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No Internet, No Sex

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The dino thinks to herself for a moment. It’s been a while since she’s been awake.
She stands amidst a barren desert. It’s largely flat aside from a few sand piles here and there. Cacti fill the void of sand with slivers of dark green.
The dino stretches a few times and breathes deeply as she prepares to run.
Her large clawed feet scratch at the soft sand, then she pushes hard off the ground and starts running.
Her powerful legs spray sand as she runs, while her short arms just hang, rising and falling with her movements.
She sees a cactus coming up and primes herself internally. When the time comes, she thrusts herself off the ground with her meaty legs and flies right over the large desert decoration. A smile forms on her face as she lands it and keeps going.
Wind resistance starts to build at her front before long as she gets faster and faster. A large smile forms across her face as the hot desert air showers her dark grey scales. Her adrenaline rushes as she jumps over full clusters of cacti.
She looks up to check her score. Seeing that she’s at 439, her eyes light up and joy paints itself onto her face.
However, she doesn’t look back in time to jump over the rapidly approaching cactus.
Her eyes broaden and she digs her feet into the sand in a scrambled attempt to stop. She falls on her hind end and almost skids straight into the cactus. She stops just short of it, the cactus planted right between her legs.
A sigh of relief escapes her lips, glad that she didn’t get her vagina skewered. She scoots away and stands up, wiggling to get the sand she can’t reach off.
She gets ready to start another run when she realizes how hot she is. A feral groan can be heard as she realizes what it probably means.
The dino tries to get her mind off the heat building in her scaly groin. She starts another run and stops thinking about it momentarily. But, as she gets used to the wind and sweat, the heat only builds and becomes more noticeable.
Her eyes dart down herself for only a moment, but the small distraction is enough to trip her up. A loud yip emits from her as she stumbles and falls face first into the sand, moving it aside and digging herself into it with her broad snout.
She doesn’t move for a moment, rather, she just breathes, half buried into the sand. Her mind has gone fuzzy with desire and her body burns with momentary fatigue and near-scorching lust.
Sitting up, she looks down at her now aching hole. She scoots in the sand and makes a high pitched whine as the friction gives her a jolt of pleasure. The thought of getting sand in her hole stops her, however.
Whining, she stands up, looking around for anything she can use. She’s already tried reaching down there with her hands in the past. Normally, she’d just run and forget about it. But today, today is different.
She looks down at the spot she was sitting and sees smeared wetness on the sand. She takes another look out into the lonely horizon that surrounds her. Throughout the desert, she notices something. Flakes of black cover the desert’s floor in all directions. They’re small rocks.
She thinks about it for a moment, then gives a spontaneous idea a shot. She goes around, painstakingly gathering every rock she sees.
In order to collect them, she has to get on her knees and bend over to reach them. She leaves droplets of fluid on the sand as she wanders around, picking the rocks from the ground. Eventually, she has a large pile of rocks that reaches up to her knees.
After a quick nod, she positions herself over the pile and squats down until her entrance touches the rocks.
The rocks only move as her lips touch them, making her grunt in frustration. She sits on the heap and it just pushes them all away from her.
Annoyance fills her head and her eyebrows angle downwards. An aggressive growl leaves her throat as she stands back up.
She’s going crazy.
A quick look at a cactus gives her a different idea. Surely a cactus won’t work...right? The dino wonders about it as she stares. It could be worth a shot. She walks over to it and looks at it closely.
The pricks are close together and carpet the cactus in small bunches. The bunches are in neat little columns.
She sighs and turns around, looking behind her and backing up in tiny steps. She keeps her legs spread and soon enough, her sensitive snatch makes contact with the pricks. The light touching doesn’t hurt so bad, she thinks.
With caution, she moves her hips up, then down the mass of needles. A grunt escapes her lips as her lust is at least a tiny bit satisfied. But she wants more. More pleasure, more satisfaction, more friction.
She pushes back harder on the cactus and yelps as she feels the pricks nearly penetrate her pussy scales. Her claws throw the sand out from under her as she jumps away from the plant and falls. The soft desert sand breaks her fall and her knees press together as she waits for the stinging in her vagina to go away.
After about a minute of slight writhing in the sand, she groans and stands up. She shakes the sand from her black scales and looks back at the cactus. There’s no blood, but it sure felt like there should have been.
The dino whines to herself and tries to think of something else to help her, but nothing comes to mind. She thinks about running again, but skepticism looms over as she considers it.
Alas, she has no other option but to run.
Assessing the path ahead of her, she mentally prepares once more. A long, deep breath enters, then leaves her before she pushes off the sand.
The wind builds and she starts to enjoy herself again. However, the aching in her loins persists and makes her legs wobbly. Her legs wobble harder and she feels as if she’s about to collapse.
Nevertheless, she runs and runs, not even taking the time to look at her score.
All of a sudden, she sees something in the distance rapidly approaching. Her mind and eyes focus on the object, seemingly foreign of the landscape, until she realizes what it is. It’s a pterodactyl!
New lust fills her body as she unconsciously runs faster.
The pterodactyl is flying toward her, low enough for her to jump to. The creature sees her and assumes she’ll just run past like normal. However, his eyes get wider as he sees her prime herself to jump.
Sand flies out from under her and she catapults into the air towards him.
He throws his lower body forward and flaps his wings in an attempt to back away, but it’s too late and she snatches him right out of the air.
Loud and wild squawks ring out as they both fall. They smash into the sea of sand and fling the stuff everywhere.
Before he can react, she nuzzles his sheath with sexually malicious intent until the slimy red tip peaks out. She takes a big whiff of his wang as it comes out.
As he recovers from the fall, he shakes his head and squeaks. He looks up and he freezes. His mouth opens wide when he sees what she’s doing.
He screeches and tries to scoot away, but his attempt at escape is stopped before he can even move an inch.
The horny girl dino throws herself on top of him.
Belly scales rub on his now erect cock and he grunts as he feels the grit of them.
More grunts emit from both of them while she pins him down by his shoulders. Due to the short length of her arms, her face hovers just above his, adding to his fear.
The labia of her pussy rub his tip up and down and he lets out a squeak when he feels her hot, wet entrance on his throbbing member.
Within an instant, she slams her hips onto him. A loud squish thumps out and the male lets out a long and pitiful moan while her vaginal walls constrict around his dick. She makes a groan just the same, but it’s louder and sounds like relief.
Almost no time passes before she’s throwing herself into him over and over again. She whips her head back while pleasure fills her groin. Her hips gyrate at a swift pace and her fluids splatter the sand and leak out onto both their thighs.
The pterodactyl groans louder now and his breath starts to shudder as he feels his orgasm build. He trembles while she rides and rides, not able to do a thing about it.
The dino’s hips suddenly speed up and the squishing sounds mesh together into a single noise as each thrusts’ plap can’t escape the last.
As quickly as she started, she stutters to a stop. Ecstasy washes over her and her entire body tightens up. Splashes of pussy juice ooze out of her as she reaches her long awaited orgasm.
The penis inside her throbs like it’s going to explode and fills her dino womb with steamy, thick seed. Her vaginal fluids mix with the cum and roars of extreme pleasure fill the air.
The sand shifts as her legs wobble and her hips buck hard into the pterodactyl.
He shakes and groans rapidly a few times before passing out. His cock throbs and leaks, still semi-erect.
As the dino rides her orgasm into bliss, she falls into the sand with a thud, still trembling and groaning softly. The warm sand welcomes her as she closes her eyes and grunts a few more times. Gobs of white escape her lightly twitching hole as she falls asleep.