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A Filthy Casual Gets "Juice Me"-d

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The sugary sands crunch beneath the feet of the children as they assemble into their typical combat stances, ready to parry any attacks that would lash out from their cutesy foe.

It's a lineup as common as ever. Kel and Omori, the more lithe ones of the group, take the initiative. As Omori readies his blade to slash into the pancake-y goodness of the bunny before him, Kel relinquishes his opportunity of getting a hit in. Instead, he curls his arm at the elbow, flexing his bicep proudly. Omori stabs outward at the bunny, and looks at Kel in silent confusion.

Aubrey, already frustrated at the slow-going pace of the fight- her feet seared by the desert sand, grainy particles sticking to her skin and clothes, becomes even more enraged.

"KEL! Are you just going to keep messing around the whole time? Try to deal some damage or something! Omori and I are doing all the work, here!" Aubrey growls as she fiercely brings her bat down as a follow up upon the injured pancake bunny Omori had stabbed. Its eyes effectively cross, and it falls over, limp, into the brown sugar sand of Orange Oasis, before dissolving into nothing.

Hero digs through his pocket, and strangely enough, pulls out a poetry book, reading a few lines to the remaining pancake bunny. Its eyes become downcast as it considers the lines it heard and applies it to the unfortunate demise of its companion. Hero leaves the bunny to its rumination, and passes a glance over at Aubrey.

"Now, Aubrey... there's no need to get all upset."

Tossing a look at Kel, Hero chuckles, feeling himself simper when looking at his excitable little brother. "You're flexing again... ready for a big attack?"

Kel only laughs gleefully. "You bet I am!" He looks ready to launch his ball at his opponent with no mercy, but stops as a glimmering eye considers Aubrey's criticism or him.

"...But it sounds like Aubrey's bothered by me not helping enough. You want me to be support, like Hero?"

Aubrey huffs, and slams her bat into the sand at Kel's mischievous tone. "Anything other than you being stupid! Do something for once!"

Kel's face becomes resolute. "Well in that case..." Kel clenches his coconut in his hands, as though about to pass the item around a busied basketball court. "...How about I..." Kel reels back. The skies become dark. The peppy background music that was playing that nobody really noticed until now ceases. The pancake bunny lies in anticipation, still curious through its innumerable tears.

Omori and Hero stand to the side. Hero grits his teeth. He's unsure of what his unpredictable little brother is about to do, but he feels within his bones that it won't be good. He readies his spatula to make more cookies, because for some reason, when he makes cookies on a griddle, they have healing properties. He's not even sure how he's able to successfully make cookies in a pan anyway. He just does.

Omori watches with vacant eyes, although his pale skin somehow seems to become paler. Whatever is about to happen is something that shouldn't. At least not in the laws of Headspace holding this fickle reality together. It's the same feeling as when Basil looked at that picture and-

No, don't think about that.

His knife hand begins to shake, and Omori looks down at it in slight curiosity.

Is this... fear?

Kel stamps his feet in the ground, rearing back for a throw of a lifetime. His muscles seem to glow with the mere presence of power housed within them. Countless revolutions around the sun, several frostbitten and lonely nights in the depths of space, and moments where the company of raw strength and raw strength alone had been the only thing to keep the fearsome planet, Pluto, sane, have led up to this single moment. All that pain, all that perseverance, passed down so Kel could find the same qualities within himself.

...That he would now use to wipe the smear of Aubrey's existence from the face of Headspace.


Kel throws the ball out from his tight grasp, and is thrown backwards with the completely disarming force of the action. Aubrey is not even given time to blink. The coconut collides with the dead-center of her body. She is sent flying backwards, the coconut digging into her flesh. Aubrey flies into the air, almost out of sight. Her desperate cries echo across the sandy valley. A mind-shattering crash resounds from the peak of Dino Dig, and the whole top of the pyramid is cleaved off with the impact. Chickens cluck from within, and scatter down the sides of the massive structure. Women scream. Spoons clatter. People faint. You get the picture.

Omori and Hero creak their bodies towards Kel, their blood frozen. Their feet are rooted in place. Kel is no longer armed with the coconut, as it was used to obliterate their bow-wearing friend, once filled with vigor. Her toasty remains flutter down on the arid breeze, tickling Hero and Omori's noses. Omori wasn't sure if even Life Jam could fix this one.

Kel only stood, his face resolute and stony. When he lifted his eyes to meet theirs, Hero gasped. Omori only gaped.

Kel's face was the pure picture of brawn. While still maintaining his scrawny, twelve year old body, his face had become the epitome of perfection itself. His jawbones were chiseled. His eyes were indiscernible and coal black. His brows were furrowed. His chin stuck out like that of a model. His hair was blowing with the wind. Not a blemish could be seen.

He had become that of which only Pluto could have been.

He pointed his finger at Hero and Omori.

"...That, is what happens when you underestimate power," he simply said, his voice three octaves lower than it had been mere moments ago, his velvety chords striking fear into the hearts of his companions.

Hero turned white as a sheet. "Kel... what's happened to you?! What have you..." His voice wavered pitifully.

Kel only turned around, clenching his fists. His head was bent towards the ground. "Hero... you have inner strength beyond that of a pitiful support character. Find the ‘LoL sword.’ Learn ‘Spicy Food,’ and you will come into power beyond that of your imagination. That is all."

Kel began to walk away. Every step he took created a small crater in the earth beneath him, but no sound came out. It was as though the earth itself gave way beneath the brute force of Kel's mere existence.

Omori only watched him go, trying to wrap his mind around what just transpired as Hero fell to his knees and wept bitterly over the utter annihilation of Aubrey, and the transformation and subsequent disappearance of his dear brother.

However, he was startled from his thoughts as Kel's voice ripped through the confines of his mind. How...?

"Omori... no, Sunny."

Omori flinched.

"You need to end this cycling journey. I can no longer be there for you here. I will come in a different form in your world, upon the ending of this cycle. You are my closest companion. My brother in arms. Everything I do, I do for you. You must stop this pitiful journey in which you risk life and limb for your femboy 'it's-a-complicated-relationship' gardener. It is pointless. You must stop projecting your irrelevant twelve year old crush upon your girlboss friend. It is also pointless. I, however, will be there for you, beyond the door, if you so will it, along with the promise of something more."

Kel's voice began to fade in his head, and Omori felt a pang in his chest that had been absent for so long. He wanted to reach out, but there was no one to reach out to. Only Hero's muffled sobs accompanied him.

"Sunny... embrace the power within yourself. This is not something I can do for you. I can only be at your side."

A sigh was heard from within Omori's consciousness.

"I must go; my people need me."

Omori could almost hear the angel choir as Kel ascended into realms beyond his sphere of understanding. He was surely going to a plane where his strength would assist the multitudes. Somewhere Omori could only hope to be. Kel...


Sunny woke up in a cold sweat, his grip firmly rooted in the blankets before him.








What the FUCK.