Daphne and Astoria, I was not sure how their parents would react to the truth. But that could be a problem for the future. So shifting in my sleep last night was odd. A quick Tempus told me that it was quite early, a little earlier than I would like. But starting my workout early was never a bad thing. 


Deciding it was best to get ready for the day, I got up out of the guest bed.




I levitated my bag and pulled out my workout clothes that I had recently bought. They were definitely something you would never see in the magical world, but they did provide the most comfortable fit when working out. A far cry from my first life of horribly itchy tweed. A shiver went through my body at the thought of the material. 


Once I was done changing, I made my way out of the guest bedroom. The manor was quiet this early in the morning. I doubt many of the servants would be awake, which made my trek through the manor uninterrupted. Since the southern exit of the manor was in the direction of the hallway of Greengrass ancestors, I decided it was best to make a quick stop to Averil.


She was softly snoring when I arrived at her portrait. It was almost cute if it wasn’t for the fact that she was quite the irritating pain back in the day. Clearing my throat woke her up. She shook her head before her eyes landed on mine. “Morgana Pendr-” She looked at my clothes and interrupted herself, “what on earth are you wearing?”


Giving her a wave of my hand, I responded, “oh, just some workout clothes. I was on my way out before I decided to visit you.”


“I see. Well then, I’m sure you have questions. The inquisitive arse that you are,” she muttered the last part, which made me smile. 


My smile faded as I asked, “what happened?”


She took on a more sour look at the question. “Merlin came back with only your grimoire. He claimed that the plan failed. He seemed.. distraught, more so than I would have thought he was capable of. The only thing he mentioned afterwards was that he was going to preserve as much as he could. Of your legacy.”


It occurred to me how much My and Arthur’s death would affect him. “Did.. did he start drinking?”


She looked up and responded, “no. He didn’t. But that’s not what’s important. After your death, rumors of you started to sprout about. Most of them were lies. He tried his best to stop them, but it was futile.” She released a heavy sigh, “you didn’t have as much of a sway in these parts as much as you thought.”


I shook my head, “no, I knew I didn’t. That battle was supposed to be proof to them. I’m not surprised by their reaction.”


“Still, it progressively got worse. I’m sure you know the outcome.”


Silence engulfed both of us at the thought of events that happened. I had one more question before I left. “Thank you for the information. It was.. Insightful. I do have one more question. What about my apprentice?”


She pondered the question before answering, “I’m not entirely sure. He disappeared around that time and no one heard from him. I’m afraid that is all I know.” Not surprising given she was a portrait. They only contained the memories when they were created. 


Nodding my head, I thanked her, “you have been most helpful. Thank you.”


“It was my pleasure. Do make sure you don’t bring the downfall of my family. I will haunt you,” she glared at me. It would have been menacing if she wasn’t a portrait.


“Noted. Now I must be off. Good day, Averil.”


“Good day, Morgana.”

My morning workout went without any issues. I was able to see the manor come to life as everyone else did. Several servants came out and started to tend to the gardens and walkways. I met a couple of other servants who I didn’t see the night before. It was entertaining to see their faces as they noticed my sweaty form in muggle clothing that I had worked out in.


As I was walking towards the guest bedroom, I noticed Daphne’s door open slightly. Out came a tired Daphne, who was rubbing the bleariness from her eyes. I stopped right in front of her. Once she was done rubbing her eyes, she noticed me. Her eyes roamed over my body and a slight blush appeared. 


“Good morning, Daphne!” I said with a cheeky smile. 


She cleared her throat and responded, “good morning, Hermione. This is quite.. the surprise. I assume you just came from the workout you mentioned?”


“Yeah, I woke up earlier than usual and decided to start early. Also spoke to your ancestor.”


She was puzzled at my mentioning of her ancestor. “My ancestor? Who?”


“Averil Greengrass. She was the Matriarch during my first life. I only met her a couple of times. Nothing too major if that is what you’re wondering,” I explained.


“Ah, interesting. Did you happen to know a few of the Sacred-Twenty Eight ancestors?” She questioned. I figured this one would pop up at some point. 


“I’ve met most of them. At least those that gave me the time of day, anyway. Many saw me as an upstart and wanted to disrupt their coffers or livelihoods. You know, the usual noble house shite.”


She chuckled at my candor. “So nothing that changed.”


“Hey now, I’m not touching their coffers now. Which reminds me, I actually need to visit Gringotts to find out if any of my first life stuff remained,” I mentioned to her. 


She tilted her head slightly and asked, “you think you still have one from then? I thought with the numerous wars between the Goblins, it would be gone.”


“It wouldn’t, at least not for me. They would move it if they needed to. The big question would be if Merlin placed anything in the vault or not. Worse case scenario would be the vault is in another country and Merlin didn’t place any of the items I had on me in there.”


She waited for a moment before asking, “do you want me to come with you?”


I thought it over for a moment. I doubt the Gringotts would have any issues with her coming with. Especially if I allow it. Not that it would matter, they would be able to tell right away. They were far more inquisitive than humans gave them credit for. It would also mean more time with her, which was always an upside. “If you want to, I won’t be upset if you don’t want to.”


She smiled and responded, “I would like to. I could tell you are reconnecting and.. and I want to be there for it.”


I gave her a small smile and stepped closer to her. “Of course. There will be more, beyond the ones I already have.” 


“That would be nice. Well, I should let you bathe.. You need it,” She finished by wrinkling her nose.


A rather sinister idea came to mind. A smirk appeared on my lips as I stepped closer. “Aww, don’t you want a hug?”


“Don’t you dare, Hermione Granger!” But I was already engulfing her in a hug while laughing. “Ack!” Her response made me laugh harder.

After my quick shower and a fresh pair of clothes, I was on my way to the more informal dining room. It wasn’t uncommon for families to have separate dining rooms, where one was for formal and the other informal. This would be the place for the family and very close friends to be allowed to sit at. It was a privilege to sit in the informal dining room.


Daphne was guiding me towards said dining room. She was rather irate with my actions earlier, but how could I not give my girlfriend a hug? Sure, I was a sweaty mess and definitely someone that the refined Daphne Greengrass would not normally touch. But I wasn’t normal, now was I? That said, she waited for me to bathe and change quickly.


We made our way through a simple double door that she opened. Inside was a small room, with a small dining table. Lady and Lord Greengrass were already sitting at the head chairs. Astoria was munching tiredly on some toast. They all glanced our way. A smile graced Adorabella’s lips. Lord Greengrass remained passive and turned his attention back to the paper. Astoria was barely paying attention and continued to munch on her toast.


“Good morning, girls. Hope you both slept well,” Adorabella greeted us both. The playful tone indicating her suggestion from the previous night.


Giving her a slight nod, I responded, “I did. The guest bedroom was marvelous. I also want to thank you for allowing me to use the southern lawn for my workout.”


At first she was slightly disappointed, but that was immediately washed away with a smile. “Of course, dear. Please, sit. I’m sure your food will be arriving soon.”


Daphne moved first and took her seat. Moving next to her, I sat to her right again. Lord Greengrass had lowered his paper to glance at me. “If I may ask, why did you require the southern lawn?”


I turned my attention to him. He seemed to be eyeing me, to measure my worth. He rarely had the chance last night. While Adorabella was the Head of the House, the other families still held onto old beliefs and would only talk to Lord Greengrass. What wracked my brain was that the Greengrass family has always been led by the women of the family. It was nothing new. “I have started a workout regime, to get fit. After my recent.. battles. I have a need to increase my endurance if I wish to protect those close to me.” A swirl of house elven magic appeared, along with breakfast for Daphne and I. I took a small forkful of my breakfast. He noticed that I still had more to add and allowed me to finish with this bite so that I could continue. “Being in peak physical condition also aids in my preferred fighting style.”


His interest peaked at the mention of fighting styles. “Fighting styles? Such as?”


Adorabella groaned as she went to take a drink of her tea. “Oh no, you got him going. I’m not helping you out of this one.”


Lord Greengrass set his paper down and chided his wife. “Now, now, dear. Why would you neglect our guest for something that she clearly has an interest in.” He then glared at her. “Especially after the stunt you pulled last night.”


She seemed to at least feel some guilt over that. “Fine then. But you could not deny the positive effect it brought. Especially to the rest of the families.”


“That may be, but-”


Astoria, who seemed far more awake now than before, irritatedly interrupted them, “as much as I enjoy your riveting argument, could you keep it down. Some of us are still trying to wake up.”


This elicited a snort from Adorabella to snort at her youngest antics. Lord Greengrass turned his attention to me as Daphne reprimanded her sister. “Astoria..”


Astoria shrugged. “What? It’s true.”


Daphne released a heavy sigh. Turning my attention back to Lord Greengrass, I responded to his question, “primarily duelist. Or that was what it was called in the early thousands. It’s similar to fencing. I do know many other traditional forms. Though I adapted the form that Godric Gryffindor named. Spellblade.”


He seemed more interested in me now than he has in all the previous meetings combined. It seemed that this was sort of a hobby for him. “If you don’t mind, after breakfast, would you like to see our collection? Possibly a friendly duel?”


Now my curiosity has been piqued. The chance to see a collection, especially one crafted over centuries, was enticing. The chance for a mock duel would also be interesting to see where I stand on that front. I’m sure I’m rusty and would need to see if I need to adjust to my new form. Not only that, but this could be an excellent way to gain his favor. “I think I would like that,” I said after a moment of contemplation.


His smile widened at my acceptance. “Excellent! Now, I don’t mean to push, but your breakfast is getting cold.”


I chuckled at his antics and dug into my breakfast. Making sure not to disrupt Daphne as she listened to her father’s and I discussion. Noticing out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that she was giving me a slight smile. Adorabella also had a similar smile. Astoria was the only one who looked like she wanted to fall back asleep. Which made my chuckle continue for some time.

After we had finished breakfast, Lord Greengrass brought us to a different part of the wing that I had not been to yet. Lord Greengrass and I walked alongside each other while the rest of the Greengrass’s remained behind us. He continued to talk about the various blades that he has collected over his life. Going off of what he was explaining, he has quite the large collection. 


He guided us into a set of double doors. Inside was a small arena like area where the walls were filled with several weapons, mainly swords. There were a couple of pedestals that contained objects. Majority of the items in this room were magical, and dark. There were several suits of armor that followed the pillars. Above the walls was what seemed to be a viewing area. Allowing guests to view down into the arena. Looking at the array of the room, I could tell that this was where they must have hid their artifacts. The walls are able to swivel and completely hide the items on the other side.


Lord Greengrass brought me into the center of the arena while the other Greengrass’s went up into the viewing area. He moved towards one part of the wall that contained several different types of swords. All magical and based on the array, blunted. These were swords specifically for dueling and would not harm the opponent no matter how reckless one could get. 


I walked up to the set of swords. There were several types, but my eyes only landed on the longsword. My left hand touched the handle of the blade. The leather of the hilt was soft to the touch, indicating great care towards the weapon. Swiftly pulling out the blade, I inspected the metal. It was made of steel and was polished to a wonderful gleam. I flicked the sword into the air, eliciting a gasp from everyone. As the sword came spinning down, I brought two fingers out and gently glided the sword into them. Placing them where the balance point of the sword should be. 


I looked up at Lord Greengrass to see his shocked face. “A marvelously balanced blade.”


He cleared his throat and seemed to puff his chest out slightly at the praise. “Why thank you. I take great care of the family's armaments.”


A smile appeared on my lips as I said, “it shows. The leather is soft and comfortable in the palm. The shine of the sword is remarkable.”


His curiosity increased at the praise and knowledge I exhibited. “You certainly know your way around a weapon, Ms. Granger.”


Launching the sword into the air again and deftly grabbing the hilt as it came down, I allowed the moment to swing the sword low before swiping it back up. It seemed that I retained plenty of dexterity that I had in my first life. When my eyes landed on him after the display, he had already grabbed another longsword and stood in a fencing stance. 


The first thing that stood out was how he was holding the weapon. He was grasping the hilt too tightly. Due to that, my best approach was to maneuver the sword with ease. Shifting my feet into more of a Kendo stance, I loosely moved my left hand on the hilt. My right hand came under and held the pommel of the hilt. With his attention on me, I finally responded, “it was one of the main weapons of my first life. I also crafted several blades in that time, so I would hope I know my way around a sword.” A chuckle escaped my lips at the end.


Lord Greengrass lips turned upwards briefly before he said, “let’s duel to the first hit. Does that sound good? This is meant to be a friendly one.”


“Sounds good to me.” I gave him a half bow, keeping my eyes on him at all times. He returned the same gesture.


“On the count of three.” He paused to wait for my agreement. Giving him a short nod, he started the count. “One… two… three..”


He moved forward once he finished saying three. His stance was good as he kept shifting the weight of his body between legs as he kept his right forward. Like a viper, I waited for him to get close before springing into action. 


He gave a quick swipe of his sword, one that I easily parried. Shifting my weight to my right foot, I sidestepped to his empty hand side. The song of the swords as they scraped against each other brought many memories back. Keeping up with me, he swiveled on the spot and kept his sword pointed towards me. My eyes remained focused on his chest. Few did not know it, but the chest can give away what a person is going to do, especially in battle.


Shifting my weight, I brought our joined swords down to my right side. Realizing what I was attempting, he pulled his sword back, preventing a lock into the hilts. He took a step back and watched me like an eagle. Returning to my stance, I started to take confident steps forward. He prepared himself for my attack, a vertical slash downwards. With ease, he deflected the strike to the side and went in for another attack. 


Because of my grip, I was able to easily twist the sword to parry the attack. This caused the sword to clang together and my sword slid down towards his hilt. They met, causing both of us to be in battle for control. We looked into each other’s eyes. He was deadly focused on the task at hand. A smirk appeared on my lips as I noticed his footing. He had placed all his weight into his front foot. A common mistake.


Shifting my weight away from him, he stumped towards me. Disengaging my blade, he then started to fall. Being quick to act, I levitated him with my right hand as he was about at a forty-five degree angle. His sword fell out of his hands as he tried to brace himself for the fall. My sword had remained in my left hand and off to the side.


Lifting him up, I allowed him to steady himself before dismissing the spell. His eyes were wide as I gave him a big smile. He was panting at the exertion and the fact that he almost fell face first into the floor made him realize he was outclassed. “That was quite fun!”


He continued to stare at me before he stumbled out a reply, “H-h-how? That was- I was not expecting..”


My smile lessened as I got slightly serious. “Your grip was too tight on the hilt. That reduces movement of the sword and is easily manipulated by your opponent,” I pointed out. I wanted to help him with his technique, not discourage him. “You also had all your weight in your front foot when our hilts met.”


He stared dumbfounded at me when I explained his mistakes. “I see.. It never occurred to me.” He knelt down to grab his sword. Once he stood up, he placed the sword tip vertically down. He gave a small laugh, “well then. Even though you never hit me, it’s clear you were the winner! I applaud you Ms. Granger! That was wonderful!”


My smile increased, “I agree! It was amazing! It has been quite some time since I held a sword. I enjoyed it greatly. And please, call me Hermione.”


He took his hand out for me to shake it, once my hand touched his, he gripped it firmly. “Then please, call me Florian then!”


