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Machine Learning

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Year 48'795, Final year of the Merkur Era

After a long and arduous battle lasting three months without a single lull or slow, the human forces were finally repelled from Tempest Tower by the combined efforts of all the tower's inhabitants. The humans, taking a surprising number of losses, then retreated from the area and sent a coded message to the city's few remaining leaders.

We will return in two months. We propose a meeting to consider an armistice. Prepare an ambassador for our arrival.

From there, the response was obvious. A single victory amidst a millennium of losses was not enough to reinstall the pride the machines had lost so long ago, and they agreed without hesitation to a peace talk. The only problem they faced was an ambassador. They had long ago lost the ability to produce customized robots and there were almost no humanoid machines left to arrive to the humans in their form. Thus the last city of robots turned it's countless optics towards Tempest Tower, the fortress at its heart, to the only human-like robot left to serve as an ambassador. They turned to the 19th Lord of Uranos' Kingdom's Tempest Domain, Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel.

"My lady! My lady you must come with me!" A huge machine spoke loudly through the marble halls. Gedächtnis looked into the distance and spotted the gynoid staring intently at something on the wall. Approaching quickly on his four spider-like legs, Gedächtnis arrived at Drossel's location in less than a second, stopping with speed unmatched by even the much lighter and nimbler humans. "My la-"

"Not now, Sebastian! I am focusing on this pillar!" Drossel interrupted her construction robot-turned-servant with a hand wave, then returned to fixating on the blank column of stone.

"But there isn't anything on that pillar, my lady... Incidentally my name is Gedächtnis."

"I don't care! But look closely at this, is it not strange how a cat can make it shrink into a tiny butterfly?" Drossel asked. Gedächtnis blanked at that, then squinted.

"I think you misunderstood the word... But there will be time for that later! The humans want to speak with you about an armistice!"

"Me? I understand you should send the best man for the job, but why me?" Drossel asked, turning to face Gedächtnis.

"You are the last remaining humanoid machine in this universe. If anyone can bond with the humans and ensure the survival of the robot race, it is you!"

"And how would I do that?"

"You must learn all there is to know about humans, quickly, and ready yourself to accept their terms in their language by their rules."

"Doesn't that seem a bit foolish? To prostrate ourselves over a chance at survival?" Drossel asked, walking a meter to her left and crossing her arms.

"We have no other option that results in our species remaining alive." Gedächtnis replied.

"Very well... To the records we go!" Drossel pointed down the hall. The two pigtail-like plates of metal behind Drossel's head then flicked up and folded in to form two jets. a pair of fins stuck out from said jets, and the two robots moved quickly to the Tempest Tower's library. The library was simple, a pedestal with two wires on top that plugged into the back of the head to upload information. Drossel unfolded her jets back into pigtails again and sat down, letting the wires plug themselves in as they did. "Humans." She spoke precisely and waited a few moments as countless bytes of data flowed into her memory. "Done!" Drossel shouted as the wires unplugged themselves.

"That was fast!" Gedächtnis replied.

"There wasn't much there though." Drossel shrugged.

"That's probably due to a large portion of the library being destroyed by the recent human attack." Gedächtnis downheartedly replied.

"And I still have a few questions..." Drossel looked to her servant.

"I will attempt to answer them to the best of my ability!" Gedächtnis offered, patting the spot where his chest would be with one arm.

"What's sex?" Gedächtnis blanked again at Drossel's question.

"Pardon me?"

"Sex! What is it!?" Drossel asked once more.

"Sex... Sex... Sex... I believe it is the human method of reproduction."

"I see... I must become versed in sex quickly then."

"For what reason!?" Gedächtnis asked, alarmed at Drossel's question.

"Humans do it often as transactions of sorts, so I must become as good as I can at it before negotiation begins!" The gynoid nodded. "I believe my last chassis was sex-capable, correct?" Drossel then began walking towards her bedchamber, fortunately very close.

"That is correct. Your father wished to analyze human pregnancy in detail at the time that body was created and built it to be capable of such."

"Good, good. Now I don't like to wear the same thing twice in a set of seven, but I need to be as prepared as possible for the peace talks, correct?"

"Correct." Gedächtnis replied as the two entered the gynoid's chamber. Opening a storage closet branching off the chamber, Drossel looked up at the lifeless body strung up by wires within like a crucified princess. The exaggeratedly wide hips and long head-tail were familiar to Drossel, but it had been so long that they almost looked new. "Begin preparation for body-switch!" Gedächtnis shouted to the mansion. Responding in kind, the wires holding the JUNO-XIII pulled and pushed the lifeless body to Drossel's gyroscope-like bed and laid it to rest within the frame. Drossel herself hopped in and laid down next to her old body. The bed then closed and Gedächtnis started counting. By the time the old robot had reached the number fifteen, the bed opened again and Drossel hopped out in the JUNO-XIII. The JUNO-XIV laid there in the bed but was now lifeless.

"And done!" Drossel nodded. "Wow, I forgot how light this thing was!" Drossel hopped up and down a few times, going a little higher with each bounce before stopping and putting her hands on her now-much wider hips. "So let's get straight to it!"

"Eh!?" Gedächtnis asked, optic wide in surprise.

"Well I need to learn as much as I can in these two months, yes!?"

"I mean yes, but shouldn't you at least readjust to the JUNO-XIII before engaging in any rigorous behaviors?"

"No need! It's just like riding a bike!" Drossel replied, crossing her arms.

"Like riding a what?"

