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The wolf and her Veela

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Chapter one: Hermione

There was just so much destruction around them, spells flying everywhere and people falling. It was hard to keep track of everyone; Harry was fighting Voldemort that she knew for sure but everything else was a blur.


Where the fuck is everyone?!
“Where do you think you’re going muddy?” Hermione froze. Bellatrix lestrange appeared out of nowhere wand pointed directly at Hermione chest.


“Did you miss me muddy? I know I left you with something to remind you of me but I’m sure you haven’t stopped being able to think about me eh muddy?!” The dark haired witch moved around her like the was trending water, but always alert.


Hermione ran through all the nonverbal spells that she knew but realised that it was unlikely what she was walking away from this fight. May as well go down fighting “You don’t scare me bellatrix! You are just bad shit crazy! You couldn’t kill me in the manor and I doubt you’ll be able to kill me now!” Hermione drew whatever strength she had left getting ready to fight. Spells started flying before she even cast her first one, bellatrix smiled like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in wonderland as she overloaded Hermione with crucio curse after crucio.


“ I will dance on your body granger, I might even rip out your heart and keep it in a jar to remind me of our wonderful time together!” They battled for minutes that felt like hours spell after spell flying in both directions, just as Hermione felt her energy falling she felt a presents at her side. “ you will not ‘ave her bitch!”


The next few seconds happened so fast Hermione couldn’t be sure what happened first. A killing curse flew from fluers wand as she was storming towards the dark haired witch. God how does she manage to look so flawless in the middle of all this death. As Hermione watched bellatrix fall victim to her signature killing curse she felt an explosion of pain from her forearm. She looked down seeing blood pour from her arm then looked up and spotted Fenrir Greyback smiling his sinister smile; just as he had as he chased them through the forest pure evil.


Hermioines vision started to get spotty as she attempted to curse him as he walked over to her stalking her like prey. “Stay away from me you bastard!” She tried to keep her balance but was having no luck falling over nothing trying to scamper away from the predator coming towards her. Then all of a sudden he was gone, a new weight lent into her side


“no Hermione just hold on for me, you’re going to be okay I promise!” Just as she was starting to lose consciousness on the floor of the place she used to call home her eyes found a sea of silver and blues staring back at her. God I could get lost in them. They are like home.

The last thought that Hermione had was something that should have scared her, it would have if she hadn’t passed out as soon as the thought passed through her mind. Her mine not quite grasping the severity of her situation... she had been scratched by a werewolf.