“Very well, Florian.”


The others came down from their elevated platform and entered the arena floor. The three women had various stages of surprise. Adorabella was the first one to give voice to the silence that encapsulated us. “That was amazing! Short, but amazing. I had no idea how skilled you were, Hermione. You continue to surprise me.”


Giving an exaggerated bow, I replied, “I aim to please!” Daphne walked up to me. Since I didn't want her to accidentally come close to the sword, I levitated the sword into the resting place. “I did mention I was quite good with a sword, didn’t I?”


She remained neutral before her hands went to mine and responded, “you did. That was quite the surprise. I have seen Father face others and he has more wins than losses. But that was something else.”


“While your father is quite skilled, the modern fighting styles lack what I was taught during the prime time of those weapons. I also fought with a sword for most of that life, so I have experience,” I explained. It was true since so many techniques have disappeared over time. Changes in technology and magic have caused them to decay. 


“In any case, Hermione, I would love it if you would give me more pointers. I found it quite enlightening,“ Florian said, interjecting himself into Daphne and I’s conversation. 


Giving him a slight smile, I said, “I would be more than happy too. But I’m afraid I might have to get home soon.”


He was a little disappointed, but quickly replaced it with an air of neutrality. “Very well. I can understand that.”


Daphne gave my hand a squeeze and whispered, “let me know when you want to go to Gringotts.”


Giving her hand a squeeze, I whispered back, “I will. It will probably be in a couple of days.”


“Oh just kiss already! You two have been skirting around this for far too long!” The annoyed voice of Astoria resounded through the room. This elicited a laugh from Adorabella and Florian. 


“‘Tori!” Daphne was about to move to reprimand her sister, but realized her hand was still holding mine. Looking down, she looked back up to me, giving me a small, wonderful kiss before letting go and going after her sister. 


Chapter Text

The days after Daphne’s birthday, I had contacted her through our journals about going to Diagon Alley to visit Gringotts. She happily agreed. My parents gave me permission as well. Though they were hesitant at first, wanting to come with me, I was able to talk them out of it. With the danger of Voldemort’s people, I didn’t want them anywhere near the magical world. I still hadn’t made their protective necklaces, which I hoped that I would have some, or at least purchase some during this trip. Without them, I wanted them to remain in the muggle world and to be cautious. 


A quick apparate to the Greengrass Manor to pick up Daphne and a teleport to the steps of Gringotts brought us to Diagon Alley. We landed easily on the marble steps of the bank. A quick survey of the alley gave me an idea of the atmosphere. There were very few people walking the streets. Everyone huddled in the shops or along the sides. Looking both ways, to see if anyone was watching them. Fear was hanging in the air as everyone knew that the Dark Lord had returned. If he was smart, he would do well to not attack Diagon Alley, or Knockturn. While attacking places of commerce was smart for war, far too many families had investments in businesses here. It would be a sure fire way to turn them against you. 


Daphne moved besides me and her hand slipped into mine. She looked around the alley and came to the same conclusion I had. “Hopefully the Dark Lord’s people will keep clear of the alley.”


“It depends on what his plans are. I’m sure I caused a disruption to his intial plans. Considering he has been laying low since his attack on the Bones.”


She nodded in agreement. “That’s very true. I hope he doesn’t plan to do the same to anyone else. It frightens me if he tries to attack my parents.”


I turned towards her and gently held her shoulder. “I hope he got the message to not attack anyone close to me. But that does remind me. I had wanted to do it when I had visited for your birthday, but I wanted to ask your parents if I could reinforce the wards.”


She gave a small chuckle, “considering the impression you gave them, I’m sure they would welcome any improvements from you. Father still goes on about the duel, by the way.”


Turning towards the entrance of Gringotts, I gently pulled her with me. “I won’t lie, I was initially not planning on that being what impresses him. But I do like how it turned out though.”


We stepped through the massive entrance of the bank. The dim light of the interior made my eyes quickly adjust to the low light. The main room was massive with several Goblins behind their oak desks. There was a relatively small number of people in the bank, mimicking the atmosphere outside. People feared to leave their homes. The paper was not very positive of the Ministry at the moment. There was very little being done to dissuade the fear of the people. 


The good news was that Fudge had stepped down and was apparently on the run. Good riddance I say. Rufus Scrumgeour had taken his place, but he was hardly a leader for war time. It did not give me good hopes for the light side, but they did bring this upon themselves with their inaction early on. It was due to their ignorance that caused this. 


If I contributed to the war in any capacity, the tides would change dramatically. But that would require me to care about either side. The only thing that directed me towards the light was purely because of Harry and the Weasley’s. Otherwise, both sides can shove it up their arse. All they cared about was control. Especially magical creatures. The light like to proclaim that they were progressive with their views, but are all too willing to restrict werewolves.


Walking up to one of the tellers, he took notice of me and his eyes widened. A smile graced my lips at his reaction. His name was on a brass placard next to him. “ Good day Gargrot. I would like to speak to my current account manager. Do you know if Filknas is available ?” I asked in perfect Gobbledegook.


He gulped slightly. His nervousness was obvious, even to others who came to the bank. He gave a swift nod. “ Let me see if she’s available, Morgan le Fay .” He hopped off his chair and went through the door behind him. 


As we waited for his return, Daphne commented quietly, “I knew you had a connection, but do you know all the languages?”


“I know the languages of those who are descended from fey. Though I do know some languages that don’t. Like Dragons,” I responded quietly.


Her brows furrowed. “Dragon’s have a language?”


“Don’t snakes?”


Her finger came up and then lowered as she realized her argument was null. “Fair.”


The sound of the door opened and my account manager appeared through the door. As most Goblins, their appearance was dictated based on their accomplishments. They wore several souvenirs of their conquest, full on display for all to see. Filknas’s had a necklace made of sharp pointed teeth, teeth that resemble Goblins. She gave a deep bow, refusing to meet my eyes. “ Morgan le Fay , it is of my most highest honor to meet you fully. I apologize for any transgressions in our earlier meetings .


Filknas, relax. You and your people have done me no wrong. Please, rise. There’s no reason to bow .


She slowly stood straight and looked up. She still didn’t quite meet my eyes. “ The tale of your lenience does you no justice .” Giving her a smile, she gestured for us to follow. As Daphne and I moved to follow, she directed her next question to me, “ I’m assuming you want her to join ?


Please, she will be involved. Though, I do apologize beforehand, we might have to switch to English.


Filknas nodded her head and guided us towards the bowels of the bank. Goblins were not one for decorations. Most of their decor was more derived from their personal being, rather than a place. Ironic given their need to make their banks quite extravagant on the outside. Daphne had moved in step besides me. “I’ve never seen a Goblin bow to someone before,” she whispered quietly. 


I knew that Filknas heard, so to help ease relations, I responded, “They normally don’t. Goblins are a proud people. Bowing to someone means they show great respect for that person. It’s quite admirable in my opinion.”


Daphne, realizing the mistake she made when she commented on the bow, said, “ah, my apologies then, Filknas. I did not mean to offend. I am still.. realizing the error wizards have had for so long.”


Filknas did not turn her head, instead she only gave a small nod as she continued to escort us. After a moment, she opened a door, which was labeled ‘Filknas’, and guided us inside the room. There was a small ornate desk inside and a set of chairs. Filknas went to the far side and sat down at the table. Taking the opposite, I sat down waiting for Filknas to start. Daphne took the seat next to me and watched with rapt attention.


Filknas pulled open a drawer and a piece of parchment. She then pulled out a dagger and an ornate metal bowl, and I knew instantly what she wanted me to do. “I do apologize for this, Morgan le Fay , but procedures are what they are.”


Giving her a swift nod, I said, “I understand.” I grabbed the dagger and sliced my right hand. I closed my palm and held it over the bowl. Squeezing my hand, blood started to drop into the bowl and a small crimson pool appeared at the bottom. Once enough blood filled the bowl, I released my grip and casted Episkey to heal the wound. The bowl’s magic came to life and while imperceivable to anyone else, I could see the magic take in the blood and analyze it further than the potion could do.


Fliknas took the parchment and dipped it into the bowl. The magic of the parchment soaked up the blood and disappeared visually. She then put the parchment down on the desk and allowed the magic to work. Slowly, similar words I saw from last year appeared on the parchment. The emotion I had then completely gone as more words appeared on the parchment. Showing the detailed work the Goblins applied to their craft compared to wizards.

Morgana Pendragon - Morgana of the New Moon

Morgan le Fay

Queen of Avalon

Archfey (Muggleborn)

Daughter of

Anslem Rolfe (Deceased)


Ygraine de Bois (Deceased)

Adopted by Uther Pendragon (Deceased)

Sired by

Fylaneiros of the Dusk


Hermione Jean Granger

Archfey (Muggleborn)

Daughter of

Dan Oliver Granger


Emma Louise Granger nee Marshall

There was more, showing a family tree, which due to technically having two families, melded together, making it hard to read properly. It gave me the idea of possibly making a new method to properly figure out bloodlines. This was not so much an issue in general, but if in the future I were to wish to view mine, it would need to be clear. Not to the point of a headache as it will eventually become. Archfey in general do not care for that sort of thing, but as I came from human origins, I had some use for it. “There’s more on there than the one from the Ministry,” Daphne pointed out. I figured that would be the first thing she picked up. “It also shows you being an Archfey..” She trailed off, a little unsure if she should say that.


Moving my eyes from the parchment to her, I explained, “Goblins have a far more extensive means of examining a person's blood compared to mages. The only reason they have the ability to go deeper than the potion we made was because of me.” Among many others, the heritage potion was one I made in my first life at the request of several nobles. The versions they are able to make are only as extensive as I gave them.


She looked more closely at the parchment and added more to her investigation. “I see that you and Fylaneiros,” She slowly attempted to say their name. Failing slightly due to the dialect differences between Fey and English.


“Fylaneiros,” I repeated the correct pronunciation. 


She repeated it a couple of times, ensuring she got it correct before continuing, “have what I assume are.. Family names? Why is yours different than his-”


“Theirs,” I interrupted her, gently. I didn’t want to appear rude to my girlfriend, but pronouns were important.


Her puzzled look reinforced the reason I needed to correct her. Filknas remained staring at both of us as we discussed. “I’m sorry?”


“Archfey have a more fluid view of gender. Something that humans have known, but are only recently acknowledging. Fylaneiros uses they/them pronouns.” I could explain further, but we were in the middle of a meeting and didn’t want it to be dragged on.


Understanding slowly filled her face as she realized what I was referring to. “I see. I’m not very.. familiar with that. Honestly, I never really heard of that.”


I gave her a gentle smile, “it’s ok. That’s not something you would deal with on a daily basis. We can discuss more of it later. Anyway, you are technically correct. Of the New Moon and of the Dusk are sects. Depicting an Archfey’s lineage. Since the Archfey have less value on their blood related family, it’s more based on their beginnings. For example, Fylaneiros first came to being during the dusk cycle.”


“And you were the first to be sired, making you a new moon.”


My smile brightened as she answered right. “Correct! I also happen to be the only one of the New Moon.” She smiled back. Happiness filled me as she started to understand more about Archfey and our culture. I knew the discussion about gender will come later, but considering how she took this, I knew she won’t have too much of a problem with it.


Filknas cleared her throat, which brought both of our attention to her. “As enlightening as this is, we do have to carry on.”

Appearing apologetic, I responded, “apologies. Anyway, is there anything else you need? Pertaining to security?”


She shook her head. “No, it officially confirms you and we can now discuss your holdings.” She pulled out a rather large folder and opened it. Placing the blood test parchment on top. She then took hold of the divider, which was closer to the top. “When you first came to Gringotts five years ago, we had started the process to move your first vault here. We have kept them separate, but we can combine them if you wish.”




She nodded and started to write down my request. “Now, your parents, Dan and Emma Granger, have access to your Granger vault. Would you like that to extend to your Pendragon vault?”


“Yes, please. Could you also add Daphne Greengrass as well.”


“What?” The surprised voice of Daphne drifted through the room. Turning to look at her, the usual neutral face was replaced with shock.


“I want you to have access. In the event if anything happens..” I drifted off, not wanting to say the next words. “I want you to be able to have access. As much as I love my parents, they do not have the magical knowledge that you do.”


She slowly nodded, still shocked at being given access to possibly one of the oldest vaults in the world. Filknas wrote down the request and then started to list off my monetary value. “In your Granger vault, you initially had fifty galleons placed in the vault. Over a couple of investments, that has increased to six hundred and fifty galleons.”


That was quite the monetary gain in such a short amount of time. There were only three companies that I was able to invest in, as the buy in was too much at the time. To see a six hundred galleon profit was amazing. It was thanks to the Goblins that allowed that to happen. 


“As for your Pendragon Vault, the last transaction was made by Merlin.” That piqued my interest. Filknas, noticing my heightened focus, continued, “he deposited several chests and what would be equivalent to one hundred and forty seven thousand galleons in various currencies of the time.”


That caused me to choke. “Uh.. what.” I looked over to Daphne who had a similar face. My expectation was that there were no galleons in that vault. Mostly filled with magical objects and knick knacks.


Filknas, noticing our shocked faces, gave a big grin. “Of course, it’s not in the wizarding currency, but we can convert that. At a price.”


Clearing my throat, I responded, “please do. I was not aware there would be anything outside of magical items. Did he leave any notes?”


She started to flip through the pages in the bigger section of the folder. Her finger landed on one and said, “ah. He did. ‘Here is what was left of the coffers in Avalon, after various parties took their chunk from it. I hope it comes to good use in the future’.”


Oh Merlin. Always there for me, even though you were a pain in the arse most of the time. We both had been through thick and thin, being magicals who were surrounded by non magicals. Having to be the ones to always be on our toes because the enemies had their own mages. We built a special bond not so different from siblings. We would always be there for each other. Now that I knew it was there, I wanted to see it for myself. “Could we visit the Pendragon vault?”


Filknas nodded her head. “We can.” She got up from her chair and walked around the desk. Daphne and I followed suit, walking behind Filknas as the door opened. We continued down the hallway, in the same direction we originally went till we came to the transportation station. There were mine carts lined on one side, awaiting to be set on a track and be used. Instead of going to the lone cart that was on the track, she took us to the opposite side of the carts. 


Hidden behind a small wall was a service elevator. I had no idea that the Goblins had an elevator. The doors looked slightly worn, a tinge of weariness on the hinges. It made me wonder if the carts were a ploy to annoy mages. As we came upon it and Filknas started to fiddle with the controls, Daphne pointed something that was on my mind. “There’s an elevator?”


Filknas looked over her shoulder to look at us as she responded, “there is. Though it’s only used for the oldest vaults. The tracks don’t go down that deep.” The tone that Filknas said indicated that it wasn’t truly for the oldest vaults. There were plenty of families older than my vault. No, this was for special vaults. Those the Goblins respected.


The elevator doors opened and we moved inside. It was a small elevator, but considering the rarity of someone entering the elevator, it made sense. The interior was made of a dark metal with a silver trim. Daphne took hold of my hand and gave it a slight squeeze. Looking into her eyes, I gave her a reassuring smile. Then the elevator jerked and we descended into the bowels of Gringotts.


