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"...Copper!" Lorelie said, blinking up at him. "I— hi. What're you— "

"I couldn't sleep," Copper said, just as suddenly. "And I heard, uh, something from your tent and got worried." He shifted his weight, slipped a hand under the hood of his cloak and rubbed his neck. "That you might be sick, or something so I— I wasn't peeping, or anything, I just—"

"Uh-huh," Lorelie mumbled, feeling her face warm. She squirmed, tucking one foot up on top of the other. She hadn't put on any shoes, just intending to quickly wash her hands. 

" Really !" Now Copper was getting defensive, voice rising and strained, taking Lorelei's silence as disbelief. "I wasn't— I wouldn't—"

"I was just washing up," Lorelie interrupted. she looked up at him, swallowed. "I— it’s cold out, I wanna—" 

"Right," Copper said, nodding. "You’re— you’re fine, clearly, so I'll just—"

"Keep me company," she spat, surprising herself with her request. "And— it's cold out," she said. She should've felt cold, but her face was burning. "I just— all I've got on is sleep clothes and, and this—" she raised the thin cloak she'd wrapped herself in, more for modesty than warmth. “--so if you'd keep me warm or just the wind off while I clean up, I—" 

Copper didn't let her finish. He stepped close and wrapped an arm around her, bringing the cloak he always wore around her frame. He urged her along, gently, keeping his body close to hers. 

it was quick, just water running over her hands at the small creek by camp, wet cold hands pressed to her cheeks after, trying to discreetly cool her blush.

"You know, Copper," lorelie said softly, slowly, "I'll need help warming back up in my tent, too."

It was a tight fit, Lorelie’s tent. It was intended for one person, after all, with her bedroll in the middle and supplies around it. Neither of them could stand, either, and they wound up sitting rather coquettishly in front of one another.

Copper had lost his nerve. His posture was the best it had ever been, and his hands were glued to the tops of his thighs.

"Copper," Lorelie whispered. She could taste her heart, from the way it was pounding in her throat.

"I should go," Copper said abruptly. "If the guys wake up and I’m gone—"

"They'll wait for you to come back," she said, putting her hand over his. He almost flinched away, but had nowhere to flinch to . "Can I?" she asked, finger tips curling under his palm, wanting to lift it. 

Copper nodded.

She took his hand and placed it on her thigh, fingertips brushing the hem of her gown. her skin was cold, and she pushed against him.

"I need you," she whispered, "or I'll never warm up."

It was a damn compelling argument that had Copper pulling Lorelie onto his lap, her thighs pressed close over his hips.

He knew she was pretty, and that he'd think that was only amplified the closer he got. But right now, with her weight on him? With her hands coming to rest on his shoulder, his cheek, a grin this side of mischievous on her face?

"Gosh, you're beautiful," Copper breathed before Lorelie kissed him.

He made a little noise into it, something of surprise— he hadn’t expected that, really, that she’d be so forward . He tried to focus on her— on her lips, her weight— but got caught up on how he didn’t know where to put his hands, that it had been a while since he kissed someone, this had to be a joke, or a dream. 

Copped was breathless when Lorelie pulled away, lips wet with spit, sure this was the end of it. 

She didn’t take her hands off him, just slid them across his clothes, deftly undoing his cloak and pushing it off his shoulders, head. It was fine, it was Lorelie , she’d seen him without it before. The whole group had. But then her hands moved down Copper’s torso, to the hem of his shirt, tugging.

“H-hey,” Copper stuttered, breath caught in his throat. Belatedly, he moved his hands to Lorelie’s, from their tugging on the fabric. She looked at him, this little smile on her lips— fuck— eyes practically sparkling. 

“Hey,” she replied in a whisper. 


“It’s faster,” Lorelie said, “if we’re skin-to-skin.”

She was already warm, he knew. He felt. She was a heater on his lap, making his palms around her wrists feel white-hot. He felt the back of his neck heat up as he glanced down, at himself, at— at Lorelie. At her tenting her night gown.

He sighed; relieved. Maybe that was why, other than just being a nice person, she’d never teased him, like everyone else, for sleeping fully dressed. He slipped his hands past hers, and pulled his shirt up and off, wrapping his arms around her as quickly as he could— he wasn’t used to the open air on his skin and was, ironically, getting cold. Lorelie’s chin hooked over his shoulder like it belonged there, and her hands were on his waist, rubbing his skin, smoothing down the goosebumps that rose up. 