"A human expression, never mind it!" Drossel looked away, disappointedly, but quickly snapped back to Gedachtnis. "Now show me what sex is!"

"Very well, let us proceed to the human guestroom." Gedächtnis instructed, turning and leaving the room.

"We have one of those?" Drossel asked, her lighter body able to keep up with the larger machine without jets.

"Yes, built during the time of your father's interest in human reproduction, it has been hermetically sealed and maintained via vacuum for several centuries now." The two robots arrived at an airlock and, after the chamber within was flooded with nitrogen to prevent explosive decompression, opened it up, revealing a simple room. Nothing but vast bed with an ornate metal frame and many silk sheets overlaid on a surprisingly large mattress decorated it. "May I aid you up onto it?" Gedächtnis offered his arm to Drossel, but the prideful gynoid refused, hopping up on the bed in one jump on her own.

"It's soft!" Drossel exclaimed as she fell on her face, the JUNO-XIII's pointed legs being suited for hard surfaces. Her mechanical hands gripped the sheets and struggled to haul the gynoid's body across the veritable landscape of silk and textile. "How do humans work with this?"

"Typically they stabilize themselves with their feet." Gedachtnis answered, standing tall with his four legs over the bed, not touching the world of silk at all. Drossel writhed for a bit before she managed to get on her back, the JUNO-XIII's head tail forcing her to look to the side with her eyes to see Gedächtnis' own.

"Well... I suppose we should start now..." Drossel's optics shone a touch of blue onto the bridge between them, simulating a blush as the gynoid was left in such a vulnerable position with her servant above her.

"Very well." Gedachtnis nodded. Reaching into his storage unit, Gedachtnis procured a 6 inch long piece of rubber sculpted into a suggestive shape.

"What is that?" Drossel asked, already moving one hand down to her crotch to undo a panel she'd never undone before.

"An ancient human artifact, the name has been lost to time, but it remains solid even with a 45'000 year wait."

"Well what do we do with it?"

"I believe this." Gedächtnis unfolded his claws and refolded them into a pair of human-like hands, strong and masculine unlike Drossel's, and plated with orange. Gedachtnis brought his new hands down to Drossel's sides and gingerly traced the curves of the gynoid's bottom-heavy figure. Microscopic twitches accompanied each gentle stroke as the larger machine's hands slowly removed that lower panel and revealed Drossel's artificial womb. Black skin formed of carbon nanotubes, with a touch of cyan from the fluid nanomachine flesh within. Tossing the panel to the side, Gedächtnis' hands slowly brought the phallic piece of rubber to Drossel's opening and pressed ever-so-slightly.

"Ohhh..." Drossel shuddered, just a bit, her optics blinking once.

"Let me know if this becomes unpleasant." Gedächtnis comforted her, brushing the side of her face with his free hand.

"Y-yes..." Drossel's synthesized voice was shaky. Were she human, she'd be panting already. Slowly, Gedächtnis pushed the toy into Drossel's entrance. Optics flaring brightly and back arching, Drossel cooed in surprise. Machines didn't feel the sense of touch often, if ever, so every time they did experience it, it was beautiful. Barely an inch in and she was already euphoric. The subtle stretch of her entrance registered with her only as pleasure and every simulated neuron in her quantum computer of a brain flared up.

"Should I stop?" Gedächtnis asked.

"K-Keep going!" Drossel managed to stutter out. Half-blind from the overwhelming sensation already, Drossel felt another bit of the toy go into her and gripped at the sheets tightly. A quick twist of her head leaned her face into the silk on her other side and dug in. A sudden press on a special bit of the Gynoid's entrance as the toy slid in again shot her attention down to it, where Gedächtnis' hand pressed gently on the peak of her artificial opening. It was strange, but only more sensual than before if that was possible for Drossel.

"Wh-at are yo-u do-ing!?" Drossel's speech program failed several times from the overwhelming feelings ruling her drives.

"A sensual trick I had heard of. Is it working?"

"Y-ES!" Drossel shouted, arching her back once more. Her gross motors failed to cooperate with her mind and her hands reached up to grab Gedächtnis, missing by only a margin of an inch. Falling back to the bed, Drossel shuddered.

"I shall continue then."

"Do!" Drossel managed to say before the feelings of carnality overtook her again. Exponentially higher feelings suddenly took Drossel to cloud nine as the toy moved in another inch and hit something inside the Gynoid's body. Gedächtnis' toying with her entrance while the toy entered deeper forced Drossel near the mental edge of sheer, unadulterated bliss. "Something is happeni~ing!" She screamed as she arched her back to the point only her head and legs touched the bed. Electricity sparked through and across her entire body. After a full minute of nothing but blinding ecstasy, Drossel collapsed and her mind slowly spun back down to a mild buzz, motors within her decompressing gently, up... down... just like a human woman breathing deeply after a night of her own passion.

"My lady! Are you alright!?" Gedächtnis asked, quickly checking Drossel over for damage. Drossel's speech program released a barely audible hint of static in response. "Pardon? I didn't catch that!"

"Yes..." Drossel dazedly sighed. "A-Again?" The Gynoid asked, her optics turning up to Gedächtnis' own.

"I suppose if that is what you desire..." The larger machine nodded.

From there the two made naught but love for three weeks, and Drossel became well-versed in all manner of carnal techniques for use on men. The remaining time was spent alternating between human manner lessons and alternating sex breaks. By the time the negotiations rolled around, Drossel was confident in her ability to woo the human ambassador and secure a future for all machine kind. Imagine her surprise when the human ambassador turned out to be a woman...