The journey was uneventful and smooth. Nothing like the carts when going to other vaults. I’m sure this would make Daphne jealous, as her family’s vault would be in the lower portion, but still requiring a cart. The doors opened and all three of us walked out into the cavern. 


The cavern itself was relatively small and very sparse of vaults. The rough cutout of the stone and several stalactites gave the idea that very few people visited this part of the bank.  It was also quite dark and Daphne would have problems seeing properly. I held onto her hand so she could stay near me. The annoyed look she had as she realized I could see perfectly in the dark, almost made me laugh. 


Filknas walked towards an extravagant vault. It was trimmed in purple flowery patterns. Silver was the main metal for the vault door. The faint shine of its polish indicated that it was well taken care of. There was no key slot, only a single open hole. She stood next to the hole and gestured for me to stand with her. “Place your hand in the hole. You will feel a spike inside, poke a finger or palm on it and remove your hand.”


Following her instructions, I placed my hand into the hole. Once my hand was in the hole, I felt around for the spike. Finding it, I scraped it along my forefinger, allowing blood to freely spill into the reservoir. Removing my hand and quickly healing the cut, a click was heard inside the door. The purple trim lit up and gave an ominous feel as the doors slowly started to open. 


The screeching sound of the doors scraping against the ground caused me to shiver. It was over soon enough as my vault was opened. Several scones along the walls lit up, allowing visibility for those who couldn’t see in the dark. In the center were several chests, the lids open on all of them. The chests were filled with various gold, silver and copper coins. Coins I knew were not used today. 


Along the left side were a couple shelves, filled with books. Works from days gone by, a collection that was crafted over three decades. Many were from well known legends and myths of today. A good portion of them were my own. Works that I wrote for the public, not like my grimoire. 


The right side had several stands, holding several clothes. Most being unconventional robes, especially of the time. My eyes landed on the cerulean blue robes. The charcoal grey pants, made of silk, with gold trim and lacing. The robes themselves were more of a top, with two coattails and a single tabard like front, reaching down past the knee. The center of the top was more open, a travesty of the time, now not so much. A short white top allowed a hint of a midriff. Mid arm length gloves made of the same material as the pants. Robes that were heavily enchanted made what should have been a hole right in the center of the chest, perfectly mended. 


On the far side of the room were several artifacts and objects. Pieces that would make even the darkest of families cringe. Two pieces caught my eyes the most. In the center at the back was a staff and broken sword. Fear filled me as the thought of the sword being Excalibur.


I marched with purpose as I walked straight to the back, ignoring the surprise from Daphne. As I got close, my speed lessened as my fear disappeared. The sword was not Excalibur. It couldn’t have. We made that sword out of special metal and so heavily enchanted that the chances of it being broken were near impossible. Instead, it was Claidheamh na Fìrinn. The Sword of Truth in modern English. Merlin named it, far better than what I was going to name it. The silver sword with a very unique look. It was more curved, with a wave in the center with what used to be white runes. The hilt had a ruby red gem. The grip was black leather, still in decent condition, but showed wear and tear.


I knelt down and gently picked up the pieces. The magic long faded as the blade was fractured, breaking the array. Claidheamh na Fìrinn was never meant to be like Excalibur. It was my fifth and was an excellent focus for my magic. To see it in pieces caused immense sadness to fill me. 


A hand touched my shoulder, causing me to look up. Daphne was giving me a reassuring look. Her eyes landed on the pieces. “Is that..”


“It’s not Excalibur. Its Claidheamh na Fìrinn. My sword.”


“Hermione..” She knelt down and gave me a sideways hug. “I’m sorry. I know that you take great pride in your crafts.”


“I do..” I placed the pieces back on the ground and gave a small chuckle, “except I can’t name for shite.”


She gave a small laugh. “That’s true. I have to say, you have a lot more than I imagined.” She surveyed the vault, taking in everything that was there. 


“Except for the money, I expected most of this. Seeing my robes, sword and Merlin’s staff is a surprise though.”


She turned towards the staff quickly. “That’s Merlin’s Staff!” She yelled in surprise. To know that the famed Merlin still had a relic that exists would surprise anyone. 


I stood up and took the step towards the floating staff. It was a rather simple oak wood with a gnarled end with a write crystal floating in the center.  My hand wrapped around the haft of the staff. The texture of the wood was still sturdy, not decayed in the slightest. The magic in the staff immediately thrummed at my touch. I tapped the staff on the ground, causing the crystal to lit up brightly. Another tap dimmed the light. “It is. And it’s still fully powered.” I let go of the staff and it returned to floating in the air.


I pointed towards the cerulean robes and said, “those were the robes I wore most of the time.”


She walked over to the robes and inspected them. “I see you wore pants then, “ she joked.


A smirk appeared on my lips. “I did. Couldn’t stand full length robes. Far too many times did Merlin get tripped up in his robes. Yet he still claimed they were far superior. Idiot.” I muttered fondly at the end.


She moved over to another set of clothes. She pointed at them as she asked, “what are those?” The clothes were immaculate. A sleeveless top and pants. Made of dark leather and clasps of gold. A single cerulean cape over the right shoulder and a small gold pauldron on the left. Asymmetrical fingerless gloves, thinner on the left side with the right having a silver bracer. 


I walked towards the ceremonial armor of a make that no one but myself would recognize. My hand traced over the soft, but firm leather. Fully preserved against time. “These.. these are ceremonial Archfey attire. This was given to me when I became one. I wore it from time to time during important meetings as queen.”


She marveled at the clothes. “It’s quite amazing. I can see that looking amazing on you.” She beamed as she looked between the clothes and myself. Heat crept up my cheeks as she gazed. It was comforting to know how well she was handling the new world of magical creatures, given the massive shock she has received from everything. 


I motioned to the books. “You can get any of those if you wish.”


She tilted her head before her mouth opened and closed in understanding. “That’s right. You probably have them all memorized, don’t you?” Giving her a nod. She continued, “I might have to come by another time. I’m sure we should get going. Unless there was something else you wanted to show me?”


Thinking for a moment, I looked towards some of the small chest next to the magical artifacts. What also got my attention was a couple of chest filled with metal ingots. Metal of various sizes and color. Copper, silver, iron. The common ones were there. The one that got my attention was one that had it’s own aura. Metal so rare that only very few people knew about it outsides of fey. Adamantine. Adamantine was a metal that only a fey could shape. Just like Goblinsteel, Adamantine was special to fey, especially Archfey. It was the metal used to craft Excalibur.


Moving over there, I opened the chest filled with jewelry and scrounged around for some necklaces. Finding two that I’m sure would be easy to hide. They were simplistic silver necklaces that should retain the enchantment. One had the Gaelic rune for love and the other for peace. Poetic for my parents. “I’m all set now. If you don’t want anything now, I’m sure I could summon any of them if you wish.” Looking towards Filknas who remained by the door. “If that is allowed, anyway. I don’t wish to break any protocols.”


She shook her head. “Not from your vault. You can do as you please.”


“Thank you.” My head turned towards Daphne. “We should get going. There’s not much else to be done here for the time being.” We both walked together, hands interlocked as Filknas followed behind us. When outside the vault, Filknas punched the side of the wall, where I saw the array come to life and blaze in color. The vault began to close, this time quieter. 


When the dust settled, I decided it was now best to ask Filknas. “Would the King be available at all?”


She shook her head, “I’m afraid not. And not for some time. There was a mishap at the American branch that required his attention. I can send a message to let him know that you wish to speak to him.”


“Please. It would be best to re-establish as soon as possible.” She nodded her head and walked towards the elevator. We followed her at her surprisingly brisk walk. The rest of our time in Gringotts was short. Filknas had already filed the proper papers for my vault transfer and who had access to it. When we left her room and into the main foray, the atmosphere had changed. There were people huddled on the side. The tellers had all ducked behind their desk. I heard screams and shouts from outside. 


Daphne and I looked at each other and gave each other a nod. She pulled out her wand and my grimoire started to hover to my right. A part of me wanted to leave her out of this. I knew it was futile, though. She would never stay off to the side like a porcelain doll. “I will go out first and get an idea of the situation. Come out shortly after.” She gave a short nod in understanding.


Walking to the wall next to the entrance, I shifted out of the material plane and walked through the door. Once outside, I shifted back and took stock of the situation. There were Death Eaters around the center of the alley. They were flinging spells at the shops. I didn’t see any of the lieutenants, which meant that they were off somewhere else. Voldemort wouldn’t send his fodder without anyone to lead them. That much I have gathered from him. 


Standing at the top of the steps to the bank, I calmly said, “is there a reason why you are attacking the alley?”


Immediately all the grunts stopped what they were doing and stared straight at me. Many of them had a shocked, scared look on their faces. Some were angry and had their wands pointed at me. Footsteps behind me told me that Daphne had exited the bank. She stood to my right as we both stared down at the group. 


One brave soul took it upon herself to step out of the crowd. “You should have joined the Dark Lord, Morgan le Fay. We will do marvelous things!” She finished with a howl that showed her madness. Many others copied her. The more I interact with these people, the more unhinged they appear. 


Surveying the group before looking at the buildings. Considering there was a lack of dead bodies, it was a relief to know they were only attacking the establishments. Taking a step forward, I started to dispel the magical flames they had produced, to stop further damage. “I truly don’t care for your war. What I do care about is the fact that  you are disrupting the flow of galleons. Especially mine.”


Several of those angry few shifted a little as they realized they angered me. Before any of them could respond, a cackle was heard from the side. Turning my gaze towards the voice, I saw Bellatrix and Fenrir Greyback. The lieutenants were down the side of Ollivander’s shop. The grunts were a distraction then. What could they possibly be after then? Especially Ollivander.


“Lady Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback. What would cause both of you to walk down the lovely Diagon Alley at this time of day?”


They both stopped in front of the pawns and stared up at Daphne and I. Fenrir stared daggers at me, a sneer appeared on his face. Staring indifferent at him, I heard him release a low growl. Deciding to ignore him, I focused on Bellatrix. She was surveying the damage of the buildings and was immediately angry. “Who in the bloody hell started a fire!” She turned on the grunts and they all took a step back. “You were to distract! What part of setting fire to buildings counted as distracting!”


The same woman who had responded to me earlier stepped forward and bravely said, “but, Lady-”


“CRUCIO! Did you forget how many families have investments!”


My earlier assessment was correct in that Voldemort was trying to stay clear of causing problems with the pureblood families. Which was not a surprise considering they wanted to support their cause and interrupting the cash flow was the complete opposite of that. 


She released the spell and turned back on me. “My apologies, Morgana. These nitwits did NOT follow directions.”


“As I can tell. Are you going to answer my question, or should you be heading off. I would hate for this to turn.. violent.” Fenrir released another growl, but this time he was staring at Daphne. My eyes narrowed at him as he did so. “I wouldn’t if I were you,” I finished low enough to cause him to hesitate, his eyes landing on me again.


Bellatrix, watching the exchange, tried to quell the tension. “That will not be.. necessary. We were just on our way.” She turned towards Fenrir, “right?” She growled at the werewolf. 


Fenrir stood straight and restrained himself. Bellaxtrix’s threat hanging in the air. “Fine. Let’s go.” 


At the call, the lieutenants and grunts apparated away from Diagon Alley. Once they all left, people who were once huddled away from death eaters, came out. All their eyes were on me for a moment before they started to survey the area. Daphne, who remained by my side, said, “that was something. What do you think they were doing? I noticed Bellatrix and Fenrir came from Ollivander’s shop.”


Looking down the alley, towards the shop. “I’m not sure. But I want to find out. Let’s go check to make sure Mr. Ollivander is still there.” 


She nodded her head and we walked down the alley. When we came up to the shop, we noticed that it was virtually untouched. Opening the door, a ring went through the shop. After a moment of silence, a quiet “moment, please!” was heard from the back.


Out came Garrick Ollivander, unharmed and seemingly unperturbed by the chaos outside. “Ah! Ms. Pendragon! 10¾", vine wood, dragon heartstring . Heiress Greengrass! 12½”,  Poplar wood, dragon heartstring core. What a surprise! Now what would bring you to my shop?”


Looking around the wand shop and clamping down on my magic sight, I responded, “ensuring your safety. It seemed the Dark Lord might have sent Bellatrix and Fenrir after you. For why? I am not sure. They just left.”


He pondered for a moment before saying, “that, I’m not sure. In any case, I will make sure to.. stay low, as you young ones say.” He peered into us deeply. If I didn’t know that this was normal for wand makers, I would be taken aback. “I must say, I’m quite intrigued by you, Ms. Pendragon. I knew you were different the day you first entered my shop. And I am still not entirely sure why.”


Daphne and I looked at each other and we both knew why. While he could not tell that I was Archfey, he could sense something was different. Wandmakers were different in a way people didn’t quite grasp. Due to their work requiring them to be so close to the components of said wands, it changes their perspective. They became more sensitive to magic, far more than your ordinary mage. “I’m afraid I can’t tell you that, Mr. Ollivander. But know that you are somewhat right.”


“I see. Well then! Was there anything else you ladies need?”


Daphne responded before I did. “No, that will be all. Thank you Mr. Ollivander.”


He shook his head. “No, thank you.”

He then shooed us out of his shop without so much as a word from either of us. The door closed behind us. We stood there blinking for a moment before looking down the alley to see that the Aurors had arrived. “Guess we might as well help with repairs,” I said. It would do some good for the people to see us help out. Especially to help my image. Can’t really call me a Dark Lady if I am helping with repairs, now can you?

Chapter Text

The two necklaces were on my desk, underneath them was simple cloth as the magic slowly started to weave itself into the metal. As I magically etched the enchantment, the runes started to appear on the metal, a white and purple glow. As I finished the last and final component of the enchantment, the runes flashed brightly before dimming. Then they disappeared, becoming invisible to anyone but myself. 


With that checked off my list, I picked up the necklaces and inspected them. There was nothing overtly special about them besides their symbolism. They were small and would easily hide under clothes. They should only work for my parents, so if anyone were to take them, it wouldn’t work for them. My enchantments only ever worked for the person they were intended for. It made them more unique, special to that person.


My mind drifted to Daphne’s grimoire that I needed to get started on soon. There was a small pile of empty books that she could choose from. If those didn’t satisfy her, we could take a detour during school shopping to peruse for more. Her grimoire was going to be just as special as mine, if not more. Hers won’t have some of the issues I had with mine early on. At least I hope it didn’t as I heard a thud. 


Turning my head, my grimoire was flying into the wall for no apparent reason. I didn’t quite give it sentience, it worked off my subconscious mainly. That didn’t mean it wouldn’t get it’s own personality over time. Including flying into the wall. It was a good thing I cushioned the book so there were no imprints or holes on the wall. Telepathically, I ordered the book to lay on my bed, which it did so without complaints.


Another project that I was working on was for Harry. His birthday was in a couple of days and there were plans to celebrate at the Burrow. My gift for him was one that I had already done for Daphne. A messaging journal so we can communicate easier. As much as I adore the messaging owls, it was slow and painful considering the Fidelius charm on the house. By adding another journal to the system, I had to alter how one directed messages between each. As a way for only the intended person to receive the message. Wouldn’t want Harry to see the conversations that Daphne and I have had.


