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In on the Secret

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Bell put the paperwork on Becca's desk to finish up - he still felt guilty about htat sometimes, even after two years as DCI. He had spent over a decade doing the gruntwork as he moved up the ranks so it was hard not to think of himself as a slacker when he turned files over to his secretary to be mopped up.

"Must be nice," Cal quipped, standing the hall, watching the trade off of documents. At Bell's frown, Cal grinned. "Me, gotta do my own typing." He wiggled his gingers in the air, stubby, torn up things that said he smoked and chewed his nails.

"Bet your boss doesn't."

The ridiculous fingers dropped with Cal's hands. "Yeah, not really. He's got bigger fish to fry."

Bell stopped and stared at Cal for that. The words were flippant but there was something sincere in Cal's expression, somthing at odd with his jaded reporer sctick, something young and honest that made Cal look like he was 12 going on 40.

Cal stared back, confusion and distrust sinking into his eyes. Bell stepped forward and shouldered past him.

"Here, let's get you set up with Chewie..."

"Didn't know you pimped on the side." Cal smiled suggestively as he jogged alongside to keep up.

"I'll do more than that with your arse if you don't start taking this seriously."

"Promises, promises." Cal's voice trilled, but the mocking tone from earlier was gone. Bell wondered exactly why he he felt like he was suddenly let in on the secret of Cal MacAffry.

Some things were best left alone, he figured.