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My Dark Master

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Terryn shrugged off her pack as she stepped into her room in the inn and closed the door behind her, not bothering to lock it.  Despite her exhaustion from the previous mission, she wasn’t concerned about being able to defend herself should someone uninvited come barging in, not to mention the fact that the rest of her companions were in the adjacent rooms and well within earshot.  Terryn leaned down, and with deft, practiced fingers, quickly untied and removed her boots and socks, carelessly tossing them next to her pack before collapsing face first onto the bed.  It had been a long day.  Things hadn’t gone particularly well either, what with her companions killing off her target before she’d been able to interrogate him. 


Terryn rolled over onto her back and let out a soft sigh, “Master is not going to be pleased…”


She knew that she should contact him, that he’d want to know the results of what she’d been sent to discover, but she also knew she wasn’t currently prepared to face his inevitable disappointment in her failure.  Just thinking about how that encounter would go made her slightly nervous, but also, for some reason, filled her with a slight sense of anticipation.


“I suppose I might as well figure out what I’m going to say,” she muttered to herself, as she slipped a hand into one of her many pockets and pulled out the mirror she always used to contact her master.


Her plan had been to simply hold onto the mirror for now, to use it as inspiration for what she could say, but to her surprise, as she pulled it out, she realized that the small crack in the black mirror was already elongating.  Despite not actually activating the spell to summon him, it seemed like this conversation was going to happen sooner rather than later.


“Oh shiiiit,” was Terryn’s last thought as the room faded to black around her and she found herself once more in that familiar dark void.


“Master, I can…” she began, but an unseen force suddenly crushed her from above, driving her to her knees and knocking the air from her lungs as she felt her Master’s presence enter the void.


“DID YOU THINK I WOULDN’T NOTICE?” Wode’s voice rumbled in anger, causing the very air around her to tremble and her legs to wobble.  “YOU HAVE FAILED ME TERRYN,” he roared, “AND FAILURE COMES WITH CONSEQUENCES.  WITH… PUNISHMENT.”


“Please Master, I can explain,” Terryn gasped out, raising her head to look up into the glowing eyes above her.




Terryn gasped in surprise as she suddenly felt something cold and wet bump into one of her bare feet.  In the inky blackness surrounding her, she couldn’t see anything except for the glowing eyes looking down on her.  Terryn wasn’t entirely sure, but the look in those eyes almost seemed more mischievous than truly upset, and her breath caught slightly as she began to wonder exactly what this punishment might entail.


Even though she couldn’t tell what had touched her by sight, Terryn was easily able to grasp what was happening as a tentacle quickly wrapped its way around and up her leg, stopping just as it reached her upper thigh.  She let out a soft gasp of surprise as she suddenly felt it directly against her leg, realizing that it had melted the cloth of her pants away, but left only a pleasant tingling sensation on her skin.


A second tentacle quickly followed suit around her other leg, stopping at the exact same point on her thigh, and also dissolving her remaining pant leg.  Both tentacles then began to slowly massage her thighs, causing her to moan in pleasure as her pussy started to get wet.


“Mmmmm, what are you going to do to me Master?” Terryn breathed out lustily, already fully aware where this was headed and filled with excitement.


Wode provided no response to this question, and instead the tentacles slowly began to creep closer and closer to her rapidly moistening pussy.  One of the tentacles made its way to the bottom of her slit and began slowly tracing a path back and forth along its length, while the other went straight to her clit and began to gently circle it.


Terryn couldn’t take the teasing any longer and let out a loud, pleasure filled moan as she felt the tentacles begin to play with her.  She was already incredibly wet at this point, and now she wanted nothing more than to feel one of those tentacles push deep, deep inside of her and fill her up.


Abruptly, two more tentacles suddenly materialized within the void and quickly wrapped their way around her arms, causing everywhere they touched on her shirt to melt away.  They didn’t stop until they reached her chest, exposing her breasts and causing her nipples to quickly harden in the cold air.


Despite now being dangled in the air by the tentacles wrapped firmly around her arms, there was no pain as the tentacles wrapped around her legs were fully supporting her, leaving Terryn with the unusual feeling of floating in the air.


The tentacles on her chest began to wrap around her breasts, gently massaging them and leaving the tips to circle and play with her nipples.  Combined with the stimulation from below, Terryn realized that what she was about to go through was going to be incredibly enjoyable and she began panting loudly in anticipation, attempting to thrust her waist to get the tentacles to penetrate her needy pussy.


Catching on to her desires, the tentacle that had been rubbing along her lips pulled back slightly before slowly pushing just the tip of its head into her wet slit.  Terryn couldn’t help but let out another small moan as she was finally entered, but it was quickly followed with a small, frustrated noise, as she wanted far more penetration than what the tentacle was providing.  She attempted to thrust her hips once more to force the tentacle to push into her depths, but, at the same time, another tentacle whipped out of the darkness and wrapped itself firmly around her waist, preventing her from obtaining the fucking she so desperately craved.


“No, please, Master, fuck me,” Terryn begged, desperate to feel the tentacle filling her.


She was met with nothing but the soft sound of the tentacle gently pushing in and out of her entrance, a trail of liquid now slowly dribbling down her thigh.  While that tentacle continued to tease her, and the other continued to stimulate her clit, another new tentacle made its presence known as she felt a familiar wet sensation bump into her from behind.