From what I have gathered, he has spent most of his summer getting closer to his Godfather. It was heartening to know that he was finally feeling that familial love that he had been missing for so long. It also seemed that Sirius took his recovery more seriously after my threat. Knowing the effects that dementors could have on a person, it was good that he was doing so. Without proper care, having any loss of your being causes unwanted changes. To say you could become crazy was a small symptom of what could truly happen.


Harry’s journal was just about done, as all it needed was the embroidery of the Potter seal. Since I lacked the proper thread for it, I needed to do some shopping. The memory of Daphne saying she would like to see a bit of the muggle world, came to mind. It would be the perfect way to introduce her to the muggle world. Since it was such a small item to purchase, it would be a relatively short trip and she wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the everything.


Pulling out my journal, I sent Daphne a quick message.


To Daphne: I was wondering, I know you wanted to see a bit of the muggle world. It just so happens that I have a reason to do a small bit of shopping in the muggle world. Want to come with?


Letting the journal stay open, I got up from my desk and walked out of the room. The sound of the television downstairs indicated that one of my parents was home. Walking down the stairs, I saw Dad was watching a show, one that I didn’t care enough to pay attention to. “Hey, Dad?”


He looked away from the television. “Yes, Bug?”


“Would it be alright if Daphne comes over? I don’t think she would be staying the night, but I know she-”


He gave a hearty laugh, “calm down, bug. Of course she can come over.” Apparently I had started to talk faster if his interruption was to go by. 


Relief filled me as he allowed her to come over. “Great. I will let her know. I will probably have to go get her.”

He gave me a big smile, one that eased my nervousness more. “No problem. The guest bedroom should be ready if she needs to stay.” He then turned back to the television to watch his show. 


Now that I had permission, I went back upstairs to see if Daphne had responded yet. Looking down into the journal, I noticed that she responded.


From Daphne: That’s interesting. Did you make a change to the journals? As for your question, I would like to see a bit of the muggle world. I’m just not sure what I should wear or how to act.


Her nervousness was obvious in her writing. I couldn’t blame her. The muggle world was large and she had very little knowledge of it. The fact that she was open to the idea was great. For her to have an idea of what wonders muggles could do would help slowly bridge the ever shrinking gap. It also relieved some stress from me. While I am quite different from many muggleborn, it was still a world I came from. To know that she was willing to learn more of it, made me ecstatic.


To Daphne: I had to make a change to the journals because I am giving one to Harry for his birthday. Honestly, what you wear outside of school robes are fine. Your fashion sense won't throw off the muggles. So you don’t have to worry about that. We won’t be going too far into the muggle world. But it would give you a small step into it.


Her fashion sense was amazing. She always knew what to wear that would make certain aspects.. noticeable. Though I am quite bias. I remember how hard it was to not stare for too long. At least those awkward times were behind me. Oh, the trials and tribulations of a lesbian. It was a couple of minutes later before I got a response from Daphne. 


From Daphne: Alright. I’m ready whenever you want to go.


With the confirmation, I went downstairs again. As I walked past Dad, I told him what I was doing. “I’m going to go get Daphne. I’ll be back, so she can see the house before heading out for a small bit of shopping.”


His head didn’t move, but his eyes landed on me. “Just don’t go spending all your money. I know you have come into a lot of money now, but you have to spend it wisely.”


Rolling my eyes, I responded, “I’m aware. I just need to get some thread for Harry’s gift.” Walking into the kitchen, I added, “I’m heading out! Be right back!”


Before I could hear his response, I apparated to the Greengrass manor. The same black gates greeted me as they did the past two times I have come here. Walking towards the gate, they opened up on their own, allowing me entrance. The grounds were much the same as they have been in the past two times I have been here. Walking past several servants, I made my way to the main entrance. Opening the double doors, I walked into Daphne and her father having a discussion. Both were leaning slightly into each other. 


“Father, I will be fine. Hermione will be with me the entire time. There’s nothing to worry about,” Daphne said to her father in a calming tone. She wore a simple black skirt, leggings, and a nice shirt. It certainly accentuate her long legs. Ahem. Anyway, and she thought she wouldn’t fit into the muggle world with her clothing. Her irritation was slowly growing as she continued to bicker with her father.


“That may be, but the muggle world is vastly different than our own,” Florian rebutted. The worry was etched in his voice. 


Figuring it was best to stop this argument, I interjected myself. “While that is true.. We are only going to a small shop and look around the area. Just a dip of a toe into the muggle world. Nothing that should be too worrying.” Hopefully my tone came off as more playful and would dissuade their fear.


Both of them turned their attention to me. Daphne’s irritation seemed to melt when her eyes landed on me. Florian seemed to calm down as well. They both straightened and smoothed out their clothes. Florian spoke first. “If you are sure, Hermione. I trust you. I just don-”


“Trust muggles. Completely understandable. That’s why I’m starting small.” He remained quiet as Daphne moved over to me and took my hand in hers. She gave it a squeeze and a nervous smile in my direction. “You know I would never intentionally put your daughter in harm,” I added, finally.


He seemed to fully calm down at my declaration. “I know. Just.. just make sure she remains safe.”


“I will. But she can handle herself. Remember that.” Now seemed to be the best time to ask. “On the topic of safety.. Would it be possible if I could reinforce your ward system? I happen to have knowledge that no one else knows and would double the safety of the manor. And those in it.”


Surprise washed over his face at my question. “I wouldn’t be opposed to it. As long as it doesn’t interfere with how our current one works.”


Soon, another checkbox will be listed for the summer. “It shouldn’t. It would just make it near impossible to break. It would also let me know, so I can come to fend off those who are attempting to break in.”


“That would be appreciative. Now, as much as I would want you to get started on that.. I’m sure you both have plans. Just come by when you can to work on the wards system.” He turned around and went up the stairs. “Do bring her home at a reasonable hour please.”


With his approval, I turned towards Daphne. “Are you ready?”


She released a shaky breath. “As ready as I will ever be.”


My grimoire came out, floating in front of us. “Alright, one trip home, all aboard!” Hopefully my joke would lighten her up a bit, but it seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. The glyph illuminated brightly as the spell resolved. Bright lights flashed before our eyes and then we were in the backyard.


Daphne took a moment to survey her surroundings before commenting, “well, it’s.. Small.”


My lips curled upwards as the laugh I was trying to contain came out all at once. “This is the backyard. Most muggle houses are small, since there are so many people.” There was only a finite amount of space, so space was rationed. Odd concept to a mage since they can expand an area or room with magic. 


She was a bit puzzled and asked, “why not expand it?” The innocence in her question showed how little she knew about the muggle world. It was no surprise, even though the Grey’s were slightly progressive, they didn’t know all too much about the muggle world. Hell, Light families barely do and they were the supposed paragons for muggle culture for the magical world. Arthur Weasley being a prime example of that.


“Muggles don’t have the ability to do so. Even with technology doing just as marvelous things as magic, it’s still got a way to go to do that,” I explained.


“Oh. The way some of the other families go on about muggle technology, I would have thought they would have.. more,” she hesitantly said.


“Well, I can definitely say that if you were listening to Mr. Weasley, he would think that muggles have all the same amenities as the magical world,” I explained. I opened the back door and allowed her to enter first. She surveyed the kitchen as I closed the door. “While many of them are similar to electricity, the more esoteric magics are not possible. At least at the moment.” I waved my hand around the kitchen, “this is the kitchen. Nothing special. Just like your standard wizardry kitchen minus house elves.”


A small laugh escaped her lips as I made a slight joke. Walking into the living room, Dad was still watching television. “Welcome back, Bug! Hello, Daphne! Glad to see you again!” His attention turned towards us as he noticed us entering the living room. 


Daphne, depicting her noble heritage, responded politely, “good day, Mr. Granger.”


Dad waved his hand, “oh, don’t call me Mr. Granger. It makes me feel old. Just call me Dan.” He got up from the couch and stood in front of Daphne and I. “It’s great to see you again, Daphne. I’m glad you came to visit.”


Daphne was clearly uncomfortable with how open and upfront my dad was. A clear difference between the noble family she was from and a standard muggle family. Giving her hand a squeeze, she finally said after a moment, “it’s good to see you too Mr- Dan.”


Dad’s grin turned into a big wide smile. “Now, I’m sure Hermione wants to give you the tour and off on the errand she wants to do. So I will let you go. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask.” He moved to the couch again and plopped down, resuming to watch his show.


Daphne, now looking at the television, whispered, “what’s that?”


Her question made me chuckle quietly. “That’s a television. The closest analogy would be pictures and portraits in the magical world.” I grabbed her hand and guided her up the stairs. “The shows are generally pre-recorded and then it gets broadcasted on what are called channels. To explain further, they do this with a specially encoded radio signal.”


Her confused look caused me to laugh. We made it up the stairs and I directed her to my room. “This is my room. My parents are down the hallway. The other room downstairs was a guest bedroom and a bathroom. Other than the garage, that is pretty much the whole house.”


She looked around my room, which was slightly messy. Books were strewn across the floor, bed, and desk. My bed was against the wall, where a window was adjacent to the head of the bed. The sky blue comforter contrasted to the dark wood of the bed frame. 


The bookshelf on the opposite wall, next to the closet, was filled to the brim with books. Both magical and muggle. The magical books had a glamour on them that would make them look like muggle books if a muggle were to look at them.


My desk was on the same wall as the window. Giving an excellent view of the backyard. All of my projects were laying on the desk, the necklaces in the center. The options for her grimoire were on the left side, in a pile. On the left was the single journal for Harry. The design for his family crest was laying on top of the journal. 


After she scanned the room, she said, “it’s quite.. Small.”


“It is, but as I mentioned, there is little space in the muggle world,” I laughed. Pointing out of the window, she followed and looked out the window. “As you can see, the houses are quite close to each other.”


Her eyes widened in surprise. “There’s virtually no privacy! How do you deal with that?”


It made sense that was her biggest concern. Most wizarding homes had plenty of space between each other. Both physically and magically. Most of the Sacred-Twenty Eight had vast amounts of land before you see another building. “Well, being born to it, you’re used to it. As are most muggles I guess. Though if you were to ask Americans, it’s different.”


She nodded her head as her eyes drifted the items on the desk before they landed on the pile of blank books. “Are those..”


“A couple of blank books for your grimoire. You can take a look and see if one works for you. If not, we can keep looking when we go school shopping.”


She pulled the top one and started to flip through the book. Each one had a different feel, cover, and parchment type. This was meant to be unique to just her. That makes it far more special than anything else. She stopped looking at the first one and started to go through the rest. 


Eventually she stopped at a book with black leather exterior, and a soft brown on the inside. The pages were off white. There was no clasp, but there was an overlap of leather from the backside that provided the enclosure. The clasp and other decoration could be added later down the road, but it seemed she was interested in this one. “Out of these, I prefer this one.” 


I stepped behind her and wrapped my hands around her and took a hold of the book. “You don’t have to choose now. This is an important choice. Take your time. We can still look around. I won’t get started fully for a bit.”


Setting the book down, she turned around and was only an inch away. “Is there a reason why you need to wait?” Her eyes landed on my lips before returning to my eyes.


“Well, my grimoire is tied to my magical ability. Your family must have one. I want to find out what it is, unless you know what it is?”


She looked down as she said, “I don’t. We haven’t known what our ability is for centuries. None of the writings or portraits have any reason why.” She looked back up into my eyes. Her hands landed on my hips.


Giving her a reassuring smile, I said, “well, I plan to find out. As a forewarning, it will require blood magic.”


She scoffed, “as if I care if you are using blood magic. I have seen you do far worse.” She then pulled me into a kiss. I was a little off balance from the pull and quickly placed my hands on my desk on either side of her. My eyes closed as I responded to her soft kiss. Her lips felt like heaven on mine. 


What felt like forever, we broke for air. My forehead gently rested against hers as we gathered air. Staring into each other’s eyes. Eventually I cleared my throat and said, “we should get going to the store. Before they close.”


She smirked, a blush slightly dusting her cheeks. She looked down between us and responded, “You’re the one blocking me.”


Realizing our position, I quickly launched off the desk and stepped away for her to unpin herself. My cheeks had to be blazing red if the temperature of them were any indication. “Right. Well then. Let’s get going. It’s only a couple of kilometers away from here. So we can walk.. If you want.”


She smiled, enjoying my embarrassment. “That would be great.” She moved out of my room with a saunter that made me stare longer than I thought, but I wasn’t necessarily complaining. Quickly catching up with her, we walked down the stairs together. 


The television was off and Dad was not on the couch. When we made it to the ground floor, Dad was coming out of the kitchen with his pager in hand. “Sorry, Bug, but I have to go. Apparently there’s an emergency at the practice and I’m needed.” He picked up his keys that were on the hook by the door. He gave my cheek a kiss. “It was nice meeting you Daphne!” He opened the door and right as he walked through and closed it he added, “oh, your results came in. They are on the kitchen table!”


He was out of the house before either of us could respond. We stared at each other for a moment before shrugging. We moved into the kitchen briefly so I could grab my O.W.L.s results. I doubt they would be anything surprising to me. 


Opening up the letter, my results showed exactly what I thought I would see. Perfect Os across the board in all my classes. “Show off. And a cheater,” Daphne said over my shoulder. There was a slight jealous tone, but no malice. Which brought a smile to my face.


“Not my fault. I can’t turn the damn thing off. There are plenty of things I would love to forget,” I laughed.


Her eyebrow quivered upwards, “I hope not everything.”


Unconsciously clearing my throat, I responded, “of course not.”


“Good." The smugness in her voice was only amplified by the fox like smile she had. "Now, unless there’s anything else, we should get going.”


Hooking my arm, Daphne took it and we walked out of the house. Using my magic to lock it behind us. Not that I feared anyone would steal anything, the wards made sure they would be dealt with. It was more of the principle of the matter.


The sun was peeking through the overcast day, giving rays of sunshine through the city. The temperature was perfect for a walk and would ensure plenty of privacy during the walk. That isn’t to say I didn’t cast Muffliato on us. 


Daphne noticed and gave a small smile. “I have to say, having a girlfriend who can cast wandlessly has its perks.”


Giving an exaggerated bow, I responded, “of course.. Milady.” I was already prepared for the smack that was coming my way when I said it.


“Hermione Jean Granger!” The smack hit my arm. Ducking away from it slightly lessened the blow. We erupted into laughter at our antics and continued to walk. We settled into a peaceful silence before Daphne asked, “the muggle world is quite different than I thought it was. Not nearly as bad as I thought. While I’m not entirely used to.. technology. There really isn’t that much difference.”


“You say that like muggles are an entirely different race. The difference is whether they can use magic or not. Though, the muggles don’t know about magic. That is where societies clash and problems happen.”


She mulled over it for a moment before saying, “true. I have been to a degree. You were never like other muggleborn and I guess that’s what drew me in.” Her hand went from the crook of my arm to my hand. “The other’s always scared me. A fear that many other purebloods have. A fear of our society would be erased. But you never did that. Instead you conformed to it.” I wanted to say something, but I knew that she wanted to speak her mind first beforehand. “Of course, finding out your Morgana was a massive surprise and it obviously explains a lot. Yet even through all that, you still adhere to the same principles, if not more so now.”


