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Witch's Brew

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Donnie walks to work, he passes by a new coffee shop that had just opened up, The Witch's Brew.  He glances at his phone. To read the time. 8:45 am, he still has time. He goes into the coffee shop. It's not terribly busy. There are two men working behind the counter. A blond man who smiles at him when he enters and the one with long dark hair that is pulled back into a braid. Donnie reads his name tag. Jensen. He gives him a friendly smile. He gives him a half smile back. 

“Hello, Welcome to the Witch’s brew what can I get for you today?” he asks. Donnie looks at the menu. 

“Oh ummm...I will just have a black coffee with sugar” he said. He glanced over at the display of baked goods. “I will also have the slice of coffee cake,” he said. 

“Not a problem,” Jensen said. “Name?”

“Donnie,” he said watching Jensen write the name on the cup. He was wearing a pair of those black fingerless gloves. 

“Ok Donnie that will be $6.25” Donnie pulled out his wallet handing him $20. Jensen gave him back his change. 

“Thanks,” he said. 

“You’re welcome.” Donnie gave him another smile putting the change into the tip jar. Jensen handed him his coffee and coffee cake slice. 

“Have a nice day Jensen” he said 

“You too,” he replied. Donnie walked out heading over to his mechanic shop. He ate the slice of cake as he walked into the shop. He was greeted by his boss Briggs. 

“Morning Donnie” she said looking up from her workstation. She was working on an order for a customer. 

“Morning Briggs” he said. 

“You don’t usually bring coffee with you” 

“Umm well there was this new coffee shop that just opened up…”
“I saw” 

“And I went inside and the cashier was cute” 


“Yes. So I ordered coffee and coffee cake…” 

“You are gonna go back aren’t you?”

“Yes” she gave him a thumbs up. 


The next morning he went back. It was a bit busier than this morning. When he got up to the front of the line he gave Jensen a smile. 

“You are back” 

“Yes. the coffee was just that good” he said. “I will do the same as last time,” he said. 

“I am afraid we are out of coffee cake” 

“Oh then umm...surprise me” he said. Jensen rang him up and gave him his order. 

“Here you go,” he said. Their hands brushed by accident. Jensen’s face flushed red, as did Donnie’s/


“No problem” 


For the next few weeks he went in every morning 

even on his days off Donnie went to the coffee shop, ordered a black coffee and whatever baked good Jensen would surprise him with. He flirted with him every time, too. He waved a goodbye as he walked out. Noticing that this time there was a phone number on the coffee cup. Donnie pulled his phone out and immediately texted the number. 

Is this Jensen from the Witch’s Brew?



Aren’t you gonna get in trouble for texting at work?

Only if I get caught 

I get off at noon, when do you get off?

I have a break at noon 

Do you wanna get lunch?

Sure. Sounds great

See you then

See you then



Jensen was waiting outside the shop at noon. Donnie walked up to him. 



“I know a place” Donnie said 


“Yeah,” he said “Not too far from here” he led him to the diner. Donnie wondered if Jensen knew who he was and just didn’t care or if he genuinely didn’t know. He hadn’t said anything yet. They sat down ordering food. Jensen looked at the menu. A waitress took their drink order and brought them some chips and salsa. 

“So you from around here?” Donnie asked 

“I was born here. Moved when I was little. I moved back”


“Yeah. What about you?”

“Lived here most of my life”

“Yeah. I mean your face is plastered everywhere”

“So you do know who I am?” Donnie asked, eating a chip. 

“Yeah,” he said. “Don’t really care what the news says” 

“Ahh” he said. 


“The news isn’t the best at telling the truth”

“You’re right about that” 

“So you enjoy the coffee?”

“Yeah it is good” 

“It’s not really” 

“Okay you got me so I went more for the cute cashier” he said. Jensen’s face turned red. 

“I mean I do have to say that I do enjoy surprising you with a sweet everyday” Jensen smiled 

“Thanks” he smiled back. The waitress came over and took their orders. 

“So you are a mechanic?”


“That's cool I guess” 

“One of the only shops that fixes droids” 

“Cool,” he said, drinking his water.

“Not a fan of droids?”
“Just some bad experiences are all,” Jensen said. 

“ you like working at the Witch’s brew? He said awkwardly, trying to change the subject. He wasn’t sure if he had asked it already or not. 

“It pays well,” Jensen said. 

“That’s good,” 

“Yeah the guy I work with Remy...we are sort of roommates I guess” 

“Cool. Must be nice working the same shift” 

“Ehhh...I mean I see a lot of him so that can get of...umm annoying” 



“So what do you do for fun?”

“What do you like to read?”

“Murder mysteries, I guess” 

“Oh Cool” he said. Donnie was glad that the food came at that time because he felt like he was going to ruin this if he kept talking. 

“What about you?” 

“OH me...I umm well I like to go to parties” he said shoving his food in his mouth, he nearly burned his tongue. 


“Yeah it's hot” he said. 

“I am guessing you aren’t really going to be going to parties much now right?”

“Yeah...Not really a good idea given my reputation...OH I like playing video games”

“Cool, I have never played any” 

“Maybe you could come over sometime and play” 

“Sounds fun,” Jensen said while eating his food. 

“It is my favorite is this one where you pretend you are racing” 


“Yeah it is I think you would enjoy it” the waitress dropped the check off. Donnie grabbed it looking at it and paid for lunch. 

“Oh you don’t have too” 

“I insist since I keep harassing you at work,” he said. 

“Thanks” he said. They walked back towards the mechanic shop. 

“I will see you around I guess?”

“Yeah see you around,” Jensen said waving at him. “Thanks again for lunch” 

“No problem,” he said, walking back into the shop. Briggs was smiling at him. 

“Have fun on your date lover boy?”

“I umm...yeah,” he said. “I am gonna get back to work” 

“Ok you do that,” she said. “Guess you really like coffee now huh?” he glared at her.