He heard her mutter something like “I got you.”

It wasn’t scary, her hands working up his torso. She seemed to want to touch him all over, feel the peach fuzz on his back, the hair on his stomach— she hissed there, and he felt her thighs tense around him, a sudden twitch. 

“Excited?” Copped asked, getting some of his boldness back and pulling Lorelie’s hips tight against him. 

She gasped, body tensing again, and Copper felt her , a hard solid line pressed against his abs, rubbing the fabric of her nightgown, pressed to her stomach too.

“Sensitive,” Lorelie clarified. He felt her hum, before mumbling, “you know, before, since I was—”


Copper rubbed his hand up Lorelie’s back with the same motivation she’d had; just wanting to touch, to feel. And, really, this had been all she’d asked for. This was exactly what Lorelie wanted. This could be enough, could be all they did— he wouldn’t complain if that was the case. 

As if it read his mind, the oil lamp that was dimly lighting the tent went out; of course, she probably only put in enough oil to leave for a minute and come back. It was just lucky it had lasted this long.

“Oh,” Lorelie said in the sudden darkness, sitting up and coming away from Copper. He could just see the dark shadow of the tent around her, not exactly her. 

“Kiss me,” Copper said impulsively, adding, “again,” and “please.” 

She obliged, and it still surprised him like the first time. The tenderness of it. How Lorelie seemed to sigh into him, relax fully under his hands, let hers wander over his body, and how much he enjoyed that. For the first time in a long time, maybe ever, Copper wanted that, wanted to be touched, felt—

Seen, maybe. 

He pulled away this time, giving a quick parting peck to her lips before finding and guiding one of Lorelie’s hands. He brought her hand to his chest, wondering if she’d feel the scar tissue or his heart pounding first. 

It was kind of gnarly, he knew. He was young when he got the correction, didn’t do the research he should’ve, and the scars on his chest were thick like a warrior’s battle scars, not thin and delicate like medical wounds. 

Her hand on him was gentle. Something that started with an L— he didn’t wanna get ahead of himself. Gentle, but with that eager curiosity from before, both her hands feeling him up. Copper couldn’t help it, and let out a shuddering breath, voice escaping just a little, just enough to make Lorelie’s ears twitch. He literally bit his tongue, didn’t wanna ask if she was still ‘sensitive’. He swallowed down the question and dropped his gaze, watching her touch him instead. 

Lorelie’s hands were so pretty on him. The gentle scratch of her nails on his skin, her finger tips drawing trails through his chest hair— it was like they were dancing across his torso, like they were their own entity. He started looking up her arms as his vision adjusted; the bit of muscle definition, the few little scars that he knew were from regular people stuff, the cuts that were from fighting. He knew if he kept going up, looked at her face, she’d probably kiss him again, which would be nice, he wouldn’t stop her, but…

But he wanted to look at her tits. 

As if she knew what was going on in his head, she pulled her nightgown off, over her head. 

“...Oh,” Copper said, breath knocked out of him. He looked up at her, eyes wide, forgetting to shut his mouth. 

She looked about the same as he felt. Maybe they had twin expressions, as if they were surprised at the sequence of events. 

“Lorelie,” he said, hoping that in the time it took to speak, he’d figure out something to say.

“Copper,” she replied, just as short, expectant. 

“Do you—” he started, cut himself off, and then tried again. “What do you wanna do?”

“What do you want?” she asked and— he couldn’t help it. Copper screwed up his face a little, a fond frown. 

“I asked first,” he said, but still answered. “I’m fine just— just holding you. And going to bed. It’s—”

“—It’s late,” Lorelie finished for him, and he nodded. 

“We can always—”


“Yeah.” Copper craned his neck up, kissed Lorelie— he wasn’t sure where, it didn’t matter. “I’m not going anywhere.” 

Her hands were warm on his shoulders, the back of his neck. He closed his eyes as she kissed the tip of his nose. “Me neither.” 

They were pressed just as close together but now their bare legs were tangled together, trying to share a bed roll, and Copper knew his arm would be dead in the morning, Lorelie’s head on it. He knew he wouldn’t hear the end of his from the guys, the bawdy jokes, Doc especially rolling his eyes and calling him a pervert— but it would be fine. He was warm, Lorelie wasn’t going anywhere, and they had time.

It would be fine.