Once she was done, I voiced my response, “your fear is not entirely misplaced. But I now see it differently than before. In my eyes, that is exactly what’s been happening to magical creatures.”


She was quiet for a moment, “you’re right. I never realized it till you pointed it out. Both the light and traditional families are always restricting the rights of magical creatures.” She looked directly into my eyes. “Of you. I think I am starting to understand the reasoning behind your motives. Especially when it comes to rights.”


“Thank you.” I said sincerely. “There’s far more, but you get the gist of it. There’s a reason I am reconnecting with various leaders, why I’m reaching out to many who have possibly lost trust.”


Another lull of silence. Allowing her to digest the discussion. It’s not everyday where you realized that the world you knew had been causing more damage than you imagined.  She broke the silence after a couple of minutes. “You mentioned before about Archfey and their more fluid views of gender. Would you care to explain further now?”


Giving her a smile, I responded, “of course. To understand why Archfey have that view is to understand what an Archfey truly is.” I pause for a moment to get some air for my explanation. “As I explained early on, our soul is extremely important to our being. Since our very being is our soul, that means we have an understanding of who we are. If, for example, my soul was placed into a male body. It wouldn’t feel right. In the muggle world, the word that is used is transgender. While for muggles, it's more complicated, as it involves brain chemistry. Though it could still be about souls. I have never thought about the sou-”


“You’re getting slightly off topic.. I think,” she interrupted me. Stopping my rant.


I shook my head. “No, I was a bit, but that’s something I can look into later. Anyway, our souls are who we are. If the soul doesn’t match the body, then steps to remedy that are taken. Such as making the body match the soul. In many cases, like Fylaneiros, their identity is not binary. Like we are both women and identify as women. For Fylaneiros, that is not the case. They don’t identify male or female.”


She nodded her head in slight understanding. “I see. That sort of makes sense. I wonder why the magical world hasn’t really encountered it before.”


“Oh, but you probably have. Or at least there should be. There is no difference between magicals and non magicals on that front. I even created potions to help those people.” It was entirely possible that the magical world has been so ignorant that they never noticed. Surely someone would realize just how miserable they would be if they didn’t quite match who they were supposed to be. 


She thought it over for a moment before saying. “I wonder what changed. Not just about the knowledge, but your potions. It’s a hit or miss whether the potions and other creations for the public are known.”


“That’s a question among a list of questions I have. I truly do not know why some are used and some are not.” A part of me wants to just forget about it. It was nine hundred years, of course information might be forgotten. But considering the amount that was still being used, that wasn’t entirely the case. My curiosity was getting the best of me. 


She gave my hand a squeeze. “Hopefully we will get answers soon. Now, how far away from the store are we?”


The rest of the day was of us perusing the stores for a bit. Daphne was slowly getting used to the muggle world. I had to interject myself before she said something she shouldn’t say, but otherwise it was a wonderful time together. I was able to get the thread I needed for Harry’s birthday gift. Daphne also got a pair of sunglasses that suited her quite well.

Chapter Text

From this far away, the Burrow looked like a hodgepodge of rooms put together. It was unique when you compared it to other wizarding homes. It seemed that every family member applied their own personality to the home. While most were similar to 12 Grimmauld Place, homes that were closer together in villages and expanded on the inside. The Burrow was different.


As a home of a Sacred-Twenty Eight family, it exhibited the same feature as the rest. Away from others with a decent amount of land between. I knew that 12 Grimmauld Place was not the ancestral home of the Blacks. That’s why it was similar to other wizarding homes. Though why it was essentially in a muggle area was a different question altogether. 


You could see the touch of each Weasley in the house. It’s visible in the ward system too. Different methodologies being applied to the system. While I could understand the possibility of that reinforcing the system, instead it actually made it weaker. There were conflicting layers that prevented parts of the system to work. I had originally thought about reinforcing the wards, but I’m sure that if I made any modifications to it, it would fail tremendously. It would be better if I just alert Mr. Weasley about it and hope that they deal with it properly.


A hand weaved itself into mine, bringing me back to reality. Turning my head, Daphne gave me a curt smile. Astoria was grinning from ear to ear as we walked into the exterior of the wards. Harry had invited both of the sisters. He must have considered them good friends to invite them to his birthday since he really didn’t enjoy his birthday all too much. Just another reminder of his parents. The wards gave gentle touches before wrapping themselves around us, allowing us access. We were then hit with a cacophony of noises from the inside of the house. 


The sound of Mrs. Weasley yelling at the twins made all three of us look at each other before shrugging. Walking up the steps, I gently knocked on the door. The yelling stopped and a brief period of silence before footsteps were heard on the inside. The door opened revealing Mrs. Weasley. “Ah! Hermione!” Her eyes then landed on Daphne and Astoria. “Daphne and Astoria! Please come in. Harry’s been waiting for you.”


Daphne responded before I did, “apologies about being a little late, Mrs. Weasley. Father got into another discussion about swords with Hermione.” She glared at me which made me shrink slightly.


“Not my fault that your father has exquisite taste, “ I tried to explain myself. It was true that Florian knew his swords and the craft behind them. How could I not get coerced into a conversation about them. I made several, one of which was legendary in both muggle and magical history.


“I don’t think we want to know about your sword talk, Hermione. Well maybe Daphne, but you get the point.” The tone of her comment gave enough of a suggestion of what she was truly referring to. The eyebrow waggle didn’t help either. A slight blush appeared on both Daphne and I’s faces.


Clearing my throat and ignoring the warmth on my cheeks, I changed the topic. “So, where’s the birthday boy?”


Mrs. Weasley seemed quite confused with the conversation we were having before sweeping it away with a big smile. “He, Ron, Ginny and Luna are in the back. Do remind them that dinner is at five.”


Giving her a slight nod, I responded, “I will, Mrs. Weasley.”


We stepped into the house. Both Daphne and Astoria surveyed the house, realizing just how different it was to their own. There were various amounts of muggle technology, strewn about in pieces. The clock showing each family member of the Weasley’s and what they were doing. It was an interesting design, showing that Bill, Charlie and Mr. Weasley were at work. Even though Mrs. Weasley had yelled at the twins, I would have thought they would be working on their joke shop. 


I wonder if they knew that I secretly made an investment in their business. They were one of the very few who were still fully open for business without any alternative opening times. Considering the dark times, I knew that their shop would be frequently visited. Thus, I would get a return and know it was going to a good purpose.


Mrs. Weasley had left back into the kitchen. Daphne whispered to Astoria and I, “it’s.. Quite the house.”


Astoria gave her a big grin and said, “I like it! It has character.”


Daphne glared at her sister. “Of course you would like it. Little minx.”


Astoria then tried to appear all snooty. “Just because my Patronus is far superior than your fox, doesn’t mean you need to bag on her.”


Daphne stood there fuming for a moment at her sister's antics. A slight chuckle escaped my lips which caused Daphne to turn on me. The chuckle was immediately cut. Trying not to gain more ire from my girlfriend, I pointed towards the back door and said, “we should go to the back. It’s through there. Follow me.”


The sister’s continued to look at the house as we traversed through it. Opening the door, I held it open for both of them. Daphne had a grateful look while Astoria was smirking again. Ignoring her, I looked to the back where a mock up quidditch field was set up. Harry, Ron and Ginny were on brooms. Luna was off to the side underneath the tree in the shade. She was playing with some lesser fey who had meandered over to her. 


They noticed us and Harry’s smile grew at seeing the three of us. “Hermione, Daphne, Astoria! Glad you could come!”


When we were closer, I responded sincerely, “of course we came, Harry. It’s your birthday.”


He seemed to shrink a little at my response. Knowing full well that I placed birthdays highly. It always made me wonder why I put such high emphasis on birthdays, but I now know why. In my first life, birthdays were days I would rather forget before Hogwarts. It was Helena who showed me that birthdays could be a wondrous time instead of dread. It certainly helped that I was no longer living in the same castle as Uther.


It was the same for Harry. His birthday first led to him and his parents being targeted by Voldemort. Then his Aunt and Uncle barely cared about him, causing him to see the spoilt birthdays his cousin would receive compared to him. It was no surprise that he didn’t care for his birthday. I always wanted to change that. 


“Sorry. Well, anyway, Ron Ginny and I were going to play some quidditch. The twins were going to join us..” He looked into the house where I heard another shriek from Mrs. Weasley. Causing all of us to wince slightly. “But I don’t think they are coming out anytime soon. Want to join?”


Daphne and I shook our heads, but Astoria was eager to join. “ I would love to! Ooh! We should do boys vs girls! Ginny and I against you two.”


Ginny had a sinister grin on her face at the suggestion. Her attention went to Ron and Harry. “Let’s do it! You are so going down!”


Before I allowed them to get heated into their quidditch match, I pulled out my bag. Sticking my hand through it, I pulled a wrapped gift. It was a dumb wrapping paper with a stick figure saying ‘Happy Birthday!’ over and over. I handed Harry his gift and said, “Happy Birthday!”


He was taken aback at the gift. He gave a small smile. “Thanks, Hermione.” He then gingerly unwrapped the present, still hovering on his broom. Once the paper was falling to the ground, he gave a small gasp. “Is this what I think it is?”


My smile was growing at his excitement. “It is. A journal in which you can communicate with either Daphne or myself. Since we are all in different houses, it allows us to easily talk to each other.” Though I could just enter the common rooms without any issues. Figuring out the passwords or even just using the cheat would allow me that. 


He looked at the crest on the front, I noticed a slight sheen in his eyes, knowing he was close to crying. “This is the Potter crest.” It sounded more like a question than a statement. Harry had very little knowledge about his own family line. Something that irked me quite a bit. I’m sure he has only recently heard more from Sirius recently, but this is something he should have known for a long time. Instead he barely knew his parents, let alone his family line. He looked up from the journal and asked, “how does it work?”


Daphne pulled out her journal from her bag and pulled out a quill. “If you want to talk to either Hermione or myself, all you need to do is write To and the name. Then start writing out your message,” she explained to Harry. She tilted her head and looked at me. “What’s the point of all the extra pages, anyway?”


“Well, there was the idea that if there was a lot to a message, there would be plenty of space. But as you and I have both realized, that never really happens. So I am probably going to change it so each page is for a different person.”


“That’s actually a really good idea. How long would it take for you to do it?”


I calculated the work I would have to put into it and responded, “well, if you take out all the other various projects, probably a day. It would work better with more journals. Which takes more time.”


“Bugger, that’s insane how you can just come up with things like that, ‘mione,” Ron’s surprised response cut everyone’s thought. 


“Don’t get her started on swords,” Astoria quipped, preventing me from giving a proper response.


Ron’s confused face told me what he was going to say, “swords?”


A groan was released from Daphne as Astoria started to tell the story about their father and myself dueling. This caused a round of surprise from Harry and Ginny, causing me to slightly blush at the praise. Luna was chuckling and continued to play with the lesser fey. Then Astoria just had to go into a tirade about the conversation we had before arriving. Causing another groan to come out of Daphne. 


Eventually they stopped laughing at my expense and started their quidditch match. Daphne and I walked over, hand in hand, towards Luna. She continued to play with the lesser fey as she said, “hello, Morgana. Daphne. How are you two?”

We both sat down next to Luna, still holding hands. The lesser fey started to congregate near me. A wave of my hand and a gold flash allowed Daphne to see them, as she was the only one who couldn’t. I then responded, “not too bad. Been extremely busy if you have not heard already.”


“I have. The queen bee has been gathering her forces and ensuring the protection of those she cares about,” that same monotone, but still playful tone of Luna. There was a slight bit of magical disturbance as she spoke. Magic of a fey. 


Based on previous interactions with her, I am slowly getting an idea of what type of fey her bloodline had. Now, I wouldn’t know for sure till an extensive blood test or bringing her to the Feywilds. I could tell that she had foresight. She could have the blood from a seer or oracle, like Nimue. Only time would tell. I doubt Luna would know.


“You are quite right. A lot of reconnecting. Still more to come. Still far too many things to do,” I explained. 


She turned her head and gave Daphne and I a smile. “At least enjoy the downtime while you have it. You never know what will be coming around the corner.”


“You are far too right about that with everything going on. Especially given someone is quite the target.. By many,” Daphne pointed out as she stared at me. There was a twinge of fear in her eyes, but it was mostly a gibe in my direction. 


“Tis true. Not like I planned for that to happen, might I add.”


She gave my hand a squeeze, “I know.” She leaned over and our lips met in a short kiss. She pulled back and added, “now, let’s do as Luna said and relax.”


An idea came to mind, one that I had been meaning to ask. “Daph, do you and your parents practice the old rites?” This was on my mind for some time. While I had never done any holiday rituals prior to my Awakening, I had been wanting to do them. Which wasn’t a surprise given my role in them and how important they were to me as a whole. It was a gnawing hunger that needed to be fixed. 


She looked around nervously and whispered harshly, “you’re not supposed to speak about them out loud!”


I just stared at her and replied, “when has the Ministry law stopped me?”


She glared at me for a moment before whispering back, “fine. Now, I won’t necessarily-”


“Father and I do. We usually go out into the forest, depending on the holiday,” Luna interrupted Daphne, not bothering with speaking quietly. 


This caused Daphne to blink owlishly. Luna continued to smile as she played with the lesser fey. Daphne eventually shook her head and continued, “we do. Why?”


“Well, I was thinking about leading Lughnasadh if your parents were up for it. To be truthful, I plan to do them at school.”


Her mouth gaped. “You plan to do rituals right under Dumbledore’s nose? Are you trying to get expelled?”


Shrugging, I replied, “no. But what is he going to do? He has far bigger fish to fry. Since he’s the leader of the fight against Voldemort.” The jinx fired off. The frustration built within me. After being in homes with my modifications to the wards, coming here and having it try to escape the wards again just hit a nerve. I pulled the magic with my hand and started to bludgeon it against the ground. Purple magic exploded where it impacted the ground. Causing everyone to stop what they were doing to look. 


Once everyone saw the color of the explosion, their eyes landed on me. “Sorry. Annoyed to all hell by the jinx. Carry on.” The quidditch group continued to stare at me for a moment before continuing their match. Turning my attention back to Luna and Daphne, I continued like nothing happened. “He would not focus so much on the little things like that. If so, let me handle it then. I will make sure that those who join won’t be reprimanded.”


Luna, completely ignoring what I just did, replied, “that would be wonderful! Would it be in the forest?”


Pondering it for a moment, I said, “probably.”


Daphne, now finding her voice, said, “anyway, I’m sure my parents will not have any problems with you joining. Leading it, that would be another thing altogether.”


“That’s fine. In either case, I would like to join.”


She smiled and snuggled up to my side. “That would be great. I didn’t like missing Litha.”


“Well, we were quite busy..”


“True.” Her head leaned against my shoulder. I put my hand around her and started to rub her arm. The three of us stayed silent till dinner was called. We were either watching the match unfold as Ginny and Astoria annihilated the boys or in the case of Luna, playing with the lesser fey.