“Ooooo, are you going to shove that nasty tentacle up my butt and fill me from behind?” Terryn teased, desperately hoping that Wode would do just that.  Despite her master’s continued silence, this time Terryn thought she heard a low rumbling chuckle in response.


To her absolute delight, Terryn felt the tentacle that had been playing with her pussy, abruptly push deep inside her, easily sliding in thanks to how wet she was and pushing all the way into her until she felt it bump lightly against her cervix, filling her completely.


“Yessssssssss,” she hissed, her eyes rolling upwards as she was filled more completely than ever before in her life.


Not at all finished, the tentacle began to slowly fuck her, pulling almost all the way out before pushing back in as deep as it could go.  She felt the tentacle around her waist loosen slightly, and needed no further encouragement to start rocking her hips to meet the tentacle’s thrusts, moaning loudly every time the tentacle bottomed out inside her.


At the same time, the tentacle that had been poking at her back door now pushed its way deep inside her ass, sliding in using its own natural lubrication and preventing her from feeling anything except extreme pleasure.  Now, filled from both sides, Terryn was desperately rocking on both of the tentacles, maximizing her pleasure as they repeatedly pounded into her body.


“Oh Master, yes!  Penetrate me more! It feels so good to have both of my holes filled so fully.  Mmmmmm.  I can feel the tentacles rubbing so close together so deep inside.  Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” Terryn screamed in pleasure.


“ENOUGH TALK!” Wode finally responded, as another tentacle suddenly materialized and immediately pushed into her mouth, cutting off her gasp of surprise as it began to face fuck her.  Despite her mouth now being completely stuffed with a thick tentacle, Terryn was surprised to realize that she could still breathe just fine, and went about lavishing the tentacle enthusiastically with her mouth, spit quickly coating both it and the entire area around her mouth.


Terryn’s entire world was consumed by the feeling of the three tentacles thrusting inside her, pounding her body over and over, her mind blurring, causing her to lose track of any sense of time as her body climaxed again and again and again.


“TEN,” Wode whispered deliciously into her ear, and Terryn’s mind struggled to fight back against the waves of pleasure assaulting it to try and understand why her master was suddenly counting.




She felt the tentacle that had been playing with her clit shift to suddenly sucking directly on it, causing her to nearly black out from the sudden spike of pleasure.




Still unsure of what the counting meant, Terryn felt the tentacle buried deep inside her pussy suddenly shift into a more ribbed texture, providing even more friction scraping against her inner walls as it continued to pound her at ever increasing speed.




As the tentacle in her butt alternated its thrusting with the one in her pussy, Terryn also felt several additional new tentacles begin to repeatedly spank her, increasing the pleasure she was feeling from her ass even more.




The sudden increase in speed of the tentacles pounding her, finally clued Terryn in to what the counting meant.  She felt herself somehow get even wetter in anticipation of what was to shortly come.




A swarm of additional tentacles burst from the darkness and latched onto her body all over, disintegrating the remainders of her clothing and spreading the tingling sensation of their lubricant across her entire body.




Terryn felt the ends of the tentacles that had been playing with her breasts change as they formed small mouths and began to suck on her rock hard nipples, causing her to let out a loud, spluttering moan around the tentacle buried in her mouth.




Reacting to her moan, the tentacle pushed even deeper inside, right before the point of making her gag and Terryn could faintly taste a sweet liquid already coating her tongue.




She felt the tentacle around her waist tighten slightly before using its newfound grip to impale her on the tentacles thrusting from below even more firmly.




All of the tentacles inside her sped up to a frantic thrusting speed, violently rocking her body as she was pounded thoroughly.


Terryn’s eyes rolled back into her head as her back arched sharply and she felt all three tentacles inside her simultaneously jettison loads of cum deep, deep inside her body, far more than any of her holes could possibly contain, causing it to explode outward and cover the rest of her body.  She moaned loudly around the tentacle still thrusting into her mouth as her body was wracked by the most intense orgasm yet, causing her to feel more pleasure than she had ever experienced in her entire life.


The tentacles inside her began to slow their thrusting as she was gently lowered to the ground, before slowly slipping out of her and then vanishing as quickly as they had appeared.  Still unable to form a coherent sentence, Terryn swallowed the remaining cum in her mouth before settling for a low moan of disappointment as the feeling of being so deliciously full was suddenly taken away.


“NEVER FORGET THAT THIS IS WHAT AWAITS YOU IN THE FUTURE SHOULD YOU FAIL ME AGAIN,” Wode rumbled as his presence faded and the inky blackness of the void around her began to slowly recede, returning her once more to her room in the inn.


As Terryn struggled to return her breathing to a normal level, pleasure still wracking her body, she realized that the loud pounding she could hear wasn’t just her heart beating, but also someone slamming her door.


“Terryn, it’s been four hours and we haven’t heard anything from you, we’re worried, please let us know if you’re okay!” she heard Umi call out.


“The door is stuck.  I cannot understand why it doesn’t break,” a frustrated voice she recognized as Zara said.


“Zara, I told you, black magic bars this door, there’s no way you’ll be able to break it down.  We just have to wait for Terryn to open it on her own,” Revlis said.


As she slowly slipped into pleasure filled unconsciousness, the last thought in Terryn’s mind was how she could next disappoint her Dark Master.