The Greengrass Manor had transformed from the previous times I had been there. In several places were simple decorations to give tribute to Lughnasadh. Simple harvest decorations such as bread, grains and other similar objects. 


As Lughnasadh was the holiday for the beginning of the harvest and the decline of summer into winter. It was a holiday in which magic was most fruitful to the growth of crops. Back in my first life, this ritual was performed by both magical and non magical. Though the non magicals didn’t realize that even by contributing to the rite, they would in fact help their crops. 


On the magical side, a sacrifice was made, and with it’s life would growth come forth and supply it to the crops. Making harvests bountiful. Due to that, and the fact that many other rites involve a sacrifice of some kind, they were labeled as dark. Just as non magicals do, when someone doesn’t understand something, they’d rather squash it out than try to understand it. It was something I never understood why humans do that. 


They allowed fear to rule them. Letting fear rule you allows stagnation. Stagnation leads to a decline in many aspects, which leads to the very situation the magical world is in now. A dark lord coming and attempting to overthrow the weak government. I couldn’t really fault Voldemort to be honest. The Ministry had made a lot of bad calls that caused a weakening in its people. Though I know that his main reason was for power. And his fear of death. Not sure why he was afraid. Death wasn’t that bad, at least the act of dying wasn’t. The being itself was an asshole from what the elder Archfeys mention. Then again, Archfey did defy the being by accepting the reincarnation gift from Magic. 


That being said, it would be wonderful to take part in another holiday ritual. It had been some time since I had done a proper one, especially given that Merlin and I were the only ones to take part in during the wars. We had our own little area where we would perform them. They were always lacking based on what we were used to, but we still did them. Guilt filled me when I realized just how many I possibly missed. Let alone the ones I missed in this life.


In any case, the manor had been prepared for the rite. One of the servants directed me towards where the family was. It seems the Greengrass had a specific area on the grounds for rituals that was easily changed to just a simple sitting area in the garden. Made to hide easily if Ministry officials decided to come and rain on the parade. 


Walking through the gardens on the manor was always peaceful. The Greengrass family took great care of them. It was hard to compare them to other families since the only other manor I have been to, barring the Weasley’s, was the Bones, and that was a battlefield. The Greengrass had a vast garden and was quite large. There were various different plants, many from the non magical world. Many of them changed through the seasons, making the garden ever revolving around them. 


Making my way through the maze, I found the family sitting around the brazier. The brazier itself looked like an extravagant ritual brazier made of bronze.  A simple flame was lit in the center, which when the rite starts will shift in colors if done properly. The family sat on simple stone benches which concealed nicely into the area for sitting arrangements. The hedges were high enough that one could not look over unless you were seven feet tall. 


The family noticed my arrival. Florian gave me a nod and the rest gave me smiles. “Hermione! So glad you could make it,” Adorabella started before the rest of the family could speak. “I was quite surprised that you wanted to join, let alone lead Lughnasadh.”


Returning their smiles, I responded, “I can understand that. My first life revolved around these holidays. When they were the norm in both magical and non magical society.” 


She seemed surprised for a moment before it was swept away. “I forget sometimes that you were around nearly a thousand years ago. Well Morgana Pendragon was.” She waved her hand around in slight frustration. “You get the idea.” 


This caused a round of chuckling on Adorabella’s behalf. Daphne got up from her seat and gave me a quick kiss. “Are you sure you want to lead?”


Giving her a small smile, I said, “I do. It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t.”


She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and whispered, “alright. Father was willing to allow you to lead. And considering the time, I don’t think we have more time to discuss beforehand.” My gaze turned to Florian who gave a curt nod and stepped away from the brazier. Returning my eyes to Daphne, I gave her a big smile before moving towards the brazier. 


Once there, I noticed the items on the small table next to the brazier. A ritual knife, not one unlike my own, a book which clearly had the words for the ritual, several candles, and a dead chicken. Remorse filled me as I realized what the family had to do to keep a tradition alive. What probably most families had to do. The more time passes, the more annoyed I get with certain factions of the magical world. 


I closed the book gently and brought my grimoire out. I pulled out my own ritual knife and placed it next to the Greengrass one. The dead chicken was then pushed aside, opting for a better sacrifice. A live one would be far more useful for the ritual, as the original use was to sacrifice a goat or cow. That life essence was what gave the power to the ritual. A dead chicken barely did anything. 


Looking up I saw the family had a range of emotions from my changes. I knew full well that what they were about to experience would be entirely new to them. Levitating the candles, they were then placed around the area. A snap of my fingers lit them all at once. Pulling out my beaded bag, I pulled out five corn dolls. Setting the corn dolls in front of the brazier. I began the ritual.


“Lugh. We come together this day in celebration of the coming harvest and the ending of summer. We come to celebrate a funeral feast in memory of your foster-mother, Tailtiu.” Taking the Greengrass ritual knife, I sliced my palm. Blood began to pool as I hovered over the corn dolls. “Please accept this sacrifice so that you allow Magic to bless the harvest and the coming winter. May this sacrifice please the funeral feast.” Squeezing my palm, blood began to drip onto the corn dolls, soaking it in my blood. Setting the Greengrass ritual knife down, I picked up one doll at a time and gently handed them to each family member. 


Each member gingerly took the doll. Unsure what to do with the doll. I gave each of them a reassuring smile before returning to the center. Picking up the doll for myself, I began to feel the magic beginning to gather. Enough that everyone realized that we had been noticed and Magic herself had come forth. Picking up my ritual knife with my empty hand, I took a strand of my own hair and cut it. Holding it above the brazier, the color slowly turns from auburn to white. I continued the ritual, “may this sacrifice give tithe for all previous rituals that I have missed. May this sacrifice convey my apologies for my negligence.” The hair dropped into the brazier. 


When the fire consumed the hair, it changed color. From orange to white. Magic continued to gather and I was sure the family had noticed based on their surprised reactions. Then the flame turned to a soft blue. Acknowledging my apology. 


Holding the doll over the flame, I instructed the family to do the same. “Please bring the doll and hold it over the flame.” Each one hesitantly came forward and held their doll over the flame. “When I say drop, drop your doll into the flame.” They nodded their heads. Turning my attention to presence, I continued, “and may this sacrifice bring a bountiful harvest.” Looking towards the family, my eyes lingered on Daphne for a moment longer before I nodded and said, “drop.”


All five dolls fell at once. They touched the flame at the same time and were immediately consumed. The flame stayed that light blue for just a moment before turning into an emerald green. The magic that was condensing finally released, sweeping through the gardens and through each participant. A collective gasp was heard from the family as the magic filled them. Invigorating them. 


When the magic hit me, serene calmness filled me as my apology was accepted and the ritual was given more power than I had seen in a long time. My body began to vibrate as the magic swelled in me. The tips of my fingers started to tingle as the wave reached them. Controlling my breathing to have deep, even breathes allowed me to control the magic. 


The Greengrass's, who were unused to this type of magical swelling, were standing catatonic. Over what felt like hours, the magic began to dwindle. The wave of magic extruding out of the gardens and filling the manor property with new magic, fueled by the ritual. 


Opening my eyes, I started to slowly clean up as the family came to from the magical euphoria. Florian was the first to open his eyes. Eyes that were slightly glazed over before they focused on me. He tried to speak a couple of times before he eventually said, “that was nothing I have ever experienced. Is that how..”


“How a proper rite is conducted? Yes. I’m honestly appalled that the old ways have dwindled so much that you had to devolve to.. to a cant and dead animals,” my frustration was getting the better of me as I could tell from the slight waiver he had. “It’s not your fault. I know that the Greys and Traditional families are trying to bring them back. I truly do. But I don’t think what is being brought back is the correct way.”


He looked down slightly ashamed. “You’re right. So much has been taken from us.”


The rest of the family came to and were extremely surprised by the revelation of what a rite of the old ways truly was. Daphne more so than anyone else. “Tha-that-that’s. I’ve never experienced anything like that. What was that.. that being? Was that Lugh?”


Shaking my head, I calmly responded, “so you noticed that? No, that wasn’t Lugh. That was Magic. And before you ask, Magic won’t be appearing at each ritual. This was a special occasion for countless reasons.”


Gobsmacked by the news that the Magic, the being that gave everyone magic, was here reduced them to silence. After cleaning up, I decided to change the topic of the family and move onto something more lighthearted. “Now, who’s ready for a feast?” A big smile was on my face as they stared at me for a moment before Astoria let out a guffaw.

Chapter Text

The rest of the month continued on like the rest. A lot of planning, a lot of time with my friends, more time with Daphne, and a lot of homework. Though the homework was nothing in terms of time management. With the vast amounts of knowledge I possess, and my memory,  I didn’t need to open any books. Even though everyone would think that it was easy for me because of my first life, that was not the case. The magic has drastically changed in nine hundred years. For school work, it was entirely on my knowledge I had learned in school. 


There was more I wish I could get dealt with, but it would require traveling. Not that I was adverse to it, but now was not the time to do so. Far too many were looking up to me to become queen again. Something I did not want to do. Not only that, but several would be at Hogwarts, which I was going back to anyway. 


A part of me was not looking forward to some of them. Helena in specific. Last time I saw her, at least as Morgana, was when we broke up. It was shortly after that when she met her death. As Hermione, I never spoke to her directly. She always stayed on the outside, watching. It had always creeped me out. But now, I wondered what went through her mind. Especially after it became known who I actually was. She must have had some inkling of who I was early on. Not many people have my eye color. Add on to the accomplishments I have, it would be quite easy for anyone who knew me in my first life to notice the similarities.


In any case, it was school shopping day. While I have visited Diagon Alley a couple of times, it was purely for business and never anything school related. Today, the Weasley’s planned for everyone to go shopping. I had told Daphne and Astoria and they also needed school supplies. Which brought us to our current situation.


“I’m surprised by how well the twins have been doing,” Ron said as we walked towards the twin’s shop. You can certainly see that they have been using their investment quite well.


The shop was filled to the brim with their creations. I had to shut my sight off at the massive amounts of magic that were in the shop. Each area was sectioned off. One for potions, one for tools and toys, one for edibles. There was quite an array of items they had. It was quite amazing, especially given how busy the shop was. Besides us, there were about another ten people in the shop. For them to be doing so well during dark times was a good sign. People wanted some levity. “When you really think about it, it’s not that surprising.” He looked at me confusingly as I responded to him. “People are scared. Laughter is a good way to diminish that fear. It’s why Riddikulus works on Boggarts.”


“Right you are-”


“-Hermione. And that is what we strive for-”


“-Especially after we received another investment into the shop-”


“-We couldn’t disappoint Harry and this mysterious-”


“-Investor, “ The twins, Fred and George, had popped up behind us. They had scared the others, but I heard them before they crept up on us. I raised an eyebrow to the twins as they realized they didn’t scare me. 


Once everyone had realized it was just the twins, Harry was the first one to respond while the twins were still a little put off by the lack of reaction from me. “Wait. someone else invested in your shop? Who?”


The twins took their attention off me and towards Harry. George started off first, “we are not entirely-”


“-Sure. Gringotts contacted us with a hefty amount of-”




Daphne looked at me, which caused Astoria to look in my direction. Giving Daphne a wink was enough for Astoria to realize it was I who did it. Astoria’s grin grew as she went over to Ginny and whispered into her ears. Ginny became very shocked and she looked in my direction. I held up a finger to my lips to shush her, which she nodded to.


Harry seemed uncomfortable and said, “are you sure you should be taking money without knowing who gave it?”


The twins look between each other. They were realizing the situation of accepting that large sum of money. “Sure, but Gringotts-”

“-Held this person in the highest-”


“-Respect. Now if you know Goblins-”


“-They wouldn’t say that for most families. So-”


“-This person must be trustworthy in some manner.”


Harry still seemed unsure, which radiated to Ron and eventually the twins. The rest were trying to hold our laughter. Considering that this could turn worse if they kept this conversation going, I decided to reveal the secret. “I would certainly hope so. I wouldn’t just give two thousand Galleons to just anyone.”


The other started to guffaw as the twins, Harry, and Ron turned on the spot and looked at me gobsmacked. A chuckle escaped my lips as I watched them remain shocked for a minute. Ron started to look like a fish out of water as the twins and Harry recovered. “H-h-how?” was the only response from Harry.


I started to peruse the shop as I nonchalantly said, “turns out Merlin was able to retrieve some of the wealth of Avalon before it was all taken. I was honestly expecting there to be nothing but what I had already stored there prior to my death.”


“Y-yo-you have another vault?”


“Well, I now only have one vault. The Pendragon one. It was in a safer location and easier to move than the Granger vault.” Which was weird to think about. The Goblins had some truly powerful magic to be able to move my vault from one place to another without too many issues. And the mages thought they had all the magic in the world. It showed how little they understood their magic and the form it took.


Before Harry could respond, The twins butted in. “We wish to express our gratitude-”


“-For your contribution-”


“-Allowed us to hire-”


“-More employees who-”


“-Really needed a job-”


They finished together, going into an exaggerated bow. “-We are your humble servants, oh great one!”


To anyone else, they would probably be uncomfortable at the high praise and grovelling. Truthfully, I have seen far worse. In fact, this gave me a bit of a chuckle. “Please, there’s no need for that.” I tried to keep my composure, but it was hard with how the twins acted. It was so overtly exaggerated that it was quite a difficult task. “I wanted to help out and it was barely a drop in my coffers. I do expect a return, but I’m not in any hurry.”


They looked up from the ground to see that I was smiling at them and scrambled to their feet. Ron continued to be shocked at all the new information. The twins were about to say something until they heard a cry for additional help in the back. “If you will excuse us-”


“-We must make sure your trust-”


“-Is not misgiven!”


They quickly turned around and went towards the voice. It took a moment for everyone to get their bearings. Astoria and Ginny decided to go towards a cage in the corner. I could see a slight outline of what was on the other side, with the sign saying ‘Pygmy Puff’s’. Daphne was next to me, her hand wormed its way into mine. Giving her hand a squeeze, I whispered to her, “five galleons that Astoria is going to buy one for Ginny.”


She looked over her sister and the youngest Weasley and responded, “no bet. It’s going to happen. Glad to see I’m not the only one seeing that happen.”


While looking in that direction, I noticed out of the window a couple of interesting characters. Lady Malfoy, Draco, and behind an invisible cloak, Bellatrix Lestrange. Now what would a lovely family be skulking about in Diagon Alley. Well Bellatrix was a given, but the other two were free. 

It seemed that I was not the only one to notice as Harry and Ron quickly moved to get out of the store. “Harry, what’s the ferret doing sneaking about? Ought to be up to no good.”


“I don’t know Ron, but I want to find out.” 


Right before they were out of the store, I raised my free hand and magically grabbed their collars. This caused quite a funny reaction as they were stopped right at the point and their feet kept moving forward. Ron continued to attempt to move, but Harry realized what was happening. Giving Daphne a small nod, we walked towards the boys. Standing in front of them, I calmly mentioned, “what did I say about running into something you have no knowledge about? Because last time that happened, I fought the Dark Lord.”


They at least looked ashamed at what they were about to do.. Again. “Sorry, ‘mione. It’s just.. We can’t allow them to just walk around-”


“And what? They’ve not committed any crimes. Even if they have ties to the Dark Lord, that gives you no reason to just rush in and demand answers. That will get you absolutely nothing,” Daphne pointed out. It was true. Ever since her birthday ball, I began to wonder if Lady Malfoy didn’t quite like the side her husband chose. Especially since it distanced her from one of her sisters. Imagine if Draco was involved because of her husband. It was well known that Lady Malfoy coddled and loved her son. 


“She’s not wrong.” Looking at them, I could see that they still wanted to investigate. Considering the direction the family was going, I could garner where they were going. Knockturn Alley. “Look, let me look into it. They are going into Knockturn Alley. And frankly, I don’t trust either of you in that area. A quick way for you to get killed.”


They seemed to relax at my offer, which I was grateful for. I didn’t need them running into trouble again. Especially into Knockturn Alley. Not that I was complaining for the last time. I wouldn’t have my memories otherwise. Releasing their collars, they smoothed their clothes. “Fine, Hermione. I just..” Harry pushed his hair back, noticing that it has grown quite a bit since the start of Summer. He gave a deep sigh. “You’re right.” he looked at Daphne, “I should be more thoughtful about situations like that than just jump into things.”


Daphne gave him a nod. “Not everyone’s situation is set in stone. Nor should they be judged by looks. Take a look at Hermione for example. If you hadn’t known her for years, you would have been with most of the school last year considering who she is.”


He appeared sheepishly as he realized the truth of it. “Yeah. I would have.” He looked down in thought. When he looked up at me, he said, “I’ll let you handle it. Do you want the cloak?”


He moved towards his pocket, just the faintest bit of it showing, filled me with disgust. A shiver went through my body, one that was unpreventable. Now knowing exactly what that cloak was, I knew why I always reacted to it. Attempting to keep my revulsion from forming on my face, I held up a hand. “Please, no. That won’t be necessary.” While I didn’t like the idea of Harry having a Deathly Hallow, it was better in his hands than others. He wouldn’t use it for nefarious reasons. 


He shoved the cloak back into his pocket, dulling the magic roiling off of it that caused my aversion. The feeling of nails on a chalkboard ceased, allowing me to release the tension. “Alright, if you say so.”


A pointed stare from my side told me that Daphne noticed what happened. Not that I expected her to miss it. Giving an equal stare, one that I hope conveyed that it was a discussion for another time. She seemed to understand giving the slightest of nods. I fully turned to Daphne.“Do you want to come?”


She shook her head, “I will let you handle it. Just don’t fight anyone please.”


Feigning an insulted look, I said, “I would never start a fight! I’m shocked you would say such a thing!”


The only response she gave me was a raised eyebrow and smacked my shoulder. “No fights.”


Hanging my head in defeat, I said, “I won’t. Wasn’t going to start one anyway.”


Her eyes softened. “Good. I know you wouldn’t, I just want to start school before you end up in the paper again.”


She was right, I have now been in The Prophet multiple times since the Summer started. One was for the attack on the Bones Manor, and saving Madam Bones. The other big one was the last time we were in Diagon Alley, where the Death Eaters attacked and I stopped their plans and even helped with repairs. Several articles started to circulate about which side I was on. With my actions, they seemed quite confused. 


They have seen me use dark magic, which was interesting that I have not heard from anyone about that. Prior to my Awakening, I would have been arrested. The usage of dark magic was still against Ministry law. The only assumption I had was that they didn’t want to go after me since I could easily be an ally. Add my appearance at the Greengrass ball with me being a muggleborn and acting somewhat cordial with Voldemort’s forces was causing a conundrum in their minds. 


Giving her a short kiss, I walked out of the store and started to head towards Knockturn Alley. Knockturn Alley always had a dark and foreboding feeling, one that elicited the feeling of danger. In comparison to the muggle world, it would be the darker part of town. Where you go can find someone for the night or the more illegal items. It was also home to many who were downtrodden like werewolves. 


It was the perfect place for those who leaned more towards the darker side of magic to find their kick. Reagents that were banned in normal society. Dark rituals to curse your enemies. Dark magical artifacts that were probably sold in large quantities here during the purge a couple of years ago. Knockturn Alley was a wonderful place to find all of those. It was also a place where school children should not go.


Even among the Sacred-Twenty Eight, only a small handful would bring their children to this alley. Then there’s me who would have walked in here prior to my Awakening. Someone who’s intelligence would allow them to wander through the dark stores and know what you can and can’t touch. Who to talk and not talk to. To be able to defend yourself if needed. It would involve illegally reading books to get that knowledge, but that was just a minor detail. Now, well it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the items were based on some I made in my first life. 


While Knockturn Alley was sparse in people, those who were there took quick notice of me. As I walked through the center of the alley, they stayed away from me. It was similar to a queen walking through commoners. But this was out of fear, not reverence. The people of Knockturn Alley had no idea how to react to me. Honestly, I was perfectly fine with that. It kept people at bay and prevented me from having to defend myself.


The shop that garnered my attention, and apparently the family as well, was Borgin and Burkes. Just by a quick glance, I was able to tell that most of the items in the shop were dark or dark leaning. Many were along the lines to cause excruciating pain that would cause your skin to rot off and slowly eat away at the body. Eventually killing you when your heart failed when the curse hit affected the blood. Quite gruesome. 


Lady Malfoy and Draco were discussing with Borgin as Bellatrix, hidden under the invisibility cloak, was in the corner. I’m sure she noticed me as the cloak started to move erratically. The clerk  and the family were about to possibly move deeper into the shop. Now was the time to make a full appearance. 


Opening the shop door, a soft ding resounded through the store. Immediately, Lady Malfoy and Draco turned their bodies while the salesperson turned their attention to me. His face morphed from interest into severe nervousness. I’m sure that the longer he spoke to the family, he would have the same feeling. Whatever they were up to, had to involve Voldemort. Which was sure to make anyone nervous. 


“U-uh h-hello, w-w-welcome to B-B-Borgin and Burkes. H-how may I help you, miss?” His voice was laced with fear. In what way, I was unsure. The fact that he asked that question instead of trying to shoo me away, indicated that he knew who I was. Though if anyone didn’t, they had been living under a boulder for the past year.


Looking at the family, you could feel the anxiousness rolling off of Lady Malfoy and Draco. Bellatrix slowly lowered her wand from her sleeve into her hand. Deciding it was best to prevent a fight first, I spoke quickly as I waved my hand over the windows and door, preventing anyone from looking inside. “Lady Lestrange, you can come out from under the cloak. And please put your wand away. I’m not here to fight.” 


The comment caused her to hesitate for a brief moment. Brief enough that my next plan should work without any issues. Looking at Draco, I stared directly into his eyes and casted, Legimans. 


His mindscape came into view and I was immediately hit with a wall. It was a simple wall, one any novice Occlumens would create as a starter. There were many ways to get through it, but the best was to look for the small keyhole. That would create an opening into the wall. A quick look around saw that the fake grass around the wall had slightly raised ground to my right. It was hidden quite well, but easily detectable to me. Closer inspection showed it was a hole. Peering into said hole, I saw the key and several traps that would trigger if I were to go for the key. 


The important part about getting through the traps was to realize that the mind was its own reality, where one can shape it. Raising my hand, the area around the hole started to lift. With the slight tremor, it triggered the traps, causing a fiery explosion that spouted out of the hole. Draco needed to work on his traps, that was far too easy. It was better to lead people into your mindscape and set traps as they looked at memories then prevent them from entering altogether. Once it was finished, I placed my hand in the hole and imagined a key. It fit into the keyhole and twisting the key, a click was heard. 


The reason I did this instead of hammering the wall with magic was two fold. One that could cause damage to the person, which I didn’t want to do. The other was that it was undetectable to the Occlumens. Since now the wall was all but willing to open to me. A section of the wall swung inwards. 


With the way cleared, I zoomed through his memories. Many I wished I could forget. There was only so much of his imagination of either Daphne and myself or Pansy and myself that I could deal with. The last one made me gag a little. Pansy was someone I would never find attractive. It had nothing to do with her looks, but her personality rubbed me the wrong way. It was annoying and far too much attention seeking. 


Ignoring the rather disturbing side of his mind, I was hit with a force of magic that prevented me from going further down this node of memories. An Unbreakable Vow. While I could break it, it was more of a danger and had massive ramifications if I did. Since I would never want to be targeted by those ramifications, I’d investigate the memories near the vow. Looking at the branches out of the vow, I was able to determine who it revolved around. Lady Malfoy, Lady Lestrange, Professor Snape, and Draco. That gave me a clue that whatever they were planning that involved Professor Snape, was something that dealt with the school. 


It could be as simple as keeping him safe for all I know. The memories near it did give me an inkling of what’s going on at home. Voldemort seemed to be trying to recruit Draco since his father failed and was captured. Many of the memories pertaining to discussions were blanked out. Indicating their link to the vow. 


What was clear to me was that Draco was not scared. He was utterly terrified. He didn’t want to be part of it whatsoever. He was scared for his life and was an animal caught in a corner. Unable to get away. He was forced into that lifestyle by his parent’s choice, though it seems like it was mostly his fathers. A child who only wanted to get praise from his father and he looked up to him. It certainly gave me a better understanding of Draco. It explains all of his choices in the past. While they were still his choices to act that way, it made sense why he did.


Deciding I was done and had a plan going forward, I left his mind. In reality, only a second had passed. Bellatrix had now relaxed and Draco was none the wiser that I was in his mind. Without missing a beat as Bellatrix was removing the cloak, I turned my attention to the clerk. “I merely wanted to peruse the store. Nothing so invasive and definitely not looking for a fight. I apologize if I interrupted something. I will just be over here looking at your collection.”


The clerk was so taken aback that he remained silent. His eyes kept moving between myself and Bellatrix. The fear he had before, was now amplified at the possibility of a battle in his shop. One I wanted to prevent. Since I got what I needed, which changed my plans going forward for Draco, I wanted to help in some way. He was under tremendous stress that he could break. While I didn’t like the idea of sitting idle to whatever this vow was for, or even helping a plan for Voldemort.. Draco didn’t deserve to be in the middle of it. Not when he was that terrified anyway. 


While the family was still reeling from my announcement, I started to peruse through the items. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a silent conversation between the sisters which led to Lady Malfoy whispering to the clerk, “can we please take this in the back.”


The clerk nodded his head so hard, I thought it was going to fall off. The family silently moved towards the back. Bellatrix’s eyes never left my body until she went around the corner. Turning my attention to some of the items, I kept my ears focused on the discussion that they thought was private.


“Borgin, We need you to repair the vanishing closet,” the harsh voice of Bellatrix directing the clerk.


“B-But the recipient's closet is broken.”


“Don’t worry about that. Dear Draco, here will fix it. Right, Draco?”


“Y-Yeah. How does one fix a vanishing closet?”


Well it would depend on the state of the closet. If it’s completely dismantled, it would need to be re-enchanted once put back together. If it was just the wormhole like magic that needed repair, then Harmonia Nectere Passus would work to reconnect the harmonic frequency of the wormhole. Of course, there are other methods, such as Reparo or similar mending charms, but Harmonia Nectere Passus would be the most successful in repairing the closet.


“Why should I tell you?”


A small growl came from Bellatrix. “Should I remind you that this is an order from the Dark Lord.”


As far as I have seen, there has not been a vanishing closet in Hogwarts. It would be an easy way to get through the wards. But, there was the Come and Go Room which did house all the lost items throughout the years. It’s possible that the other closet is there. It left a bitter taste in my mouth at the thought of helping this, but I didn’t want Draco to be hurt for not being able to complete the task. He seemed far too innocent for this war. It was a good thing that the Hogwarts defense system still worked. It wasn’t designed to repel armies for nothing.


Noticing a hideous hand and a slot for a candle, I knew instantly what it was. The Hand of Glory. An artifact made from the hand of an extremely experienced thief. It would allow the holder to sneak past nearly anything as long as the candle remained lit. It only worked once as the candle wax had to be infused with the blood of the user. Tying the user to the magic of the artifact. The artifact would know if someone would try to use it again. If you did try, well.. extreme clumsiness for the rest of your life was just a simple explanation of it.


“Get it done. We will be looking around for anything else,” Draco’s voice came from the other side. Laced with a bit of confidence. Good for him.


They moved back into the main room when my eyes also landed several gems that were laced with blood, the dark aura radiating from them. Picking one up, making sure the curse didn’t catch hold, I inspected it in the light.


“What are you doing! That is a-” The angry voice of Borgin said as he saw me peering into the gem.


Interrupting him, I nonchalantly commented, “would cause your blood to turn to sludge, causing your heart to cease and lungs to fill to the brink where you couldn’t breath. Fully aware. What do you take me for? An amateur?”


Placing the gem down, I noticed a piece of jewelry that had the Greengrass crest embedded in the back of the gem socket. It was hard to notice unless you were looking for it. Considering it was a Greengrass heirloom, it was best to get that and return it to Daphne. Picking it up, I noticed that Draco was looking at the Hand of Glory.


He seemed hesitant about it. Hoping a little bit of explanation would go a long way. “That’s the Hand of Glory. Create a candle wax with your blood and it will be tied to you. Then when you light it, it would allow you to sneak around without anyone noticing. Quite the.. handy artifact.” The lack of response to my joke made me add, “fine. Bad pun. Good sir, I wish to purchase this necklace. How much?”


Borgin seemed frazzled at my nonchalant attitude to the dark items in his shop. “How.. You know what. Forget it. One thousand, five hundred Galleons.”


Mulling over the price, I realized it was significantly overpriced. “Five hundred.”


“What? No. That’s a priceless artifact.”


I raised an eyebrow and waved my hands around the shop. “The entire shop is made of princess artifacts. One thousand.”


He stared at me for a moment before saying, “fine.”


Following Borgin, I pulled out my bag and pulled out the card the Goblins gave me that links to my vault. Nifty how they were far more ahead of times than mages. Borgin seemed to know how to handle it and pulled the Galleons out of my vault. It was honestly far more than what the jewelry was worth, but it was an heirloom for the Greengrass family and they deserve to have it back. 


Walking towards the door, I said over my shoulder, “you might want to put the cloak back on. I’m going to dispel the spell preventing anyone from viewing inside.” Hopefully the explanation of the hand to Draco would help in his endeavor. I would just have to keep an eye on him to see what it was that he needed to do. We will see what happens this year, hopefully it was nowhere near as exciting as the past several. 

Chapter Text

Somewhere else…


The dim light and dark interior of the manor gave the ambiance of solitude. A manor far removed from civilization that the occupants would not be disturbed by outsiders. The soft patter of rain on the glass window, a sense of melancholy to those inside. The cold half eaten dinner and untouched wine glass on the small dinner table showed that this particular occupant was in a mood. A mood that radiated towards everyone else in the manor. Even though they had been dismissed from the room hours before. 


Plans that have been cultivated over years have turned to dust due to recent events. Plans that were guaranteed to lead him and, to some extent, his people to victory. What was once a thorn in his side, was just a minor inconvenience compared to the elephant in the room. A variable that decided to include itself into the equation out of nowhere. 


Because of this, his plans had to be altered. He couldn’t nearly be as forward as his original plans were. Not after what happened when dealing with Madam Bones. He would have also been able to deal with the boy if it wasn’t for Morgana Pendragon. 


Voldemort usually didn’t feel emotion like others. But the thought of Morgana churned his anger, wanting to unleash it on anyone. The incessant woman, girl? No matter. Since her appearance, she had been more of a thorn in his plans than Albus Dumbledore. Just her presence changes the tide of the war he started.


When he had first heard of who she was, he felt a twinge of glee. One of the darkest witches in history had appeared in his proverbial lap. How could a dark lord such as himself not feel victory in his grasp. Oh, how wrong he was. 


His plans for the Department of Mystery, beyond getting the prophecy, was to retrieve Morgana and have her join him. There was no doubt that Albus tried to dig his hands into her. To control her. There was a reason why he told his followers to have their children treat her the same, if not worse. He wanted to see how she would respond. Was she up to the legend that history told she was. Or was she a farce. As far as he was told, she handled each obstacle with ease.


When the plan to lure the boy and, subsequently, Morgana to the Ministry commenced, it went awry.  According to his followers, she disappeared into the bowels of the Department of Mystery. No one had followed her, which irritated him to no end. They faced the consequences for that lack of insight. From what he was able to determine, she drastically changed during that time. 


The next time she was seen was through his followers eyes. She turned off the Veil, without breaking a sweat. Ancient text says that the Veil had been there since the dawn of time, but clearly that was not the case considering the words she used. Let alone cursing Merlin’s name under her breath. She then defended her friends and killed two of her followers. One being a lieutenant of his. 


Another point of annoyance added from her actions. The fact that killing didn’t faze her would have had him jumping in joy, if he felt such things. To have a possible ally that, while appearing young, wouldn’t stop at the same limitation that the Order has. The magic she possessed was beyond anything he had seen or researched. He didn’t spend decades traveling the world to find dark magic that wasn’t stuck in a small section of Hogwarts to feel weak. But she had knowledge that he never found. 


Her usage of wandless and wordless magic was marvelous. Her grimoire worked perfectly in tandem with her. Her augmentation of various elements were nothing he had seen outside of myths and legends. Her command of dark magic was enough to make him feel a slight bit of jealousy. And that was just through the eyes of his followers. 


His battle with her personally was something else. Fighting against such a foe allowed him to unleash. The Order was not worth his time, but Morgana. She had the capability to withstand the full force of his magic. She was easily able to counteract everything he sent her way. Being able to produce a Patronus, let alone augment it into another spell to counter his fiendfyre, was a surprise. The way she was able to easily manipulate spells, it was like a professional dancer, weaving through the room with grace of a queen. 


Though comparing her to a queen was redundant considering she was one. But nonetheless, her abilities that night would forever be etched in his brain. To stop, no dismantle, the killing curse. Something no one has ever accomplished. A curse that was well known to be unstoppable, was broken that night and seen by many. The Prophet had even gotten a glimpse of it and was now known world wide. It showed the true power that Morgana Pendragon wielded. The legends of her power were nothing compared to the truth. In one of the very rare instances, Voldemort was awed.


Then to find out that she was weakened that night. That he was fighting her possibly at her weakest. It turned that awe into anger. The fight at the Bones Manor proved that and she still had more up her sleeves. She again displayed magic unseen across the ages. He would never admit it, but he did sense the possibility of her killing him that day. Though, it seemed that was not her intention. The fact that the distraction with the tree was enough for him to get away, irked him. 


It was that day that he ordered his followers to steer clear of her. Only go after his opponents that he knew for a fact were not friends of her. It bothered him that he had to delay his plans further. He had to double check with his informants of who was important to her. Who would be someone she would protect? While her message was clear, that she wanted to stay out of the war, she was making it incredibly hard to keep her out of it.


Especially given her closeness to Harry Potter. The boy who was the bane of his existence. Who reduced him to a specter all those years ago. He didn’t know why she cared so much for the boy. Let alone the friends he keeps. She was far superior to them, even with her supposed mudblood background. 


He still was unsure how that could be. Morgana Pendragon was a mudblood. The test proved it to be true. Now, he didn’t care all too much about blood purity. If his followers knew that he was a halfblood.. well that wouldn’t do, now would it? In anycase, to his followers, Morgana Pendragon being a mudblood caused several to waver in their resolve. He had to force them back into line. That her filthy blood didn’t matter, that her power was enough to prove her worth. 


Now for her return, that was another mystery surrounding her. It seemed clear that she didn’t use a horcrux. The fact that she knew about them slightly surprised him. Add on to the fact that she knew and met Herpo was fascinating and alarming. As much as he wanted to know how she came back, he knew that it was a minor detail in the grand scheme of things. 


In any event, he opted to have his followers to target very specific targets. The Greengrass Heiress’s Birthday Ball gave him more insight on her political leanings and who she considered a friend. While he didn’t particularly care about her.. preferences let alone relationship to the heiress, his followers did. Many of them having their sons try to propose to the heiress, to a family that was known for declining all arrangements, was pointless. All it did was prove their relationship and further cement her to the Grey’s. Then again, based on the information he had, her ideology was already there. That was prior to her finding out she was Morgana. Another interesting point considering her blood. A mudblood who cared about magical culture, who didn’t try to change the magical world to conform to the muggle. 


Since then, many of his followers requested that they go after her parents. It was a sound idea, if it wasn’t for the fact that she had already shown not to hold back. Considering her limited usage of her wand, not that it mattered apparently, her home would be well protected. A quick order to Augustus Rookwood showed that to be the case. His words indicated that the house was protected far beyond anything he had ever seen. What little he was able to garner from it, it would be the most foolish idea to attack the home. Considering their profession, it was also suicidal to attack the dental practice. So that plan was scrapped and it was better to leave them alone for the time being. 


The next interaction she had with his forces was in Diagon Alley. While the order to retrieve Ollivander was foiled, it was for the best. He didn’t want to lose more of his force to one woman. Though, according to Bellatrix, Fenrir had a strange reaction to her. And not due to his particular.. taste. From what she was able to garner, he reacted quite violently. Now, while he didn’t care all too much for the werewolf, he was a good fighter. His connections to the werewolf community were spotty, but pawns were pawns. Even wolfish ones. To have him react in such a way was another interesting point. There was something with Morgana that striked Fenrir in a way that he only reacted the way a monster would. With violence.


Though he wished he could have kidnapped Ollivander to interrogate him for information about the Elder Wand, he had a feeling that it would be fruitless. It was only a small lead, one that even he knew would go nowhere. In reality, Morgana would be the best person to ask. But considering the minefield that she was, it was pointless to try. 


Thus led him to his current predicament. She was supposedly going back to Hogwarts, which would make some of his plans have the chance to move forward. The biggest drawback was having to wait. His forces were itching for action. Not having them out in action caused them to stagnate. It was poor form for his movement if his people started to get bored. Though, once she was at Hogwarts, his fight against the Order will continue. 


Even though Amelia’s Bones survival was a hindrance, as she was an excellent leader for the DMLE, she was being shackled by Albus. His informants had told him that she was being forced to stand back, be the perfect pacifist that Albus wanted everyone to be. The man truly believed that stunners would win the war. If he wasn’t so powerful, his foolishness would have caused his death long ago. 


He was glad that she was not made the new Minister. It would have given her enough power to circumvent Albus and be detrimental to his movement. It was why he went after her in the first place. He didn’t want to go after the Bones family, given that they were pureblood and a Sacred-Twenty Eight family. But it was far too much of a risk. He felt something of relief when Scrimgeour was made Minister. It was obvious that he was firmly in Albus’s hands, which means that they will be more lenient on his forces. 


It did remind him that he needed to free those who were captured during the battle at the Ministry. It would take some planning, but he would get them out. Even Lucius, even though he wanted to leave him there. It gave him a hold on the Malfoy family. A fruit to ensure that young Draco would perform his duties. He was our only way into Hogwarts. Albus was going to die, that was going to happen no matter what. Even if he had to walk into the school and kill him, himself. His only hope was that Morgana would stay out of the picture.


Voldemort’s thoughts were interrupted when the door to his acquired room was knocked upon. In the state that he was in, he would normally ignore it. But there was a feeling in him that told him it was far too important. “Come in,” his gravelly voice shuddered through the body. To create a homunculus was calculated risk, but after several failures to recreate his body or acquire another one, it was the best option.


The door slowly opened, revealing the regal Narcissa Malfoy. She appeared poise, but her eyes betrayed her. There was a nervousness that remained at the edge of them. She bowed at the waste and said, “My Lord. I apologize for interrupting you.. But this is of importance.” 


He motioned his hand for her to continue. 


She looked up into his face, but her eyes were not meeting his, as anyone shouldn’t. Unless you were Morgana Pendragon who had shields greater than anyone he has ever met. “There are two.. Individuals who wish to seek your audience.” she paused for a moment to gage the his reaction. When she found none, she continued, “normally I would turn them away. But their request seemed of great import.”


Voldemort thought it over for some time. Narcissa was correct to normally turn anyone away. But if they were asking for him directly, it was possible that they were new followers. Though, their urgency to seek an audience did cause him pause. Was this a ploy from Morgana? Was this a way for her to worm her way into his circle and break it from the inside. No, that’s not the case. She didn’t seem to be the one to infiltrate a side. She seemed the epitome of a Ravenclaw. Not a Slytherin. “Have them wait in the sitting room. I will see them shortly.”


She nodded her head and silently closed the door behind her. He had but mere moments to contemplate a plan on how to handle these.. guests. The first option was obvious. Kill them where they stood and be done with it. But he was a generous host and would allow them to have a discussion. Based on that, then he can determine what to do with them.


He stood with the grace that was allowed to him in the homunculus. Ignoring the grating sound of misshapen bones grind against each other in his knees. He moved towards the door, ignoring the cold food and untouched wine on the table. 


His walk towards the sitting room was quiet and unperturbed. His followers easily made way for him, parting in fear and some in respect. Most of his followers were lazing about. The lack of action was making them bored. Bored followers were followers who would easily leave. Something he didn’t want. Only a couple of days and he can resume his plans, his attacks against the Ministry and the Order.


He came upon the door to the sitting room. In this wing of the manor, most of his followers were forbidden to go unless they were family. Or their Lord. He gently opened the door and peered into the dim sitting room. The figures that supposedly requested his attentioned were clothed in dark cloaks. Cloaks that had various symbols, many that he was only able to decipher some as ancient Gaelic. 


The cloaked figures noticed his presence and gave a deep bow. When they rose, he was able to see their faces. A man and a woman, both covered in various tattoos, runes and tattoos that he again could, again, only garner some as ancient Gaelic. Both were fairly thin, not sickly so. From what he could tell under the hood, both had shaved heads. They both speak at the same time. Eerily so. “Lord Voldemort,” his curse fired off. Giving him their exact location. Another point that irritated him was that Morgana was easily able to dismantle the jinx. But only a minor one. “We are the Children of Tobias.” The accent was one not heard often in magical Britain. Americans. 


The woman spoke afterwards, “my name is Veronica.” Her voice was hard and harsh. Like one who didn’t speak often.


“And my name is Davon,” his voice was the opposite. He had a smooth voice, one that could be considered as attractive if you were into that sort of thing.


“And we come on behalf of our leader to help you in your endeavor.”


Voldemort peered down at the two cloaked figures. He had never known of the Children of Tobias. They sounded like a cult, they certainly looked the part. He knew the politics in America were.. strained to say the least. But it had no effect on his campaign. As magical Britain has long since realized the danger of magical creatures. The Americans have been in a civil war pertaining to them. That said, he was skeptical about their help .


“And why would I want your help? In all my years and research, I have never heard of the Children of Tobias.”


The two looked between each other before Devon looked towards him. Eyes met and Voldemort attempted to read his surface thoughts. Instead he was met with a very similar shield. One that he encountered only recently. This blared alarm bells in his head and he was itching to release his wand. “My Lord, our order is extremely secretive. It is only now that we come out of the shadows. For there is one reason we have done so. You have fought her. You know what she is capable of.”


There was a moment of silence before Veronica spoke, “we have come to you because we are your only chance. Not as long as Morgana remains alive.”


All his previous thoughts about them being Morgana’s were washed away with that statement. While he was slightly irate at them accusing him that his plans would not work. But quickly mulling over it, he knew it was true. Morgana had become a thorn in his side since her appearance. What was frustrating was that it seemed unintentional. “What makes you say that?” He needed to know why they were the supposed people to deal with Morgana.


Devon stepped forward, not in aggression, but appeasement. “Our order is entirely devoted to making sure she never gets a foothold in the world again.”


The conviction he spoke indicated that he was not lying. Something Voldemort appreciated. But the fact that an entire order was devoted to preventing Morgana from gaining power was shocking. What made Morgana so different that she put fear into what now seems like an order that has been around since medieval times. Not only that, but what happened that allowed her to become known in the first place. “If what you say is true.. why is she back now?”


The two looked at each other again. Something that if Voldemort wasn’t patient, would irritate him. It reminded him far too much of the Carrow siblings. Veronica spoke next. “Albus Dumbledore has prevented our order from being able to gain a foothold in Magical Britain. Only due to recent events have we been able to come. Our leader chose us to be the guiding force to eventually bring more.”


Realizing that they didn’t specifically answer his question, he let it pass for now. “I see. And I assume that because Albus still lives, you are unable to bring more than you two?” 


They nodded their heads. “We are legion. But he has been.. persistent, so only the two of us are able to sneak in.”


“Very well. This does bring another issue though. If I were to accept your help. You would have to understand my movement, my goals, my ideals. Would that be a problem?”


“No it wouldn’t. We truly don’t care about your pureblood movement. We merely wish to deal with Morgana, no matter the method. If you must know, all Children of Tobias are purebloods. So there will be no problems on that front,” Devon said, easing any future tension between them and his followers.


Voldemort thought over the proposal for several moments. Their help would help. It was clear that they had knowledge that he lacked that somehow could deal with Morgana. While that infuriated him to no extent.. It was not directed at them. Not entirely. They seemed to have ancient knowledge to deal with Morgana. Knowledge that only their order knew. But, if it was possible to gain an ally, especially one so possibly large as they seemed to indicate, it was worth the risk. “Then I assume Albus would need to be killed?” They remained silent as a sinister grin appeared on his face. “It just so happens that I have a plan to do just that.”


The two Children looked at each other and similar smiles appeared on their faces. Realizing their proposal to join his movement and deal with Morgana was accepted. They gave deep bows, deeper than the ones they gave when he entered. “That would be wonderful! I’m sure we can help in your plans, especially when it comes to Morgana Pendragon,” the ecstatic harsh voice of Veronica said. 


While he was still put off by some mysterious leader of a cult. He could not deny, having people in his force who could deal with Morgana, more so than anyone else apparently, would be fortuitous. He would just have to keep an eye on them. It might be possible that they could give him the information he needed to deal with Morgana, then he can deal with the cult properly. Because everyone knows that cults were fanatical and hard to control. No matter how much they claim they would help his movement.